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AAC 'J' ITEM NSN 6515-01-517-3459 UA's: N513, N713, P302 USAMMA POC: Customer Relations Management 301-619-4301/6901 - DSN 343-4301/6901 UNIT PRICE: $14,800.00
System Description: Extensive clinical evaluations have resulted in the creation of these superior colonofiberscopes. Ease of introduction is enhanced by the combination of a 12.8mm insertion tube and specially designed graduated flexibility. An extra large 3.8mm instrument channel provides unsurpassed suction and biopsy capabilities. The PENTAX V-Series scopes completely satisfy the physician's quest to lower expenses without sacrificing the high quality PENTAX is known for. Features: ● Substantial Increase in Resolution By adding 50% more fibers (compared with conventional P-Series scopes), resolution has been dramatically increased, providing sharp, bright, crystal clear images. Physicians will notice a substantial difference whether it is viewed through the eyepiece or seen on a monitor via an addon camera. ● Short/Long Distance from Eyepiece The new PENTAX V-series scopes allow users to view an image through the fiberscope with a greater distance between the eye and the eyepiece. This new innovation permits users with or without eyeglasses to enjoy the sharp, clear images provided by these fiberscopes. ● Easy Snap-On and Autoclavable Components A variety of components that snap-on rather than screw-off, allow for easier installation and removal from the endoscope. These components include the air/water and suction valves, and channel cleaning adapters. For those institutions and medical professionals requiring the confidence of sterilization by autoclaving, the PENTAX components identified above, along with all check-valves, can withstand the high temperatures of steam sterilization. ● Light Control Body Using a unique construction, the weight of these PENTAX scopes has been reduced, making them lighter and easier to handle. The compact control body has been crafted to fit comfortably into a physician's hand to increase user comfort.



8mm 1.ENDOSCOPIC INSTRUMENT FIBER OPTIC FLEX PHYSICAL & ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIFICATIONS Item Dimensions Height (Inches) Width (Inches) Length (Inches) Cube (Cubic Feet) Weight Height (Inches) Width (Inches) Length (Inches) Cube (Cubic Feet) Weight 0 0 0 0 12 0 0 0 0 Ship Dimensions Storage Temp Operating Temp Storage Humidity Operating Humidity Amps Watts Power Requirements Notes 0 Channel Diameter: Insertion Tube Diameter: Working Length: Angulation: Up/Down: Right/Left: Angle of View: 3.700mm 180°/180° 160°/160° 120° 3 .8mm 12.

rubber inlet Venting cap. Support Plans include 10/20 Standards. Note: Only available to personnel who reside in a Military (. 10 pieces Eyeshield Silicone Oil Literature. Maintenance Allowance Chart. Operator 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 EA EA $14.pdf> Click Below for Equipment Support Plans. ETO Brush.cfm> 4 . air/water connector cleaning O-Ring set.mil/assets/apps/email_doc/email_doc_index.army. Please select the plans you wish to receive and enter your email address.800.800. maintenance intervals. and more.ENDOSCOPIC INSTRUMENT FIBER OPTIC FLEX ACCESSORIES & CONSUMABLES .pentaxmedical.com/osc/catalog/downloads/specialty%20fiberscopes.00 $14. carrying Adapter. air/water/suction cleaning Adapter.00 Incl w/NSN 3459 Incl w/NSN 3459 Incl w/NSN 3459 Incl w/NSN 3459 Incl w/NSN 3459 Incl w/NSN 3459 Incl w/NSN 3459 Incl w/NSN 3459 Incl w/NSN 3459 Incl w/NSN 3459 Incl w/NSN 3459 Incl w/NSN 3459 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Incl w/NSN 3459 10/PG Incl w/NSN 3459 Incl w/NSN EA 3459 Incl w/NSN EA 3459 Incl w/NSN EA 3459 Incl w/NSN EA 3459 Incl w/NSN EA 3459 Incl w/NSN EA 3459 10/PG Incl w/NSN 3459 Incl w/NSN EA 3459 Incl w/NSN EA 3459 Incl w/NSN EA 3459 ENDOSCOPIC INSTRUMENT FIBER OPTIC FLEX WEB LINKS Click Below for PDF Brochure with Parts <http://www. <http://www. 6515015173459 See Resupply 6515015296820 6515015296821 6515015706643 6515015706677 6515015707182 6515015707186 6515015707778 6515015707890 6650013857151 6850013850504 7610015437003 Endoscopic Instrument Fiber Optic Flex Brush. Cleaning Seal. cylinder cleaning Case.STARTUP NSN Notes Nomenclature MFR PN Pentax Medical Comp FC-38LV CS6021SN OF-B190 OF-C5 CS-C5S VF-G5 OF-B115 OF-G17 OF-B127 OE-C15 OF-D3 OF-Z11 Z173 DIST PN QTY UI Unit Price Total Price Shelf Life Mon.usamma.mil) domain. suction valve Checkvalve set.