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Directions 1. Place the elves facing each other at the end of the number line. 2. To begin playing, say: I’m thinking of a number between 10 and 25. Children take turns guessing. If the number is too large, reply, Your number is too large, and move the right-hand elf to cover that number. If the number is too small, say: Your number is too small, and move the left-hand elf to cover that number. 3. Continue with guesses until the correct number has been “squeezed” between the two elves. The child who guesses the correct answer thinks of the next number and whispers it to you. That child then responds to each guess with “too large” or “too small” and with your help if necessary, moves the elves. As children become familiar with the game, they will be able to move the elves, as well as respond without assistance.

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