Application Deadline March 30, 2011

Advanced Diploma in Human Development (Early Child Development) Course I Date of Commencement: June 01, 2011 (Please review the application information provided on page 4) 1. Personal Details
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2. Self-assessment of skills (to assist facilitators’ preparations and approach)
Very Strong COMPUTER SKILLS a) Word processing - Microsoft Word - Any Other _______________ (please specify) b) Data Analysis software - Excel - SPSS - Any Other _______________ (please specify) c) Tabular and Graphical presentation of data - MS Powerpoint - Any Other ________________ (please specify) d) Using the Internet to search for academic information COMPUTER AND INTERNET ACCESS (For self study and work related project component) a) Do you have access to computers at your workplace b) Do you have access to computers at your home c) Do you have access to internet at [ ] workplace [ ] home If yes, how would you rate the internet connection speed at [ ] workplace [ ] home LANUGAGE SKILLS a) Languages which you can read and understand well b) Languages in which you can express yourself well in speaking c) Languages in which you can express yourself well in writing
Application Form: AKU-HDP Advanced Diploma in Human Development-Course I




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Urdu [ Other [ Urdu [ Other [

] English [ ] ] _____________ (specify name) ] English [ ] ] _____________ (specify name)

Urdu [ ] English [ ] Other [ ] _____________ (specify name)
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Previous Education including vocational training (Please add a separate sheet if necessary & provide copies of your educational/training certificates) Qualification Major Subjects/Course Title Name of Institution Dates of attendance from to 4. presentations at conferences and/or research projects related to human development (Please add a separate sheet if necessary) 7. Scholarships. awards and recognition for outstanding achievements Please add a separate sheet if necessary Award or Recognition Awarding Body Year 6. Outline how you believe the advanced diploma may contribute to the development of your programme and/or your career? (Your response should between 750 – 850 words. Please add a separate sheet if necessary) Application Form: AKU-HDP Advanced Diploma in Human Development-Course I Page 2 of 4 . Name of Employer Address Major Responsibilities Year of attendance from to 5.3. Please address each point requested. Explain why you want to acquire the Advanced Diploma in Early Child Development? b. Applicant’s interest a. Professional Experience (current and up to two previous appointments) Please add a separate sheet if necessary. Publications. c. Briefly describe your current activities related to Early Child Development and its benefits to children and their families in your local communities.

_____________ Application Form: AKU-HDP Advanced Diploma in Human Development-Course I Page 3 of 4 . 2.Contd. if applicable) Please indicate sources of funding Sources of funds 1. Signature of Applicant: Date: For Office Use Only Date of application received on _____________ by __________________Application No. Applicant’s Undertaking I understand that submission of this application does not guarantee admission and confirm that the information given above is accurate and to the best of my knowledge. Employer’s Endorsement Employers are requested to endorse support for self-study. Total: National (Rs.) International (US$) 10. Name & Designation: Signature: Date: Official Stamp: 9. Applicant’s interest 8. Funding Information (Employer endorsement necessary. 3. I confirm that this application has our organization’s support. work related project and the necessary leave required to attend the components of the Advanced Diploma Programme in Karachi.

45) per week Off-campus hostels for Men’s Only:  Rehaish Inn: Single Room (US$ 25-35) per day Shared Room (US$ 31-45) per day  AKU Guest House: Single Room (US$ 40-45) per day Duration June 01– July 12. health. AKU-HDP may provide limited financial assistance in the form of grant/loan to supplement other sources. including Pakistani citizens living 2. Tuition per course The tuition fee for the course is Rs. Application Form: AKU-HDP Advanced Diploma in Human Development-Course I Page 1 of 4 . Admissions Procedure Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:  A Bachelors degree or professional qualification requiring at least three years of education and training. Please note that accommodation is subject to availability and rates are subject to change (final rates will be communicated to selected participants at a later date).400 for international participants. travel to AKU and subsistence 3. must be submitted as early as possible and should be postmarked no later than March 30. education or development. single-occupancy accommodation is available on-campus for women. completed in all respects.  Statement of Interest outlining the reason for acquiring the Advanced Diploma in ECD and description of your current activities related to Early Child Development  Experienced in service for atleast two years related to child care. A separate financial assistance form will be sent to individuals who wish to apply for assistance. Karachi 75300. accommodation is available off-campus at AKU guest house and Rehaish-Inn.  Employer’s endorsement and support for in-service education and attendance at seminars held at AKU  Sufficient funds for tuition. 000 for national participants and US$ or sonia. Please send your application via regular mail. 2011 7. Visa A Pakistani visa will be necessary for all international participants. Pakistan Phone: (92-21) 3210-2189 Fax: (92-21) 3493-4294 E-mail: human. The cost of accommodation may be estimated as follows:   On-campus hostels for Womens Only: Single and Shared Room (US$ 21. Karachi ECD related project 4. 2011. An official letter of confirmation of admission will be sent to selected applicants. 2011 August 08 – November 15. fax or e-mail to: Regular mail: Aga Khan University Human Development Programme METRO Cash & Carry Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd Mezzanine Floor University Road. Accommodation Limited. Details of methods of payment will be sent to successful applicants. Fees are payable before the commencement of the course. 51. 2011 July 18 – 30.development@aku. 5.Application Information 1. Course Schedule Mode of Study Self-study (Online) Face to Face seminar at AKU. For men. 6. for submission to the Consulate of Pakistan in their country. Financial Assistance In the event that a selected applicant has insufficient funds after exploring all potential sources. Submission of Application The application form. based on evaluation of merit and the applicant’s need.