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Holiday Little Holiday Little Black Dress Black Dress Guide: Guide:
how to rock the hottest dresses to any Holiday bash this season

meet the parents: tips on bringing home the BF

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6 meet the parents: tips on bringing home the BF artists to look out for: Coldplay, Wale, Phil Ade and Raheem Devaughn holiday LDB guide: how to rock the hottest dresses to any holiday bash this season wintery wines & cold weather cocktails stylish ideas for your next cocktail party international inspirations resolutions you should never make

7 A sparkly iPhone cover, a Marc Jacobs scarf, all your bff needs for the Holidays.




12 the hottest tunes to play at any holiday get together

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14 the dmv welcomes tory burch diamonds are a girl’s best friend
dress $89.99 bangles $28.99 eaarings $20 Calvin Klein Collection; Aldo Accessories

18 20 holiday hangover remedy best new dining spots in D.C.


DChic Holiday Issue 2011


editors-in-chief brittni guevara kiera manison brittney roberson executive editor cherisse may

Letter from the Editors
Washington is the perfect balance between style and intellect, and DChic is a culmination of all things Washington. As young urbanites, we’re striving to bring you the latest and greatest in locally emerging fashion, culture, events and news. DChic is your go-to guide for the your little black dress, the latest weekend anthem, which red carpet to rock your LBD and the perfect cocktail to order once you arrive, all while keeping up with important DMV happenings. Our inaugural issue comes at a time when the city is filled with holiday spirit so enjoy stories and tips centered on helping achieve a winter season full of entertainment and fabulosity. Cheers, Brittni, Brittney and Kiera

3 DChic Holiday Issue 2011

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4 female leaders from around the world
Vital Voices Global Partnership, an organization committed to nurturing female leaders, has consistently supported those who pursue personal missions to protect and empower women in their communities. Meet the four phenomenal women honored at its annual gala at DAR Constitution Hall on November 20th.

elcome ome, W H Boyfriend
introducing the bf to your family may be one of the most intimidating tasks of the holiday season (besides buying your guy the perfect gift!) check out these tips that’ll ensure a perfect parental meet & greet.


by ryan snodlyn

Simple steps will ensure a successful family meeting with the bf. george moses

ife photography Roshaneh Zafar (center) was honored at the Vital Voices gala for her work in the financial and social improvement for lowincome families.

ife photography Anedisha Farid (center), has taken her life experiences and turned them into motivation to help other children who are in need of care and love.

Pakistan In Zafar’s native Pakistan, it can be hard for women to get loans to start their own businesses or support their families, especially if they are head of the household. Zafar set out to remove such gender-based obstacles that affected so many lives in her own country and surrounding and founded the Kashf Foundation, the country’s first specialized microfinance institute, in 1996. To date, it has distributed $225 million in loans to over one million low-income families.
5 ife photography Panmela Castro (center) stands with actress Resse Witherspoon (left) and a Vital Voices represenative at the gala in DC. ife photography Melinda French-Gates (right), wife of billionaire Bill Gates, with Secretary of State Hilary Clinton at the Vital Voices gala.

Afghanistan Farid grew up in refugee camps outside Afghanistan. When she moved to Pakistan for college, she began tutoring other Afghani women and children who didn’t have the same opportunities for formal schooling. After working with a nonprofit there, Farid moved back to Kabul in 2007 and founded her own organization, Afghan Child Education and Care Organization, which now runs 10 orphanages in Afghanistan and Pakistan, housing more than 450 children.

Brazil As a graffiti artist, Castro took her talent to Rio de Janeiro’s favelas — or slums — and painted murals to inform women about new laws protecting the rights of domestic violence victims. To further her impact, Castro co-founded Artefeito, an organization that uses art as a medium to promote socially conscious campaigns.

MELINDA FRENCHGATES United States Since leaving Microsoft, Gates has focused on the nonprofit sector and has co-chaired the Bill and Melinda French Gates Foundation. Working to achieve social and economic equality, Gates focuses on increasing access to health care and reducing poverty in the United States and abroad.

Give Him Some Tips of His Own: Your dad isn’t being ironic when he quotes Tupac songs? Your mom fears clowns? Your younger brother is missing a finger and likes to joke every year that he cut it off while carving the turkey? Hahahahaa! Yeah, warn your boyfriend, so he’s rightfully prepared for any possibly awkward moments.

Let Him Know The Things That Make You Tick: We all have a moment - or several - when we regress to childhood when we go home. Even if you get along well with your folks, there are still things about them that push your buttons. Let your significant other in on some of these triggers beforehand, so that he knows what’s going on.

george moses

Make Sure You Both Mark The Gifts Correctly: If a fun family gift exchange is planned during your visit, make sure you’ve left your more personal gifts for each other at home to open later. Crotchless panties are fun. Unwrapping them in front of your mom is not. Also, be sure that he doesn’t overdo the gifts to the parentals. You don’t want Mom to get scared away by a super sexy perfume or have Dad scare him away because of the sexy gift! You also want to make sure your guy feels right at home, so see if your parents are willing to get him a little something to ensure he feels special opening gifts, too.

Dress for Succes & To Impress: You should always encourage your partner to be himself - but if “himself” includes wearing a KISS t-shirt to Christmas church service, maybe it’s time for a quick trip to the mall for a button down and a quick trip to the salon for a trim. Although a nice tie and some slacks will be not only appropriate, but awesomely handsome on your guy, be sure that he brings some nice, but still appropriate casual gear to lounge around the house and watch football with Dad in. You won’t want him in a stiff-neck tie eating chips and dip and routing for Dad’s favorite team on the couch! GOOD LUCK!

DChic Holiday Issue 2011

DChic Holiday Issue 2011




The City Girl

Every girl needs the perfect iPhone accessory. Diamonds and pink, what’s better? APPLE; $65; Apple Stores, address,

New Year’s resolutioNs You should Never Make
by koryn kennedy
Have you ever swore to lose 15 pounds, quit dating unavailable men, and take up a new hobby? This year, we advise against it

Throwing dinner parties is as easy for her as breathing. Her home is gorgeous, her taste elegant. She’s out several nights a week—one evening might be a friend’s book signing, another a charity gala. What to give the woman who has everything?


Get Married by the End of the Year

Sparkle & Shine

Many a socialite has hidden behind Tom Ford’s oversize sunglasses. A perfect gift for any paparazzi dodger, these sunglasses will keep the sunlight and any camera flashes (real or imaginary!) away. TOM FORD; $325; Available at Neiman Marcus, address, (301) ,

Marriage is a huge goal, especially if you’re still single, making the odds of failing painfully high. Instead, whether you’re in a relationship or not, focus on what you like about your current situation — you’ve got enough pressure in your life.

Classic yet Modern

Become Famous

Classic Earrings
No girl can resist that Tiffany Blue box! These simple silver studs will accent any ‘fit. TIFFANY & CO; $100. Available at Tiffany & Co,


Forget the Jersey Shore, honing your talents and polishing your work performance will get you much further, and winning the respect of those you admire is more satisfying and graceful.

Sweet Scents Forever Warm
Keep your bff warm and fashionable in this Marc Jacobs 100% cotton infinity scarf. MARC BY MARC JACOBS; $85; Available at Nordstrom, address, www.nordstrom. com.

Stop Using Facebook

Every socialiate has to smell as gorgeous as she looks. Gucci flora adds a sweet but subtle scent to any day or night event. GUCCI; $89; Available at Macy’s.

Facebook is a part of every aspect of modern life, from shopping, to reconnecting with old friends and stalking exes. So go ahead and give in to the urge, everyone else has

Create at Blog



Fit Into Your High-School Jeans

Blogs are great for self-expression and can be therapeutic, but if you’re looking for overnight fame as a cultural critic, you may be a little late — the blog boat sailed a while ago.

Resolving to be healthy is one thing, but setting hard and fast weight loss goals makes them more difficult to achieve. It’s more reasonable to commit to a workout routine, not a number on a scale or some denim that hasn’t been in style for years.
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DChic Holiday Issue 2011

Artists and albums to put on and leave off the wish list:


White Ford Bronco Revs Their Engine
by tiffany taylor Named after the vehicle that was driven by the high-profile murder case suspect of the ’90s, O.J. Simpson, White Ford Bronco plays everything from the last decade of the 20th century, including country (like Shania Twain), hip hop (Notorious B.I.G.), pop (like Britney) and alternative (Eve 6). D.C.’s premier ’90s band has gained a huge local following, playing at venues like the Bullpen at Nationals Park, and Bobby Lews in Adams Morgan. Visit their Website for show information ( and to follow them on Twitter (@whitebronco).

Mylo Xyloto

Listening Party at U Street Music Hall : Body Language
by: svetlana johnson while doing so and while saying that someone is garnering comparisons to “early Madonna, the disco label Prelude’s 1982 output, and CSS doing an impression of Dr Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band” is basically asking for trouble.

it’s a masterPEACE
by ashton vode
DC-native and R&B star Raheem DeVaughn’s The Love & War Masterpeace is searingly open and honest. While Raheem is a superior vocalist, with a falsetto that is equally matched with stellar lower registers, he has taken as much care with his lyrics this go round as he has with his voice. The track “Black and Blue” about domestic abuse is a welcome addition to this collection in the aftermath of the Chris Brown and Rihanna drama that has brought the question of unhealthy relationships to the forefront. Still speaking of relationships on “My Wife,” Raheem tells it like India.Arie did on her song “Ready for Love,” letting the world know he is ready to receive his life partner. “...don’t want no girlfriend...” he sings, “...not five, not three, just one.”

by neqo cruz
A step on from 2008’s highest selling album, Viva La Vida, and following runaway successes of every album they have ever released, there was a certain pressure on Coldplay to deliver something of equal or greater standard. And the product? Coldplay’s most synthetic and experimental album yet; a ‘concept’ album set in a dystopic future, based around the narrative of two young lovers. Mylo Xyloto is a great album, the perfect mix of melodic hooks and lyrics that only Chris Martin could get away with, and a new style of electronic-acoustic fusion that sees Coldplay embrace and put their own spin on recent music trends. Rihanna features on Princess of China, which is quite a risky move for a band that has never really collaborated before. Before hearing the track, it’s hard to imagine a sound where both Chris Martin and Riri can comfortably perform together. But there was never a worry; the song is an epic mix of grandiose electric guitar and Asian-flavored synthetic pop with a distinct Coldplay twist that has made room for Rihanna to do her thing. Other highlights include the instant classic Charlie Brown , which is the sort of Coldplay song that people will know the melody of but not actually know the title of the song (it is the closest the album comes to reminiscing on Viva ), Hurts Like Heaven , the closing track Up With The Birds and, of course, the first two singles from the album, Paradise and the fun Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (we’re still dancing!). The album is lacking in the sort of acoustic love songs that have made them famous (fans will not find any updated versions of The Scientist or Fix You ), but this doesn’t really seem to matter. The closest Mylo Xyloto gets is the slow-burning Up In Flames. In all, another home run for Coldplay. 8/10.
9 DChic Holiday Issue 2011

freddie ransome Local cover-band White Ford Bronco appeals to all musical audiences.

Brooklyn’s BODY LANGUAGE makes some of the most undeniable music you’ve heard of late: it’s catchy without offending your intelligence, it makes you dance without making you feel like a spazz

Wale WOWs at 9:30’s Winter Show
I kicked in the holiday season at the 9:30 Club with DC's favorite rapper Wale. I've been to many a concert at the 9:30 Club. The line to get into this show was by far the longest I've ever seen. And it was freezing outside. Clearly, DC hearts Wale. In fact, the show sold out so quickly that Wale added a second concert that night. First up was J Cole (who gets bonus points for having the same name as one of my favorite English soccer stars... though I have no idea what the J stands for). J Cole is on Jay-z’s label and was fantastic. I didn’t know any of

by aleya chonko
his songs prior to the show, but everything was catchy and enjoyable. He also gets bonus points for calling out the elephant in the room: “I thought DC was supposed to have a lot of black people. There a whole lot of white people up this place tonight. White people! (cheers) White people! (cheers) I’m just messing with ya, I’m half white. So I know y’all.” Nice icebreaker, J.Cole. Unlike the opening rappers who had DJs, Wale had a full backing band (with a horn section!) thanks to DC’s UCB. They were fantastic and gave Wale’s performance the full sound that it deserved. They even played two of their own songs which were enjoyable. I was pleasantly surprised that Wale played a lot of the songs off of his Mixtape About Nothing (the free CD that put him on the map). He busted through “Nike Boots,” “W.a.l.e.d.a.n.c.e” (my favorite Wale track), and a handful of other old songs before performing most of his latest CD Attention Deficit (with the notable exceptions of “TV in the radio” and “My Sweetie”). He saved “Chillin’” for an encore and one of the guys in UCB did an admirable version of Lady Gaga’s part. Throughout the show, Wale

didn’t miss a beat. He even through in some sick freestyles. He also paused to sign autographs (most of them on shoes) throughout the show; something that most rappers wouldn’t even consider to do. He’s still showing local love. Kudos Wale. Welcome home.

cutline cutline cutline cutline cutline cutline cutline

DChic Holiday Issue 2011

sic so how did you’re parents take it? PA: Singing was always first for me, growing up. I performed with a gogo band in high school. My parents were big on education so I kept that ambition on the low. But obviously they found out when I started working ife photography with Raheem DeVaughn. DC: How did you link up with Raheem? PA: I used to record with this guy who lived next door to me in college. I usually recorded the raps that I wrote in class. But he liked what I did so much that he introduced me to his brother who is by jaden carter PA: When I was born, friends with Raheem. Phil Ade calls Maryland, my father was just getand the DMV area, home ting out of grad school. DC: You know that but growing up, he lived He went to school in because you rap and all over the country. The California, that’s where I sing people will com21-year-old rapper/sing- was born and his first job pare you to Drake, er is the first artist signed was in Alabama, that’s right? to Raheem DeVaughn’s where we moved [first]. PA: It’s just human nalabel, 368 Music group. And it’s been a problem ture for people to try After regional success keeping a job for him so to find a reference for with his first mixtape, that’s why we moved something they’ve never Ade considers himself around a lot. Since my seen or heard before. I still a minor leaguer. He father is Nigerian and my know Drake raps and hopes, however that his mother is from Grenada, sings, I rap and sing, new mixtape will give I’ve had a lot of different [Kid] Cudi kind of sing him to potential new experiences being from raps and I think it’s just fans and hopefully prove a family that’s so diverse, something that kind of that he’s ready to play and a lot of that ties into happened where we’re my music. all on the rise at the same with the pros. time. Drake is more esDC: You actually quit tablished but it just so DC: What was life like school to pursue mufor you growing up?
The locally emerging 21-year old singer, rapper and songwriter, Phil Ade is merging onto the scene under DMV’s very own Raheem Devaughn’s new record label.


happens that we both sing and rap and we’re doing what we’re doing in the same era. So that’s something I really don’t pay attention to or worry about too much. Drake is his own artist and I’m my own artist with my own identity so much success to him.

tunes to keep the holiday party rockin’
by derek hughes December is here, and ‘tis the season to turn up those winter-, Christmas-, Chanukah-, and other holiday-themed tunes. With that in mind, Billboard’s chart team has figured out the 100 hottest holiday songs (based on a formula that blends sales and airplay data for the period of Oct. 5, 2009 through Jan. 3, 2010, as measured by Nielsen SoundScan and Nielsen BDS, respectively). Now make yourself some hot chocolate, and cozy up to to see a few tracks from the list and spread some holiday cheer with these hot tunes! Chris Brown: This Christmas This tune fittingly appeared on the soundtrack of the 2007 film of the same name, which also starred Chris Brown.

“MY goal is to
just do Me aNd give the people what theY waNt while doiNg it.”

The Local Lookout:

Run DMC: Christmas in Hollis The song was featured in the beginning of 1988 action classic, “Die Hard.”


DC: Where do you want to be in say, 5 years? PA: Touring worldwide, putting my mic towards the audience and having them know, sing and love every lyric of every song. My goal is to just do me and give the people what they want while doing it. I know it seems like a lot to do in just five years, but I’ve never been one to set my standards low. To me, it’s not what do you want to do in five years; it’s what will you do in five years.
Check out more at:

Boyz II Men : Let It Snow The Boyz sent this track to No. 17 on the Hot R&B/ Hip-Hop chart in Jan. 1994, and also made a showing on the Hot 100, the Rhythmic Top 40, and the Hot Singles Sales charts, among others.

Mariah Carey: All I Want for Christmas is You Carey is queen of the carols with “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” which managed to be a radio hit despite the fact that it was an album cut and not a single. It’s little surprise, however, since

Carey logged ten No. 1s on the Hot 100 before this song came out.


DChic Holiday Issue 2011


Give your LDB the perfect holiday touch
by kirby brew The timeless little black dress is one clothing item that should be found in every woman’s wardrobe. Always sexy and trendy, it is reinvented every season without losing its amazing charm and sophistication. In order to avoid stressful moments and desperate fashion choices, take a look to this little black dress holiday style guide and get ready to spend a glamorous winter. Nothing seems to add

DC welcomes
ife photography (left) LDBs don’t have to be plain. Add some spice by searching for dresses with patterns, unique cuts or sophisticated designs.

Freddie Ransome

Celebrities like Kylie Jenner turn to LDBs to rock to any and every event.

more sexiness and sensuality to a woman than a little black dress. Due to its versatility this is one piece that represents more than a smart investment as sometimes it can turn into your lifesaver in times of fashion crisis. As winter holidays should represent peaceful moments spend with your family, phy ife photogra worrying about the outtian hris fit is the last thing you Designers like C d flare to ad ht) need. This is why a little Siriano (rig simple LDBS by rwise othe skin. black dress has to be ome more showing s go an essential item in your dresses Sleeveless ts. ith fur coa wardrobe. The secret perfectly w stands in finding the one to flatter your silhouette robe in search of the and match it properly. ideal outfit. Moreover, Whether you want you can have a stunsomething more severe ning, chic look without or, on the contrary, a giving the impression of daring, sexy look, the trying to hard. classic little black is the one that perfectly com- If you are more into bines three important the classic and elegant things we want from a look, wear your little clothing item: simplicity, black dress with simple versatility and elegance. cuts with a pair of black Wearing and matching it pumps, a sequined shouldn’t be a hard thing clutch, and chic jewelry. to do. The little black Those small details will dress allows you to cre- make the difference. On ate different outfits in an the other hand, if you instant without desper- want something more ate emptying the ward-

Tory Burch
by frankie rogers DC: Yeah, but don’t we get a bad rep for It usually takes decades not being fashionable for a designer to behere? come known by just an TB: I think D.C. wominitial or two. Think RL en have a lot of style, (Ralph Lauren) or Coco though it’s a slightly Chanel (linked C’s). But more conservative way though she’s only been of dressing. When I visit, in the biz since 2004, I always think, “Is this Tory Burch gets immeskirt the right length?” diate recognition for her double-T brand on bags, DC: What about Mishoes and countless chelle Obama? Do you caftan tags. Her bohothink she’s making the meets-preppy aesthetic whole city seem more lures fans including Mistylish? chelle Obama and Katie TB: I love what Michelle Holmes. The Philly naObama does — she’s tive just opened her first stylish, and it’s great to D.C.-area boutique. DC: You’re really popular here. What took you so long to open? TB: I love D.C. I’ve had my eye on opening a store here ever since I started. One of my brothers went to Georgetown University, and it’s on my radar. People there are so interesting.

daring, you can try a sequined little black dress. In this case, keep the rest of the outfit rather simple. However, the best way to wear a little black dress is to match it with black stilettos, long gloves and the irreplaceable pearls. In fact, it is not the little black dress that is the real problem, but how we wear it.
continued on page 16

have somebody in the sip Girl.” White House who loves fashion like her. DC: So what pieces from your winter line DC: Who else in D.C. excite you? do you dream of TB: Our denim is having an incredible response dressing? TB: I would love to dress — we’ve got these highHillary Clinton. I’m a er-waisted, wider denim huge fan of her and think pants and colored jeans. she’d look great in our I’m also interested in suit dressing. We did a knits or our suits. striped suit with pants DC: Yeah, I can see inspired by a pair of my Hillary in Tory, espe- father’s trousers. cially since I think your designs appeal DC: You’re known for a couple of iconic to a wide age range. TB: When we launched pieces, like ballet flats in 2004, we were think- and caftans. How do ing of a customer who you keep those styles was 25 to 45. But we’ve fresh? found that women of all TB: I’m constantly pushages interpret our piec- ing myself and my design es. I also think some team to look at things younger customers differently. I look at the came in after we started tunic and ballet flat as being featured on “Gos- basics. I’m interested in opening a store in D.C. because it gives an understanding of the whole collection. It’s more than tunics and flats! Check out the first Tory Burch DMV boutique, located at Tyson’s Galleria: 2001 International Drive, McLean, Va.; 703-2880786).

freddie ransome Fashion designer Tory Burch is happy to expand her brand and store in the DMV area.
DChic Holiday Issue 2011 14

DChic Holiday Issue 2011

Sally Hansen Diamond-Strength Polish: Add some shimmer to your basic color; $4.99 per bottle; available at CVS. Juicy Coutoure keychain: With three key rings, attach house and car keys to give them an expensive look; $30; available at Juicy Coutoure.

The DKNY ife photography black dres s collection fea tures high -necklines and s exy thigh slits. Simple an d chic, LD BS like this don’t brin extra atten g too much tion to the wearer, but double -takes do ensue.

Marc by Marc Jacobs earrings: These ‘black diamond’ studs give a hip but classic look; $75; available at Nordstrom.

Vincent Longo lipgloss: Available in all shades of pink and red, this lipgloss gives you lips a sexy look: pucker up!; $37; available at Sephora.

White Diamonds Perfume: Liz Taylor makes a sweet and strong scent that makes you feel wrapped in jewels; $102; available at Lord & Taylor.

the late ms. marilyn monroe said it best, and there’s no doubt about it: we can’t get enough of those sparkly stones. some are super expensive, others are fake but fashioable. check out these dazzling diamond accessories to keep for yourself or wrap up for any girlfriend. by maida nahajmabad
iPod earphone covers: Shimmer and shine while you rock out to your favorite music; $60; available at Apple stores.

Best Friend

Diamonds are a girl’s

that flat, stay away from tight-fitting shapes or fabrics that might emcontinued from pg. 13 phasize it even more. When choosing a LBD, There are so many dif- a woman shouldn’t ferent possibilities when make any compromise. it comes to the LBD. Always look for the ideal, As we have said before flattering dress as what everything stands in the you want is to camoumodel you choose and flage certain flaws and the way you accessorize enhance your qualities. it. If you have found the For example, avoid thin right little black dress straps if you are not very with a perfect cut, you proud of your arms, or, shouldn’t worry too if your stomach is not much about the ac-

cessories, especially if the dress already looks fabulous. If the dress is simple, you can add accessories, such as a special belt or a colorful scarf. Based on the model of your dress you can choose a larger belt and wear it at the waist with a retro touch, or you can go for a thinner belt and wear it looser, on the hips. Moreover, jewelry represent an important part in the little black dress holiday style guide. You can choose chunky jewelry, such as rings or bracelets, if the dress allows you to. You should try to avoid wearing too many black accessories and choose shoes and handbags in lighter colors.

With the perfect accessories, including jewelry, makeup, shoes and coats, for any holiday event, LDBs are perfect.
ife photography The Yves Saint Laurin collection features long, short and mid-length LDBs with a variety of cuts and designs to spice up an otherwise typical dress.

What’s an outfit without accessories?
Urban Outfitters flask: Keep it classy with this pink diamond encrusted flask; $30; available at Urban Outfitters. Andit laut am aut pellendem rescimus. In recatemped quo cus modis aped ex ea quis aborro corit doluptature, Andit alut am aut pelledem Andit laut am aut pellendem rescimus. In recatemped quo cus modis aped ex ea quis aborro corit doluptature, Andit alut am aut pelledem

Marilyn Monroe diamonds poster: Add some glamour to your wallls with a picture of the originator of the diamond one-liner; $15; available on
15 DChic Holiday Issue 2011

WARNING! This is a huge slurge! Tiffany Diamond Bangle: Let this gorgeously diamond-decked out bangle be your diamond life goal!; $39,875; available at Tiffany & Co.

Andit laut am aut pellendem rescimus. In recatemped quo cus modis aped ex ea quis aborro corit doluptature, Andit alut am aut pelledem

DChic Holiday Issue 2011


Wine & Dine

Wine & Dine

Wintery Wines &

algoNquiN Bar puNch
In 18th-century America, any decent saloon, tavern, or inn featured a proprietary bowl of punch on the bar. Thanks to bartenders like Julie Reiner and her new Clover Club bar in Brooklyn, serious punch is back. Algonquin Bar Punch, which Reiner serves in vintage punch bowls, is a classic drink once served at the famous Manhattan hotel of the same name. Drink up, but—as the Clover Club’s menu reminds—remember to share. To make the ice block this recipe calls for, fill a 9x5x3-inch loaf pan with water and freeze it solid. Dip the pan into hot water to release the ice.

Our favorite Bloody Mary recipe is also a good hangover cure. If this doesn’t work, light three candles, take a cold shower, drink hot coffee, lie flat, and moan. And next time, try to behave. Begin by turning on music best suited for the occasion of a near-death hangover. A dirge is always nice. Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Shake and pour into a tall glass filled one-third with ice, garnish with green olives, and upsy-daisy. If that doesn’t work, light three candles, take a cold shower, drink hot coffee, lie flat, and moan. And next time, try to behave.

jeffersoN sour with hoMeMade greNadiNe
To make a proper sour--whether it’s a gin sour or a whiskey sour--all you need is citrus juice, sugar, and booze. (Never use purchased sour mix.) If you add grenadine and use both orange and lemon juice in a whiskey sour, you’ve got a Ward Eight cocktail. Add egg whites, subtract the orange, use rye whiskey, and you’ve got a Jefferson Sour.

aBsiNthe drip
Ever since the US ban on absinthe was lifted earlier this year, the market has been flooded with dubious products (and more dubious practices) claiming to be the original. Luckily, there are sources for authentic absinthe and absinthe apparatus (glasses, spoons, and drippers) readily available through the internet. The process of preparing an absinthe drip, known as “The Absinthe Ritual,” is a careful process—a throwback to the (relatively) less-hurried days of the late 19th century, and should not be rushed.

firiNg squad
This cocktail was adapted from C.H. Baker, Jr’s 1946 edition of Around the World with a Jigger, Beaker, and Flask. It makes use of homemade grenadine, which is easy to make and adds tremendous character to the drink.
17 DChic Holiday Issue 2011

Stylish Ideas for Your Next Cocktail Party
The winter holidays--and the feasting and boozing thus required--are fast approaching. Make your next get-together memorable with some pretty plates and a little candlelight and music, and people will think you’ve been slaving all day. Silver-Patterned GlaSSeS Silk-screened shot glasses from Italy also work as pretty miniature vases. Vodka glasses ($20 each) by Paola Navone and Egizia from TableArt;

Wine & Dine

Wine & Dine

D.C.’s Newest Dining Spot
by david hagerdon It’s that time of year when gift-giving and the thought of Tiffany-blue boxes are on our minds. Well, maybe your mind. For us food folk, a gift card to a new restaurant kicks in the endorphins as much as any diamond does. The rocks that interest us come under a smartly concocted cocktail in a lounge full of D.C. luminaries. Those of you who’ve been socking it away in a layaway account may wish to indulge in RJ Cooper’s chef-centric, multicourse, $500-per-couple spectacle at Rogue 24 for your list of naughty and nice. For the rest, here’s a list of recently opened restaurants for all the people in your life, be they Francophiles, scotch devotees, see-and-be-seensters or zeitgeist food fiends. Thanks to such places as Ardeo + Bardeo, Dino and Palena, the Connecticut Avenue side of Cleveland Park was already a safe bet for the food set, but when chef Logan Cox (right) hit the scene at Ripple (3417 Connecticut Ave., NW; 202/2447995;; $85 per person, all inclusive) last May, it was clear he meant to up the ante. Owner Roger Marmet’s original plan was to have a wine bar, but Ripple is definitely a full-on restaurant, serious in a whimsical way. That is evident from the mod decor created by Marmant’s wife, Betsy, who turned two long, narrow spaces into hip side-by-side cocoons. The first room is a 40-foot-long bar fashioned from colorful squares of mosaic tile; a series of deuces lines the opposite wall. The adjacent dining room features banquettes with bold, mismatched,

tromPe l’oeil naPkinS These clever cotton-mix napkins are designed to make a party faux pas seem intentional. Wine ring cocktail napkins ($26 for set of four) by Avril Loreti from Supermarket; SePia and Gold PlateS Vintage botanical prints in brown and 24-karat gold give these little plates (perfect for appetizers) a little glitz. “Floriography” dessert plates ($40 for set of four 8-inch plates) from Rosanna; Portable SPeakerS Instant celebration: Make a party playlist, and then hook up your iPod to these sleek white speakers. Ceramic speakers with amplifier ($495) by Joey Roth from Horne;

george moses A salmon dish equipped with green delectables could be your favorite holiday dinner dish this season. texture-rich fabrics (red zebra stripes, blue chain weaves, bright geometrics) and optic prints. Romantic underlighting and shaded wall sconces complete the setting. What sets the tone at the front door is a gleaming, bright red Berkel slicer, where you’re likely to see one of the pert, knowledgeable servers assembling a carefully chosen selection of cheeses and charcuterie. Don’t pass up the house-made chickenliver parfait, mortadella and pork rillettes, as well as an order of divine bacon-roasted pecans and addictive fried black-eyed peas. Cox, 32, worked for Frank Ruta up the street at Palena and then cut his chops as chef at New Heights, long an incubator of new talent. He has clearly matured, realizing that food is best in its simplest form. The dishes change daily based on what’s in season, and they taste as they read—guileless and flavorful. Cocktails are clever (you gotta love Pimp My Daiquiri), and dessert’s a no-brainer: baked-to-order chocolate chip cookies and milk.
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