Lesson Planning Waynesburg University Writing the lesson plan: Translating thoughts into a plan of action _____________________________________________

Pennsylvania Academic Standard(s) addressed during this lesson: (Provide Standard number and statement)

R11.A.1.4.1: Identify and/or explains stated or implied main ideas and relevant supporting details from text.

R11.A.2.3.1: Make inferences and/or draw conclusions based on information from text.

Lesson Objective(s) (Stated in observable and measurable terms) Following the reading of Tuesdays with Morrie, the student will be able to identify the plot and main ideas of the novel by completing a Prezi. Assessment Plan (What will be done to determine if lesson objectives have been met?) The students will be assessed with a teacher-made rubric displaying the plot structure of Tuesdays with Morrie. Materials: Computer Tuesdays with Morrie novel Access to Prezi Plot map organizer Inclusion Techniques for Students with Special Needs: Students may need step-by-step directions for this assignment. They will also be provided with a checklist to review the directions. If needed, they will be given extended time. Enrichment Techniques: Students will be given the opportunity to connect their community services projects to the novel that they have just read.

Lesson Differentiation (What modifications/accommodations will be made to ensure that ALL students have access to and are able to participate in the lesson): Struggling students will work in pairs to complete the plot structure map.

Lesson Presentation
Introduction/Motivational Activities/Anticipatory Set: Teacher will display a Prezi presentation on the previous novel that the students have read which reviews the plot structure of the novel.

Detailed Teaching Sequence: (Provide sufficient detail that would enable a substitute to effectively present this lesson. Bulleted statements are preferred) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Following anticipatory set, the students will be instructed to complete a plot structure map of the novel. Teacher will review each part of the plot structure map. Students will be given 20 minutes to complete the map. Teacher will instruct how to access Prezi before going to the computer lab. Teacher will hand out rubric reviewing what the students will be graded on. Students take their materials (novel, plot map) to computer lab as a class. They will have the second half of the TAG class to complete a Prezi. Prezi is due at the end of class.

Guided Practice/Independent Practice/Assessment Activities Students will be assessed with teacher-made rubric during their presentations in class on Friday.

Closure: After completing the plot map, review main events to assure students understand the events and main ideas of the novel.