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Sunday, December 11, 2011


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Coastal rains, some drying too Temperatures have been cool 48 hour rains helpful in Arg.

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A Mixed Bag
Some drying and some wetting will be seen this week in Brazil and Argentina. A coastal storm will bring precipitation to S Brazil and the Humid Pampas on nearly a daily basis. NC Argentina and center-south (mostly Mato Grosso do Sul) will be on the fringe of this wetting.

Heavy storms (dark blue) are dotted across Mato Grosso but are isolated over Mato Grosso do Sul.

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Scattered storms are crossing the dry southern areas of Argentina.

Today-Clouds and storms cover parts of southern Argentina, center west and south Brazil this afternoon.

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The next 7 daysPrecipitation will be at a minimum across NC Argentina and center-south Brazil (Mato Grasso do Sul). A portion of the Humid Pampas, Uruguay and South Brazil will see daily precipitation.

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Soil moisture reamins adequate across South and Southeast Brazil. Center south, parts of Uruguay and Cordoba into Buenos Aires show some drying.

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The first ten days of December-precipitation has been the greatest in the north and south of Argentina. Drying has been seen from Cordoba to N Buenos Aires and Uruguay.

This month (Dec 1-10), temperatures have averaged quite a bit below normal across Argentina, with departures greater than 5 degrees C in spots.

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Remote sensing shows stressed areas (red) in Buenos Aires and La Pampa. Excellent vegetation condition (blue) is noted in NE Argentina and S Brazil.

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