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overburdened and inefficient. service level. doesn’t distinguish well between transient and persistent conditions and provides little predictability — making IT staff reactive. multitechnology networks with proactive. multiplatform network infrastructure and reduce the cost of IT operations. predictive and actionable information. capacity and traffic analysis. system. enabling you to take corrective action before your business is affected. you can demonstrate IT’s business value to executives and business stakeholders with its extensive reporting for performance. Overview Management of today’s enterprise networks can be a very noisy affair as management tools bury you in data. which provides a complete service-oriented solution to help you Unify and Simplify™ the management of complex IT computing environments across your enterprise. The CA Advantage CA eHealth NPM integrates with other CA network. Benefits CA eHealth NPM maximizes IT infrastructure performance by proactively detecting degradations in real time before users and business processes are affected. This data is in multiple formats. CA eHealth NPM is a key component of CA’s Enterprise IT Management (EITM) initiative. With CA eHealth NPM. With proactive management from CA eHealth. you can pinpoint service degradations. ensuring high availability and performance. You can transform your IT operations from reactive to proactive and be more efficient through CA eHealth NPM intelligent real-time and information-rich historical reporting for all technology domains. agents and third-party products to provide rapid problem identification and resolution and proactive service assurance across multivendor and multitechnology infrastructures.CA eHealth® helps improve service availability across your multivendor. distilling data from disparate sources across all technology silos into clear. database and application management solutions. real-time analysis. PRODUCT FAMILY BRIEF: CA eHEALTH NETWORK PERFORMANCE MANAGER 3 . CA eHealth Network Performance Manager (CA eHealth NPM) unifies and automates performance management of multivendor.

IT staff members are spending about 80 percent of their time looking for the causes of infrastructure problems. To provide a complete view of infrastructure health. engineers and capacity planners. studies indicate that network outages now cost enterprises an average of $100. network operations staff. The importance of service availability is escalating. databases and applications and then document the need for repair. You can spot developing bottlenecks and impending failures in network segments and devices. In fact. The data is stored in a historical database and used for a wide variety of out-of-the box reports to understand the availability and performance of the IT components in your infrastructure. This challenge is compounded by budgetary constraints that force IT departments to do more with less as they struggle to tame converged multivendor. all of which affect the health of IT services. evaluates it for threshold violations and issues early warnings in real time so you can address problems before they become critical. reconfiguration or additional capacity. CA eHealth NPM includes granular service level management for defining different classes of service and assigning goals. CA eHealth NPM also monitors. systems. Automated and Infrastructure-wide Performance Management The CA eHealth product family integrates network performance management across the most complex multivendor and multitechnology networks — encompassing IPv4. consolidates and reports performance information from systems. You need to recapture this time with a proactive performance management system that gives you a unified view and centralized control of your entire heterogeneous infrastructure. IT teams are buried in redundant and conflicting data and are assaulted by false alarms. databases and applications. administrators. core thresholds and other performance metrics to them. IPv6 and mixed dual stack IPv4/IPv6 environments — and presents it in a single. industry research reveals that if your IT operation is at all typical. with IT services that must be always available and operating at acceptable performance levels for both internal and external users and automated business processes. Using fragmented management tools that manage various systems and network elements in isolation. 4 PRODUCT FAMILY BRIEF: CA eHEALTH NETWORK PERFORMANCE MANAGER . you can identify underutilized assets and downsize or redeploy them to reduce your costs. actionable view. consolidated. multitechnology network environments that add new dimensions of complexity. Conversely. Reports are role-based to meet the specific needs of IT and business management. CA eHealth NPM collects performance data. Service level reports show the quality of service (QoS) achieved and police service provider compliance with external service level agreements (SLAs).000 per hour and that network service performance problems are top-of-mind among IT professionals.CA eHealth NPM Integrates and Automates Performance Management Across Multivendor and Multitechnology Networks Business today is network-dependent.

based on the rolling average over the previous six weeks) to reflect the dynamic state of your business. databases and applications) to ensure that all key performance indicators (KPIs) are fully monitored and evaluated. The algorithm dynamically adjusts normal thresholds (for example. DEVIATION FROM NORMAL This algorithm baselines the end-to-end performance of your network infrastructure. the CA eHealth NPM Time over Threshold algorithm lets you know when an IT resource has persistent performance problems. switches. servers.Proactive Performance Management for Service Availability The proactive intelligence in CA eHealth NPM is based on two advanced algorithms that are used to understand exceptions in a historical context and assure that only persistent degradation problems are reported. FIGURE A ADVANCED PROACTIVE ALGORITHMS With predefined thresholds for each key performance indicator (KPI) based on best practices. Instead of generating a trap each time the threshold is crossed. Rather than comparing current performance to a fixed threshold. and they can be manually configured based on your unique practices. TIME OVER THRESHOLD This algorithm compares the value of a KPI at each poll to a predefined threshold and reports if the value has been too wrong for too long. CA has certified hundreds of third-party IT components (routers. PRODUCT FAMILY BRIEF: CA eHEALTH NETWORK PERFORMANCE MANAGER 5 . persistent problems. In addition to KPIs. out-of-the-box thresholds for each KPI are based on CA’s and its customers’ years of best practices. The Deviation from Normal algorithm creates a baseline and monitors violations for what is normal for each KPI for your business per hour per day and dynamically adjusts the baseline over time. CA eHealth NPM also monitors Time over Threshold for availability and reachability. Fixed. the software looks to historical data to spot real. the software uses historical data to establish what is normal for a specific day and time and then assesses whether the current behavior deviates from that norm.

DNS servers. major and critical.) to watch. As you expand your network. more intelligent alarms that have been refined by business and historical perspectives. Increased Efficiency Using these algorithms and applying out-of-the-box rules and intelligence. systems and applications if you want to focus on areas with higher probabilities of failures. This effectively eliminates the noise caused by transient spikes or repetitive threshold violations and takes the guesswork out of prioritizing management efforts. its components and the services it supports. Notification levels include normal. automated policy-based discovery incorporates new IT assets into its management domain. CA Live Health: Dynamic. routers. a switch or application) or a single variable can be displayed for up to 10 components of the same type. etc. Live Status enables you to map technologies (switches. Up to 10 variables (key performance indicators) can be displayed for a single IT component (for example. Real-time Performance Reporting Displays The CA eHealth Live Health Application provides four related real-time displays for monitoring and visualizing the performance of your infrastructure. minor. Policy-based auto-discovery lets you specify technologies that you want CA eHealth to discover. locations and regions that they support.Immediate Value. LIVE EXCEPTIONS This live interface has three interactive components: an event chart. LIVE STATUS Designed to serve as a single central console for performance alarms. set a baseline for your network and begin detecting performance degradations within hours of installation. CA eHealth NPM has powerful algorithms that naturally remove redundant alarms. With easy workflow. your entire team will be more efficient and can take corrective measures before service levels are affected. customers. Using the organizational view. services. The event table provides details on all events for the category. it displays the current alarm status of the technologies. and drilling down to insightful role-based reports. You can elect to monitor your infrastructure at user-defined intervals on specified days or to un-monitor specified devices. warning. systems. you select the technology category (for example. LIVE TREND Using this display. LAN/WAN segments. Oracle databases. 6 PRODUCT FAMILY BRIEF: CA eHEALTH NETWORK PERFORMANCE MANAGER . using live analysis of incoming data based on performance over time. CA eHealth NPM can discover your network assets. Logically mapping your business environment. from live monitoring and exception reporting. enabling the event chart at the top to display the number of active alarms or exceptions over time in that category. Real-time monitoring tools with default profiles for detecting brownouts and service delays let you start monitoring your network without configuring complicated rules. managing them according to naming and grouping properties that fit your unique environment and IT practices. you can seamlessly launch real-time monitoring of affected elements to view performance patterns. etc.) to the groups of users. You get fewer. an organizational view and an event table. Less Noise.

such as Alarm Detail (foreground) to show the trend that resulted in the violation. these reports can significantly reduce the time spent troubleshooting. a value that CA eHealth NPM bases on multiple variables. real-time display of up to 10 variables per graph and selectable timeframes for a historical view of those variables leading up to the present. the displays provided by CA Live Health let you drill down to alarm details and the rich portfolio of CA eHealth NPM historical reports for further triage. displaying the key statistics over a specified time interval.LIVE REPORTING This brings you a Web-based on-demand. CA eHealth NPM combines historical and real-time metrics with intelligent analysis to generate out-of-the-box. You can easily spot the overall status of a component by its health index. AT-A-GLANCE REPORTS At-A-Glance reports provide a comprehensive view of the availability and performance of a particular IT resource. HEALTH REPORTS These reports evaluate the health of a group of IT components by comparing current performance to historical performance over the course of a day. unusual utilization rates or volume shifts that warrant investigation. Variables and historical time frames are easily selected and precise variable attributes and deep granularity can be displayed by hovering your cursor over each point on the graph. week or month. FIGURE B LIVE REPORTS AND EFFICIENT WORKFLOW The CA eHealth NPM Live Exceptions web interface (background) displays enterprise-wide performance and utilization threshold violations and lets you launch Live Trend (middle ground) to view the ongoing live status of the key performance indicator’s status. PRODUCT FAMILY BRIEF: CA eHEALTH NETWORK PERFORMANCE MANAGER 7 . For efficient workflow. By automatically capturing performance data and presenting it uniformly. You can also launch historical reports. The report provides a list of situations to watch and identifies errors. role-based views that you can use to rapidly pinpoint and correct developing performance degradations before service quality is jeopardized. Live Exceptions Browser Live Trend Alarm Detail Sophisticated Historical Performance Reporting Sophisticated performance reporting is at the heart of the CA eHealth product family.

APPLICATION RESPONSE REPORTS These reports help you troubleshoot performance problems quickly to minimize their impact and examine long-term trends for application tuning and capacity planning. These reports show you who is saturating a particular link and what protocols and applications they are using. MyHealth Reports are easily tailored to meet the unique needs of any individual user. you can use a Trend Report to reveal traffic patterns over time and relationships between IT components and between variables. Common examples are: ping testing for connectivity across sites. You can view network resource consumption by users. databases and more. worst. There are views tailored for business executives. WAN and application availability performance. servers. You can adapt them to your specific business by defining service level goals. VOICE QUALITY REPORTS In addition to voice. all related to a specific IT service). and use this mechanism to allocate costs back to individual departments. processes and process sets. these reports illustrate network transmission. user or system partitions. you can use it to find the best. IT managers and service customers. measuring time to load a URL to testing Web page performance and availability. client processing and server processing times as percentages of the total response time. They can include any collection of trend charts from the wide range of CA eHealth NPM reports that are critical to a particular user’s job function (for example. SERVICE LEVEL REPORTS These reports demonstrate overall QoS across different classes of service and document compliance with internal and external SLAs. business units. and they also make a useful on-demand tool. To identify bottlenecks. core thresholds and other performance metrics. and measuring specific SQL calls across a network to a server. Components that you can track this way include: CPUs. TRAFFIC ANALYSIS REPORTS Traffic analysis capabilities let you monitor traffic across Cisco NetFlow routers and standard RMON2 probes. regions or applications. 8 PRODUCT FAMILY BRIEF: CA eHEALTH NETWORK PERFORMANCE MANAGER . CA eHealth NPM provides additional IP telephony management services. TOP N REPORTS A tabular Top N Report sorts the elements that meet some user-defined criteria. For example. databases. data and QoS monitoring for converged network performance management found in CA eHealth Live Health. Because of its flexibility. These include the Voice Quality Monitor for ongoing quality assurance and the integration of the Cisco IP SLA Jitter MOS test into CA eHealth NPM with reporting. MYHEALTH REPORTS Displayed in the CA eHealth NPM Web interface. and more. SERVICE AVAILABILITY REPORTS By performing regularly scheduled tests on IT services. Top N Reports can be scheduled to run automatically at specified intervals. you can watch over your critical business applications — from email to SAP to ecommerce. slowest or least-utilized circuits. server. database.TREND REPORTS CA eHealth NPM generates Trend Reports that track the value of one or more performance variables over a period of time. WANs. LANs. disks. fastest.

FIGURE C HISTORICAL REPORTS AND EFFICIENT WORKFLOW CA eHealth NPM enables you to spot and understand negative performance trends before they noticeably affect your business. CAPACITY PROJECTION REPORTS Based on historical trends. multichart report types that can be customized for IT staff and business stakeholders. either in server clusters or in multiple locations around the globe. The machines can be inside or outside the enterprise firewall and you can have multiple simultaneous operators. The result is a right-sized infrastructure that delivers maximum performance at minimal cost. downgrade or eliminate capacity. LAN/WAN bandwidth. Predictive Capacity Planning With capacity planning reports. The environment contains a central CA eHealth NPM system that retrieves data from remote polling systems located closer to the monitored resources. Comprehensive At-A-Glance Report Customized MyHealth Report High Scalability With CA eHealth NPM Distributed Reporting. MyHealth (foreground) is one of many role-based. sever memory or CPU. support new applications and extend your network to new locations. At-A-Glance (background) reports provide historical trends of an IT asset’s key performance indicators. WHAT-IF CAPACITY REPORTS You can run what-if scenarios of expected or possible future conditions to prepare your infrastructure to satisfy increased demand for existing services. you can identify trends and areas of high resource utilization and make proactive and informed decisions about where to upgrade. you can manage up to 1 million elements from a single view by distributing CA eHealth NPM applications across multiple systems. PRODUCT FAMILY BRIEF: CA eHEALTH NETWORK PERFORMANCE MANAGER 9 . The CA eHealth NPM Remote Poller environment overcomes data collection delays resulting from long-distance links to monitored resources across wide geographic spans. these reports forecast how the capacity requirements of a particular variable for any IT component (for example. all precertified for hundreds of market-leading third-party products. You can also manipulate demand and configuration values to gauge capacity and rerun scenarios at will. storage and database utilization) will change in the future.

switches. routers. DSL. such as CIOs. IP telephony and legacy voice under one management umbrella. • CA eHealth® for Voice brings data networks. REPORT STUDIO WEB INTERFACE Offers the broadest population of users an easy. Using lightweight agent technology and leveraging integrations with other CA IT management products. vendor-specific custom MIBS. CA eHealth NPM lets you customize your reports using templates or completely from scratch. identify the IT components predicted to exceed the threshold. combined with the CA eHealth Live Health displays. IP VPN. databases and applications. Remote Access Servers. you get more out of existing resources and can make capital expenditures at precisely the right time. the console supports monitoring for a wide range of network technologies including: LANs. hierarchical access to stored reports. drag-and-drop interface for mining information from the CA eHealth NPM database of your infrastructure’s complete performance history. end-to-end permanent virtual circuits. folder-based. CA PRODUCT INTEGRATION The CA eHealth NPM product family integrates smoothly with a range of CA products for comprehensive Enterprise IT Management (EITM): • CA SPECTRUM® Network Fault Manager performs configuration-aware. the CA eHealth E2E Console also monitors systems. or into reports for specific individuals. The capabilities are available in the CA eHealth NPM Report Center. and determine the number of days until an upgrade is required. • CA Insight™ Database Performance Monitor consolidates and streamlines management of multivendor distributed database environments to ensure availability of critical business applications.CAPACITY PROVISIONING REPORTS You can use these reports to compare projected capacity values against an upgrade threshold. Multitechnology Performance Management The CA eHealth® E2E (end-to-end) Console. Integrated Multivendor. Ultimate Flexibility in Report Generation In addition to providing an industry leading portfolio of out-of-the-box. fault and service management. cable. With this information. root cause analysis and impact analysis. For translating queries into reports for broad distribution. advanced event correlation. Frame Relay. acts as a central point for performance management so you can measure performance over the entire infrastructure. business unit vice presidents or line-of-business owners. role–based reports. • CA NSM helps you unify your IT environment and simplify complex systems management processes to ensure service availability. ATM. Using a combination of industry SNMP MIBs and certified. QoS and cellular wireless. which includes: QUERY STUDIO A Web-based. VoIP. 10 PRODUCT FAMILY BRIEF: CA eHEALTH NETWORK PERFORMANCE MANAGER . MPLS.

helps avoid outages and reduces the impact of outages if they occur. including CA SPECTRUM Network Fault Manager (background). through policy. event correlation and root cause analysis. • CA SPECTRUM NFM provides context-sensitive launching from its alarms and topology views to CA eHealth NPM real-time displays and trend reports for performance triage. This comprehensive solution includes the following features: • Single sign-on to both products and the use of an LDAP or Active Directory store for user authentication is provided. • CA SPECTRUM NFM global data collections can be used to seed eHealth discovery. • CA SPECTRUM NFM forwards alarms to CA Service Desk for remediation. eHealth discovered elements’ names and attributes can be synchronized to SPECTRUM model names and attributes. Through CA product integrations. The common look and feel of the administrative interface and data integration create a solid foundation for seamless workflow between the products. SNMP and agents. databases and applications).For example. • Alarms generated by CA eHealth Live Health are presented in the CA SPECTRUM NFM interface and. CA eHealth NPM performancemonitors all four multitechnology silos (networks. systems. Networks Systems Databases Service Dashboard Applications PRODUCT FAMILY BRIEF: CA eHEALTH NETWORK PERFORMANCE MANAGER 11 . FIGURE D ENTERPRISE IT MANAGEMENT INTEGRATION CA eHealth Network Performance Manager integrates with other CA products to provide end-to-end Enterprise IT Management. can be correlated and factored in root cause analysis by CA SPECTRUM NFM. which provides network as well as multitechnology IT service modeling. CA eHealth NPM and CA SPECTRUM NFM create a comprehensive solution that improves service performance.

CA eHealth Live Health displays are: • Live Status • Live Exceptions • Live Trend • Live Reporting 12 PRODUCT FAMILY BRIEF: CA eHEALTH NETWORK PERFORMANCE MANAGER . out-of-the-box historical trend reports and predictive analysis. CA eHealth E2E Console collects and analyzes multitechnology. document adherence to SLAs and report performance in VPN-oriented reports that distinguish between classes of service. CA eHealth NPM scales to meet the needs of service provider networks and has integration modules that support equipment from Cisco. Available in Windows and UNIX versions. systems. For example. CA eHealth NPM obtains configuration and performance information from Cisco VPNs based on Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) or the IPsec protocol. databases and applications in real time. IBM Netcool and Cisco CIC provide direct access to CA eHealth NPM applications. multinetwork performance data from all areas of your business infrastructure and delivers sophisticated. the CA eHealth Live Health Application provides intelligent algorithms and live displays for managing management across networks. You can prioritize fixes. the E2E console includes the following reporting capabilities: • At-a-Glance • Health • MyHealth • Trend • Top N • Service Availability • Service Level • Voice Quality • Capacity Planning CA eHEALTH LIVE HEALTH® APPLICATION Bundled with the CA eHealth E2E Console. so operators gain CA eHealth NPM performance management capabilities without having to learn a new product. The CA eHealth Family of Products CA eHEALTH E2E CONSOLE The foundation component of the CA eHealth family of products. Toolbars added to third-party management consoles such as HP OpenView Network Node Manager. integrated with Cisco IP Solution Center.THIRD-PARTY INTEGRATION CA eHealth NPM includes integration modules linking it with third-party management systems and tools so you can leverage and enhance existing investments while managing your network more effectively. Alcatel-Lucent and Nortel — bringing this gear into the CA eHealth NPM domain for managing the performance of carrier-class switching environments.

storage. CA eHealth Traffic Accountant includes an embedded NetFlow collector with full support for the latest Netflow versions and aggregation schemes. understandable reports revealing trends and usage patterns that can impact the performance of your network. CA eHEALTH NPM APPLICATION RESPONSE This add-on module provides sophisticated trend reporting of application performance. CA eHEALTH NPM SERVICE AVAILABILITY CA eHEALTH SYSTEMEDGE This light-weight. and IP to IP traffic. router and collector aggregations including simultaneous collection and reporting for AS to AS (Automomous System to Autonomous System). It can also send standard SNMP traps to CA SPECTRUM NFM for higher-level processing (for example.CA eHEALTH NPM REPORT CENTER Bundled with the E2E Console. detects threshold violations in real-time and utilizes this information in Live Heath displays. CA eHealth Traffic Accountant preformatted reports provide visibility into traffic priorities and usage for converged networks and are customizable through the CA eHealth NPM Report Center. Reports include path response analysis. At-A-Glance. DNS. email and other application servers. n-tier application performance management is easily accomplished. event correlation. service alarming and root cause analysis). such as CPU utilization. Additional features are: • Power users can tap Query Studio’s Web-based drag-and-drop interface to mine data for advanced troubleshooting. business units. FTP. Health and Trend Reports) and for live alarming. These include: NetFlow record format V9. CA eHEALTH TRAFFIC ACCOUNTANT This add-on module provides a business-level view of network utilization and delivers automated reports on network resource consumption by users. CA eHealth NPM stores system performance data collected from CA eHEALTH SystemEDGE for generating the broad range of historical performance reports (for example. SNMP-based agent monitors the status of critical server resources. this three-part toolset enables you to dive deeply into your rich CA eHealth NPM historical database and create fully customized reports. CA eHealth SystemEDGE captures and stores this data twenty four hours a day. relative application performance for a selected location or business function. regions or applications. enabling you to plainly see how network transmission and client system and application server processing time each contribute to response degradation. • Report experts can use Report Studio to translate queries into customized reports. PRODUCT FAMILY BRIEF: CA eHEALTH NETWORK PERFORMANCE MANAGER 13 . This add-on module enables you to monitor the availability of business critical applications. • General users can tap a Report Center Web Interface to access reports created for them by power users and report experts and to store those reports in personalized folders. When used in conjunction with CA eHealth NPM Application Response. the Enhanced Cisco NetFlow Collector. etc. combining it with sophisticated grouping and sorting capabilities to create concise. and more. response data for a business group whose function may be spread over several locations. memory capacity and processes. The software imports and analyzes Netflow and RMON2 data. You can automate and perform regularly scheduled service availability tests for Web.

This provides early warning system and fast triage to database problems affecting services. fault and configuration management into one unified management solution. CA eHEALTH NPM FOR VOICE INTEGRATION The CA eHealth NPM for Voice product automatically and continuously collects voice call statistics from a variety of IPT and legacy voice systems. CA Insight DPM. It also presents a complete picture of the health of your voice network from a single. This service and systems management product provides advanced. This helps ensure high availability and responsiveness of your critical business services. advanced event correlation. A complete picture of voice service health is achieved when combining this with CA eHealth NPM dynamic thresholding and reporting for MOS and IP SLA performance. itself. The software delivers a seamless view of your entire enterprise to a single Web-based workstation. CA SPECTRUM NFM global collections seed CA eHealth NPM discovery. network elements. this add-on module is a highly scalable solution for distributing data collection. CA eHEALTH NPM AND CA NSM INTEGRATION CA eHealth NPM is natively integrated with and provides vital network performance monitoring to CA NSM. root cause analysis and automated remediation. applications and other IT components. automates monitoring. and DB2 for Linux. CA NSM is a comprehensive service and systems management product that monitors and automatically manages multivendor servers and operating systems. CA eHEALTH NPM UNIVERSAL WORKFLOW INTEGRATION MODULES (HP OPENVIEW. IBM NETCOOL AND CISCO CIC) These add-on integration modules provide two-way communication between CA eHealth NPM and third-party management platforms. UNIX. you can combine best-in-class performance management with best-in-class service. data collection and performance analysis of SQL Server. Sybase. intuitive management console. CA eHEALTH NPM INSIGHT DATABASE PERFORMANCE MONITOR (DPM) This add-on module enables network operation staffs to view multivendor live and historical database performance trends right from their CA eHealth NPM interface. extensible system monitoring. and there is context-sensitive launching from CA SPECTRUM NFM alarms and topology views to eHealth reports. CA eHEALTH NPM CA SPECTRUM NETWORK FAULT MANAGER (NFM) INTEGRATION With CA eHealth NPM and CA SPECTRUM NFM integration. analysis and storage across multiple machines residing inside and outside the enterprise firewall.CA eHEALTH NPM DISTRIBUTED eHEALTH Designed for geographically dispersed environments. 14 PRODUCT FAMILY BRIEF: CA eHEALTH NETWORK PERFORMANCE MANAGER . Oracle. They can also launch CA eHealth NPM applications from a toolbar inside the third-party consoles to exploit CA eHealth NPM troubleshooting capabilities without learning new applications. and Windows (LUW) databases. Operators of these third-party products gain a historical perspective of network performance by accessing CA eHealth NPM reports dynamically. storage resources. CA eHealth NPM alarms are integrated into CA SPECTRUM NFM and presented through its user interface.

visit ca. Supported technologies include legacy voice and VoIP and data networking. CA management products offer the widest support of system types and versions available and broad language support for global deployments. LUCENT. CA Services and our partners can help you assess your current IT situation. Rapid problem identification and resolution and proactive service assurance ensure high availability and performance of heterogeneous infrastructures. CA eHEALTH NPM UNIVERSAL WIRELESS DATA INTEGRATION MODULES (NORTEL GGSN AND STARENT PDSN) Designed for carrier-class wireless networks. configuration. these add-on integration modules enable CA eHealth NPM to gather the statistics needed to manage these industry leading wireless voice and data gateways. these add-on integration modules enable CA eHealth NPM to manage a variety of high-end voice and data switching equipment from industry leaders. PRODUCT FAMILY BRIEF: CA eHEALTH NETWORK PERFORMANCE MANAGER 15 . configuration. correlate and analyze it. correlate and analyze it. end-to-end management of diverse IT network NORTEL. and generate reports with actionable information. define your goals and implement solutions to gain measurable results. and generate reports with actionable information. CISCO IP SOLUTION CENTER. ALCATEL AND PSYTECHNICS EXPERIENCE MANAGER) Designed for carrier-class environments. utilization and availability data from these third-party platforms. Next Steps You should consider CA eHealth NPM if you’re finding that: • You are experiencing too much costly service degradation and downtime • Your staff can’t identify and fix performance problems before users and business processes are affected • Managing different technologies and systems separately is proving to be inefficient and error-prone The CA eHealth NPM product family unifies and automates network performance management across multivendor and multiplatform networks. To learn more about CA eHealth Network Performance Manager and to see how CA software solutions enable organizations to unify IT and simplify the management of complex computing environments for better business results. To keep your CA Solutions operating at peak performance. utilization and availability data from these platforms. CA eHealth NPM can collect performance. The CA Advantage CA eHealth NPM integrates with other CA Enterprise IT Management and third-party products to provide comprehensive. CA eHealth NPM can collect performance. improving service levels while managing costs. Vendor-neutral and platform-independent.CA eHEALTH NPM UNIVERSAL DATA INTEGRATION MODULES (CISCO WAN MANAGER. and we offer training and certification through CA Education. CA Support delivers unparalleled technical and customer support worldwide.

With our Enterprise IT Management vision. MP328010908 Learn more about how CA can help you transform your business at .CA (NSD: CA). solutions and expertise. we help customers effectively govern. one of the world's leading independent. unifies and simplifies complex information technology (IT) management across the enterprise for greater business results. enterprise management software companies. manage and secure IT.