Fashion in the “Swinging Sixties”

Teacher: Ms. Gooden Student: Aleesha Siddiqui

Changing values The years prior to 1960‟s were based on traditional values. Fashion before 1960 was also very conservative. They further challenged the society by taking part in anti-war demonstrations. This also affected fashion which underwent rapid transformations to suit the needs of the changing society. And due to post World War II baby boom 70 million teenagers had been created. Fashion in the early 1960‟s was still conservative. Their action defied values. Working women wore suits with jackets. Female activists challenged the traditional role of women in society and large numbers of women began to enter the workforce. Men were expected to wear formal suits. The hippie movement which started in 1960‟s also impacted upon the values and fashion. She introduced the pill box hat which became a style icon. The 1960‟s saw the rise of the feminine movement. experimenting with drugs etc. So the prosperous economic conditions and youth acted as catalysts for the social change which affected the fashion. Although the 1950‟ saw the introduction many new technologies the general population was extremely conventional. Women were expected to wear long dresses with matching hats and gloves. As the role of women changed clothes became more practical. However this situation changed in the 1960‟s. Female fashion The fashion era of 1960‟s can be divided into three periods. Apart from that women usually wore long geometric dresses called shifts . The fashion industry of the 60‟s was developed to carter to the needs of these youths and in turn had a great influence on them. It was mainly centered on the graceful American first lady Jacqueline Kennedy. The movement gained a huge following. Racism and sexism were very common. During the 1960‟s the world economy was expanding (Jackie 2001). Teenagers mostly followed their parents dressing style and were expected to look reserved.These dresses had three quarter sleeves. (Robert Fuller 2011) The youth drew inspiration from these movements. It initiated the end of the conservative values and resulted in bold and revolutionary changes. .Fashion in the 1960s Introduction The 1960‟s was a decade which marked the beginnings of a new era on social and political horizons. Capri‟s and madras shorts were popular among teenagers. Hippies believed in changing the world through love and peace.

It began with the introduction of mini skirt by Mary Quant. Many jewelry collections were also launched for men Jean Shrimpton Jean Shrimpton was a famous and iconic British model from the 1960‟s. Hairstyles began to changes as Vidal Sassoon‟s 5 point hairstyle became fashionable. In the Mid 1960‟s Male fashion changed forever when „Mod‟ fashion took over. checked trousers and waistcoats. Tiedyed cotton shirts with Indian prints also came into style. Fashion designers also began to create tight fitted clothes with patterns and polka dots. It became more colorful and feminine. There was a move towards long hair with bangs. they were young trendsetters who were inspired by Italian fashion designers and wore suits with narrow lapels.In the mid 1960‟s fashion really started to evolve as styles that challenged old values were launched. cocktail dresses worn with patterned tights became the new trends. Mod fashion was copied and inspired many young men all over the world. Mod‟s stand for modernists. Professional women started to wear pant suits with clog sandals . Men started to wear bell-bottomed trousers. . Men’s fashion In 1960‟s males became fashion conscious. Men began to wear double breasted suits. (Ashley Kane 2011) It was gradually replaced by the Edwardian. In early 1960‟s male wear started to become bright and colorful and men started wearing bright suits. stove-pipe pants and tie. In the late 1960‟s fashion was influenced by the hippie movement.15)She appeared on the cover of many magazines and was awarded titles such as “the face of the 60‟s”. Another trend was miniskirts worn with French polo-neck tops. Although controversial it soon became a fashion symbol. In the late 1960‟s men‟s fashion was influenced by the hippie movement. (Yvonne connikie 1994 p. Jean Shrimpton became a symbol of “swinging London” because of her bold looks and feminine appeal. It had a tight fitting with small buttons and was often worn with turtle neck sweaters.dyed shirts. angel dress.As dress lengths got shorter baby doll dresses. pants and anoraks. Facial hair and long hair soon became a fashion for young boys. She is thought to be one of the world‟s first supermodels and an inspiration for many women. Apart from that music icon such as the Beatles introduced the Indian inspired Nehru jacket. Bell-bottomed trousers with flower patterns were commonly worn (the fifties web 2010). slim shirts.

Australian people were scandalized and unimpressed. British fashion designers were also very popular amongst Australians.. that's her business. (Edelstein Andrew Jr. The miniskirt was copied by thousands of teenagers.. 1985 p. The introduction of television and new musical styles brought these fashions to Australia." However through this event London‟s fashion started infiltrating in to Australia. The crowd jeered at her and one woman said(Howitt 1965 press communication. but it's not done here. drug culture and protests slowly spread amongst Australian youth who helped to spread London‟s fashion. . Anti-war demonstrations.10) Australian boys were influenced by notable music icons such as the Beatles. gloves or hat. hippie movement and youth had long lasting impacts on fashion which were imported to Australia through new technologies such as television. Being unaware of the conservative society she chose to wear a short sleeveless dress without any stockings. In the late 1960‟s twiggy was a major fashion icon.Jean Shrimpton‟s biggest contribution to the fashion industry was the launch of the mini skirt. Their messy and long hairs were copied by many boys around the world. British influences on fashion In 1960‟s London was regarded as the fashion capital where new trends and styles were born.1 November) “if Miss Shrimpton wants to wear skirts four inches above the knee in London. Mary Quant‟s five point hair style was also copied by many teenagers. Australian teenagers were impressed by her style and as this event became prominent the miniskirt was introduced to the world. They started the trend of Nehru jackets. Conclusion The 1960‟s were a decade of social change. Another major influence was the rolling stones. The feminine movement. In 1965 she was invited to Australia to attend the prestigious Melbourne cup. She also influenced many other models such as twiggy. Her thin figure inspired many Australians to start diets. Jean Shrimpton‟s Melbourne incident paved the way for London‟s fashion invasion in Australia. we all dress correctly here. The Beatles brought Mod fashion to Australia.

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