The reduction in trade barriers which began in the wake of globalization in the past three decades has fostered growth in international trade and impacted all parts of the globe differently. The shift in the global economy from the developed markets to the developing markets is interesting and provides tremendous opportunities for countries, trading blocs, multinational organizations. At the same time creating huge challenges to all concerned stakeholders in adapting strategies to cope with the changing dynamics. The emerging and ASEAN markets represent two very powerful growth engines for the future. This two-day international conference aims at understanding the growth opportunities available for the rest of the world in these two regions. The ASEAN is a very successful regional trading bloc in Asia and the Emerging Markets represent developing economies The term Emerging Markets was coined in the 1980s. Initially emerging markets included the BRICS- Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Gradually different countries were included as emerging markets:-BRICET (BRIC + Eastern Europe and Turkey),— BRICM (BRIC + Mexico), BRICK-(BRIC + South Korea), Next Elevenwhich includes Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, South Korea, Turkey, and Vietnam) and CIVETS— Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa. Emerging markets have gained significant attention of the entire world after the economic crisis which began in the western world during 2007. The trade statistics from 2007 to 2011indicate a negative growth in the world’s most developed countries such as Japan, U.S.A and Europe. Positive growth rates were witnessed in the emerging markets led by China and followed by India, Brazil, Russia and other emerging countries. The emerging economies offer tremendous scope for the worlds businesses because 86% of the world’s population lives in emerging markets,75% of the worlds land mass and resources are in emerging markets, emerging markets have 68% of the worlds foreign reserves, and 50% of world GDP (at purchasing power parity). The emerging markets now provide a new growth platform for the world. There are several challenges which need to be addressed by governments, trade organizations, companies etc to address the issues related to trade disputes, regional integration, pressures on natural resources such as energy, water, food, global warming etc.

ASEAN, established in August 1967, has, for long, been the only official organization that pursued regional economic integration in East Asia. ASEAN includes Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos, The Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Brunei. It has a combined population of nearly 600 million people and its gross domestic product is $1.7 trillion. In August 2009, India signed a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the ASEAN members in Thailand. Under the ASEAN-India FTA, ASEAN member countries and India will lift import tariffs on more than 80 per cent of traded products between 2013 and 2016. In the-coming decades emerging economies and ASEAN will play a crucial role in areas like-financial markets, consumption of goods and services, trade and commerce,-sustainable development, innovation, infrastructure development and-research. This is an inter-disciplinary conference as the objective is to discuss and deliberate on the impact of the emerging markets and ASEAN on the world economy from all functional areas. Implications for the global finance, marketing, human resources, information technology, operations, supply chain, economics etc.

challenges, integration of different businesses, cultural diversity, corporate communication etc. Theme IV : International Business: Dynamics of international trade, WTO and global trade issues, regional trading blocs, role of international financial organizations: IMF, World Bank etc Theme V: Marketing: Challenges to the marketing function from the marketing mix perspective in emerging and ASEAN markets, services marketing, brand management, consumer behavior, sales management, customer relationship management, business to business marketing, business to customer marketing, marketing of high technology products, e-commerce marketing etc. Theme VI: Technology: Global future challenges in information & communication technology with respect to different business functions. Theme VII: Disaster Management and its Impact on Emerging Markets : Problems of BRIC and ASEAN economies due to natural disasters, Crisis arising out of slowdown in the developed countries, Theme VIII: Other Areas: Asian Changing Business Theories and Models, Green practices, Waste management, Urban Planning, Water and Energy Management, Logistics and Urbanization, Social Networking , Entrepreneurship challenges

The objective of the conference is to provide a platform to discuss the changes in the global economy due to Emerging Economies BRIC and ASEAN Markets As New Growth Engines, the cross border challenges existing in these markets and provide a broad framework for the growth path in the coming years.

Who can Participate
Industry Executives, Academicians, Research Scholars, Policy Makers, Government Representatives, Students of Commerce and Management.

Themes and Topics
Theme I: Accounting and Finance: Global convergence of accounting Standards, forensic accounting, corporate accounting practices, tax management, Islamic banking, global financial meltdown and recovery, carbon credit, corporate governance, sustainability, technology in banks and financial services, credit management & NPA management, Forex Management, etc. Theme II: Economics: Economic Reforms , Inclusive Growth, Currency Fluctuations, Key Economic Indicators,, International economics, role of different economies in shaping the world economy, unification of Asian economies, Impact of BRIC and ASEAN economies on the world, etc. Theme III: Human Resource Management: Global HR practices, Training and Development, Talent Management, expatriation and issues, competency mapping, staff ing and compensation

Conference Venue
SSIM campus, Kompally Secunderabad.

Call for Papers
Research papers, case studies, perspectives are included for paper presentations.

Best Paper Award
One Student paper and One Overall best paper i.e Two Best papers will be selected and awarded at the conference. Only full papers submitted by December 26th, 2011 will be considered for the awards.

We accept papers in absentia too. 2011. It however does not include hotel accommodation and airport/ railway station transfers. Rs.00 1500. A selection of the best conference papers will also be considered for publication in the special issue of the peer reviewed Journal of Siva Sivani Institute of Management.P Sampathy's Siva Sivani Institute of Management is promoted by the Siva Sivani Group of Educational Institutions. Registration fee is required even if the paper is selected for the conference. Authors will be notified of acceptance of abstracts by December 15th. Ministry of Human Resource Development. SSIM is Important Dates Submission of abstracts Acceptance of Abstracts Submission of full papers Acceptance of papers Conference registration December 10th . Government of India.500014 . A soft copy of the abstract should be mailed to the coordinators on or before December 10th. contact the programme coordinators. 2012 January 25th 2012 Registration Fee Management Students Faculty from India Corporate executives from India Research scholars from India International delegates Rs. Ranked A++ in the country amongst the Best B-Schools as per Business India Survey October 2010 Ranked 1st B. kindly. even if it is in the middle of an academic year or a term for that matter. Demand drafts should be sent to the coordinators drawn in favor of Siva Sivani institute of Management. Secunderabad . It offers an ideal environment for imparting value. Registration fee includes: conference kit. 2011 December 26th. Rs. Approved by the All India Council for Technical Education. Siva Sivani Institute of Management has an enviable environment . which has been running the prestigious and internationally renowned SivaSivani Public Schools for more than four decades. A. Rs. Currently. New Delhi. $ 500. Siva Sivani Institute of Management started functioning as an autonomous institute in 1992.SuGyaan Paper Submissions Send your paper together with registration form. far from the madding crowd.00 Ranked 30th in the country amongst the B-Schools of Excellence as per Business Barons Survey February 2011 Ranked 12th amongst the top Business Schools of Excellence as per CSR B-Schools Survey 2011 10% discount for a group of 2 and more participants from same Institution or organization All participants have to register themselves with the required registration fee well in advance as per the conference schedule. payable at Hyderabad. SSIM is consistently ranked amongst the top Business Schools in the country.Publication Opportunities All accepted papers and abstracts will be published in the Book of Proceedings.00 150. Stalwarts from both the industry and the academia constantly provide inputs for fine tuning the course curriculum to meet the needs of the industry. from Bowenpally along the National Highway Guidelines for Abstract Submission Abstracts approved by the reviewers will be selected.School in Placements in A.P. a copy of the conference proceedings and conference lunch & high Siva Sivani Institute of Management NH-7 Kompally. Located in Secunderabad. for 2010 For more information about the anandreddy@ssim. About SSIM S. 2011 January 10th. 2011. spacious and 2000. 2011 December 15th . Muralidhar Prasad S. about 6 Km. as an email attachment using Microsoft word or by post to the college address. Anand Reddy Associate Professor Assistant Professor Contact +91 98 66 23 04 61 contact + 91 93 92 53 53 80 muralidharprasad@ssim.based management education.serene. The Institute designs and updates courses at any given point of time.00 3000.

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