Metro Cash & Carry

Metro Cash & Carry is the leading international player in self-service wholesale: customer-focused, international and innovative. The concept is oriented towards helping customers to successfully run their own businesses.

In figures Metro Cash & Carry Locations 1 Number of countries 1 Sales 2 EBIT 2 Total selling space 2 Headcount (annual average of full-time equivalents) 2 Articles, food assortment 2 Articles, nonfood assortment 2

713 30 €31.1 bn €1.1 bn 5.4 mn sqm 109,709 ca. 20,000 ca. 30,000

Status 30 September 2011


Status 31 December 2010

The company Metro Cash & Carry looks back on a history of success in wholesale concepts. Founded in 1964 in Germany, the company quickly spread to many countries in Europe, Asia and Northern Africa. Its tradition in wholesale is accompanied by social heritage: a truly international corporate culture.

It operates with an unparalleled expertise in providing fresh food products.from delivery to ready-made business solutions . Metro Cash & Carry does more than securing its own future: it actively creates jobs and often pioneers the development of modern trade and supply structures. the company has grown to become the leading international player in self-service wholesale. operating 713 outlets in 30 countries. Metro Cash & Carry is focused on the dynamic growth markets in Asia and Eastern Europe as well as in the Middle East and Northern Africa. Germany. Social responsibility When entering new markets. Metro Cash & Carry not only benefits from the dynamic economic development but also strives to promote local purchasing power and consumer demand Worldwide activities Specifically. The company is committed to its social responsibility. The majority of all new business locations are established in these growth regions. . Today. and took those goods with them. The Metro Cash & Carry product range and services . Metro Cash & Carry has grown from a Western Europe-centred wholesale concept to a leading international player in self-service wholesale. Over three billion people. Much copied around the world. The concept The Metro Cash & Carry concept was unique when the first store opened its doors to German businesses in 1964: instead of placing orders for the delivery of goods through multiple vendors.International expansion International expansion is a significant element of the corporate strategy. live in countries where the company is already present. Close cooperation with regional producers and suppliers builds up trust and increases the level of acceptance that Metro Cash & Carry enjoys in each of its outstanding in its diversity. quality and excellent price-benefit ratio. customers selected their own purchases directly at a store in Mülheim an der Ruhr. There. Metro Cash & Carry is once again setting itself apart from its competitors. In about four decades. about the half of the world’s population.

000 different food and non-food products catering to the specific needs of national and local customer are always available -. vegetables and meat products. In more than 60 cash & carry wholesale stores across Germany.Up to 50. specialties like dim sum are as much a part of its product range as köfte in Turkey or plum pudding in England.Local requirements . .This implies a unique local sourcing system: up to 90 percent of Metro Cash & Carry goods are purchased from local producers and suppliers. Close cooperation with them builds trust and increases the level of acceptance that Metro Cash & Carry enjoys at each of its locations.12. Metro Cash & Carry is the first to offer regional products for regional professional demand: in China.2009 60 2. Also the delivery service of all C+C Schaper stores is tailored to the needs of professional customers and supplies them with fresh products on a daily basis.020 As a METRO GROUP company. C+C Schaper .at Metro Cash & Carry. C+C Schaper offers the complete product and services range of a successful wholesale company. customers from the gastronomy and retail sector can rely on a professional food and non-food assortment – with a special focus on fresh produce such as fruit.Wholesale plus delivery service C+C Schaper in figures Number of locations Headcount (annual average of full-time equivalents) Status 31. excellent quality -. .