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October 20, 2011
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What’s Coming Up Country Profile for Australia Country Profile for the UK Country Profile for Canada Country Profile for the USA Visiting Universities


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What’s Coming Up
OCSC International Education Expo

October 29-30
60+ UK universities 30+ Australian Universities 30+ US Universities

France, China, India, Ireland, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand , Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Netherlands, Canada, Germany and Japan

Universities from:
Expiration Date:

Tel: 555 555 5555
Expiration Date:

Expiration Date:




These are links to online research tools for universities around the world: Worldwide UK North-America Australia
Gather as much information as possible about universities – keep a record of what you learn.

Continue working on the UniQuest assignment. Remember that the deadline is December 2nd. You should spend around 5 hours on this assignment.

Country Profile for Australia
Points to ponder:
Based on material provided by Jeffrey Smart, Manager Recruitment Services, Monash International, Monash University

Australian universities operate separate admissions procedures for domestic and international students.  Many Australian universities have intakes in both semester 1 (March) and semester 2 (July), however semester 2 entry can be limited at some institutions and for particular courses, and even for some categories of student  Faculty Admissions Committees often set specific subject requirements and selection procedures relating to particular degree courses.  You may direct entry to Law or Medicine  Standard university degree is 3 years! (note it may be 4 at some)  Although some courses at some institutions operate strict quotas (and particular application procedures will apply) most courses operate on a ―rolling‖ admissions basis in that selection decisions are made as applications from international students are received. Note: Major changes are underway in some Australian universities so certain traditions may change.

General requirements:
Diploma: Prefer IB diploma. You can always do a foundation year. Testing: IB! Plus Law and Medicine: Language proficiency: Prefer the IELTS, but may take TOEFL

Research tools:
Searchable databases

Notes for citizens:
Domestic students are those who hold citizenship or permanent residency of Australia or citizenship of New Zealand. Cheaper tuition fees.

Notes for non-citizens:
For information about Australian government requirements see Student Visas:

Australian citizens
Australian citizens and permanent residents applying for Australian university courses are required to apply through the tertiary admissions centre in the state in which they plan to study (for example, the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre). International students:

Continue reviewing the list of visiting universities on Naviance, and plan to meet with many of them. The university list is also attached to this newsletter. Please note that the list on Naviance will be updated as we get more visits confirmed.

Country Profile for the UK

Points to ponder:
 You MUST first know what you’d like to study.  Make sure that you have completed the Naviance Personality Tests and to make sure
your interests and your course choice match!  Spend a good deal of time checking out selected schools and deciding what you want and what you don’t want  You may direct entry to Law or Medicine  Standard university degree is 3 years!

General requirements:

Prefer IB diploma. You can always do a foundation year. Testing: IB! And for Law ( or Medicine ( Language proficiency: IELTS and TOEFL

 Brand new very powerful:  compare UCAS points and other information for different subjects and higher education institutions  find out the achievements of recent students and discover what sort of jobs they are doing six months after finishing  read what over 177,000 students felt about the quality of their higher education experience.

Do you want a really in-depth look at UK institutions? Try:

1. 2. 3. 4.,,716,00.html

Note: Oxford, Cambridge, all Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science must apply by October 15 through UCAS. Furthermore: Oxford and Cambridge require their own application by September 20th. They will also require interviews and their own tests.

Testing Many programs may require special testing: See

Planning on studying Medicine? is an excellent resource for finding out how many spaces are available at a university for international and UK students, as well as the key requirements. Wikipedia provides and excellent overview of the UK medical school teaching methodologies Medical_school_in_the_United_Kingdom Notes for citizens: Fee structures and aid are changing. Notes for non-citizens: EU may be eligible for special (reduced) fees. Student Visas: Research tools: One stop shopping: Information:

Country Profile for Canada
Points to ponder:
 Canada is considered one of the best places to live in the world.  Canadian education is a very good value.  The second largest country, with six time zones, don’t plan a road-trip without bringing lots of food.  Although officially bilingual (French and English), you may well hear Cantonese in Vancouver, or Italian in Toronto. Of course some universities will really let you build on your French language skills if you want. You can get a work permit off campus and you can also stay up to two years after you graduate and work in a field related to your study. General requirements: Will accept IB diploma. Testing: IB—SAT optional Language proficiency—TOEFL or IELTS
Research tools: Searchable databases:

Opinions  Pretty cool interactive ranking:  With dozens of variables you can measure Notes for citizens: Canada is considerable cheaper for citizens plus it may provide financial aid:

Notes for non-citizens: Student Visas: Financial aid/Scholarships: For Canadian Financial Aid: US citizens could potentially use FAFSA funding.

Next NIST College Counseling News will be in your inbox on Thursday November 24. Kind regards, The Secondary Counselors

Country Profile for the USA
Points to ponder:
 First you must answer a few very simple questions about the universities you are considering and you
must know yourself and your wishes thoroughly! (make sure you have completed the Personality tests on Naviance as well as True Colors. With over 4000 universities in the US – there are at least 5 to 7 that will be good matches for you… - Geographically where do you want to go to school? - How big of a school would you like to attend? - City / urban / rural / suburban population? - Do you want a specialized school (art/music/business)? - How much time do you want to spend studying, and how much time do you want to spend socializing? - What is your IB score / what is your SAT scores?  After answering the questions, you have a number of places to go to start your search. Many of these resources have been shared in previous issues of the College News Letter, and they are in your Uniquest Assignment as well. See below for a selection of resources (Just follow the link).  Browse school’s websites: (

General requirements: Diploma: IB Diploma. You may earn credit for IB courses taken in high school.
Testing: Many will want either the ACT or SAT. More Selective colleges will also require SAT Subject tests. We recommend taking the SAT for the first time in May or June of Year 12 List of colleges requiring SAT Subject Tests: admissions_req_subjects.aspx Language proficiency: Must demonstrate Language proficiency. TOEFL and IELTS will do.

Searchable databases:
-Naviance: -Student opinions done right: -CollegeBoard has a good college comparison tool -Best 331 Colleges (just take out the ―best‖ and this is a great site) college/research/rankings/rankings.asp?rankings=0&menuID=0&search=0 Very nice profiles at:


Notes for citizens:

Check out the College Prowler Fiske Guide to Colleges offer in depth profiles. Many more in the book shelves in the college library. About the process: Campus tours: Message boards at or may be helpful.

You may be eligible for in-state tuition at public universities if you can demonstrate residency. See:

Notes for non-citizens:  Do not focus on the rank of a university. Focus on what it can offer you.  Although the sticker price may shock you, some may offer you scholarships if financing is an issue. See
your counselor. Financial aid/Scholarships:

Most colleges will require:  An application and fee—An Essay—Two teacher recommendations—One Counselor recommendation  Why you want to go to that college—SAT results—TOEFL Results

Visiting Universities October 20- November 24, 2011 October 2011
Name of University
Michigan State University Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)

Date of Visit
Monday, October 31 Monday, October 31

Location of Universities
MI, USA Singapore

Name of Universities Representative
Anne Schnelier Ms. Julie/K. Ponpat (Patsy)

Time of Visit
10:45-11:35 10:45-11:35

College Career Library College Career Library


November 2011
Name of University
University of Nottingham, Ningbo Yongsei University Queen Mary, University of London Macquarie University Nagoya University (for students) Nagoya University (for parents) Bond University University of Hong Kong

Date of Visit
Tuesday, November 1 Tuesday, November 1 Wednesday, November 2 Wednesday, November 2 Friday, November 4 Friday, November 4 Wednesday, November 9 Thursday, November 24

Location of Universities
China Korea UK Australia Japan Japan Australia Hong Kong

Name of Universities Representative
Viola Hannah Chung Lee Wildman Natalie Harriet Harriet Ben Mack Lee Ling

Time of Visit
10:45-11:35 10:45-11:35 10:45-11:35 10:45-11:35 10:45-11:35 11:35-12:15 10:45-11:35 10:45-11:35

College Career Library College Career Library College Career Library College Career Library College Career Library College Career Library College Career Library College Career Library


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