Written by Jack Lyons

EXT. COMPOUND - NIGHT A car pulls up into an alley and stops. The gates are opened and the car arives into the compound. The driver gets out of the car and opens the door on his left. A man wearing a white suit gets out of the car. His bodyguard get out of the car and go to stand next to him. His name is VINNIE PAUL. He’s a gangster. He takes out a cigar and opens it. He smells the sweet scent of tobacco. VINNIE PAUL Nothin’ like a good, uncut Cuban cigar, eh Chachi? Vinnie turns to face him slightly before turning back to the view in front of him. Chachi stands to Vinnie’s left, holding an Uzi sub-machine gun in his hand. Muffled noise can be heard from the boot of the car. Kicking and screaming, although it can be heard briefly. Vinnie pays no attention to this. He continues to smoke his cigar. CHACHI Yeah, nothing like good cigar. I mean, a good Cuban cigar boss. VINNIE PAUL You know what our problem is, ha. Do ya? We spend too much time fucking up what we got. Money ain’t good. Drugs ain’t good. Respect... Respect don’t mean shit. We’re hauling our asses like bitches on a corner and that’s it. Chachi looks away briefly for a second. He looks at the boot of the car. The muffled screaming and shouting get louder. He turns back to Vinnie. Vinnie is still smoking his cigar. His bodyguards stand in the background, looking tough and ominous. VINNIE PAUL (CONT’D) Its not about the work. No, its about the killing. Always a killing. Hey boss, we made a killing at the track. Hey boss, we made a killing in Conneticut, where’s our dough. Hey boss, check this out, got a lead on a shipment. Hey boss, I got arrested for murder can you pay my bail. Hey boss, can you wipe my ass after I fuck you over... No. It just doesn’t make no sense to me. Chachi indicates to the bodyguards to step back and they do so. Vinnie finishes his cigar and throws it on the ground, stamping it out under his foot.

2. CHACHI You know what time the Irish are getting here? VINNIE PAUL They should be here now. Tommy’s boys told us they’d meet here, secure the connect. We’re waiting for ‘em. Where they gone? Ha. Vinnie turns to his bodyguards, Nero and Lenny. They say nothing. Vinnie laughs to himself. The noise from the boot gets louder and begins to rattle Vinnie. He focuses on the boot, watching the car bounce and the noise get louder. CHACHI You want me to call him? Get the O’ Family over here. VINNIE PAUL Nah. If they ain’t come now. They ain’t coming. That’s ok. We can just whack their suprise before they do. OPEN THE BOOT. CHACHI We’re supposed to wait for the Irish. VINNIE PAUL Fuck that. I’m done. OPEN THE BOOT NOW. Nero, Lenny. COME ON! CHACHI Vinnie, come on man. One of his bodyguards, Nero opens it up. A young man is seen inside it tied up. Blood is streaming from his face. It is badly beaten. His mouth is covered up by tape. Vinnie steps back and turns away from the car. VINNIE PAUL Get him out. NOW. He kicks the boot of the car viciously. Nero pulls the bloodied man out of the boot and throws him on the ground. Lenny takes the duct tape off of his mouth so he can speak. His name is Michael. CHACHI Michael, are you the rat? MICHAEL Whaaattt the fuck you talking about man? I ain’t no rat. I don’t speak to no feds or shit. Come on.

3. VINNIE PAUL Why is Jackie in jail when you were the one who did the crime? My son went to jail on a murder charge. You think about him? He’s in Rikers for twelve years cos of you. CHACHI Did you rat us out on the connect or not? Michael cries in pain MICHAEL I didnt’. I swear to God man. I would never hurt this family. NEVER’ Chachi isn’t content waiting for an answer CHACHI “FOR THE LAST FUCKING TIME, DID YOU RAT US OUT OR NOT?” Vinnie looks at Chachi and throws him out of the way VINNIE PAUL “YOU THINK YOU’RE HELPING THINGS DO YA. KEEP WATCH WILL YA? Vinnie turns back to Michael with pain and venom in his face. MICHAEL I’m sooo sorry.... Vinnie. I. please. Don’t kill me. I’ll do anything. Please don’t kill me man. Please don’t kill me. I’m begging ya. Vinnie takes out a revolver. He opens the gun, taking out three bullets, one by one and placing them in the gun. Michael tries screaming in fear. Vinnie clicks the gun into place and it silences him. He cries silently. VINNIE PAUL I’m done listening to ya. You ratted us out to the cops. I’m not listening no more. He points the gun at Michael. Michael is whimpering in pain on the ground, covered in blood. CHACHI Vinnie, we need him alive. We can’t fuck this up.

4. VINNIE PAUL Lets play a little Russian Roulette. Difference is three bullets. Three empty. You better pray I miss. CHACHI That’s enough, Vinnie. ENOUGH. If he told anyone, they’ll know where we are. We gotta go. VINNIE PAUL No. He fucked it up. He dies. We live. End of. I’m in charge here. This is my deal. CHACHI You kill him. We lose. We hand him over to the Irish, the debts square. Goodbye. VINNIE PAUL

Vinnie opens fire on Michael. The first bullet hits Michael, blood pours out of him. The gun clicks. Chachi intervenes and Vinnie shoots him in the shoulder. He falls to the ground, supposedly dead. The bodyguards go to help Chachi. Vinnie keeps firing at Michael, round by round until he’s dead. There is silence. He laughs out loud. It echoes repeatedly. Repeated gun sounds are heard from behind him. His laughter is put to a stop. Vinnie turns to around, slowly before collapsing to the ground. Blood is pouring from his chest, spoiling his white suit. VINNIE PAUL (CONT’D) YOU. YOU.... SHOT... Uh. Vinnie fades out of consciousness and dies on the ground. Chachi stands over him with a smoking gun, aided by Nero and Lenny helping him stand. Goodbye. CHACHI

Chachi smiles. He rips off his shirt to reveal a bulletproof vest. He drops his Uzi on the ground. Vinnie lies dead on the ground, covered in blood. His white suit is stained by blood. CHACHI (CONT’D) Who said we didn’t have nine lives? Get rid of the bodies. Nero, Lenny. They gotta go. Chachi gets a call. He answers it.

5. CHACHI (CONT’D) We had problems. Yeah, the usual kind. Vinnie’s dead. It fucked up. You know how it is. Cool. Alright, no problem. Yeah, I know. The bodies got it. We’ll talk later, alright? Chachi ends the call and walks away into the distance CHACHI (SUBTITLE) (CONT’D) Just another day in the life... Title Credits. EXT. STREET - DAY A tall, skinny figure with black hair emerges from a taxicab. He takes out a big wad of money, goes through it and gives it to the cabbie. His name is Jimmy. JIMMY Keep the change, ha. Get your old lady some of that perfume. That nice stuff. What’s that called? Taxi driver mumbles in the background JIMMY (CONT’D) Chanel, that’s the one. You’re a good guy. Hope your old lady knows it. Take it easy. Jimmy turns away from the cab to the building in front of him. He laughs to himself. The cab driver drives away. Jimmy goes into the building. INT. OFFICE BUILDING - DAY Jimmy walks into the office building, holding himself confidently. A figure appears to be following him. It is Chachi, holding a file in his hands. Jimmy. CHACHI

Jimmy stops and turns to face him. JIMMY What’s the word? Chachi indicates towards the stairwell. They go through the door.

6. INT. STAIRWELL - DAY They go up the stairs together. It’s done. Jimmy is speechless JIMMY What do you mean? Its done. I told you... (He silences himself and whispers into Chachi’s ear) I told you to go there, oversee the exchange. If anything went down, take care of it. Did I not? Chachi looks at him uncomfortably. CHACHI Did you get the call? I rang you last night. Joey answered the phone. Told him to tell ya. Jimmy is suspicious of him. JIMMY Tell me what. Chachi takes a pause CHACHI It got fucked up. Vinnie thought Mike was the snitch. He went crazy, I tell ya. He went fucking nuts. Lost it. Took a revolver out, did Russian Roulette or some shit. Killed Mike. Nearly killed me too. He opens his shirt and shows him a deep bruise on his collarbone. Jimmy is embarrassed. JIMMY Alright. I get the picture. Then what? CHACHI I thought I was dead and in the throwback. I killed him. What this this what JIMMY the fuck? How do I explain to Johnny? You realise how makes me look? I gotta explain happened. CHACHI

Chachi hands him the file.

7. CHACHI It was him or me. I had to make a decision. JIMMY I gotta explain this to Johnny. You know how he is, man. Old school. He’s still talking about the Japs and the family like we’re the Corleones. You fucking cunt, Chach. I could kill you. You know that. They reach the top of the stairwell. CHACHI I did what I had to do. No discussion. The bodies are taken care of. He opens the door, both of them enter the office floor. INT. OFFICE FLOOR - DAY Chachi walks away from Jimmy towards the elevator, back at him. He gets into the elevator and leaves. looks with anger and turns away from him. He walks long empty corridor towards a pair of black doors, the file Chachi gave him. He is anxious. smiling Jimmy down a holding

He knocks on the door. Voices can be heard through the door. INT. JOHNNY’S OFFICE - DAY He knocks on the door. Voices can be heard through the door. Come in. JOHNNY

Jimmy walks into his office slowly. He sees two figures in discussion with Johnny. They turn to face him and turn back to face Johnny. Johnny is clicking a pen repeatedly in his hand. Click-click. Click-click. Johnny is fixed on these figures as Jimmy walks towards Johnny’s left hand-side. He stands patiently. MARCO ... I tell ya, we need to close that deal with Columbian connect. We strike now, while we can. You need to do it now. Else, we’re screwed and the deal goes to the Japs. Johnny stops clicking his pen. He frowns at Marco, wiping his brow with a handkerchief slightly. He faces Rocco.

8. ROCCO If we’re screwed with the connect, we’re gonna be fucked ten years from now when the Feds have control of our money. That ain’t no life, gentlemen. Getting fucked ain’t no joke. As for the Japs... JOHHNY The Japs? Ha. They don’t know squat. It makes no sense having them deal with it. What do you think? He looks at Rocco, points his pen at him and clicks it once. Rocco doesn’t flinch or lose focus. Johnny nods slightly with approval. ROCCO “We need to push this. The money will give us retirement. Then when Jimmy takes over, its secure. We ain’t gotta worry about it, badabing. MARCO “John, these people... You can’t fuck with them. They are savages. You think you’re gonna get anywhere by making ‘em wait. We just... Johnny holds his hand up to him, his pen pointed in Marco’s face, acknowledging Jimmy’s presence. He clicks his pen twice. JOHNNY Sorry just a minute. My nephew... We’ll discuss this tomorrow. For now, gentleman. Vigilance. Thank you. JOHNNY stands up from his chair as Marco and Rocco turn to face JIMMY and leave the room. Jimmy nods as they leave the room. The door closes behind them. JIMMY How ya doin’ Uncle Johnny? They sit down at Johnny’s desk. Johnny opens his drawer and takes out a mirror. He fixes his hair, combing it back slickly. JOHNNY So what’s the word from the Irish? Joey heard a hit took place on the lower East side. Who was it, Jimmy?

9. Jimmy takes a pause, looks at the floor briefly and breathes calmly. He gives Johnny the file. JIMMY “Johnny, I hate to tell ya this. Johnny takes the file off the desk and looks at it. His face shows a look of horror, shock and suspense. JIMMY (CONT’D) “Vinnie Paul got whacked’ JOHNNY Wha’dya mean he got whacked? Did I give the order? Did I? No. You piece of shit. JIMMY Jimmy, he had to go man. He fucked up the connect and he killed Michael. He shot Chachi. You want that shit on ya? Ha, do ya? We’re in enough shit with ATF over the guns we sold to the blacks. We can’t have snitching. No fucking way. JOHNNY I don’t give a shit. You made an order you had no right to make. Don’t make right what ain’t. Did you talk to him? No. Did you hear otherwise? No. You assumed he was a snitch and you couldn’t back it up Jimmy looks at him calmly JIMMY He had to go, Johnny. He was volatile and he killed one of ours. Peski thinks he had a deal with the feds or some shit. If that landed on us, its too much. With the shit we got going down, someone ratted us out. I had an instinct. I went with it. JOHNNY You had one of my men killed in retaliation. There’s nothing to it. That fucks it up. All of it. Jimmy gets hesitant JIMMY I made it on the grounds of...

10. JOHNNY No. Never give that kind of order unless I say so. You’re reckless. You can’t be a Don if you use this. Johnny points to his chest with his pen. JOHNNY (CONT’D) “Ya gotta use this and think” Johnny points to his head with it. Jimmy looks at him in fear. Johnny gives him a devilish smile, waiting for him to crack. He doesn’t. He clicks his pen once and puts it into his pocket. Ok. JIMMY

JOHNNY I need to think on this. Go meet Wise Paul. Talk to him. You need to lay low. News of this hit comes back on you, it causes problems for the family. Jimmy nods affirmatively. JOHNNY (CONT’D) We can’t have any more problems. This family’s been through enough. I’ll talk you tomorrow. I gotta rest on this. Jimmy looks back and smiles faintly. Johnny doesn’t respond. He turns his back to him and looks out of his window at the New York skyline. Jimmy leaves the room, closing the door behind him. EXT. STREET - DAY Jimmy leaves the office building quickly. He sees a taxi cab and leans out his arm to get a cab. The cab pulls up on the curb. Another car beeps from behind. Jimmy is stirred by this. JIMMY What the... Just as he is about get into the car, he sees the glimmer of a machine gun from the other car. Its a drive-by. Adrenalin kicks in, he. The occupants in the other car start firing bullets at the taxi cab. He ducks to the ground. BANG. BANG. BANG. BANG. BANG. BANG. People on the street run away as the loud sound of machine gun fire echoes through the streets. The cab driver is hit from the ricochet of glass and the bullets. Jimmy appears dead.

11. They cease fire as the car drives off in a hasty fashion. Jimmy is lying on the ground, bloodied by glass. He rips open his shirt, revealing a bullet wound in his shoulder. He staggers to get up as blood pours from his arm. He sees a paramedic pull up on the street with police nearby. JIMMY (CONT’D) HEY. HEY BUDDY, LITTLE HELP HERE. He can barely stand as they go towards him. A police officer goes over to him to help. He tries helping him walk by putting his arm over his shoulder. Jimmy yells with pain. He is bleeding heavily. POLICE OFFICER Get a medic. He’s been shot. Jimmy collapses on the pavement. The officer struggles to carry his weight. He lets him fall. POLICE OFFICER (CONT’D) GET A GODDAMN MEDIC OR THIS GUY’S DEAD. COME ON. JESUS. He does the sign of the cross over Jimmy. Jimmy drifts in and out of consciousness. Medics rush over to help him. A crowd of people are seen standing over him. Police sirens are heard as he is helped into an ambulance. INT. CHACHI’S HOUSE - NIGHT. Chachi is sitting at home, eating dinner with his wife, Jenny and young son, Reno. They are talking and laughing together until their phone rings repeatedly. Chachi stands up, wipes his mouth with a handkerchief and turns to Jenny. CHACHI I’ll take the call. He leaves the kitchen and walks into the hallway. He closes the door behind him. He stops in front of the phone and picks it up. Hello. CHACHI (CONT’D)

VOICE (O.S.) Chachi, its Johhny Zazula. Johnny is seen in his office sitting at his desk, clicking his pen. CHACHI Johnny, everything good?

12. The pen clicking can be heard over the phone. JOHNNY (O.S.) I’m fine. I got some bad news. Jimmy got hit outside my building. They think it was the Irish. I thought you’d taken care of it. Chachi strokes his head with his free hand. CHACHI (O.S) I did. I mean, we did. There were complications as you know. Wait hold on. What the fuck... THEY SHOT JIMMY. I don’t believe it. Is he alright? Johnny clicks the pen on his table. JOHNNY He’s good. They took him to a hospital, got the bullet out. He’s in a sling for a few weeks. They nearly killed him. I want to know who done it. CHACHI I don’t know who could’ve done it. No one knew about the hit on Vinnie other than me, you and Jimmy. Makes no sense. Johnny looks at Vinnie’s file on the desk and draws a massive X on top of it in frustration. It rips the front page. He throws it on the ground. JOHHNY I just want to find the bastards and gut ‘em. Gut ‘em while they’re weak and victorious. I want ‘em alive. I’ll pay top dollar to get ‘em to me. No strings attached. Put the word out. CHACHI Johnny. I think the snitch is still in the family. I don’t think we got rid of it fully. I don’t know what to do. JOHNNY Here’s what you’re gonna do. You’re gonna put the word out to the Vicci family and the Polak crews. Anyone hurting on Jimmy gonna feel it from their hands. (MORE)

13. JOHNNY (CONT'D) Then me and you are gonna figure out how best to approach this and what the fuck we’re gonna do about. Capische. Chachi looks at the phone intently. The pen clicking gets louder over the phone. CHACHI What’s the clicking noise over the phone? JOHNNY I’m clicking a pen. Nothing to worry about. CHACHI You sure the Feds ain’t in on this. Johnny stops clicking his pen. JOHNNY You’re just getting paranoid. Its good. I like that. Never hurt anybody. CHACHI Johnny, if they’re listening, we’re fucked. FUCKED. JOHNNY You think I don’t know that, ha? You think I ain’t gone jail. I was doing schemes when you was in diapers. Don’t talk to me about the Feds. You piece of shit. Chachi is angry by Johnny’s tone. CHACHI You speak to Johnny like that? JOHNNY SHUT YOUR MOUTH. Now, look. You’re gonna find ‘em. I don’t care how you do it but you’re gonna find em. When you do, you give ‘em to me. Jimmy nearly died cos of them. I want to see ‘em in pain. You hear me, Chachi. Do ya? The door to the kitchen opens. Reno runs out to his dad. Jenny goes to the door to close it. She looks at Chachi briefly and closes it. CHACHI Give me a second, Johnny.

14. He puts the phone down. Johnny is heard incoherently in the background. Chachi picks up Reno with his spare hand and holds him in his arms briefly before putting him down on the floor. He sits by his father. CHACHI (CONT’D) I hear ya. Listen. I gotta go. I’m eating with my old lady and the kid. We’ll talk tomorrow. Meet you at the office. Alright? JOHNNY Fine. Don’t sweat it kid. Go be with your family. See you soon. God bless. CHACHI God bless Johnny. The phone clicks and they both hang up the phone. Chachi picks up INT. HOSPITAL - DAY The hospital is crowded with people walking and running through. Stretchers are seen going to and from the doors. Its another day in a hospital. Jimmy is seen lying in his hospital bed, awake but hooked up to machines. Nero is seen outside of his room, standing straight and correctly. Chachi approaches his room, although with hesitance. He walks towards it. Chachi. NERO

Nero smiles at him in a discomforting way and offers his hand. Nero. CHACHI

Chachi shakes his hand quickly and opens the door. INT. HOSPITAL ROOM - DAY Chachi enters the room. Jimmy notices him and nods. He smiles at him sarcastically. Jimmy’s arm is in a sling with bandages covering his wound. JIMMY Well, if it ain’t the Great Mouse Detective come to check me out.

15. They both laugh slightly as Chachi sits next to Jimmy’s bed. CHACHI How you doing? Jimmy looks at him, still laughing. He moves his head to the left to face him but pain grips him. JIMMY You better come over here. Jimmy indicates Chachi walk over to his right. He does so. He sits down next to the bed. JIMMY (CONT’D) It wasn’t the Irish who done it. I’m sure of it. They couldn’t have fucked up the deal. No way. It had to be someone else. CHACHI Well, who was it. Sure you saw ‘em before you got clipped. Jimmy shakes his head hesitantly as he looks at him. JIMMY No. No, I don’t know who it was. CHACHI Then it remains a mystery. Your uncle thinks we got another snitch. He’s asked me to check it out. JIMMY Only thing Johnny gives a shit about is covering his back. I’m his nephew. Chachi looks at him with concern. CHACHI I know. That’s why I’m telling you. I gotta go but I figured I’d let you know. Chachi get out of the chair and turns to face the door. JIMMY Chachi, you’re a friend to this family. Don’t forget it. CHACHI I won’t. Get some rest, Jimmy. See you later. Chachi opens the door and closes it behind h

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