Guru Deva Datta Meditation Technique (Developed by Surya Prakash Kanakapally) I have developed this technique for people

who are familiar with the Guru Deva D atta. He is revered in his various incarnations in different parts of the world. He is normally depicted or seen with three heads & six hands. The three heads c orrespond to the Creation, Preservation & the Dissolution of the worlds. The Six hands correspond to the six functions of the Omnipotent god. My meditation technique relies on taking the external concept of Guru Deva Datta & internalizing it. The meditation when done right will lead to holistic healin g & spiritual upliftment.

To begin with you must be comfortable with the philosophy & ideology that surrou nds Guru Deva Datta. To accomplish this I highly recommend you read the â Guru Charit hraâ book or â Guru GItaâ . These texts have concepts to imbibe about Guru Deva Datta & ru (Spiritual Master) in general. Once you have read up on Guru Deva Datta & com fortable with the ideology you are ready to start meditation. Sit in a comfortable position with your legs crossed & spine erect. If you do a sedentary job i.e. work sitting in a chair all day. Then I recommend not the sit ting position. Instead I recommend a standing erect position or lying on flat gr ound. Remember to hold the spine straight which will come with practice. To start off start breathing slowly & deeply. Now think about the Creation, Pres ervation & Dissolution of the worlds or the Universe. Repeat this visualization for atleast 20 times. Slowly move to next phase, Say to yourself that the essenc e of the Universe is within you & that the Microcosm (You, Your Mind & Your Body ) are a reflection of the Macrocosrm (Universe) . Repeat this affirmation atleas t 10 times. Start by visualizing the body as a whole & visualize the body as a whole being i n Creation, Preservation & Dissolution i.e. imagining it to be created, preserve d & dissolved endlessly with the grace of Guru Deva Datta. Now focus on individual body parts or all the cells of the body being constantly in Creation, Preservation & Dissolution with the grace of Guru Deva Datta. If there is a special requirement like a body part that needs healing, you must now focus on that part & imagine that it is healing with the grace of Guru Deva Datta. When done right you will reach the highest levels of internal focus & Samadhi ( trance). Slowly open your eyes & sit there for 3 to 5 minutes & continue visualizing. Mak e an affirmation to hold this mental image always. Get up slowly & walk for coup le of minutes to regain normalcy. Thus concludes this wonderful meditation technique. Note : Try to keep a gentle smile on your face during the meditation.