Building Private Clouds with NetApp Shared Storage

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A Major Market Transition Is Underway
Aging Dedicated Architectures
Apps Servers Network Storage

Explosive Data Growth

Waste, Complexity, and Inefficiency

 Utilization No Data Reduction  Data Copies

Huge Waste

  IT responsiveness not meeting business needs   Keep-the-lights-on spending remains high   Strategic IT investments are limited

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IT Leaders Are Exploring Alternatives


Embrace Service Providers? Delivering new levels of cost efficiency and responsiveness Build a Private Cloud? Compete on cost and deliver business enablement

Dedicated Architectures

Internal IT

Business as usual is not the winner’s choice
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The Question Is Not “If,” It’s “How”


Requirements are the same: flexible and efficient shared IT infrastructures that increase service levels

Servers Network Storage

Internal IT

All roads lead to shared infrastructure
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Data Center Design Is Evolving
ApplicationBased Silos Zones of Virtualization
Apps Servers Network Storage

Internal Cloud Services

External Cloud Services


Traditional Approach

Shared IT Infrastructure

A flexible and efficient foundation is essential
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Shared IT Infrastructure Requirements
To get new results, rethink old criteria. For radically better efficiency and flexibility, evaluate differently. Shared IT Infrastructure Purchase Criteria   Scale Up and Scale Out   Storage Efficiency   Intelligent Caching   Unified Architecture   Integrated Data Protection   Non-stop Operations   Secure Multi-tenancy   Service Automation and Analytics
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Industry-Leading Efficiency
Storage Efficiency
Data Growth
SATA / Flash Cache RAID-DP®

Operational Efficiency   Application integration   Storage management automation   Integrated data protection   Service automation


Thin provisioning Snapshot® Technology Deduplication Thin replication Virtual copies Compression TB

Do more with less

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The Only Unified Systems Portfolio
NetApp FAS and V-Series running Data ONTAP

Broad System Portfolio

Flash Cache SSD FlexCache®

Unified Management

 Same tools and processes: learn once, run everywhere  Integrated data management

 Integrated data protection  Unify across vendors

One architecture for diverse workloads
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Flexibility Accelerates IT Response
  Deploy new applications: hours or days   Provision: minutes   Deploy new database copy: minutes   Backup & Recovery: minutes

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NetApp Storage Service Catalog
NetApp Storage Service Catalog

  Part of OnCommand Provisioning Manager (no-charge feature)   Leverage predefined storage service tiers for data store provisioning   Higher level abstraction of storage resources and settings


Storage Resource Pools




Service-level Provisioning for Storage
Traditional Storage Provisioning and Management Service-Level Provisioning and Management

FlexPod for VMware:
Presized, Validated Data Center Base Configurations
VMware , vSphere™ and vCenter™

  Supports 1,500 users and 4 workloads
–  VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure –  Microsoft Exchange/SharePoint /SQL
® ® ®

Cisco UCS B-Series and UCS Manager


–  Plus headroom for multiple applications

Cisco Nexus Family switches: Cisco Nexus 1000V


  Flexibility to support multiple classes of computing and storage in a single FlexPod™   Proven results
–  Reduce capital expenses by up to 60% –  Cut energy costs by up to 80% –  50% more efficient data storage

NetApp FAS 10 GE and FCoE


Three Industry Leaders, One Architecture

FlexPod for VMware Overview
Simplify the Journey to ITaaS

FlexPod Deployment Guide for Virtual Data Centers

Zones of Virtualization
SQL Server Exch 2010

ITaaS (aka Public or Private Cloud)
SQL Server Exch 2010

Cooperative Support





Secure Multi-Tenancy

Validated Designs

FlexPod™ for VMware® Specialized Partner Ecosystem

Intelligent Caching
Virtual Storage Tier

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The Virtual Storage Tier
A Fundamentally Different Approach   Start with lowest cost storage   Virtualize for efficiency –  Dedup, compression, thin provisioning, etc.   Add performance –  Promote hot data on-demand
Virtual Tier
01010 10110 01011 01010 10110 01011
01010 10110 01011

Performance Virtualize

Physical Tier

01010 10110 01011

01010 01010 10110 10110 01011 01011


Intelligent Caching Modes & Options
  Flash cache is more than just additional read cache memory
–  Caching mode options make it useful for more applications

  3 modes of operation
–  Normal mode (default setting)
  Caches both user and metadata – extends main memory cache   Used when one dataset is being actively read   FlexShare option can exclude user data for specified volumes   Preferentially caches only metadata   Most useful when many datasets are being read simultaneously   FlexShare option can include user data for specified volumes   Caches user data, metadata, and data that is quickly ejected from main memory   Useful with repeat sequential reads or when reading recently written data
16 16

–  Metadata

–  Low Priority

The Boot Storm Problem

Read data block from disk


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NetApp’s Umbrella for the Storm

Boot time decreases 47% Storage workload decreases 50% Performance increases 71%

Read data block from disk


Users don’t take a hit during simultaneous boot or log on.

Flash Cache
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Nobody Beats NetApp in Storage for VDI
Storage is the largest cost (38%) for VDI
Pooled Desktops

90% Less Dedicated Desktops No change

NetApp offers storage for VDI starting at $50/seat, as low as 1/3 of competing solutions

95% Less 90% Less User Data No change 35% Less

Non-optimized Storage

VDI software on non-optimized storage
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VDI software on NetApp

Challenges Unique to Virtual Desktops
Delivering Performance and Economics
Peak Load

Performance (IOPS)

$$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$

Normal Load

Capacity (TB)

Sized for Performance Sized for Capacity

Delivering Performance and Economics
Dedupe-aware Flash Cache

Peak Load
Write I/O Optimization $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$

Performance (IOPS)

Normal Load


Capacity (TB)
Sized for Capacity

Integrated Data Protection

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NetApp Backup and DR Delivers Maximum Efficiency
Application Aware Management
File Systems Business Apps & Databases Messaging & Collaboration Virtual Infrastructures

Snapshot Based, Application Consistent Replication Policy-Based Protection Management

Optimized Transfer and Storage
Block Level Transfer Deduplication

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NetApp – Virtual Storage Console in VC

SnapManager® for Virtual Infrastructure
Primary Site
–  Snapshots –  Restores –  Replication

  Policy-based management of

Virtual Server Admin

vCenter API SMVI

  Restore Datastores, VMDKs, or individual files within VMDK   VM-aware snapshot   SMVI coordinated with vCenter   Storage admin sets and controls policy   Virtual server admin delegated to run data management for virtual infrastructure

Storage Admin POLICIES
 Backup  Restore  DR

Storage Pool


VMware - NetApp Integration
NetApp - Built for VMware
  Virtual Storage Console   VC Integrated Management   Instantaneous Storage Efficient Backups   SRM Plugin   Primary Storage DeDuplication   Flexclone   Intelligent Dedupe aware Caching   Thin Provisioning   NetApp – Data Motion

VMware vStorage Initiatives vStorage Implementation
Initiatives Virtual Storage Server Mgmt Appliances Thin Provisioned Server Mgmt Policies Linked Clones Virtual Storage Server Appliances Multipathing APIs Server Offload Writing Zeros Details Open Specifications

NetApp vStorage Implementations Virtual Operations Mgr Implementing on SAN & NAS API with FlexClone® Integration Data ONTAP® Virtual Appliance Plug-n-Play via ALUA Implementing on SAN & NAS

Open Specifications Software Implementation Open Specifications

Open API

Open API

Customer Success

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Building Cloud-Based Services at T-Systems
Business Impact   T-Systems is the largest SAP outsourcing company in Europe, serving 100 companies like Porsche, Shell, and Airbus and 1.8M live users   30% lower cost offering than on-premise IT Increased Flexibility   Dynamically scale, now with 80PB+   New customer environments in 1 day   Dynamically migrate to meet changing needs Increased Efficiency   50% increase in server and storage utilization   80%+ reduction in disaster recovery costs   Self-service recovery in minutes, not hours
A division of Deutsche Telekom, T-Systems operates information and communication technology (ICT) systems for multinational corporations and public sector institutions.

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NetApp Based Cloud Services
Global and Growing

Infrastructure as a Service

Data Protection as a Service

Messaging & Collaboration as a Service

Desktop as a Service

SAP as a Service

Other as a Service

Changing the economics of IT Changing the pace of business Businesses built on NetApp go further, faster
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Rely on an Experienced Leader
300 million active accounts
“Music Service” “Social Network”

100–200 million users 200 million active users 290 million reservations/month 46 million users 1.3 million e-mail accounts

Over 1 billion consumers receive cloud services today from customers of NetApp
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  NetApp and VMware vSphere Storage Best Practices tr-3749.html   NetApp Blogs   Tech Paper Library   Secure Multi-Tenancy Blueprints   Demo Movies on Youtube

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