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What is a political party? (261) -An organization that tries to win control of government by electing people to office who carry the party label. Parties can only gain rule and govern via the approval of the majority. “Majority Rule” Makes this possible. E.g. the ‘Framers’ were leery of political and interest party/groups b/c they’d work against the common good as believed. Functions of a political party? (261) -To keep elected officials responsive; voters can make past judgment of the outcomes from past performance, and will be able to adjust its ‘party platform’- the statement of its position on the issues of the day passed at the quadrennial national convention. -Stimulate political interest; Parties have power to stimulate participation. They do this as a natural by-product of their effort to win or retain in government; they also mobilize voters bring issues to public attn and educate on the issues that are of interest of the party. By expanding the scope of conflict, it gets attention and gets people involved. -Ensure accountability- Officeholders can be held accountable via ‘collective responsibility’ -Help people make sense of complexity in politics; Issues about parties and politics help shaper opinions, few people have time to research and come to conclusions on the ballot or the issues before the public at any period in time. Party labels and policy extensions can help people make those decisions that are the same of there values or interest. -Make government work; Political parties can encourage cooperation across the branches of gov’t among public officials who are members of the same party. Parties can help overcome ‘gridlock’ ad all to common feature of our constitutional system. Political parties can be tools for the popular sovereignty .

J was into the presidency.No real bickering or controversy “Era of good feelings” Who was the only person elected unanimously in the electoral college?. When T.The party was the ‘Democrats and the Wigs’ Issues of slavery and immigration.slavery party 1856.Running of Andrew Jackson. John Quincy Adams. And Jackson formed the democratic party. When the federalist party supported the alien and sedition acts where they were trying to restrict freesom of speech. Collective responsibility-Who led the federalist. They were the federalist ( led by Alexander Hamilton) they believed in a strong central gov’t and favored commercial interest.G. the federalist party faded away (1884?) One party system. Election for presidents in 1824.Several names. 1832-1860. Henry Clay and William Crawford. “democratic republicans” “Jeffersonian republicans” “jeffersonians” “anti. 1860-Lincoln won.Freemont didn't win.-How do parties make office holders accountable?.Washington. Alexander Hamilton. Neither candidates got enough votes in the electoral college. So quincy got presidency.Ripond Wisconsin and Jackson Michigan a group of wigs and anti-slavery democrats formed the Republican party Originally a anti.The first people who came always resented their predecessors. .lasted from 1788-1816.-Number of stable party periods?. 1854. 1st party system.federalist” they represented rural interest and opposed to a strong central gov’t. 2nd party system.

Democratic Party tended to dominate in this era. they would come back and re-instated them. . 6th Party system.3rd party system. Had it not been of this.The Democrats and the Republicans. Types of Elections -Maintaining Election.Where large numbers of a party will switch and find a home within the other party   *This is how we get these party systems * 4th party system (1896-1932). 7th party system. there would be no President Woodrow.‘parties @ war’ -What causes realignments?..Another election.(1932-1984). There was a rough balance between these two at this times. -Re-aligning Election.Republicans were the dominant part and Woodrow one b/c the republican party was split. Large economic upheavals like 1860 Civil war and the depression.“A period of conflict” between demos and repubs that was called ‘De-alignment’.* Go back to Notes* -Re-instating election. Dealignment. Aka Normal Vote-Deviating Election.once these people have deviated.1890 Democrats in trouble. -What changed the 5th party system to the 6th party system?. 5th Party System. 1896. He is one of the top 10 or 5 Presidents.Existing party preferences are maintained.

A Splinter party is one that breaks off from a main party taking away from that party's vote in the election. and eventually minority set asides for the gov’t jobs. urban dwellers. as well as growing indentificaiton of Democrats with the Doctring of serperation of church and state. Parties @ War.Changed by strong support by the Democratic party for the Civil rights revolution which brought new antidiscrimination laws. -6th Party era?. aid and for the poor. there would be no President Woodrow. E. Catholic Jews. and the south that was the basis of the Democratic party dominance of American politics from the New Deal to the early 1970’s.Republicans were the dominant part and Woodrow one b/c the republican party was split.4th party system (1896-1932). -1968 election won by Nixon.-New Deal Coalition.g. busing to achieve school intergration. gay men and lesbians and support their bid for equal rights. 1969 through 1973. -What discourages minor party development?. He is one of the top 10 or 5 Presidents. . The informal election alliance of working class ethnic groups. especially during the Nixon years. cause many Americans who favored a strong national defense and an aggressive foreign policy to drift away as well. 2nd. particularly in the areas of old age assitance. Had it not been of this. Election Rules -What is the most successful 3rd party?. Democrats V Republicans Progessive party? -Splinter party?. 3rd-Opposition of the Vietnam War. racial minorities.The tendency of the Democrats to openly welcome femenist. -7th party system name?. . It supported an expansion of federal gov’t powers and responsibilities.

We just vote for a party in a particular election. -But there are certain similarities. They have little power but have become important b/c expertise in campaigns and how to run it. each party has a ‘party committees’ DNC&RNC.Our parties are not that hierarchaly structured. originally the purpose of a convention was to nominate a political party's candidate for president and vice president.They are supposed to run the parties during the political time between elections. When that is over. -Candidates runs for office with the party label and is more important than the political party. It was supposed to eliminate certain contributions to give people greater access.Bipartisan campaign. they set the agenda “like president or governor” Party Convention – Every 4 years there is a nat’l political convention which purpose is to nominate candidates for president and VP. Created to reduce the impact of contribution of political action committees. And getting people out the vote. -Purpose of the National Committees?. Campaign committees – House and Senate . When a single party controls both house of Congress and the presidency. -Bipartisanship?. The sense of belonging to one or another political party. Not the party.-Party Identification?. Other times we pay dues and carry a card. Europe is very disciplined. Control of the Executive and legislative branches by the same political party. -Unified Gov’t?. sets the agenda. Political parties are candidate centered. ALL over tends to be more disciplined. -Organization?. We are also “candidate centered” . 2002. The McCain Feingold.

Public Interest Group. Private Interest. -Union?. Practice of appropriating money for specific pet projects of members of congress. B/C interest groups have discussed earmarks and the budget. resource.g “air protections” -Private Interest Groups. -When are TX primaries held?. Purpose. Labor Union wanted a healthy work environment. . common goals. Seek the benefits for everybody w/o self benefit. -Interest group as a ‘Private Organization’ that seek to unfluece public policy as a say to protect or advance a interest.House. *They are not ALL created equal Interest groups aka also Pressure groups that bring pressure on gov’t via lobbyist.‘Sepcial provision in appropriation bills directed to specific orginazations.They seek to advance their membership.First Tuesday of March -Earmarks-. -Interest Groups.done by lobbyist and added for bill at the last minute with little opportunity for deliberation. -Public Interest Groups. E.Republican campaign committee and Democratic Sensate.To protect or advance there own material interest of its members.Same. Ear Marks.To get people to join their side and vote a certain party. Interest groups characteristics.There are not official it appears to be like that. Most are large scale that depend on members to fund them.Large membership. Associated Interest and Advocacy groups.

wage for working. 2002. If what you do fails.Bipartisan campaign.Public Interest Group . Labor-Get min. 1950’s .-Interest groups aka also Pressure groups that bring pressure on gov’t via lobbyist.?. Identify and mobilize support among the wider public.Grass Roots Lobbying. It was supposed to eliminate certain contributions to give people greater access. send letters.Friend of the court. They raise money and give money to their favorite candidates. -Amicus Curiae. -Political Action Commitees.Friend of the court. -Amicus Curiae?. -Inside Game?-Efforts to direct contact of IG Reps and Gov’t Officials. -NAACP. They are entities that are created by IG to make contributions to political campaigns. and you cannot get congress of exec branch to respond ot you. Created to reduce the impact of contribution of political action committees. march. You call your memebers and have them picket. -Populist Uprise?. Outside game.-Pressure Group. A. -McCain-Feingold: The McCain Feingold. Opposed big business and agribusiness 1880-90’s . -Outside game?. Civil Rights. Big part of the writing of the TX constitution.Womans voting rights.-the populist.C Brief they follow support of one side or the other side. Inside game can be played via lobbying but if fails they will use Amicus Curiae.End discrimination for minorities. Then what you do is try to put pressure from the outside. -19th Amendment. etc.

Opposed big business and agri business. Not the insider b/c you have lobbyist etc…. they thought the world was going to hell. Gay And Lesbian Movements – To gain same civil rights protection that Africans wanted. Undocumented Immigration Movement- Kohl Brothers . Christian Coalition –focused on family Religious conservative movement.get womans voting labor movement. Dr. Labor Union wanted a healthy work environment Anti war movement.Help candidate Obama to win when he promised to end it. Womans suffrage movement.attain minimum wage for workers disrcimition against working minorites.Purpose was to end segregation in the South. Different Social Movements -slavery-abholition movement -the populist.Pro life. -1969 Stonewall rebellion.-Social Movements are political instruments of the outsider.1960’s and 70’s Anti War Iraq Movement. King (died 1968) Brown B boardCivil Rights Movement.

Sometimes you cant succeed -Gridlock?..And then all of a sudden you stop reaching. -2nd Party system. you can succeed.Go up so far….Social Movements are important in a majoritarian democracy because Minute Men.. If you can get the attn of the public and the support of the public.The invisible things that discriminate people and soon become obviously invisible.1st amendment Political Ethicacy. Things that canoot get done in Washington because of a dividend. Supporting Environment. Civil Disobedience Social movements sometimes succeed.Federalist…They represented rural interest and opposed a strong central gov’t .A feeling of what I do matters A sparkTactics and sitdown strikes. Glass Ceiling.Anti.


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