Gemini’s Guide to Hong Kong market salaries is prepared from four main sources of information: • • • • An analysis of Gemini’s database of vacancies received from clients A review of actual starting salaries of recent placements made by Gemini Discussions with clients A review of positions advertised in the local media

This guide is intended to give approximate salary ranges for the positions as described and specific skills or experience requirements can mean that a premium may need to be paid. Salaries are based on a 13-month per year payment. Gemini consultants are always available to advise on categories not shown in this guide or on more detailed job descriptions. This guide is updated monthly and is available through the Gemini Internet pages or by fax/post/email upon request from any of our offices in Hong Kong. Full contact details are listed at the end of this survey.

Gemini Personnel Limited is Hong Kong’s leading recruitment company with trained consultants operating from Central and Kowloon. Gemini has Specialist Divisions for Legal & Accounting, IT & Telecommunications, Engineering, Banking & Finance, Transportation & Shipping and Insurance, FMCG, Construction, etc. Gemini Executive Division handles searches for senior level positions in Hong Kong, Asia Pacific & the PRC. The Temporary & Contract Division deals with short and longterm contractual assignments for hourly and monthly paid staff.


Banking & Finance IT, Telco & Engineering Legal & Accounting Merchandising Secretarial, Admin & General Logistics Insurance Industrial Manufacturing Gemini Executive Division Gemini Temporary & Contract Division

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prepare presentation material and provide admin support Independent correspondence.000 $28. A/P Handle full set of books. petty cash. supervise staff.000+ 5-8 yrs 5 yrs in Auditing & Accounting Min 5 yrs managerial grade © Gemini Personnel Limited 2 .500 $9. Prepare annual budget.CALL 3552 9100 Accounts Clerk Accounts Clerk Assistant Accountant Accountant (Chief) Accountant Finance Manager/ Financial 1-2 yrs 2-4 yrs 5-6 yrs F 5 + LCC Elementary Dip/Deg + LCC Intermediate Deg ACCA II / LCC Higher Dip/Deg ACCA II University degree ACCA qualified University degree ACCA Qualified Invoicing. typing. typing. budgeting. Handle annual audits.500 $9. mail/parcels deliveries. A/R.000 $50.000 $15.000 $12. audio typing.000 $25. typing Fax. data input. photocopying. supervise staff.000 $10.000 $15.000 $12. typing.000 $25. Chinese word processing Clean driver's licence (HK and/or PRC) Internal and external work.000 $15. presentation material Responsible for all secretarial/PA duties including presentation material.000 $10. taxation and accounts consolidation.000 $8. greet visitors. balance sheets. travel arrangement. invoicing. inventory and debtors control. P/L account. sort out mail.000+ Secretary Senior Secretary Executive Secretary/PA 3-5 yrs Dip + FST 5-8 yrs Deg/Dip + FST F 7 + FST/ University Degree 8+ yrs OFFICE SUPPORT .000 $7.000 $11.000 $8.GUIDE TO HK MARKET SALARIES DEC 2011 JOB EXP QUALS JOB DESCRIPTION MONTHLY SALARY RANGE HK$ SECRETARIAL .000 $10. typing.000 $20. sort out mail. costing.000 $25.000 $18.000 $20. filing. data entry Handle bank books. draft fax. prepare presentation material and provide admin support Independent correspondence.000 $13. Chinese word processing & fax Draft simple correspondence. prepare cheques.500 $12.000 ACCOUNTS . typing.CALL 3552 9100 Junior Secretary Secretary 0-1 yr 1-2 yrs F5 F 5 + FST Filing.000 $40. management accounting $8. typing and stationery control Handle switchboard/telephone calls. prepare cheques. administration & personnel.000 $12. travel arrangement. greet visitors.000 $30. stationery control and admin support Handle switchboard Filing. supervise staff and handle PRC A/Cs Supervise A/C dept. etc Supervise and control A/C & Admin dept. Chinese word processing. monitor finance of company.CALL 3552 9100 Junior Receptionist Senior Receptionist Telephone Operator Clerk Senior Clerk Typist/ WP Operator Driver Messenger 0-3 yrs 4+ yrs 1-3 yrs 0-2 yrs 3 yrs 2+ yrs 5+ yrs 1+ yr F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F3 F 3+ Handle switchboard/telephone calls.500 $11. monitor finance of company.500 $12. travel arrangement. assist in prepare management reports Program month-end closing. arrangement of appointments.000 $10. fax.000 $12.000 $35. provide admin support.000+ $35. Run the office in absence of boss $7.000 $12. general office routine work $8. some supervision Data entry.000+ $25.

000 $17. personal/ mortgage/syndication /problem loans Relationship building with existing customers and cultivation of new business opportunities in the commercial/ retail banking industry.000 $10. some outdoor work Prepare production details and pass to factories.000 $18.GUIDE TO HK MARKET SALARIES DEC 2011 Controller JOB EXP QUALS JOB DESCRIPTION MONTHLY SALARY RANGE HK$ MERCHANDISING .000 $18.000 $12.000 $18.000 $20.000 $25. Provides staff training and monitor performance. final inspection and delivery Review pre-production & shipment of samples. Supervise a merchandiser team.000 $18. quality control. supervise 6+ Merchandisers and Assistant Merchandisers All production scheduling.000 3-8 yrs 5+ University Degree University Degree + SFC dealer rep University Degree/MBA $25. SMEs/ second tier/top tier corporate.000 $12. Polytechnic Institute graduate F 7 / Degree BANKING .000 $25.000 $35. Provide sales & dealing support for Sales staff/ Dealers Handle bill checking Perform settlement transactions for products of FX/MM/equities/ derivatives and carry out supervisory duties Obtain data for credit reviews.000 $20. prepare utilisation and compile excess & overdue reports.000 $10.CALL 2506 3332 Teller Customer Services Officer Settlement Clerk Sales/Dealer Assistant Bills Checker Settlement Officer/Asst Manager Credit/Loan Admin Officer/ Asst Manager Credit Cards/Loans Call Centre Manager Dealer 0-2 yrs 1-4 yrs 1-3 yrs 2-4 yrs 3-5 yrs 3-8 yrs F5 Dip F5 F 7 / University Degree F5 F 5 / University Degree Dip / Deg Handle general bookkeeping duties Handle customers’ enquiries Assist in performing settlement transactions. control & follow up on all production.000 2-4 yrs Credit/Risk Analyst Relationship Manager 3-5 yrs 3-5 yrs University Degree/MBA $25.000 $10.000 $40.000 $35. Develop enhanced sales techniques and marketing programmes. Execute trading or corporate dealing in FX/MM or treasury products Perform credit reviews and prepare credit assessments on commercial loans.000 $45.000 $12.000 $12. QC.000 $8. Perform supervisory duties Manager telemarketing and sales teams. quality and fabric control forms Supervise 2-3 staff.000 (Neg) © Gemini Personnel Limited 3 .000 $30. schedules.000 $35.000 $17.CALL 2736 1236 Merchandising Clerk QC Assistant Merchandiser Merchandiser Senior Merchandiser Merchandising Manager 1-2 yrs 1-2 yrs 3-4 yrs Production Clerk or equivalent 3+ yrs as Merchandiser 5 yrs as Senior Merchandiser 3+ yrs as Merchandiser Manager F5 F5 F5 Typing. etc $8.000 $18. price negotiation.000 $22. follow up. Troubleshoot production problems. contact with factories and different departments Inspection.000 $9. Perform credit reviews and prepare credit assessments when required $9.000 $22.000+ F5 F 5. travelling. Prepare shipping.000 $22.000 $11. follow-up on production.

CALL 3552 9100 University / Polytechnic graduate in Personnel Studies / Business Administration University graduate in Business Administration University Degree in Personnel/HR Management Handling all or partial personnel functions including payroll. Billing and Remittance activities Responsible for overall Market Risk management including developing market risk strategies $35.000+ © Gemini Personnel Limited 4 .000 $25.000 $30. supervise procedure by clerks Supervise and control shipping department Supervise logistics functions $9.000 PERSONNEL & ADMINISTRATION . MPF compensation & benefits Responsible for all administrative function.000 $20.000 $14. e.000 $50.000 $35.000 $20.000 $12.000 $18.000 $35. leasing of offices. staff recruitment. such as recruitment compensation & benefits. Advise new & existing customers on general trust matters.000 $40. payroll and supervision of the department $15.000 $18.000+ 5-8 yrs $30.000 $30. shipping and banking documents. employee benefits. training.000 $45.GUIDE TO HK MARKET SALARIES DEC 2011 JOB EXP QUALS JOB DESCRIPTION MONTHLY SALARY RANGE HK$ BANKING .000 $25.000 Personnel Officer 3-5 yrs Administration Manager/ Office Manager Human Resources Manager 5-8 yrs $20. Oversee day-to-day import & export billing operations Oversee the operations of the Department and supervise a team of subordinates Oversee the operations of the Department or the Team Oversee the operations of the Settlement.000 $30. ensure smooth running or equivalent of communications and the office.000 $35.000 $18.000 $50.CALL 2736 1161 Shipping Clerk Shipping Supervisor Shipping Manager Logistics Manager 1-3 yrs 4-6 yrs 7 yrs Min 5 yrs managerial grade F5 F7 / Dip F 7 / Dip Diploma / University Degree Knowledge of I/E documents. Supervise department.g.000 $70. Handle full set shipping and banking documents Handle full set I/E.000+ TRADING . Open L/C's bills of exchange. etc Responsible for full spectrum of personnel functions.000 (Neg) $60. training.CALL 2506 3332 Trust Manager Bills Supervisor Credit Admin/Loan Admin Manager Settlement Manager Operations Manager Risk Manager (VP Level) 5+ yrs 8+ yrs 5-8 yrs 8-10 yrs 10 yrs 10 yrs University Degree/Qualified Accountant F5 Dip/Deg F 7 / University Degree University Degree Masters Oversee a marketing team to develop trust services with clients. MPF.

and stamping/ registration Int'l firm. to assist solicitors in handling legal.000 $10. assist solicitors in handling legal matters Int'l firm. translate legal documents.500 $18. edit publications on law topics.000 $20.000 $35. independent correspondence. supervise company secretary assistants. written summaries. stamping/ registration Can handle file independently.CALL 3552 9128 Legal Secretary Legal Secretary Legal Secretary Search Clerk Conveyancing/ Litigation Clerk Conveyancing/ Litigation Clerk Paralegal Paralegal Compliance Officer Articled Clerk 1-2 yrs 2-6 yrs 3-6+ yrs 1-2 yrs 2-5 yrs F 5 + FST F 5 + FST F 5 + FST.000 $10.000+ Translator 5+ yrs Int'l firm.000 $25. Diploma in Legal Studies F5 F5 Local firm. general research Int'l firm. audio typing.000+ $7.000 $35.000 $20. trial preparation. drafting of documents. proficiency in written Chinese & English Tertiary Education. drafting documents. admin matters. co secretary experience Int'l firm. audio typing.000 $20. legal document experience Local firm.000+ $25. independent correspondence Company search. supervision of junior staff $28. independent correspondence. edit publications. management of daily operation of corporate department.000+ © Gemini Personnel Limited 5 .000+ $12.000 $22. registration Drafting documents. good command of English Int'l firm.GUIDE TO HK MARKET SALARIES DEC 2011 JOB EXP QUALS JOB DESCRIPTION MONTHLY SALARY RANGE HK$ LEGAL . translation of legal documents. to prepare written summaries $8. Chinese WP knowledge Int'l firm.000+ 2-10 yrs 0-2 yrs 3+ yrs 3+ yrs F5 Tertiary Education Tertiary Education Tertiary Education LLB Holder Tertiary Education.000 $9.000+ $20.000+ 5+ yrs $25. Secretary Assistant Co. supervision of junior support staff Foreign investment bank. good communication & supervisory skills Translator 1-4 yrs $14.000 $12. case management. client liaison.000 $35. high proficiency in English.500 $11. independent correspondence.000 $35.000+ Co.000+ $22. audit/compliance experience. high proficiency in written Chinese & English ICSA few papers passed ICSA qualified.000 $25. client liaison. Secretary/ Legal Officer 2-4+ yrs Listed company/professional firm HK/offshore. familiar with listing rules $12.

Computer studies .000 $12.000 $55.000+ comm. cost estimation. managing.000 2-4 yrs 3-5 yrs Project management. Engineer Engineer 0-2 yrs F 5 / T. report printing Inputting data into computer system & supervising junior operator Program development and maintenance / system and network administration * Program development.000 $40.000 $45.000 $60.AS400 operation.000 5+ yrs $35. review production system periodically. system design and training. ENGINEERING . $50. maintenance. final inspection and technical advice Supervise 6+ Engineers and Assistant Engineers. co-ordinate or supervise a team * Supervise and co-ordinate department/ project. a 10% to 20% increase in salary range is expected.000 $25.000 $28.000 $14.000 $13.CALL 3552 9113 Computer Operator/Data Entry Senior Operator /Supervisor Programmer/ Technical Engineer Analyst Programmer/ System Admin/ DB Admin System Analyst/ Assistant Project Manager/ Business Analyst/ Consultant EDP Manager/ Project Manager/ MIS Manager Web Editor/ Chief Editor Technical Support/ Presales/ Consultant 0-2 yrs 2-8 yrs 0-2 yrs F5+ Cert/Dip F5 + Cert/Dip Cert/Dip in Computer Science Dip/Deg in Computer Science Dip/Deg in Computer Science Deg/Master Deg in Computer Science Deg in Journalism/Englis h/Chinese Language Deg in Computer Science Inputting data into computer and system. review production and quality system. consultancy and application implementation $25. proposal writing.000+ $15. AS/400 or VAX platforms.000 $45.000 $18.000 $40.000 $12.000 $15.000 $12.000 * for those positions that require a strong background in mainframe.000 $25.I.000+ $10.GUIDE TO HK MARKET SALARIES DEC 2011 JOB EXP QUALS JOB DESCRIPTION MONTHLY SALARY RANGE HK$ INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY . technical support.000 $20. schedule planning. Responsible for functional specification & documentations* Editing. developing web content $25. user training and support * $7. training.000 $25. trouble shooting on all production problems Supervise 10+ Engineers and co-ordinate entire Engineering department.000+ 1-5 yrs 3-5 yrs Presales support. maintenance. Engineers. System design/ development.000 $35. design and follow up entire production process. system design.000 2-5 yrs Senior Engineer Engineering Manager Sales Engineer Senior Engineering Manager 5-8 yrs 8-10 yrs 2-5 yrs 10-15 yrs © Gemini Personnel Limited 6 .CALL 3552 9113 Technician/ Asst. graduate University / Polytechnic graduate University / Polytechnic graduate University / Polytechnic graduate University / Polytechnic graduate University / Polytechnic graduate Data collection & supervise workers Supervise 2-3 Asst. price negotiation with vendors Sales + Engineer of Products Manager the Engineering team and be responsible for Design & Production system along with Project Management $8.000 $20.

coordinate between production. develop alternative air/sea/land service products and promote such marketing plan.000 $100.000 $20. carry out operational review. warehouse and clients Handle local and overseas enquiries.000 $25.000 3-5 yrs University graduate University / Polytechnic graduate Degree/Diploma in Logistics 5-8 yrs 5-8 yrs $22. control and update the inventory movement. Manage warehouse facilities and distribution capacity to be cost effective Order processing.000 Warehouse & Distribution Manager Director Purchasing 10 yrs $25.000 $35. supervise a team. salesmen and customer Managing logistics process upon receiving the purchase order to product delivery. Manage warehouse facilities and distribution capacity to be cost effective Manage the regional purchasing team and head the IPO for the organisation.000 Supply Chain Officer Inventory Controller Inventory Supervisor Operations Manager 3-5 yrs $15.000 $20.CALL 3552 9128 Sales Coordinator/ Administrator Customer Service Rep/Officer Warehouse Supervisor Warehouse & Distribution Manager 2-3 yrs 3 yrs F. coordinate with different level of people and supervise staff Meet with local shippers. coordinate and follow up with all local and export delivery. Develop reports and tools for stock replenishment Handle purchase order.000 $18.000 $35. communicate with PRC/overseas suppliers and customers Work out procedures and policies. warehouse function.5 10 yrs University / Polytechnic graduate University graduate University graduate $25.000 Material Planner 3-5 yrs $14.000 5-8 yrs F. I/E. $12. vendors and overseas visitors and maintaining relationship with existing clients. Act as a coordinator to deal with vendors.000 $25.000 $35. monitor system and provide training to new staff Manage team of customer service. logistic and distribution operation.000 15 yrs © Gemini Personnel Limited 7 . L/C. shipment arrangement.7/Higher Diploma Deg holder Order processing.GUIDE TO HK MARKET SALARIES DEC 2011 JOB EXP QUALS JOB DESCRIPTION MONTHLY SALARY RANGE HK$ LOGISTICS .000 $22. stock allocation and inventory management.000 $28. suppliers and forwarders to ensure product delivery and service Minimise risk of inventory investment while providing target service level.000 $23. warehouse function.000 $13. maintain an accurate inventory balance and effective manpower allocations. logistic and distribution operation.000 $18. manage inventory database. customer service.000 $18.8 yrs Degree in Transport / Logistics University / Polytechnic graduate University $25.000 Senior Sales Executive 5.000 $18. Coordinate with overseas counterparts. develop logistics solution presentations for customers Manage team of customer service. project implementation. coordinate with client and internal departments Oversee daily operation of the warehouse. handle shipping documents.000 $65.

correspondence Handle customers' enquiries. 30 Canton Road.000 Actuarial Manager Business Development Manager Claims Manager 6-8 yrs $40.gemini.000 $45. monitor the profitability. selling insurance/financial products. Kowloon.000 $17.CALL 2736 1236 Claims Clerk/ Underwriting Assistant Claims Officer/ Claims Administrator Underwriter Trainee/ Administrator Customer Service Administrator/ Officer Executive/ Senior Executive 1-2 yrs F5–F7 F7+ University Degree F7+ University Degree F7+ University Degree F7+ University Degree F7+ University Degree With ACII/AAII qualification Deg in Actuarial Science + 2 yrs PQE U Grad F7/Deg Answer telephone enquiries. supervise team. able to work independently $8.000+ $35.000 $12. clerical duties Handle enquiries & claim case assessment To underwrite applications. marketing and servicing of commercial business.000 $45.000+ 3-5 yrs 5-6 yrs Visit the Gemini Web Site at E-Mail : gemhq@gemini. answer inquiries from both agent and client. customer liaison etc $25.000 2-4 yrs 3-5 yrs 0-2 yrs 2-5 yrs 3-7 yrs Responsible for underwriting. Handle customers' enquiries.000 $9. business development Responsible to design insurance plans.000 $10. supervise team Responsible for Handling claims assessment and payout. 308 Des Voeux Road Central. follow up document.000 $65. Hong Kong © Gemini Personnel Limited 8 . TST. product positioning etc Responsible for business development.000 $ TO HK MARKET SALARIES DEC 2011 JOB EXP QUALS JOB DESCRIPTION MONTHLY SALARY RANGE HK$ INSURANCE .hk Tel : (852) 3552 9100 Tel : (852) 2736 1161 Central Office : 6/ $40. Tower 2. determine the pricing/premium. follow up policy administration www. ING Tower.000 $12.000+ $35. Hong Kong Kowloon Office : 909 Silvercord.000 $30.000 $12. follow up policy administration document.