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Sample Technical Rider

Sample Technical Rider The Gonnagles
April 13, 2009

This is the generic rider for the Gonnagles. A specific rider will be provided for each performance based on the actual instrumentation and location-specific details. This rider is based on minimal requirements. Some optional requirements that are greatly appreciated are also included (indicated by the words ’would like’). If any of the requirements on this rider is a problem, please contact us to find a solution.

All technical questions can be directed to Frank van Vliet,, +31-6-21563568. Please give Frank a call (a week before the show) to discuss the rider and ensure everything is ok.

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but we can manage with two monitors on separate groups.Stichting de Gonnagles http://www.gonnagles. the stage should be at least 6m wide and 3m deep to fit all of us. Also. we would like to see some lighting to improve the ambiance of the dancing floor. This leaves only two vocal microphones (SM58 or equivalent) with large stands. 5x Active DI We need 5 active DIs (DI-100 or better). 2 is absolutely required). Please make sure the system is tuned to the venue and 31-band or parametric EQs are installed. Some Microphones with stands We bring most of the instrument microphones ourselves. If this amount of active DIs is a problem. Effects and Dynamics We need a subtle reverb (TC M-350 or similar) and would like to have 4 channels of compression. This basically means 13 microphone channels and sufficient pre auxes for the monitor mixes (4 is preferred. Please make sure each input channel has at least a sweepable mid-range eq and that the auxes can be AFL-ed. Mixer The mixer should be able to handle the other requirements of this rider. Cables Obviously. Digital mixers are welcome if we know some days in advance. the organisation should provide sufficient cables to accomodate the stage plan. PA We need a PA which is sufficient for the venue. please let us know and we will bring some (up to 5) with us. Monitors We would like to have six monitors on four separate Sample Technical Rider Provided by Organisation Stage Because the Gonnagles are with 10 band members on stage. Page 2 of 4 . This includes a suitable multicable and XLR cables. Lighting The organisation should provide adequate lighting of the stage.

If all cables on the stage are located in the correct place and are labelled. Wireless system Our violin player and clarinet player will both bring a Sennheiser EW-172 wireless system. Time Schedule The Gonnagles would like to soundcheck for 60 minutes (we need at least 20 minutes). Page 3 of 4 . Bass amplifier We will bring our own. at the Monitor desk (if available) or at the stageblock. The receivers can be placed at the FOH desk (preferrable). supply some power drops at the FOH for the two wireless receivers. very small. 230v Power should be provided at the marked places on the stage Sample Technical Rider FOH position The FOH position must be in the soundfield. with a frequency selectable between 786. Provided by Gonnagles Soundengineer We will bring a soundengineer to mix the FOH for the Gonnagles during soundcheck and performance. Also. or kitchen appliances). bass amplifier which will be used only for sound on stage. the Gonnagles can plug in themselves within minutes.gonnagles. A mixing position side-stage is unacceptable.000 and 822. Please make sure there are no groundloops and all audio equipment is on one group without any other electronics (like lighting.000MHz. this is excluding the time to set up the stage.Stichting de Gonnagles http://www.

nl Sample Technical Rider Stageplan and Stagelist 230v 4 Guitar DI Monitor Group 4 230v 2 Cajon J XLR 230v 5 Acc. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Instrument Cajon M Cajon J Bass Accordeon Guitar Harp Horns Clarinet Violin D Violin M Viola H Vox B Vox F Mic/DI/XLR XLR XLR DI DI DI DI XLR (+48V) XLR @ FOH XLR @ FOH DI DI SM58 SM58. long cable Insert Compressor 3 Compressor 4 Compressor 2 Compressor 1 Page 4 of 4 .Stichting de Gonnagles http://www.gonnagles. DI 11 Violin H 12 Vox B SM58 Mon Gro itor up 3 3 Bass DI 1 Cajon M XLR 230v 6 Harp DI 8 Clarinet 7 Horns XLR 9 Violin D Wireless DI 10 Violin M DI 13 Vox F SM58 (long cable) Monitor Group 1 Monitor Group 2 Wireless Monitor Group 1 Monitor Group 2 Ch.