Autism Paradigm Shift

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Revised: January 1, 2011

The Urgent Need to Embrace Nonconforming Thought And a Return to Nutrition and the Natural Medical Sciences In Effectively Conquering Current & Future Occurrences of Autism Spectrum Disorders & Related Conditions

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A personal message & updates from Dr. Shauna – January 1, 2011
Hi everyone! Can you believe it? - 2011 already! Seems like I just got used to writing 2010 on my checks… Once again, let me thank and congratulate all of you who have had the confidence and determination to start with the Spectrum Balance™ Protocol Diet from home, and thanks as well to all of our new practitioners who have now started training with us! We’re also grateful for the many of you families and professionals who have supplied us with reports of your positive results, as well as your challenges so that we can be of help. Since we’re able to update the diet for start of the New Year, I thought it would be a good time to include another short message from me. Some of these thoughts are reminders about old subjects and some are new, so please take a minute to read this - especially those of you who are looking at this information for the first time. New Stuff: We’ve just completed primary filming for our “virtual office visit” that includes in depth discussion of many frequently asked questions, which will be soon available on DVD. We’re very pleased with the way that this video is coming along and we know that this unique educational tool is going to fill a great need in supporting the effective home-use of the SBP Diet. We’ll be updating you again just as soon as we have an expected availability date. I would like to encourage everyone (as a New Year’s resolution perhaps) to invest in a good juicer and start juicing regularly. Juicing is an excellent way to get the fruits and veggies (especially the greens) into the kids as well as the whole family. We’re finding that the kids who consume larger portions of their leafy green vegetables are by far doing the best with the Protocol, and these foods are far easier to consume in quantity when juicing them. Some of you have been trying Natural Calm as a laxative, and there has been a pretty solid track record of negative results with it. It looks fine to us by the label, but we’ve had enough blow-ups to advise against it. I’ve always thought it was a great product and know many who use it with great results, but apparently it’s not a good fit with this Protocol. We do have some other suggestions if your child is having less than two BM’s daily and needs some help. On the flip side of this, we found another product called “Bioplasma” that has been really helpful for keeping the kiddos calm. They are a combination of all 12 of Schuessler’s tissue salts and are available at many health food stores. These were suggested to us by Dr. Cary Birch, so thanks Cary! WE SURE NEED YOUR TESTIMONIALS! Write ‘em up, email ‘em, videotape ‘em, record ‘em – just please get them to us. We have a large growing interest in the Protocol right now, but no one wants to hear results from me - they want to hear them from you! In the same vein, we’d also like to compile a list of people who would be open to being interviewed by media (print/radio/TV type stuff). There are quite a few sources expressing interest right now and many of them want to talk to families local to their particular media market. So if you’re interested, please let us know about your personal story and where you live so that we can create that resource. Copyright 2011: Assertive Wellness Center, Inc. 1

Older Stuff: When it comes to your emails and phone calls, please be patient with us. Always remember that the great bulk of this work is being done by Doug and me, and there are a lot more of you (and more every day…yeah!), than there are of us. As always, I’m very happy to try to answer quick questions between 9:00 & 10:00 in the morning (Mountain Time) Tuesday through Friday (with “quick” being the operative word) on a “first call, first served” basis. The more to the point your question is, the quicker that we’ll be able to get back to you. Since so many of you have asked for more time, we have also recently made available full 30-minute phone consultations to discuss all your particulars, at only a $50.00 fee. Many people have been extremely pleased with this service that helps get them off on the right track and maximize results. Just call my office at (970) 385-7577 if you’d like to schedule. Be sure to read the entire Protocol, and not just the food lists! Despite the fact that we address the following two topics numerous times in the body of the written materials, they still are a huge block of the questions asked of us. These two issues are: 1. Missing food items. Answer: If a food isn’t listed, don’t eat it! Usually missing foods simply means that we have not yet been able to locate the nutritional information we need in order to properly classify it to our satisfaction. There are TONS of food items in the diet now, so please do your best with these for now 2. Length of time in the “Phases”. Answer: Transition from only the Best Choices list to more of the Moderation list should ALWAYS be done based on behavior and NEVER just on the length of time on the Protocol. You cannot say, “I’ve been on Phase 1 for ‘X’ number of weeks, so it’s time to move to Phase 2”. Nope - when your child is behaving, learning and reacting the way you would like them to, then and only then is the time to move on to the next Phase. Everyone is different. Older, but extremely necessary stuff that needs to happen: We certainly know that the economy isn’t great, but we can’t move forward in a big way until we secure the funds to do so. It would be the worst kind of shame if this Protocol, which has done so much for so many (for so little cost), is slowed in getting out to the rest of the world. So please find a way to give yourself, or help us fundraise. If every family that is now using the diet had donated even $10, we wouldn’t even have to be asking! We hear all the time about how many of you have spent much time and tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on protocols and treatments without results, only to have our little diet here turn the trick. Doug and I live for those calls, those emails, that feedback, but folks, we really do need some funding! We put this out in a “pay-it-forward” fashion so that your child could start being helped before you pay anything, but if we’re to continue to grow, we certainly do need some help as well. Remember that very dollar you give to NoHarm goes directly to helping more kids, so please, give us a hand, okay? As I always say, keep up the good work, keep loving your kids, and keep believing in yourself and your ability to create change. Together we will make this happen. We will change this paradigm of fear and surrender that surround ASD’s, and we will do it with faith, love… and sweet potatoes! Be Well: Shauna 2
Copyright 2011: Assertive Wellness Center, Inc.

INC. NATURAL OPTIONS FOR HEALING AND RECLAIMING MEDICINE 140 Rock Point Drive Durango. here are the bullet points on what you’re probably looking for: • Shauna’s work has proven to us that not only is there a common link to many cases and syndromes along the Autism Spectrum. one of the answers to a problem that is perceived as so complex. Shauna has rediscovered a longago identified condition of toxicity and imbalance in the human body that appears to demonstrate a direct link in causation to a good percentage of cases of ASD’s.noharmfoundation. uncomplicated and inexpensive dietary and supplement protocol is capable of producing rapid. could be so simple that a child could do it?” For almost ten years now I have had the pleasure of serving as General Manager of the Assertive Wellness Research Center located in Durango. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). ADD. and the first noticeable improvements can usually be measured in days and weeks as opposed to having to wait many months and even years 3 Copyright 2011: Assertive Wellness Center. undeniable and apparently non-regressing reversal and/or elimination of symptoms in an unbelievably-high majority of the cases that she has worked MISSION STATEMENT PLEASE HELP US PROMOTE REAL & PROVEN SOLUTIONS FOR CHILDREN & ADULTS SUFFERING WITH AUTISM. Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). Through her intuition. So right up front. state and a number of foreign countries. CO 81301 Phone (970) 403-0817 Fax (970) 385-5834 www. Shauna Young’s work for more than four years now with a multitude of children and adults who had been suffering under the symptoms that have been clinically diagnosed as Autism. but even more info@noharmfoundation. Inc. but that in a large percentage of such cases we find that the conditions and symptoms are highly and rapidly reversible Such effective reversals of symptoms can in many cases be achieved with no more than implementation of uncomplicated and manageable changes in diet. solely as the result of private and professional referrals.NOHARM FOUNDATION. Colorado. and over that time I have been witness to nearly miraculous reversals in the health and wellness of a great number of individuals with highly-varied ailments and conditions who have had the confidence to travel to the Center from every U. One of the most astounding testaments to the power of natural medicine and proper nutrition that we have experienced has centered around my sister Dr. clinical experience and persistence. • . Asperger Syndrome and other closely-related learning and behavioral conditions cast under the net of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD’s). she has also theorized and subsequently clinically-proven time and time again that a safe. ADHD & OTHER AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS “What if in reality.

Be sure to register your email with us through our website at www. and everything potentially to gain. However. but the potential upside here definitely justifies giving it a try. We know that surely some percentage of those who decide to follow this Protocol will achieve no dramatically apparent result without individual professional assistance. There is no doubt that the potential for maximum individual success increases greatly where one-onone assessment and consultation with a healthcare professional is possible. After reading this information completely. but regrettably that resource does not yet exist. and that the research and application of this productive new direction of medicine will be magnified a thousand fold worldwide. due to the fact that enough of Shauna’s clients have shared no more than their copies of her dietary protocol with friends and relatives who have reported being able to achieve various levels of undeniable success on their own. Inc. we will do our best to help you where possible with your remaining questions if you will email to info@noharmfoundation. Please understand that this story has been a very difficult and a regrettably-long process in getting out.noharmfoundation. . we have reached the point of confidence that a good deal of benefit can be achieved at home until greater resources become available. email or otherwise. and although certainly not all of your questions will be answered in this writing. If you are a so that we will be able to keep you posted on new developments. protocol or phone the Assertive Wellness Research Center in Colorado at (970) 385-7577. As there is no way that Shauna’s office is able to personally and effectively answer all your questions by phone. it is our most sincere goal that the broad public release of this information will spark and usher in an entirely new paradigm in research and real help for countless suffering children and adults. Our extreme preference with this writing would have been to be able to supply you with a list of trained practitioners local to you.The primary goal of the NoHarm Foundation is to aggressively help in getting this highlyimportant message out to the general public and media with the hope that countless other medical practitioners will be stimulated and encouraged to join Shauna in making this information and help available to their clients and patients. and on upcoming seminar and training resources that will be organized at the earliest opportunity. This is highly-important subject matter and we truly hope that this material will start to supply part of the answers that you and countless other families are searching for. therapist or other healthcare practitioner and would like more information about participating in this program. There’s certainly nothing to lose. we hope that the information you will find here will be able to address many of the issues and questions that she regularly hears from all around the country and beyond. you may also call (970) 385-7577 Tuesday through Friday (Mountain Time). We sincerely hope that you elect to join and help us in this worthy & necessary effort 4 Copyright 2011: Assertive Wellness Center.

FDA or any medical body. consult with your physician before making significant changes in your diet and/or supplementation. agency or association. Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and various degrees of classic Autism. Dr. Dr. Young or another trained healthcare professional. taking prescription medication or have any medical condition. It is important to understand that the Spectrum Balance™ Protocol & Diet have been created to address the theorized condition of abnormal and unmanageable stress being induced on the body. religious or other such judgments about the foods recommended or discouraged. Young that by effectively restoring these balances with specific corrective dietary changes. then successful instances of reduction and/or full reversals of symptoms should not be in any way referred to as “cures”. 5 Copyright 2011: Assertive Wellness Center. Young. This entirely new field of study warrants significant additional research and much broader clinical application. Young is herewith making no philosophical. and the brain specifically. does Dr. . “medical advice”. nursing. As these syndromes and disorders have not been formally classified by any medical body or authority as “diseases”. No official clinical trials and/or double-blind tests have been conducted using this Protocol and it has not been endorsed by the U. cure or prevent any disease. and certainly you will need to take into account any foods that you or your children have known allergies or other sensitivities to. PhD. especially when considering all the various underlying and unknown factors that may be present in each individual case and without each subject having the ability to receive personal consultation and assessment with Dr.S. many subjects may experience and have experienced reductions and/or elimination of some or all of the symptoms that have been classified under clinical labels such as PDD-NOS. Inc. Young’s knowledge and is definitely not consistent with all requirements of classic gluten-free and/or casein-free (GF/CF) dietary protocols. No protocols. and the authors make no representations whatsoever that following this Protocol will provide the same level of desired progress for all subjects. It is proposed by Dr. Young diagnose or treat any disease or give out what is legally-deemed.S. and represents only the opinions of Shauna K. cultural. due to specific chemical disruptions associated with mineral imbalances that may result from improper nutritional choices. or to replace the need for regular medical care. Neither in her capacities as a Board Certified Traditional Naturopath nor as a Doctor of Philosophy in Natural Sciences. treat. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). These statements have not been evaluated by the U. This writing was not created and is not presented to be a technical paper and it was prepared mostimportantly so that the material could be easily understood for education of and consideration by the general public. foods or products herein discussed are intended to diagnose.DISCLOSURE & DISCLAIMER The entire contents and information provided in this writing are intended only as a free-sharing of knowledge resulting from private research and clinical experience. Young encourages each and every one of you to always make your own health care decisions based upon your own desires and research. Food and Drug Administration. The information contained is only provided for educational purposes and is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified healthcare professional. If you are pregnant. CTN of the Assertive Wellness Center. and through consultation with trained practitioners. The Spectrum Balance™ Dietary Protocol is not derivative of any other dietary philosophy to Dr. Inc. any child or other person who has received evidence by testing of sensitivities/allergies to these or other dietary factors should exercise proper caution with deviation from any special diet that is currently producing positive and cumulative results. Therefore.

it is ridiculed 2. it is accepted as being self-evident Sometimes I liken my sister Shauna Young’s life experience to date as a passionate practitioner of natural medicine to her being given a few keys to the mysteries of sustained health and wellness and then set adrift in a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean in a desperate attempt to get to the mainland and disseminate the word to the anxious many. but all likewise adrift in search of their own disjointed and separate paths in trying to reach the shore. we still have no way to transmit our location. Third. consultants and even attorneys advise and caution her that until she fully understands literally everything about her theories and work and then seeks and gains the confirmation and blessings of one or more notable medical doctors (M. which has become even more crystal clear over time. .D. the chicken-or-the-egg circumstance that is created from adopting that position. reduction of symptoms and better quality of life. in the earnest and desperate hope of reaching enough people who will help us with this highly important effort. So consider this writing to be our “message in a bottle” – cast out to the world at this particular moment in time and our learning curve. First. imagine that to our delight we realize that our particular lifeboat is equipped with a GPS locator. we will no doubt be far from the point-in-time coordinates we provided.A LITTLE BACKGROUND It’s been said that all “truth” goes through a process of three distinct phases: 1. State and in more than 50 countries around the world. We simply refused to continue to try to do this all by ourselves any longer. she would be foolish and potentially jeopardized professionally by putting this information out there in a broad way. As of the date of this writing. it is vigorously opposed 3. Shauna has had countless practitioners. Unfortunately. More specifically. I envision most of the entire leadership in the natural medicine communities as also being in their own individual life boats – all with their respective pieces and partial answers to important puzzles. there is no way that we will ever achieve this envisioned and illusive finish line and “reach our shore”. And the greatest lunacy and tragedy of it all is. how many children and adults could have been receiving a higher level of wellness.S. while this totally unknowable timeline and discovery process excruciatingly continues? So what is the primary purpose of this writing? • Is this in any way a declaration or claim of unique knowledge and complete victory over the foes of Autism and related disorders that are plaguing our world in ever-increasing proportions? No 6 Copyright 2011: Assertive Wellness Center. Second. To extend this lifeboat analogy just a little farther. the Protocol has been delivered to thousands of families and practitioners in virtually every U. we might elect to write down our current coordinates and load the messages into empty bottles and cast them adrift in hopes of reaching help – all the time knowing that by the time that the message is read. Inc.’s) and preferably a research institute. but unfortunately without the possession of a communication device. Now this project is picking up the needed momentum. So in a desperate attempt to reach the outside world. You are making the difference! For several years now. is that until and unless we receive greatly expanded help from others in the medical and nutritional communities in clinically applying and refining Shauna’s work. organizations.

the necessary levels of proper nutrition that will provide the infrastructure to allow your wondrous bodily systems to do their respective jobs in crucial function and synergy. Sensory Integration Disorder.” My first reaction was in wondering if this had been written sometime back in the 19th Century.• Does this represent the outcome and revelations of many years and millions of dollars of research in the development and production of a device. The intrigue and popularity of this film was obviously enhanced by the general perception that one might never actually see in their lifetime such a unique person with such highlyfocused obsessions and odd abilities. There is neither now. I consulted a Webster’s dictionary in search of various definitions of the term “Autism”. Differential diagnosis is also very subjective due to the fact that all these conditions and syndromes are only clinically diagnosed. difficult or even displays of the catch-all “mental retardation”. that miraculous pill that will allow you to deny the bodies of yourself or of your children. ADD. etc. or at least acknowledged the word Autism (maybe like for many of us). was when I saw the 1988 movie hit “Rain Man”. and are dramatically higher in many other countries and regions of the world. which of course is a revised term used to replace the politically incorrect and potentially-offensive previous label of “Idiot Savant”. statistics support that 1 out of 120 children (or more) are being diagnosed with some degree of Autism. OCD. . After all. I suppose at that time there were any number of kids who might receive more familiar labeling by today’s standards. nor will there ever be. your persistent and voracious self-education on these all important subjects is the only answer. anti-social.S. There is certainly much disagreement and debate out there as to the accuracy. Inc. categorization and scope of what is referred to as the “Autism Spectrum”. I was confused by the vague and seemingly inappropriate definition found there: “…a state of mind characterized by daydreaming. generally now suggested by many to be a “disease” that has approached nearly epidemic proportions.. introverted. it’s not like there is a blood test or other objective empirical marker for Autism and related disorders and we seriously doubt that there ever will be. hallucinations and disregard of external reality. Just what has happened to our children in a short two and a half decades?? I believe that really the first time that I heard. The reason for this odd definition became a little more understandable when I realized that I was looking at an older dictionary that was published in 1984. The rates of incidence actually vary from State to State. you might be a little frustrated to some degree with the information presented here. but still… Now the current U. I don’t recall hearing anything about other children who were considered to be “Autistic”. Thinking back to when I was a child (not all too long ago). In these days of overwhelming amounts of confusing marketing and constant misinformation and disinformation. in which Dustin Hoffman portrayed the real-life case of an adult man living under the diagnosis of being an “Autistic Savant”. drug or even a natural supplement that will be marketed with the intention of decisively crushing Autism? No For the many out there who always seem to be expecting that solitary and simple answer for optimal wellness that will not require any pesky changes in your choices or priorities in life. ADHD. this particular writing will supply you with a great push along your personal journey. At one point in the process of forwarding the research for Shauna’s current dietary Protocol. and very much up to the discretion and judgment of the individual practitioner and the philosophy and methodology each is trained in. Fortunately for you. who’s behavior at that time was simply chalked up to being overly shy. the true numbers of those affected are truly staggering. but this poignantly represented an exemplary contrast in the perception and understanding of a disorder. When also taking into account the number of children and adults who are affected by conditions clinically labeled as PDD-NOS. 7 Copyright 2011: Assertive Wellness Center. yet only 25 years ago was described simply as a “state of mind”.

We see this as the only way that true help is going to brought about in short order to the current and the next generations of children worldwide. banquet dinners and conventions if you could just shift your preconceptions and resigned acceptance of what Autism really is. that in no way is Shauna claiming that she has somehow divined the full or final answers to either the causes.Let me say right here up front. . may be truly destined to improve on many aspects of how we look at our priorities and responsibilities in supplying early nutrition to our children and how food products are processed. have resulted in positive and sustained symptomatic improvements that have consistently changed the lives of many many individuals and their families in ways that are nothing short of extraordinary. I ask that you don’t try to just jump to the actual “diet”. and especially with regard to Autism Spectrum and related disorders. alleging disingenuous intention or action. once broadly accepted and exponentially implemented. before expecting you to believe that some crazy Naturopath from Durango. will be destined to negatively affect the development. as will be restated numerous times in this overview. What we are saying however. Our primary intent in this shared writing is just to challenge and shake you up a bit. So in this abbreviated writing we’re going to share with you much that we have learned and theorized about some of the causes and reversals of Autism. what we know to be an intriguing story of our growing understanding of a global challenge to physical. Instead. is the lack of appreciation and belief in the process that Shauna has received back from the many attempts to share her findings with peer medical communities and even with numerous organizations with the adopted mission statement of ridding the world of Autism within our lifetimes. avoidances or solutions to Autism. is that the commonalities that she first observed nearly six years ago followed by theorized and refined courses of dietary modification. This is about bringing to all the eyes and ears open to divergent thought. happiness and social productivity of millions more children and adults of our world. and who we are. this is not a message about casting around blame. labeled and consumed. please allow us to first share with you a few of our thoughts about the “big picture” and a little background behind Shauna’s knowledge gained from her ten years as a practicing Traditional Naturopath so that you may better understand the road that she has followed and the genesis and development of her successful work with ASD’s. we will be joined by countless more researchers and clinicians who will help further develop this science and refine the process for the betterment of all mankind. Inc.either as a medical practitioner or as a parent or other concerned individual. and far be it from her or us to claim knowledge or revelation of some one-size-fits-all source or remedy. But what we are seriously talking about here. Maybe even more extraordinary to behold. To stretch your comfort zone and perceptions about the sources and causes of “disease” and other conditions. How would they like to change their focus to reversing a substantial majority of the problem within the next few years? Could you justify holding off on scheduling a few of your next 10-K runs. psychological and mental health that if not brought into more accurate focus. Endless time and dollars dumped into the black hole of genetic and pharmacological research is definitely not the exclusive answer. 8 Copyright 2011: Assertive Wellness Center. I really want you to have a better idea who Shauna is. Colorado is attempting to change the face and future of nutritional and medical sciences. There is no doubt that any number of factors that are contributing to this wide range of syndromes and symptoms. in order to locate Shauna’s summaries and see if you happen to “agree” . often combined with simple and natural supplementation. or specifically naming names of those in the Autism communities that may be taking positions and postures that we see as counter-productive to the greater cause. It is our sincere desire that by stimulating broader private and professional interest and attention to what we have been fortunate and blessed enough to accomplish over the last several years. and just lend us a hand here? On that note. With no intention to bury the lead story here.

the physical modalities of magnetic therapy. enzymes. will closely simulate the experience of others. . Therefore. The proper practice of traditional natural medicine relies heavily on the principal that a holistic wellness program must be specifically customized and adjusted to each individual. or your child’s body. cold. naturopathic modalities and natural substances. which is often dismissed as “anecdotal”. then that technology or device will surely be challenged as to such effectiveness by the medical establishment. in reality. if the health progress for the individual is anything less than best expectations or grows unfavorable. heat. Inc. light. Although we are confident that many primary philosophies of natural medicine are applicable to and effective for the population at large. including without limitation. then the alternative course of care and the practitioner are generally condemned with full blame for any resulting outcome. And. your neighbor or even of a family member.” Hippocrates It’s a great public disservice that a good portion of Americans don’t really even know what a Naturopath is. or even a catastrophic failure. but when the outcome is less than hoped for. was done”. or allopathic.A BRIEF INTRODUCTION TO NATUROPATHY ONE DEFINITION A distinct system of non-invasive healthcare and health assessment in which neither surgery nor drugs are used. grows with each and every year. Naturopathic medicine has been dominant and embraced in cultures of the world far longer than any “modern” practices. medical philosophies. will react to changes in diet. if a natural practitioner attempts to attribute any portion of his or her effectiveness to any particular technology or device. topical natural substances. homeopathic preparations. counseling. vitamins. but the notion of the body’s natural and incomparable self-healing ability has been far eclipsed by the modern juggernaut industries of synthetic pharmaceuticals and sickness management. air. food extracts. then any such protocols or products will likewise be subjected to inevitable challenge. it is unreasonable and improper to give the impression or for you to assume that the ways that your body. Although the percentage of the populace who demonstrate confidence in and use of “alternative” sciences. supplementation. proper “knowledge” for both the teacher and the student is the only real key to your longterm wellness and success. “The natural force within each of us is that greatest healer of all. if any resulting client success is associated with any suggested dietary protocol or course of supplementation. naturopathic non-manipulative bodywork and exercise to help stimulate and maintain the individual's intrinsic self-healing processes. digestive aids. botanical substances. water. In distinct contrast. dependence being placed only on education. natural medicine is not yet on anywhere close to an even playing field with what has been self-proclaimed as “conventional” medicine under the modern western. sound. When a person responds favorably to “conventional” medicine. Quite a dichotomy isn’t it? Further. some form of coincidence or an otherwise invalid proof of real success. it’s often chalked up to “all that could have been done. the medical arts and practitioners are given full credit. toxicity and lifestyle. minerals. In all truth. and never forget that. or does. But conversely. when a person responds favorably to any of a multitude of processes that have been so-deemed “alternative” by the medical establishment at large. assessment and assistance through us or any other healthcare 9 Copyright 2011: Assertive Wellness Center. Always remember that technology and products are nothing more than tools in the hands of competent practitioners – naturopathic and allopathic alike. This tendency towards over-simplification of the process many times leads people to feel and assume that any two people with apparently similar symptoms and/or health and wellness goals will respond in the same way after consultation. then frequently little or no credit is attributed to the practitioner or course of care. the use of foods.

neither does the journey back to wellness. If any of your symptoms are reduced over time through alternative processes. No legitimate Naturopath will be able to make specific assessments or give complete advice without seeing you in person. Natural medicine will always be capable of supplying viable and even superior options for individuals so long as misguided government regulation isn’t allowed to be put in place that will limit the choices for all. After all.practitioners. but neither has it yet elected to specifically guarantee protection of this form of health choice and freedom to its citizens by legal mandate. . as has already been enacted in a number of other states. The same would be true in the case of your seeking advice from any legitimate healthcare professional. The prime intention and duty of Naturopaths is to provide you with added information. we strongly feel that it’s up to each individual and family to educate themselves on the full spectrum of available medical options. Until such time as Colorado commits to a clear health freedom act.S. Even speaking to you personally by phone will be inadequate in providing any assurance for you as to the measure that the health goals of you or a loved one will be addressed to your satisfaction after seeing any practitioner.S. including those in the allopathic communities. People need to powerfully protect their freedom and choice. Your ultimate success with such goals will be a direct function of your individual circumstances and your desire and compliance in following any recommendations made to you. Most of the public is completely unaware and shocked to find out that the practice of traditional natural medicine is under constant and mounting scrutiny and legal challenge in this country and beyond. Educate yourself with the many available resources. If you ever feel frustration regarding the restricted and lower-tier status that natural medicine and alternative care continue to occupy in the U. to be free to choose their courses of care. this state still remains an open home to alternative medical thought and practices. regarding your health and wellness. The unrealistic assumption that we all progress in the same way or move along the same path and timeline can lead to disappointment. Remember while reading this material. and to be the final judges as to their satisfaction with the outcome and adopted path to wellness. and has even been condemned as illegal to practice in a growing number of U. then you must always consult with your physicians regarding any potential changes with those medications. call and inform your elected officials that you wish them to preserve and protect your medical freedoms and choice. will the paradigm shift. or moves the other way in establishing some form of exclusionary and/or restrictive policy within the medical art. Medications you may be currently taking were prescribed by your physician because of your symptoms and/or condition by test results. 10 Copyright 2011: Assertive Wellness Center. and unfortunately.. So in this dogmatic and restrictive medical paradigm we currently live under. Only together. but instead write. Your informed decisions and more-healthy future is all that really matters to us. so this should be your choice. education and choices. The state of Colorado is still one of the many battlegrounds regarding the matter. states. it’s your body. Our state legislature has historically chosen not to strictly define or license the practice of natural medicine. This is one reason that many people have elected to travel interstate to see us at the Assertive Wellness Center. consistent with your Constitutional rights. We strongly feel that you must be assertive about your own wellness in order to understand and maximize your body’s innate potential to overcome health obstacles and maintain your sustainable wellness. then try not to channel that frustration towards the many battling alternative practitioners. Please be aware that a conscientious Naturopath will never direct or even advise you to stop consulting with any physician of your choice or to reduce or discontinue any medications that have been prescribed to you. Inc. that reaching an unhealthy state-of-being doesn’t happen overnight. or both will surely continue to be limited by the forces that have something to gain from the absence of such options.

products and help. Then I Guess I’m a Duck”. a Colorado not-forprofit organization formed with the primary goal of releasing this vastly important information with the intent of ushering in a new paradigm in research and provide real help for countless affected children and adults. Shauna completed her initial education and obtained her degree as a Naturopath under a regimented correspondence curriculum through the Herbal Healer Academy. This is expected to serve as a lighting rod issue to create permanent positive change in how the role and importance of natural medicine is perceived by the public and peer medical communities. The mission of the Knights Hospitaller is to promote higher levels of international health and to establish. a school duly certified by the American Naturopathic Medical Association. CBS. NM. she has been practicing as a Traditional Naturopath within the disciplines of her continuing education and certifications with the American Naturopathic Certification Board (ANCB) and as a Certified Biofeedback Specialist (CBS) with the Natural Therapies Certification Board (NTCB). and is a member and serves as Chairperson of the Legislative & Legal Fund of the Colorado Naturopathic Medical Association. Inc.S.allergykids. In February of 2008 she was also knighted into the international Sovereign Medical Order of the Knights Hospitaller in recognition of the unique impact of her work with Autism and for positively advancing the field of natural medicine in general. led to her receiving speaking engagements and Distinguished Awards of Excellence in both May of 2006 and May of 2007 from the internationally-recognized Global Foundation for Integrative Medicine.Shauna K. her center has now to date had the distinct pleasure of seeing thousands of clients who have had the confidence to travel from every U. . CTN. was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. “If Naturopaths Are Quacks. The unique success of this clinical research.D. 11 Copyright 2011: Assertive Wellness Center. She has also been appointed to the faculty of the University of Natural Medicine in Santa Fe. equip. learning and behavioral disorders in both children and adults. and she is currently working on a book for published release in 2011 that will specifically highlight and chronicle her research and successful work with Autism Spectrum Disorders.) in Natural Sciences from the University of Natural Medicine in Santa Fe. She is author of her first book available only in audio-book format. originally referred to as “The Popeye Protocol” and currently as the “Spectrum BalanceTM Protocol”. Young.. to the Medical Advisory Board of the Allergy Kids Foundation (www.D. after four years of clinical observations and experience.noharmfoundation. Ph. State and even several foreign countries based almost exclusively on referrals from other practitioners and clients who have been pleased with the consultation. Since 2001. a both realistic and humorous look at life as a Naturopath practicing in the United States today. staff and maintain humanitarian and medical treatment centers worldwide. Shauna began specific research regarding her theorized negative effects of excess and stored manganese on the human neurological and sensory input systems and its possible symptomatic connections to Autism and other neurological. Since its humble beginnings. OSJ Shauna Young is the owner and Medical Director of the Assertive Wellness Research Center of Durango. which first opened its doors in 2001. For the last several years she has been an international lecturer on many aspects of natural and serves as the Chief Medical Advisor for the NoHarm Foundation (www. Shauna holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Natural Sciences and based on the merits of her research. theories and doctoral thesis on Manganism as it relates to Autism. In 2005. the Spectrum Balance™ New Mexico. Autism Spectrum Disorders and many other health related topics. CO. Shauna maintains additional professional memberships and affiliations with the American Association of Nutritional Consultants and the Coalition for Natural Health.

rapid onset of symptoms in their children closely following vaccinations. but as a Naturopath I understand that life often hands us these simple and natural solutions. Since then I have continued to lecture. This simple and inexpensive Protocol. The clinical diagnosis of Autism is often considered to be a permanent brand not only on a child.worst case. Let me just say right here that while I’m definitely no fan of vaccines. Think about it . I have been talking about this program and my findings to whoever will listen in the global medical communities for more than five years now. So instead of continuing to lecture to skeptical organizations and more clinical ears. a completely noticeable and improved situation by the end of a few months. PhD. some fatty acids and many times a few common supplements to a person’s diet could have such profound impact. Although many parents have reported by their own observation. or as simply referred to later as the “Protocol”. Although I do not feel that vaccine damage is by any means a lone cause of the problems. I am constantly asked about the vaccine damage controversy. but still suffers no side-effects resulting from eating a healthier-than-normal diet for a few weeks. the child does not respond. which I referred to at that time as the “Popeye Protocol”. I like many practitioners and researchers believe that they may act for many children as “the last straw” so to speak in cascading into these syndromes. etc.THE SPECTRUM BALANCETM DIETARY PROTOCOL OVERVIEW Dr. I also began speaking with a number of the prominent Autism groups and found that nearly all of them declined to even go as far as to watch a video recap on DVD of several of my formerly Autistic. the usual response time for the first significant changes to be noticed have been averaging between 10 and 30 days. It’s extremely difficult to believe that something as simple as avoiding certain foods and adding other foods. We have no doubts that there are numerous contributing factors to the development of Autism and other ASD’s. With most recent estimates showing 1 out of every 120 children (and growing) now being diagnosed Autistic. I do always support whatever informed choices parents make for their own children. Sensory Integration Disorder. PDD. and many more somewhere else along the Autism Spectrum (ADD. It is 12 Copyright 2011: Assertive Wellness Center. The most recent version of this work that you now have in your possession is now entitled the “Spectrum BalanceTM Protocol”. . time after time has resulted in complete & sustained reversals of symptoms regardless of the person’s age. I finally came to realize that part of the problem is that the sheer simplicity of the Protocol makes it difficult to accept the results we’re regularly seeing. This represents a very manageable. but on the entire family: One that causes medical science to stop looking for any kind of cure and instead merely to cast around for something that might help. Believe it or not. and at extremely minimal cost and complication. CTN I first theorized and began creating and making test use of the initial version of this dietary therapy in June of 2005.). risk-free and inexpensive option that has resulted in the spectacular results we have seen with the many children and adults we’ve worked with for more than five years now. ADHD. There are absolutely no rational and logical reasons for this. it is obvious that the majority of children who are vaccinated continue to be asymptomatic with regard to ASD’s. give seminars and refine the Popeye Protocol through my clinical work. I reached the decision to start bringing my work directly to the people who seem most willing to listen and believe – the parents. Best case scenario. Young. ADD and ADHD kids and their Mom’s telling their own stories. something obviously needs to be done to stop this horrible progression. Inc. Shauna K. Although the period of time needed to achieve results has varied depending on individual factors and especially with regard to how well the subjects (and/or their parents) have followed the dietary guidelines.

Manganese is one of those trace nutrients one wouldn’t normally consider giving a lot of thought to.very questionable as to whether this will ever be specifically proven (and admitted to). How about genetic links? With as much energy and research as is being put into addressing this question. the symbol for iron. smell and sound. as our bodies usually maintain its levels in regular fashion. This condition that afflicted these manganese miners exposed to toxic dust. it’s no wonder that the neurological symptoms can the first to appear. so we hope that vaccination will always remain a choice and decision for each informed family to reach independently. Since this nerve collection center is primarily responsible for coordinating and smoothing out the movements of the body and for organizing the sensory messages being sent to the cerebral cortex. or the like. I believe that potentially a very large number of these cases may be brought on and/or exacerbated by no more than an intolerable excess of the mineral/metal manganese in the brain that has accumulated due to over-consumption and other exposure. The neurological aspects from this overload are most likely due to the fact that the primary site of internal collection for manganese (described in neurological textbooks as “a neurotoxic metal”). So Menefe it is… A little general info about manganese is warranted here. the job of a good Naturopath is to be less concerned about specific causation of symptoms that have been clumped under a label. Might there be some level of genetic predisposition that makes one child more prone to developing these conditions than the next? Sure. Chronic exposure led to “muscular weakness. is the basal ganglia. often mistaken for Parkinson’s in adults. tremors. Further reading revealed that other very common symptoms of manganese excess can be speech difficulties and extreme reactions to sensory input . immobile facial expressions and extreme speech disturbances”. But obviously the “brain mineral” idea caught my attention. touch. regardless of the source of exposure. ataxia. however it was very instructive to find that the sufferers of Manganese Madness were nearly always in a state of high to extreme sensory overload.light. Inc. irrationality. I know that many doctors and researchers often take pride in naming syndromes and diseases after themselves. combined with insufficient bio-available iron and simultaneous suppression of the normal and natural regulatory mechanisms that our bodies use to naturally keep such an imbalance from occurring. 13 Copyright 2011: Assertive Wellness Center. small quantities are important in the utilization of mental capacities and functions as well as in the formation of tendons. These symptoms. I have seen no data that evidences any more than miniscule genetic commonality for the disorders. than to just look for what’s necessary to try to reduce and eliminate them. So what do I personally and professionally suspect is the primary culprit in causing these devastating symptoms? Again. It is a naturally-occurring mineral that is found in many types of rock. . but I never cared too much for naming a condition that attacks millions of children worldwide – “Young Syndrome”. ligaments and in maintaining the structural integrity of the lining of various organs. but where the allopathic medical community seems always obsessed with labels and categorization for every state of disease and disorder. This was more-accurately cases of manganese “toxicity” as compared to what we are classifying as the Menefe Syndrome. the mass of nervous tissue buried within the cerebral hemispheres of the brain that is closely associated with the other nerve cell collections of the thalamus and hypothalamus. Mn & Fe sounded out together equals “Menefe”. also sounded to me suspiciously similar to Autism in a child. appeared to cause symptoms of “emotional liability. Sometimes referred to as the “brain mineral”. hallucinations and impulsivity”. We have referred to this as the “Menefe Syndrome”: “Mn” is the periodic symbol for manganese and “Fe”. The first medical record of suspected problems associated with environmental overexposure to manganese was noted in 19th Century miners and was commonly referred to by the syndrome originally labeled “Manganese Madness”. although there are certainly many possible contributing and complicating factors.

than to have a need to give something a name or label. we can also be exposed to manganese through such means as our water and combustion emissions. in addition to the manganese issues. Person 2 – Asperger Syndrome. I believe it likely that in most cases the storing of excess manganese can be more attributed to the lack of iron in a person’s diet and/or the lack of the bioavailability and absorption of iron due to dietary factors and other gut-related problems. You will need published reference materials or at least our lists to identify generic food items that are relatively-high in manganese. . rave or shout if someone disturbs them in their concentration Person 3 just can’t handle all the input! They put their hands over their ears. I have more of a tendency to look at symptoms and how and why they occur. Wherever the excess comes from. try to picture the consequences of this sensory overload in this way: Three people are in a room together trying to listen to me explain this concept. There are also ten radios blasting away on ten different music stations. to a low-iron diet coupled with excessive vitamin consumption. They concentrate and concentrate – even going so far as to repeat the words and phrases being heard in an attempt to be able to retain any information to the exclusion of all the noise going on around them. close their eyes and shut down. to popular breakfast cereals and many other processed foods. Again. Person 1 might be considered to have ADD. and so on.Plentiful international research studies have been done for decades that well-document not only the consequences of manganese overload in compromising brain function in animals and humans. we prefer to simultaneously address any gut and mal-absorption issues. This very quickly becomes exasperating Person 2 thinks to themself. In my practice. They may even strike out. or avoid it. Since I am a Traditional Naturopathic Doctor. and Person 3 . No food or supplement in the world will be effective if you are not absorbing the nutrients in the first place. I have seen the suspected culprits in manganese excesses be anything from toxic exposure (in the case of a welder). their attention being caught by a word or phrase coming from one of the TV’s or radios only to be distracted again by something else being said on another station. but in response to identical input. This is why at our Center. a named “diagnosis” doesn’t mean much to me. “Forget all this noise! I’m going to concentrate on this one TV screen and see if I can figure out what’s going on”. I choose to use a form of evoked potential bio-feedback to 14 Copyright 2011: Assertive Wellness Center. Illustrated very simply. Our research has revealed that beyond food sources. then play it safe and either research it. however we have seen amazingly-high levels of manganese listed right on the labels of anything from baby foods and formulas. so pay strict attention! Our recommendation is that if the content for manganese is not shown on a label. it’s important that you get rid of it! The best thing you can do for the issue for yourself and/or as a parent is to become a diligent food and product label reader. Inc. the point of this abbreviated writing is not to overcomplicate this science for the reader. Think about it for a second: How do you think you would react? Although there’s no way of knowing all the sources of this manganese that may be attributed in each particular case. However. than specifically to the high consumption of or other exposures to manganese. All of these conditions manifesting differently in various people. to the use of many soy baby formulas.Autism. but that adequately describe this competitive game of musical chairs so to speak that is competitively played between manganese and iron in a crucial brain chemistry balancing act. I do now regularly see and recognize the disastrous result of these excesses and associated sensitivities in both children and adults. How will these subjects react? • Let’s say that Person 1 keeps darting from input source to input source. but anyone who wishes to perform a basic Internet search will locate an abundance of documentation on this subject. If you try to penetrate in. they strike out to protect their fragile peace from the intolerable noise and input • • According to medical science. Unfortunately there are ten television sets that are all on different channels blaring away at top volume.

I often use the analogy of a person being allergic to a food such as peanuts: As one person could eat a pound of peanuts and have no ill effects and the next person may experience a violent allergic response to a miniscule exposure. I am not aware of any possible side-effects from this type of dietary modification. no matter the result of any form of testing. if a person/child is exhibiting these recognizable symptoms. The problem with this limiting assumption is at least three-fold: 1. But quite frankly. The problem we have theorized. but anyone presenting any or many of these in particular will put me on high alert. so neither blood nor hair testing alone will necessarily reveal and/or confirm this condition 2. There is much disagreement and conflicting information in nutritional/toxicology research fields as to what actual levels of ingestion and retention of manganese is even considered safe above very trace amounts. which has been supported with plentiful historic third party research. The issue that is constantly raised and I believe obsessed over by many in the allopathic medical community and even in Autism groups. it is obvious that the response produced by the peanuts is far more important in the equation than the amount of peanuts that might be measured and quantified in one’s body 3. just refer under our Frequently Asked Questions section to my list of some of the most common clinical symptoms of manganese overload and how they may relate to all kinds of diagnosis’s and syndromes. Although I would highly suggest having the support of a health professional whenever possible. We have found numerous studies internationally that have pointed to negative consequences suspected from manganese levels that are currently considered to be within acceptable standards. One complaint that we were hearing over and over from parents was that we didn’t have enough food items categorized on the diet to allow diverse enough meals for the whole family over extended periods of time. “Who cares?!” When the above-mentioned symptoms are present. By the summer of 2008. We certainly hope that our work will motivate more definitive research and reconsideration regarding this important matter But as it turns out. and not a syndrome that can be applicable or susceptible to all children or adults. . We have had both children and adult clients come to us who have elsewhere had metals testing done in the forms of blood work and/or hair analysis that do not seem to evidence any “excesses” of manganese.try to detect bodily stress in response to an excess. I’d go ahead and try the Protocol at any rate. there’s more to it than just Manganese & Iron: “The Spinach Paradox” Spinach happens to be one of the very first foods that demonstrated to us its ability to help trigger the stabilization of excess manganese and rapid reduction of unwanted symptoms in my child clients. even parents at home can start this program independently and just see how it goes. To this I respectfully respond. is how to precisely identify and quantify the presence of excess manganese in a manner acceptable to them using standard medical testing procedures. why initially jump to expensive and invasive testing procedures and possibly to drugs? Why not just try the dietary Protocol and see what happens? Aside from the presence of any specific allergies. So instead of concentrating on any specific diagnosis. Inc. we had a good deal of client cases under our belt and we were aggressively ramping up our efforts to get the word out to the medical and Autism research communities in order to attract help in dramatically advancing and expanding the work. We have referred to this turning point in understanding as “The Spinach Paradox”. 15 Copyright 2011: Assertive Wellness Center. We are talking here about individual sensitivity to manganese. however the wonder-leaf also became a point of temporary frustration for us due to a subsequent realization that at first seemed to be a potential contradiction in the logic of our already successful dietary Protocol. There are sometimes more than these listed. and that’s how I originally suspected the condition and syndrome. is that the manganese sensitivity occurs most specifically within the brain chemistry.

was considered as good a source of dietary manganese. and he noted that near the top of the list was one of our Protocol heroes – spinach. Spinach continues to have a net-positive effect in the whole process. Chronic Depression. So for physicians and therapists. How was it possible that spinach. Additional information will surely become available soon. Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Why try to fix a process that didn’t seem to be in any way broke? But still. Logical Internet searches involved lists of “foods that are highest in iron”. and therefore we suggest adhering to our food rating system in preference to any seeming contradictions that may result from simply searching. we had to agree that we might have greater and more consistent compliance if we were able to add greater variety to the meal possibilities. . Sensory Integration Disorder and others are all lesspronounced expressions along the same Autism Spectrum. like many practitioners who work with ASD’s. As the majority of our clients seek our help for general wellness. But never the less. the answer as to why spinach “works” within the Protocol is more complicated than just its ability to simultaneously provide both minerals and then have the iron simply “win out” over the manganese. However. and due to the fact that things seemed to be working so well despite our having so little available pertinent reference information. Tourette Syndrome. Was this revelation destined to throw our entire theory out the window? Were we back to square one?? However. and lists of “foods that are highest in manganese”. The concern arose when a particular search result located a list of foods that were considered to be “excellent sources of manganese”. at that time we had a fairly short listing of no more than a couple dozen foods on our two “eat” and “avoid” lists. one of our first assumed trigger foods that put us on our path of discovery. ADHD. As we started researching the overall nutrient content of foods more completely. this represents an additional consideration for trying this dietary modification therapy with patients who are dealing with such disorders as OCD. 16 Copyright 2011: Assertive Wellness Center. Popeye saves the day again! Potential Application and Effectiveness Beyond ASD Cases I. cross-referencing and contrasting lists of high-iron and high-manganese foods. ADD. as our ongoing research has revealed to us. we had been extremely conservative about adding more foods into the mix that might create unknown or unwanted interactive consequences. we will always be thankful to spinach in serving as one of the first heroes for the kids in our program. and to a growing degree for help with ASD’s. He later described a particular day that resulted in so much confusion and frustration that he was literally afraid to bring the new data to my attention. as it was of iron? I think he nearly had a heart attack. so just know that the there are a number of underlying factors within the nutritional profiles of the foods taken into consideration. however over time we have found a number of foods that we feel are even superior for our purposes. Inc.It was true. we have far less clinical experience with specific psychological issues. Bi-Polar/Schizophrenia and even Alzheimer’s. and therefore may share in this same dietary/nutritional imbalance that is producing various degrees of “brain fog” consequences. we have seen sufficient benefit from our Protocol with both children and adult clients to suggest that the same dietary links and imbalances that we have identified (the Menefe Syndrome) may be contributing factors in many other disorders that involve informational processing breakdowns in the brain. One day my brother Doug sat down at his computer to try to locate more foods that I might be able to recommend with confidence. it became increasingly obvious that there are other factors that have influence on this important mineral balancing act such as certain vitamins and compounds present or absent in foods that tend to either enhance or inhibit iron absorption and utilization. Our intent in this writing is not to overcomplicate our food selection and rating process for you. believe that less-severe symptoms associated with many diagnosises of PDD-NOS.

once exposed to it. but in the end they have virtually all come around to adapting to and enjoying the diet. . and you get to make the choices. One of the drawbacks to so many of the other dietary regimes I have reviewed that are designed to aid various conditions. Truthfully I tried to do that at first because that type of strict regulation is far more readily-accepted by the medical community at large. My standard instruction to parents is exactly this: “Every time your child wants something to eat. as unbelievable as you may find it. And even if they don’t at first – make them stay on it! You’re the adult. “I love salmon” or “I love spinach” out of the mouth of a child – especially one who had little or no language skills before the diet. so this will not represent a very protracted or laborious experiment in exchange for the potential upside. specific shopping. the biggest adaptation problem we have seen is with parents who are resistant at first to preparing breakfasts for the family that involve more than just pouring something out of a box. Before putting people and especially children on lifelong courses of very serious and expensive drugs with very real potential for side-effects and/or into very expensive behavior modification programs. Inc. His Mom assured him that he could have it anytime he wanted it. As I mentioned before. The diet I am recommending will be wholesome. One 9-year-old I was discharging from regular monitoring after a few months was very concerned that since he was technically going off the program. A few of the kids (like the one who only liked hamburgers and cereals) threw some major tantrums and/or went a little hungry for a couple of days. and no one in this world is going to be damaged by a few weeks of this diet – in simple contrast to the prospect of starting on many prescription drugs where it often seems that potential side-effects can be as bad or worse than the targeted condition or disease itself. but unless you are prepared and able to avoid the types of foods that have helped create the problem in the first place. something she never expected to say to her formerly vegetable-hating picky eater! Trust me. you cannot have the expectation of achieving real and sustained improvements. I honestly believe that one of the barriers to acceptance by most medical doctors (or even by 17 Copyright 2011: Assertive Wellness Center. This includes breakfast. you’ll find that the basics of the Protocol are just that – very basic. healthy. is that they are quite difficult to maintain. because nearly all the parents say the same thing: You’ll be wondering how you’ll get your kids to eat these foods. The “portion control” for this Protocol does not include anything measured in ounces. We truly wish that we could make the diet even easier. this “trigger” effect should result in some subjectively and objectively noticeable improvements in as little as 2-4 weeks of compliance. or except in the case of specific supplements we might individually recommend. So in summary. and just forget about ever traveling or eating out! It usually also means making one meal for the affected child or adult and another meal for everyone else. right? I mean. The children (and the adults) almost to a person have all found themselves. lunch. actually craving many of the iron-rich meats. but it just didn’t work as well and I’m completely results-oriented. include instructions on how many times a day to eat something in particular or dictate any one food that you must eat. and if such cases are going to positively respond to these dietary changes. why not get the person on this high-iron/low-manganese Protocol and see if there is any positive result? The usual response time for the first significant changes to be noticed is quite rapid. Honestly.Certainly no harm will be done. just make sure whenever possible that it’s from one of our “Best Choices” columns”. varied and satisfying for the whole family. Now I know what many of you will be thinking when first reviewing the attached diet. They require a lot of portion control. then let them eat those foods – over and over. If at first they only like a few things on the lists. tasty. very limited choice. or lunches that aren’t between two slices of bread. is no. dinner AND snacks. but it just keeps happening. “Don’t all kids hate sweet potatoes and spinach”? The answer to this. It always amuses me when I hear. whether he could still eat spinach because he “loved it so much”. veggies and fruits suggested on the diet. most kids tend to adapt to the diet readily.

At least 90% of the time these affected people tell me that the worst part of the dreams are that objects. a good candidate for this Protocol? 1. These things range from the odd or inappropriate to incredibly sarcastic. are “coming at them from everywhere”. or that they are being “pounced on” or otherwise attacked. who can’t stand wearing bedclothes. horribly frightening and very realistic Technicolor nightmares that they have difficulty waking up from are quite common. Asperger Syndrome. constantly sniffs all his/her food or hates all the shirts with tags on them. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS How do I know if my child is. Another strange aspect of these dreams is that for some reason in many people. C. the syndrome seems to invoke some of the darker areas of the subconscious resulting in dreams that the person is actually ashamed of for even thinking. “I know I shouldn’t be doing that. doesn’t like to go to the movies. ADHD. This is first and foremost. and I have rarely seen anyone in our program who didn’t display at least some of this. etc. It took me a long time to stop being shocked at some of the things children said to their parents or siblings. classic Autism. Sometimes it can be an overreaction to a single sensory source such as light. or sometimes even to me during office visits. Inc. I’ve seen kids who refuse haircuts because they can’t stand the way the little cut hairs “hurt” them. which is often accompanied by tears of frustration or recriminations that they are “a bad person”. If your child is light or sound sensitive. squinting or watering eyes in bright light. A common statement to look for from older vocal children and adults is. If any person is displaying associated symptoms and/or has been diagnosed anywhere along the Autistic Spectrum (PDD-NOS. This can manifest in ways such as not wanting to be around other people (especially in a classroom. you’re probably looking at a case of sensory overload. then it’s worth a try. Others tell long very-involved stories about the vivid dream they had the night before. but it will manifest in a kid who always wants to sleep with Mom and Dad. restaurant or shopping mall). I’ve had everything from kids who tell me how horrible 18 Copyright 2011: Assertive Wellness Center. hates going to the mall. but it’s often from combinations of input. B. ADD. or at the very least can’t sleep without a nightlight. Sensory Integration Disorder. to always complaining that they are “being yelled at”.) or has any form of chronic psychological or behavioral issues. noise or certain sounds.the public in general) has been how simple and easy this actually is: Give the digestion system some support. Be grateful for it. Others might just dream very frequently and in extreme detail. . “Extreme” Dreaming: Frequent. but I just can’t stop myself”. or who keep tearing off their clothes because of the little tags in the neck of a shirt. Pretty simple isn’t it? How can something as easy as balancing the iron and manganese levels in the body erase these horrible and debilitating symptoms? Answer again: “I don’t yet have every answer. intensely smelling everything from fabrics to foods (sometimes getting very offended by strong smells). Oversensitivity to sensory input. this is the most common of the issues and reflects the basis of the problem. enhance iron absorption and minimize manganese intake. cruel or lewd. 2. If the person in question in displaying any of these particular symptoms: A. Although it shows up in varying degrees. flinching. Children often times don’t voluntarily tell their parents about these dreams. increase bio-available iron consumption. Impulsivity and/or “Blurting”: This can range from saying inappropriate things or acting out. all the way to violence – sometimes even extreme violence. people or quite commonly “demons” or other scary beasts. but who cares as long as it works!” This is a gift. On the “touch” end. or I am. It can also induce claustrophobia and a tendency to physically strike out at anyone who gets too close.

“Scenario Building”. or hearing voices in their head: So common that it is nearly universal. once you show kids a better way to go. Inc. Presenting with these symptoms alone I would not necessarily first consider our syndrome. It involves hearing your own voice (or sometimes someone else’s) in your head making up wild stories and primarilynegative fantasies. Unlike adults who are set in their ways. it’s not essential that you serve a large variety in order for this process to start working. with the one at the top being that if the child has excess manganese. Set a good example for your child and eat by the diet along with them. can be very effective. but trust me .the kids usually do just fine. they generally grab onto the changed lifestyle with gusto. your kid will find it. or even hitting. How do I get my picky-eater kid to eat healthier foods and go without his/her favorites? Actually. it’s probably much easier than you think. The thing to remember is that because of the high sensory input. Your attitude that the changes are “no big deal” will go a long way with your kid. but rather exactly as they remember it happening. Purees that mix meat and vegetables.their parents are. And probably most importantly. then let them eat just those for a little while. They very often are afraid of other children. is this “scenario building”. but that would be my general answer. teachers. E. if you have junk food in your house – whether it’s under your bed or on top of the fridge – trust me. In children (especially the younger ones) this manifests most often in fear and particularly in paranoia. Besides. . or fruit and vegetables (not fruit with meat). rashes. their parent who was with them. but these often accompany the other more-recognizable ones. diarrhea or constipation. this “tall tale” stuff is quite often not an exaggeration in their mind. to those who started screaming and cursing at. D. I see that kids who fall into this category also have chronic stomach pains. Although restaurant eating can be a real wildcard. Do I have to eat the same foods as my child? This is a very important component of the diet for many reasons. allergies or asthma. or of what they project someone may do to them – even their own parents! Some of the scenarios related to me by children have been absolutely chilling. eczema. normally harmless animals. Truthfully. that hasn’t really happened as yet with the clients who have come to see me. Many of our most beneficial foods can also be blended into “smoothies” that most kids don’t have much problem with. an occasional restaurant that offers decent quality food should not present much risk. It’s generally harder to change the habits of the parents than of the kids! 19 Copyright 2011: Assertive Wellness Center. nutritious and delicious for the whole family – no reason to have to make more than one meal for the whole gang – a real plus for busy parents. I have seen two-year-olds (and older) who walk around with open bags of raw spinach eating from it like another kid might with a bag of potato chips. If the child initially only seems to like a limited number of food items on the diet. and there have been some very shocked expressions on the faces of Moms who find out that their own beloved kids are afraid of them or their Fathers. or searching for foods and ingredients you’ve never heard of. and the best part is that the diet will be healthy. It also shows up regularly as the “tall story teller” with a child who either wildly exaggerates or just commonly lies altogether. then your affected child doesn’t feel that they’re being “punished” or otherwise singled out. then you might as well! Next is that if everyone is eating the same meals. but with enough regularity to definitely mention. Related Physical Symptoms and Especially Digestive Complaints: Not always. How hard is this diet to follow? Can we still eat in restaurants? The diet is actually relatively simple: No measuring or worrying about specific portions. I know some of this may sound a little far-fetched at first.

good & bad days and other inconsistencies while on this diet? Absolutely. Is it normal to experience ups & downs. does that mean that the process is not working correctly? We like to say that any resulting changes in symptoms and behavior are indications that you’re making positive progress.How long should it take to see any results? That’s hard to predict with any consistency as every case is different. and the necessary food items can all be easily included on your family’s usual shopping list. It is important to understand that all we’re doing here is substituting some foods for other foods. we are commonly seeing the first significant changes beginning somewhere within the first 10–30 days of proper compliance. If you usually eat good quality foods. As a general rule. As much as we would like to say that everyone sees progress in some uniform. then it would be more likely to notice absolutely nothing from the dietary changes Therefore. In general – let me stress that – IN GENERAL. so stay with it! If my child’s (or my) behavior or symptoms actually seem to get “worse”. Setbacks almost always settle down within a couple of days. although I need to reinforce that the people who adhere most strictly to this Protocol will always see the fastest results. over the entire process • Is this program expensive to take on? In a word …no. cumulative and predictable manner. the majority of people see ups and downs that if not anticipated. the WORST outcome we could expect would be to notice absolutely no changes. either immediately after starting the diet or several weeks into the diet. the younger (and smaller) the child. 20 Copyright 2011: Assertive Wellness Center. the quicker the parents usually see some results. so here’s our logic regarding the process that I think will make sense to you: • • Obviously the best and most desirable reaction and outcome will be rapid. The process can be very different for many due to individual sensitivities to the Menefe Syndrome and the particular severity and duration of the condition and unwanted symptoms. then this will probably be somewhat more expensive for you. Inc. . If you’re not accustomed to eating anything beyond junk-food. Even with those clients who are able to travel to see us. may seem like setbacks or regression. good or bad. then you probably won’t notice a significant difference in your budget as the diet is mostly based on avoidance and substitution. we usually only recommend limited supplements. progressive and cumulative improvements But another positive indicator and reaction may actually be a temporary worsening of some symptoms – If the Menefe Syndrome were not indeed present.

Also remember that we are rating foods with the assumption that you’re mostly preparing meals at home. Inc. perpetuate or aggravate the symptoms present. Once balance is restored in the body and ongoing dietary responsibility is practiced in the future. With a little diligence.. we’re sure you’ll find plenty on these lists that your child and the rest of the family will be happy to eat – and most important. pay particular attention to our relative rankings of the many food items that follow. We’re making absolutely no philosophical. Just do your best to put the foods that you can and wish to consume into this perspective before planning your meals. but this should easily give you enough options to create a variety of complete meals and snacks. Therefore we suggest adhering to our food rating system regardless of any seeming contradictions with more “conventional” thought out there. at least in moderation. If you don’t see a particular food item in any of our categories. 21 Copyright 2011: Assertive Wellness Center. so treat this program very seriously if you wish to achieve any significant success. The food items in this column reflect our absolute best suggestions that will allow you to hopefully see initial results in the shortest timeframe. this is a growing yet incomplete list considering all the food choices that are out there. please trust that we know what many of you will be thinking when first reviewing these lists…”What do you mean to not eat (whatever). then you will be negating most or all of the progress being made. The lists will expand as further research is completed. but more that they will not be detrimental in your program. “Don’t Eat at All for Now!” – Just what it says. If you are not prepared and ready to strictly follow these recommendations. religious or other judgments about these foods here. . raw foods and juicing are usually preferred. 2011 Since foods are the cornerstone and most vital parts of this Protocol. It is imperative to understand that an inadequate 50% compliance will in no way produce a 50% or more positive result. such as certain vitamins and compounds being present or absent that tend to either enhance or inhibit nutrient absorption and utilization. and ones that the whole family will enjoy and benefit from nutritionally. Only un-sulfured dried fruits should be used where indicated. then please don’t eat it! Our intent with this short guide is not to overcomplicate our food selection and rating process. it will all be worth it! Most Important Factors: You will find that the foods groups that follow are divided into three very important categories: “Best Choices” – These are the foods that you will want to utilize in planning your meals whenever and wherever possible.THE SPECTRUM BALANCETM PROTOCOL DIET Revised: January 1.I’ve heard it’s extremely good for you!” Understand that the key here is that we would like you to temporarily concentrate on eating certain foods and avoiding certain other foods because of their overall nutritional profiles and the ways that they might ease. so the basic rule for the time being is… if you don’t see a food listed. and you certainly will need to take into account any foods that you or your children have known allergies or other sensitivities to. some imagination and practice. We have taken into account both “nutrient” as well as “anti-nutrient” properties of foods in creating this unique reference. Now. and whenever possible use only steaming for the vegetables that are to be cooked (avoid microwaves). many foods that may be your favorites will return to being fine to consume. Any positive results that you will achieve from these dietary changes will be a direct function of how well you comply with these recommendations. so whole. A good rule of thumb: Try to eat a mix of at least 2-3 portions (by volume) of Best Choices items to every 1 portion (by volume) of Eat Only in Moderation items. Taking one step forward only to take one step backward will help no one and will drastically reduce your potential with this Protocol.. The processing of foods always has an impact on their nutritional contents. but their value in the dietary therapy is considered to be mostly “neutral”. cultural. “Eat Only in Moderation” – The primary purpose of this second column is to offer you a greater assortment of foods for your meal planning. in that our expectation is not that they will be especially beneficial in your overall program. Due to still expanding research. If you do not avoid the foods in this column virtually completely during at least the initial phase of this dietary program. it’s because we haven’t been able to locate sufficient information to classify it with any confidence. and this is by far the most important classification of food instructions to strictly comply with. so just know that there are a good number of underlying factors taken into consideration when ranking these foods with specific regard to their influence on an all-important mineral balancing act. Just be aware that restaurant and fastfoods will often be of unknown nutritional quality and therefore may be responsible for less-consistent results. then just wait until you are.

you will probably only be asked to live without it temporarily with the exception of a very few foods that just might never work positively with your body . and processed sugars – We’re sure you’ve seen these as “avoids” on almost any healthy diet you’ve ever looked at. There are plenty of great foods available out there so try hard not to focus on the few that you need to avoid in order to stay healthier! At the top of this document and in the lower right corners of each page appears a date code due to the fact that we make changes frequently. they may find that they’re actually consuming hundreds of percent of recommended values daily. 22 Copyright 2011: Assertive Wellness Center. it is of the utmost importance that you maintain strict compliance in the beginning. . vegetarians will be at a disadvantage. you alone set and control the pace of your progress. but inspect them too…just in case). Don’t be frustrated by any temporary ups and downs in your progress! Phase 1: Typically the first 4-6 weeks on the program are the most important to the pace of your success. the blue. Phase 3: Once you have been able to see how your body is reacting to the dietary changes over the first 3 months. Continue to minimize your consumption of wheat and soy foods on an ongoing basis (see the new Phase 3 Diet attached). and during this time we ask that you eat foods predominately from the “Best” columns with all others from the “Moderation” columns. Although we ask that you always consider the Best Choices that we recommend for the vast majority of your dietary needs. This Protocol has little or no chance for success if you keep loading any of the primary substances we’re trying to reduce and/or balance. Due to the fact that meat-source iron (heme iron) tends to accelerate progress from this dietary Protocol to a far greater degree than plant-based iron (non-heme iron). it will become less imperative that you completely avoid all foods in our “don’t eat” categories. then you will want to strictly stay in Phase 1 as long as you are seeing positive progress. but you should always remember what your body has told you about what’s best for you and continue to eat in a more healthy pattern in order to preserve your highest level of wellness. This is not just a “Protocol” rule. however we generally see your initial and long term maintenance plan being broken into three “Phases” that will progress according to your own body’s response and rate of improvement. so don’t expect any real surprises here in our Protocol. FIRST: YOUR “COMPLETELY AVOID” LIST Artificial sweeteners – Ditch ALL of them. add water & stir. The pink.It is important to realize and appreciate that unlike many highly-specific and potentially-lifetime dietary protocols that are recommended in support of many Spectrum Disorders. If all you have to do is pour it out of a bag or box. wheat & most other grains. As reinforced above. Watch your processed food labels closely because soybased ingredients are hidden everywhere. Multi-vitamin supplements – Best to avoid all for now. Inc. our Spectrum BalanceTM program is designed to produce certain primary changes and bring greater equilibrium in the matter how much you may like their tastes. *If you do not have a healthcare practitioner helping you monitor your progress. Soy Products – Do your best to avoid all possible. you can be pretty sure it’s full of chemicals. but a general rule of thumb for good health. the diet will transition to being less and less stringent. Phase 2: Typically the remainder of approximately your first 3 months on the program. nuts. the yellow – avoid them completely! And become an effective food label reader to keep your kids from ingesting these substances from processed foods. *Note to our vegetarian friends: Please be aware that those who have chosen a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle for themselves and/or their children will have a special challenge with this Protocol when they review our temporary restrictions on most of the grains. Often when people put all their supplements together and start adding up the numbers. Processed foods – Eat whole foods whenever possible and avoid or at least minimize consuming processed and pre-packaged foods. No soy milks for anyone & no soy formulas for infants. Be aware that many times there are also artificial sweeteners hidden in chewing gums. toothpastes and drink mixes (unless they are from the health food store. Cow’s milk. Always base these transitions on changes in behavior. Again. Our clients are always welcome to check back with us and we’ll be happy to furnish you with an updated version if available. Consult our food lists for some suitable alternatives for at least the time being. Most of these are loaded with minerals and various compounds that seem to be able to build in cumulative concentrations in the body and can actually contribute to the problem. soy & legumes that serve as staples for many non-meat and/or nondairy eaters. most people are able to start eating with more balance within all three categories. So please do your best to be patient and compliant with the process and know that if a “favorite food” just happens to appear in our “Don’t Eat at All for Now” category. but a little “cheating” here and there in Phase 2 should not be of any major consequence. and once positive response is experienced.

all food items that have been added or changed in classification within this revision have been highlighted in bold text FRUITS Best Choices Apricots Black Currants Cantaloupe Melon Cherries – Black Clementines Figs Grapefruit – Pink & Red Kiwi Lemons Limes Mango Papaya Passion Fruit Plums Tangerines Eat Only in Moderation Apples & Applesauce Avocado Casaba Melon Cherries – Red & White Cranberries – Raw. dried.original. . Inc. 2011 Food Categories & Relative Ratings Food Items are Listed Alphabetically For easy identification. sauce Dates Grapefruit – White Guava Honeydew Melon Oranges Nectarines Peaches (fresh) Pears Pomegranate Prunes Watermelon Don’t Eat at All for Now! Bananas Blackberries Blueberries Boysenberries Coconut (raw or dried) Grapes Peaches (dehydrated) Pineapple Raisins Raspberries Strawberries JUICES & OTHER BEVERAGES Best Choices Apricot Black Cherry Carrot Cranberry Grapefruit – Pink Mango Papaya Tangerine Eat Only in Moderation Almond Milks . vanilla or chocolate Apple Grapefruit – White Guava Orange Pear Sparkling water flavored w/ Stevia Vegetable Juice Don’t Eat at All for Now! Coffee Grape Pineapple Pomegranate Prune Coconut Milk or Coconut Water Rice Milk Soft Drinks – sweetened or diet Soy Milk Teas – none for now Tomato GREENS Best Choices Beet Greens Chinese Cabbage (Bok Choy) Collard Greens Dandelion Kale Mustard Greens Red Lettuce Romaine Swiss Chard Turnip Greens Eat Only in Moderation Arugula Cabbage – all common types Endive Onions/Scallions Radicchio Sauerkraut Spinach Watercress Don’t Eat at All for Now! Chrysanthemum Greens Fennel (Bulb) Iceberg Lettuce 23 Copyright 2011: Assertive Wellness Center.SPECTRUM BALANCETM PROTOCOL DIET Revised: January 1.

Organic. other natural forms Tarragon Thyme Don’t Eat at All for Now! Allspice Celery Seed Cinnamon Cloves Cumin Curry Powder Fennel Seed Garlic – powered or salted Ginger – ground. bulb Ginger – fresh Marjoram Mint (Spearmint. if you do not see a particular whole food item listed. powdered Lemon Grass Nutmeg Pepper – black or white Poultry Seasoning Saffron Salt – processed “table” versions Savory Turmeric Copyright 2011: Assertive Wellness Center. and all others should be avoided completely. Inc. then assume that we have not yet found sufficient information to rank it with confidence and please just avoid it for now! HERBS & SPICES Allowed Basil Bay Leaf Chili Powder Chives Cilantro Coriander Dill Weed Garlic – fresh. As always. but are not common in the U. freeze dried and minimally processed versions of herb & spices are always preferred.S. Sea Salt. Yellow Bell Pumpkin Squash – Butternut Squash – Zucchini Sweet Potatoes (not the same as “True Yams”) Eat Only in Moderation Cabbage – common types Cucumbers Eggplant Jerusalem Artichoke Jicama Leeks Okra Olives Onions/Scallions Peas – Green Pickles Peppers – Ancho Peppers – Green Chili (canned) Peppers – Jalapeno Peppers – Serrano Peppers – Green Bell Popcorn (air-popped or olive oil) Radish Spinach Squash – Acorn Squash – Crookneck Squash – Spaghetti Squash – Summer varieties Tomatillos Tomatoes Tomato Sauce & Paste Turnips Water Chestnuts Don’t Eat at All for Now! Adzuki Artichokes Beets Black Beans Corn – White & Yellow Garbanzo Beans (Chickpeas) Fava Beans (Broadbeans) Green (Snap) Beans Kidney Beans Lentils Lima Beans Miso Mung Beans Mushrooms Navy Beans Parsnips Pinto Beans Potatoes – French fried/ hashed Potatoes – White Refried Beans Rutabagas Soy Beans & Soy Products Tofu White Beans Yams (“True Yams” are not the same as Sweet Potatoes. Peppermint) Oregano Paprika Parsley Pepper – red or cayenne Rosemary Sage More Allowed Salt – Celtic. at least until Phase 3.VEGETABLES & BEANS Best Choices Asparagus Broccoli Brussels Sprouts Carrots Cauliflower Celery Peppers – Banana Peppers – Hot Chili Peppers – Red.) *Note regarding Herbs & Spices below: We have simplified the following section by only separating herbs & spices into “Allowed” and “Don’t Eat at All for Now” classifications. The Allowed choices can all be regularly used as long as an item does not constitute a main part of a meal. garden grown. 24 . Orange.

sausage Don’t Eat at All for Now! Bacon Ham Pork FISH & SHELLFISH Best Choices Catfish Halibut Lobster Mackerel Octopus Salmon – Atlantic Salmon – Chinook Salmon – Coho Salmon – Sockeye Sardines .fresh or canned Whitefish Eat Only in Moderation Anchovy Cod – Atlantic or Pacific Crab – Mixed species Grouper Orange Roughy Oysters Pollock Sardines . Inc. ground.Atlantic Sea Bass Squid Shrimp Tuna .MEATS & POULTRY Best Choices Beef – ground & sausage Beef – prime/leaner cuts Beef Liver Bison Chicken . .Pacific Scallops Snapper Swordfish Tilapia Trout Yellow Tail Don’t Eat at All for Now! Clams NUTS & SEEDS Best Choices None are good choices for now! Eat Only in Moderation None are good choices for now! Don’t Eat at All for Now! Almonds Almond Butter Black Walnuts Cashews Cashew Butter Chia Hazelnuts Macadamia Mixed Nuts Peanuts Peanut Butter Pecans Pine Nuts (Pinion) Pumpkin Seeds Sesame Kernels (dried) Sesame Seeds (whole) Sunflower Seeds (whole) Walnuts 25 Copyright 2011: Assertive Wellness Center.meat with skin is best Chicken Liver Cornish Game Hen Deer Duck More Best Choices Elk Goat Lamb Pheasant Quail Rabbit Turkey – meat.

eat no more than 1 oz. in total dairy over an entire day. we caution against making dairy foods a significant portion of anyone’s diet. total dairy (in 1 oz.All Copyright 2011: Assertive Wellness Center. servings) over an entire day. Oat Flour & Bran Polenta Quinoa Rice – Brown Rice Flour & Bran – Brown Rice Flour & Bran – White Rye Soy Flour Spaghetti – Spinach Spelt Tortillas – Corn & Flour Wheat Flour & Bran – All Wild Rice BREAKFAST CEREALS (Applies to both generic & brand name products) Best Choices None are good choices for now! Avoid all cereals for best results Eat Only in Moderation Corn flakes .Unsweetened Corn grits – White or Yellow Cream of rice Rice – Puffed. DAIRY & EGGS Best Choices Butter Eggs – Whole (cooked) Eat Only in Moderation* Cheese – American Cheese – Cheddar Cheese – Cottage Cheese – Feta Cheese – Mozzarella Cheese – Mexican Anejo Cheese – Monterrey Cheese – Provolone Cheese – Ricotta Cheese – Romano Cheese – Swiss Cream Cheese Goat Cheese Sour Cream Yogurt – Goat Milk Don’t Eat at All for Now! Cheese – Parmesan Cow Milk Cow Milk – Chocolate Egg Substitutes Goat Milk Yogurt – Cow Milk Yogurt – Soy Yogurt – Coconut Milk BREADS. and if you have either blood type “A” or “B”. Inc. is that it is far easier and realistic to eat a single ounce of cheese in a meal than it is to drink only an ounce of milk. eat no more than 2 oz. unsweetened Don’t Eat at All for Now! All processed & sugared cereals Millet – Puffed.*Notes regarding use of Dairy items below: Because of general dietary considerations more than because of Spectrum Balance considerations. cooked Oatmeal or oat bran cereals Wheat cereals . However we are not of the belief that small inclusions of dairy in the diet will result in the negative impact that we see from the consumption of larger quantities. try reducing or eliminating these foods as well Don’t Eat at All for Now! Buckwheat Bulgur Corn Flour – White & Yellow Corn Meal – White & Yellow Kamut Millet Noodles – Egg & Spinach Oats. All dairy items should only be eaten in moderation using the following guidelines: Know your blood type! If you have blood type “O”. GRAINS & MEALS (Avoid all that you can for now for best progress) Best Choices None are good choices for now! Eat Only in Moderation No more than a total of 1 cup (cooked) per day between the following* Barley Carob Flour Couscous Macaroni Noodles – Cellophane (Mung Bean) Noodles – Rice Noodles – Soba Noodles – Somen Rice – White Spaghetti Tapioca *If progress seems to slow or regress. The reason that more cheeses are allowed where milks are not. 26 .

Sea Salts Vinegar . baker’s yeast can be used in very small amounts as long as you’re not currently dealing with Candida or other yeast excess.OILS. If you’re baking with only the limited approved food items. “baked goods” won’t be a significant part of your diet at this time. CONDIMENTS & BAKING *Due to the fact that we’re heavily restricting the use of grains and flours. still be sensible about use and portions SWEETENERS & FLAVORING Best Choices Honey (but don’t overdo it!) Stevia .unsweetened Vanilla Extract Don’t Eat at All for Now! Agave (use Honey instead) Any and all artificial sweeteners Maple Syrup Molasses Stevia – Cinnamon flavor only White Processed Sugar .Balsamic Eat Only in Moderation Almond Oil Baker’s Yeast Baking Soda Cream of Tartar Flaxseed Oil Horseradish Ketchup Mayonnaise – Natural Mustard Pickle Relish Sesame Oil Vinegar – Cider or Red Wine Don’t Eat at All for Now! Bacon Grease Butter Substitutes Canola Oil Lard Margarine – Regular Margarine – Soy Peanut Oil Pepper – Black or White Safflower Oil Salt – Table Shortening – Lard or Vegetable Soy Sauce – All (Tamari) Sunflower Oil Vegetable Oil – Canola or Corn *Although the above oils are the most-preferred to use.Herbal sweetener also available in many flavors Eat Only in Moderation Brown Sugar Carob . .all forms SNACK & TREAT IDEAS Best Choices Celery or carrot sticks Fresh fruit or veggie chunks from Best Choices list Freeze-dried or dehydrated fruits from Best Choices list Sweet potato chips . servings Tapioca pudding (no artificial sweeteners of course) Don’t Eat at All for Now! Cookies Corn Chips Nuts Potato Chips Pretzels Raisins Sugar Candies Tortilla Chips 27 Copyright 2011: Assertive Wellness Center.natural Eat Only in Moderation Fresh fruit or veggie chunks from Moderation list Freeze-dried or dehydrated fruits from Moderation list Graham Crackers (small portions) Mozzarella cheese sticks Popcorn (air-popped or with Best Choices oils) 4-6 oz. Best Choices/ Allowed Butter Olive Oil Coconut Oil Cod Liver Oil Pepper – Red or Cayenne Salt – Celtic . Inc.

As always. we’ve made specific comments within the columns to warn you of the worst of the worst choices. but over time we’re seeing so much better prolonged and sustained success and wellness with the ongoing practice of continuing to minimize or even avoiding altogether just a small minority of the multitude of food choices available to us. 2011 Once you or your medical support personnel believe that you have attained and stabilized your goals using the Spectrum Balance™ dietary modifications. Proper nutrition is the foundation of sustained health and wellness. Congratulations on teaching yourself a valuable lesson that you’ll be able to use to help keep you and your family feeling their best over a lifetime. The Most Important Factors: Remember that because processed and pre-prepared foods will always be more prone to containing unwanted and even undisclosed ingredients for our purposes. the sprouting. *Note to our vegetarian friends: Please be aware that those who have chosen a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle for yourselves and/or your children are still advised to keep your consumption of legumes (especially soy). As everyone has different levels of sensitivity to the mineral imbalances that we address with the SBP Diet. You will find that the vast majority of our food choices for your Phase 3 are now divided into only two important categories: “Best Choices” – These are the foods that you will want to utilize in planning your meals whenever and wherever possible. We’d really love to be able to tell you that you can now just go back to eating the same as you did previously. 28 Copyright 2011: Assertive Wellness Center. fermenting and soaking of these seed-based foods will reduce some of the anti-nutrient content and their potential to promote mineral imbalances and deficiencies. “Continue to Minimize or Avoid” – We consider these to be the foods that promote the imbalances in your body that you’ve worked so hard to stabilize. . and grains (especially wheat) as a smaller potion of your total diet in comparison to your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. so please don’t fall back into the poor eating patterns that rob your body and mind of their unlimited potential. Remember that you can always temporarily return to the more strict requirements of the SBP Phase 1 Diet anytime that you wish.THE SPECTRUM BALANCE™ PROTOCOL DIET PHASE 3: Maintenance Recommendations Revised: January 1. nuts. but to unknown and inconsistent degrees. The good news is that you now have the knowledge to recognize problems early on and to use the foods you’re eating to keep control. so please continue to minimize or even avoid eating them altogether for best continued results. we will still recommend that you continue to make whole foods the greatest portion of your diet. pay special attention to how you feel as you begin making any changes in your program and watch closely for what your body tells you about any foods you resume eating that might start negatively affecting the way you feel. you’ll certainly need to take into account any foods that you or your children have known allergies or other sensitivities to when planning your meals using the following lists. so please take care. we now want to give you our best recommendations for maintaining and building upon your achievements. You’ll find that very few of your favorite foods will continue to be restricted. Avoid over-cooking and especially microwaving your foods in order to preserve their nutrient values. Any positive results that you have achieved and will continue to achieve from these dietary changes will be a direct function of how well you stay with these recommendations. So here are some guidelines to help keep you on track toward feeling better and better. Inc. Where appropriate. Yes.

results from genetically modified crops. high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and as many other processed sweeteners as you’re able. If all you have to do is pour it out of a bag or box. Stay away from… Processed foods – Continue to eat whole foods whenever possible and to minimize consuming processed and pre-packaged foods. sometimes artificial. . chemical compounds present in many of our foods are greatly contributing to the weakening of our bodies and of the disruption of the wellness of society in general. Faster and cheaper – you bet.the pink. or “partially hydrogenated vegetable oil”. Inc. which just adds another reason to locate and rely on superior sources of fiber and protein. Particularly avoid any supplements that are fortified with manganese. Again…watch those packaged foods. Soy tends to be very high in both manganese and phytic acid content. Also be aware that many times there are also artificial sweeteners hidden in chewing gums. Artificial sweeteners – Continue to avoid ALL of them . the more we have huge concerns about the tremendous amount of anti-nutrients that we are regularly ingesting due to our heavy reliance on wheat products. 29 Copyright 2011: Assertive Wellness Center. Our eating patterns that have been formed and driven by cravings produced by sometimes natural. the yellow and continue being an effective food label reader in order to keep you and your children from ingesting these substances in processed foods. but a general rule of thumb for good health. No soy milks for anyone and no soy formulas for infants. because wheat ingredients are quite prevalent. the blue. GMO & Modified Oil Products – Avoid all foods of known genetically modified origin and those that contain unnatural trans fats labeled as “shortening” and “hydrogenated”. This is not just a “Protocol” rule. but poor choices for optimal wellness for sure. and statistics show that in excess of 90% of the soy available in the U. The selectivelybred wheat that we have today is not the same as what was consumed in past generations. and so many people report to us that they just feel so much better when they continue to minimize their consumption of wheat. Many broad spectrum products are loaded with minerals and various other compounds that have the potential to build in cumulative concentrations in the body and can produce or contribute to the problem. ready-to-eat foods. toothpastes and drink mixes. they find that they’re actually consuming hundreds of percent of recommended values daily. Watch those processed food labels closely because soy-based ingredients are hidden everywhere. It’s very common when people take a first look at our Spectrum Balance™ Protocol Diet. You’ll reduce your potential for long-term success if you keep loading any of the primary substances that you’ve reduced and/or brought into balance. your biggest control over this is to minimize your consumption of processed. and they will most likely also prefer that you supplement with specific and isolated nutrients at any rate.” Of course there’s a very good reason for this. you can be pretty sure it’s full of chemicals.THIS IS YOUR “CONTINUE TO AVOID” LIST If we are able to impress upon you anything toward your journey to continued health from this point forward. Soy & Soy Products – Do your best to continue to avoid all possible. that their first words are. Wheat & Wheat Products – The more we research wheat through our own work and the work of others. Processed sugars – Stay away from white table sugars. many of my (or my child’s) favorite foods are on your avoid lists.S. add water & stir. Multi-vitamin supplements – It’s best to continue to avoid these unless you have received specific recommendations from someone trained in nutritional sciences. Often when people put all their supplements together and start adding up the numbers. packaged. it would be to practice avoidance of all of the following. Again. “Oh no.

vanilla or chocolate Apple Apricot Black Cherry Carrot Cranberry Grapefruit Guava Mango Orange More Best Choices! Papaya Pear Pomegranate Prune Sparkling water flavored with plain or flavored Stevia Tangerine Teas – Herbal Tomato Vegetable Juice Continue to Minimize or Avoid Limit your consumption of: Coconut Milk & Coconut Water Coffee Grape Pineapple Rice Milk Soft Drinks – Health store brands Teas – Black & Green Continue to avoid completely: Soft Drinks – Artificial sweeteners Soy Milk GREENS Best Choices Arugula Beet Greens Cabbage – all common types Chinese Cabbage (Bok Choy) Collard Greens Dandelion Endive Fennel (Bulb) Iceberg Lettuce Kale More Best Choices! Mustard Greens Onions/Scallions Radicchio Red Lettuce Romaine Sauerkraut Spinach Swiss Chard Turnip Greens Watercress Continue to Minimize or Avoid Chrysanthemum Greens 30 Copyright 2011: Assertive Wellness Center. Red & White Clementines Cranberries – raw. Inc. Red & White Grapes Guava Honeydew Melon More Best Choices! Kiwi Lemons Limes Mango Nectarines Oranges Papaya Passion Fruit Peaches Pears Plums Pomegranate Prunes Raisins Raspberries Strawberries Tangerines Watermelon Continue to Minimize or Avoid Limit your consumption of: Coconut (fresh or dried) Pineapple JUICES & OTHER BEVERAGES Best Choices Almond Milks .original. . dried.Spectrum Balance™ Protocol Diet: Phase 3 Maintenance Only Revised: January 2011 Food Categories & Relative Ratings Food Items are Listed Alphabetically FRUITS Best Choices Apricots Apples & Applesauce Avocado Bananas Black Currants Blackberries Blueberries Boysenberries Cantaloupe Melon Casaba Melon Cherries – Black. sauce Dates Figs Grapefruit – Pink.

Red Refried Beads Kidney Beans Lentils Lima Beans Navy Beans Pinto Beans White Beans Continue to avoid completely: Adzuki Beans Miso Soy Beans & Soy Products Tofu Yams (“True Yams” are not the same as Sweet Potatoes.VEGETABLES & BEANS Best Choices Artichokes Asparagus Beets Broccoli Brussels Sprouts Cabbage – common types Carrots Cauliflower Celery Cucumbers Eggplant Green (Snap) Beans Jerusalem Artichoke Jicama Leeks Mung Beans Mushrooms Okra Olives Onions/Scallions Parsnips Peas – Green Peppers – Ancho Peppers – Banana More Best Choices! Peppers – Bell (Red. sausage Continue to Minimize or Avoid Bacon Ham Pork 31 Copyright 2011: Assertive Wellness Center. Orange.) HERBS & SPICES Best Choices Basil Bay Leaf Chili Powder Chives Cilantro Coriander Cumin Curry Powder Dill Weed Fennel Seed Garlic – fresh. .meat with skin is best Chicken Liver Cornish Game Hen Deer More Best Choices! Duck Elk Goat Lamb Pheasant Quail Rabbit Turkey – meat. Yellow. Yellow) Peppers – Green Chili (canned) Peppers – Hot Chili Peppers – Jalapeno Peppers – Serrano Pickles Popcorn (air-popped or olive oil) Pumpkin Radish Rutabagas Spinach Squash – Acorn Squash – Butternut Squash – Crookneck Squash – Spaghetti Squash – Summer varieties Squash – Zucchini Sweet Potatoes (not the same as “True Yams”) Tomatillos Tomatoes Tomato Sauce & Paste Turnips Water Chestnuts Continue to Minimize or Avoid Limit your consumption of: Black Beans Corn – White & Yellow Fava Beans (Broadbeans) Garbanzo Beans (Chickpeas) Peppers – Bell (Green) Potatoes – French fried/ hashed Potatoes – White. Sea Salt. bulb Ginger – fresh Lemon Grass Marjoram More Best Choices! Mint Nutmeg Oregano Paprika Parsley Pepper – red or cayenne Poultry Seasoning Rosemary Sage Salt – Celtic. other natural forms Savory Tarragon Thyme Continue to Minimize or Avoid Limit your consumption of: Celery Seed Cinnamon Cloves Garlic – powdered or salted Ginger – powdered Pepper – black or white Saffron Salt – processed “table” versions Turmeric MEATS & POULTRY Best Choices Beef – ground & sausage Beef – prime/leaner cuts Beef Liver Bison Chicken .S. Inc. ground. but are not common in the U.

Try to use raw sources of dairy products where available and avoid processed milks.all forms 32 Copyright 2011: Assertive Wellness Center.fresh or canned Yellow Tail Whitefish Continue to Minimize or Avoid Notes regarding use of Dairy items below: Because of general dietary considerations more than because of Spectrum Balance™ considerations. in total dairy over an entire day.unsweetened Honey Stevia . .raw Continue to avoid completely: Egg Substitutes Cow Milks . servings) over an entire day. However we are not of the belief that small inclusions of dairy in the diet will result in the negative impact that we see from the consumption of larger quantities.FISH & SHELLFISH Best Choices Anchovy Catfish Clams Cod – Atlantic or Pacific Crab – Mixed species Grouper Halibut Lobster Mackerel Octopus Orange Roughy Oysters Pollock Salmon – Atlantic Salmon – Chinook More Best Choices! Salmon – Coho Salmon – Sockeye Sardines – Atlantic or Pacific Scallops Sea Bass Shrimp Snapper Squid Swordfish Tilapia Trout Tuna .processed Goat Milks . DAIRY & EGGS Best Choices Butter Eggs – Whole (cooked) Eat Only in Moderation* Cheese – American Cheese – Cheddar Cheese – Cottage Cheese – Feta Cheese – Mozzarella Cheese – Mexican Anejo Cheese – Monterrey Cheese – Parmesan Cheese – Provolone Cheese – Ricotta Cheese – Romano Cheese – Swiss Cream Cheese Goat Milk & Cheese Sour Cream Yogurt – Cow Milk Yogurt – Goat Milk Continue to Minimize or Avoid Limit your consumption of: Cow Milk – raw Goat Milk . we caution against making dairy foods a significant portion of anyone’s diet. and if you have either blood type “A” or “B”. eat no more than 1 oz.processed Yogurt – Soy SWEETENERS & FLAVORING Best Choices Brown Sugar Carob .Herbal sweetener also available in flavors Vanilla Extract Continue to Minimize or Avoid Agave (use Honey instead) All artificial sweeteners Maple Syrup Molasses White Processed Sugar . All dairy items should only be eaten in moderation using these guidelines: Know your blood type! If you have blood type “O”. eat no more than 2 oz. Inc. total dairy (in 1 oz.

Unsweetened Corn grits – White or Yellow Cream of rice Millet – Puffed. cooked Rice – Puffed. we each need to listen to what our own body is telling us about foods that may make us feel worse after being off them for a while. Inc. As we are all very different individuals.all NUTS & SEEDS (But remember . Sea Salts Sesame Oil Vinegar – Balsamic Vinegar – Cider or Red Wine Continue to Minimize or Avoid Limit your consumption of: Bacon Grease Lard Peanut Oil Safflower Oil Soy Sauce – All (Tamari) Sunflower Oil Continue to avoid: Butter Substitutes Canola Oil Margarine – Regular Margarine – Soy Pepper – Black or White Salt – Table Shortening Vegetable Oil – Canola or Corn A special note about these last five food categories: As these last food groups are filled with many of the food items that we believe are responsible for creating or at least for contributing to the very syndromes that we work to eliminate. you can try adding back some of these foods in moderate portions and frequency and watch for any regression.OILS. we want you to continue to be very cautious about adding significant portions of these foods back into your diet and to watch closely for the signs of any return or worsening of the unwanted symptoms. So with that caution in mind. CONDIMENTS & BAKING Best Choices/ Allowed Baker’s Yeast Baking Soda Butter Coconut Oil Cod Liver Oil Cream of Tartar Flaxseed Oil Horseradish Ketchup – low sugar Mayonnaise – natural Mustard Olive Oil Pepper – Red or Cayenne Pickle Relish Salt – Celtic . unsweetened Continue to Minimize or Avoid All heavily sugared cereals Buckwheat (Kasha) Oatmeal or oat bran cereals Wheat cereals . 33 . BREAKFAST CEREALS (Applies to both generic & brand name products) Best Choices None are Best Choices Eat Only in Moderation No more than a total of one serving per day between the following: Corn flakes .Too many nuts. can make us feel nutty!) Best Choices Almonds Almond Butter Cashews Cashew Butter Chia More Best Choices! Peanuts Peanut Butter Pistachio Sesame Seeds Continue to Minimize or Avoid Hazelnuts Macadamia Pecans Pine Nuts (Pinion) Pumpkin Seeds Sunflower Kernels or Whole Walnuts Copyright 2011: Assertive Wellness Center.

Germ Oat – Oat Bran Pita . Inc.White Tortillas – Corn & Flour SNACK & TREAT IDEAS Best Choices Celery or carrot sticks Fresh fruit or veggie chunks from Best Choices list Freeze-dried or dehydrated fruits from Best Choices list Popcorn (air-popped or with Best Choices oils) Raisins Sweet Potato Chips – natural Tapioca pudding (no artificial sweeteners of course) Best Choices (in Moderation) Cheese sticks Graham Crackers Continue to Minimize or Avoid Candies – sugared or artificial sweeteners Cookies Corn Chips Crackers (made from grains you should continue to avoid) Potato Chips Pretzels Tortilla Chips 34 Copyright 2011: Assertive Wellness Center. try reducing or eliminating these foods Continue to Minimize or Avoid Bulgur Corn Flour – White & Yellow Corn Meal – White & Yellow Oats. Bran. . Buttermilk Cornbread English Muffin .White French Bread Continue to Minimize or Avoid English Muffin . Oat Flour & Bran Noodles – Spinach Quinoa Rice – Brown Rice Flour & Bran – Brown Rice Flour & Bran – White Spaghetti – Spinach Continue to avoid: Buckwheat Flour Rye Flour Soy Flour Spelt flour Wheat Flour & Bran *If progress seems to slow or regress. try completely eliminating these foods BREADS (Too many to list. so read labels for grain contents as shown above) Best Choices None are Best Choices Eat Only in Moderation No more than a total of one serving per day between the following: Bagels Biscuits – Plain.GRAINS.Wheat Pumpernickel Rice Bran Rye Spelt Continue to avoid: All bread products with added cinnamon Pita – Wheat Wheat – Whole. MEALS & NOODLES Best Choices None are Best Choices Eat Only in Moderation No more than a total of one serving per day between the following: Arrowroot Flour Barley Flour Carob Flour Couscous Kamut Macaroni Noodles – Egg Noodles – Mung Bean Noodles – Rice Noodles – Soba Noodles – Somen Polenta Rice – White Spaghetti Tapioca Flour Wild Rice *If progress seems to slow or regress.

we simply ask and hope that you will do several things in return: 1. But let me just say that wherever I’ve been able to find my identified commonalities in clinical observation and assessment. I made the decision late in 2009 to disseminate the results of my years of work directly to the public at no cost. Please don’t just copy and give out the “diet” alone. If you have not done so already. family or your doctor . I do hold the Copyright to these writings. as our sole intent is simply to do our best to create positive results for these kids and adults without a downside. being the results of years of highly-expensive research and double-blind testing.noharmfoundation. If you diligently use this Protocol at home or with the assistance of a healthcare provider and start achieving any level of noticeable success. Lend your support by making a charitable donation of any affordable size with your check by mail to NoHarm Foundation at 140 Rock Point Drive. They keep asking me “Why specifically. Either method will generate you a donation receipt for tax purposes Although it is very important to us that families everywhere are able to access this valuable information and experiment with this program at no direct cost. quite frankly. Durango. and “Where do all of these theorized imbalances come from?”. As I have absolutely nothing to “patent” here.THE FINAL WORD & A REQUEST FOR YOUR HELP The current medical establishment knows nothing beyond demanding “empirical evidence”. CO 81301.noharmfoundation. but simply consider in retrospect what the information was worth to you and to the wellness of your child or other family member and please just do what you can to help us with our continuing efforts to get the word out to countless others and to advance 35 Copyright 2011: Assertive Wellness Center. The NoHarm Foundation is a not-for-profit organization with the missions of advancing the field of natural medicine. or with your credit card through the website www. and “By what exact biological processes does your Protocol work” and all sorts of other questions that. the results have been amazingly impressive in the vast majority of cases. does this work?”. tell others! Circulate our information and your personal story of hope to everyone you know in the ADD and Autism communities and post entries on the blogs of research and support groups 2. After all. as it is not sufficiently compelling without the background of the work. we’re interested in more than empirical evidence. however I even grant you the right to make copies of these documents for use by friends. The amount of your donation is not important. Unlike them. and no one is exactly burying me in millions of dollars to help me expand this research and my base of case studies. preserving health freedom and choice for the public. are neither my primary concerns nor issues that we have all the exact answers to at this point in time. and broad dissemination of this information about new hope for Autism and other disorders to the general public and medical communities. we want you to consider this to be our “pay it forward” contribution to the wellness of society. I honestly have no way of knowing at this time how many or what percentage of children and adults who exhibit symptoms both within and outside the Autism Spectrum are even appropriate candidates for this so that we will be able to keep you informed as to new developments 3. Our results are simply far too good to continue to be ignored. Please email us at results@noharmfoundation. Inc. we encourage everyone to please join our email update list at www. as we freely and openly so that this work will continue and gain higher exposure and use.just as long as you don’t do so for financial profit. . I’m a Naturopath. First and with any feedback regarding your experiences (positive or not) with the dietary Protocol so that we will be able to exponentially build and advance this research. in order to accept this type of theory and dietary Protocol. We love to hear all your personal stories and hope to soon also have a blog appearing on our website to serve as an open forum for people to share their experiences with others internationally 4.

a number of Autism organizations and media outlets for several years now. A large part of our intention in releasing and sharing our findings to date. The services are very reasonably priced and the consultation process only requires less than a half day of your time. to any contacts in the media and to anyone else who cares that these syndromes are now needlessly affecting a tragically growing number of our kids. Why should people from all across the country and beyond have to travel to visit our Center here in Colorado in order to have access to this safe and inexpensive option. a portion of this NoHarm charitable fund will also be utilized to subsidize and supply the expenses of families with less-than-fortunate circumstances in getting the help they need from our center and from other healthcare practitioners who choose to join us. nothing to lose. when they should be able to receive simple guidance and support right in their own communities? Amazed and elated parents of our clients are constantly asking us. For some of you who are currently dealing with Autism and other related conditions. These helpful training materials will be available to you for only modest donations to the NoHarm Foundation. . we understand that this may not be a viable option for many with transportation. This program is safe. to therapists and physicians. as many have chosen to do for several years now. You can greatly help this cause in the meantime by sending this message on to any affected families you might know. Be well. Shauna 36 Copyright 2011: Assertive Wellness Center. Your child trusts you with their health and well-being. Please always do your best to be worthy of that trust. Please understand that this is the absolute best we are able to do until such time as enough health practitioners can be trained and join our network so that we can refer one-on-one professional support in your own geographical areas. prevention and effective care. Just as soon as possible we will be making available a few written and video training materials that will be able to more extensively explain the science behind my work and provide families more comprehensive instruction on trying to get the best results possible with this dietary Protocol from home until broader professional help is organized. There is no down-side. We see as many new clients as possible every week between Tuesday and Saturday. I also need you – the Moms and Dads out there with affected children to open your minds and hearts and give this a try. is to be joined by as many other open-minded practitioners as possible in order to expand this exploration and with it. and so very much to gain. and we have accepted the realization that only by this information directly reaching the attention of the general public will sufficient attention be stimulated and directed towards a form of real progress for the millions of families worldwide that are dealing with these destructive and effective research on the subject. “Why aren’t you able to refer me to practitioners closer to us who are aware of what you’re doing?” Our goal is to be able to make that happen very soon. and who are willing to listen and join me outside this “box” that has been labeled “Autism”. As resources become available. Colorado. we’ll be able to stimulate enough public and professional awareness so that we can accelerate into a new paradigm of research. it may be an option and possibility to travel to personally consult with the Assertive Wellness Center in beautiful Durango. Inc. Even so. There’s only so much that we can continue to do by ourselves. With your help. and it could be as effective for you as it has been for so many of my clients. We fully understand any frustration you might feel around the void of localized help available to you at this time. We need a great number of forward-thinking practitioners. but please know that we have been aggressively trying to attract help and support for this project from the medical communities. the number of affected children and families that could be benefiting from this program right now. time or financial challenges. organizations and media outlets who are unwilling to accept the hopeless confines of this prison.