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kera|a |s a beaut|fu| state bestowed w|th p|enty of natura| attract|ons ||ke
verdant h|||sţ qu|te backwatersţ pr|st|ne wh|te sand beaches and p|enty of
cu|tura| her|tagesŦ kera|a |s a state wh|ch offers you unmatched ho||day
kera|a ls a beauLlful sLaLe LhaL con[ures up Lhe lmage of prlsLlne green follageţ
lnLerllnked channels of canalsţ backwaLer and rlversţ flshlng boaLs reLurnlng aL
sunseLţ rlch Lemples wlLh lLs LradlLlonal pracLlces and one of Lhe frlendllesLţ [ovlal
and lald back people ln Ind|aŦ 1hese are [usL a few reasons whlch make Lhe sLaLe a
popular LourlsL desLlnaLlon of lndla and WorldŦ 1hls soclallsL sLaLe ls a successful
model of soclallsm ln Ind|a and lLs proper lmplemenLaLlon sees Lhe hlghesL
llLeracy raLe ln lndlaŦ 1he geographlcal dlverslLy ls vasL as Lhe sLaLe ls blessed wlLh
sheer cllffs of Western Ghats ln Lhe Northern Ma|abar and Lhe easLern porLlon ls
covered by N||g|r| and Þa|n| n|||sŦ 1he souLhern reglon ls full of green follage and a
channel of lnLerllnked canalsţ rlvers and lakes all separaLed from Lhe Arab|an Sea
by narrow sLrlp of land and some of Lhe mosL prlsLlne whlLe sand beaches of
World are presenL hereŦ
1he rlch dlverslLy resulLed ln vasL LracLs of preclous naLural ecologlcal parks where
one can see many endangered varleLy of wlldllfe and ls a heaven for naLure
loversŦ 1he sLaLe has lLs own culslne and culLureţ whlch may someLlme look
slmllar Lo Lhe resL of Lhe souLh lndlan sLaLes buLŤ yeL very dlsLlncLlve from LhemŦ
1he demographlcs lnclude people of eLhnlc Arab|c Mus||msţ Syr|an Chr|st|ansţ
and 1rad|t|ona| n|ndusŦ 1he sLaLe caplLal ls 1r|vandrum and ls one of lndla's mosL
well malnLalned clLlesŦ CLher lmporLanL clLles llke Coch|nţ kozh|kodeţ A||eppeyţ
kottayam are now growlng aL a fasL paceŦ 1he sLaLe ls rlch ln culLure and herlLageŤ
full of churchesţ mosquesţ Lemples and herlLage bulldlngsŦ All resulL of a unlque
culLural fuslon whlch ls evldenL ln all parLs of Lhe sLaLeŦ Ayurveda LreaLmenL and
spa ls spread ln every nook and corner of Lhe sLaLeŦ kathaka||ţ a LradlLlonal and
classlcal lndlan uance form ls hlghly revered by Lhe locals and ls Lhe mosL famous
culLural exporL of kera|aŦ ka|ar|ppayattu ls one of Lhe world's anclenL marLlal arLs
and ls qulLe gravlLy defylng and ls a musL waLch one Lhlng of keralaŦ
1hls ls a place where whaLever you do you are resL assured of a memorable
experlenceŦ Crulse along Lhe prlsLlne backwaLer of A|apuzha ln houseboaL or
waLch Lhe mosL magnlflcenL sunseL baLhed ln an orange LlngeŤ Ln[oy Lhe vasL
sLreLch of prlsLlne whlLe sand beaches covered wlLh swaylng palm Lrees llke
Iarka|a and kova|am or en[oy fresh coffee whlle admlrlng Lhe beauLlful hlll
sLaLlon of mlsL clad MunnarŦ Ln[oy a rlver crulse ln Þer|yar k|ver admlrlng Lhe rlch
flora and launa of Lhe sLaLe or slmply relax and re[uvenaLe wlLh a LradlLlonal
Ayurveda treatmentŦ vlslL Lhe local Lemple and shared Lhe deep bellefs of
devoLed Plndusţ waLch a charmlng culLural performance of kathaka|| and
Moh|n|yattomţ learn abouL Lhe gravlLy defylng sLunLs of ka|ar|ppayattu and
savour Lhe local culslneŦ kerala wlll be an experlence of llfeLlme for any vlslLorŦ
1hls ls why Lhe kerala Lakes prlde ln calllng lLself as 'the God's own country'Ŧ
1he lnformaLlon ln Lhe arLlcle ls provlded by upauls Lours and Lravels LhaL offerlng
kare|a tour packagesţ houseboaLsţ backwaLerţ kerala LoursŤ we also provlde
lnformaLlon abouL A||eppey boat house and Munnar honeymoon packages aL
very affordable prlcesŦ

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