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The following is an interview with Linda Duffy, editor and general manager of La Crosse Magazine: What is the nature of the content of this magazine? La Crosse Magazine features stories that highlight the issues, organizations, events, and individuals who live and work in La Crosse and the surrounding communities. What are your primary job duties? As the editor, I plan the production schedule for each year and work with the editorial staff to plan the stories. For each issue, I assign stories to writers, edit the stories, and work with the creative director to obtain artwork for the stories. I also edit all of the advertisements and help coordinate the completion of each issue. As General Manager, I also work with the sales department to ensure deadlines are met and production stays on schedule. How long have you worked for the magazine? I was hired on August 3, 2007. What inspired you to take this job? The opportunity to be a part of a community-oriented magazine was very appealing to me. What do you enjoy most about your job? I enjoy learning about the difference that individuals and organizations are making in our community--and then sharing that information with others. Bringing others' stories to life is so fulfilling. unication-technology/magazine-editor/ tion/Public_Relations/Magazine_Editor.html net=27-3041.00 azine_features_editor_job_description.jsp

Magazine Editor Career Report

By Robert Bialecki

Experience and Skills
At least a Bachelor’s degree in either English or journalism A strong background in liberal arts A broad range of knowledge and the ability to keep up with current events Advanced computer skills A good grasp on language and grammar High school and college experience in journalism

Job Duties
The job duties of a magazine editor will vary based on the size of the publication and the nature of the publication’s content. The following are duties that one may expect to have as a magazine editor: overseeing the layout, appearance and content of feature articles generating ideas for features with writing staff commissioning articles from freelance and in-house writers managing writing staff and freelance feature writers editing and re-writing articles, some of which may be rejected or returned to the writer for revision

overseeing artwork, design and photography for the features section of the magazine attending photo-shoots organizing meetings with writers and artists to discuss ideas for artwork, layout and features negotiating payments with freelance writers dealing with legal matters selecting feature articles for each issue sending out briefs to writers which can include word count, deadline, fee and writing style proofreading all pages before going to press raising the profile of the magazine networking with others at industry events assisting other staff to meet their deadlines

Working Conditions
The editorial offices of magazines can be very busy places. The pressures of the job are great, and tension increases with the approach of each deadline. Magazine editors work with many different kinds of people and must coordinate the efforts of writers, photographers, and other editors. The job also carries responsibility—not just to the magazine but also to the reading public. Each fact must be carefully checked before publication. Editors usually work a fortyhour week; however, as deadlines approach or during very busy times, overtime and weekend work are often required.

The typical average salary of an experienced magazine editor is about $46,800 per year. Starting salaries pay an average of about $38,200 per year. A 2004 study indicated that magazine editors earned a median yearly income of $43,620. Higher ranking editors earned much more.

Job Outlook
Currently, the job outlook for magazine editors is good. Most of the larger magazine companies are located in California and New York, but magazine editing jobs for smaller companies are everywhere. The rise in online publications is resulting in more opportunities for people who are pursuing a career as a magazine editor.