National Youth Commission The 3rd “Youth Trekkers National Youth Wanted” I had further Campaign have this

first impression confirmed when in August the chance to Commission 2008 I took part as a volunteer to Taishi International work-camp (organized by Travel Plan VYA Taiwan). In Taishi I could appreciate the touching kindness of local people and know their customs in a multicultural environment, by discovering at the same time the beauty of Yunlin beaches and wetland. Thanks to this experience, I (You may adjust each field [below] to fit your content space realized that Taiwan and its people have such a richness to provide to the world Motivation for participating in this activity: in terms of cultural and natural attractions.however, follow theimpressing for a small It’s definitely format given) needs. Please, Island like Taiwan… I’d just like Italy to beinvolvement country, so toAfter my nearer your with Taiwan! have more Deep, true and passionate curiosity and opportunities and MA it! Languages and Politics of Eastern Asia) and my volunteer studies (BA to visit in Please describe your absolutely travel experience (inmy knowledge about experience in Taishi, I previous want to further enrich bullet point form) -March 1993: Paris, Euro Disney Iamusement park, France -June 1994: Munich, Germany Taiwan and its people. firmly believe that travels open people’s mind and soul -August 1997: 20 days tourin this activity in order to have the chance to build a and I’d like to participate across Luxemburg, Belgium and Netherlands -June 2000: Oxford and London, UK -April 2001: school exchange in Eaglescliffe, North lasting bridge between my country and Taiwan! East England -August 2001: Normandy and Brittany, France -April 2002: school “Theme” of your planned itinerary: exchange in Munster, Germany; one day trip to Amsterdam (Netherlands) -August 2002: Berlin, Germany -August 2003: Madrid and Barcelona, Spain “Embracing Taiwan’s soul”: a journey across religious and worship sites in -September 2005: Dublin, Ireland -February-June 2006: four month language Taiwan. course at Beijing Foreign Language University, Beijing, China. In this period I Special characteristics of your plan: travelled in particular in Southern China and in Inner Mongolia. -August 2008: Taishi International Volunteer work-camp, Taishi, Taiwan. Ischool of philosophical Exploring and discovering Taiwan different religions and further travelled to Tapei. thoughts through a path along its main temples and worship places. Learning about Taiwanese daily life religious practices, traditions and customs directly from the people that I will encounter during my journey. Enjoying temples’ different styles and architectures, seizing the harmony between the temples/religious sites’ and the surrounding city or natural environments. Coming from a country so distant like Italy, with completely different cultural, religious and traditional features, I’d like to learn about Taiwan’s religious sphere. In particular, thanks to this journey I expect to understand how religion and different philosophical school of thoughts deeply mark Taiwan’s cultural and social development. Besides, for everyone like me interested in completely immersing him/herself in different cultures and in cultural-exchange experiences, this travel would undoubtedly be an unforgettable and valuable opportunity!

Planned date of arrival and number of days planned in Taiwan:
Plannes date of arrival: 1st of June 2011 Number of days planned: 19


(minimum of 10 days; must make use of at least one NYC Youth Travel service; please include estimated budget)

Rough Travel Plan

“Embracing Taiwan’s soul”: a journey across religious and worship sites in Taiwan * Prices in NTD Day 1: arrive at Taipei Things to

do: Youth Travel Card and TR pass (20 days) (2.000 $). Transport: from Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei city center by bus (+/-500$), in Taipei MRT. Sleeping at: Taipei Hero House (+/500NT$) (Youth Travel Card).

-Flick account -Facebook account -Blog account I’ll open a flickr account ( to post everyday pictures and I’ll create a blog entirely dedicated to the journey where I’ll write personal feelings and impressions.National Youth Commission National Youth Commission If you are chosen and earn a trip to Taiwan. I understand if falsified or copied. I will bear all legal consequences. As soon as possible I will also open a Facebook Signature: Caterina Gabriella Pavese Day 14: Green Island-Taitung-Hualien . where I’ll constantly update all my friends around the world with pictures. video and posts! The information provided on this form is true and my own work. how do you plan to share and publicize your Taiwan travel experience? Please list.