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“To build a world class custom synthesis and contract manufacturing company that uses its own R&D and can deliver products conforming to highest standards of process validation using optimal resources and with COMPROMISE attitude on ethical, ecological, moral and social values” equal emphasis on technology, quality, safety with a NO


SYMCHEM serves Pharma and Chemical industries in the following areas : Custom Synthesis Synthesized compounds involving variety of chemistries and exported to Europe and USA. Impurity Synthesis Impurity synthesis and exporting to European countries. Process Research & Development Multi-steps Chemical process develop for large Indian pharma company. Chemistry performed Amino acid. Carbohydrate Chemistry and synthesis of Pyridine & Imidazole derivatives. Compounds were sold to Indian clients and exported.
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5-Pyridazinediamine 28682-70-4 NH2 H2N N 2-Chloro-3methylquinoxaline 32601-86-8 N Cl N CH3 Br N N Furo[3.4-B]Pyridin-5(7h)-One 5657-51-2 N-(Diphenylmethylene)glycine ethyl ester 69555-14-2 O N O CH3 2-Hydroxytetrahydrofuran 5371-52-8 O OH Adj to F 6.6-Dichloropyridazine 141-30-0 Cl N 3.500076 INDIA Tel Fax : 91-40-27176491 email : website : symchem.6-Dibromopyridazine 17973-86-3 Br N . IDA Nacharam. 6-chloro-5methyl 442129-37-5 CH3 H2N N Cl N Br N NH2 4-Amino-5-methyl-3nitropyridine 18227-67-3 NH2 H3C NO 2 3.4-Diaminopyridine 54-96-6 NH2 NH2 N N N 3-Methyl-4-nitropyridine 1678-53-1 NO 2 CH3 3-Aminopyridin-4-ol 6320-39-4 OH NH2 4-Amino-3-methylpyridine 1990-90-5 NH2 CH3 N N N 4-Ethylpyridin-2-amine 33252-32-3 CH3 2-Bromo-6-methylpyridine 5315-25-3 H3C 2-Pyridinamine.Hyderabad.SYMCHEM Research Labs Pvt Limited Heterocyclic Compound 6-Bromopicolinic acid 21190-87-4 2-Bromo-6-methylpyridine 5315-25-3 2-Amino-6-methylpyridine 1824-81-3 HOOC N Br H3C N Br H3C N NH2 4-Amino-3-nitropyridine 1681-37-4 NH2 NO 2 4-Hydroxy-3-nitropyridine 5435-54-1 OH NO 2 3.6-Diiodopyridazine 20698-04-8 I N I N Cl N N 3. Road No 18.

2 lic Acid Tauroursodeoxyc holic Acid Rosuvastatin Lactone 503610-43-3 Rosuvastatin O S H3C O CH3 N N N CH3 CH3 OH O F O N-acetyl mesalamine 51-59-2 Mesalamine O NH COOH OH Rabeprazole Sulfone 117976-47-3 Rabeprazole O NH N S N O O O Adj to F .com website : symchem.Hyderabad. Road No 18.500076 INDIA Tel Fax : 91-40-27176491 email : info@symchem.SYMCHEM Research Labs Pvt Limited API IMPURITIES Name N-Desmethyl Sildenafil CAS No. 139755-82-1 API Sildenafil Structure Thio Sildenafil 479073-79-5 Sildenafil Simvastatin Hydroxy Acid Ammonium Salt 139893-43-9 Simvastatin H3C O CH3 CH3 O HO HO - O O NH4 + H CH3 H3C Tauroursodeoxycho 14605-22. IDA Nacharam.

com website : symchem. 13115-43-0 16783-99-6 API Betahistine Rifampicin N O OH Structure Dihydralazine Sulphate Impurity A Dihydralazine Sulphate HN NH2 N N NH2 Dihydralazine Sulphate Impurity C Dihydralazine Sulphate HN NH2 N N HOOC O H3C NH O H N H . Road No 18. (EP Impurity E) 87269-97-4 Ramiprile HO Ramiprile diketopiperazine (EP Impurity D) 108731-95-9 O CH3 O H3C N O O H N H O-Desmethyl Tramadol 16412-54-7 Tramadol HO OH N Adj to F 6.Hyderabad. Ramipril Diacid .SYMCHEM Research Labs Pvt Limited Name 2-Pyridyl acetic Acid 25-Des Acetyl Rifampicin CAS No. IDA Nacharam.500076 INDIA Tel Fax : 91-40-27176491 email : info@symchem.

com .500076 INDIA Tel Fax : 91-40-27176491 email : info@symchem. IDA Nacharam. API Lovastatin O H3C CH3 O HO - Structure O O Na HO H + Lovastatin Hydroxy 75225-51-3 Acid Sodium Salt CH3 H3C Lovastatin Hydroxy 237073-64-2 Acid Ammonium Salt Salt Lovastatin O H3C CH3 O HO O O NH4 + HO H CH3 H3C Montelukast DCHA 577953-88-9 Montelukast Montelukast Acid 158966-92-8 Montelukast N-Desmethyl Olanzapine Olanzapine Atorvastatin Lactone 125995-03-1 Atorvastatin Lactone H3C O NH CH3 O N O OH F 3-OH Desloratidine 119410-08-1 Desloratidine H N N Cl OH 25-Des Acetyl Rifabutene 100324-63-8 Rifabutene Adj to F 6.Hyderabad.SYMCHEM Research Labs Pvt Limited Name CAS No. Road No website : symchem.

2Mercaptobenzimida zole Lansoprazole H N SH N API IMPURITIES (Proposed to Synthesis Pharma Impurity of following API as per requirement of Client) Sr No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Name Enalapril Maleate Fosinopril Lisinopril Quinalpril Ramipril Trandolapril Benazepril Dapoxetine Aripiprazole Fluconazole Lansoprazole Omeprazole Pentaprazole Rabeprazole Atorvastatin Fluvastatin Lovastatin Mevastatin Sr No 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 Name Pitavastatin Pravastatin Rosuvastatin Candesartan Eletriptan Eprosartan Irbesartan Losartan Olmesartan Telmesartan Valsartan Duloxetine Imatinib Montelucast Oxybutynin chloride Rizatriptan Pioglitazone Rosiglitazone Adj to F 6.500076 INDIA Tel Fax : 91-40-27176491 email : website : symchem. IDA Nacharam. 2Hydroxybenzimidaz ole Lansoprazole 83-39-1 Impurity E . 1H-Benzimidazol-2thiol .SYMCHEM Research Labs Pvt Limited Name CAS No. API Lansoprazole H N OH N Structure Lansoprazole 615-16-7 Impurity D. 1H-Benzimidazol2-ol . Road No 18.

N-(2.SYMCHEM Research Labs Pvt Limited List of Pesticide Impurity Name 2-Amino-N-(1-methylethyl)benzamide [2-[[(1-methylethyl)-amino]carbonyl] phenyl] sulfamic acid Pesticide Bentazone Bentazone Structure O NH NH2 CH3 CH3 O NH NH SO 3H CH3 CH3 4-({4-[(Dimethoxyphosphorothioyl)oxy]phenyl}thio)phenyl dimethyl phosphate (Temephos oxon) O-{4-[(4-{[Methoxy(methylthio)phosphoryl]oxy}phenyl)thio]phenyl}O. IDA Nacharam.3 Xylidine Pendimethalin C2H5 H C2H5 C NH CH3 CH3 3.4-Dimethyl 2. Road No .500076 INDIA Tel Fax : 91-40-27176491 email : info@symchem.6-dinitro aniline N-Nitroso Pendimethalin Pendimethalin O2N NH2 NO2 CH3 CH3 Pendimethalin O2N NO N-CH-(CH2CH3)2 NO2 CH3 CH3 N–(1 –Ethyl propyl) – 6-nitro website : symchem.O-dimethyl thiophosphate (Isotemephos) N–(1 –methyl propyl) – 3.4 Xylidine Temephos H3C H3C S O P O O S H3C H3C O O P O O S O S O P O CH3 O S O P O CH3 CH3 Temephos CH3 Pendimethalin H3C H C2H5 C NH CH3 CH3 N–(1 –Ethyl propyl) – 2.Hyderabad.6-dimethyl-phenyl)-N-(2'chloroacetyl)-alanine methyl ester [DMPCAME] Metalaxyl Cl O H3C O CH3 N CH3 CH3 Adj to F 6.4 Xylidine Pendimethalin C2H5 H C2H5 C NH O2N CH3 O CH3 D.L.

At Symchem we believe that results are important. at par with the international regulatory and professional expectations. Symchem is established in Hyderabad. wholly owned by its founder. Symchem is a R&D organization that focuses on process development and manufacturing of fine organic chemicals and drug substances. Ph. Symchem has standard as well as specialty organic laboratory capabilities. With years of experience. is located in Hyderabad. Contact Us Symchem Research Labs Private Limited Surendra Pandey. and process optimization. cGMP Manufacturing. patent noninfringing processes for APIs. India by professionally qualified and experienced personnel.500076 INDIA Tel Fax : 91-40-27176491 email : info@symchem. The Research team is specialized in process design for new drug candidates. experimentation and application.Process Research.SYMCHEM Research Labs Pvt Limited Symchem Research Labs Pvt Limited aims to be the best and foremost contract research organization committed to serve the pharmaceutical industry worldwide with high quality standards.D. Managing Director Cell : +91-9963220006 E-link : spandey@symchem. Custom Synthesis . Pilot-Scale Adj to F 6. impurity profile studies. Symchem is committed to maintain total confidentiality. its development up to gram/kilo scale. Symchem Research Labs Pvt Ltd. Hyderabad 500 076 India Tel : +91-40-27176491 Fax : +91-40-27176491 E-link : info@symchem. IDA Adj to F-6. India.Hyderabad. process validation. Symchem is actively involved in developing alternate. IDA Nacharam. Our commitment to this principle is the key to sustain client’s trust and confidence in our company. structural . Road No 18. for the inventors to manage late life cycle and leading generic drug manufacturers. but we also believe in “The way we achieve results” is equally important. Surendra Pandey. intellectual property protection and supports clients in cost website : symchem. Symchem helps their clients by supporting them in Drug Development. Road No 18. Ph D. the scientists at Symchem are the right people to be tapped for contract research projects.