Survey-Global Talent and Transnational Mobility

The purpose of this survey is to answer these questions: - Education and major background of Vietnamese Students in South Korea by age and gender - Pull and push factors for Vietnamese college students to + Study abroad in South Korea + Decide to stay or come back Vietnam after graduation - Difficulties encountered before/on arriving and living in South Korea SURVEY (draft/trial 1) _______________________________________________________________________ _ Date: 9 Nov 2010 Place: Sejong and Konkuk University Number of participants: ~ 40 A. Personal Information 1. Are you:  Male 2. What is your age?  18-24  35-44 3. What is your marital status?  Single, Never Married (Leave out question 4)  Married  Separated or Divorced  Widowed 4. How many children under the age of 18 live in your household ______________ B. Educational Information 1. What is your major  Social Science (Economics & Trade, Public Administration, Journalism…)  Natural Science  Engineering  Tourism  Business Administration  Liberal Arts (Korean, English, Japanese, Education, History, Asian Studies…)  Music, Fine Arts and Physical Education  25-34  Female


What make South Korea your destination (Can choose many answers) 2 .  More than 5 years  2-3 years  Less than 1 year 3. What is the highest level of formal education you have completed  Graduated High School  Graduated College  Post-Graduate Degree  Attended College  Post-Graduate Study (No degree) 3. relatives or friends  With the support of consultant agencies  From my university’s fellowship programs  From information seminars  Internet. social media 2.Survey-Global Talent and Transnational Mobility 2. How could you get information on studying abroad in South Korea  From my family member. new environment and meet new people 4. General Information 1. How long have you been in South Korea  4-5 years  1-2 years Why do you choose to study abroad in South Korea  Opportunity to gain international qualification  First step to live and work abroad  To get higher knowledge and working skills  Studying environment is better than in Vietnam  There are no such majors like what I am studying in Vietnam  To get better jobs in the future  To improve languages  To experience new culture. What language is used in teaching and studying  Korean  English  Both C.

the U. etc  There are not many scholarships 6. living and other expenses in South Korea ( Legal or  Illegal) What was your main difficulty after arriving and started studying in South Korea .  Part time works and internships  Family supports 3 How do you finance your tuition fee.  Financial problems  Language problems  Document and visa related issues  Culture shock 3. Singapore.K.  Yes Are the weather and food in South Korea problems to you  No D.Survey-Global Talent and Transnational Mobility  Nature  Relatively cheap tuition fee and living cost  Rich tradition and culture history  Scholarships & sponsorships  Improve Korean 5. Problems on arriving and living in South Korea 1.  High education quality  High enthusiasm in teaching  Hospitality & high social security  Similar Eastern culture features What are disadvantages in studying in South Korea (Can choose many answers)  South Korea is not an English-speaking country  Total studying cost is high  It’s hard to find part-time jobs in South Korea  There is not much information on studying abroad in South Korea  Qualification from colleges in South Korea is relatively lower than ones in Australia. What was your main difficulty to arrive in South Korea  Financial problems  Visa process  Difficulties on document/material completion  Others 2.

5)  After the visa duration is expired  Will work in some more years after graduation then I will go back Vietnam  I plan to stay here (go to the question No. work for the professors. etc)  Others 4.  Good working environment Why you choose to stay in South Korea to work after graduation  High salary 4 .000.200.000  1. Future Plan 1. I did  No.000  No salary  Will achieve very soon.000  Above 1.500. What is your future plan or career plan  Continue to achieve higher education in South Korea  Move to another country  To work for  Government  NGOs  Private enterprises  Others  To build a business  Others 3.000-1. Have you achieved your goals/ purposes in South Korea What is your total monthly personal income (KRW)  800.  500.4)  Plan to move to another country 4.000-1.500. I did not  Had different goals/purposes 2.000  1.000.Survey-Global Talent and Transnational Mobility  Scholarship  Assistantship (work in the lab. almost there  Yes.200.000-1.000 E. When would you go back Vietnam  Rightly after graduation (go to question No.000-800.

Survey-Global Talent and Transnational Mobility  Friendly and beautiful nature environment  Advanced opportunities  Transparency in recruiting process  To be with my beloved ones (boyfriend/girlfriend. food. culture THANK YOU 5 . Why you would not stay in Korea to work after graduation  Cannot find an adequate job  I cannot speak Korean  Have commitments with organizations/institutions in Vietnam  I can find a more suitable job in Vietnam  Encounter visa problems  Want to go back to my family  Problems with Korean weather. spouse…) 5.