5 Priesthood

The Priesthood

MATERIALS NEEDED: Flashlight with working batteries (Take the batteries out of your ashlight before starting the lesson, but keep them nearby) Show children the ashlight. - What is this ash light used for? (to show us the way, protect us, help us know what's ahead of us, etc.) Have a child try to turn the ashlight on. When it doesn't come on, examine it and eventually nd out that there are no batteries. - The ashlight isn't working because it needs power. Produce the batteries. Place them in the ashlight and have a child turn it on. Explain that now that the ashlight has power, we can use it guide and protect us. Heavenly Father has great power. He wants to use it to guide and protect us, to show us the way and to make our lives better. The batteries in this ashlight are like the power of God. They are like his power. But we also need a ashlight, something he can give his power to to use for good. The power of God is called the PRIESTHOOD. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ give the priesthood to worthy men in the Church. When these men are directed by Heavenly Father, they can use the priesthood to help us and bless us. The Priesthood is a power that can only be used to help others and make them happy. SHOW PICTURE OF JOHN THE BAPTIST BAPTISING JESUS John the Baptist had the Priesthood. That is why Jesus went to him to be baptized. SHOW PICTURE OF JOSEPH SMITH GETTING THE PRIESTHOOD When the Church of Jesus Christ was being restored on the earth by Joseph Smith, the same John the Baptist gave Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdry the Priesthood Power. The Melchizedek Priesthood was also restored to Joseph Smith. With the Priesthood worthy men can use it to do many great things. Baptized and Con rm, heal the sick, marry families for eternity in the Temple, give special father's blessings, blessing a baby, blessing the sacrament and many other great things. The Priesthood is a wonderful gift from God and one that can bless the lives of everyone. Bear your testimony about the Priesthood. Share an experience when the priesthood enriched your life and/or showed you the way to go. Bear testimony that the Priesthood is restored within the LDS church. ACTIVITY: Priesthood Bitty Books Treat: Popcorn to munch on while coloring Bitty Books

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