Configurando Tuneles L2TP.

Febrero 17, 2002 Hemos leido en alguno de nuestros foros, solicitudes sobre, cómo configurar los túneles en los routers Cisco. A continuación os mostramos un ejemplo. Sigue leyendo …
Configuring a Cisco Router to Support Encryption for L2TP Tunnels Cisco routers support encryption for both PPTP and L2TP tunnels. However, to configure encryption for an L2TP tunnel you must first modify the router’s default configuration settings. To configure Cisco router settings to support encryption for an L2TP tunnel, perform the following steps: 1 In Cisco router configuration mode, enter the following commands to configure tunnel authentication: aaa authentication login cisco local aaa authentication ppp default local aaa authorization network default local username password 2 In Cisco router configuration mode, enter the following commands to configure the router as an L2TP server: vpdn-group 1 accept-dialin protocol l2tp virtual-template 25 terminate-from hostname OfficeConnect local name c7200 no l2tp tunnel authentication source-ip 3 In Cisco router configuration mode, enter the following commands to configure the private network (LAN) interface: interface Ethernet1/2 ip address no ip mroute-cache 4 Before establishing the L2TP tunnel, you must first establish an ATM link between the OCR 812 and the Cisco router. To establish an ATM link, install an ATM interface card in the router and configure the card using the commands specified in step b. a To install an ATM interface card in your Cisco router, please refer to the instructions provided by your interface card manufacturer. b To configure an installed ATM interface card, enter the following commands: interface atm 2/0 atm scrambling cell-payload atm framing cbitplcp interface ATM2/0.13148 multipoint ip address ip mask-reply ip rip send version 2 ip rip receive version 2 map-group cpmtn atm pvc 648 13 148 aal5snap

3.3 192. Debugging an L2TP Tunnel on a Cisco Router If your L2TP tunnel has not been successfully established.200.168. use the following debug commands to identify and correct the problem(s) you are experiencing: Debug vpdn command: Parameter Used to Debug error VPDN Protocol errors event VPDN event l2tp-sequencing L2TP sequencing l2x-data L2F/L2TP data packets l2x-errors L2F/L2TP protocol errors l2x-events L2F/L2TP protocol events l2x-packets L2F/L2TP control packets Debug ppp command: Parameter Used to Debug authentication CHAP and PAP authentication bap BAP protocol transactions cbcp Callback Control Protocol negotiation compression PPP compression error Protocol errors and error statistics multilink Multilink activity negotiation Protocol parameter negotiation packet Low-level PPP packet dump tasks PPP background tasks .2 atm-vc 618 broadcast 5 Once the L2TP tunnel has been established (and authentication has been successful). or if it is not operating as expected. the following Virtual Template will assign an IP address for the defined L2TP pool: interface Virtual-Template25 ip unnumbered ATM2/0.172. your L2TP tunnel should be fully operational and ready for use.53103 ip mroute-cache peer default ip address pool L2TP ppp authentication pap 6 Ensure RIP and IP Pool configuration parameters are set to the following values: RIP Configuration router rip ver 2 network 192.180.0 IP Pool for L2TP Tunnel ip local pool L2TP cpmtn ip 192.200.10 At this point.168.

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