December 11, 2011

Volume 11, Number 50

For the Cause
“Your servant will go and fight with this Philistine." - 1 Samuel 17:32 People will risk their lives for some of the strangest reasons. At least it seems so to me. Young guys are ready to undertake just about any ―daring-do‖ in order to prove their ―manhood‖. When armies go to war, soldiers know that some of them will not come home alive. We read of conflicts in the Bible in which tens of thousands of people died. In the company of other soldiers, brave warriors will take to the field, disregarding the thought of death. Every effort is given to the defeat and even the destruction of the enemy. No soldier can bear the idea of being known as a coward. Death is more desirable that cowardice. Soldiers live with a hero’s view of death. The soldiers of Israel were in fear. No soldier was willing to go into the battle. In their eyes, it would be a definite and senseless loss. It would be a suicidal effort. It would be death. No man would fight. It was not an army or a battle they feared. It was one man. It was personal. If they chose to fight, it would be without the company of others. If there had been such a soldier, he would have had to fight and die alone. The young shepherd came to the battle lines. He had been sent with supplies for the army. He was not intended for the fight. He was not sent to die in a battle. Still, he made his way to the conflict. The heart of a warrior drove his life. There was no fear. There was no need for an army. At the challenge of the fear-inducing enemy, he was ready. No king, no commander, no seasoned soldier was willing. Still, he was more than willing. David would stand alone; it would appear. Though, he knew that God was with him, it was still the courage of one man going where others would not go. Confronted by the courage, faith, and skill of the young shepherd the giant fell, and others ran to battle toward victory. Perhaps death is not so much what we fear. Maybe we struggle more with being engaged alone. Like David, we too must know that we are not really alone. Take the courage to stand. Others will too. Russ
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The Sentinel — December 11, 2011

Keep These In Prayer
 Glen Martin—is

Take Note
Ministry Intern — Beginning on January 11, 2012. Caleb Eggleston will be working with us as a ministry intern. Caleb is a student at Oklahoma Christian. He will be with us to train in several areas of ministry, including working with our young people. His work will be overseen by the elders and he will be mentored by Russ. This will be a situation that will be a blessing to both the congregation and to Caleb. We will post more information about him in the coming weeks. The Question—The deacons have asked that we each take one of the question and suggestion sheets, put our thought on it, and drop it in the box on the foyer table. If you have questions, ask any of the deacons. Sermon Suggestions: Sermon requests are welcomed. If you have one, please give it to Russ. He will address it as soon as he can. Brother’s Keeper Brother’s Keeper Groups 1 & 4 will meet at the Dyer’s house December 17 at 5 P.M. Brother’s Keeper Group 3 will meet on December 16 at 6:30 p.m. at the Phillips home, please RSVP – sign-up sheet on bulletin board. Food will be provided and for those that will be attending, please bring a wrapped gift (limit $10).

at Parkway for rehab.  LaQueta Nelson will not be having surgery at this time, but will go back for reevaluation later next year.  Don Fleming - is seeing improvement and thankful for our prayers.  Shellie, Sherri Weingartner’s daughter - difficulties in pregnancy.  Chuck Cox’s dad, Albert Cox has stomach cancer.  Riley Baldwin will have more surgery soon.  Shelly Vang—is now in therapy at Jim Thorpe.  Janice Parker, mother-in-law of Jennifer (Fleming) Parker is now home. Homebound or Limited: Jean Christian — Edith Skaggs; Lorella Wilson

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Bernard Floranda — Barry Adams

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Dan Jolliff Walter McFadden Joe Downs Linda Vance Stacy Glidewell Hazel Ruminer (Missed) Randy Vance 12/12 12/14 12/15 12/15 12/19 12/19 12/9 12/13 12/20

Happy Anniversary to …
Chuck & Marilyn Cox Don & Jo Hutton (59 yrs)

Do We Know This is the Christ? — John 7:25-31

Lesson for Sunday morning — December 18, 2011

Order of Service
Welcome & Announcements Scripture: 1 Peter 2:11-12 Song — 230 I Want to be a Worker Song — 177 Hide Me, O My Savior Prayer Song — 167 He Loves Me (Vs. 1 & 3) Comments Lord’s Supper Collection Song — 43 Blessed Assurance Sermon: Take a Chance Song — 696 There’s a Fountain Free Song — 157 He Leadeth Me Prayer I.

Take a Chance
Ecclesiastes 9:11
We’ve Got Trouble Right Here in River City!

A. Gambling has gone main-stream. 1. Popularity does not equal correctness. 3. Such activity must be considered. B. The dreams of being rich. 1 Timothy 6:9 • • WHAT ARE THE ODDS? THE FACTS

2. Citing statistics only represents the II. What Do We Know about Gambling? A. Three common meanings for gambling. 1. To take a risk of any kind. 2. To engage in 3. To make a B. Gambling is a part of our language. 1. The word “__________” is common. 2. We ask, III. Shall We Take That Bet? A. Is it a sin to Gamble? 1. Looking for help from the scriptures. • • No direct statement of ______________. Principles of -

B. How do we determine. 1. Does it in any way contribute to 2. Can it be separated from 3. We depend on principle of • • • • Philippians 1:21 1 Thessalonians 5:22 1 Peter 2:11-12 2 Peter 3:14

C. 1 Corinthians 10:23

Scheduled to Serve Next Week (12/18/11)

The Sentinel — December 11, 2011

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 Ladies,

Roger Scott

Billie Glenn J.C. & Stacy Glidewell Teah Ausmus

remember the "Annual Cookie Exchange" this afternoon at 2 PM. See LeAnn Sherman if you need more information. is the last day to bring gifts.

 Christian Service Center: Today  Holiday Caroling — If you would

Lord's Table (am)
Tom Elmore Jim Skaggs Blue Suarez Randy Vance Brian Jaworsky George King Bill Fleming Sunday Bryan Ausmus Dwight Andrews Sam Greenroyd Stephen Hopkins Dan Jolliff Dwain Thacker

be interested in doing some caroling for some of our home-bound members, Join us at 6 PM on Monday, December 19 as we share a little holiday spirit with others. We will meet at the building and travel from there.
 Congratulations — Aline McDan-

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Kevin Keenan

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Wednesday 9:00 AM 10:00 AM 5:00 PM 7:00 PM
Deacons Michael Berry Joe Downs John McFadden Bill Fleming Walter McFadden

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Elders Kevin Keenan Horace Phillips Roger Scott Bill Sherman

iel’s granddaughter Jamae, gave birth to a little girl last Friday.  Thanks 2012 Brothers' Keepers Team Leaders for stepping up and taking the lead! I am sure we will have the best year yet!!! The team rosters are on the east bulletin board. Be sure to check which team you are in and let those who are not present, know that the list is up. The new teams will begin on January 1, 2012. And remember… G O D I S GOOD...ALWAYS!!! Darrell  Red Cross Refresher Course — January 9 at 7:00 PM. For details, see Randy Vance.
Minister Russell Dyer

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