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Background Jobs in SAP Logistics Execution
Posted by TKReddy ⋅ August 5, 2010 ⋅ 2 Comments Filed Under SAP, SAP batch jobs, SAP WMS

This blog post is basically for the Functional Consultants to understand and identify the programs which are required to process for background jobs in SAP WMS. Most business processes required some automated jobs with specific schedule times to monitor and process functions in a better manner. I saw some of the clients, who are already having batch jobs in their legacy systems which are required to map in SAP. Here I am going to share some of the programs with variants to run background jobs in SAP Logistics execution area. Before any background processing can actually begin, background jobs must be defined and scheduled. You can Directly Define a Job from Transaction SM36. This is best for users already familiar with background job scheduling. Every background job set up requires a 1) Program name 2) Variant and 3) Schedule time to run the job. Example: Delivery creation Program though background job Tcode: VL10G Create Job with Tcode: SM36 1.Jobname: “zvl10gtkr” 2.-step button 3.Abap program name : RVV50R10C

Inventory Posting Differences/LI21 with program: RLLI2110 5. Unconfirmed transfer orders– RLLL01SE .-start condition button 8.back 7.4.Enter “date/time or immediate button” 9.Select variant and press change button 3.save 6. Then go to Utilities and select “Transport request” Here. Billing/VF04 with program: SAPMV50S 4. job saved To See Job Results: Tcode : SM37 To see the delivery creation job collective results at Tcode: V_SA How to Transport a Variant: Tcode: SE38: 1. 1.Warehouse Activity Monitor Process Program name a.Enter program: 2.Varient : “WMTest” 5.Select the appropriate variant 4. PGR/VL06I with program : WS_MONITOR_INB_DEL_GDRC 3.save 10. i am providing some of Logistics related programs that are scheduled to run a batch jobs in SAP for some of my clients. Delivery creation Process/VL10G with Program : RVV50R10C 2.

User login details ST22 – Abap Runtime Error. Critical deliveries RLLL04SE e.ABAP DICTIONARY SE93 – Maintain Transaction Se91 – Message maintenance SMOD – SAP Enhancements Configuration Transports SE10 Transport Organizer SCC1 Copy by Transport Request with in client SU01D User maintenance DWDM – Web browser access .b. Dump analysis SE30 – Runtime AnalysisFunction Module and Business Add-in SE37 – Function Builder SE38 – Abap EditorBusiness Add-Ins SE18 – Badi Builder SE19 – Badi Builder Initial screen SE11. Interim storage stocks RLLL06SE As this article is very short. Negative stock RLLL05SE f. Unprocessed transfer requirement items RLLL02SE c. so i am providing few Tcodes which are important related to technical SE16N – General Table view SM37 – To look the Jobs running SM36 – To Create Background Job SM12 – Lock entries SM30 – Maintain table view Sm21 – System Log SM04. Posting change documents RLLL03SE d.