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8-11 Scorpio/Aquarius

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign may create a rather quite exterior, but inwardly there is a
great deal of mental pressure and a constant flow of undercurrents. You often seem to be absorbed in another
sphere of existence, above being actively involved in mundane activities surrounding you. This combination
blends the emotional force, determination and will power of Scorpio, with the originality, ingenuity and
friendliness of Aquarius. You have a strong will and deeply fixed attitudes and ideas. Keen judgment of human
nature and the ability to sense the motives of others, gives you a very good knack for handling people. But you
can be a tough boss, for once you lose respect for someone's ability to think and reason, you have little use for
them in any way. Never showing this outwardly, you can always be polite and civil, while feeling nothing but scorn
and disgust. You don't believe in discriminating against anyone, so you hide the intolerance you can not help but
feel. You have a need for adulation, but unless you feel that you deserve it, you resent people that flatter and
compliment you. You have the ability to influence people and as you progress up the ladder, you are apt to
become surrounded by "yes men", for whom you can hold no respect. Shallowness or superficiality completely
throw you off. You have a profound mind that is broad and tolerant (at least in theory), and quite creative. Pride
is strongly marked in your nature, and you set great store by intellectual and artistic accomplishment. There is a
depth to your nature and your emotions that few can understand. You're outstanding at observation, at analysis,
at imagining and creating.

Fire and Water Type

The heavy emphasis on Fire and Water elements in your chart would indicate a general tendency to express
everything emotionally, excitedly, and rather impulsively. There is often a lack of logical, systematic thought and
procedure, with a resulting restlessness and subjective bias. This combination has intensity, emotional extremes,
and surprising sensitivity to what others think of them. You are a "whole-hogger," having a marked lack of self-
restraint. You may experience big swings in moods. You function in a high-pressure state, and you do best when
being challenged.

Earth Absence
The limited presence of the Earth element in your horoscope suggests that you may have some difficulties dealing
with practical and mundane issues; in fact it may be said that you are not really at home on the planet Earth. You
may seem to be somehow lost in space and unable to get your feet on the ground. Because of this you may
reject responsibility and have trouble getting organized and following through on a task. There frequently is
shown a childish inability to handle mundane tasks, and you may be one of those people who needs help to
accomplish the simplest fix-up chore. Material matter and money may be secondary concerns, and you may not
be particularly interested earthly possessions and material gain. Sometimes persons with an absence of Earth
compensate by expressing a compulsive trait toward neatness and detail, and a forced concern for organization.
More often, the absence of earth signs means good old fashioned common sense may not be your strong suit.

Fire and Air Type

With the planets in your chart concentrated in Fire and Air you are idealistic, aspiring, and positive-thinking. You
have the best of intentions and motives, but your approach to life may not be completely realistic. You have the
ability to put your ideas into action, but you may neglect your emotional and material or physical needs. You
probably have a keen sense of humor and a very effective way with words. At its best this is a very creative
combination. The problem is getting things done as you are a person that is not well grounded in the persistent
traits normally required to see the job through to completion. As full of ideas and enthusiasm as you are,
energies may be scattered, and you must realize that you can't just pour out your energies unreservedly without
simultaneously tuning in on your deeper resources if you're to avoid a state of constant depletion.

Air and Water Type

Although you often feel pulled between intellectual and emotional orientations of life, heavy does of Air and Water
elements can make you very much attuned to both realms of experience. Neither the abstract nor the feeling-
intuitive world is alien to you, and you are thus able to develop a mode of operation that encompasses both types
of perception. This results in your being able to give depth to your ideas and in your ability to gain detachment
and perspective on feelings and deeper yearnings. You are physically and psychologically sensitive; a dreamer, an
escapist, perhaps a little fantasy-prone. You have an amazingly fertile imagination and specialized skills for
dealing with people. You know how to tune in to people, and communicate concisely.

Fixed Preponderance
The strength in fixed signs in your chart suggests that you hold to fixed or rigid ideals and goals. What you may
lack in daring, you make up for in perseverance. You are usually able to achieve whatever you undertake, purely
from the strength of your determination. You are extremely strong-willed and resistant to external influences. You
set values and ideals over individuals and situations, often in an uncompromising manner. Your great strengths
are loyalty, constancy and dependability. The down side of a fixed chart is the likelihood of too much of a "fixed"
or stubborn nature. Compromise is hard for you because giving in is nearly impossible. You may be so rigid that
you can't roll with the punches.

Cardinal Absence
A lack of cardinal signs suggests a lack in initiative and drive unless these attributes are shown elsewhere in the
map. Not one to pursue desires actively, you sometimes look to others to satisfy them for you. You wait for
opportunities rather than forcing the issue and making your own breaks.

Mutable Absence
Your chart is nearly void of planets in the mutable mode suggesting that you may have difficulties with changes in
your life. You are very cautious about trying new things and prefer to remain loyal to the status quo. Because
changes threaten you, you may stay stuck in a rut. Your inflexibility isn't necessarily due to stubbornness or ego
(although both may contribute in this case), but stems instead from a desire to maintain order and stability in
your life.

The Sun resides in this eighth sign of the zodiac from 23 October until 22 November each year. The symbol for
Scorpio is the Scorpion.

Like the other water signs, this sign is very sensitive and emotional. With Scorpio, unlike the water signs Cancer
and Pisces, the emotions remain under rigid control. They may not even be apparent to those who are very close
to you. When your emotions do erupt, they do so very violently, often with a strong burst of sarcasm and

The strength of Scorpio is in the methods employed to meet every challenge. You approach everything with
intensity and passion. Nothing is ever halfway because you put everything you have in your work; mind, heart,
soul. You are one of those people who always gives 100% and sometimes more. Many born under the sign
Scorpio become classic workaholics.

You may have an undesirable trait commonly found in the Scorpio person, holding a grudge for a very long time.
The underside of Scorpio is often possessed with uncontrollable jealousies and the strongest passions. When
offended the reaction is surely revenge. The higher side of Scorpio still dominates people and situations, but with
much for the common good. This sign produces very few lukewarm people. You are either very bad or very good.

In Scorpio, the Sun is intense, skeptical and secretive. There is an intensity and a secretiveness in your makeup
which results in an inscrutable persona most people cannot penetrate. This trait makes the Scorpio personality
hard to detect. You like to remain incognito, and do so with your very secretive nature. You are a master at hiding
your emotions. You neither flinch nor blush. It's hard for you to share your inner feelings with anyone.

You can be very critical and demanding, creating a forceful and dominating demeanor. You are strong-willed and
determined, and you usually act with incisiveness. Your critical nature allows you to make shrewd and unusually
accurate judgments at a rapid rate. You can penetrate the hidden agenda of those you meet. It is in your nature
to protect yourself by knowing what your opponents are thinking and doing. You have uncanny intuition and
accurate perceptions, making you almost psychic in understanding and making emotional connections with other
people. Very few successfully earn your trust. Often, you experience difficulties with the authority figures in your

At home, you may be something of a tyrant, wanting everything done your way. You think you are always right
and won't tolerate dissent. There is a tendency for you to impose your will on friends and family since you feel so
passionately that your ideas are in their best interest. No one takes relationships more serious than you.
Although you are highly attracted to, and attractive to, the opposite sex, in many respects you function well as a
'lone wolf' type.

An Aquarius Moon produces reactions which are progressive, but often erratic. Your friends may consider you
unusual and unpredictable. Your imagination is fertile, and it produces a lot of creative energy.
You sometimes seem eccentric and unconventional in your responses to everyday problems. You're very broad-
minded and imaginative, but you're also likely to be somewhat impractical and perhaps lacking in common sense,
or so it may seem. Actually, you consider all that you do as being on a utilitarian level, even if many of your ideas
are a bit idealistic and outside the mainstream. You have a universal quality that places you ahead of your time.
An interesting conversationalist, you are a fascinating person, and a good friend.
It may be that you enjoy a good confrontation now and then and really don't want things to go too smoothly. A
little on the high-stung side, you don't like things to get to routine and boring. The quickest way to end a
relationship for you is to have the other person begin to take you for granted and cease to challenge you in a
variety of ways. Stubborn, brusque and willful, you have difficulties in your relationships due to the insensitive
attitude you so often reflect towards your partner's feelings. Women born with Moon in Aquarius are very
demanding of a relationship that is entirely "equal". Even during the best of times, you may demand the freedom
to come and go as you please. Possessiveness makes you feel trapped. Casual companions and relationships are
much more comfortable for you because they do not impose so many demands.
Your Aquarius Moon may make you seem to be too impersonal or detached for many with whom you come in
contact. You are good at observing and analyzing others, but you may lack a true understanding of the needs and
feelings that other people have. You are generally friendly to all, but in a rather impersonal, cool, and aloof way.
This position overemphasizes friendliness and humanitarianism, but often misses the mark in one to one
emotional relationships. You may seem cold because you have difficulty understanding the real emotions of
another person.
Moon in Aquarius is apt to have given you a special concern for humankind. Often, the placement denotes
someone who has very fixed and determined humanitarian instincts, and who participates in activities directed
toward the poor or homeless. You relate well to humanity, if not always to individuals.
The physical home is not especially important to you, and you may change your residence often or have rather
unconventional living arrangements. Some may describe your lifestyle as "bohemian," modern or offbeat.

In Scorpio, Mercury produces a mind that is secretive, investigative, and probing. Your method of expression is
positive, and maybe a little intolerant, skeptical, and suspicious. A deep and penetrating thinker, you can dig in to
the core of any issue with little wasted time or effort. You intuitive mind is capable of profound insights.
You are very good at keeping secrets. Plans and schemes are often carried on in secret. You are also very good at
digging out secrets and getting to the bottom of complex issues. Thus, with this placement you may have the
skills to become a detective, an investigator, or a researcher. There is much scientific ability with Mercury in
Scorpio because of the innate curiosity. You are so perceptive that you "know" the unseen weaknesses and
strengths of people with whom you come in contact. You have a way of seeking hidden truths and perhaps the
hidden secrets of life itself.
You can be very incisive with your tongue or with your pen. Often using sharp language, you refuse to mince
words or show much concern for the feelings of others. You either say exactly what you are thinking or you
remain completely silent.
You can be very stubborn in your mental determination and tenacity. Your adaptability is limited in an intellectual
sense because your highly emotional approach often has you prejudiced and focused on a set objective.

If Venus is in Libra in your chart it may give you an innate ability to understand the feelings of others. Venus is at
its best in Libra because this its natural sign. Aesthetic perceptions are at their best. You are a romantic in
thought and action, sometimes leaving practical common sense behind. A romantic setting such as a candlelight
dinner can really get to you. You fall in love easily under such circumstances, and not always with the right
person. You tend to fall in love early and often. You want to be surrounded by beauty and harmony. You are very
refined and quite sociable, and you try to avoid any form of disagreement or discord. You have the ability to put
people at ease and make them feel comfortable and at home. You are truly a charming person, a trait that
attracts many admirers. Indeed, the Libra Venus is the most seductive in the zodiac. This seductiveness is
expressed in most subtle ways; you're never overtly sexual or physical, but usually close to perfect in appearance
and manners. You don't handle conflict situations very well. When you're exposed to conflicts, you may even get
nervously upset. Your feeling are easily hurt, but you don't hold a grudge or try to get even. Close harmonious
relationships are very important for you. To secure these, you go out of your way being considerate, always
trying to please. A happy marriage is a number one priority. You truly enjoy companionship, and you like to
please others. You have the ability to understand the feeling of the other person, especially your partner, and
react in a perfect fashion. You are willing to make nearly any sacrifice for the sake of love and for your
relationship. You are particularly concerned with your personal appearance, and how you partner perceives you
physically. You are totally devoted to your partner, and ever interested in filling every romantic desire.

In Virgo, Mars focuses its energy into the job, and thus, the energies are primarily practical and useful. This
placement will also produce high or at least adequate mental energies, reasonable physical energies, but on the
emotional side, there is a severe limit to the energy and the interest.
As one possessing this placement, you are usually considered a very conscientious worker. Much of your energy
go into careful planning before you charge ahead on any project. When you do act, it's usually based on practical
reasons, with every detail carefully thought out. You are highly critical, and very exacting in all that you do; in
many respects, the perfectionist and the organizer. Painstaking and dedicated in your work, you may lack
imagination and innovation, but never attention to detail. In the work place, you can be a difficult person because
you are so particular about everything being done correctly. But indeed, you are the one that can be depended on
to get the job done right.
Virgo is associated with the health fields. Doctors, surgeons, nurses and social workers often have Mars placed
here. There is much associated with this placement that involves helping people. You may be especially
concerned with helping the sick and handicapped. You need to feel needed, and you can be very tireless in such a
Mars, the indicator of passions, is not very passionate in Virgo. Your sex drive may be strong, but your
willingness to express it can be somewhat weak. Sometimes Mars in Virgo can even be a bit puritanical. You also
may be a little bit afraid of letting your passions loose, and even be critical of those that do.
The negative side of Mars in Virgo may be the sometimes lack of tolerance. It's hard for you to get emotionally
worked up over anything, but you can be very demanding of yourself and others. This placement often holds
force and aggressiveness in check, releasing it as irritability and nervous habits. And finally, you have to be
careful not to become the classic workaholic for this is a real possibility with Mars in Virgo.

Jupiter is in Sagittarius in your chart. This is the natural sign for Jupiter and it generally creates a carefree,
outgoing, optimistic individual. You enjoy making life better for others. You are an outdoors type, fond of sports
and travel. You have a serious interest in matters pertaining to philosophy, religion or significant social issues.
Your approach to life and how you conduct your affairs may be regulated by your strong convictions. You are
likely to want to win over as many converts as you can to your way of thinking or beliefs. You can become very
dogmatic in your views and good at selling them. You will prosper in life, but you spend freely, so you may never
be wealthy.

Saturn in Scorpio adds much purpose and impatience to your nature. You demand much of yourself and of
others. You approach responsibilities with an intensity of purpose that overwhelms people who won't carry their
share of the load. You have terrific willpower and much energy. With your determination, it's hard to remain calm
and reflective. Secretive and unforgiving, you resent it deeply when you are treated unfairly. Despite your strong
drive for success, your approach is usually subtle and calculating.

The Planet URANUS

Uranus transits the zodiac in 84 years, spending about seven years in each of the twelve signs. The
characteristics of each of the outer planets are social rather personal, and you are linked to those contemporaries
born in the same Uranus time span. Its influences appears in the way that the group born during a period display
their rebellious spirit, desire for freedom, and need to effect change as they grow older.

Uranus in Sagittarius
The fire , enthusiasm and challenging needs of this sign are present to a certain extent, and if the individual is
intellectually inclined the planet will add the ability to evolve new concepts. The humanitarian aspects of Uranus
are likely o emerge, as is additional originality—especially if Sagittarius is a dominating sign. The planet will also
be of considerable help to Ariens and Leos, but all those born with it in this sign can make good use of its
positive, enthusiastic, forward thinking traits.

The Planet NEPTUNE

Neptune transits the zodiac in 165 years. Since Neptune requires about fourteen years to pass through each sign,
its sign placement plays an insignificant role in the personality makeup. Nonetheless, the sign in which Neptune
resides may perhaps denote the depth of imagination, the intuitive faculties, and the mystical leanings of a whole
generation of individuals.

Neptune in Sagittarius
There is a sympathy between Neptune and Sagittarius, so the planet should work extremely well for this
generation. Here is Neptune at its most inspirational. Many will develop a truly philosophical attitude and
outlook. There should be the ability to express a very natural sense of social justice, and those who lead this
particular generation should be able to do much for mankind. Their image and overall feel will be very different
indeed from those who have Neptune in Scorpio. The planet will work very well for those with Sagittarius
dominating their charts, and good for Leos and Ariens, making them as enthusiastic as ever, but adding an
element of humility and sensitivity. Geminis and Virgos born during this period may tend to be deceitful or take
the easy way out, but the placing should strengthen Pisceans.

The Planet PLUTO

Pluto orbits the zodiac in 248 years. The time spent in each sign can varies a great deal because of the planets
erratic orbit. Since its stay in the various signs is lengthy and variable, Pluto influences are noticeable only by the
mark on a large generation of people. The key word describing Pluto is revolution, and its movement to new sign
will mean significant societal changes.
Puto in Scorpio
Pluto rules Scorpio. Vital changes are likely to occur as the century ends, and these will be of world-
shattering importance. If they are well directed our planet will survive for generations; if they are not, we
may not survive to care.

Libra rising produces a personality that is naturally diplomatic and sociable. Graciousness, compatibility, and
sociability are your obvious personality traits. This is the sign of the scales of balance and justice. The primary
quality associated with Libra is a strong sense of fair play. You can see both sides of nearly any issue, and there is
always a demand in your nature that justice be served. Perhaps because of this latter trait, an amazing number
of the world's most famous political leaders have had Libra on the rise.
With Libra on the rise, you are good at debate, but you are not likely to be too argumentative. You strive to win
your points in ways that are shrewd and politically careful. Your fixed nature is well hidden by your cooperative

You don't function well in discordant environments as there is an overwhelming need in your nature for harmony.
Neatness and order must be maintained if you are to remain comfortable in any situation. You may constantly
find yourself readjusting to align yourself to the forces around you to get an inner sense of balance. You have
such an even disposition, and so much charm, that you can usually please nearly everyone. You usually try to do
just that. You are one who reacts to others, and you are better suited to making your way by being agreeable
and taking what comes your way almost naturally.

On the negative side of Libra rising is the tendency to maintain the status quo. You want to avoid the disruption
of change and avoid making waves. You may give in sometimes to the temptations of indolence. You may have a
natural tendency to say what you think will please others, rather than what you really feel. The object being to
hide your true feelings for the sake of winning approval and maintaining order and harmony.
Because of your inborn peace-loving and diplomatic tendencies, you are sometimes prone to fail in the primary
job of taking care of number one. You are not very good at aggressively advancing yourself. You need to
concentrate on learning how to stick up for yourself and realize your identity.

Scorpio on the cusp of the second house denotes a tendency toward secretiveness regarding financial affairs. You
may put much intense effort in managing such affairs. You do this in a private way and it's unlikely anyone will
realize much about the situation, whether it is good or bad. Further more, you resent anyone prying into your
business. There is an insecurity here that diminishes sharing tendencies and forces you to try to hold on to what
you have with a tenacity and reserve. Rarely do you fail to get your money's worth. Despite your natural inherent
possessiveness, with Pluto ruling the house of finances, there can be some major ups and downs in your financial

The Capricorn influence in the third house shows your careful expression of thoughts and ideas. You refrain from
writing or saying anything unless there is a reason for doing so. This is why you may have a reputation for being
secretive. Words are usually chosen for maximum affect. Sometimes this results in harsh and exacting speech.
You have little capacity for small talk, and many people may find it difficult to communicate with you. In your
early years, you may not have been very interested in school or you were in some way restricted in your ability to
get an education. Later in life, this changes, and you are apt to turn to studies to attain your ambitions. You take
yourself and life in general very seriously.

The Aquarius influence in the fourth house suggests a strong demand for freedom in the affairs of the home. Your
power drive makes it impossible to tie you down merely to the affairs of home and family. There can be many
domestic upsets associated with this placement. You are likely to find it necessary periodically to change your
address, and you never like the idea of moving. Your home environment is distinctive, perhaps even a bit
unusual. You have many original ideas and want the latest innovations as a part of your lifestyle.

The Pisces influence in the fifth house denotes a sense of frustration associated with creative endeavors,
romances, and with your offspring. You may sometimes be disappointed and disillusioned in these matters. Yet
you have a very strong need to be creative and to leave your mark on the world. You may dream about creating
something so significant that you will be remembered for you efforts long after you're gone. You feel far greater
powers than you can express in this regard. Raising children can be difficult and confusing. Sacrifices for children
are likely to be required.

The Aries influence in the sixth house shows that you are a very hard working member of society. You are single
minded in performing your duties, approaching every assignment with emotional intensity and determination. You
have a tendency to lose yourself in your work. You may run into difficulties with coworkers and employees
because of your critical nature, and because you are far too quick to pass judgment on them. They may complain
because you work them too hard, but you work no one harder than you.

The Aries influence on the seventh house denotes a pairing with someone expressing assertiveness. It's strange
that such an easygoing person is attracted to partners that are energetic, aggressive, sexy, innovative, and
pioneering. It is probably good for you to have the kind of partner that is not deterred by obstacles. Someone to
do the fighting for you. Yet this doesn't mean you are likely to be dominated in the process. When your sense of
justice is offended, you don't take it sitting down. Oddly enough, as much as you love harmony and peace,
conflict may mark many of your relationships, perhaps including your marriage(s). You have a love of peace and
harmony, but when you are crossed, you find a way to get even. You try to rule the roost. To work effectively with
you, one must live up to your expectations and meet you half way.

Taurus influencing the eighth house suggests a good head for business and a sense for sound investments. There
is a tendency to marry for money or security, as well as for love. Cooperation in joint relationships may be lacking
and there is a personal attachment to possessions, instead of a spirit of sharing. There may be ups and downs in
the financial affairs, but eventually matters turn out profitably. Your very pleasant disposition serves you well in
getting what you want out of life.

The Cancer influence on the ninth house denotes strong emotional ties to religious and philosophical beliefs. As
the Moon rules Cancer, the emotional impulses of the Moon are felt in affairs of publicity and promotion, and
personal recognition for you. You will work in a selfless fashion, with as sense of emotional vigor, for causes in
which you believe. You are very adaptable culturally, feeling much at home away from home. You could adjust
easily to life in a foreign country. You react intuitively to all people and cultures.

The Leo influence in the tenth house denotes strong professional ambitions. You take pride in your standing in the
world. The Sun rules Leo, and when the Sun has dominance on the Midheaven (tenth house), the ego, executive
ability, and leadership potential are all emphasized. Public recognition is all important and you must be sure the
ego does not get out of hand. If you maintain a proper perspective, you are likely to get a position of leadership
and authority, and be admired for your accomplishments. You are happiest running your own business. If this is
not possible, you still want to be the one in charge. You are not as effective working as a member of a group. You
have wonderful organizing skills, but at times you need to be more persuasive and not so demanding. Learning to
understand others and bringing out the best they have to offer is a task you'll face often.

The Virgo influence in the eleventh house suggests a readiness to serve close friends. Despite a certain aloofness,
you work especially hard for the welfare of companions. You can be content to defer to the will of the majority in
groups in which you function. You're never altogether comfortable in a crowd, and you don't crave a wide circle of
friends. At times, you can be sharply critical of your associates.

The Libra influence in the twelfth house suggests that much of the time you are a loner with some apprehensions
regarding reliance on others. Your partnership arrangements, including the marriage, may be fated in some way.
For no discernible reason, acting in collaboration with others, rarely works out well for you. The necessary lesson
in this house is cooperation and the development of a more outgoing personality.
First House
The Sun in the first house takes on a strong identification with your Ascendant, and produces an individual that is
very true to the nature of this sign. The Sun here provides a strong sense of identity, abundant vitality, and
personal confidence. A first house Sun produces much initiative, self-assurance, and leadership skills that might
not be otherwise reflected in the chart. You are a more spontaneous and outgoing person than your signs may
generally suggest, because you are such a "together" person. You have a determination to make something of
yourself. You aren't easily swayed by the opinions or desires of others, having your own clear view of goals. The
radiance of the Sun in first house usually produces abundant energy and excellent recuperative powers which
help you overcome physical ailments that may come along. In the first house, the Sun gives you a sense of
yourself that makes it important to feel that you are important, and in general, a person of significant distinction.
The nature of the Sun in the first house produces optimism and gives you a very "sunny" disposition.

Fourth house
The Moon in the fourth house produces strong ties to the home, to include not only where you now call home, but
more generally, the early life home, the homeland, nature and the outdoors. You may have a strong need to feel
a sense of continuity with the good things from the past. There is potential interest in antiques, old houses and
genealogy. Parental influences are, or may have been, very strong. The position reflects a side of your nature
which wishes to be insulated from reality, and one that has very strong subjective tendencies and even
insecurities. You have a very definite need for stable and dependable personal roots.

Second House
Mercury residing in the second house produces an association with the house of personal finances and
possessions. This placement generates money making ideas, and you are a person who is very value conscious.
You are a quick thinker in financial transactions or in sales. The mind concentrates on commercial affairs, and it is
centered on making money. This is a good position for economists, corporate planners, salespeople, writers with
mass appeal, and professions involving communications. Values are often more material than intellectual. You
may a special gift for making money by teaching or in some way communicating money-making ideas to others.

Eleventh House
Venus in the eleventh house suggests success is gotten though the benefits gained by association with friends
and social contacts. Socially, you are generally successful, with the knack for putting guests at ease, the tact in
catering to diverse needs and the development of group activities. Most of your goals in life will be achieved
because of a natural talent for operating effectively within a social order. Many of your friends may possess
artistic talents.
Twelfth House
This placement shows a love of secretiveness and solitude. You have this introspective side, and need a certain
amount of time to yourself. You are somewhat socially shy, causing a degree of loneliness or perhaps romantic
frustration. Your emotions are subconsciously controlled, but very strong. This position usually produces a
significant degree of compassion for the downtrodden or any of the less fortunate.

Eleventh House
The Mars eleventh house placement indicates energies aimed toward your favorite cause. You may be a champion
of the little people, and excel in arousing groups of people to a worthy project. You are an organizer or at least an
initiator of action, and perhaps even a militant demonstrator. While no one in a group will work harder than you,
sometimes you can be a disruptive force because of your independent attitude.

Second House
Jupiter in the second house playing an important part shaping your attitudes toward money, material issues, and
your sense of worth. Anyway, you are a fortunate person regarding money and property. This placement can have
a negative side in that you may spend about as freely as you earn, and you may have a tendency to overextend
yourself in a financial sense. Self-doubts that may be expressed elsewhere in the chart, evaporate when it comes
to making and spending money.

First House
Saturn is positioned in your first house, so it too becomes an important element of your personality. This
placement suggests a conservative slant in your personality. You project a certain stiffness, seriousness, and
determination reflected in your presentation of yourself to the world. You can become somewhat of a law unto
oneself, trying to dominate others with whom you come in contact. Your disposition is serious and resolute
making it hard for you ever to relax and have a good time. You are highly self-disciplined, but prone to
depression at times. You have to deal with a very sharp conflict in your nature imposed by Saturn, as your
demeanor can be a cover up for a shyness or an inferiority complex. Your personality is more restricted than may
have been suggested by the Rising sign or by the Sun and Moon placements. This planet adds much stability to
your nature, a serious side, if you will. A solid sense of self-worth may be slow to develop.

Second House
Uranus resides in the second house denoting erratic behavior in this house of material affairs. This placement
often shows recurring unforeseen circumstances upsetting financial affairs. You'll experience ups and downs in
money conditions. A need for independence, in a financial sense, may prompt you to go into business for
yourself. Whether you do or not, your income is not likely to be fixed and stable.

Second House
Neptune residing in the second house imposes an influence upon material affairs in your life. Self-deception often
influences spending and the result may be over extension of finances. You may experience losses due to poor
judgment and carelessness with your money. The slightest compromise with the truth can cause you much
difficulty in money matters. Beware of get rich quick schemes that seem too good to be true; they probably are.

First House
Pluto positioned in first house results in an increased intensity to the personality and a more powerful will. Your
personality is magnetic, and you often crave power, as the ego is very strong. You may have an expanded sense
of initiative, but find it more difficult to work with people than your Ascendant suggested. This is because of the
powerful and dominating tendencies in your nature. There is also a mystery here, as you are a difficult person to
get to know. Conformity is never easy for you.

Sun conjunct Mercury
The conjunction of the Sun and Mercury produces a sound mentality. You handle stress well. Yet you may think of
yourself as a nervous person, and you may be. You have fixed opinions, although these may or may not be freely
expressed depending on other factors in the chart. The thinking is much in harmony with the individuality
expressed by the Sun. It's hard for you to view yourself objectively, or as others see you. Usually much mental
energy is shown by this placement.

Sun square Moon

The square formed between the Sun and Moon shows conflict in certain aspects of the life. Self-expression is
blocked by emotional hangups or habit patterns that may be inherited or conditioned by past events. Family and
domestic affairs keep you from developing the way you would like. The conditions in your early family
environment may have caused difficulties in understanding and getting along with the opposite sex. In these
relationships you can be too argumentative and defensive. You may need to get the chip off your shoulder
sometimes. This aspect suggests a conflict between the ego and the emotions. There is a presence of tension
between your outer and inner self.

(also, Sun semi-sextile Mars)

Moon square Mercury
The square formed between the Moon and Mercury suggests conflict between your mind and your emotions. You
have difficulties making reasonable judgments because your feelings get in the way. Irrational decisions place you
at odds with people sometimes, and you have the feeling that you're being treated unfairly when this may not be
the case. You dwell on trivial personal matters and may have a real sense of insecurity. You can communicate
well with those that are very close to you. Yet your peer group outside the family can be a problem with which
you must deal before you can achieve success. Avoid the tendency to discredit the ideas of others when they
disagree with your ideas or challenge you. Try to evaluate the ideas of others in an objective and quiet manner.

Moon trine Saturn

The trine between the Moon and Saturn shows that early upbringing and experiences have given you a prudent
and common sense approach to life. Honesty runs strong in your nature. A sense of responsibility and of carrying
out obligations are characteristic of this placement. You can develop a very good business sense. You have a firm
understanding that personal effort and patience are the ingredients necessary for long-range achievements. You
may not develop a large circle of friends unless other ingredients in your chart suggest a social attitude. Yet those
friends you do make are very durable and lasting. Personal dignity and a sense of responsibility are very strong in
your outlook and in your actions.

Moon trine Pluto

The favorable aspect formed between the Moon and Pluto strengthens your will to handle emotional problems in
your life. This aspect provides you the talent to improve domestic and business matters by uncluttering your life.
You're able to relinquish old emotional habits. You know your capabilities and you know your limits. You can
neither be forced into doing what you don't wish to do, nor deterred from gaining your intended objectives. You
are well respected because of your character and your ability to hold important issues in confidence when this is
required of you. You have much energy which is well regulated and controlled.

Moon square Uranus

The square formed between the Moon and Uranus promises an ingenious imagination. It also produces emotional
perversity and sudden inexplicable changes in moods. You become easily bored, throwing over one activity for
something else more exciting. Frequent upsets and changes in circumstances, may be the order of your life. Your
hair-trigger temper can fly whenever, even toward those close to you. This aspect denotes much emotional
tension. As you mature, this aspect may mark you as an advanced thinker, but one likely to remain a law unto
self. Tact is something you have to learn to fit more comfortable into society. Your uncompromising honesty and
painfully truthful criticisms can make life difficult at times.

Moon sextile Neptune

The sextile aspect between the Moon and Neptune shows such a vivid imagination that you may possess psychic
potentials. Your hunches, that are often accurate, may stem from an unconscious prompting connected to this
placement. Your keen emotional sensitivities forms empathy with others. There is a tendency to idealize and
sometimes fool yourself, confusing the real and the imagined.

Mercury sextile Venus
The sextile formed between Mercury and Venus shows grace and skill in your speech and writing. Often this
aspect shows talent in a literary sense or in composing music. You know how to express your opinions with skill
and color, and without being argumentative. You are refined in your presentations and you usually see to it that
your position is well documented and tactfully delivered. Your personality is more easygoing than other factors in
your horoscope may suggest.

Mercury sextile Mars

The sextile formed between Mercury and Mars gives mental energy and a sharp intellect. You are good at
strategy and probably enjoy games requiring mental skill, such as bridge and chess. You are likely also to have
very good math skills. You plan your actions carefully and completely, and because of this you usually get the job
done right. There is a decisiveness to your nature. You say what you mean and mean what you say.

Mercury conjunct Uranus

The conjunction of Mercury and Uranus shows that you are bright, curious, articulate, and intuitive. You're easily
excited, and your mind races to answer questions that arise. Your mind probably developed early by taking your
toys apart to see what made them work. Electronic communication is especially fascinating to you. You are very
futuristic in your thinking, rarely worrying about or dwelling on the past.

Venus conjunct Mars
The conjunction between Venus and Mars shows a strong desire nature needing expression. You are the
aggressor in relationships with the opposite sex, and you are ever eager and aggressive in making social
contacts, as well. Artistic endeavors may be an active outlet for your hyperactive nature.

Venus sextile Uranus

The sextile formed between Venus and Uranus is very helpful to you as it bestows a cleverness in social dealings.
You are sufficiently aware of others to compromise in deference to their desires. You don't threaten people and
put them on the defensive. Romantic relations spring up suddenly and a decision to marry may be made with
surprising haste. You value your freedom but you never impose on the rights or freedom of others. This is a
major asset to you in all relationships including your marriage.

Venus square Neptune

Venus is square Neptune in your horoscope. This aspect may show subconscious difficulties in close interpersonal
relationships. It's hard for you to maintain close relationships because of defense mechanisms that go up when
you sense that you are being challenged. Rose-colored glasses or blinders may affect your judgment in matters of
the heart, and perhaps also to your financial affairs, as well. You are likely to be shy and retiring with the
opposite sex, at least more so than shown by other indicators in your chart. Often this aspect shows a lack of
direct or a degree of dishonesty or subterfuge associated in marital affairs.

The square between Mars and Neptune suggests that your natural tendencies to assert yourself may cause
confusion and turmoil in your life. You may experience ups and downs in your feelings and ambitions. Vague or
subconscious reasons prompting you to act may conflict with your sensitive feelings. This aspect stimulates
interest in spiritual issues and produces a degree of psychic energy, even spiritual delusion. It's often associated
with sexual anxieties, repressed sexual urges, or some degree of deception associated with sexual affairs. This
aspect is one that suggests you may do best when you are alone. You should perhaps work by yourself or with as
few people as possible. Preferably, you should work in a field such as medicine where you can satisfy a need to
provide human service and remain detached. Develop your abilities to plan and control, and be more willing to
accept responsibility when something goes wrong.

Jupiter conjunct Uranus
The conjunction of Jupiter with Uranus produces a good deal of restlessness in your nature. You dislike
restrictions and like to be the one in charge. You are an organizer, a planner and a doer, and you do especially
well when assigned to handle a big project. Your plans have a solid touch of idealism attached. Your basically very
lucky, and you usually get full credit for what you do. Sudden and unexpected gains are frequently a product of
this aspect.