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WHAT IS THE CURRENT SITUATION IN THE MIDDLE EAST Many people wonder why the Arabs and the

Israelis did not reach an agreement to end the historical and complicated conflict between them. Although many negotiations were held both sides did not find out any solution which would satisfy the needs of both sides. It seems that the negotiating leaders preferred not to take responsibility of the result of any kind of compromises made by them.The Arab Israeli conflict is complicated because it is a conflict of land, religion, and existence. Although most Israelis and Arabs prefer to consider it a conflict of land and right of property, religious actors affect the conflict; such as the holy places of Jerusalem which both sides demand control of. The Middle East and the world in general is affected by the Arab Israeli conflict since it turned to become an international conflict which several states and organizations use to justify certain actions. However, it is impossible to separate this conflict from the international community and the world because there is always a connection between it and other states; for example Muslims consider the Aqsa mosque an important Islamic remark which must definitely be returned to the control of Muslims, Arabs feel that Palestinians are part of them and that they must stand with them in their conflict, and Israel is considered an important ally which the United States will never stop supporting. The old theory said that Israel was approved by the west only to become an eye on Arabs and the Middle East region. However, the change in the international community, elections, and the rise of new powers such as Iran, completely changed the political map of the Middle East. Although there are strategies and relations which can never be affected such as the relation between Israel and the United States, the current situation in the Middle East implies on states such as America and Europe to reconsider their relation with the Arabs and those who were considered once not trusted. The wisdom of President Obama made him understand that in order to get the United States of one of its worse situations since its establishment, he must send out a new image of the America policy and position regarding Arabs and other actors in the world. Although president Obama knew that he cannot change a lot in this field because of the strong Israeli American relations, he wanted to convince the Arabs that it is possible to make relations between the two sides which are built on exchange of interests and respect. The Arab thirst for an American president who may give them hope and respect made them welcome President Obamas Cairo speech warmly. However, until today nothing new in reality did change. The long Arab formal efforts in the international community brought a result which was embodied in President Obamas speech in Cairo. The reaction was that some of the Arabs considered it a great improvement and others believed that they cannot judge it before seeing true changes in reality. The Israeli reaction was extreme since many believed that President

Obama went too far for the sake of Arabs and forgot about Israel. Many videos were posted showing young Israelis shouting, blaming, cursing, and even saying racist words about President Obama and his speech. Although the presidents speech included a lot about the holocaust and the special relation between Israel and America, this did not satisfy most of the Israelis and the Jewish Americans. The race started by trying to create a kind of pressure on the new president through the American media and the Israeli warning to react alone regarding the Iranian threat. However, President Obamas self confidence, wisdom, and the most important which is the American peoples support made him go on with his agendas. Some Arabs said that although nothing in reality changed and the Israelis are still insisting on their settlements expanding in the West Bank, they should keep on being optimistic and try to affect as much as they can in the American policy. Arabs also believed that they have something to play with which is their support which is needed for any American challenge with Iran. Israelis said that they should play it smartly and try not to say no to President Obama. Some said that it is always possible to direct a conflict instead of ending it while sending a good picture that Israel really wants peace. However, the current Israeli government headed by Prime Minister Netanyahu cannot play such a role specially that one of the reasons of its existence and unity is a promise which was given to the right wing parties that Israel will never accept any idea of a Palestinian state beside it. Another important event which is taking place is the Iranian elections which ended with violence and demonstrations in the streets. Mosawis supporters refused the results of the elections and blamed Ahmadi Najad of corruption. Not surprisingly, the Israeli first channel television broadcast a report yesterday which stated that Israel and other states from the west such as the United States and Europe launched radio stations that are directed to the Iranian people. One of the Israeli radio channels has an Iranian audience which reaches to over ten million Iranians every day. These radio channels try to affect the Iranian public opinion by sending a different view of the situation. One of the Iranian current leadership problems is that the Iranians are listening to these different views and try to get as much as they can from other sources which cannot be banned such as the Internet. The reason is that anything forbidden is always wanted. This strategy is trying to move the challenge into the Iranian lands in order to create another kind of pressure on the Iranians. Usually Israel intelligence agencies such as the MOSAD and American intelligence agencies such as the CIA try to do as much as they can to create chaos inside enemy countries to affect the influence of its leaderships. This strategy succeeded several times in countries such as Lebanon, Iraq and many other countries but will it succeed in Iran? Well history proved positive results in the past but the future will tell us more very soon.