Menu lists: • Subject list – consists of all eight subject matter; for uploading of questions per subject • Set

list - used for creating exam set and set codes for items/paragraphs that have several questions • Exam Setup – for setting the timer (in seconds) and number of items for each subject • Preview question – to view/check how the questions would appear on the actual examination page • Account – for resetting the password Procedures for uploading the questions: Select the Subject from the subject list drop-down menu. Remember to save the questions per subject matter, accordingly. On the New Record section, type the Index code for each questions: (all index are case sensitive when saving items) *Once an item has been saved, the Index code can no longer be edited. Be careful in encoding, otherwise, delete the item with wrong index code and create a new record. Click the Upload Question button. The content article manager will appear where the questions are encoded and saved. Be sure that you have edited and check the word file for any error before copying it to the content article manager. For uniformity, table shall be used for • lengthy paragraphs; width: 590px & w/o border lines • statements/numbers in columns and rows; maximum width: 500 – 536px & w/o border lines Click the Submit button when done in copying and editing. Copy the choices on the empty boxes. Be sure to rearrange the options as opposed to its original sequence. Set the key answer (based on the new sequence) then click the Add New Record button. The system will automatically generate the ID number for the new uploaded question. *Set List – use this if the question being uploaded is part of a series item (see page 4) *Explanation portion should only be filled in with the correct responses when the answer key is either a ‘None of the above’ or ‘All of the Above.’ To preview how the question is formatted or how it would on the exam page select the Preview Question button.

Preparation of review materials prior to actual uploading. All questions that pertains to one item or problem scenario should be recorded with the same set code. the set code will be applied as soon as the system has been polished. Nonetheless. For editing/updating of a record. SET LIST – is used for creating an exam set and set code for items/paragraphs that have several questions Type the Index code of the subject (same as the code used in uploading an item) Use this format for encoding the name: Index code-s/S&number s stands for set while the number is the identified group number for a particular set Click Add New Record to generate the ID and save set code. create separate records for all the succeeding questions (under the same set code) without the problem scenario (as it is already copied with the first question). ***For the meantime. *Select the Subject drop-down menu when an item is supposed to be saved in other subject matter. The first question of a set should be copied along with problem scenario. Instead of using set code. . Choose the set code where the item is supposed to be included/associated. copy individually the problem scenario for and in each question. The question will appear right after. Click the Update Record to save the changes.A new tab will appear where you would have to encode the ID number of the question you want to view. all these items are tagged with No Set. since this feature is not yet complete. click on the item and the Update Record form will appear on the right side of the screen. Each page is scanned and saved one at a time. Then click the save/update record button. Note: You can also create new exam sets upon uploading of new items. click on the item and make the necessary changes. Notice that the set code is added on the set column on the record list. a. To include a question as part of a set. On the other hand. Scanning of books/resources.

and keep the unedited version. c. Save the edited word file as a new file. use the first index id code that will be generated in naming the files. Use the Preview Question to make sure that the questions are uploaded accurately. Keep the new word file to the Uploaded files folder. Index ID codes are automatically generated for each saved question/item.php and log in to the admin account. Mr. Follow the instructions of the said program when converting PDF files to word files. . b. Note that some of special characters or quotation marks may not be recognized when copied on the content article manager. Go to URL: http://surecpa. XYZ) into other names e.g. i. e. Scanned files should be in PDF format. Rearranged the sequence of the choices/options. Copy the edited word file and upload it in the system.b. However. All scanned items are saved and sorted accordingly to each subject folders. m. Update the stats on CPA uploads. l. You may have to retype or re-encode some of these characters. The index id code should allow us to easily track and retrieve a particular item problem should there be any changes to make.maximum width: 500 – 536px & w/o border lines g.width: 590px & w/o border lines statements/numbers in columns and rows . All questions are scanned except for the key answer and lengthy explanations which will be included in the NOTES section found in the users accounts. Editing and uploading. a. Double check the files for any misspelled words and erroneous number figures. Each file should be sorted according to their respective subject folders. c. k. c. d. Do not rephrase or make any alterations as this may affect the accuracy of the test itself. For uniformity. Refer to the original review materials. h. change all person’s and company names as well as other terms that refer to people(e. Open the word files you are to edit and upload. File names should be based on the same page number as with the PDF file. We may also called them as Reference Number. d. Note that the conversion of PDF files to word files may not be 100% accurate (depending on the quality of the scanned files). f. File names are based on their respective page numbers. Conversion of PDF files to word files. Follow the Procedures for uploading questions provided on a separate sheet. when editing. Use this format in naming the new file: pagenumber_index id code (generated upon saving the new record) * In case there is more than one question included in one page number. a. table shall be used for lengthy paragraphs. The format style and font size are already configured so you can directly copy the questions once you have checked on the j. Installation of Able2Extract Professional (preferably the latest version) is needed. the PDF files or the books. d. b.