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Whether intimate or distant, affectionate or inconsiderate, sponsors of all sorts

shape our literacies. Deborah Brandts Sponsors of Literacy emphasizes the sponsors interests and how they affect the sponsored. My sponsors of literacy list initially consisted of people whom I had naturally positive experiences with, such as my grandfather and my English teachers; having good teachers can even lead one to pursue a literacy he normally would not have. However, there exist the few times where one learns best when his literacies sponsors are not ideal. This unidealized method manages to instill knowledge into someone because the sponsored focuses more on teaching himself and gaining self-experiences rather than basing their knowledge solely off someone elses. For instance, my literacy of media and technology has been

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sponsored by the aloof and detached - Mr. Callinan and Ned McGregor - and cultivated by media viewers while overall being pursued due to the mere coincidence that my blatant interests intersected with my sponsors underlying interests. ! The interests of the sponsor and the sponsored do not have to

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converge, (Brandt, 166). Clearly, my sponsors and I had different incentives during my media and technology literary growth. The experience even started due to my sponsors interest; he taught me so he would not have to do it. Ned was a very busy guy during high school and a lot was asked of him, hence he needed someone else to help him out. Sideline lming at our football games became my rst snippet of media. I explored the literacy of cameras, lm, and even football. All I cared about was being on the sideline. Corresponding to Friday night lming, the Advanced Media Productions class (AMP) continued my literacy. My sponsor there was Mr. Callinan. His interest was to keep his job and hence get his students to make him look good. In media, viewers become a type of sponsor because their opinions decide what aspects of media literacy you should pursue. For example, I would not spend my time learning how to record


videos on VCR when the viewers only want DVD copies. My interests, the sponsored interests, had nothing to do with media initially. They consisted of aspirations including wanting to be on the sideline at football games, being involved at school, and getting into games for free. Also, our schools football highlight videos made for pep rallies were not that great, and I gured I could learn and make them myself instead of complaining. Though our interests differed and it made for a hard work environment, I was able to

learn from my sponsors because their goals put me in a position where the development of my media literacy beneted them. ! The question of who were my sponsors does not pose a problem, the inquiry of

their view on literacy does however because it can only be based upon my view of them. Mr. Callinan understood literacy in a specic way because he worked as a manager overlooking technology in the CIA, thus he was used to working with brilliant people who would gure things out by themselves. That experience appeared in our classroom because he believed in us guring things out for ourselves or at least asking other students. Everyday he would say Its a student-led organization. This teaching style makes Mr. Callinan a literacy sponsor due to the fact his teaching method led to my individual learning experiences.

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Neds view on literacy was for him to become extremely literate in all classes,

certainly media and technology, yet not share the knowledge with anyone else, thus making him seem special. His view helped my personally because I felt honored he would share his success with me and teach me things. By working so closely with him I got to experience multiple media areas and was able to give my own input on how things should be run. ! The viewers media literacy barely existed. They wanted to watch the productions


yet not have to make them. As demand increased, my net-worth increased due to their lackadaisical interest in producing media. Another one of my literal and indirect sponsors was an Atlanta news station who gave my club a contract to lm the football games. They viewed media literacy as essential to their business. This helped me because they wanted media literate people to employ and I was in the market. ! While most have wonderful or indifferent relationships with their sponsors, mine

was fairly deplorable. My horrible relationship with Mr. Callinan is the most memorable. He would swiftly show me how to accomplish the minimal basics of a project, then the rest was gure it out on your own and if you do not succeed you are useless. The Media and Technology Club was not for socializing, it was for work purpose only. I learned through essentially business relationships which in my literacy means helping people with their projects in order to learn from their experience. If you did not know what to do you were considered dumb which made for incentive to know how to do things, i.e.

heighten your literacy. Sponsors are not people who care about your self-betterment. Sponsors are people who have knowledge that you want to gain. ! My sponsors assisted me, but it was not by unconditional nature or forceful

actions. Callinan became a literacy sponsor not so much by what little he did teach me, but by all the things he told me to do. Contributing signicantly to my literacy, Ned helped by including me and teaching me things that he would not let anyone else know. That was somewhat unconditional because he cared about me as a friend and knew I could help him strengthen his literacy if he taught me some of his literacy. My most forceful sponsor became the viewer. The viewing sponsors has distinct tastes in what they enjoy viewing and what they do not and it becomes immediately obvious after a video whether or not they like it. In a movie theatre, if the viewer does not approve of your media literacy (they think your movie is horrible), they will not show up. ! It takes a natural passion for exploring a literacy in which one has unappealing

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sponsors of literacy. Sponsors can be forceful and still have a positive impact on their sponsored students. My sponsors had methods normally considered intolerable, yet it motivated me to learn the required material.

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