SOCIETY, CULTURE AND GENDER IDENTITY An important aspect of human development is our perception of ourselves in terms of personal identity

. For this assignment the specific area is the development of our identity and social perceptions regarding gender, male-masculine vs. female/feminine behaviors and sex roles. Psychologists would agree that family, community and society influence the formation of these components for everyone. Advertisements are one avenue of persuasion and messages for development of gender identity, sex roles and social perceptions. The focus of this assignment is on print advertisements and how they relate to the above concepts. DIRECTIONS: (1)Select two recent (last 12 months) magazines, one targeted to men and one targeted to women from the list provided here. These are the only magazines that can be used for this assignment. (2)You will review the ads of each magazine in their entirety and record your findings in terms of the types of advertisements and products contained in each one. Using the coding categories found on page 2, you will add up the advertisements you find that fall into a specific category using the chart on page 3. A miscellaneous category is provided and you may also note any other relevant findings that you discover. You must include the chart with your paper – it is the numerical support for your discussion. You should be attentive to the different types of products, images and symbols that you find in each, (e.g., both magazines could have similar numbers of auto ads but the types of cars advertised and images used may be quite different). Consider what the people in the

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investment/financial. tax preparation Food and Nonalcoholic beverages . supplies) Electronic Products – computers. liqueurs. deodorants. lotions. car seats Cleaning – Household cleaning products such as polish. real estate. consultant. cleaners. jewelry Automotive – Cars. food. vacuums. shoes. trucks. toys. formula. groceries. energy drinks 2 . MP3’s/iPods Financial Services . breath fresheners. ties. hygiene. how they are are wearing. detergents. tanning Child and Baby Care – diapers. dolls. stereo. books. softeners Crafts/Collectibles – hobby-related products (collector’s items. SUV’s. CODING CATEGORIES: Alcohol – Beer. coins. services Beauty/Personal Care – Cosmetics.Prepared or restaurant foods. vans. motorcycles. cologne/perfume. televisions. wine. hand-held devices. phones. hair products. glasses. belts. figurines. bottled water. alcoholic beverage mixes Apparel – Clothing. stamps. parts. facial expressions. wallets. mops/brooms. liquor. watches. printers. handbags. toothpastes. hobby tools (kits.

flooring. bicycles. cold medicines. appliances. enhancements. vitamins or other supplements. cigars. medical prescriptions (diabetes.) PRODUCTS Alcohol Apparel Automotive Beauty/Personal Child/Baby Care Cleaning Crafts Electronic Financial Food/Nonalcoholic Home Renovation Medications/Supplem ents Sports/Outdoors Tobacco Miscellaneous WOMEN’S MAGAZINE MEN’S MAGAZINE 3 .Home renovation – furniture. fixtures Medications/Supplements – pain relievers. roller blades. exercise machines/weights. accessories (pipes. ED. programs Tobacco products – cigarettes. weight control. cholesterol) Sporting and Outdoor equipment – exercise. chewing tobacco. antidepressants. camping. etc. cabinets.

. weak. I.e. Williams and Best (90) found great agreement across 30 different cultures that stereotypes of men include: adventurous. strong. why not? How might ads affect what we consider “attractive?” Explain yourself and your perspective. for women: dependent. expectations and “stereotypes” regarding men and women are illustrated in the ads? Which theories or concepts from our textbook and discussions are relevant or help to explain your answer? [Consider this. sensitive. Our textbook discusses and defines stereotypes] II. if anything? Why? What principles of psychology are relevant to your opinion? Potentially relevant ideas from our textbook include: 4 . What viewpoints. discuss what you think are the cultural expectations of women and men as depicted in the advertisements. III. comparison between the two types of magazines). Based on your data (i. role expectations and social perceptions in our society? Is the outcome a positive one in your viewpoint? If so. in what way? If not.FOCUS FOR YOUR ANALYSIS AND DISCUSSION Address each of the three questions and issues listed below. emotional. independent. dominant. To what extent do you believe these media messages shape gender identity. number and types of advertisement in each magazine. What do you think we should do or change about advertisements.

.Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Sex differences Identity Formation Social or observational Learning Shaping Vicarious reinforcement Eating Disorders Chapter 13 Interpersonal Attraction Social Perceptions Stereotypes and Attitude Formation/Change Persuasion Conformity FORMAT: (Minimum) 2 – 3 PAGES Typed Chart included as an Attachment References used (e. textbook) ACCEPTABLE MAGAZINE LIST MEN’S WOMEN’S Men’s Vogue Essence Men’s Fitness Woman’s World Men’s Health Cosmopolitan MAXIM International Women’s Health FHM Allure Details SELF Muscle and Fitness Good Housekeeping Esquire Vogue FAME W HOMBRE “O” Ebony Latina Style GQ International Ebony Black Man Black Women’s Health 5 .g.

& Best.SAM Magazine Ms. Newbury Park.. CA. D. Sage Publications 6 . Measuring sex stereotypes: A thirty nation study (rev. (1990). Magazine Latina Online Reference: Williams. ed. J.).