We’re not done yet There’s a another barometer The question came to me Did you share the most

important barometer? I gave you all the others God said no Even if you touched on it You have to make it so crystal clear If our responsibility is only one thing and that’s believing And God said if you think you only have one battle that’s ok, I gave you that last night I told you it’s a battle because I wanted to you to see the contrast in the atmosphere of the warfare, of spiritual warfare Bu there will be some that even that one thing is all they have to focus on, which is their faith There will be some that will feel like they don’t want to battle; even though they know that it’s just one

But what if I don’t want to call it a battle? Just one joyful requirement Its’ OK to call it that One joyful requirement, blend it with joyful The pronoun joyful Let that pronoun proceed, whatever you want to call it Even joyful battle What? Oxymoron Joyful and battle don’t go together But above the line they go perfectly together Why? I have a question Because what’s the best thing that can come out of battle? The ultimate? What is that? What is the connection with battle? You should have no problem with battle and this is

why Because only with the true battle can you experience the joy of true victory. You will never experience true victory unless you’ve experienced true battle. God says I am the way, the truth, and the life. And in Me, is 100% pure victory. Hallelujah! So use battle It’s in your best interest My permission is given to use something else Call it whatever you want One joyful focus I ask of you That’s my permissive will But my perfect will is call it what it truly is When you call it what it truly is That’s when it can truly be powerful Face it head on from what it truly is

call a spade a spade Call it like it is In psychology they say if you can name it you can tame it And the world says call it like you see it….NO Because human eyes can only see so much God says call it like I see it Come above the line And you know exactly where the bulls eye is to face it There’s a bull eyes with a circle within a circle Do you want your aim somewhat on the target? .Then your “victory” will have a little sugar on it too Your seemingly “victorious place” will be side stepped just a little bit You won’t experienced the fullness You won’t experience the 100% fullness of joy of that victory But if you meet it head on 100% Like the world.

On the outer rings of the target Or do you want it squarely. perfectly. dead center The only one that is solid is the center There is space between the lines In the heart of it The perfect center is solid Do you want to be on solid ground? Or do you want to hit between the lines? Do you want your blessings to be extraordinary? Do you want to hit the target right in the middle of the circle where it’s solid? Because if you dart is landing anywhere else What you will experience are blessings to a degree Because you’re willing to settle for less than 100% And there comes somewhat a “satisfaction” that you become OK with Wow I just hit the outer board That’s close to the rings .

says God. don’t kid me Because if we measure the exact center you can’t get better than dead center Is there anything better than dead center? God what are you saying. a movie seen in theaters . hold up God says I can still use earthly/carnal things to make my point Here’s a story.I’m just happy to hit the board Before I wasn’t coming anywhere near the target board My darts have never reached up there near the board I’m happy to be on the board That’s a ploy of the enemy Satan says just be happy to be on the board My ultimate wish with for you my child. is 100% in the center of the solid mark on the target board And even then it gets better No way.

why? Because like in Robin Hood when everybody was rejoicing that the competitor hit it squarely in the middle Not that the competitor was evil I’m not making an analogy of Satan as the competitor The other competitor at the time The way God is telling me the story That was an excellent shot . you said the ultimate was to believe 100% and my arrow hit the center of the target Is your work finished? No Why God.Written by carnal man or woman Robin Hood If we’re 100% perfect right in the center of the dot in the target Is our work finished because our faith is 100% strong? Is our work finished? Wait.

yet that have on the righteous clothes that are all decked up But what more can I do? I shot the arrow and hit it square in the middle They even measured it and it is perfectly in the middle by one millionth of an inch. the ultimate So that should be enough You should be done You’re victorious No God says. God says . you’re not done And this is why My other children are not truly saved.Right squarely in the middle That pleases God Everyone would seem to happy with that Even the angels are saying that is the highest. they could not even detect that it wasn’t exactly in the middle Shoot again.

I reply Shoot again I guided the arrow before that went squarely in the middle of the target Shoot again But God I’m so happy with the first arrow Shoot again The second arrow splits the first God says that’s what I’m talking about Splits the arrow squarely in the middle That gets inside that perfectly aimed spot That’s extraordinary That’s supernatural By splitting the arrow already in the center You’re not just done with you My other children on this earth need to be split If you’re willing to be my vessel .But I can’t get any better.

Me through you No complication here There’s not theology school you need to attend first No four years of seminary No theological institutions No. but more importantly. I’m willing. use me Lord That’s when I split the arrow And thus many lives are saved In this life on earth. and this life on earth. and the most important eternal life. they are saved in both by splitting the arrow Splitting the arrow Question from God: this is the most important question How do you know what is the most important question It’s what God is flowing on through I can’t explain it Most important question from God .

you don’t You have an inkling. you have an idea . think about it Don’t answer this in haste. will you give up everything? When that question is asked we are quick to say yes Lord I give you my everything God says don’t answer to quickly Think about it Really. you don’t But God I know what it means to give you everything No. truly. please don’t God asks another question Do you know what I’m asking? No.Are you willing to give up everything for Me? Everything? Everything? Question came to me first a few minutes ago outside It came so clearly God said Chris.

But when it really gets down to it. I’m going to make it fair You can’t have any idea You’re not capable of truly knowing what that question means Chris. that’s Cubby Chris Everyone I talked to tells me Cubby Chris is a winner. wait You gave that to me and that’s mine That’s my ticket to your miraculous blessings Cubby Chris is going to help so many people Those blessings are waiting for me. this is God saying. that’s genius. you have no idea what that question means You don’t And to make it fair. are you willing to give up Cubby Chris and the Cub Club? But God you gave me that Wait. wow .

they . you hear the stories. tied up into the stock market And when it crashed a few years back. for their livelihood. so encompassing good God right now I got everyone working on this project It’s all stemming around the Cubby Chris that you gave to me You gave me how the characters should look It if is taken from me and you see it out there making millions upon millions and God you don’t get any of the credit And when the credit rolls there are other names on there and your name is not there Another example on an earthly level There were those that have everything for their families.And they’re saying Chris you see how that could change the world I know you’re not doing it for the money But it’s going to make so much money This thing is so good. nothing like that had ever happened.

just kill your self They did it. they took their lives Such a sad story Chris you have everything tied in to Cubby Chris If it’s taken away what the first thing you will do? Get on the phone with the attorneys? .took their own lives Because what they had was the center of their life They had put everything in that center They had families to take care There’s nothing wrong with a nest egg Look at my family. I’m doing this for my family They put everything there and it was taken away And they thought they had nothing else to live for The believed the lie of the enemy It’s all gone How can you go home and face your family This is the end for you The lie of the devil.

Are you going to go to them to act? Can they fix the problem? Or will you get on your knees to God and say I rejoice in you Lord Will you do that? Question for all believers from God Will you give up your child? Gone Will you give up your child? Gone Your husband? Gone And everything you ever worked for Every penny taken away What will be your first response? And your second. the car. pause your self Paint a picture Look at the picture and one by one delete one child. the house. and your third. the husband. gone. and your fourth Don’t answer right now. and one by one. delete everything . delete the wife. delete the second child.

Please don’t answer right now Don’t answer right now It would be unfair for Me to have you to answer right now What am I asking? What am I saying? Take out a pen and paper Right now Really right now And draw a line down the middle and on the left side write down everything important to you The most meaningful things to you right now in your life Be honest. that’s ok Don’t try to hide it The enemy doesn’t want you to put that over there God knows the heart . I’m not going to judge you If the savings account you have built up is on the left side.

don’t take those away Those are meaningful to me On this left side the most meaningful things of life Go on down the line I’m now asking for top three Brainstorm put them all down Now go to the right side . very important to me. my wife. that’s over there My abilities that people tell me I’m good at You gave them to me. my children Put their names over there My relationship with God My bible Ok I hear you No problems My support group.Put the car. it’s ok The easy things to put over there My husband.

Think about it. that’s why I‘m asking you not to answer right now With Peter I wasn’t “fair” . that would really be unfair Because you would quickly answer yes But you don’t understand what I’m asking you Two thousand years ago Peter didn’t understand Peter didn’t understand the question He answered in haste and said Lord. in my heart I truly believe this He said that in haste. though the heavens fall. don’t be hasty Now number the left side in order of importance God says do you see where I’m going You already know where I’m headed And I still don’t want you to answer now Will you give them all up? Now if I compelled you to answer right now. though everyone else. I will never deny You.

three times So I ask you again this most important question This is the question Will you give them all up and when they are gone. not twice. I’m so sorry Twice is understandable I did it twice. still glorify My name. still rejoice in My Glory? Truly praise My name from everything you have within you 100% and really mean it And really mean it? . but that‘s not essence of me You know what I would do for you Lord Three times Peter. but thrice Of course you can stumble one time Lord I denied you.With Peter that wasn’t a “fair” question at the time What I was hoping was that Peter would have stopped and thought about it Peter didn’t know what I was asking Not once.

peace. long suffering Against which there is no law You can go to the word now Look them up in your bible It’s no mystery You will need to know when you’re starting to slide above the line When you start to slide towards below the line .That is the most important barometer that I mentioned a while ago The battle barometer You needed that I won’t leave you out there with that alone I’ve given you a barometer Fruits of the Spirit Fruits of the Spirit? What are they? We can all say them together Love. joy.

then you’re below the line Being that it is your free will choice where you want to be on that pole Below the line it’s your free will choice. or conversation. actions. situation.I’ll let you know When you asked for something blended with faith Ask for God to take control 100% My actions will demonstrate the glory of God That my actions will demonstrate the fruits of the Spirit And the barometer is that if at any point throughout that day. if you find yourself in contrary feelings. this is for every day for the rest of your life. above the line it is the Father’s free will choice The Holy Spirit prays to the Father for you The Holy Spirit sees the enemy coming in to blind side you You don’t have the presence of mind to know you have slidden below the line . or thoughts to the fruits of the Spirit in any task.

any slippage The Holy Spirit. watching very carefully for any movement. the watch dog is watching Now is the time I need to pray for my self Now is the time I’m slipping just a little bit I see the enemy coming as I am slipping The enemy is timing his attack with my slipping The enemy sees the slippage He’s telling his forces there’s a perfect timing for this attack .You don’t even realize you’ve slidden down the line You’re so busy and you’ve fallen below the line You’re not aware of it If you we’re aware of it you would ask God to take you back above the line and help you Because you didn’t know it. you didn’t ask for it You have prayed and believed in faith blended prayer that the Holy Spirit will forever and always be the watch dog that’s watching where I am on the pole.

he doesn’t even realize it And that phone call today from that person who did him wrong and found out he’s getting more wronged He’s trying to clear his name He’s spending his energy and time to clear his name Saying this is a lie. He’s praying on the way to the hospital. He’s praying. God you handle this.Hold up. He’s running to the hospital wondering why she is in so much pain and dying. And his mother is deathly ill. he would never do that He’s spending his time and energy calling attorneys Because this is how he’s supposed to do it He’s forgotten those battles are already won He’s slipping because he’s feeling overwhelmed. this is false I would never do a thing like that That is the truth. I’m going to do my . he’s slipping and he doesn’t know it. He’s got a dead line.

His helmet of salvation is rolling down the street. Ploy of the enemy: God helps those who help themselves. Now Chris is slipping. You don’t want to be sued so you’re just doing the bare minimum. Why is my mother in so much pain? Isn’t there something you can give for the pain? Are you incompetent? If this was you mother dying here. . He’s calling the doctors. he’s talking to the nurses. He’s praying. So Chris is doing everything. it’s too heavy to hold up.part. when in fact there is absolutely nothing that you can do about it. What a brilliant scheme for the enemy to make you think there’s something you can do. At his most powerless point his shield of faith is on the ground. He’s below the line. so he knows he’s on the right track. Isn’t there anything that I can do? Nope. How many millions believe that and they are in a snare. You’re just getting your pay check. They’re caught in the snare with just that one statement alone. That’s a brilliant statement from the enemy. How often we fall in to the mind set of I have to do something. There’s nothing you can do when everything is already in God’s hands. He’s at his weakest point.

you are Mine. and overflowing. I give you life. Chris is mortally wounded. Chris is bleeding to death. abundant. Just as the forces of darkness are closing in to take his last breath. this will never happen to you again You will live with Me forever and ever. And you . Chris has nothing left. I didn’t destroy the enemy. Chris is at his weakest point. But the next time you will see the enemy coming from a distance. as they close in to snuff out that last breath. Jesus helps Chris. We’re going to catch him in the midsection. a bright light shines from heaven. And the force of that light clears out the enemy. and finish him off. You will never be blindsided again. Satan gives the battle cry. I’ve opened your eyes. Jesus takes Chris in His arms and wraps His arms around Chris and says I love you. force him to his knees. The enemy hordes are laughing. Chris can’t even cry out to God.The enemy says now is the time. You will never be broken down again. There’s nothing Chris can do. Chris has only one breath left. The enemy looks up.

I want the watch dog. the vessel. Let’s praise the Father for what He’s already done. That the same as prayer with faith. Wow that’s powerful. What’s the one thing you have to do? Believe. I want to stay above the line. Look! The enemy thinks he is creeping up on you. The Holy Spirit taps Chris on the shoulder and says since we see this coming. This is God’s wind flowing through Chris. Ask believing. But he’s exposed as clear as day.will defeat him every time. The enemy’s approach is exposed. Question: if you could only have one thing. I want that. Which at some time before. you said faith blended prayer. The Holy Spirit is your watch dog now. one spiritual thing. So I’m never blindsided again. That is one thing. the Holy Spirit. what’s the most important thing? Chris. I didn’t think I . he can’t hide anymore. You can have it right now. Watch how the enemy falls and stumbles before he even gets to you. He’s hiding behind something.

now. right now. You are a worthy servant. today. which one is more important? Wait. Each of you reading this. You are God’s worthy servant. If you had to choose one. That is what you are. if there was only one without the other? Trick question? Think so? There’s a secret is inside the question and there’s also a secret inside the answer. Between prayer and faith. People will be amazed.could be worthy enough to be a vessel for God to flow through me. God has revealed that prayer . All you have to do is believe it and God will flow through you. can you? Oh yes. I don’t understand! Explain please. believe it. We already know. Faith is more important than prayer. Wait. choose faith over prayer. Second question: Which would you rather have if you could only have one without the other. I am worthy because God has made me worthy. you can’t really say one is more important than the other. . don’t go there. you are worthy. I want what you have.They will say I want that.

. that’s a prayer. God can still use that prayer. Prayer is a very good thing. Please bow your heads. but it sure sounds good. Prayer is good. But praying without believing? A person in a huge auditorium where everyone can hear. and it sounds good. But does that person believe every word coming out of his mouth? Don’t get me wrong.by itself can be just the words with no belief in what is being prayed for. Even if the person praying doesn’t believe everything he’s praying. It’s from God. Ladies and gentlemen. Half of what he prayed. Oratorical prayer presentation with all the right words is what we call prayer. Chris will offer prayer for us. Is it possible the words of the prayer can have the form of godliness but without the power? Don’t be messing with prayer now Chris. We are honored to have Chris here. They’re formally reciting a prayer. it has all the right spiritual words and terms. let’s say he doesn’t believe half of what he prayed for. it’s communication with God.

I know this is some deep stuff. There’s a bum sitting by the gate and he hears that prayer through the speakers. Prayer is a great thing. Faith. Believing and faith are one and the same. but true belief in God. This is the secret within the answer and this is the secret itself. That belief has an internal mechanism of communion with God. You think Chris is going to mess . True spiritual faith. I wouldn’t dare attempt to go there of myself. and everything about Him. That belief has you already believing in the spiritual realm above the line When you’re above the line you are in direct communion with the Father. So prayer is a wonderful thing. This wretched bum on the street believes every word. God please save me. the best of both worlds. True faith is automatic communion with God. you’ve got communion and prayer with power. and cries out. not belief as defined in the dictionary. you’ve got it all inside of faith.Because there are those out there in the audience who believe.

you’re slipping down below the line. Chris is not touching any of those areas. God is …. . And leave it at that. I’m not touching any of that by myself. I’m too scared to go there myself. Line it up with the fruits of the Spirit. He sees them all as they are.with that area? There is no way. The eyes of the Holy Spirit sees and catches everything coming towards you whether it be carnal or it be spiritual things. I’m just letting you know that I’m watching out for you. God has chosen me to be a pure connected vessel for the out flowing of His Glory and Grace and Majesty. If you find yourself racking your brains. I’d be too scared to by myself. The Holy Spirit will tap you on the shoulder and tell you I will raise you back up above the line. See how your day is going every day. Is it God speaking? There’s the barometer right there. ever. I guess that’s our barometer. This is the thing. You’re not going to slip down on my watch. I’m just letting you know so you can be mindful of what’s happening to you.

God could have given this a year ago. There is nothing that God can’t split. And the timing is now. But He knows because He is God. A secret split is a secret opened and revealed. I’m so happy for what we’ve been given. What that means. and Divinity God splits the arrow in the center to show us that even a greater victory can be achieved of which we know nothing about. God splits the arrow. why now? Why give it now? God is up to something big. It’s the splitting that reveals the true nature hidden within. That splitting reveals something. A harvest is coming. three years ago.God who is heaven will split those dots like an arrow splits another arrow. One thing I do know is that God has a harvest that’s . The time is now. Each time God splits something He is revealing something new. When you start to worry that’s the barometer telling you stay up there above the line. and He will fill in those dots with His Glory and Power. I don’t know for sure. He split the atom into positive and negative. God split the day into day and night. ten years ago. He slit humanity in man and woman.

they’ll think I’m a fool. He’s sending His words through others. he just said I want you to go. I don’t have that gift God. Then I’ll go. My speech is slow. no problem.coming. how it all happened. He knew . He has other things He is working on. the supernatural workings. I have a stammering tongue and who’s going to listen to me. when he told God you got the wrong guy. God says ok. it didn’t happen in God’s perfect will because Moses kept refusing to go speak because Moses said I’m not a man of words. like He knows each of our heart. He didn’t cast Moses aside when he said no to God. And I have not been favored in the area of public speaking. those who are willing to be vessels. That’s ok. Yet. As a matter of fact. can you imagine the miracles. extraordinary acts of God and deeds that he did through Moses. You could have given it to me first and then ask me to go and then I can realize the gift when I start talking. I’m not going to cast you aside. I was just checking to see if you were willing. You didn’t give it to me. I am not speaker. God didn’t do that. Greatness that God worked through Moses. I have many children that are willing. I have a deficiency. But God knew his heart. It’s ok if someone says no.

and fear. Even though I’m not a man of words but I believe that You God will give me everything I need to go before the rulers of the worlds. the type of faith God wanted Moses to have is that you will be a powerful vessel before Me to the Kind of the land. But there’s one thing that stood out. Moses didn’t want to be in that position of being ridiculed when he came before the king. but Moses without the faith that God wanted him to have. ok. God allowed His permissive will. Moses felt feeling of outright shame. You will go before all the rulers and speak to them. Moses left out the absolute power that God has. he pictured himself going up before Pharaoh feeling insignificant. They were the king’s advisors and the governors of the regions of the land come to listen to the plan. So Moses overlooked one thing. When God asked him to go. I’m sure everyone in Pharaoh’s courts had such professional speaking skills.Moses had a willing heart. I’ll send Aaron with you. You called and audience of the king’s court and you can’t get the words out? What should we do with this fool? Moses you actually have the gall to disrespect the king with . God could have instantly made him the best speaker in the world. intimidation.

your speech? You knew you couldn’t speak well. I believe it was very possible that God is thinking. I believe all kinds of thought were going through Moses’ head. something very bad could happen to you for disrespecting the king. All right. So children of God. Moses you just don’t know what I could have done if you had trusted me first with your inabilities. or worse we’ll send you to prison so you don’t do that again. where are you right now in your life? What deficiencies do you have? What are some things in your life that you are ashamed of? What in your life . But you missed that Moses. Ok. ok. You can’t come before the king like that. my permissive will. please. Don’t you think I know that already? If you had the faith to truly believe in Me and Mine power you could have been the greatest speaker the world has ever known. First I’ll get beaten and thrown into the dungeon. not me. Don’t waste the king’s time. When you can find someone who can talk for you come back. but I still love you Moses. You don’t waste the king’s time like that. I still have a plan that I will carry out for my people. I know you don’t have the abilities. Oh God. I know you can’t speak. So that was my perfect will. Aaron you talk for Moses.

where you are. where you lay you head every night. God has repeatedly shown that He does His most powerful work through those who are the least likely to feel that they have something to offer. or your musical abilities. There will be those of you that read these words that will do great and mighty things for the kingdom of God. God tells you to . read these words. That’s a lie. This is a special group I’m addressing. that has nothing to do with it.right now are you fearful of? I’m not that good in this or that. You are feeling the most unworthy right now. Now listen very carefully those who are reading these words and receiving them and you feel ashamed of where you lay your head. And it has nothing to do with your speaking abilities. or who you know. You know who you are. Satan’s lies have been constantly telling you that you have to get right first. I want to talk to a special group. Once you hear these words. will you have an excuse why you can’t do what I’m asking you to do for my people? I want you to spread the news. you feel ashamed of your current situation. Because you feel I can’t even help myself right now. you truly feel in your heart and soul that you have nothing must at all to offer anyone.

There are emotional bars. I’m not just talking about jail. That’s a lie. I’m not just talking about those that may be behind bars. that souls were saved.come as you are. many times. . There are those that I’m talking to now that are not behind physical bars. but they are imprisoned. and the bars are keeping them from life itself. behind emotional bars. Satan says don’t even think of sharing the good news because of your predicament. Paul was in jail many. and God worked mightily with him behind closed doors. There are physical bars made of iron and then there are spiritual bars. Follow me now.