The National Coal Mining Museum for England is sited on the western edge of the Yorkshire coalfield.

Coal outcrops close to the surface in this western part of the coalfield, so there were many small shallow mines. Later development occurred to the east, where coal seams had to be mined at much greater depths. In recent years the Selby coalfield complex was developed. It was seen as the modern face of British coal mining, but the last of these collieries has now closed. There are only three deep mines still working in the Yorkshire coalfield.

The disaster at Creswell colliery, Derbyshire in 1950 led to developments in conveyorbelt technlogy that would have an impact throughout the country. At Creswell colliery eighty men were killed by carbon monoxide poisoning following a fire that was started by frictional heating of a torn conveyor belt. This led to non-inflammable PVC replacing the rubber in conveyor-belt construction. It was also within the Derbyshire coalfield that one design of detaching hook was invented by John King. Prior to this, accidental overwinding of the cage in the shaft could cause it to crash into the head frame, resulting in much damage, injury and death. The

British Coal. . which recently accounted for most of the coal mined in the United Kingdom. often used the Leicestershire and South Derbyshire coalfield pits as a testing ground for new machinery and techniques. Much work was done developing longwall retreat mining. the nationalised industry. The last colliery to remain open was that at Asfordby in Leicestershire which closed in the 1990s.detaching hook was designed to prevent this by detaching the cage from the winding rope and holding it safely at the top of the shaft. Coal mining is believed to have taken place in the Leicestershire and the South Derbyshire coalfields since Roman times and in the Warwickshire coalfield since the thirteenth century. The coal extracted from these areas was mainly used as household and industrial fuel. This area of coal mining expanded during the eighteenth century as the new canal networks gave access to markets as far away as London.

in manufacturing and for locomotives. During the late nineteenth century there was a decline in the South Staffordshire coalfield and the North Staffordshire coalfield became the main coal producer in the West Midlands from then on. . The coal mined from these areas has been mainly used for domestic heating.The North and South Staffordshire coalfields have both been worked since the thirteenth century. The last remaining colliery to be worked in Staffordshire was Silverdale colliery which closed in the late 1990s.

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