In brief: Before diving into this issue again, I would like to point out that man y experienced interviewers

will try to avoid these questions, because questions about strength and weaknesses immediately keep a person on the defensive and tak es the interview into a negative atmosphere. However, if the interviewer does as k you about your strengths and weaknesses, you may need to have some intelligent answers that will not seem boastful or phony. To be on the safer side, for your job interview preparations this article provides examples on how to answer the question what are your weakne sses and strengths? . This is the third article of the weaknesses and strengths question series. You may also read How to answer the weakness and strength question. Job Interview: Strength Examples List of Strengths Here are some aspects (with detailed explanation) that you may put forward as be ing your strengths: Learning agility and effective personal communication skills Most researches show that the single best predictor for who will perform well an d succeed in a new job is the one who possesses learning agility(a quick learner ) and the one who can adjust himself/herself to changes and new situations, such as a new workplace. Also, effective interpersonal communication skill is one of the best personal tr aits. Past performance or even experience, skills and intelligence are not as importan t as learning agility and communications skills. HR and recruiters are aware to these facts Self Motivated and Determined To achieve success, one needs to be self motivated and determined to succeed. Wi thout self motivation, it is quite possible that even the best of employees will languish in the company without achieving any success. Success Oriented and Natural Leader All companies search for an individual who has the drive within himself or herse lf. Frankly, the company would not have time to actually sit back and look out w hich of their employees has that next big idea, or which of the employees is not working according to their talents and resources. Therefore, it is best that a company have a self-appointed mentor who keeps these things in mind and speaks a bout them at the appropriate time. This characteristic is necessary for team leaders, supervisors, executive manage rs and project managers. Team Player No man is an island. And in today s world, like never before, a person requires a group of people with whom to succeed. Therefore, being a team player in today s wo rld is almost as important as any academic degree. Hardworking This is one of the most common traits found in a successful boss as well as a su ccessful employee. It is said that success is ninety percent hard work and ten p ercent thinking/brain activity. Any company would like to have a hard-working em ployee. Therefore, you can speak about hard-work, dedication and commitment as y our strengths. Intelligence and Self Confidence Being intelligent does not mean being the only person in the room who can drive a plane, but a person who has the simple logic and practical knowledge that goes with running a proper team. Job Interview: What Are Your Weaknesses Examples & List of Weaknesses Several interviewers will also ask whether you have any weaknesses. When it come s to weaknesses, make sure that you describe the weaknesses that are ambiguous e nough to be converted into strengths. Here are some of the weaknesses that are generally discussed. Getting Nervous around people Today, with the advent of the new work culture where a person seldom meets anoth er and where the only time people speak to each other is during coffee breaks, t here are some people who have become introverts. This causes some people to beco

they f ind it difficult to go back to their learning ways. Too helpful: Crossing limits while helping teammates. Some other strengths & weaknesses (per job title) to consider: Here is an additional strengths and weaknesses list Strengths Leaders and managers: Ability to prioritize. Customer care. I realize how many opportunities we waste by occupy ing our mind with the wrong things. they may create antagonism. Remember that these are just concepts and you should back up each of these stren gths and weaknesses with an example. I don t regret the past for the things I did. but I certainly wouldn t mind having pushed my boundaries further. after all we can only live in the present moment. while so me are not as simple and require some thought before the answer is given. Whenever I think about this. Going out of one s Way There are several people in organizations all over the world who take all kinds of work from their colleagues. mu ltitasking and assuming responsibilities and duties. Some of the questions are quite simple and can be answered immediately. having goo d interpersonal skills. it wont take you more than a few minutes. Programmers and R&D: A quick learner who enjoys learning new things. in which a person has to decide whether the employee is perfect for the job or not. it might rub some people the wrong way. I want you to do a simple test. That s definitely true. and thus we should focus on that. not the ones you did. planning skills. whether it is their work or not. Though this is good for the project and th e product. Call center and sales: Communication skills. patience. indeed I would repeat everything I d have the chance. 10 Years From Now I don t like thinking too much about the future. This is one of the g reatest disadvantages that one has. well-organized. While these peop le are an asset to the company. It all started with a quote. One go od example of this is the question regarding strengths and weaknesses. Possessing the capacity to cope with failures and trying to learn from past mistakes. and that s helping me to get a lot of motivation. To establish t his. Back to job interview questions and answers. and I . because once a person starts earning. A team play er who shares knowledge and ideas with colleagues. the interviewer asks several nervous about giving presentations and speeches. Lack of some skills No person has all the requisite skills for the job profile. Ten years from now. Weakness Sensitive person: Taking things to heart and getting too disappointed when thing s are done in the wrong way. Summary An interview is the short span of time spent with each other. Being a Debater Some individuals are too passionate about work and require a reason for any chan ge that is introduced in the company. and it developed in a more general way of thinking. But there s something that I m th inking more and more lately. you ll regret the things you didn t do.

or ignore it b y projecting into the past and the future. Now take a look at them. Now do the same test. Now. and you ll enter into a snowball of positive changes. not tomorrow. nor do feelings.think it s very worth your time. Sure. or that don t matter at all. If you liked the post. -You can receive new posts via RSS feed. chances are that one or two of those are something that s already solved. but the only way that you ll be proud of yourself ten years fr om now is to stop thinking about time and to start focusing on the now. And if you get things done and you enjoy it (you will if you focus on the now ). Tomorrow will never come. or something that didn t ma tter at all. and who I ll be. and I can only achieve that by living my life now. The moment you really have to deal with it (if at all). But how do you deal with problems? After all life is full of challenges. Now is the only time where you can make a difference. Chances are that you re having an hard time remembering about them. but this time try to remember 10 things you w ere worried one year ago. But I know one thing for sure. Take some paper and write down 10 things you were worried about yesterday. If a problem doesn t matter in the present moment then it doesn t exist. and you can decide wherever to enjoy it. you giv e it full attention and then you return on your own things. By constantly thinking about the past and the fu ture we are giving up liberty and creating stress. or you can receive them directly in your inbox by clicking here. I want you to go back for one second on the first list you previously wrote. Live your life to the fullest. It seems odd at first. Got them? Good. We are thinking too much. Now scroll down each item and ask yourself: Does this really matter in the present m oment? . you ll be more happy. I do have goals I want to accomplish thi s month and this year. and where everything matters. and that s I would wa nt to have lived my life to the fullest by then. you can always plan based on your previou s experiences and with some output in mind. Don t think too much about them. But wont you stop to grow that way? No. The sim ple answer is that you don t. But if you focus on the now you ll find it easier to get things don e. you re boss will notice your progress. The present mo ment is a gift you have. but you can only accomplish your goa ls by focusing on the present moment. So let s get back to 10 years from now. Now. Even when you work for someone else. just write down quickly what s coming to mind. The truth is that we constantly fill our mind with beliefs that are simply not t rue. What happened 1 minute ago is gone. please share it with your friends! . as projec ting the future is pure fantasy. Problems don t exist in the present moment. where your thoughts are cl ear. But I have to work on them now in order to achieve them. I sincerely don t know wherever I ll still be alive by then. there s a chance that you don t really enjoy wh at you re doing.

If the basic needs of manshelter. the deprivation of these needs gr adually transform into different forms of social menaces Economic prosperity(wea lth) serves as a backbone for the overall progress of a nation.Poverty. corruption etc Social Problem:. th ere is no wonder that it is surrounding with a number of social and economical p roblems. The wonderful period of childhood soon gets over. legal. they divert their attention to more useful things. there is no concept of an ideal society in the world. political. He is owing to the fact that it is a developing nation. he realizes that thi s world abound with countless problems. They focus on education.they are economically sound. One thing is com mon in all developed nations. imp rovise healthcare. economic.Economic problems economicpakistan report) Faisalabad. The main issue is the extent and intensity of the socio-economic problems of Pakistan which ha ve soared to alarming levels. as stated earlier. Now we will have a broader view of the problem as global issue. He sees around him with a hope of finding the same perfection in ever ything which his parents had provided him with. In no time.All the countries in the world are somehow under the attack of soci o economical problem For example: . When citizens of a co untry are freed from the worries of earning a livelihood to sustain their lives. spir itual and the list goes on. Parents want to pro vide the newborn with the best of everything. protected and take n care of. food and clothing are not fulfilled.v Poverty v Illiteracy v Corruption v Unemployment v Child Labo ur v Health problem Economical Problem:. The real issue is not the presence of these problems in society because . Certain social and economic conditions become a danger for the society when they start asserting negative influence on the society. Usually those social needs w hich persist in a society for long period of time turn into socio-economic probl ems.v Power crises v War on terrorism v Declining export v Tumb ling stock-market v Lack of tourism Loss in business . The major problems of a society are linked with the providence of basic nec essities of life to the people making up the society. The most beautiful moment in the life of hu mans is when someone of their own blood calls them mama or papa . and the little huma n infant grows up to be an adult ready to face the challenges of the world he wa s born in. Poor economic condition is the root cause of so many problems that exist in a society In the context of Pakistan. Every country in the world has its own set of socio-economic problems. develop technologies that make life easy and much more.

What is Illiteracy? Inability to read and write is called illite racy. Just as a we ed spread in the field and affect the yield of the crop. Corruption is the mothe r of other problem such as unemployment which will be discussed later. 4> Unemployment:. There are many reasons of unemployment like influx of machinery that has replaced manpower.1>Poverty:. Many cor rupt people don t even bother to do that. Almost 70% population of Pakistan live in villages. government has failed to achieve literacy rates comparable to o ther countries in South Asia. Lack of funds followed by unorganized system and lack of new projects are causing unemployment worldwide. The illiteracy rate all over the world is increasing and the prime reason beside it is the high cost of education and lack of institutions and access. poor sanitation. Social Problems:. 2> Illiteracy:. According to latest report of Transparency International. But the impacts of unemployment are mor e serious and dangerous. From clerical staff to hig her offices and administrator. T here is a lack of responsibility due to which wealthy people and those in power are sure that they can t be held responsible for their deeds. all are involved in corruption of one kind or the other. despite decreasing. It deprives children of poor people to access education and healthcare. Despite spending millions on it. They live in miserable conditions. The people all over the world are facing serious problems of poverty. Most of them don t have access to su fficient basic needs of life. The facts that 50 percent of chil dren do not complete their primary education testify this fact. The literacy r ate lingers on 56%. Poverty itself give s rise to various other social problems. Therefore the serv ing of deserving people is not used. Lack of proper food. illiteracy rate in Pak istan has shown an upward trend. Over the decades.Corruption is the prime reason behind the economical unstablenes s. causing loss to both country and the person . unsafe and sometime s dirty drinking water are just some of their many problems. Murder ETC. So they keep on loot ing the national treasures and find ways to legalize their black-money.Unemployment is a major social problem caused by poor economic al system. A great percentage of people in world are below the average line of poverty and such condition leads to begin cultural crime such as Suicide. Pakistan has been ranked at 42n d number among the most corrupt nations of the world. In Pakistan major portion of population consists of youth and a large number o f young people who have the ability and are willing to work are unemployed. lack of new in dustries and defective education system. Corruption in government departments is so much deep-rooted that a commo n concept prevails that the system doesn t let honest people to work peacefully. 3> Corruption:. Curr ently rate of unemployment as per official resources is 7. Corruption has spread into the world and has ruined the economy.4% but according to so me private estimates the rate of unemployment is 12%. They are struggling for bread and butter. A large chunk of population lives below poverty line. In Pakistan Illiteracy is yet another problem. People who don t find work here migrate to other countrie . clothing and shelter. Schools and colleges are opened as a business pros pect and thus many of them lack quality. Not only that but enrollment ratio of students at primary level has shown a decreasing trend. We read crime stories in newspapers that are ch aracterized by lower orders of society who adopt illegal channels to get the fin ancial prosperity which they cannot achieve otherwise. Peo ple due to lack of resources are unable to educate their children s and so chain i s developed with ever incr easing illiteracy.Sa racy of lack of basic necessities is called Pov erty.Now we will consider some of the socio-economic problems & their causes globally and especially with respect to Pakistan. Whole world is facing serious problems of unemployment and the reason behind it is the unstable economy.

Also. 5> Health Problem :. In Pakistan. International increase in oil prices and Pakistan s internal unfavorable business conditions are two important factors resp onsible for high rates of inflation. increase in health problem etc. some countries refus ed to import those goods from Pakistan in whose making children were employed. There are less hospitals and medical centers and if there are any. businesses. The cost of living is ever increasing and shortage of funds is a usu al problem worldwide. Prices of all consumer products in general and food products in particular are rocket hig h. War is affecting the world s economy and is causing probl ems like shortage of fuel. 3>Declining export:. These people have left their homes. Child labour is the most se rious social economical problem. War benefits none. Core inflation soared to 18. Due to war on terror.Lack of power followed by decline in production is the main cause of declining export which is a major economical problem worldwide. paren ts are bound to send their children to work to light their stoves. When w e talk about Pakistan. All the countries a re affected by the power crises.Child labour is the most annoying thing that the children whic h deserve to be educated and provided with all their needs are forced to do work especially physics work which is very painful site. This portion of population is contributing nothing worthwhile to the na tional income yet they have to be benefited from it. As if power crises. Pakistan s e conomic conditions are pathetic. Lac k of funds and unorganized system is the main cause of the mistrust of certain c ompanies in many countries. . the world economy is suffering great problems. In past.1>Power Crises:.. B ut despite all these factors. Unemployment is already common and now t he question of providing employment to these migrants has also become a serious concern. lack of foreign investment for the development of industrial zones. someone is hurt badly and someone is destroyed completely.War against terrorism is another very important reason behi nd the economical problem. Insufficient salary is paid to these chil dren and no facilities for education are provided. 4>Tumbling Stock market:.s with better prospects. local people of war-ridden areas ar e migrating to other areas of Pakistan. lack of funds. Country has seen the largest migration s ince independence in 1947.The stock-market is suffering a decline worldwide. We are facing an ever decreasing supply of power and ever increasing demands. due to growing inflation (rise) and poverty. Economical Problems:. we find innocent children employed in various forms of labour. Whether in bigger cities or in small villages. 6> Child Labour:. Pakistan s indulgence in war on terrorism served as a fatal blow to th e already crumbling economic state. electricians and in industries like carp et-weaving. They are working as welders. 2>War on Terrorism:. We are running short of fuel worldwide.Power crises are affecting the economy of the world very badly.Health is another social problem caused by poor economical conditions. This large influx of people and their rehabilitat ion is an economic burden for Pakistan. Cost of produc tion increased due to various factors. This unproductive lot of pe ople is a growing economic problem of Pakistan. plumbers. The circulation of money is restrained to rich people only causing the poor to become more poor. the people are unable to afford their and their children health expense s So the health problems grow unchecked. glass and football making.85% in first quarter of year 2009. Lack of investment and poor economical condition of the people and government is another cause of decline in stock-market worldwide. The pr oduction cannot even fulfill the demands and hue to decline in export and lack o f trouble. The power crisis is followed by decline in prod uction and at the end the economy of the countries is affected badly. posse ssions and property back home. backward and out-dated technology were not enough. people tired of making both ends meet due to unem ployment indulge in evil activities and ratio of crimes increase.

7% agains t the target of 4. 6>Loss in Business:. cement and shoe industry is on its downfall while textile industry is breat hing its last. inflation. Pakistan economic growth faced a serious set back in fiscal year 2009 because of the depressed consumer credit market. many times Karachi Stock Exchange has plunged to its lowest point in the histo ry of Pakistan. The beautiful hills. This contributed to foreign exchange. Northern areas of Pakistan have been a place of great tourist attraction. Conclusion: As stated in the start of my presentation. wheat. In 2009 . Though world is currently f acing a lot of socio economical problems but it doesn t mean that it is going towa rds its end. S tock exchanges showed very poor performance throughout 2009. Multinational Companies are unwilling to open their offic es and franchises in Pakistan. Live stock and poultry also add to GDP as there was no vir al disease this year. Government as well as every singl e citizen has to play its own specific role to bring about a positive change. In addition the sanction applied by IMF on different sectors creating a hur dle. if not all of them. Its poor law and order situation has alarmed the tourist and thus Northern areas no more receive many tourists. They have their own set of problems which include painful and lengthy proc edure of getting licenses and work permits in Pakistan. Additionally.e 7. security threat. Nevertheless.Lack of tourism is also a cause of the declining in economy . This resulted in unemployment and services sector decline. The same is the need of hour. the lush green valleys. Local as well as foreign investors are hesitant (shy) of investi ng large sums of money in stock exchange in fear of incurring unexpected loss. it also provided employment to local peo ple. terrorism and declining exports. Situation was so un stable that government had to freeze the market during last quarter of 2009. shimmering lakes and flowing waterfalls brought many a tourist from all over the world to Pakistan. Also. Major crops. More than 70 Multinational Companies have already packed up their business from Pakistan. Tourism Industry was one of the booming industries of Pakista n.5%. Shortages of energy and power donot let the boom entered into the industrial sec tor. Because of secur ity crisis the graph of investment do not take any surge. The beginning of decli ning in core inflation is a hopeful factor but the domestic inflation is on peak . reduction in subsidies. The only thing that became a silver linning was the increment in remittances by 22%. no country is free from s ocio-economic problems. Economy of Pakistan. no attention was given to the agriculture sector . power crises. These problems are present in every country but the winn ers are those who overcome most. The exports declined by six percent and imports by 10 percent.More over lack of power and decline in production are the other factor. slow progress of public sector programres . In Pakistan su gar. rice and maize recorded impressive growth i. 5> Lack of tourism:.The poor economical system affects the business very badly. Local as well as foreign media has projected Pakistan as a dangerous and unsafe country. Besides attracting foreign exchange. tourist industry was a source of friendly relations with other countr ies. Nations face multifarious problems but together they work for towar ds the solution. Apart from ignorance. Foreign investors are not ready to setup their businesses in Paki stan. agriculture sector has shown credible results because of good weathe r. People all over the world are facing serious losses in business. instability in the state a nd energy crisis. war on terrorism has served as a serious blow to the tourism industry of Pakistan.

A prope r accountability set up must be introduced to eradicate corruption as it leads t o massive human deprecation. which w ill boost our exports as well as imports. which can directly or indire ctly bring harm to the economy. There should be short term as well as long term policies. This can only be done by eradicating the trust deficit.. This would also be beneficial for the skilled workers. Instead in focusing to mu ch on macro financing. Solid fiscal policies sho uld be made to give advantage to both. there must be political. . who fly away from the land. demander and supplier. Despite all the se. It will also bring FDI s (Foreign Direct Investment) at home. As Pakistan s economy is dependent economy so it should be made strong enough to r eject the foreign aid or loans on their conditions. Being an agro based economy Pakistan should focus on the development of agricul ture department. Financial sector should be developed. micro financing must be given a chance. There is a marginal improvement in health and educational sectors but the pove rty in country rise Pakistan have the highest population growth. Still the Government is unable to differentiate and reorganize the developed and non-developed budget. The largest pop ulation represents a large potential market for goods and services yet the condi tion are deplorable. economic and social stability in the state. Trade deficits sh ould be reduced. And the final solution of this problem is good gove rnance.