To, The course teacher, Nishat Sultana & Elora shahab sharmee, Dept. of Humanities, BUET. Sub:- Report submission about sea pollution and its prevention. Dear Madam, I would like to inform you that, I have been successful to complete the report about Sea pollution and its prevention, which you had given me as an assignment. Really it was an interesting one. As it was my first assignment, I had to face some problem at first. But by the cordial help of some of my senior brothers and also some of my friends, I was able to overcome the problem. I have taken majority parts of my information from internet. I also read a few books about this topic. I think my small effort can fulfill your queries about sea pollution. I draw your attention and kind consideration if you find any unexpected mistake in this report as it is my first assignment.

With best compliments, Md. Abdullah-Al-Mamun Student no. 0612003 Dept. of NAME Level 2/Term 1 Date:- Dhaka, 11/10/2008


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Introduction Background history Sea pollution facts
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Sea pollution facts based on USA Condition of other continents Oil pollution Urban waste and sewage Gas impact Plastic pollution Agricultural waste Pollution by ship Radioactive pollution Ecological disruption


Causes of sea pollution
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Prevention Recommendation

Appendix List of references Glossary

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Fig 1: Baltic Sea Fig 2: Effects of oil in marine environment Fig 3: Decreasing pH with year Fig 4: Pollybags and bottles mixed with sea water Fig 5: Corals and colorful species of fish Fig 6: Dongtan ecocity situated in china Chart 1: Oil pollution sources Chart 2: Containments of urban waste Chart 3: Waste management hierarchy Chart 4: The waste minimization assessment procedure Chart 5: Non toxic household chemicals

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Water is life. This is not only a bookish sentence, but also a real fact. Because every single living being on earth, depends on water. But the main sources of this living fluid are oceans and seas. So, when sea is getting polluted, there must arise a question about the existence of lives. Our sea is getting polluted day by day and it is contaminated with harmful substances by various ways. It is man who creates this problem directly or indirectly. But as sea pollution is very slow process, they cannot able to realize what is happening. Now this problem becomes such a bad condition that it is time for all of us to think about it and find a solution to it as soon as possible. And only human can overcome this problem and save other lives by his effort.

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