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Federal Register / Vol. 69, No.

222 / Thursday, November 18, 2004 / Notices 67535

DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE goals of the Sanctuary program. non-profit organizations and live in
Specifically, the Council’s objectives are Monroe County or Dade County.
National Oceanic and Atmospheric to provide advice on: (1) Protecting Applicants who are chosen as members
Administration natural and cultural resources, and should expect to serve 3-year terms,
identifying and evaluating emergent or pursuant to the Council’s Charter.
Availability of Seats for the Channel critical issues involving Sanctuary use DATES: Applications are due by
Islands National Marine Sanctuary or resources; (2) identifying and December 3, 2004.
Advisory Council realizing the Sanctuary’s research
ADDRESSES: Application kits may be
AGENCY: National Marine Sanctuary objectives; (3) identifying and realizing
obtained from Fiona Wilmot, Florida
Program (NMSP), National Ocean educational opportunities to increase
Keys National Marine Sanctuary, P.O.
Service (NOS), National Oceanic and the public knowledge and stewardship
Box 500368, Marathon, FL 33050.
Atmospheric Administration, of the Sanctuary environment; and (4)
Completed applications should be sent
Department of Commerce (DOC). assisting to develop an informed
to the same address.
constituency to increase awareness and
understanding of the purpose and value
applications. of the Sanctuary and the National Fiona Wilmot at the above address or
Marine Sanctuary Program. (305) 743–2437, ext. 27 or
SUMMARY: The Channel Islands National
Marine Sanctuary (CINMS) is seeking Authority: 16 U.S.C. 1431, et seq.
applicants for the following vacant seats SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The
(Federal Domestic Assistance Catalog
on its Sanctuary Advisory Council Number 11.429, Marine Sanctuary Program) Council provides information for
(Council): Research alternate, Recreation Dated: November 10, 2004.
Sanctuary Managers on a wide variety of
(non-consumptive), Recreation (non- issues. The 20 member Council of
Daniel J. Basta
consumptive) alternate, Public At-Large, stakeholders reflects the larger
Director, National Marine Sanctuary Program,
Public At-Large alternate, Business, community from which it is drawn and
National Ocean Services, National Oceanic
Conservation, and Commercial Fishing. and Atmospheric Administration. meets bimonthly. Smaller working
Applicants are chosen based upon their groups meet as necessary on specific
[FR Doc. 04–25606 Filed 11–17–04; 8:45 am]
particular expertise and experience in topics.
relation to the seat for which they are Authority: 16 U.S.C. 1431, et seq.
applying; community and professional (Federal Domestic Assistance Catalog
affiliations; philosophy regarding the DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE Number 11.429, Marine Sanctuary Program)
protection and management of marine Dated: November 10, 2004.
resources; and possibly the length of National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Daniel J. Basta,
residence in the area affected by the Administration
Sanctuary. Applicants who are chosen Director, National Marine Sanctuary Program,
Availability of Seats for the Florida National Ocean Services, National Oceanic
as members should expect to serve and Atmospheric Administration.
2-year terms, pursuant to the Council’s Keys National Marine Sanctuary
Advisory Council [FR Doc. 04–25607 Filed 11–17–04; 8:45 am]
DATES: Applications are due by AGENCY: National Marine Sanctuary
December 4, 2004. Program (NMSP), National Ocean
ADDRESSES: Application kits may be Service (NOS), National Oceanic and DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE
obtained from Jacklyn Kelly, Channel Atmospheric Administration,
Islands National Marine Sanctuary, 113 Department of Commerce (DOC). National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Harbor Way, Suite 150, Santa Barbara, ACTION: Notice and request for Administration
CA 93109–2315. Completed applications. [I.D. 012903A]
applications should be sent to the same
address. SUMMARY: The Florida Keys National
Taking and Importing Marine
Marine Sanctuary (FKNMS or
Sanctuary) is seeking applicants for the
Jacklyn Kelly, Channel Islands National Incidental to Conducting Oil and Gas
following vacant seats on its Sanctuary
Marine Sanctuary, 113 Harbor Way, Exploration Activities in the Gulf of
Advisory Council (Council): Maritime
Suite 150, Santa Barbara, CA 93109– Mexico
Heritage; South Florida Ecosystem
2315, 805–966–7107, extension 371, Restoration; South Florida Ecosystem AGENCY: National Marine Fisheries Restoration (alternate); Citizen-at-Large, Service (NMFS), National Oceanic and
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The Upper Keys (alternate); Commercial Atmospheric Administration (NOAA),
CINMS Advisory Council was originally fishing, Marine/Tropical (alternate); Commerce.
established in December 1998 and has a Charter Fishing, Sports (alternate) and ACTION: Notice of Intent to prepare an
broad representation consisting of 21 Conservation & Environment (2). Environmental Impact Statement; notice
members, including ten government Applicants are chosen based upon their of public meetings; and request for
agency representatives and eleven particular expertise and experience in scoping comments.
members from the general public. The relation to the seat for which they are
Council functions in an advisory applying; community and professional SUMMARY: NMFS has received a request
capacity to the Sanctuary Manager. The affiliations; philosophy regarding the from the U.S. Minerals Management
Council works in concert with the protection and management of marine Service (MMS), U.S. Department of the
Sanctuary Manager by keeping him or resources; and the length of residence in Interior, for regulations to authorize the
her informed about issues of concern the area affected by the Sanctuary. The take, by harassment, of small numbers
throughout the Sanctuary, offering Conservation & Environment seat has of marine mammals incidental to
recommendations on specific issues, the additional requirement that the seismic surveys during oil and gas
and aiding the Manager in achieving the applicants are employed by accredited exploration activities by the U.S. oil and

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