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Reading 3
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8 Social and Travel
QD [fi) ~1111
I'll cook something We'vebired a car


Somewhere to Uve I'll check it in J'1l be at home A weekend in Wales I saw an article about it In the newspapers

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M01J~u4 M[JiJ~6 M[fO~Q6 QDDiJ~u7

~ Work and Study

Mrro~~9 Safety at work MrroOO 10 Lines ofcomm.unicati.on QDrro~~ 1 Any comments? 1 MrroOO12 I'm going to apply M[iJ)OO13 I'm off on. a trip M[jj)~~14 Look it. up! M[iJ)~~15 It's on tile sllelf

46 50 54 58 62 66 70 74 78

Mootm 16

Read about reading



Useful language Learning tips Using a dictionary


Answer key

92 96





Howto ... o find information in a text withou~ reading every word o understand detailed information in a recipe o choose products from their labels o understand a till receipt o search a text for abbrevlatierrs and particular words o fil'ld out wmat GArrental payments inelllJde Q l!lnclerstand drivif;Jglaws and mad safety advice o PllJtyourself in the j)@sition of someone reading advertisements in the real world o understand advertisements for rented accommodation o work out the meaning of ebbreviatiens o understand a tenancy agr.e.ement


Cooking ancl shopping

Car hire and tilr.i!l'ing

Somewhere to live



I'll check it in

Taking luggage a plane


o skim a webpage to get a general idea of wbat it is aIDQl'Jt
o find out how much Qirle@ked haggage yOIJ cam take on a plane o fill in a form about delayed luggage

I'll be at home

Dealing with mail

o use a variety of skills wl'len reading texts o follow instructions abeut having y,our mail redelivered o follow instructions about having your water supply interrupted
o relate irnferr:matiGfI CH!.I alueafi!yknow to what you read in Y

A weekend in

a text o understand a description of bed and breakfast

o understand a letter of confirmation and the rules about cancelled accommodatiom

I saw an article about it

Magazifle articles

o identify the main peint in a paragraph o identify a dramatic beginl'ling to an article o f0110w the order of events im a narrative o identify newspaper sections and articles from these sections o read a newspaper selectively o find the main points in a newspaper attide

In the newspapers



Map of the book





Howto ...


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o 7 . newspapers. o If you want to do more work.16 . websites. o Look at Appendix I: Useful language for the unit o Do the exercises in Reading A. o At the end of the unit. How will Real Reading 3 help me with my reading? Real Reading 3 contains texts for everyday reading practice. o Look at the list of Learning tips in Appendix 2 and decide which other tips you have used in the unit o o o Every unit is divided into Reading A and Reading B and has: Get ready to teed: to introduce you to the topic of the unit Learning tip: to help you improve your learning Class bonus: an exercise you can do with other students or friends o Focus on: to help you study useful grammar or vocabulary o Did you know?: extra information about vocabulary. At the back of the book you can find: Appendices: contain lists of Useful language.Who is Real Reading 3 for? You can use this book if you are a student at intermediate or upper-intermediate level and you want to improve your English reading. However. think about what you have learnt and complete the Can-do checklist. you do not need to do the units in order. The exercises in each unit help you develop useful skills such as working out the meaning of unknown words from context and ignoring parts of the text which are not useful to you.work and study situations How can I use Real Reading 3? The units at the end of the book are more difficult than the units at the beginning of the book. After each section there is a review unit. for example leaflets. o Prepare yourself for reading by working through the Get ready to read exercises. different cultures or the topic of the unit o Extra practice: an extra exercise for more practice o Can-do checklist: to help you think about what you learnt in the unit.social and travel situations o Units 9. It is better to choose the units that are most interesting for you and to do them in the order you prefer. Put the Learning tip into practice (either in Reading A or Reading B)_ o Do the exercises in Reading B. There are many different ways you can use this book. Real Reading 3 discourages you from using a dictionary to find out the meaning of every word you do not know. notices. Use the example answers to guide you. etc. You can use the book alone without a teacher or you can use it in a classroom with a teacher. The reviews help you practise the skills you learn in each section. How is Real Reading 3 organized? The book has 16 units and is divided into two sections: o Units 1-8 . o Answer key: gives correct answers and possible answers for exercises that have more than one answer. o Check your answers either with your teacher or with the Answer Key. We suggest you work in this way: o Look in the Contents list and find a unit that interests you. Learning tips for every unit and information about Using a dictionary. do the Extra practice activity. It is designed to help you with reading you will need to do in English at home or when visiting another country.

The series also contains Real Writing and Real Listening & Speaking books and offers skills training to students from elementary to advanced level. Level Book Real Reading 1 with answers Real Reading 1 without answers Author Liz Driscoll Liz Driscoll Graham Palmer Graham Palmer Miles Craven Miles Craven Liz Driscoll Liz Driscoll Graham Palmer Graham Palmer Sally Logan & Craig Thaine Sally Logan & Craig Thaine Liz Driscoll Liz Driscoll Roger Gower Roger Gower Miles Craven Miles Craven Liz Driscoll Liz Driscoll Simon Haines Simon Haines Miles Craven Miles Craven Elementary CEF:A2 Cambridge ESOL: KET NQF Skills for life: Entry 2 Real Writing 1 with answers and audio CD Real Writing 1 without answers Real Listening & Speaking 1 with answers and audio CDs (2) Real Listening & Speaking 1 without answers Real Reading 2 with answers Real Reading 2 without answers Pre-intermediate CEF: Bl Cambridge ESOL: PET NQF Skills for life: Entry 3 Real Writing 2 with answers and audio CD Real Writing 2 without answers Real Listening & Speaking 2 with answers and audio CDs (2) Real Listening & Speaking 2 without answers I Real Reading 3 with answers Real Reading 3 without answers Real Writing 3 with answers and audio CD Real Writing 3 without answers Real Listening & Speaking 3 with answers and audio CDs (2) Real Listening & Speaking 3 without answers Real Reading 4 with answers Real Reading 4 without answers Intermediate to upper-intermediate CEF:B2 Cambridge ESOL: FCE NQF Skills for life: Level 1 Advanced CEF:Cl Cambridge ESOL: CAE NQF Skills for life: Level 2 Real Writing 4 with answers and audio CD Real Writing 4 without answers Real Listening & Speaking 4 with answers and audio CDs (2) Real Listening & Speaking 4 without answers 8 .What is Cambridge English Skills? Real Reading 3 is one of 12 books in the Cambridge English Skills series. All the books are available in withanswers and without-answers editions.

o It has an international feel and contains a range of texts from English-speaking countries. Visit www. These statements describe what language users can typically do at different levels and in different contexts.org for further information.orglenglishskills to access the Cambridge English Skills teacher's notes. in class. Students can discuss their ideas in pairs or small groups followed by open-class feedback. in the Work and Study section. The Learning tip acts as a reflective learning tool to help promote learner autonomy. and Work and Study. o There are two review units to practise skills that have been introduced in the units. What are the main aims of Real Reading 3? What is the best way to use Real Reading 3 in the classroom? The book is designed so that the units may be used in any order. o Extra practice: These activities can be set as homework or out-of-class projects for your students. students can do some activities in pairs during class time. please visit www. Many of these require students to answer questions about their personal experience. o Real Reading 3 units are divided into Reading A and Reading B and contain: • Get ready to read warm-up exercises to get students thinking about the topic • Learning tips which give students advice on how to improve their reading and their learning • Closs bonus communication activities for pairwork and group work so that you can adapt the material to suit your class • Focus on exercises which provide contextualized practice in particular language or vocabulary areas • Did you know? boxes which provide notes on cultural or linguistic differences between English-speaking countries.cambridge. You can make yourself available to help students or analyze the language they produce during the activity. You can set these up carefully. or as supplementary homework material. divided into two sections: Social and Travel. What are the key features of Real Reading 31 o It is aimed at intermediate and upper-intermediate learners of English at levels B1-B2 of the Council of Europe's CEFR(Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Students can use these as general checklists to help them with their reading. o Appendices: You may find it useful to refer your students to the Useful language. You can consult the unit-by-unit teacher's notes at www. although the more difficult units naturally appear near the end of the book. o It can be used as self-study material.cambridge. 9 . o Class bonuses: The material in these activities aims to provide freer practice. or factual information on the topic of the unit • Extra practice extension tasks which provide more real world reading practice • Con-do checklists at the end of every unit to encourage students to think about what they have learnt. broadly speaking. These questions can be used as prompts for discussion. o Can-do checklists: Refer to these at the beginning of a lesson to explain to students what the lesson will cover.alte. Some exercises contain a problem-solving element that students can work on together. o Learning tips: You can ask students to read and discuss these in an open-class situation. To encourage autonomous learning by focusing on learner training. You can present these vocabulary items directly to students.Introduction Where are the teacher's notes? The series is accompanied by a dedicated website containing detailed teaching notes and extension ideas for every unit of every book. different parts of the book can be approached in the following ways: o Useful language: You can use the Useful language lists in Appendix 1 to preteach or revise the vocabulary from the unit you are working on. then take the role of observer during the activity so that students carry out the task freely. o Get ready to read: It is a good idea to use this section as an introduction to the topic. o It contains 16 four-page units. An alternative approach is for you to create a series of discussion questions associated with the Learning tip. Other exercises aim to clarify key vocabulary in the unit. Alternatively. Students can work on the exercises in pairs or groups. and again at the end so that students can evaluate their learning for themselves. However. Learning tips and Using a dictionary sections. o o To help students develop reading skills in accordance with the ALTE(Association of Language Testers in Europe) Can-do statements.orglenglishskills for detailed teaching ideas.

chopped 2 tbsp olive oil 1 garlic clove.go to Useful language p. diced 2 tbsp pine nuts 4 tbsp freshly grated Parmesan cheese 400 g pasta 400 g pasta ml = millilitre g = gram tsp = teaspoon tbsp = tablespoon 10 &1 Social and Travel .. peeled and crushed 1 medium aubergine. chopped 150 ml olive oil salt and black pepper aubergine and mozzarella sauce (serves 4) 90 ml olive oil 1 onion. Look at these three sets of ingredients and find a pasta dish that uses tinned tomatoes. peeled and chopped 2 garlic cloves. (You like this combination of flavours. shredded 150 g mozzarella cheese. peeled and finely 4 tbsp fresh basil. diced 1 onion. crushed 1 green pepper. diced 400 g can chopped tomatoes salt and black pepper 15 g fresh basil leaves. de-seeded and chopped 1 tbsp fresh basil 225 g tomatoes. skinned and chopped salt and black pepper 400 g pasta 4 tbsp freshly grated Parmesan cheese Pasta with fresh tomato and olive sauce (serves 4) 4 large ripe tomatoes 125 g stoned black Greek-style roughly chopped chopped olives.' ~/ . garlic and Parmesan cheese. Pasta with 2 garlic cloves. A What should I make? 1 You want to cook for some friends and decide to compare some recipes. 82 .) (SERVES 4) Pasta with aubergine and green pepper sauce 1 large aubergine. about 400 g.

. mozzarella and pine nuts._ I b You cook the pasta at the same time as the sauce. 4.k... 5 Serve at once. Read it and add the ingredients you need to the shopping list . Are the statements below true (T) or false (F)? 1 Fry the onion.er over Miytwe. with the Parmesan handed out separately. Soak With sirorq freSh coffee.ites. . garlic and aubergine for 8-10 minutes in the olive oil. 3 Meanwhile.ites u-ntil firM. _ e You need to cook the pine nuts before you add them to the pasta..2 tbsp su.. d You add the Parmesan before serving. garlic and pine nuts. verbs Look at the pictures.Du1 ef Focus on . 2 Add the tomatoes and seasoning. Bring to the boil. 2 Separate 3 eggs..d. 4 Drain the pasta... Add the basil. and mix with the tomato and aubergine sauce.. ~ Cover ard: leave if! fritkJe overnight before servir<J. _ _ -= -= -. and mix well. a Match these pictures with the verbs you did not use. lower the heat and simmer for 15 minutes.k. __. 3 Read the instructions for making the dish you chose in Exercise 1.I'll cook something ODUiJ. 3 Miy 2St) g IWL5carfone into egg v. ---------. Beat e~Jgv. S Sieve I tSf cocoa fowd. a You fry the aubergine. egg Ijolks ard. What else do you need to make the pasta dish you chose in Exercise 1? Make a list. L~ 17raMisu I Cover bottOM of d..@the correct word in each pair.d. I ~ stone/~ peel/ shred c crush / de-seed d dice / grate e f g ---------------------------------h 2 You already have olive oil..4. A friend has given you this recipe for tirarnisu. cook the pasta in plenty of salted water until al dente.gar. c You need to use the mozzarella before the tomatoes. -------------.= a!!= 1M: -= ~ ~ DONJTFORGETTD 5pot"se FlI'1!J&"5Cabwr BUL! 151 _ 11 . aNi Miy.ish With spor<Jefr<Jers Caboui: 15).. 'Pow over sfor<Je fir<Jers. 4 You want to make an Italian dessert to go with your pasta dish.

2 You are in the supermarket choosing the ingredients you need. Look quickly at the labels on these pages and decide which dish each pair of products is for. Look again at the lists of ingredients you made in Exercises 2 and 4 on page 11.ODllilDu11'lI cook something 1a B Which one should I buy? 1 You are going to make pasta with aubergine and mozzarella sauce and tlrarnlsu for three friends. Pasta with aubergine Tirarnisu and mozzarella sauce J~__ @!t_Jp _ _ lb Sa sb 12 m Social and Travel .

Ingredient 1a Advantages cooks rn 3 mrn(.e you.35 £1.ackets !rot ing:veclients or insmicsons in Elilglish? The next time you go shopping.c54 penne BUNCfI BASIL O~I0NS loeSE COFFEE FILTER 0.79 lO.59 £0.@ £1.GGS I?ENNE xe GRD B/PEPPR COCQA GRATED PARME.toosm ill for 4 people.ongu to cook WHGLEIiJIiIEAT MEUUME.58 £'3ID. Have in any Qf.59 £0.55 £2. Use a chart to make notes about cost. CASH DUE £22.A.the p. TI)' and follow the En~li$h instructions when YOl!! use the ing'redients. quality.99 £3 . Di!)(luSS ¥Qur €hok:es. po. What are your reasons? 6 What else did this shopper buy in order to make pasta with aubergine and mozzarella sauce and tiramisu?~irc!!>the purchases on the till receipt. pu¥ something with instrwctioms in Engli$h.95 £0.BAG AUBERGINE £0. Mav.89 £1.pu.3 KG a £1 .groups.0k your kitchen cwplJ0ards at home. preparation time and equipment needed. Wke-s L.29 £2.I'll cook something MouOu 1 5 Look at the till receipt below. cl1w. Disadvantages e-xpe-nsiNe-.R SUGAR SP. 09 £0.(res heaLtI1w.10 £'1. work in small . Did you choose the same products as this shopper? QlJAL CHPP~ TGM CASTE.SAN egg ROCKET SALAD DRY BlK OLIVES MaZZAREllA. Ca~do checklisb 13 .98 2a BALANCE 2b etc.731KG £0.45 £0. bi.05 £1.OO CflANGE DUE £7.22 lb wholewheat penne- TABlE SALf BOTTLE ORG.NIG BR EAD fRI!IIT Jl!IICE 1l 2 .42 4 Now decide which product from each pair you are going to buy.d::ek. cnQsen the Same JilrQdu$? bra practiice Halle a 1(1).11 l1.ONGE FINGER 3 Look again at the product labels and think about the advantages and disadvantages of each item in each pair.d::ek.9gu po.99 £0.75 0.

• " zz ..~. tv! DowNiowN 3Q07303("&"BO CAR GROUP· CODE "B TOUR CODE No .'.:f'~"'::-~"1 RESERVATION NUMBER •: • • • • • • • .r A Terms and conditions 1 Claudio and Flavia Martinuzzo are going on holiday to South Africa.:..~~------~ . .:.~~.:.: 14 e Social and Travel .... 82 ".. RENTAL LOCATION ~_. .:... They are collecting the car from Cape Town / Durban / Johannesburg and they are returning it to Cape Town / Durban / Johannesburg .go to Useful language p. They have arranged car hire with Avis and have received the car rental voucher below. Look at the voucher and~the cities to make a correct sentence.-~'tF.. •'L-~~~.

renter is responsible lass by theft. One way rentals from Durban. • A rental contract .60.00.98. How much more did they have to pay? Tick . 5 Look at the Surcharges and Tax.Super Theft Loss Waiver (STLW) Super Cover This option means that the renter will be liable for a reduced excess which lowers the responsibility of the renter for payment is not covered.~~. II Back to top I~ ZAR~ South African Rands [~E\i~~ F~. fee of ZAR 30. a Which extras on the rental voucher are explained? b What do the abbreviations stand for? One way rentals are available between any city in South Africa and will be subject to a one way fee. One way rentals from Johannesburg a fee of ZAR 615.co. §. THEFT LOSS WAIVER Avis offers you the choice of two optional Theft Loss Waiver Insurances. Durban. getting date" indicated on the bodily injury while driving. One way rentals from Johannesburg fee of ZAR 123.za/avisonline/terms. If they have an accident.~.78 is applicable on all rentals. will they pay more or less than if they had chosen SCOW? 7 Would you choose Limited Cover or Super Cover for accidents and theft? Why? Waivers COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER (CDW) Avis offers you the choice of two optional Collision Damage Waiver Insurances. Read this part of the Terms and Conditions on the Avis South Africa website. 4 Claudio and Flavia look for explanations of these extras in this other part of the Terms and Conditions. 6 Claudio and Flavia have chosen Limited Cover accident insurance (COW). One way rentals from Eastern Cape to Cape Town are subject to a one way fee of ZAR 61S. All other one way rentals between districts are subject to a one way fee of ZAR 406.: Ii"~ Richards Bay are subject to a fee of ZAR 246.co. Coverage is in effect up to "return The insurance will apply to any persons up to the age of 75 years.~y. .~~ • 9% Airport surcharge • is applicable on all rentals from an airport location.24 yJ. Personal property the of the applicable for Option 2 . 1% Tourism levy is applicable on all rentals at all locations.avis. One way rentals from Durban to/from fee of ZAR 60.. I' into or out of the Avis vehicle. D D D D I'.'!!.~r~.60 ~~JE ~.98.We've hired a car QD[1iJD~2 2 Claudio and Flavia had to pay more because they arranged a one-way rental. (PAl) as well as all other passengers riding in. for up to a specified amount for the replacement is not covered.~.Super Cover Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW) Super Cover This option means that the renter will be liable for a reduced excess which lowers the responsibility of the renter for payment arising from collision damage caused to the vehicle or part thereof.12 b ZAR 264. Cape Town. " http://online.nsf/ ~.I one of the boxes. Within Country One way rentals between Avis cities within South Africa are available. Scan the webpage on the right and answer these questions.24 cZAR 406.zajavisonline/terms. Option 2 .98 d ZAR 615.Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) Limited Cover Choosing this option means that in the event of an accident. a ZAR 123.Theft Loss Waiver (TLW) Limited Cover Choosing this option means that in the event of theft of a vehicle or part thereof. Mpumalanga are subject to . Mpumalanga a fee of ZAR 406. i.~~.@}Bt ~ttP :/Ionline. How many extras have Claudio and Flavia paid for? Write a list.. Personal property 15 . Option 1 . c Can you guess the meaning of any abbreviations that are not explained? Tax 14% VAT applicable. Option 1 .~.12.nsf/ Personal Accident Insurance The renter who accepts Personal Accident Insurance in the vehicle will be covered for accidental rental agreement.avi_s.-L ~ ..60. One way rentals between Port Elizabeth and Port Alfred and vice versa are subject to a 3 Look again at the Remarks section of the rental voucher. to/from Sun City and Rustenburg are subject to a to Johannesburg are subject to to Cape Town. the renter is responsible up to a specified amount for damage repair. arising from theft of a vehicle or part thereof. Underline the charges that Claudio and Flavia have to pay.

vehides are driven on the right-h.. the condition of the tyres will be in compliance with legislation and the tyre pressure in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer's specification for 'nonmal use'. in each vehicle or at the Avis Customer Service Centre. 2 The agent tells Claudio and Flavia that they always need to carry cash when driving. J'a-pan. You'll need to carry cash because _ 16 e Social and Travel . speed and distances are measured in kilometres. Mala. RETURN TIME such as Australia.QDOiJD~2 We've hired a car B . VALUABLES Do not leave personal belongings such as cell phones and valuables in your vehicle. speed and road condition. keep your doors locked while driving. Ireland. Indonesia.¥sia. New Zealand. More extensive area maps are obtainable from the Automobile Association (AA) and South African Tourism. ROAD MAPS Maps of Southern Africa. They are not covered by our insurance. DOCUMENT NUMBER . can be found in a copy of the Avis Inbound magazine. PETROL PetrOl is available 24 hours per day. ? In most countries. however. Indta. In most ccuntaes. It is the responsibility of the renter to ensure that both the condition and inflation of the tyres are appropriate throughout the course of the rental. TO THE RENTAL COUNTER.safe driving in South Africa 1 Claudio and Flavia arrive in Cape Town and go to Avis to collect their car. Unleaded petrol should be used in Avis cars. SEAT BELTS The law requires that you wear seat belts at all times. LOCKUP Shut windows and lock all doors and the boot when leaving the vehicle unattended. It is the responsibility of the renter to inspect the condition of the tyres at commencement of the rental and to make adjustments to the tyre pressure to take into account such factors as the number of passengers. the UK and South Amea. Did you know . However. DRIVING In South Africa. SAFETY For your own safety. Complete what the rental agent tells them. FUEL GAUGE READING..and side G)f the mad. DATE AND TIME. IMMOBILISER Please use the immobiliser when leaving the vehicle unattended. In the UKand the USA. TYRES Avis undertakes that on delivery of the vehicle to the renter. The rental agent gives them the envelope on the right which contains the rental agreement. 100 km/hr in rural areas and 120 km/hr on highways. speed and distances are measured in miles. Thailand. RETURN KM READING RETURN FUEL GAUGE -/ RETURN DATE E 11/8 1/413/ 811/2 T5Js 1 41 81 3/ 7/ I F . WITH YOUR KEYS. ambient temperatures. Credit cards are not accepted for the payment of petrol. in some CQuntri€lS. Read the information on the envelope and find out why. SPEED LIMITS Generally 60km/hr in built-up areas. mass of luggage. Safe Driving in South Africa DRIVER'S LICENCE When driving.6) kilometres to the mile. Should they keep the envelope until the end of their trip? KINDLY INDICATE YOUR RETURN KM READING. driving is on the lefthand side of the road. you must be in possession of your driver's licence at all times. vehicles are driven on the left-hand side. AND RETURN THIS ENVELOPE. including city and regional maps. There are approKimatelV 1.

Find compound nouns on the envelope which match these definitions. 17 .~Uf ~owntryl? in Focus on .. round piece of rubber filled with air.~~.iy:i'1g laws tbe salil'l~in yOl:jf €OUAtJ)j as in $eutb Afi:ica?\Nbat q_dvice would you give to someone G1riving. What four things do they have to do to stay within the law? Complete what Flavia tells Claudio.elkat. _Q_ __Q_ _i b something such as a car or bus that takes people from one place to another.L.We've hired a car [!JrfiJlol:S2 3 Claudio and Flavia don't want to break the law when they are driving in South Africa..t?r!!..scuss these ~westiQngin sfnallgr0up>s:A~~ ~heclf.__ .~_I:t.ay trip to South Afr. a a closed space at the back of a car for storing things .i!!~9_. b~ ) vocabula'ry On the Avis rental agreement envelope there are some useful words about cars and driving. Class bonus Di.Y. that fits around a wheel _ d a device fitted to a car which stops it from moving so that it cannot be stolen _ ) b ~-------------------------------------------------------------------- J c~ m .. Find words on the envelope which match these definitions. Can-do checklist.a -guiGleb!l!ok r o the Internet and find plates that you Vl/01!JIGI to visit.~_1!.. m---- J Compound nouns are nouns which consist of two words.. especially using roads ef1 c~ ) d~ __ . .. __ ~ Q 0 u c a thick.ica. like Then loo~ at a map and pian yowr rQute. e a piece of equipment that you use to measure how much petrol you have used _ _ _ _ _ _ an official document that allows you to drive a car g a strap that you fasten across your body when travelling in a vehicle _ _ _ _ _ _ h the fastest speed that a vehicle is allowed to travel on a particularroad _ fuel that does not contain lead d~ m --- J 5 Which part of the car should Claudio and Flavia check regularly? bra practice 6 Which telephone number on the envelope is probably the most useful for Claudio and Flavia while they are in South Africa? Why? Plan a 20-d.LO. a ~OUld __ _~ __~r __1:9. u u • • __ u •• •• • J 4 What four pieces of advice does the information on the envelope give? Complete what Claudio tells Flavia.

£75 per week. £455 per month all inclusive.. Iili'+.r the town centre? ------------------------_-------------------. Long or short term. let from beginning February. Can you find the answers to all your questions in each advertisement? Female wanted for a nice furnished room in a family home. Suit professional male. What do you need to know about a room before you see it? Look at the examples. £225 per calendar month excluding bills. Broadband. Email: boxleyrooms@hotmail. double room for non-smoker in friendly mixed shared house. All modern conveniences . 1_ till! bilIl:l . Phone Carol 01223 73926. £85 per week including bills.co. Ten minutes from city centre on foot. off-road parking.double glazing. Phone 01223 34109 evenings. a Chesterton.t 1 Imagine you are moving to a new town and want to rent a room.------------------- d 2 Look at these internet advertisements for accommodation in and around Cambridge. Call 07967920745. 83 A Looking fora room ~ ~i5SS ~ ~ FpdM._---_--------------------. -----------------------------------------------_-c Available 8 January for eight months: two furnished rooms in fabulous new house near A 14. -------------------------------------------------- II: _J~1:1_~_~~i_J::_~x~l_~_I:>~L_mm _ m_m __ Is it neo. all inclusive. I l I '" 18 & Social and Travel .uk .go to Useful language p. gas central heating. -------------------------------------------------- ~ ri b Ground-floor single bedroom with own bathroom. etc. Move in as soon as possible. and then write four more questions. References required. power shower.

Ag~P·f@r6: mths. She doesn't smoke or drive and is happy to rent a small room. O-l822 :867544 _ dig + gas c/h: .. .. Advertisement e sgl rm: ~~g_I&_xQQtI:!___ pcm all ind: Advertisement f mins: _ ODlJO~1:S3 e nr: avail beg Jan: f n/s: _ _ g -lar:ge rogm. practice ' Look atrented accommodation the UK at the website \l\tWW.________ fum: mod cons: pcm exd bills: Advertisement h dbl rm: .Somewhere to live 3 Look at the newspaper advertisements on the right. Would you be interested in any of the accommodation in advertisements a-h? Why? / Why not? 19 . in newsagents' ami post office windows. Advertisement g 1 bed: . which he uses most weekends. He doesn't want to live on his own or with a family.: _. __ Tolga works in a hotel outside Cambridge and he drives there every day. . Use abbreviations where possible. .. the advertisement doesn't ask for a non-smoker.. you will find all these words in the internet advertisements.. Marina has a job teaching German in a secondary school..___ . If you need some help. ExehiilngeY0ur adveftis8fF1ellts with other piiI'irs c:HtudentS. YOll will find advertisemsnta in the loesl newspaper. He has a car.2' mir)~ f·allway station. She wants to live with a British family so that she can improve her English as much as possible. he started smoking again. Some of her friends are studying in London and she sometimes visits them there. Read the example before you begin. which are also for accommodation in and around Cambridge.uk a Find room Y0U woulcllike to rent in 6 Imagine you are going to study English in Cambridge and need somewhere to live. Find the best accommodation for each of these people. __ L The room in advertisement b is near the centre of town and is suitable for a professional male. Class bonus Work in pairs and write an aqvernsefflent for a foem. His cousin is arriving in Cambridge very soon. . Why are they more difficult to understand than the internet advertisements? 4 Work out the meaning of the abbreviations in the newspaper advertisements. Ibrahim is from Qatar. ASAP: mths: _ Refs req._._ Pei Lan is studying in Cambridge from the beginning of January until the end of June when she goes back home to Taiwan. _ h _ 5 Look again at advertisements a-h. Mirella would like to share with women. let from . He works as a translator for a company in the centre of Cambridge. . __ _ . ? If you are l©oking for a roem te rent in the IJK. He is going to study at the same language school as Ibrahim and also needs a room.. He's a non-smoker. . preferably British ones. _. dig + gas tljh.________________ eves: .foomsforietco. Julia is only in Cambridge for two months. Aleksy doesn't want to pay more than E60 a week. Ryuichi is from Japan. and on the Internet. They don't particularly want to share accommodation with other people. Fina a rcem you would like to rei'll!: lira. Also. You may also be able to get a list ©f accemrnceatton agencies ErQmthe local Tourist InfonnatioD Office. Refsreq. _ m owner: prof couple: . When Ryuichi came to Britain. He now has a small room and would like something larger.__ _ pw inc! bills: . _ Marina and Stefan have just got married._ Did you know .

Cfi'z fGI-j I3I-AQ( Name (print): ~ Name (print): Occupation: Address: Signed: Signed: &t100....w/.ev:eID Iila~i\(eEn@lisfl speakers AGREEMENTS A The Landlord may re-enter the Property and terminate this Agreement if the Rent or any part of it is not paid within fourteen days after it becomes due...fL ) FleLdJ-. and shall inform the Tenant within 14 days of taking the deposit of the contact details of this service and details of how to apply for the release of the deposit from this service. to show prospective new Tenants around the Property at the end of the tenancy. 'fll.QDlrru~~3Somewhere to live B Signing a contract Did you know .. and to carry out any works of maintenance or repair to the Property which the Landlord may consider to be necessary.e language @I these &!lJIeements l1:anlle ©ld-iasm®ned ani!:!fermal .·Q. nor fix any notice. ? ¥®1!1 US1Jlally.e. ave te siQJFIa tenancy h TENANCY AGREEMENT DEFINITIONS THE LANDLORD Mrs Gloria Black of 6 Sutton Road. and pay interest of 15 per cent per annum on any rent which is more than 14 days overdue. Cambridge CBS 7AQ THE TENANT Marina Kahn PROPERTY 24a Wood Road.d. _:_f\:.=r-t=- _ . condition and decoration.61d ct<ve L.. H:<.~\c/.a. and make good all damage and breakages to the Property and its contents which may occur during the Term. 4 Permit the Landlord to enter the Property at all reasonable times: to inspect the Property and its contents. CItm6-nfJt. 7 Not use any musical instrument. 10 Deliver up the Property to the Landlord at the end of the tenancy in the same good and clean state of repair. wireless or television between midnight and 7 am. 5 Not take in any paying guest without the prior written consent of the Landlord. C The Landlord shall put the deposit with The Deposit Protection Service. condition and decoration as it was in at the commencement of the Term (fair wear and tear.::Q::.rtA!<AM Witnessed by: Name (print): ALICE' RACE' \tcrmMtrlf UltcAe... 0e~~~ \-lG4 ~DU 20 • Social and Travel . 9 Not keep in the Property any cat. and pay in full any council tax liable on the Property..:'U\. B The Landlord may bring the tenancy to an end at any time before the expiry of the Term (but not earlier than six months from the Commencement Date of this Contract) by giving the Tenant not less than two months' written notice stating that the Landlord requires possession of the Property.ri. dog or other pet without tbe prior written consent of the Landlord. 3 Keep the interior of the Property during the Term in a good and clean state of repair.w/.. advertisement or poster to the exterior or windows of the Property. Qca. a which person from page 19 signed this agreement? b Which property from page 18 or 19 is the agreement for? c Who witnessed the tenant's signature? d What do we know about the tenant's witness? SIGNATURES Tenant: Name (print): . nor permit any singing or dancing between these hours.. gas and electricity consumed on the Property during the Term... 2 Pay for all water. furniture and equipment) specified in the inventory (attached) TERM from 1st January 20_ to 31st December 20_ (12 months) RENT £500 per calendar month..:::."AitlJ\lA Occupation: Address: Landlord: Witnessed by: I(AI-IJ\I iC/. payable in advance on the first day of each month DEPOSIT £500.. . and damage by accidental fire excepted). 6 Not use the Property other than as a private dwelling. trade or business in the Property. payable on commencement of this Agreement is geNuine..d. Signed: Signed: ff\l... TENANT'S OBLIGATIONS Pay the Rent into the Landlord's bank account at the times specified. 8 Not fix a wireless or television aerial to the exterior of the Property. nor carry on any profession..se lJI~. Lee _ CtiV£ L'fDfA L££ _:L:::Lb-c::. 1 On pages 18 and 19 you looked at some advertisements and matched them with people looking for accommodation.Cl.:. and pay in full for all charges made for the use of the telephone on the Property during the Term. Cambridge CB2 8BG TOGETHER WITH CONTENTS (fixtures. Scan this tenancy agreement and answer these questions. sign.

Find these phrases in the tenancy agreement.RQ. c If Gloria needs the flat. . a The tenancy starts on 1 Januaryand lasts for six / ~months.!1~.. formal language a ef There are many formal words and phrases in this tenancy agreement.. _. I can put myself in fhe position of someone reading advertisements in the real world'. You have to look after the flat properly _ . a Do we have to pay council tax? ... terminate. For example. e She must / needn't tell you how to get your deposit back.. a the expiry of the Term beginning /@ b the Commencement Date beginning / end c written notice advice / warning d inform the tenant ask / tell e water. 3 Look at the Tenant's Obligations section. Gloria can ask you to leave the property. the flat must be as clean as it is now .. I can work out the meaning of abbreviations. Tick what you can do. . e When you leave the flat.. _ h You can't set up a business in the flat.. Underline the information in the agreement which gives the answer. b If you don't pay your March rent before 1 March / '5 March.. Do we have to pay for the telephone? 1-10. Then~the correct words in Alice's explanations.. gas and electricity consumed used / provided f prior written consent agreement / arrangement g the exterior of the Property top / outside Can-do checklist. b c Can we have all-night parties? d... d Gloria wilf / won't keep your deposit in her bank account. I can understand advertisements for rented arcomrnodafion. means 'to end' and becomes due means 'is owed' in Agreement A. Match Alice's explanations a-j with points 4 Answer Marina's questions with yes or no. Look at the Definitions and Agreements sections.Somewhere to live illJ[]iJO~3 2 Marina asks Alice to explain the agreement. You have to pay all your bills _ g You must get Gloria's permission in writing if you want a friend to stay and pay part of the rent. and~ the correct informal equivalent of the word(s) in italics. I can understand a tenancy agreement Can do Need more practice 21 . _ You must get Gloria's permission in writing before you get a pet. she must write to you two / three months before she wants you to leave.-------------.inLI b You can't put anything on the outside wall of the flat. d You have to let Gloria into the flat if she wants to look at it. . a You can't listen to music during the night. c You have to pay the rent on the first day every month. e Can Gloria show new tenants around the flat while we're still here? Can we put notices in the windows? Focus on .

Is it the one he needs? Checked Baggage Allowances Customers are allowed to check the followlnc amounts of luggage free of charge: Maximum linear dimensions per bag (length + height + width) 158 em (62 in) 158 em (62 in) Maximum weight per bag 23 kg (50 Ib) 32 kg (70 Ib) Total weight of all 3 bags not to exceed 69 kg (150 Ib) 32 kg (70 Ib) Total weight of all 4 bags not to exceed 92 kg (200 lb) Maximum number of bags (per person) Economy Class Executive Class. Executive First and Star Alliance Gold Air Canada Elite and Super Elite (in any class of service) 2 bags 3 bags 4 bags 158 em (52 in) Ib = pound kg = kilogram in = inch em = centimetres 2 Does the webpage give the information in a-d below? Skim the webpage again and tick. Find out the following. Skim this webpage. ~ . '.go to Useful language p. He knows he can take one bag as hand luggage (or 'carry-on baggage'). a the largest size suitcase he can check in 0 0 0 0 b the total weight of luggage he can check in m Social and Travel ./ one or more of the boxes. However. 83 ." <'-~'. A How much luggage have you got? 1 Miklos is going to fly from Paris to Toronto on an Air Canada flight. a b c d 22 the the the the size of the luggage passengers can check in weight of the luggage passengers can check in number of items of luggage passengers can check in cost of checking in excess baggage 3 Miklos is planning to travel Economy Class. so he looks on the Air Canada website. he doesn't know how much luggage he can check in.

each measuring more than 160 cm. I 6 Other Economy Class passengers on Miklos's flight want to check in the following items of luggage..~~J::I~_. What excess baggage fee will he have to pay? Tick . Complete these sentences with over and the words from the list. the prefix over a ef 0 $70 CAD 0 $105 CAD 0 A prefix is a group of letters which you add to the beginning of one word to make another. please contact your Air Canada Cargo Economy Class Type of excess Overweight Oversized Restriction Between 23 kg and 32 kg (50 Ib-70 Ib) Excess Fee More than one excess fee may be applied. Will each passenger have to pay an excess baggage fee? Write Y (yes) or N (no).I'll check it in (illUDO\l4 4 Miklos wants to check in more luggage than his free allowance. Applicable taxes are not included in the prices.!. if the item is overweight and oversize. e If a film is considered to be better than it really is.. $35 CAD ($30 USD) per bag $35 CAD ($30 USD) per bag $105 CAD ($91 USD) per bag $175 CAD ($152 USD) per bag * Between 160 em and 292 em (63 in-115 in) North America (Canada/US/Mexico) International (aU other destinations) •• Extra baggage More than 2 bags * Sizes indicate linear dimensions per bag (length + width + depth) ** Excludes Brazil and Japan (Please contact Air Canada Reservations for details on excess fees to these destinations) 5 Miklos wants to check in this luggage. they are _9. For oversized (more than 115 in I 292 cm) or overweight bags (more than 70 Ib /32 Local Sales Office for handling. a two medium-sized suitcases .. too big or too heavy). kg). the size and number of bags you check is limited by the free checked baggage allowance.one weighing 22 kg and the other weighing 30 kg __ __ 1 b two large suitcases . AIR CANADA @jI Excess Baggage Fees When travelling on Air Canada.I one of the boxes. Compare your list with someOFl€ else's. it will be charged twice. Note: Please arrive at the airport at least 60 min before departure if checking overweight or oversized baggage. $35 CAD Focus on . More than one excess fee may be applied. If your baggage exceeds this free allowance (too many pieces. so he looks at the Excess Baggage Fees webpage. it is _ c If you forget to take your book back to the library. Skim the webpage and find three situations when you have to pay an excess baggage fee to Air Canada. with the following dimensions: 80 x 40 x 30 cm crowded tleAe due grown priced rated I a If vegetables are cooked too long. Excess baggage is accepted subject to space availability. it is d If there are too many people in a place.all within the weight and size restrictions d one suitcase weighing 22 kg. you will be charged an excess baggage fee. it is . For example. it is If something is too expensive. Are any (1)f your items the same? 7 Have you ever paid an excess baggage fee? How much did you have to pay? 23 . Currency exchange may affect amount to be paid. it is . Class bonus Think @f five items yow cannot travel without. b If a garden is full of plants that have become too big.. but weighing less than 23 kg _ c two medium-sized suitcases .

. I think _ r-----III! -----. PLEASE WRITE CLEARLY USING BLOCK CAPITALS NAME: ADDRESS AT DESTINATION: TELEPHONE/MOBILE NUMBER: DATE OF TRAVEL: FROM: . Look at the pictures on the card and match them with the descriptions below.. FLIGHT NUMBER: . If your baggage has not been located within 48 hours. What do you think he should do? Write your answer.. Should he be optimistic about getting his luggage back soon? Missing items Dear Customer We are sorry that your baggage was mishandled during your recent flight and would be grateful if you could complete the form below to assist us in tracing it. when he goes to Baggage Reclaim his holdall and suitcase do not appear.. We would like to assure you that every effort will be made to locate your baggage and return it to you as soon as possible.. We are pleased to report that the vast majority of delayed bags are found and returned to their owners within 48 hours. Read the introduction... Unfortunately. TYPE OF ITEM TO: . / 24 Ii1 Social and Travel .ODuu~'lS4I'll check it in B Wbere'.m" BAGGAGE CHECK NUMBER: ."... SIZE COLOUR Signature Date . Write the number in the boxes. a b c d e medium hardshell suitcase briefcase large rucksack ski bag small soft-sided trolley suitcase extra-large holdall g large hardshell trolley suitcase h garment bag I vanity case 4 5 D III D D D D D 7 8 0 0 3 Miklos is given this form to fill in.s my luggage?' 1 Miklos flies from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to Lester B Pearson International Airport in Toronto. 2-- 2 Miklos goes to the lost luggage desk to ask for help and is shown a card which illustrates different types of luggage. we will continue to trace it for a maximum of three months..

cmT1 Does it hav.-II' TELEPHONE (001) lfft.I'll check it in 4 Use the information from Miklos's boarding card. lira pracliice What should Mik. Remember to include information about his checked baggage in the picture on the right. Lester Bowles Pearson (1897-1970) was a senier advisor to the UN.)9-1§B9).e6ter S PeCI"oonInternational Did you know . I can fill iR a torm about delayed luggage. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1957. L.. 25 .l6s de if he deesn't get his luggage back~ look at the website www.. DESTINATION Pil:ziYllk" ADDRESS t2.ggage check label to fill in the missing items form. ? Charles oe Gaulle (1l!l~(I-1970) was iii Freneh genelal who was the first President of the Fifth Republll!:: (1§!.. 333 lfl1'" DESTINATION AIRPORT Toronto.aiKa!ilada. I can find out 'how moen eliecked baggage I can take orr a pla'ne.e any infmmstion about delayed baggage! Can-do checklist. 5L'" NAME . iQD[fiJ0114 carlton TOWer "DadJ TorontoJ ontariO MqC. Tickwhat you can do. I can skim a \r¥ebpage to' get a general i'dea of what it is about. the label on his rucksack and his ba. President of the UN @eneralAssembly (1952-3) and Canadian Prime Minister.

Redelivery Dr "local Collect" services: to arrange visit us online at www. 83 ~ • 0.go to Useful language p. RGI lAA TEL: 08456 113 227 HOURS: MON. 50p you can have your item taken to a local Post Office4> Branch for you to pick up using Our "Local Collect" service.4 A 'vi item item Readi'lg Delivery OffIce Caversham Road Readi1g. You II need 10 bnng evidence of your identity such as a passport or bank card. you were out 1 It is one o'clock on Monday 23 March.FRI: 0600-1800 SAT: 0600-1230 YDU o 10 Special Delivery Recorded Signed For 0 Letter 0 Packet to you o o International Pelishable Large item can: could not be delivered o Col~ert tlte Please leave hours before collecting. 6ert<shira. _ _ 2 Look at the back of the card below. a The card is from b The card is for . .. 26 m Social and Travel .cDm/redelivery or call the number above. Raquel Ramos Garda has just come home to find this card with her mail. [2J 10 because A signature o is required far infonnation on where your item It's too big for your letterbo~ see overleaf Please We can Redeliver to your address or to an alternative local address (unfort~nately./ one of the boxes.. we can't redeliver Special Delivery items to an "ltematlVe address). • : A Sorry. What would be a good heading for this side of the card? Tick . . Or for.royalmail. Ite"!. they'll need to proVIde proof of your identity. a We'll call again b How to get your item c Royal Mail Services in your area 0 0 c The card has been put through Raquel's door because 0 o o 84 Your Item has been left: In your 'Saleplace' with your designated on your property neighbour at: at: Has been returned Royal Mail to the Royal Mall Delivery OffIce at: Postcade You were out and your RG:J. If someone's collecting on your behalf. . Scan it and complete the sentences.

g. is IredllJ/. ? London Reacting is a large town on the River Thames between <ill@ OXifmd. We cannot redeliver to an address outside of this area. ' E. 0 2. _ You have four weeks from when you get the card to collect your letter. D two hours after finding the card. do you think? Why doesn't she choose any of the other options? How many reasons can you suggest? Work with a partner and discuss your answers. Just select "Arrange 3 Scan the front and back of the card on the opposite page and choose the correct ending for these sentences. e You have to pay if you want to collect the letter from your nearest post office. e. 26 Water Lane. free of charge. __ __ l b If someone else goes for you. Redeliver to a different address With the exception of Special Delivery services. 0 b The earliest she can collect the item is 2. _ c You have to phone if you want to collect the letter. free of charge. A postcode area is determined by your local Delivery Office.I'll be at home QD[jlJD~5 Did you know . 0 4 Raquel asks a neighbour to explain how to get her item of mail.com/redelivery to arrange this.32 pm.) Note also that the pronunciation of the administrative region . Reading RG12 lRR 0 It's easy to arrange Redelivery. 1he pronunciation of ReadiIilg. they have to show their passport or bank card. Correct the information that is wrong. _ d They charge extra if you have the letter delivered to someone else's house.. Reading RG24 6TR 0 c Aisha Hussein. In most cases.00 pm. Read the back of the card again and decide if what the neighbour says is true (T) or false (Fl. and is the area that they deliver to. a Claudia Santos. Why does she choose this option. you have to prove that you're the person it's addressed to. _ redelivery now" to find out more. if you live in SE25 the same postcode area would be any other postcode starting with SE25. She goes to www. Have you got any different reasons? 27 . Flat 2. the city. Reading RG17 3 PE 0 b Sam Williams. Read the webpage below and decide which friend Raquel's mail should be redelivered to. a Raquel's item of mail is in the shed in the garden. Redeliver to your own address We can redeliver your item to your address on a day that is convenient to you. 5 Raquel wants her mail to be redelivered to a friend's house on Wednesday./ one of the boxes. we can deliver your item to a different address within the same postcode area. for example. 3 Harris Gardens. 0 with a neighbour. a neighbour's house. 0 going back to the Delivery Office. (What you are doing with this book is Iri:dlIJ/. 15 St Mary's Way. Tick . Class bonus Rsquel decides to have the item delivered to her friend's house en Wednesday.or county Berkshire is Iba:kJg/. a If you go and collect the letter yourself..royalmail.

Which of these things does this part of the leaflet do? Tick . a explains in general terms why the water has to be turned off 0 b explains exactly why the water has to be turned off on Saturday 0 c gives advice about what to do while the water is turned off 0 d gives advice about what to do when the water is turned on again 0 Why we need to interrupt your water supply We supply drinking water to over seven million customers through nearly 31. Scan the back of the leaflet on the right and find the answers to these questions. For your guidance Do not use any household appliances that would normally use water. including a washing machine or dishwasher. while the water is off. Allow at Least 2-5 minutes until the water runs clear.-------------------- ------------------------------------------------- 2 Skim the inside of the leaflet below. *A valve is a device which opens and closes to control the flow of liquids or gases. Switch your centraL heating system off. because these pipes sometimes need attention. If your water does not come back on then please: • Check with a neighbour to see if their supply has been restored • Check that the inside stop valve* is fully open by turning it off and turning it on again If this does not solve the problem Please call us on 0845 9200 800 (alL calls are charged at loca l rates) Thank you for your co-operation. we have to cut off your water supply from time to time because of planned or urgent work. a Who is the leaflet from? b Who is it tor? c Why has it been put thro~gh--th-~--d-~~~?--------------------------------------------------------. which is normally in the kitchen.000 km of pipes. Once the water supply returns Please run the coLd tap nearest to the inLet pipe.0lJ1JDD~5 I'll be at home B RUD the cold tap 1 Raquel also finds a leaflet with her mail./ one or more of the boxes. In order to do this. We are spending £1 million a day to ensure this service is provided. 28 8 Social and Travel .

D b She tried the tap again at two o'clock in the afternoon. D h Switch off it. Read the inside of the leaflet again to help you put the events in the correct order. Which of these things can she do that morning?~ can or can't so that the sentences are correct. flush the toilet use the microwave. D g She called 0845 9200 800 because she still didn't have any water. Are there anrytips tt-lat you can idS!. D Switch it off. d we have to cut your water supply off D e we have to cut it off D we have to cut off it D g Switch off your central heating system. D d Raqueltried the tap at midday Saturday.('II be at homeM[fi]~{s5 3 Raquel is going to be at home on Saturday. D h Two hours later Raquel was in the bathroom when she discovered that the water was back on. a b c d e She~/ She can / She can / She can / She can / FOcus on . it can only come before the particle (pick it up). D i Look at the website: \AIWIJ'!I.tnameswater.. have the central heating on. pick the letter up / pick up the letter). a The Thames Water representative told her the water would be reconnected by five o'clock. D Then she had her shower.. and there was still no water. [II e She turned on the cold tap in the kitchen and let it run for five minutes. 28 March. If the object is a pronoun../ the boxes. D Check that the inside stop valve is fully open by turning off the valve D k Check that the inside stop valve is fully open by turning the valve off D Check that the inside stop valve is fully open by turning off it 0 4 It is now Sunday. which of these rewordings of a-c are also correct? Tick . D She asked her neighbour if her water had come back on. it can come before or after the particle (e.? Can-do checklisb 29 .co. your central heating system off.but there was no water. ef can't can't can't can't can't use the vacuum cleaner. D Raquel checked the stop valve and it seemed to be fully open. depending on whether the object is a noun or a pronoun.uk the Use quick links to find how to save water at home. do her washing. phrasal ve'rbs Complete these extracts from the inside of the leaflet with three phrasal verbs which include the word off. Do all three phrasal verbs have the same meaning? a we have to _@_L off your water supply b . [I] c The neighbour said that her water had come back on at half past twelve.g. This is what happened on Saturday afternoon. If it is a noun. c Check that the inside stop valve is fully open by _______________________ it off The position of the object varies with phrasal verbs.

p 83 -"" "'. ". Is he recommending St David's.~?L~ _? On the Coast Path ."_. . but it's called a city because it's got a cathedral..~X()R~· " .and if you get good weather.. it's wonderful walking along the Coast Path. The beaches There are birds __ __ ~ f.. He finds the webpage opposite about a bed and breakfast._. but the water's freezing! 30 IJ Social and Travel . . 2 Sebastian decides to visit St David's.. .d's is like a village. a b c d 5t David's is _~_~_ t:r'. and waves are wonderful. "_ " "" where there were loads of birds . or is he advising Sebastian not to go there? The coast's beautiful around there . " .and no people.__ _ ". "._ ~. St Davi. Look at what Geraint says.go to Useful language -. 1 Sebastian is asking his friend Geraint about places to visit in Wales. . What extra information is there on it about the things Geraint mentioned? Read the webpage and complete the sentences. so he looks for some accommodation on the Internet..

We have three double and three twin rooms.. SkQmer) and find out five m@refads about it on the lnternet... We can also prepare fresh picnic lunches for your day out walking the Coast Path or on the beaches... the Pel111b~okeskire(€last . where you can see some of Britain's most spectacular coastal scenery with its abundant bird life and wild flowers. __ d Tina and Xavier are a married couple with two young children.. . .. wind-surfing and sea angling.. which will be useful if we get soaking wet walking in the rain... I've found a a.. _... Ramsey House offers you professional hotel standards of accommodation and food service coupled with the friendly.. Our full Welsh breakfast offers you a great start to the day with homemade bread.. Also. a drying room and light laundry facilities.. (ideal for guests unable to climb stairs') b Daniel wants to stay in St David's..~.. surfing..... We are also conveniently situated for easy access to the bird sanctuary islands of Ramsey.fM.. 5 If you were going to Wales. it sounds a good place to stay because they provide d. He writes an email to them about the accommodation.. There is a comfortable lounge with lots of books and leaflets about Pembrokeshire to help you plan your excursions...t.. What do you think? Seb 4 Read these profiles of different tourists. . You will find it the ideal touring centre in all seasons. muffins.. Weather permitting. round. there's a e.) We can also take our bikes as there's h. and there are three ground-floor rooms with garden views. If we want to do some walking. Complete his email.or from books... __ 'f.. __ . Path. All the rooms have a modern. _.. relaxed atmosphere of a high-class non-smoking guest house.. ideal for guests unable to climb stairs... In the opposite direction..... there is easy access to the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. Proprietors: Ceri & Elaine Morgan 0143772021 31 ....St David's From: Subject: Sebastian B&B in Wales Ramsey House Catering exclusively for adults.. guests may enjoy the peace and tranquillity of our gardens and watch the birds feeding... ... Drinks are served in both the garden and lounge.. the on Internet... Oh.. Skomer and Skokholm. _.. Visitors are welcome at St David's City Golf Club and several other Pembrokeshire clubs.. We also have secure bicycle storage.. _. . All first-floor rooms have views of either the sea.....~~_Jm~·L~r. __.. Do you think they would like to stay at Ramsey House? Write Y(yes) or N (no) and underline the parts of the webpage which help you decide. find your Welsh holiday here Bed 8t Breakfast ... the house stands in its own attractive gardens and has private off-road parking... the Cathedral or open country.. well-lit en-suite bathroom with WC. central heating. the smallest city in Europe. would you like to stay at Ramsey House? Why? / Why not? Choose one of the plaeEls in tbe !lifebpage {for eX8f)1ple. shaver socket and electric shower. marmalade and preserves.. A warm welcome awaits you at Ramsey House all year Hi everyone.... Situated within walking distance of St David's.A weekend in Wales OlJouOO6 3 Three of Sebastian's friends want to come to Wales with him... c Sofia and Takishave just bought an expensive car and need safe parking.. you won't have to miss Match of the Day because there's a lV in g. ...... _ and the Pembrokeshire Coast Path.... Nearby are some of the safest and cleanest beaches in Europe offering a variety of water sports including sailing. a Ana is a wheelchair user who enjoys holidays by the coast.. (should save on lunch bills)... It's called b__ __ ... . so we won't all have to share one bathroom! (Pete....... hair dryers and plenty of mirrors. St David's.. Each is individually furnished and decorated to 4-star standard with comfortable beds.. hospitality trays. and it's in a great location between c _. and the rooms are all f.. remote control colour lV. .

Should you cancel this reservation for any reason within 4 weeks of arrival. No allowance is made for meals not taken. You are welcome to settle your account by cheque or cash. Please note we do not operate a credit card facility.B Your room will be r'eady for you 1 Sebastian makes some notes about the accommodation he and his friends want. You may. He then phones Ramsey House.lr__l'!~l'lf.l __Wij __r:QQ!l'.00 pm on your day of arrival when we will do all we can to ensure the enjoyment of your visit. When you book your holiday you are entering into a legally binding contract. Your room will be ready for you from 2. Write an answer for each of your questions in Exercise 1. wish to insure your holiday against cancellation when arranging your general travel insurance. a _Hr&'{~_J:l9J._:fpJ. Read his notes and write the questions he asks in his phone conversation. 29 May . and we are unable to re-Iet the accommodation. you will be liable for a cancellation charge up to the total cost of your holiday. a How much has Sebastian already paid for the accommodation? Our tariff is £35 per person per night for bed and breakfast.62 6RP Telephone: 01437 72021 Lower Moor StDavid'$ Hauerfordmest Llcansed.Who is it from? Ramsey HoUSe 3 Read the letter and find out if Sebastian can have the accommodation he wants. a _I':IQ>__Q1_~I?__~~_9_t:'_41 __r:g_()I:t!~ _ Pembrokeshire SA.!.Monday. June 1st 4 Answer these questions about the cost of the accommodation. 31 May (3 nights) DEPARTINGAFTER BREAKFAST:Tuesday. _iJ19. therefore.~ fr_Q!'(I __~'j__ ( __ g_Qt __ ~ _ b c d e 2 Sebastian received this letter on 20 May. __ :fpr. cuest: 18 May 20_ HOUE& :&r_fur_~_n~l:)i~_- _ b c d e Mr Sebastian Rose Flat 1 7 Cartwright Street Edinburgh EH188E2 Dear Mr Rose Thank you for your deposit cheque for £140_ We have pleasure in reserving the following accommodation for you: ROOMlS:2 twin en-suite rooms DATES:Saturday.. _ b How did he pay this? c How much more will Sebastian and his friends have to pay at the end of their stay? d How can they pay this? Ceri #Ior9t:in Ceri and Elaine Morgan 32 e Social and Travel . Yours sincerely.

Ceri Morgan writes 'Should you cancel this reservation . should a In his letter. e you please return the goods within ten days.rt!Q. so he decides to cancel the holiday. Answer these questions. behind. . a b c d e He thanks Sebastianfor his phone call. D He confirms Sebastian's reservation. be change elamage leave require ring see worsen a .GlOatiof\. Act cut the eenversation between them when Sebastian phones to cancel his reseroatiQfl.D He gives directions to Ramsey House.lainwhy yeu have to cancel. Sebastian's friends are ill the week after he receives the letter. you anything your mind.A weekend in Wales o. you anyone in danger.hQ~IA you will be charged for it. we out. Need more practice can um:l~f5t<lnd descri~tion of bed and breaKfastagcQmm.. D Focus on . b you c d I 6 Unfortunately.DllilOu6 ef 5 Which of these things does Ceri Morgan do in his letter? Tick v' one or more of the boxes and underline the parts of the letter where Ceri does these things. you can collect the keys from next door. h the weather . you will be liable for a cancellation charge'. g you refreshments. I can relate information I alreaay RmowtoWIn~ti I 'read in I 11 Can do teMt. He reads the letter again before he phones Ramsey House. we will send it to you. Sebastian: Exp. a I can understand a letter of 60nfirrtla1i@n ancil1herules about caotelled accommodanon 33 . Ceri: EKplainthe cancellation rules. D He advises Sebastian to arrange cancellation insurance. M..the other is :CeriMorgarl. One person is Sebastian and . _______________________ the telephone please ignore it. the a What might happen to the money Sebastianhas already paid? b Might Sebastian and his friends have to pay the rest of their bill? c In what circumstances would they get their money back? d Would it make a difference if Sebastian had holiday insurance? trip will be cancelled. D He cancels the reservation made over the phone. ::l. Tick what you can do. 7 Do you think the Morgans will manage to re-Iet the rooms Sebastian booked? Why? I Why not? Can-do checklist.We sometimes use should instead of if in formal written English. you should call the coastguard. D He explains the rules about cancelled reservations..g~ anything. Complete these sentences with should and a verb from the list. Class bonus Work in pairs. we will be happy to provide tea and coffee.

. _ 34 I!P Social and Travel . cruise (Dutefu). Write each paragraph number in the correct box. walk or boat? What about other activities? D D D 6 Paragraphs 4 and 5 give several examples of travel destinations. a b c d Lodge or camp? Where to go? Drive..®~_H9!L N_~ _. tae Tanzania and Ugalilda10ts ef werds W.l._... _ _ .{!lf. (Persian).. . ski (N1o)!We[jiabl). jl:1do (Japanese)._ .go to Useful language p... ~~!! •• ..&0'[a wbot (Czec]1). Complete the sentences in your own words.-__ _ ~!-m_I.' ~ . c If you go on a game drive. _ Baby animals are born during this season _ 2 What can you see in the photograph? What kind of animal is it? _ Did you know ..I. ~ __ lli~. c do exciting activities ----. c You can't drive along some tracks. come frem etl<lerlanguages_ for example: tWflCMJn (Chinese). . __ __ R b There are more leaves on the trees and bushes._fu. Swahili is (me @1 ma)©F Iang.. _ __ . Which region or country would you go to if you wanted to do these things? a see wildlife _.<I. ._@?~ .Q~ <Y.. b see beautiful scenery ._.: d go on a relaxing boat trip _ e climb a mountain __ _ .~ A Call of the wild 1 Look at the article on the opposite page. _ d There are fewer places to stay.:~.._ e When to go? OJ D _ _ ---.__ __ _ __ _ _ ._f:~L. buffalo CPoItli\l1Uese)._..-----------. _ _.__ .iE~.. a If you camp.. .-. yogflWit (Tmkisl'i)_ 3 Match these headings with the paragraphs in the article. .. .I-~.~~~ _ _ft.t. What kind of magazine is it from? 4 Read paragraph 1.. ._ _._ b If you stay in a lodge. epera (illtaliam). Read the paragraphs and think about the advantages of each situation below.. __ __ ..ibic 'Fbe Arabie WQFitlts sGlfar meaning 'litavel' GlL'j01illley'. _\j.'?-!!'. .\j.uages ef Kenya.. !:9.hi8h are usee in EmgJiisru:lii:a'l'e 5 Paragraphs 2 and 3 contrast several things... 84 ..l_~h_.. d If you go on a walking safari. Do these sentences describe the dry season (D) or the wet season (W)? a There are more animals at each waterhole. e If you go on a boat.------------------. ? The wmd salMi comes fwm i1iwafuiliand Ni. _ e The animals can be seen more clearly. .\. __ .

7 Look at the headings in Exercise 3. Imagine you are going on safari. or to South Africa for fantastic landscapes. 4 5 Africa offers a lot more than just safaris. Namibia's the place.food and wine. For the ideal mix. Boat safaris get you close to animals drinking from waterholes and rivers. with Explore* you will have a top-notch leader and you'll be spotting the same gamethere's no such thing as a luxury lion.!:. Weather's not the only consideration . ! There are some useful words about safari holidays in the article. impeccable service and usually a waterhole. Read these definitions of some of the words and write each word... 2 There's nothing quite like a top-end safari lodge for the classic Africa 'Explore is a travel company.. For apes and the Great Migration.and consequently safari vehicles . Head for Tanzania to tack on a Zanzibar beach break or to climb Kilimanjaro. During the rains. or savannah Viewpoint not too far away.crisp white tablecloths. But walking safaris get you away from trails to enjoy the smaller creatures and quieter sounds of the bush. 'Vocabu'lary a Class bonus work with a partner. experience . is an experience of a lifetime. . animals .visiting Kenya or TaIJzanla during the Great Migration (July-September). a wild animals (that are hunted or photographed) $. in the wet season.I saw an article about it !]J[]j)D~7 1The dry seasen offers better gameviewililg. But camping safaris get you right in among the action. some tracks become impassable and many camps close.. Trees and shrubs are greener and in flower. When are you geing to go?Are you going to camp? Find out if you have chosen the same type of safari holiday as your partner.are often more dispersed.an@many newborn animals can be spotted. with less foliage to hide behiml. For example. for desertadapted elephants or a close-up cheetah encounter. as higher concentrations of animals congregate around fewer water-holes. Either way. Trip dossiers will give you an idea of which species you can expect to see. i"lowever. What are your own answers to the five questions in the headings? Focus on . it has to be East Africa. to Zambia for Victoria Falls and some adrenalin action. when more than erie million wildebeest thunder across the Serengetl. Ask and answer questions about your safari. b a small house in the country that is used especially by people on a sporting holiday _ c a path through the countryside _ d wild parts of Africa where very few people live e a group of animals which share the same characteristics f an animal like a large monkey _ 35 . ~ ~ . to Kenya for Arab culture and dhow cruises. Work with several other students and find the person whose holiday plans are most similer to your own. and offer a unique perspective . check where to head for the best chance. why not combine more than one mode of transport? 3 If you have a burning ambition to spot one particular species. A 4WD game drive enables you to sample several different areas in a relatively short space of time. cold drinks..

It's the kind of encounter people dream of . boring easy cheap frightening difficult tiring 'A walk in the park' is something that is to do.shouted and waved their arms. set aside for walking trails. Eight pairs of eyes widened behind him. probably thinking it was another male in its territory. As the distance between it and the vegetation grew shorter and shorter. 36 &!B Social and Travel . but when you're watching it graze just 15 metres away from you. and you have only a flimsy piece of vegetation for cover. it's blood chilling.both trail rangers . When it turns and charges..600 kilogram white rhino bull sprinting straight at you. you could have heard a butterfly land on a twig./ one of the boxes. It's one thing for a rhino to pass three metres from your vehicle. The ground shook and thundered and dust billowed up behind the rhino. Nicol explained it had been a case of mistaken identity . and you have a 2. you get behind it.A walk in the park 1 You are going to read part of a magazine article which has the title 'A walk in the park'. 2 Look quickly at the introduction to the article. How does the journalist. the rhino had hurtled over to enforce its territorial rights. D b She describes why she chose the trail.used only by a few trail staff. the feeling is quite different. In the pre-dawn mornings you'll wake up to the snorts of hippos. took fright and sprinted off in another direction. begin her article? Tick . Narina. '! your bush. The white rhino munched on sweet grass. D c She describes what happened one day. When Nicol and Tsambok . Which park is the walk in? j "Tat's 2 3 3 Read the first seven paragraphs of the article. Everyone stood still. the rhino realised we were humans.when they do a wilderness trail. a She describes the Olifants Trail.we weren't really the rhino's target. which is basic but comfortable. D 7 .and dread . If it charges. Choose the correct adjective from the box to complete the sentence and find the meaning of the expression. There are seven wilderness areas.B . Wilderness trails in Kruger National Park offer three nights of bush solitude." Nicol Coetsee whispered softly. Someone in the group had coughed and. During the day. the call of a fish eagle pierces the midday heat and at night the moans and roars of lions drift into the camp. These sections have been virtually untouched by humans. Once the dust had settled. Each has a camp. Olifants Trail Camp is situated on the banks of the Olifants River. everyone held their breath and stood dead still. and minimal roads .

D The rhino turned and ran towards the group. The grl1>ll. D first afternoon. we would have to fire past eight people. this would be the best position to be in.p moved in single file with Nicol and Tsambok in front. the animals behind us or to our left or right are aware of our presence. 5 What are the remaining paragraphs about? 6 Look at the map and find the rhino. "I wouldn't have shot if I had been on my own. "If Tsambok or I were at the back of the group. D 8 Why might people 'dream of . This was no fireside tale of bravado.and dread' the situation Narina has just described? How would you have felt? Campfire talk hORmi the dying campfire late one night.a probing question that led to "so. D e Nicol and Tsambok shouted and waved their arms. OJ c The rhino ran off in another direction.discovery. someone asked Nicol if he'd ev. a b c d On the On the On the On the first morning. the two trail rangers carried . a Someone in the group coughed and the rhino heard this. D b They saw a rhino 15 metres away. Nicol's eyes darkened. D d Nicol told them what to do if the rhino charged. Trythe website www." And he quietly left it at that. D second morning.the ones that we might stumble across and frighten. "If we got intoa dangerous situation. this was the way life had to be in the bush. 10 Would you like to go on the Olifants Trail? Why? / Why not? Which animal irnthis unit would you most like to see? Find out about it on the Internet. D second afternoon. D Whenever we walked. have you ever had to use your gun?" One he must get asked often . When did Narina see it? Tick .I saw an article about it 4 In which paragraph does Narina finish the dramatic beginning of her article? QD[]iJD~7 9 What would the rangers have done if the rhino had not run away? Have they ever had to do this? Read two later paragraphs from the article and find out. It's the ones in front of us we have to worry about ./ one of the boxes.animal. 37 .er had any "funny incidents" with a group .458 calibre rifles. I can identify a dramatic begiflning to an article.group saw the rhino? Put these events in the correct order. I can identify the main pointin a paragraph.incidents with elephants." His words were sketchy and his hands fidgeted. "Twice . Because we walk into the wind. I can follow the order of €v€nts in a narrative.com Can-do checklist. Tick what you can do." 7 What happened when the ." Nicol explained.

What could a cycling article in each of the sections be about? An article in the Technology section could be about the latest developments in bike design. 4 Which is the most difficult extract for you to read? Think about the following: unknown words long words long sentences . 84 A Bikes are everywhere! 1 You are going to read the first part of three articles about cycling. Before you read. We look at headlliles. again depemjjng on our interest .part of it or all of it.background information needed . willeh summattze articles.or move on to another article.go to Useful language p.500 bell fines' could apply to anyone who cycles I people who frequently cycfe without a bell. and either read the article .complicated order of information 3 Read each extract and ~the words so that the sentences are true. b 'Cyclists facing £2. think about the newspaper sections in Get ready to read.earning tip Newspaper:s centam an enOLnWUS nJamiberand viatiety of FeacIIDg 1:eX:ts. most pe@ple do net read a newspaper frGIDcover to fuut ~eJv. list the main points. _ l. 38 &1 Social and Travel . 5 Choose one of the extracts and read it carefully. We read selectively. c Andrew Ritchie has spent a fong time I a short time developing 'The bicycle that turned into folding money'.er. What we read depends on what we 'are interested In. o 2 Skim each extract on the opposite page and match it with one of the newspaper sections in Get ready to read. a 'Cooke shows ingredients for big prize' because she IS very fit I she has had a very successful season.unfamiliar grammatical structures . Extract 1 . _ Extract2 _ Extract3 .

she has 'emphasised.lage newspaper. Brompton has made almost 100. tarried up ·and down stairs.ave c cence en orsed or. But there is no obligation for the rider to keep the bell after purchase. The tucked-in trouser leg gives him away as a cyclist.bbc. In 2001. or look at one in the library. And you would not be completely wrong. and take in what you see: a lean. You might guess that he is a slightly posh gardener who has just cycled back from his latest landscaping project: he has something of the outdoor-air about him. an obsessive who has steered a portable bike into a British manufacturing success stor. . This year Cooke has risen to the top of tbe world rankings (the first British cyclist to do S0). ' -J ! } J Undercurrent regulations. the British National Championship. 3 The bicycle that turned into folding moriey Ben Laurance meets Andrew Ritchie.an average suitcase. But Ritchie. the wonderfuUy talented cyclist from Wales cannot win? The 23-year-old will discover the answer to that question in Austria this week when she aims for an elusive World Championship crown.In the newspapers 2 CYCUNG WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS QDllilD'l58 for big prize by Jeremy Whittle Cooke shows ingredients Apart from when-she has.. she won world titles in road racing. I i I at every ike in Britain would have to be fitted with b II Cycling without one would be a criminal offenc the e .. a machine that is fun and efficient to ride but can be quickly'folded into a package smaller than. Ignoring red lights or cvcling an t h e pavement ese 0 ences typically attract fines of between £30 and £60' ~ut ~ersistent offenders can be fined up to £2 500 h . However. their driving li d ' . No. And yes. with one leg of his brown corduroy trousers tucked Into his sock.ou be interested in reading the rest of any of these articles.y Meet Andrew Ritchie for the first time. Yes. th bi e overnment would mean Is there any race that Nicole Cooke. Why? / Why not? Would you rather choose an article of your own? What would that article be about? bra pracl:iice Iiluy an Engli'srn-langl. Find and read an article that interests you.000 of its distinctive' 'folders'.uk/ w'orrldservice/learningenglish Class bonus Read the other ex'tr~tts. Cooke will lead Team GB in Salzburg this' week. It'is a rarity . Work WIth a p~rtner. tucked behind a train sear or secreted under a desk. go to the News English sectien of the website www. he pedals the six-and-a-bit miles" from his home in South Kensington.. won the women's Tour de France. Cyclists facing £2. He is a self-confessed obsessive. But since its inception. is more than just another cyclist. Ritchie controls and runs Brompton Bicycle. he's certainly a cyclist: each day.rime trialling and mountain biking.500 bell fines Tim Shipman Cyclists could face fines of up to £2 .itwill never be on the scale of Raleigh" which in its heyday was producing a million frames a year and whose bikes are now imported. 39 . Andrew Ritchie used to bea landscape gardener. slightly dishevelled. had knee injuries. the Tour of New Zealand and several other significant events. 0. at the climax of a phenomenal season during which . that triple cr0WD came as -a junior and a women's world title continues toe) ude her. the World Cup series. It aims to produce nearly 14. Alternatively. in extreme cases be jailed lor 2 years. e same as 1 dan gerous nidi Th fti mg. it has always been this way for Cooke. And it is an obsession that has reaped rewards.rn fo idi wiith outabell 500 ' mg New laws being considered by th G . Help eQch other to underStand titre articles. every bicycle has to be sold with a bell fitted. her standing as. the leading cyclist of her generation. Lightly underline any words ~hrases that yow don't understand. TransportMinisterStephen Ladyman has now said it would be 'sensible' to extend cycling penalties to ensure that bells are not removed. one of only two volume manufacturers still making bikes iN Bntain. e.a British manufacturing success story: 6 W~uld .co. 58. west London to work on an unprepossessing industrial estate near Junction 2 of the M4. someone who has devoted the past 30 years of his life to building the best portable bicycle in the world. middle-aged man.000 in the coming year. Ask your friend if he/she knows the meaning of the text you have underlined.

fell by one per cent in 2005 to 16. " inch = 2. that would be wonderful. 'I hope drivers realise they are making assumptions about cyclists based on their appearance. including those slightly iI\i!1ted. particularly as so many cyclingnovices are told to wear helmets./ one or more of the boxes. Research reveals motorists drive more than three inches* closer to cyclists in helmets because they see them as more experienced. D . OVertaking cars are thought to be the most dangerous hazard for riders. as many cyclists had told me of similar experiences.. D b . Dr Walker wore a long wig to see if there was any difference in passing distance when vehicles thought they were overtaking a female cyclist.. "He knows what he's doing. more space. D h . have lights on their bike. The number of riders killed in Britain increased to 148 in 2005 . D e . . Dr Walker said: 'This was . Every cyclist should . ride on a cycle path. While the average car gave cyclists 52 inches of roOI. Total casualties among cyclists. carry things in proper cycle panniers. cyclist deaths rose by an alarming ten per cent last year. helmet on. D d . he won't do anything surprising". 'If as a result of this study there were lessinjuries an the roads. Dr Walker said: 'We. He said this may be because women are seen as less predictable toad users or because female cyclists are more rare and therefore treated with more caution.MillJo1:SS In the newspapers B Should I wear a helmet? 1 Label the picture with the words in the box. Vehicles gave him an average: 6 inches. D c . reduce pollution and get fit. a .. cycling deaths on the boom in the inexperienced "green' riderstakingtothe road to beat congestion. d e \ c . 'The perception is that those wearing helmets are more experienced and more predictable. . cyclists who wear helmets are more likely to survive a collision with a car.something I had suspected.212. D g .the highest level since 1999. female cyclists are given more room on the road than male cyclists.5 inches closer and buses 9 inches. according to the survey. But that's really quite adangerous thought.' Despite his fmdlngs.know from research that many drivers see cyclists as a separate subculture to which they don't belong. wear fluorescent clothing.561. Rider risk: Vehicles drive closer Buses and trucks were the worst offenders. cycle panniers cycle path fluorescent jacket fteImet lights a ~~_~ _ 2 How can we make cycling safer? Tick .' Dr Walker was struck twice during the experiment. official casualty figures revealed in June. Experts blame the lise in. Although road fata!itiesgeneraIly have fallen to a record low. have a bell on their bike. 'Drivers think. so the increased risk of an accident could be outweighed by the chances of living through it.5 centimetres 40 l!9 Social and Travel . psychologists said last night. ignore traffic lights. cycle on the pavement. he said drivers were twice as likely to get closer to his bike when he had a Dr Walker wants his 'research te raise awareness of the dangers facing cyclists on busy roads. The findings are being published by 1iraf:!ic psychologist Dr Ian Walker from the University of Batlii. trucks got 7.500 overtaking motorisfs. He used a bicycle fitted with an ultrasIDnic distance sensor to record data from more than 2. D 3 Look at the headline of the newspaper article below. Does this headline surprise you? Why? / Why not? Cyclists who wear' helmets are more likely to be hit by overta:lcing vehicles. The number seriouslyinjured rose by two per cent to 2. However. wear a helmet. After carrying out tests in Salisbury and Bristol.

. Tick what you can do. (Synonyms for some of them are in the article.~the words in each list which are synonyms.) a ~_Q~~~~_~? _rk~y_~~ __ _ :_: _ b c d e 7 Do any of the main points surprise you? 8 Do you think cyclists should stop wearing helmets? Why? / Why not? g ------------------------------------------------------h Can-do checklist. official casualty figures revealed in June. What do the next two sentences do? Match the sentences with the functions. cyclist _______________________ alarming rose by an ten per cent last year. synonyms a Complete this sentence from the article. In the article on the opposite page the main topic is given in the first sentence.l1olog~st 6 Complete the sentences which summarize the main points of the article. pS!:lc. QD[]lJo'[kS ef Focus on .they have the same or a similar meaning. 41 .. The following words are all in the article. e In 2005 the number of cyclists who died in road accidents in Britain More people have started cycling to g Cyclists who wear helmets have a better chance of _ _ _ _ ~ motorists ~ hit struck injured overtaking carrying out passing room space boom data perception thought suspected rose increased test experiment risk caution collision accident Find the remaining words in the article and try and work out a synonym for each one. I can find the main points in a newspaper article.. Sentence 2 Sentence 3 gives contrasting information. Can do Need more practice I can identify newspaper sections and artisles from these sections.In the newspapers 4 Journalists often start a newspaper article with the main topic to attract the reader's attention.n Wcill::er.c. Although road generally have fallen to a record low. Complete the chart. gives more details about the main topic. Dr la.ffi. 0. a b c d e f g h _ 5 Read the article carefully and find out more details about the research. I can read a newspaper selectively. The two missing words are synonyms . tro.. a Overtaking drivers get closer to cyclists who _ _I:l_~ __ ~~_~~: b They think these cyclists are c Drivers give more space to d get closer to cyclists than other vehicles. gives a reason for the behaviour described in the main topic.

Decide which text each of these people would read. 14 This product weighs less than the other. . _ 25 If his baggage is very heavy. A cycle shop may give you back the amount you paid for a bike at the end of your trip. Write the letter of the text(s) in the box. _ 27 If Carlos can't lift one of his packages.__ . 13 This product already contains sugar. always borrow a bike from the hostel you're staying in. and then read the text around the word (Unit 2) 3 You should always approach a text as if you were reading it in the real world. e On 29 June someone came to check how much electricity Tom had used._ . (Unit 4) 5 We can use a variety of reading skills to read the same piece of text. This product costs less.it probably weighs more than the maximum allowed. it's __________ . 9 someone who homeD 10 someone who 11 someone who 12 someone who Britain D has been out all day and has just got is planning a holiday abroad D wants to make a hot drink D is returning home after studying in E Read Text B.. d Tom put the card in the window near the front door.. _ 26 He won't have to pay extra to use the company's packaging. Do you want to change any of your answers in Exercise A? C Skim Texts A-D on the opposite page. You . 42 ~ Social and Travel . F Carlos has contacted Excess Baggage PLC about transporting his baggage to Spain._ people use mountain bikes in New Zealand than touring bikes.. 28 0 29 0 30 0 31 0 32 0 a Tom read the electricity meter and completed the back of the card._wear a helmet. _. o Read Texts A 1 and A2 and tick . Complete these sentences. Read Text C and decide if these sentences are true rn or false (F). __ G Read Text 0 and put events a-e in order. (Unit 5) 6 Textsare easier to understand if you know nothing about the topic before you begin to read. _ 24 Carlos's baggage may travel by lorry to Spain._. (Unit 6) 7 Magazine articles usually begin by setting the scene and providing all the background information. . 16 17 You need to use some cold milk to make this drink.. _ (Unit 7) 8 A newspaper headline usually summarizes the main point of the article.A Are these statements true (T) or false (F)? 1 You should read every word of a text in order to find the information that you are looking for. 18 19 20 21 22 ./ the correct boxes in the chart.. 23 This company transports baggage only to countries in Europe. we read every word. (Unit 1) 2 We sometimes scan a text to find a particular word.._ _ expensive to rent than to buy.. it is probably better to send it by road or ship.._ . b Tom came home and saw the card that had been left c Tom went off to college the following morning.._. (Unit 3) 4 When we skim a text. 15 You need more of this product to make a drink.. (Unit 8) B Now read the Learning tips for Units 1-8 on pages 87-9. Cyclists in New Zealand .__ . If you want a bike for three or four weeks.

in accordance with UK Health & Safety Regulations. and we are now the largest independent baggage forwarder in Europe. (Note that helmets are required by law) The advantage of buying from a cycle shop is that sometimes they will guarantee to buy back the bike at the end of your trip for about . We also offer a road freight'service to many destinations in Europe. cycling is a great way to see the countryside. lights. 50% of what you paid for it. Please note that no package should weigh more than 30-35 kilos. Most people choose mountain bikes.EXCESS BAGGAGE SERVICE At Excess Baggage PLC.Units 1-8!J3@\Vo@w1 Text A2 Text B Text C CYCLING IN NEW ZEALAND For those who are reasonably fit. Look for bargains on hostel noticeboards (between $150 and $300 is a good deal) You'll often be able to pick up extras. The cost of sending goods via sea freight or road freight is determined by the volume (space taken up by your baggage). touring bikes are equally good. but as most of the riding is on roads. The cost of sending goods via air freignt is determined by either the size or weight of your belongings. If you just want to do a bit of local exploration.)gings into your own bags and suitcases or we can supply you with export-snereth cartons and packaging for a nominal fee. 43 . After all. For some destinations. ($15-$35 a day).1 . reasonably too. we've been doing this for 20 years. whichever is greater. helmet and a pump. some hostels and guest houses have bikes you can use free of charge (or for a very small charge). SEA OR AIR WORLDWIDE? We can send your baggage by sea or by air.' PACKING ADVICE & LIMITATIONS You can pack your belOl. we can send your belongings to just about anywhere in the world. Renting bikes for more than a day here and there can be expensive THE . like wet-weather gear. even for larger quantities. it may be more cost effective to send your belongings by air. It's probably cheaper to buy a bike if you're planning some long-distance cycle-touring. A good Indication of this is if you can lift and carry these packages yourself.

there's a long-winded application process to go through.au and www. It's not a case of simply signing on the dotted line. but more importantly to be a walk from the beach. I've become accustomed to saying' capsicum' instead of red pepper. we set off to find our dream pad. almost. with no work lined up. Sydney generally has good value rental properties. However.Arrgghhhl A bit of an issue for two travellers fresh off the plane.com. things weren't looking quite so rosy a couple of weeks ago when] was living out of a suitcase and eating stale hotel cornflakes. Apartments described as 'original-style' means old and crumbling. Apparently. and the added bonus is that there's no council tax to pay. we had 'arrived at the wrong time of year' as every agent brightly informed us. beamed agent after agenr. the new Antipodean lifestyle suits me down to the ground. well.Australia Post will hold mail marked 'Poste Restante' for at least a month at any Post Office or agency. good cafes and bars. This comes in very handy if you're flat-hunting and have no fixed abode. I'm even becoming less pommy white and more sun-kissed beach babe.!J3@'3D@w1 Units 1-8 H Skim the magazine article and answer the question. 'doona' for duvet (not that I've had a need for one yet) and I even caught myself saying 'no worries' the other day. We soon turned into veteran flat-hunters and learnt a few tricks along the way. Like most new arrivals. unlike London. Buying everything from sofas to saucepans hadn't even occurred to us. Be warned: agents have a tendency to be very imaginative with their details./ one of the boxes.au are good starting points) and discovered that Coogee in the eastern suburbs fitted the bill perfectly Armed with the Sydney Morning Herald (Saturday's edition is good for rental accommodation). Firstly. But we did it.justlisted. However. My boyfriend Mark and I wanted easy transport to the city. but this wasn't to be our only obstacle. Yes. When we did eventually find a flat. Securing a place to live in this city is no easy task. Bondi was an obvious option. with a twobed flat starting at arOlmdA$360 (about £148) a week. mid-summer is not a good time to find rental properties. the quest to find a place to live became top priority. 4It 44 m Social and Travel . when ten couples will be fighting over one flat. But that dream soon turned into a nightmare. With a few long hours spent relaxing on the beach. domain. we have our dream apartment with a sea view (if on tiptoes). 'thongs' when I really mean flip flops. a learning some typical Australian words 0 b finding somewhere to live in Sydney 0 c beginning a new job in Sydney D • • •• • • • • • • • • GAPYEARDIARY beginning •••• • ••• • • •• •• ••• • • •• • •• • •• • •••• Down Under newbie Amanda Hemmings discovers that there's more to settling into life in Australia than donning thongs and woikingon that tan NLYfour weeks after landing on Australian soil I'm feeling like a true Sydneysider. and 'cosy' is the generous term for broom cupboard. 33 What is it mainly about? Tick . not great news when you only plan to stay for a few months and have arrived with little more than a few bikinis and a jar of Marmite. Plus only unfurnished New O apartments are available in this city. but after a visit we decided to avoid Sydney's backpacker capital. things didn't get any easier.com. We also discovered a useful top tip. 'A steady job would be an advantage. We went online (www. and now with suitcases finally unpacked and the new Ikea furniture arranged.

AD BD Aand B D 45 . microwave. Separate lounge and dining. b was no more difficult than they expected. 34 D a They b They c They d They e They f They g They h They 35 D 36 D 37 arrived in Australia four weeks ago. c are enjoying their new life in Australia. d wasn't easy. Suitable for couple or two singles. 44 They a loved the hotel they were staying in. AD B D Aand B D 52 This advertisement doesn't say when you can move in. f: . Gas kitchen and tidy bathroom with separate shower and bath. fridge. with bbq area and clothes line. transport and tennis club. B K Which two sentences best summarize Amanda and Mark's experiences? Write the letters in the boxes. 48 because and in the text 49 because and in the text A _ _ _ _ _ _ _ J ~the best way to complete each sentence according to the text. and they're not particularly pleased with what they've got. b wish they'd never left London. M Which advertisement do these sentences refer to? Tick .1' 1. Close to public transport and the heart of Coogee. 38 They had arrived 'at the wrong time of year'. which meant that there weren't any cheap flats / lots of people were looking for accommodation. 43 They couldn't / were able to receive mail while they were flat-hunting. 40 It's easier to get a flat if you're working I you have money for a deposit. etc. kitchen with electric cooking. was their price I size. Minimum 3 months A$350 pw + utilities. Near park. Month by month also available at higher rent. Attractive sunroorn that could be used as a second bedroom or study. 42 The main advantage of flats in Sydney. decide which flat they chose to rent. AD BD Aand B D 51 This advertisement doesn't say how big the accommodation is. AD B D Aand B D 55 This advertisement doesn't say what the building is like. 39 The problem if you 'only plan to stay a few months' is that agents don't like very short rentals I you don't want to have to buy furniture. 'and only a short walk from Coogee beach. 46 I think they decided to rent flat 47 because and in the text _ . decided to look for jobs first of all. moved into the flat as soon as they found it. 0 Huge ground-floor older style twobedroom unit situated in a well-maintained block. 41 The flats they saw were / weren't always exactly as they were described in the advertisements./ one of the boxes. Based on what you have already read about their search for accommodation. but they've done it and they're pleased. Which four sentences about Amanda and Mark are true? Write the letters in the boxes in alphabetical order. AD B D Aand B D 53 This advertisement doesn't say if there's a balcony. 50 This advertisement doesn't say if there's a telephone. compared with flats in London. A$500 pw. really wanted to live near the city centre. looked at advertisements in a newspaper. Professional couple with permanent positions only.Read the article again. available end of December. stayed in a hotel before they found a flat. One-bedroom second-floor unfurnished apartment. decided to look for a flat in Bondi. bought some new furniture for their flat 0 L Below are two accommodation advertisements that Amanda and Mark looked at. 45 Finding a flat D a wasn't easy. Use of garden.. Give three reasons for your answer. AD B D Aand B D 54 This advertisement doesn't say if bills are included.

.. ..r~?E~~):l 3 Match the beginnings with the endings to make sentences. a fire door III b fiFe engine D G fire escape 3 go to Useful language p.:f:Y!g!...... J.... 3 so that people can leave the building easily...... the I brigade o exit alarm d~iII I 0 d fire extinguisher D e fife hose D Sound the fire (a) " to tell everyone there is a fire.......•....... Read the sentences about what to do if you discover a large fire and complete them with words frQI1T'1 box.... How can a workplace be protected from fire? Write three more ways.. ........ Foll0w the fire (c) ......_---------------------------------------------- . a If you smoke.... .. The-temperature often / never becomes unbearably hot or cold.. 84 A Help prevent fire 1 You are going to read a leaflet about fire safety at work.... People wear I dOFl't wear earplug~ protect themselves from noise...qf..•.. 5 go to your assembly point........... There is I isn't a lot ef dangerous maGhln~ry that people use. 2 you must do so outdoors.. 4 Match the sentences in Exercise 3 with the pictures in the leaflet.familiar with..... or a workplace ybu are . Call the fire (b) .~'{~....._-----_ .... Write the numbers in the boxes .?Qt:':~.P. 4 because they can cause electric shocks and fires....... e Keep the office tidy 1 because waste paper can spread fire.... --.. to o Fire is a danger in all wo~kplaces... Match these compound nouns with the pictures...... and leave the building through a fire (d) .___ b Replace damaged ----cables c Always keep corridors clear d If there is a fire drill... lhere are I aren't chemicals that can Gatch fire..... Does it mention the three ways you suggested? 46 ~ Work and Study .. g_Y!~~.. alIlbDcDdDeD 2 Scan the leaflet on the opposite page....Get ready to o ~the words in these sentencesebeut safety at work so that they-are true for your workplace.. _-_...~~ ......

verb). Whem !~U. Knu~tbe fire drill Learn in advance: • the location and eperation et the nearest fir-eexit and alternative exits • wliat you should @lo when you hear. 6 Find these words in the leaflet and try to work out their meaning..!J of 1ilile W0l'ta e(i)111ettlly._£~p~ __ ~~_J:!?__ Y:~ __ ~ ~ ili~_: R~_iJ4~Wiif__ __ ~ &&" __ ~_~_~ __ ~~ __ _ _ _ fte-ipe~ ele"tri"ity It can cause shocks and fires. or in front of alarm cali points. Then check your answers in a dictionary. Then use the dictionroy to !!If-ieIDktl'rat ¥QlJI. tty.age. 1 Make sure nothing that could burn is too close to lamps or heaters. Don't leave large items in corridors. bu-t Ljou can he.i £bvt Never wedge them open. A_:&~_&)<_iJ<_~~__!.er.. U£e ligbting And beAten -iAfely 5 Four of the compound nouns with fire from Get ready to read are in the text. staircases or underneath enclosed staircases.li ]l@M. Remember to check the pronunciation of the words too.Gilitl olass It belbli~s t(l) (e._?_p~ __ R~r I 4 J:±1_l1-t. smoke outside the building and only where it is allowed. . radiant plug electrical appliances premises dispose combustible obstructions wedge Keep "U fire duur.Safety at work QD[jiJD~9 Help prevent fire !=-iceis ah. If you do smoke.ate "!leV:! \lSeful. 2 3 t.ew in EngliSh MGt si:rrillar wordS iN your own lariguage.QaI . 4 IDiCti€)llaIiies -beth: bilingual and IiOOIilGli.ven-t i-t. or near staircases. $tgre "umbvdible m"teri"I-i -iAfe&y Don'! keep them-on escape routes.ng. similar wordSyCDu km. What is each one? Use a dictionary if you need to. chained or bolted. Hewev. Do not use a damaged lead or plug. have w(i)l.t!!. Scan the text and find them. turn off electrical appliances when leaving them unattended. ~. Dispose of all matches and cigarette butts carefully in metal containers.·ftirV te work out the meaning of an wOOl@WR word. ~ about 1Jheather W:Ol'dsaround i~ me' W. Oun't blu"k fire ex'b. If required..when you are leamin!!} a Iatlg. e-i""pe ruyte-i gr "aArm "AUpginh Make sure fire exits are free from obstructions and are not locked.aLjs a mcea-t.i Smoking is not allowed on these premises. Make sure that radiant parts on heaters are not exposed.iked @ut tile mearun{.Ie"n vp "Ivtter Rubbish may help start a fire or make a small fire bigger." flot to use tliem'I!ID@InU@D:.are reatling. 2 4 TAke "Are ~jtb -imgking mAteriAI. tl1e fire alarm • your assembly j:iloint in case you need to leave the building 47 .lp pce.

)l!l!l. coats. 2 Sound the alarm by breaking the glass at the nearest alarm call point. or to the Fire Brigade and Rescue Services when they arrive.police anGlamlliU!lanc-e. ~-=~~~~~~~~~~==~~~~~~~ I alarm brigade door drill exit 2 Read the sub-headings. bags. 6 If you believe anyone to be unaccounted for.. Close all windows.. ? If yGlU l'leeg to phone fer the F~reEngade in tfie UK. If you are in the building and hear the intermittent fire alarm Continue working but be prepared to leave the building should the continuaus alarm sound.ries we: USf& Cam:!a_tda ~Ha 9H t1JOO Australia: New :Zealand ua South Afrtca 112 48 li" Work and Study . T:bl:ese are alse tIDe nUNJ1Sers for the other 4 Go to your assembly point. yClU ean c8!ll (999 (Dr il12. Did you know . Do not stop to collect personal belongings. 5 Departmental heads or their deputies should ensure that all members of staff are accounted for. Emergency RuJ. Remember to use the strategies in the Learning tip on page 47.t:. 2 Those in charge of departments or their deputies should briefly search their areas to ensure that the immediate vicinity is clear of staff and visitors. 3 Go to Reception and report to the Person in Control. If you are in the building and hear the continuous fire alarm 1 Leave the building by the nearest exit not affected by the fire. Add one of these words to the title. do not use the lifts. Assembly points G Ground floor staff and visitors 1 First floor staff 2 Second floor staff 3 Third floor staff EmeI@sncy ~ervtces . If you are responsible for any visitors. Then read the text again carefully and try to work out the meaning of these words. 4 Read the whole text and underline any words you don't understand. 2 Do not use the lifts when you are moving around the building.iJlbersin etner ElnglisbrspeaMng [:(.)(1 tnr@u@. Those with mobile telephones should take them with them.[!DOl)O'1J9 Safety at work B Fire safety procedures 1 Skim the notice on the right. report this to the Person in Control. Can you work out the meanings of suspect and intermittent? 3 The text mentions an 'alarm call point' and an 'assembly point'? What are these? What does point mean in these expressions? Fire If you discover a fire or see smoke and suspect there is a fire Shout 'FIRE!' to warn people in the immediate vicinity.1l.l'louttile EUHslpean UIli@n. etc. ensure they leave with you and attend assembly point G. 3 When vacating the building.112 is us(.

@__ .... 6 Read the third set of instructions. 3 make the fire alarm sound louder.!.. Match the words with the definitions. _.._ .>!..._. I can work out the meaning of unknown words from the context.. fire alarm.. a space in the wall of a room where you can have a fire.. """ _ wood that is used for burning on a fire ..J9"~?~)l_~. Here are six compound nouns which begin with fire.. . _.. 2 leave the building..... you should 1 use the stairs instead of the lift. _..'(Q[I. Tick what you can do. you can't see one of your colleagues.:~... b You work on the first floor... I can understand a leaflet about preventing a fire.!:iC!~r.PQ0L§o_.. Everyone in your department has left their desks and you are getting ready to leave...__ . D D D D D _!:l()~"?~~_L. and your sports bag is under your desk. c If the intermittent alarm sounds.Safety at work llDDDm:~9 5 Read the first two sets of instructions and choose the correct answers.._y~?i¥. D D D D d You are playing tennis after work.. for example.. a gun that you can carry easily ._. d You should close all windows 1 so that nobody can get into the building... 2 run around the building shouting 'Fire!' 3 shout 'Firel' to people outside in the street. _.. _.fu~_Qrk.. fifewefk a a small object that explodes to produce a loud noise b c d e f and bright colours .... someone whose job is to put out fires ""_" " . 3 so that air can't get in and spread the fire. Cando Need more practice 49 . firearm firefighter fireplace firewall firewood You are acting as head of your department. D D D c Your mobile phone is in the top drawer of your desk.. 3 turn off your computer. or the structure around this space "_.._.. b When you break the glass of the alarm call point. a If you see a fire. You are at your assembly point.. !iq~. g When you get to the assembly point.. These compound nouns are written as one word......_ a system that stops other people looking at information on your computer while it is connected to the Internet ''_'' __ . compound nouns a e You are head of your department.. ... and you are having a meeting at your desk with two people from another company ..._~5-'!-__ YJ.[I. Can-do checklist.:?_~'{~.. Focus on ._. you should 1 shout 'Fire!' to the people who are near you.__ " .. A compound noun consists of two nouns. 2 make the fire alarm ring. you 1 make the fire alarm stop. 2 so that the noise won't disturb people outside..__?hq~!4_. ....4_!l().._.~n:>. What should you do if you hear the continuous fire alarm in these situations? a Your desk is on the ground floor. I can follow instructions for a fire drill.

so would prefer to meet before then. My preferred method of comrnunleating in writing isl$y email/ by letter. I would rather sp@ak I write to someone than spee. D€>you Do yow Do you Do you put them in difF(iflf~htfol€!ets? . If YOlllmow who tire emu has meen sent t~. o H0W aC) you Qrgani:ze ¥OUf ~rnails? W~ite ¥(yes) (. Emma A I copied you in When you read'an gmail.Smnetimes the message is jl!lS1l ftmyou.Gl whG it is from ~d Qut wbo it [8 f@r. i. Email a Email b Email c requests something. is next Tuesday any good for you? Morning or afternoon. it should only take one afternoon. She probably won't be back in now until next week.ii11. I'm off to Auckland on Wednesday with Greg for three days. I am on some / film riot (Jil any email ffiiililing lists. 'fi1iJ. I get 'Over / fewer t/iran 50 emails every day. 85 a @l6 From: Emma Wright To: Isabel Senna.15 Subject: Conference folders Hi there Would you be available one day next week? Marketing have asked for help with making conference folders and getting things ready to be shipped to Wanaka before the beginning of November.e.emOsr of a gI"€lUlP.Get ready to o ~e wosds fn t. Let me know which and I'll try to join you.hese sentences so that th~y are title for yow. I always try to reSp0flQ to an €!mail the same day I within a few days. c I @lee From: Dan Vettori To: Isabel Senna cc: Date/time: 11/10 14.Ir N (no). and sometimes you are copied . Isabel has received emails a-c. Dan Vettori cc: Date/time: 11/10 9. Rotha e 1 Isabel Senna and Emma Wright both work for Bishops in Wellington. ¥. Who are they from and who are they to?~the names. 2 Why has Isabel been sent emails a-c? Match the emails with their purpose. Dan 3 What exactly is the request. the suggestion and the information in emails a-c? 50 • Work and Study . gives some information. Thanks. makes a suggestion. ! = b @lee From: Rotha Lim To: Emma Wright. Isabel Senna cc: Ben Parker Date/time: 11/10 11.05 Subject: Meeting with Jane Isabel If Jane's back. ~GC GWbOFl €OP¥._ ·delete them feglJlariy? _ keep printed copies of your emails? _ copy them into ¥OWf T0 Do list or calendar? "__ go to Useful language p./( I wfite to them. If you work together.!oIneons elSe). She sends her apologies. I don't mind. sametimes it is for YQtl as a m.25 Subject: Meeting with Jane cancelled Isabel and Dan Jane has just called to say that she is off sick today and won't be able to meet you both this afternoon. New Zealand.OU Will I$It10wwJ:iethef you haw~ te liepl~or take S@n'U'l kincil (l)f action. you aile sens a cOI!Y \f)f tiiFl email which has ~eeJij sent primarily to !.

m~_~ 'P_~~J_ fu~ __ R9_th~.~~_._~rg~!::. a You a meeting if you say that it will not happen.~!<_j<. Who are they from and who are they to?~the names. The food has to be collected at 11. .is at t~e It southern end at North Island Wanaka is a lakeside resort tQWl._a meeting if you arrange it for a certain time. in Meeting Room 2. _ .t:1. c You can a meeting if you say that it will happen at a later time. d Isabel will bring the food to the _. I have asked Isabel to do that for you. eee . e The 16 October. Isabel Senna Date/time: 11/10 15.~_~!<_Q!'!4. Use them to complete these sentences. in 4 Read emails d-f quickly._r:~. for example.. . collocations a e From: Emma Wright To: Paul Collingwood cc: Isabel Senna Date/time: 11/10 15.1 the south 01 South island.. She will bring it to your meeting room.!"h!<_fg!0~!:t1. ? WeJilill. Jane Reed.. Isabel has kindly agreed to cover anything urgent while I'm away. send (my / his. Email d ~h~_h~ ___~_._i.. From: Emma Wright To: Jane Reed._.15 Subject: Lunch for Monday Paul I have managed to book lunch for Monday 15th. 5 Why do you think Isabel has been copied in on emails d-f? Write sentences. Dan Vettori cc: Isabel Senna Date/time: 11/10 14. but Isabel will attend. They are providing a working lunch of sandwiches.45 from the canteen.._12@)__~!< .__AA_~lI.00 am.~.Lines of communication QDou~~10 Did you know . _ Email e To: Paul COllingwood.s::qp_i&4.. Greg Kawana.. Rotha Lim.Q p __ . _ _____________will take place on . If you had anything you wanted me to do next week that can be done now... crisps and fruit for six people along with water and orange juice.~_i!}9.~_~I?.'land._.gtonis tfle capital of New Z@ffi.___.fu~ __l'J!<_ C ~ !'J_itJ. Thanks Emma A collocation is the combination of two or more words which often go together. Greg Kawana cc: Paul Collingwood.. It will now take place next Tuesday (16 October).40 Subject: Holiday next week Dear Team I am out of the office next week. Emma Email f Focus on . but will be back on 22 October. b You . working lunch Find three verbs which go with the noun meeting in emails a-f.50 Subject: Team meeting postponed Dear all The team meeting scheduled for next Monday morning has been postponed. at 11. Rotha Lim. please let me know. Find two other collocations with meeting and complete these sentences._~.. etc) apologies. Thanks Emma 6 Email f doesn't say why the team meeting has been postponed.9_. Which of the other emails suggests a possible reason? What is it? 7 What do you learn about the team Isabel works with? Who is doing what next week? 51 . __ .___. I won't be there.

which has proved immensely successful. and taken over responsibilities for publicity and producing promotional items such as pens and notepads. but at the same time I can understand that this is a wonderful opportunity. Match the paragraphs with topics a-e. 0 0 0 3 Qthe correct words in these sentences. Dan Vettori. She started as a temporary keyboard operator on a six-month contract and then took on a permanent position as an administration assistant. Emma has been working with us for more than three years. I am sure you will want to join me in wishing her every success in her new career. She has also updated the database on a regular basis.O1Jou~'lS10 Lines of communication B Leaving and joining 1 Read the email and then match a-c with the correct names. Rotha Lim. Emma has fantastic computer skills and under her direction we now know our PCs much better than we used to! Emma excelled herself in setting up a superb website. Her last day in the office is Friday 16 November. at the end week / in a weeks time. Isabel Senna cc: Date/time: 6/11 10. b He is sorry that she is leaving. Eighteen months ago she was promoted to the position of Office Administrator.45 Subject: Emma Wright Dear Colleagues It is with mixed emotions that I pass on this news . but sorry. a Emma's new job is with another b She is leaving company / deportment. Paul Collingwood Project & Development 2 0 OJ 0 3 0 0 5 Read the notice again and answer the questions.Emma has resiqnedl She is leaving us to take up a job with Lynams in Napier. 4 Read the notice that Paul puts on the office noticeboard. Over the years Emma has been a tremendous friend and colleague to many of us here in Wellington and a welcome point of contact for our customers and suppliers. Greg Kawana. Emma is an invaluable member of the team and we will miss her enthusiasm and good humour greatly. a It's from b It's to Emma Greg Dan Isabel Jane Paul Rotha From: Paul Collingwood To: Jane Reed. Her last day in the office will be the 17th (next Friday)./ one of the boxes. All best wishes Paul c It's about 2 How does Paul feel about the news? Tick . a What is Emma's current job title? b What does she do in her current job? c What other positions has she had at Bishops? d What is her new job going to be? . a b c d e her personal qualities the positions Emma has had the announcement good wishes for the future the work she has done Emma Wright is leaving Bishops to take up the role of Recruitment Administrator at Lynams in Napier. I am sure that Emma will thoroughly enjoy the challenge her new job offers. of the next Date: 8 November c She has worked for the company for 1 three years I since Pauljoined. I know Emma will be missed by all of us at Bishops who have worked closely with her over the last three years. c He is pleased for Emma. a He is happy that Emma is leaving. 4 5 Manager 52 ~ Work and Study .

I'm leaving next week and moving away from Wellington. a b c d The person who is leaving provides cakes. following with us five years ago working providing brief experience the Office Services Department. Can do 53 . Is someone else leaving Bishops? Who is Vincent Ingram? D D D Date: 1 D 16 November pleased to announce and will that Vincent Ingram D [am has been appointed Administrator 26 November.30 pm next Friday in the coffee area. What usually happens in your country? Tick . a in has been working as a library 3 Vincent is keen to return to Bishops. 9 Match functions a-d with the paragraphs in the notice about Vincent. for 7. Please join me in welcoming & Development Manager Wanaka next week. The staff give money and buy a present for the person who is leaving. Also. I can understand resignation and appointment notices. I can work out who an email is from and who it is to. joins us from Coopers where he for the past year in Office for three years Prim to that. We are delighted that Vincent of our team. take care and thanks for being such good colleagues these last three years! Best wishes Emma y. People all go out for a drink or a meal with the person who is leaving. Please let her know if you can come along. Everyone signs a card for the person who is leaving. Isabel has booked a table at my favourite Chinese restaurant (Uncie Chang's. 2 to the position be joining of Office us on D 7 Read the email from Emma and underline the events in Exercise 6 which are true for her. Colleagues provide cakes. will be a member him. 72 Courtenay Everyone is welcome! I know some of you will be at the Sales Conference in Place).30 that evening. There will be coffee and cakes (which my mum has baked) at 4. Vincent Services. QDllilD~10 8 Read another notice that Paul has put on the noticeboard. a b c d giving information about work history ~ encouraging staff to welcome someone announcing a change in personnel describing previous in-house experience paragraph paragraph paragraph paragraph 1 2 3 4 10 Do you think Vincent will enjoy working at Bishops? Why? I Why not? Can-do checklist Tick what you can do./ one or more of the boxes. I can work out the main purpose of an email. for a period of maternity Dear Friends and Colleagues As you know. Paul Collingwood Project 4 cover leave. e There is a small leaving party in the office and the boss makes a speech.Lines of communication 6 Look at this list of typical events that can take place when someone leaves a job. If I don't see you before I go. he worked assistant.

a Comment 1 is positive I negative. a British travel company that arranges holidays in Europe. 85 A. b Comment 2 is mainly positive I negative. B~e&. Lt is one Qf the SiK rep)'illlircs that made Up) the tormen Yl. 2 Which of these aspects of the holiday did the client particularly like? Tick . a a description of hoV'(t you devised tine quesfionneire D b information about how long it took to devise 0 c an analysis of the feedback 0 d conclusions from 'the feedback D e recommendations for changes based on the feedback 0 f recommendations for future questionnaires 0 go to Useful language p. something veu had bougMt D conditions at work D other (specify what) . filae bii. ucb of the 181'l€l M is mountainous amd is ve~ gQ)Q)d/ f0f walki[.@fu:est lilil0t1ntffirJ.gjGlslalJia.)@. which of these would Y<lJU irldwde? Tick . As part of her job. is Melllliit ':lligla!l ~2.@63Jill) m ~IaGJ Jlilikan i&lps ill the 110FtliI-Vifest. a the bedroom at the Vila Orel 0 b the breakfasts at the Vila Orel and the Hotel Bella Vista 0 c the picnic lunches at the Vila Orel and the Turist Hotel d the welcome and service at the Turist Hotel and the Hotel Bella Vista 0 3 Look at the client's two comments about the hotels./ one or more of the boxes. _ b Which areas did he visit? c Which hotels did he stay in? d Did he enjoy his holiday? ~e the east of Italy. Read the questionnaire on the opposite page and answer the questions. ? ~ltlVenia!s a sma:i1 G01!1fltry i!l'l south-eastern Europe 51:qx:~~. tircl~the correct words in these sentences./ one or.erbeen asked to fill in a questionnaire? What was it about? Ticle. 4 Underline the client's criticism in each comment. Iffue t©Wlil ®f fuanjska @om tis a p~pul1il1[ies®tIl in ti©tm Sl!ImmGJraBa wif).I Get ready to read o Have you ev._ fseilities or services in a town D a holiday D o If you wrote about the teedbadkfrom some questionnaires. / one or more of the bexes.a~eBled..on the snom Qf 'I1.. more Qf the boxes.ji8li. and bake ]l0lmnj als® atnraet maI'lY walkers amUi slillers. 0 54 (J=' Work and Study ..J. a Which country did the client visit? Did you know . she has to read feedback from clients about their holidays. Holiday questionnaire 1 Ivana works for Mountain Travel. .

". Vi.1. dDd+ 1YWJfl'lmeM./ oret fo t-ave. wo.e QI.s+ wfRdf f11e ril.a. we each had 0.cvest.6 rmures' I. so f"he kitels were 'fjIiet. ft<e. Mr B Drummond CF6 4UE MOUNTAIN TRAVEL POST-HOLIDAY QUESTIONNAIRE We are constantly working to maintain and improve all aspects of OUrservice.ng pool./(l piClliC.. lar_ge double room ill the artic at the Vila Orel. VilaOrel (Kranjska Gora) Bedroom Breakfast Picnic Lunch Welcome & service Hotel Facilities 5 5 Turist Hotel (Lake Bohinj) 3 </-- Hotel Bella Vista (Lake Bled) '/5 /110./trerJjbly kud: comments are used to improve our holidays. My friend ond I had boo!:. However.tJf the lake .was .. 00 -here.f11e p=r rerep17CY'1isr kJd. loctrho.lve.rd.rde.r. Any negative comments will be particularly scrutinized and shared with hoteliers or other of our partners where appropriate.a holiday in Slovenia HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR OVERALL LEVEL OF SATISFACTION WITH YOUR HOLIDAY? Please tick as applicable. wedd.11o.la t<ave.".J. York Y03 7ST..e-ery dftj we pi-f11e same./ b Oil( kilida. Please tick this box only if you wish to receive a reply to the points you have raised on your questionnaire: with us.. a 1 u. sf-ayi~ -here 0..vih room.rrf.€f om at: f11e FOOi-cF f11e h!cJJrriUit1S is some.j00rf>e.f'.a+ -here is (1CJ liFt.y 11i!ftT.a. 7Te _ Each questionnaire is read by a member of our senior management IYVSic. ft-e.the Vila.is 1"Dt..k:lJI<.y ai the opposite erd.i~ pat+. viM&-.. thctt.1 Safwd. Please use our special FREEPOST address: Mountain Travel Ltd. It's very near the lake... /IJy r:dt crif1dsm is fJ.ifl road.tJf the lake. FREEPOST.fiV~ SF£OO1.. with 5 the highest score.1 reor R!<jrts oF sf7Jjrs' pesfs fb maJ<. If:. with 5 as FLIGHTS Adria Airways TRANSFERS [iJ Taxi Jager Taxi Pehta [iJ [iJ and all d 1he I W'ist tlde! is ifl a.i. fb CNry my SUi-hase up -!WO fte. Your comments are vital to us in this effort and are much appreciated. ill the darr. TRAVEL Please rate aspects of your travel arrangements the highest score on a scale of I to 5..t the end ck Serremhe.. Then think about how Mountain Travel could deal with any negative comments.in the village of Uoib itself? I raiiced: the tldel J(./ one or more of the boxes.. f>wi.t the far erd.«(ja. t\. and T0ri.:a.p170t1isr abo.1 .-e. there are sWJps ard: tf"j"'3s! e 7Te HofeJ Bella Vista ras woh1erRA ~ om a F'tvrfnsflc. am. Very satisfactory Fairly satisfactory IZI 0 Satisfactory 0 Unsatisfactory 0 ACCOMMODATION Please rate aspects of each hotel on a scale of I to 5.Any comments? QDllil~'lS 11 5 What does Mountain Travel claim to do with any negative comments it receives? Tick . there. \N'cvld if.11j fo ft-e. a They consider any negative comments very carefully.(10+ I:e poSsible FOr (2) 7Te hreaJI. 0reI !!us ill KmnjskA CjClrU • rut. paid FOr about the hotels? HoW pir:/llc.and _ fo .Jurdes i(l boi11 f11e Vila Orel om f11e lurisr . 3 </-- 3 3 </-- 3 </-- 'I- Do you have any other comments 0\N'e IaJ. frDrl the t-D. The rooms were wOhderfvl! _ C The Lakes & Julian Alps .rst-oca.y Wo.r Vila Orel is II!ry (lire irdeed.e..S o.! there ard bac». bori~ cJteese reli.:./(. 0 6 What do you think Mountain Travel might do in connection with Mr Drummond's comments? 7 Look at some more clients' comments and decide if each one is mainly positive (P) or mainly negative (N).+0 dCJ rvrrfIIi'9 om f11e fecr!. a. rom f11e P I. rtl.ff if! 0 You can expect a response within three weeks of your questionnaire arriving MANY THANKS FOR COMPLETING THIS QUESTIONNAIRE 55 . dk!/lii- 0.idea. 0 b They always pass on negative comments to the hotel owners.f Hofe.I. very qrAiel:locatio» off the IWl.ed 0.Fb.I'l. D c They always let the client know what they have done in response to his or her comment. Jr:w~' \. w~ <Yl urri11 fiJ.1. T. ot -f'llJ11 __tt.rest-C\WUnt. Would-fl't it be possible to sta.it-'s . t-o the ne.-vkt'I we we. af love.

The results from 150 questionnaires give a minimum total of 150 and a maximum total of 750. the best thing we can do is to warn clients in advance whefl they phone us to make their booking._Y.. Vista This can be loud enough to keep guests awake at night. Picnic lunches pro¥ided by the Vila Orel and the Turist Hotel These were criticised as being plain and boring. furthermore.QDllilo~11 Any commeats? B Report on questionnaire feedback 1 Ivana's boss has asked her to analyse the feedback from all the holiday questionnaires she received and to write a report on the findings.. a Which aspect of which hotel was the most highly rated? AccommodatiQn Clients rate five aspects of each hotel. with a mark from 1 (minimum) to 5 (maximum). • Noise from wedding parties at the Hotel Bella.there were 239 bookings during the summer season (a total of 506 clients) .~!?~_(2f>~4)_ b Which aspect of which hotel was the lowest rated? _ _ • c Which hotel was most highly rated overall? d Which aspect was the most highly rated overall? 5 Underline the four most common client criticisms mentioned in Ivana's report.tJ:J_~ ~~Q_Qm~ __~_tJ:J_~__f:l_Qt4 __ _!kll~. or they can buy lunch while they are out for the day.The results are: Vila Orel (Kranjska Gora) 92% 81% 47% 81% 81% Turist Hotel (Lake Bohinj) 49% 77% 42% 72% 70% Hotel Bella Vista (Lake Bled) 98% 94% n/a 88% 88% Bedroom Breakfast Picnic lunch Welceme & service Facilities Aspects of th. guests arrange their own lunches. but the manager assures uSthat the hotel will be refurbished this winter. 4 Look at the chart in the report and answer the questions. As a result. the Jurist Hotel would prefer to continue with the existing situation. In other words.even on walks in remote areas.239 or 150? 3 How satisfied were the clients? Choose the correct words to make a sentence. with the holiday was very high. We have spoken to the managers of both hotels about the picnic lunches. The total mark for each aspect has been converted into a percentage of the maximum possible. Either guests can corne to an arrangement with the hotel concerned.of the 239 questionnaires which were sent out to clients. which is the more important number . Responses were as follows: 116 33 2* 0 spoilt by poor weather. one group got food poisoning in a restaurant 2 Look at the first paragraph. there is a frequent bus service (every hour) from the Turist Hotel to Bohinj and then on to Bled. accommodation were: that were most. in future.However. In terms of the report. we would no longer offer pre-payment for lunches as an option. I suggest that. Since most of our guests stay at the hotel on Saturday night. a Which holiday is the report about? b What is the main focus of the report? The Lakes and Julian Alps: feedback from holiday questionnaires The Lakes and Julian Alps is one of our most popular holidays . the village of Bohinj can be noisy at night. Skim her report and answer the questions. • Remote location of the Turist Kotel Several people suggested that a hotel in the village of Borninjmight be preferable to staying at the far end of the lake. A suggestion was made that guests could make up' their own picnic from the breakfast buffet. However. Overall satisfaction very satisfactory satisfactory fairly satisfactory unsatisfactory * Both holidays were in Kra njska Gara. will be totally redecorated and updated .Eating out in Slovenia is cheap. only 150 were returned. Transfers No criticisms at all! 56 ~ Work and Study . and there are places to eat everywhere . whereas the Vila Orel is happy to adopt this scheme. criticised in clients' comments • Bedrooms at the Turist Hotel These are a rather dull brown. the rooms . For example: a total of 69(') out of 750= 92%. In addition. More than a quarter / half / threequarters were fairly satisfied / satisfied / very satisfied.

. 6 Answer these questions about Ivana's responses to the criticisms. this alternative would solve one problem. . what will happen to them? b Are both hotels prepared to let guests choose their own picnic from the breakfast buffet? c Why might Mountain Travel stop offering pre-payment for lunches as an option? d Why should Mountain Travelwarn people in advance about the noise from the wedding parties? e Does Ivana want to offer a hotel in Bohinj instead of the Turist Hotel? Add a linking word or expression to each of these sentences before adding them to the end of the four bulleted paragraphs in the report. but create another.~ird~any linking words and expressions in the report that help you answer the questions. . Several people suggested that a hotel in the village of Bohinj might be preferable to staying at the far end of the lake. d _ . new lighting will be installed in each room. I can interpret a completed questionnaire... linking words a ~the correct linking word or expression to complete this extract from the report. a When the rooms at the Turist Hotel are refurbished.. b . there is a frequent bus service from the Turist Hotel to Bohinj and then on to Bled. on the walk from the Turist Hotel there is a cafe serving food just below the waterfall. we could offer another hotel as an alternative to the Hotel Bella Vista for Saturday nights. I can understand how writers link facts and ideas.. Can-do checklist Tick what you can do. I can distinguish between comments and suggested action.._ .._ . However i tn addition I Consequently. Cam do I Need more pratfice I 57 .Any comments? QDllilD~11 7 How do you think Ivana's boss will feel when she reads this report? Will she be pleased about the feedback? Focus on . (The sentences are in the same order as the paragraphs) a .. . c ._ _...

/' one Of more of the boxes.. 0 f Yc»uattend the inter:view.I one of the boxes. 0 Speak to ~ri~nds and family and ask thern for help. or you cornplete an a~)iJlication form. 0 Nisit recruitment web-sites. job? Pl!Jtthese steps in the mr.Get ready to o read If you wanted to find a new. What is it for? Tick . D Have Y0U o o ever applied for a job? How did you ~ind it? Did you get the job? What are the main steps in getting a new. 0 c You see an advertisement for a JOD you'~e interested in. Look at advertisements IPI newspapers er in shQI)lwirnaows.. 85 A I've seen an advert 1 Imagine you are studying in Dublin.job.Iook at the vacancies web-page.[ect order. D d Visit the website of a <t€lmpanyyou'd like to work for and . D Register with a recruitment agency. Ireland.h o~fhe following would you dQ?Tick. _ b Where exactly would you work? c What would you do? d How many hours would you work each week? e What time would you finish work each day? How much would you get paid? 58 i' Work and Study . 0 go to Useful language p.0 phone tO€!Human ResGli:Jrces epartment of a C!Omp~nyyou'd like to work for. a a job on the shop floor of a bookshop D b a job in the mail order department of a bookshop 0 c a job in the accounts department of a books hop 0 2 Read the advertisement again and answer as many of these questions as you can. a What is the title of the job? _J?~:-_~~_6~_~~?k~r ... a phone 0011 offering Y€lU the job. whk. . 0 e You send in your: OJ. 0 b YtOI1 accept the job offer. OJ d you receive a letter: Qr. a You·receive a letter iOitililgyou to attend an interview. You see the advertisement on the opposite page.

0 d I am motivated and enjoy finding out about new things. a~ bD cO dO eO 59 . How do you apply for it? When must you apply? PART-TIME ADMINISTRATOR 20 IlRS1WK . Manager. 5 • A willingness to learn in a customer-focused environment. databases. 6 • A willingness to take their own initiative.returned to Madrid for commercial course. plus . email and word processing./ one or more of the boxes. Languages Spanish (mother tongue). 0 b I plan my day's work in an ordered way. 0 c I am keen to be involved and like talking to people.. Look at this part of her CV. French (i ntermediate) ~) t Deadline for applications: Wednesday 2nd August To apply. selling goods. The International Shop. 2 PersonaLAssistant Madrid 2 years Main responsibilities: office administration/ correspondence. please send in your CVto Michael O'Grady. 6 Pilar.Meath Road. keep the database up-to-mate and carry out general tasks related to customer orders. a I can make decisions and do things without someone telling me what to do. The shop is the premier international bookshop in Ireland and comprisea a large range of book's. Reasons for leaving: The business was sold. Dublin 4 Book 7 Would you be interested Why? / Why not? in this job? 3 Which of the sentences below describe you? Tick . Write the numbers of the bullet points in the boxes. 0 e I am careful to get everything exactly right 0 4 Match the sentences in Exercise 3 with qualities listed in the advertisement. . dealing with refunds. 3 Tour guide Madrid 6 months Main responsibilities: showing groups of people around the city. The role would be offered initially 011 a part -time basis. Do you think Pilar is suitable for the job? Why? / Why not? Previous employment Our Mail Order department is expanding rapidly and w:e are seeking to employ an administrater to handle orders. 23-2fii. A foreign language is desirable but not essential. Applicants must have: Strong data input skills andfamiliantywithusing spreadsheets. and I lost my job. also wants to apply for the job.MORNINGS We have a part -time vacancy in all Mail Order department at The International Book Shop. 3' • An understanding of the importance of attention to detail and accuracy. a student in your class. 4 • A methodical approach to tasks.I'm going to apply QDllilD~12 THE INTERNATIONAL BOOK SHOP 23~25 MEATH ROAD. 2 • Natural enthusiasm and a confident telephone manner . Reasons for leaving: I wanted to come to Dubli n to study English. Reasons for leaving: Summer job only . DUBLIN 4 VACANCY 5 You decide to apply for the job.a growing Mail Order business. magazines and newspapers. There may he the option to become full time. accounts and customer service. The required hours would Gover 5 mornings a week with a 9 am start and would include Saturday mornings. 1• 1 Sales assistant London 3 months Main responsibilities: stocking shelves. English (proficient).

-JA.\ G' ~'IA. Michael O'Grady D D D The International Book Shop 23-25 Meath Road Dublin 4 tel: (00353) 1 249241 fax: (00353) 1 790061 Ms Pilcr Morientes 76 Cork Place Dublin 7 14 August 20_ Deor-Ms Mor'ientes Re: Port-time Administrator Further to our telephone conversation.-. First look at the pairs of words in italics.~the more formal alternative. I am delighted to confirm our offer of within our organization.I the correct sentence.. in (rfij£jjyour company your pay ( salary will be depends on completion ( finishing 10 days' holiday (leave e your proposed ( suggested working hours f All the best. an the last Friday of each calender Please would you confirm acceptance possible. extra payment will be made..v\. Society Account. together with your proposed commencement I Building of this offer in writing as soon as In the meantime. a The letter is telling Pilar that she hasn't got the job at the bookshop.000 of the 13-week probationary 1 Your normal working week will total 20 hours.OD[jj)D~12 I'm going to apply B Further to our telephone conversation 1 You are going to read a letter which uses formal language. per cnnurn end is subjed period and receipt of The poslition is offered to yow Glt a sttlary of £8.. 2 Annual leave entitlement starts at 22 days per financial year and increases with service. date. b The letter is offering Pilar the job at the bookshop. (Yours sincerely. employment os Part-time Administrator to successful completion satisfactory references. c The letter is repeating the job offer made over the phone. may I wish you every success in your future with our company. Where it is necessary for you to work in excess of your normal hours..\ Michael O'Grady Manager 60 " Work and Study .-Q. a b c d 2 Read the letter and tick . Yours sincerely \J\.~. 3 Your remunerotion will be paid by direct credit transfer into a Bank monfh.

. Remember to layout your letter in the correct way. or knows the name 0] the perSG1'I When Hie SeJ'lcdeF GloesIJ..I'm going to apply M[]iJD'lS12 LeaminQ. _ f There is a space between each paragraph.l:lQ~. In your letter. _ h Letters end with a signature below the typed name and title.L------- Focus on ."p9_~~ __ t!'!r::_P. Are the sentences true (T) or false (F)? a The letterhead . Tick what you can do.erelf/wm. a b c d e work job depends on more than start _________ ~p_lp_ll_I'!'-®..'tlillG)w the name of the recipient. JYear gj[ ()]i Madam and end YOl:ITS fa.is at the top of the page. .l!!: Vj_~ ~ 9D__ b to confirm our offer c £8. _ g There is no space before the first word of each paragraph. ? Formal letters @D[JJ YOUlS siIlli1. _ 4 Explain these parts of the letter in your own words. _ c The date is below the receiver's address.state your preferred start date . Can do Need more practice 61 . the sender knews the Retson he Xs11e~s writJililg te.. the layout of letters Read these sentences about the layout of formal letters. I can understand an offer of employment and confirm acceptance. g increases with service h remuneration 5 What does Pilar have to do if she wants the job? Can-do checklist.!-__0!. __ __ 1 b The receiver's name and address are on the right.fuJ1y 3 Read the letter and find a more formal alternative for these words. etc..say that you have booked a holiday in October. I can distinguish between formal and informal language.thank Michael O'Grady for the offer .eliJ. ).the sender's business address. a Further to our telephone conversation _ __ _0::¥_r::_~~_.000 per annum d 13~weekprobationary period e Annual leave entitlement f 22 days per financial year _ e Formal letters are never typed. letters Iilegim. _ d The subject heading is under the salutation (Oeor . _ Write Pilar's letter of acceptance..iif:fi. I can understand a job advertisement. make sure you: .. tip Did you know .

r€!gion? Wri~e list.9 10.4 10.3 11.4 c 2002 (S$ 158.:::G:.6 Main destinations of exports 2005 Malaysia US Hong China Japan Thailand South Korea Kong 0/0 of total 14.(U=-:S=-:$::_=-:bn_!.:tJlture [i] ._9 __ 8_. is going on a business trip to Singapore.7 __ 6_.8 Construction Others 62 ~ Work and Study ..P-".5 2.on a website.3 -4. He decides to find out about Singapore's Gross Domestic Product . 4.0 __ 140.:.._8 2.9 3.0 11.Which of the tables mention GOP? Tick .Get o ready to read iii liii<lflUfactwong e j?letroleun:l f tburi'sm D ClJf Match the'industries with theic0F1s.8 12.3 (%) (US$ bn) US$ __ Exchange Population (5$: 1.::D.79 __ 42 1_.5 _1_1_6.4 2003 1615 2004 1817 --- 2005 Principal exports 2005 Machinery Petroleum Chemicals Manufactured Food goods US$ bn 1352 194..J Real GDP growth Export of goods rate (m) 8_8_.3 d b Origins of gross domestic product 2005 Manufacturing Business Transport Financial services & communications services & utilities % of total 26.5__ 4_..the total value of goods produced and services provided by the country in a year . go to Useful language p.:' III chef:l'li(£EJls c fihaFlcial al'ld bus1fles~ s:ervi<res D D 0 0 <i! o What are the mmin industries in yQur €oUAlry Use the words ~b@e ml'lclany ®thers. 86 A Economic structure 1 Youssef. who works for a chemical company in the United States.6_9 __ 4.8 ~~~ 9_2. <l <lgFir.6 262 10.4 & equipment products 27. aD bD cD dO Economic structure of Singapore a -----------------GDP at market prices bn) ._7_1_0_7_./ one or more of the boxes.1 5.2 1_6_6 . Look at these tables from one of the webpages ..6 34 .7_4__ 4.8 3.2 1_.3 --9.

.I'm off ona trip 2 Are these statements about Singapore's GOP true (T) or false (F)? a GOP was worth just over 90 billion US dollars in 2002. . d In 2005.. . Complete the sentences with these terms..1% Visual f is a . Import figures for Singapore e Import of goods (US$ bn) 250 f Principal imports 2005 (US$ bn) 200 us / 150 . . c More goods were exported to the Hong Kong in 2005. d GOP increased by just under 9 billion US dollars in 2005..rsi.. is one of the world's most prosperous placea It has one of the busiest ports 1ID wOflGiand is the the world's fourth largest foreign exchange trading centre 63 .__ _ .._ . 42.. ? The !lny island state of Sin. 14. Look at visuals e-g on the web page on the right.. [1DllilD~13 5 Look again at both webpages and compare the information about imports and exports. Singapore imported more chemicals than / fewer chemicals than / the same quantity of chemicals as it exported.south of Malaysia. Singapore imported more from Chino than / less from China than / about the same amount from China as from Japan._ . ----------._ . . 2002 2003 20114 '2005 I pie chart 9 Main origin of imports (% of 2005 total) Oth. Visual g is a . e In 2005. _ Visual e is a . f b GOP rose by less than three per cent in 2003.. Singapore spent more on imported manufactured goods than it did on imported machinery and equipment / food / crude petroleum. e The manufacturing sector contributed the most to GOP in 2005. a In 2005.. Singapore imported more than /rJjSs thiN the same amount as it exported. g The contribution to GOP of the financial services sector was twice that of the construction and utilities sector in 2005. c In 2005. The transport and communications sector contributed more to GOP in 2005 than the business services sector._. Sometimes you will need to look at one webpage and sometimes you will need to look at both. ~the correct phrase in each sentence. b Chemicals were the third / second biggest export in 2005. . . line graph . ~'.. b The value of Singapore's imports between 2002 and 2005 fell/ rose / stayed the same. 3 Look at tables c and d on the opposite page._ .gaJjlore.> 100 50 V / V 4 Youssef's company wants to export chemicals to Singapore. \-------us 12.<£irC®the correct words in these sentences.2% bar chart ._. a The value of chemicals wasifij§j§)/ less than the value of manufactured goods which were exported in 2005. c The GOP's rate of growth in 2004 was three times what it was in 2003. d Just over / under one tenth of Singapore's exports went to the US in 2005.2% ~-r-------Mal.". so he looks at some import figures.. Did you know .. .

always use the person's title and family or personal name. smile in order to show that you have noted who the other person is. Asian courtesy is very different from Western behaviour in this case. and mutual friends are the safest topics. Food. Singaporeans don't always look people in the eye . Read this list of business etiquette instructions for the United States. so there is no point in even trying to fix a meeting at this time. and that there are rules of etiquette that must be followed. Look other people in the eye to show interest and respect. there is often a period of small talk. 2 Bear in mind that business is done more formally in Singapore than in many Western countries. This is a form of respect to that person and it reflects how the business relationship will be treated. so a handshake in Singapore is much softer and lighter to the touch than a Western one. wait to be seated. 3 8 9 4 10 Before business discussions begin. Status is very important. Similarly. tourist attractions.QDDU~~13Pm eff on a trip B Business etiquette 1 In the United States./ one or more of the boxes. make sure you are lined up according to your status. and the eldest person in the group is always respected. there are certain ways of behaving at business meetings that are considered polite. before putting the card into your card case. Greet people with 'Good morning / afternoon'.especially if the person is older or has a higher status. you may be asked 'Have you eaten?' or 'Where are you going?' Jackets do not normally have to be worn at meetings because of Singapore's hot and humid weather. This is a matter of respect. or the equivalent Shake other people's hands firmly as a way of greeting. professional and patient at all times. Protocol demands that you hold the card with both hands and examine it carefully. 7 Business cards are exchanged at the beginning of meetings and are always handed out so that the typeface faces the recipient. You will need to plan ahead. 5 6 64 ~ Work and Study . If you are going as a group. Make sure your own business cards are in perfect condition before you hand them out. Write Y(yes) or N (no). Many businesses close during Chinese New Year (late January / early February). Do people in your country do these things at business meetings? Tick . Singaporeans would not disagree with or question someone who is senior in rank. 11 As a sign of respect. When meeting someone for the first time. Read it and find out if business people in Singapore do the things in Exercise 1. a b c d e Always wear a jacket Arrive on time. and in formal meetings. music. or when you have known someone for a long time. Whenever possible. appointments should be made at least two weeks in advance. Only use personal names or nicknames when you are invited to do so. the arts. a __ ~__ b c d e Business Etiquette in Singapore Be polite. Likewise. so he reads this webpage. Make sure you arrive punctually for business meetings. D D D D D 2 Youssef wants to find out about business etiquette in Singapore. Singaporeans don't understand the significance that Westerners give to a firm handshake. although writing to the person concerned is the most formal way to schedule a meeting. Nowadays appointments can be arranged by phone or email. This leads to the good relationships which you will need in order to do business in Singapore. Your Singaporean counterparts may not greet you with 'Good morning / afternoon / evening' or 'How are you?' Instead. so don't be offended if this happens to you. Handshaking isn't part of Asian culture.

- . (introduce) h You may _... .Y!~~ _ ~~__ b appointments should at by least two weeks in advance c appointments can phone or email Find and underline five more examples of the passive infinitive in the text. so always make sure you smile when someone asks a question.·. Complete these sentences with the passive infinitive of the verb in brackets. you might consider having one side of your card translated into Mandarin. ih Cando Need more practice 65 .I'm off on a trip 3 What reasons does the webpage give for why Singaporeans do or don't follow the customs mentioned in Exercise 1? Underline the information on the webpage. (greet) You will to arrive on time for business meetings (expect) a Take time to learn Asian etiquette...•• '. D e You may need to encourage people to ask questions.~_.1~ · 1!I!11iI!i31 . Match the sentences with the points in the list. I can interpret charts and graphs. ".com. a look at the card carefully b take the card with both hands c put the card in his card case d smile at the other person Complete these extracts from the webpage. D d If you are meeting Chinese Singaporeans. I D D D [I] ktanyin@singnet.!t. _ to use _ with a :M~~ r~ ~ • ._~.~~~~~"~~~·"7. Tick what you can do.the passive infinitive a 4 What should Youssef do when he receives a business card from someone he meets at a meeting in Singapore? Put the steps in order. d Don't to take off your jacket.. D 7 How similar is business etiquette in Singapore to business etiquette in your country? What are the main similarities and differences? Can·do checklist._~. I can find out about business etiquette in another country. Write the numbers in the boxes. and to develop business contacts..~~~. Is this the way people exchange business cards in your country? 6 Here are some sentences which could be added to the end of some of the points on the webpage. OJ b People will take their seats in a strict order. a there are rules of etiquette that must ___ f9_I.... (invite) g You mustn't before your boss. D c Wait for your Singaporean counterpart to offer you their hand for a handshake.sg 5 Look at the steps in Exercise 4."". OD[]j)D~13 Focus on . (tell) You may personal names. nod rather than a handshake.~. I can interpret statistics. (embarrass) e You have to when to sit down. +! .

an encyclopaedia.BREAK GRIPS . devotee.Get ready to o M<ltch the beginnings <Inti endings of the sentences. a FLY . <I You can find fa.. 86 A Alpbabetical order 1 Imagine that you want to find the information below to complete a crossword puzzle.ong b understand ·sorn:1e.etsabout ~ la~ge number of s':JbJectsin b You can look up the meaning of iii word in ... ounCi be thin on the ground British & Australian if things or people are thin on the ground. . Wt{)1 Out IVest 1937.!yin~ iAC:I~de a sp._ __ _. andA Chump at Oxford 1940. C You can look up SrnOri~ms for certain wands in Which dictionary WOL-.LAUSANNE 3 Read the reference book entries on the right and find the information in Exercise 1.e e read definitions of words a dic1!ionary. companion. m®n@lingwaldictionary dictionary of ~Iang rhyming .BRANCH FOLK . 2 supporter. L . attendant. ~dherent. Which books would you use to find the information? Match a-d with the book covers 1-4..a poe-rn or s.GUM LAVA . / servant. ~ pupil.FOOD BRANCH LINE . r--~~----___"""""""~~_.GRIP d LAUD .-) 2 You are looking for a-d in Exercise 1.-_ ~ .) Their films include many short. 0 He plays in the brass section orchestra..FOLD b BOXROOM .• I get the impression work is a bit thin on the ground at the moment. c GREAT .Ild use if you wanted to cliothese tbings? you a find wares Ito put in . there are not many of them.LAWRENCE Laurel and Hardy Stan Laurel (1890-1965) and Oliver Hardy (1892-1957) US film comedians...eecn te d find translations wb~ds. fa~. Underline the words which will be on the pages containing the information you want.lmt(')another languag.dictionary o of in go to Useful language p. Look at the words below. partisan. (Laurel was English-born. dictionary of quotations bilingLlal dictio~)1Iry . silent films.\tetyinbmal expressions c find afaraous s<. 66 " Work and Study r---- 1 follower noun 1 disciple. a b c d words that mean the same as follower the meaning of brass instrument an idiom containing the word ground the first names of the actors Laurel and Hardy D W D 0 brass noun] played brass of the [MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS) /brais/ adj [before (of a musical instrument) made of metal and by blowing: The trumpet and trombone are instruments.___. Bears are getting rather thin on the ground in European forests . enthusl~st. a thesaurus.

[4] 19 Joins [8] 22 Teach [7] 23 Soldiers are in this.__ .M Osborne. e. The (2003 Ger/NZ/US 201m) " ~ . Viggo : Mortensen. Liv Tyler. [4] 3 Follower [8] 4 Minute odj [4] 5 There's someone _ at the door! [8] 6 Draughts is one. Decide what type of reference book might be useful in each case. These jeans have added ~etal vcled.~k~~~:~r=== __ .. 5 Do as much of this crossword puzzle as you can.. B'. insect any of a vast group of small invertebrate animals with hard segmented bodies. Brechou.. IS rec '. ~~~~. use reference books to help you find the rest of the answers. especially in cities [4] 14 Type of metal [8] 16 Choose again [8] 17 Stare [4] 18_ Laurel and Oliver Hardy..a mental note to make an effort to remember something.. paper and glass can be Across Hard workers are '_ on the ground' [4] The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the _ [4] View or belief [7] _ fabrics.Aldemey. d.. Some dictionaries. jethou.Great and LittleSark. I! Bloom.g. with the lesser Herm.. they are a possession of the British crown. Cate Blanchett.. [4] 9 The _ .. two pairs of wings. Look again at the reference book entries on this page and circle two more examples of phonetics. 0 Stiver.pe.n" 'M . D "". the last of Shakespeare's plays [7] 11 Brass instrument [7] 13 One of the Channel Islands [8] 15 On an insect's head [8] 18 A piece of living room furniture [4J 19 Members are in this [4] 20 East of __ t James Dean film (1955) [4] 21 Opposite of 'bought' [4] 1 5 7 8 10 12 c make . use the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). What type of reference book is entry e from? a\ Channel Islands group of islands in the English Channel. often something that you want to do later. \ : Bernard Hill. Guernsey.~. Use the reference book entries in Exercises 3 and 4 to help you with some of the answers._ . and Libcu. an strong: Metal.ter Jackson P. • (often + that) Last time we had dinner together I made a mental note that you didn't like fish. Ian McKellen.Look it up! OIlUOOlS 14 4 Match entries a-d below with the reference books in Exercise 1. usually. Sean Astin. are comfortable to wear.----~. three pairs of jointed legs.._. (often + to do sth) I made a mental note to call my mother and tell her what he'd said. The Lord of the Rings actress [4] Air pollution. or antennae.. [ohn Rhys-Davies. \ C_L. Focus on . 67 . pronunciation Dictionariescan also help you with the pronunciation of a word. Billy Boyd. Orlando ••.s steel which electricity and heat can travel through and which i ' generally hard d ...- .w/msUlt0 Lycra leggings Lycra for comfort and fit. [8] _ Blanchett. ! I i : '•. such '. Miranda Otto..F. They comprise the islands ofJersey. [II b~~~~~--~~~~~~ LycraIJalkrg! noun [UI TRADEMARK a stretchy material used especlalJ~ for making clothes which fit very tightly: a 0 Ly~1O s.arrie.. Hugo Weaving. ~r a mixture of such elements. Dominic Monaghan. On the head is a pair of feelers. David_ ~enha~ An~l 'j : 6 If you haven't been able to complete the crossword. like Lycra". [4] 2 I'll 'make a mental _' ofit.. gold and platinum are precious metals o The wooden beam is reinforced with a metal plate~J E !metal! noun [C or Uj a chemical element such as Iron or gold. Ibra:s/. off the northwest coast of France..~ : 1 e Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. i Walsh cast Elijah Wood. Pete~ JaCkSO. and. [4] 24 'A friend in _ is a friend indeed' [4] Down You've got ten of these. . for example the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Didio nary.

at school. R.. and is clearly presented with the help of diagrams.oYl 0. college and university. in the workplace. What does it stand for? 3 Look at the headings in the Communication section.international UK airports International airports Airline designators Air distances Flying times European road distances UK road distances International E-road network (Euroroutes') Deepwater ports of the world Map of Europe Did you know . as well as many useful features including minibiographies and up-to-date sports results. Match each question you can answer with a heading.A two-colour layout and a helpful index make essential facts easy to find. you can say that this person is 'as .UK Car index marks . 68 ~ Work and Study . Communication or Arts and Culture. Read the introduction to the book and think about which section each answer might be in. lists and maps. ? . Information is arranged into fourteen major sections..) II Languages: number of speakers Speakers of English Foreign words and phrases Differences between British and US English qlAe51:i.ODDllD'lS14 Look it up! B It'll be in here 1 Look at this list of questions.Europe National newspapers . Where is the car from? When was the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco built? g Who won the World Cup in 1950? h You see this symbol &c in a report. What does it mean? I Which bone is your tibia? J A friend has written F2F in a text message. For example. What does it mean? k What is the brightest star in the galaxy? I You see RSVP at the end of an invitation. as a .USA Symbols in general use Clothes care symbols Road signs Car index marks . It contains a wealth of facts and figures on a wide range of subjects. CHAMBERSBOOKOF FACTS NEW EDITION Essential one-stop factfinder Over 200...)I!I!lllillii[. Check which questions in Exercise 1 you will be able to answer from this section. tables. d When did Emperor Hirohito of Japan die? e You see a car with the letters RP next to its number plate.. Health and Nutrition Communication Science and Technology Arts and Culture Sports and Games Thought and Belief Emoticons Abbreviations and acronyms used in e-mail Abbreviations and acronyms used in text messages News agencies National newspapers .UK Major newspapers .Proverbs Common abbreviations Alphabets British sign language: fingerspelling US sign language: fingerspelling Semaphore Some common similes -isms Typefaces First name meanings in the UK and USA Forms of address Computer languages 2 The answers to the questions in Exercise 1 are in the Chambers Book of Facts. the answer to question a might be in Nations of the World.000 facts and figures Chambers Book of Facts is a goldmine of valuable information for use at home. Includes fourteen major sections: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Space Earth Climate and Environment Nations of the World Social Structure History Time Natural History Human Body. Can you answer any of them? Which ones? a which word do British people use instead of the American English word tub? b What do Americans say instead of the British English word autumn? c If someone can't see very well...

Tick what you can do. per (in costs) by (measuring dimensions. I can use reference books to complete a crossword. etc in certain countries) copyright registered trademark new paragraph x 4) $ 4 RSPCA RSVP RTG © ® RIM RL RM RMM RN RO ROK ROU RP RSM Mauritania Lebanon Madagascar Mali Niger Romania Korea. I can find answers to questions in a reference book.I •• RPI RPM rpm RRP RS RSI RSPB retail price index resale price maintenance revolutions per minute recommended retail price Royal Society repetitive strain injury Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals repondez s'il vous plait (please reply) radio-isotope thermoelectric generator & &c @ x £ ampersand et cetera at. etc in certain countries) cent (also centavo.!. I can find information in a reference book. Can do Need more practice 69 .I·il§·IIMFIU. Republic of Uruguay Philippines San Marino 11 5 Have you learned anything else while you have been looking for the answers to the questions? can-do checklist. eg 3 pound dollar (also peso.Look it up! lliJouD'lS14 4 Read some of the entries in the Communication section and find the answers to as many questions in Exercise 1 as possible. escudo. British aeroplane aluminium anticlockwise aubergine autumn back garden banknote bath biscuit (savoury) biscuit (sweet) US airplane aluminum counterclockwise eggplant as black as ink or pitch as blind as a bat as blue as the sky as bold as brass as bright as a button as brown as a berry as calm as a millpond as clean as a whistle as clear as a bell or as crystal or (ironically) as mud fall yard bill tub cracker cookie B BeNU BFN B4 C CD COZ CU DA EVRYI EZ 4EVER F2F FWD Be Be seeing you Bye for now Before See Could Because See you The Everyone Easy Forever Face to face Forward h·I••I•.

title. audio books. recorded music. Once you have entered the words. o Read this dictionary definition of fiction. click on the search button or press the Return key to begin your search. What else does the catalogue do? www. c How many d How many 70 ~ ways can you search the catalogue! _ matching titles can be shown on the first matching titles can be shown in total? _ types of catalogue can you search? _ • Search results displays a list of titles that match your search criteria. It tells you in which libraries the titles are held and whether they are currently available for you to reserve or borrow. ev~ry day / once a week! once a month / never: How often do you use a public library? every day /once a week / once a month / never: Which of these have you recently borrowed from a library? a textbook for study I a novel! (J CD / g DVD go to Useful language p. Searching the Catalogue • You can search the catalogue by keyword. You can adjust the number of titles displayed per page by clicking on the down arrow in the box at the top of the list. 86 A Using a library catalogue 1 Imagine you live in Oxfordshire.horror stories 0 travel IDOOI<S 0 fiction I'flkpnl noun 1 {U]literature and stories about imaginary people or events What's the best-sel!ing children's fiction title? ~Opposite ~. Some people enjoy reading fiction more than non-fiction. Book catalogue or Sound and vision catalogue).Get ready to read non-fiction. author/keyword./ the types you like. Which of these things do you think the catalogue does? Tick .2 [U. • To enter text into a search box. videos. 1> o 0 romantic novels 0 health and fitness books 0 o Read the questions and underline the answer that is the most true for you. How often do you use your college or university lib~ary? . a How many b How many page? .uk Library Catalogue Help Introduction • The catalogue gives you details of all the titles in stock.oxfordshjre. science fiction 0 biographies 0 detective stories cookery books 0 .goy. Work and Study . Search Results 3 Scan the webpage again and answer these questions. you must first select the box by clicking the left mouse button on it. class number. printed music.noplural[something that is not true or real ~See also: cience s fiction. a lists all the books that the libraries in the area hold 0 b provides biographical information about the author of each book 0 c shows which library has each book D d tells you what's on the shelves and what's on loan 0 e gives readers' recommendations for each book D 2 Scan the webpage on the right from the Oxfordshire County Council website and check your answers to Exercise 1. • You can limit your search to specific areas of the catalogue by using the three Options buttons (Whole catalogue. etc. Each catalogue search will return a list containing a maximum of 100 matching items. The first ten titles will be shown and you can click on the button at the bottom of the page to see more items. author. DVDs. including books. series or ISBN. language courses. UK and you want to find out how to use the catalogue for your local libraries.I one or more of the boxes. Which do you prefer? Why? Which of these types of fiction and non-fiction do you enj@y? Tick . if available.

you don't know the author's name d some information about how to play backgammon e a book about the history of classical music by Howard Goodall a book to help you improve your reading skills .. d You should put the subject name first and then the author's name. • Enter as many keywords as required. c You should put a space between keywords. -----------------------------------------------------------_ Did you know . separating each keyword with a space.6 for books about computing. a You should be as exact as possible when you choose your keyword(s) .Jy am Aftlero8an librariru:r. • However.. rather than GARDENING. Then press the Return key.~~~~!i _.__ _. It consists a a book by somebody Paton with cry and country in the title .9. 8 Read the webpage below about Class Search. It grGUpS tG@€i'ther mateJiia1s en VM. How many ways of finding it does the webpage mention? Underline them. use the word ROSE. For examjDle. • The keyword search will work on any combination of words from author. series or subject in any order.. to find a book on India written by Dervla Murphy._ . STONEHENGE. __ b You should try to use five keywords. where a number corresponds to a particular subject. 9 You are at a library in Oxfordshire.This will return a smaller list which will meet your requirements more preclselv.. . If you know the number associated with the subject in which you are interested. for example ACID RAIN.. 40Gl is Larrrgrrage.. Library staff can help you find the right number._. What kind of books would you look for in the catalogue? 71 . and use that number in your search. What can you use this search for? Tick . i:m the MK an®: tile US2\: to m@aEli':ile @ral'M collectioNs. Imagine you want to find the classification number for 'English'. or type 001 for all class numbers starting with 001. On the other hand. This is a good way to search for books on your chosen topic if you know the number.. Melll]l Dewey.1 T'he IDewey Deoimal System of Glass1fi@ani@TIis useG.. afi€l 423 is Eng-)ishdictionaries 1fhe system was mveIilteGi l. The maximum number of keywords is four. you can search for all books with that classification number.. or. b a biography of the Brazilianfootballer Ronaldinho c The Remains of the Day .e saffle sUDje~bby hlsiN©.. Gf ten geIiteraJ: classes. 0$'" +.oldortlShl. For example.~ U ~lhll~:ltwww. Write suitable keywords for each item.. For example: type the class number 001. title.. in t118 Hll7eJs. For example.. '!. • Try to make your choice of words as speclfic as possible. _. if you only type in one word (especially if it is a common one) you may get a long and not very helpful list of matches..__ .It's on the shelf QDllilD'lJ15 4 Read the webpage on the right about Keyword Search. don't be afraid to experiment! D 5 Should you do the following when you do a Keyword Search? Write Y (yes) or N (no) after each statement.:!:I.?~~ ...libc81./ one of the boxes. _ . a to find a specific book 0 b to find all the books on a specific topic c both of the above 0 Keyword Search • Searching by keyword is a powerful and effective way of finding the information you want from the catalogue. if looking for a book on roses. you can see what class number it has been given. or. • You can use the keyword search if you are looking for a particular subject.uKl Class Search • The library stock is classified according to the Dewey Decimal system. enter INDIA MURPHY... 6 One of your searches gives you very few results.. a special nun:llJf<rin§ sy:stem. What could you do to get more? - 7 You want to find items a-f in the library catalogue. WhiCH are then oohe] slilbdiwided. too many keywords may narrow your search too far.~..gO". look for STEAMTRAINS not RAILWAYS. You can also use the keyword search if you can only partly remember details of an item.or CAKE DECORATING.. . if you know of another book on the same subject.

outsold only fiy. languages b Her books have been translated into of her books have been sold in total. 72 ~ Work and Study . Her books have soHl over a billion copies in English with aQofl)er billion in 100 foreign languages. a Who is the book by? b What is it about? c Is there a film version of this book? _ _ 2 What do you know about the author? Have you read any of her books in your own language? Guess the missing numbers in these sentences. Agrut --:Christie is known throughout the wOfoJ(li a~ the Queen of Crime. Do you think this extract is from near the beginning or near the end of the story? 5 The name 'Mrs McGillicuddy' isn't on the back cover of the book. 3 Now read part of the introduction to the book and check your answers to Exercise 2.:the Bible and Shakespeare. Look at the back cover again and~Mrs McGillicuddy's first name. 4 Read the extract from the book on the opposite page.50 from Paddington 1 Look at the front and back cover of this book and read the blurb (the description of the book). and six novels written :der the name of Mary Westmacott. She is the a thor of 80 crime novels and short story (Seliections. 19 plays.OlJDDD'l515 It's on the shelf B 4. a She wrote c More than crime novels and plays. s eps the most widely published author of aJil time and in any language. 6 Does the ticket collector think Mrs McGillicuddy is telling the truth? Underline the parts of the text that help you decide. Then answer the questions.

'I beg ~ur pardon..#..d off. please'. What did he do. 'Stnapgled?' he said disbelievingly. 'I saw it. Mrs Md!iillicuddy turned to him with vehemence. I tell you: )}:Iie'ticket collector's eyes dropped to the open magazine lying on the seat. [. "' . 7 Do you think you might be interested in reading this book? Why? / Why not? Can-do checklisb Tick what you can do. Complete these sentences with the six adverbs from sentences a-f.. stranqled: I saw it... . p' ointed to the window. Icket collector coughed apologeticaUy. and awaking a little confused _' Mrs McGillicuddy interrupted him.l!' Tfi!!. madam. and that you just dropge. what are you going to do about it?' 'Well. The iti~Ket coUector looked extremely doubtful. I can understand what a novel is about from the blurb... . ..__ . These words are adverbs and they describe how someone .__. Can do Need more practice 73 . of! . d he __. You must do something at@n<:. . .?~~~~_q~. John told us his views and he spoke very k 'I think you might look better in the blue sweater: she suggested . adverbs a .. _ ------. but in the end I agreed . and how did he do it? Write the verb and the adverb. 'You.----. as she said that there was no soup.. 'I might be able to help you tomorrow. a The .. I can read fiction without worrying about difficult language. I didn't want to stay late and do the extra work.. I saw it . c The ticket collector . On the exposed page was a girl being S]llallgled whilst a man with a revolver threatened the pair from an open doorway. And I 1001l:ed out of the window into the window of the train alongside..' she said... madam?' 'A ~ 'Strangled a woman! In a train. that you may have had a little nap and -·er -' he broke off tactfully. I saw it. '1 ive had a nap.. 'In a train that has just passed -. g 'Is he really an astronaut?' she asked h The waitress smiled . but I'm not sure: he said . . and a man was strangling a woman... _ f The ticket collector . I tell you. Find four more adverbs that describe the ticket collector's actions. 'A woman! as been strangled: she said. 'Yes.madam _' Focus on .. .' S"b.Fesaid persuasively: 'Now don't you think.. 'I was as wide awake as you are.t. . I can understand instructions in a library catalogue. _ e He . . madam. .through there. you're ~ite'wrong. but if you think this was a dream. And what J want to know is.did something.It's on the shelf QDDUD~15 The door. Find the words doubtfully and disbelievingly in the extract and complete these sentences. b . the ticket collector .er compartment was drawn back and a ticket collecto sa d\ 'Ticket.. doubtfully.l·saw it: The tick~t'collector looked at her doubtfully.in this case. that y@ufCl'been reading an exciting story. don't think. disbelievingly.

(HOW do we read? J 0° o o In this unit. This entry describes reading imyour first language...!. languages do yow' read r~gularly1------"-------------_----------------. Which paragraph (a-cl) is it from? It is basic to learning and one of the most important skills in everyday life. and comprehension (understanding of reading matter)._ _. Here is the rest of one of the paragraphs. Reading provides the key to all kinds of information. It enables us to learn how to build or fix things. " ~~ How man.r~ad:tQtlay? . C -11. you are going to read exrrects from the entry for Reading inan encyclopaedia.I the boxes. 74 ~ Work and Study .the simplest sense. WlJat"kinds of things do you' read in English? . 86 A Kinds of reading 1 Look at the statements below about readinq. What kinds of things. __ +--- _ People may read hundreds or thousands of words a day without even looking at a i book! newspaper or magazine. Do you agree with I I a b Reading is the act of getting meaning ~rom printed or written words. How important is reading in our everyday lives? . ---'----- _l_ J I - 2 The statements in Exercise 1 are the first sentences of the first four paragraphs of the encyclopaedia entry for Reading. reading me-a-n-s ~I·-----I-----+-- rd In most cases! the teaching of reading stresses certain skills. . to enjoy stories.-----. have you.---_ _ _ Answer tlrlese questions. and to develop ideas and beliefs of our own. such as word recognition.( What kinds of reading do we do? ) o 0 ° o . them? Tick . Do YOI::! think the extracts will help you to answer 1!he<questions above? go to Useful language p. y:ou have when you read in English? ~ Think about these questions. vocabulary development. to discover what other people believe. What sort of difficl.. recognizing letters and groups of letters as symbols that stand for particular sounds.Get ready to o read ----------.llties do.

For instance. uneven speed. For example. depending on their purpose for reading and on the material itself. They can use their experiences to fill in important information that is not clearly stated in the text. and the reader's own language development and familiarity with the subject. survey .that is. e With survey reading. a description. Beginners may tend to read everything somewhat awkwardly. those who have been reading a long time tend to understand what they have read more quickly and more automatically than do new readers. a Older readers often understand a text more easily because they know more about reading techniques / @_formati~than younger readers. In time. study-type.Read about reading QDDUo~16 Kinds of reading People differ in reading ability. Reading speed may be much faster when the material is reviewed.&:irc~ the correct phrases so that the sentences are true. During the survey reading. the person may first skim the material to understand the main point. a mystery enjoyed simply for entertainment may be read rapidly. older readers bring more background experiences to their reading. the student looks for information to create an outline. Reading flexibility improves with experience. f Beginners find reading easier if the text uses language that they know / is 8 What advice would you give to someone who wanted to improve their reading? new.recreational. or considered. Reading can be classified into three main kinds: (1) recreational reading. A good reader looks for significant ideas and details.even beginning readers can read with both speed and understanding. When reading a story purely for pleasure. Recreational reading can provide hour after hour of enjoyment. The reader then tries to understand how those ideas and details relate to one another and how they fit into the general topic. familiar words and sentences they use . They may skim through a tale until they come to a scene. they learn that different reading materials make different demands on their abilities. The technique depends on the type and difficulty of the material. While surveying for the new topic. Good readers can easily shift from one kind of reading to another. the student may see an entertaini ng article and read it for pleasure. 4 Are any of the ideas in the extract new to you? Which ones? 5 Which of the three reading styles . Study-type reading usually requires the reader to pay close attention to the text. That portion may be read slowly and then reread to be enjoyed. and (3) survey reading. appreciated. The person may then read some sections carefully to make sure that the desired information has been found. Survey reading involves covering a large amount of text to get a general idea of its content. Technical texts that could lead to job advancement or that tell how to fix something usually require thoughtful reading. A good reader uses various reading techniques. 7 Does the text describe your experiences as a reader of your own language and of other languages? 75 . In such cases. Reading speed tends to be slower the first time study-type material is read. a student collecting information to write a paper might begin surveying articles to see if they fit the topic. careful reading. d When we do study-type reading. 3 Read the extract from the entry on the right and underline the most important points. and the reader may need to reread portions of the text to understand it fully. For example. advancing slowly word by word because they doubt their ability to recognize words. and so the article is studied thoroughly and another topic chosen. the purpose for reading it. Good readers can easily shift from one kind to another.have you used to read this extract? 6 Read the extract again. b Good readers use different reading techniques for different subjects / . Shifting among kinds of reading. But a classic Russian novel may call for slow. The reader may then look for details that reinforce or illustrate that point. (2) study-type reading. or even a phrase that is especially pleasing or satisfying.II 'II d ~ I 'I types of text. c Often when we reread part of a story we do this because we fike / can't befieve it. most people read at a relaxed. By reading materials that follow their own language patterns . we read everything / only some ports carefully. In addition. Most people use different reading techniques for different reading situations. we try to find just the main ideas / link the main ideas together. One article may lead the student to consider changing the topic.

and the suffix Jy. provide fresh knowledge. or help solve problems. . The process of reading begins as our eyes see visual stimuli . broaden interests. Such readers may use techniques called word-recognition strategies. it was :first used as a secOr:.2 . 1 D D D 2 Think about the topics in Exercise 1.QDouD~16 Read about B How we read reading 1 Read another extract from the encyclopaedia entry for Reading. such as iliheAltline ~ress Reading depends first on our perceiving (seeing and recognizing) written or printed letters and words. compound words. Reading involves far more than simply seeing visual stimuli.that is. 3 Comprehending what is perceived. D D D D D Did yoU know . Semantic clues include comparisons and contrasts. our eyes use a movement called a return sweep.that is. definitions.any new knowledge or understanding that you gain from the material. Put them in the order in which they appear in the text. the root doubt. The reader rei ies on knowledge of the meanings of prefixes. Another type of eye movement. a reader who does not know the meaning of a particular word may look for context clues in the surrounding text. a the importance of memory in reading b the physical process of reading c how to deal with unfamiliar words How we read I: .. Origina1'ly italic ~¥. However. regression. think about the words in italics. e All of the above. That purpose not only determines the selection of the text but also helps you decide which experiences and reading skills to use to comprehend the material. you draw on numerous ideas and feelings stored in your memory. and to use the words in conversation and writing. Eye movements called saccadic movements take place as our eyes move across a page. the printed or written symbols that make up what is to be read. For example. deciding whether a word is functioning as a noun. and endings such as ed and ing. These clues may be either semantic or syntactic. Knowing the meanings of the parts of the word leads the reader to decide that the word means without doubt. And without doubt the best way for readers to add such knowledge to verbal memory is to encounter words made of those parts in text they find meaningful."____________________ _ 3 Read the paragraphs about the physical process of reading. readers lack the background and verbal memory needed to comprehend a text quickly and easily. an understanding of how words come together and form more complex ideas. occurs when our eyes shift back to reread a word or group of words" To move from one line to the next. the more automatically the reader appl ies these strategies to comprehend unfamiliar words. the word's position and. Those ideas and feelings make up your background. and the placement of new words near familiar words that help explain their meaning. A reader may also rely on syntactic clues . You must first choose a particular piece to satisfy some purpose.that is. We must then be able to comprehend what we perceive . a reader uses clues within the word itself to guess what the word means. descriptions.Perceiving reading matter. 7 Readers can use several general types of word-recognition strategies. e In a word-recognition strategy called structural analysis. they alternatively pause and move on. Skim the extract and decide which paragraphs you need to read more carefully to find out about each topic. grammatical use in the text. For example. As our eyes move across a line. the reader tries to relate the word to other information or i Iiustrations in the material. a They are technical terms that are probably unfamiliar to most readers. suffixes. d More than one of the above. verb. You also rely on verbal memory . ending ed. When using semantic clues. Eye movements across the symbols capture the stimuli.tdaI'7 76 f' Work and Study . This extract deals with these three topics. c They are words that are explained in the paragraph./ one of the boxes. For example. pausing briefly to take in groups of words. 61n many cases. 5 Your background and verbal memory change and grow with each reading experience. Topic a Topic b _ _ Topic c _". the adverb undoubtedly has the prefix un. adjective. oJiVenice. Why are they in italics? Tick .. good readers are unaware of their eye movements as they read. As you read. 4While reading.lDe was used fm entire teJ\ilts. and of how they are combined. or adverb can help a reader figure out its meaning. ? f£t$ctype tillkesits marne fwm: Itar1y Lti is 8baml1:teI'istic of 1Jru:e typefaces used by early Italian printers. roots (word bases). Information in new material blends with your past experiences and may correct misunderstandings. The more experienced a reader becomes. b They are important and difficult words that the reader has to understand. The pauses are called fixations. Your purpose may also suggest how you might use .

the verb read appears with the prefix re (reread) and the suffix ing (reading). structural analysis .semantic context clues.~t:. X_ b You can improve your background and verbal memory by reading more. _ c Good readers don't need to use word-recognition strategies . Focus on '" prefixes and suffixes Prefixes and suffixes are groups of letters which are added to words to make new words. (paragraph 2) b _.have you used to read this text? e f __ ._know (paragraph 3) _(paragraph 5) (paragraph 5) (paragraph 5) Now complete these sentences. which becomes part of the meaning of the new word. comfortable (adjective). make a word plural (word. syntactic context clues..aware _(paragraph 2) c d 5 Which of the three word-recognition strategies ..the importance of memory in reading..g. kit's that he's angry . h Environmental over the past decade. I can skim a text and identify the main points.select __ __ _inform _ understand . comfort (noun).Read about reading ODDDD~16 6 Think of a time when you had difficulty reading something in English or in your own language. (an do Need more practice 77 . e Structural analysis is a way of examining the different parts of a word to understand its meaning. words).. He's very time with.. Use the words in a-f above but with different prefixes or suffixes You might need to use your dictionary. A suffix can change the word class of a word. It is believed that an ~r!rY!9_'{~ by some of the has increased dramatically about the people he spends has given the police the names of three of the gang. _ Can-do checklist Tick what you can do. I can relate what I have read to my own experiences. Why was it difficult? Did you lack the background or the verbal memory? 7 What advice would you give to someone who wanted to improve their reading? 4 Read about topics a and c from Exercise 1 . I can identify the topic of each paragraph within a text. . A prefix has its own meaning.. He's very_ . e. or change the tense of a verb (need. about Egyptian history. a _ move.. and how to deal with unfamiliar words. Ask Ahmed about the Pyramids.his car was badly damaged. In this extract.!Y). Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)? a Our verbal memory only helps us to understand verbs . d Other words in the text can help us understand an unfamiliar word. Add prefixes or suffixes to make words in the extract. needed) .. g It is impossible to remain awful stories in the news.

~the correct words in the sentences. They show the top six exporters and importers of watches and clocks between 2002 and 2005. Do you want to change any of your answers in Exercise A? C Skim Texts A-D on the opposite page. 13 blog 14 computer 15 hardware D D D 16 email 17 virus D D position I dropped a position I stayed in the same position in 2005. Write the letters in the boxes in alphabetical order.A Are these statements true (T) or false (F)? 1 You can often use other words in the text to work out the meaning of an unknown word. 23 D 24 D 25 D 26 D 27 D 7 It is easier to work out the meaning of unknown words from context if there are not too many of them on the page. Which of this information does Linda provide? (. a a new word b a word whose original meaning is still in use and which also has a new meaning c a word whose original meaning is no longer in use. you don't need to read the email (Unit 10) 3 Writers use linking words and expressions to show the relationships between different ideas in a text. (Unit 13) 6 We skim reference books in order to find what we are looking for. (Unit 15) 8 Reading the first sentence of each paragraph will not help you to get a general idea of what the text is about (Unit 16) a blonde b confident c elderly delegant e famous friendly g good-looking h intelligent rich shy B Now read the Learning tips for Units 9-16 on pages 89-91. but which now has a new meaning 78 ~ Work and Study .f = information given. Choose the five adjectives which best describe Linnet Ridgeway. 28 The value of Switzerland's exports rose by the greatest amount in 2003 12004 12005. What is each text. (Unit 9) 2 If an email is sent to someone else and you are copied in. an email a leaflet a letter a non-fiction book a report 9 Text A 10 Text B 11 Text ( 12 Text 0 a novel a questionnaire a webpage G Look at the tables in Text D. 30 The value of Hong Kong's exports rose by the same amount as I less than I more than the value of its imports in this period. )( = information not given) 18 19 20 21 22 the taxi company that Sofia should contact where Linda is flying to when the taxi should pick her up where it should pick her up from when she is coming back D D D D D 5 (harts and graphs can present figures more directly than a piece of text. (Unit 14) F Read Text C. 31 Italy was the fifth highest importer in one I two I three of the years. _ (Unit 11) 4 Formal letters may contain language which we don't use in our everyday lives (Unit 12) E Read Text B. 29 The total value of Germany's exports was the same as I less than I more than the total value of its imports during this four-year period. Write the letters in the boxes. Match the words with descriptions a-c. or where does it come from? Use the words in the list. 32 From its position in exports in 2004. Japan rose a D Read Text A and find the following words.

2 1.1 1. My address is Raymond's Cottage (it's the white house on the main street opposite the newsagent's) and the phone number is (01779) 54481.2.. My husband's going to pick me up on Friday evening. Email first appeared in 1982 and blog in 1998. the original sense is not always retained.40 am. Still within the computing field. but they continue to be used with their original senses . New ideas are not only expressed by coining words.40 at the latest.1 Region of China 2. there was no longer any need for human computers. With the introduction of calculators and machine computers. Can you ask the taxi company to confirm what time they'll pick me up (they should know how long it'll take at that time of day from Debden to Luton Airport).0 1.686 Wanted: A computer. hardware.2 1. for instance. the words mouse. "cruitmm:_e_rt .Units 9-16 Text A \I ~@w!j@w2 Text B .2 1. Inte-rnetfirst appeared in 1986. When a new meaning is added. Thanks! Linda PS I won't need a return taxi. however. Nowadays.. so I'd better be at the airport at 7. the biggest source of neologisms or new words in English has probably been computing.2 1.1 *Hong Kong Special Administrative 79 .. female aged 18-25 ver the last 30 years.0 1. and the job-related meaning of the 11. O I I:~ll word became obsolete. Even more common is adding fresh meanings to existing words. ~1_1 _ such as the one in the title of this chapter sounds very st~ange. I Text D Watches and clocks: exports 2002-2005 (US$ bn) Watches and clocks: imports 2002-2005 (US$ bn) 4 . A computer used to be a role involving lots 'of addition and subtraction. a 1930. and has since become an everyday word for many people. 1. virus and monitor have all taken on new meanings in the last 50 years.2 1.a mouse is still a small rodent as well as a computing device.0 1.8 2. Hi Sofia Do you think you could book me a taxi for Monday morning? My flight leaves at 9. program.

General tips for preventing faIlS • Be alert.orking at heights or on the ground. can cause a fall Damaged areas should be reported to your manager as soon as possible. snow or other substances immediately and place a sign to warn others of the danger I . Avoid climbing over it. Make sure customers and colleagues can see where they're going. (Thisis both a fire and tripping hazard. • Place warning signs or barriers around areas that may be slippery or otherwise dangerous.. (If an object is in the way. • Keep the floor clear. look out for steps that may not be obvious.' Whether you're w. a people who work in hospitals b people who work in shops c people who work in schools 0 0 0 34 What dangers does the text mention? Tick . . uuu Walk slowly on any icy surface. U. trip and fall hazards Electricalleads Don't run leads across aisles or under carpets. loose or crumbling surfaces. ~~~ Lighting Other slip.l Hidden steps When turning a corner or stepping outside. floorboards and tiles. Make sure others are aware of any hidden steps. where people cannot walk or trip over them. aisles and walkways Don't store materials on the stairs or in passageways Keep passageways free of boxes. Inform your manager of any outside areas where sand or grit is needed. move it or walk around it. Only use equipment that you've been trained and authorised to use. Use the emergency lighting where necessary and ensure it is in working order by regular testing. a dangers inside a building b dangers outside a building c dangers both inside and outside a building D D D Slips. Avoid. make sure they are close to the wall.taSKSthat are beyond your ability. Any small thing. be sure to follow all safety rules. Clean up spills and moisture from rain. Stairs. r o i' Work and Study . • Don't take chances. Watch where you are going and what you're doing. 33 Who is the text for? Tick ./ one of the boxes. .[FJ®wO@w2 Units 9-16 H Skim this text from a Health and Safety leaflet. Spills and other wet areas It only takes a small puddle for a senous accident to happen. I And don't use adaptors If extension leads must be used./ one of the boxes. rubbish bins and other obstacles. even a pen. Watch out for hazards that others might miss. • Also watch out for cracked. trips and falls are a danger to you and your customers Pay special attention to these trouble spots noors • Watch out for loose carpeting. Report faulty lighting promptly.

or ensure that there are provided. . 37 obstacle _ . _ . _ I 81 . [l] Question Can my employer stop me putting entries into the accident book? K Kasia works in a shop. __ ._ _ 51 make sure 52 officially choose (someone) 53 write down for the future 54 experience or have 55 tell _ ___ Find three words for different types of floor surface. Otherwise there should be an "appointed person" who has responsibility for keeping the first aid box and calling an ambulance if it is needed.__ 45 You might fall . 41 electrical lead Find another example of an electrical item. ~ Long Answer The Social Security Regulations 1979 requires that injuries and diseases are reported and that is why there is an Accident book or a similar means of reporting. but they must record exactly what you say to them.. . Now she is now looking on her union's website for the answers to some questions. . __ _. Write a definition of this word using other words from the paragraph. then he can enter that in the relevant section of the report. then you should inform your safety rep immediately. 39 hidden steps Short Answer Yes. Read the webpage on the right and ~i~r~ the answers to her questions. 43 You might slip 44 You might trip . they can't.Units :9-16 ~@wLI@w2 Find the following words in the text and complete the exercise. 36 damaged areas Find three adjectives which describe how floors can be damaged. The other day she slipped and fell at work.. 50 says .. Download our Guide to First Aid for more information. . 42 faulty fighting Find a phrase with the opposite meaning of faulty. 38 obstacles I1J W Question Should first aid be provided in my workplace? Find two examples of obstacles. 40 wet areas Find three words for types of wet area.:'''". 35 floors L Find verbs in the Answers on the webpage which mean the following.__ __ _ . . If you encounter any problems. The level of provision will depend on the level of risk and the numbers of employees in the workplace. Your employer has to provide adequate first aid for their staff. it should. An employer might get someone to do this on your behalf for the sake of consistency. . The accident book is there for anyone to make an entry. They can nominate someone to do it for you.. but that person must write down what you say. __ ~~---. Guidance states that low risk workplaces like shops or offices should have qualified first-aiders when the number of staff is greater than 50. Find a word with the opposite meaning of hidden. 46 Should there be a qualified first-aid person in all shops and offices? yes no 47 Should the person who looks after the first aid box be a qualified first-aider? yes no 48 Do I have to report my accident in the accident book? yes no 49 Can my boss write a different account of the accident? yes no W Short Answer No. . If the employer does not agree with your version of the facts. .'' < . J Complete these sentences with an example from the text. such equipment and facilities as are adequate and appropriate in the circumstances for enabling first aid to be rendered to his employees if they are injured or become ill at work. ~ Long Answer Regulation 3 of the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 states: 'An employer shall provide..

2 You can look at the list before you begin the unit.. .. . . (green) pepper noun olive noun __ .__ .. and the context . ._ ... but try and work out the meaning of the words when you meet them in the unit. ... .__ .__ . As you develop your reading skills.__ . .. remark noun _ . You can use the list in three ways. . You can look at the list before you begin the unit and make sure that you understand the meaning of the words by looking them up in a dictionary. . When you start using the book.. __ __ . .. __ . .__ . Mark each word that you understand and can use with a highlighter pen. . __ __. you will probably realize that it is not necessary to look at the list before you begin the unit._ . Mllil~{s2 Reading A Reading A aubergine noun garlic noun __..._ coverage noun in effect expression _..__.. _ __ . . There is space after each word to write a translation in your own language or an English expression using the word. in accordance with expression ____. . 82 .. _ __ __ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ __ _ Reading B in compliance with expression __ . ..... _ __. . collision noun _ _. Look at Appendix 3 for ideas on what to record for each word. . . __ __ __ voucher noun __ __.__ . You can use it as a checklist when you have completed the unit.will help you to work out its meaning. ..... you may prefer to use the list in the first way. __. .__ ... . . pine nut noun cocoa powder noun __ .__ . fee noun __ __ _ .. There is also space below the wordlist for you to write other words from the unit which are important to you... . . . ._ _.._._ .. You may already know some of the words. . .__ .. surcharge noun _ _ .__ __ . . you will find each word in one of the texts. waiver noun .. .. Each list is a record of the vocabulary of the unit.This section contains a list of words which are important for carrying out the reading exercises for each unit. 3 You can look at the list when you have completed the unit and check that you understand the words. (bodily) injury noun .the words around the unknown word . specified (amount) adjective theft noun _.. coffee bean noun coffee filter noun __.._ Reading B peppercorn noun . . . .__. _..__. However. basil noun . you will be able to work out others from the text or the task. . .__. terms and conditions noun __ available adjective .

Useful language EwC0@llil@JDM1 llDou~jJ3 let verb excluding preposition professional adjective furnished adjective modern conveniences noun reference noun all inclusive expression deposit noun Reading A llDouOO5 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Reading A mail noun perishable adjective postcode noun packet noun signature noun evidence noun _ _ _ _ _ _ on your behalf expression -----------------------------------------------------proof noun _ redeliver verb _ Reading B tenancy noun witness noun tenant noun landlord noun property noun term noun rent noun _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Reading B interrupt verb guidance noun restore verb stop valve noun _ _ _ _ IlD[Ji) ~1J6 Reading A baggage noun allowance noun dimension noun excess (baggage) adjective overweight adjective oversized adjective lillouOO4 Reading A _ _ _ _ _ _ bed and breakfast noun spectacular adjective en-suite adjective excursion noun sanctuary noun proprietor noun _ _ _ _ _ _ Reading B missing (items) adjective trace verb delayed (bags) adjective destination noun boarding card noun baggage check label noun _ _ _ _ _ _ Reading B tariff noun settle verb _ _ legally binding expression -----------------------------------------------------liable adjective _ insure verb _ cancellation noun _ ensure verb _ 83 .

----------- noun _ noun noun noun Reading B overtake verb psychologist perception ~~_-~~~~~~~~:~~:~:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: predictable adjective _ novice _ offender _ _ noun noun noun noun wig noun _ caution noun fatality noun boom noun hazard noun collision noun outweigh verb _ :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: _ _ _ _ _ _ :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: _ _ _ :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Reading B ~~~~~e :..------------------ Reading A prevent verb _ _ noun _ _ _ _ elude verb ----------_---------_.Reading A insider congregate verb dispersed adjective impeccable adjective top-notch adjective perspective dossier -----------------------------------------_ ••• ------_--_MM.--------------------intermittent adjective devote verb _ continuous adjective portable adjective :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: vacate verb reap framerewards assembly point noun noun _ :::::::::::::::::::: noun collocation -------------------------------------------------------n... _-------adrenalin -----------------------------------------------------------..-----------------------------------------------.------------------------------------------------------.~~-:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: noun manufacturing 84 .:ctj~~-_-_-_-_-:_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-:::::~~~~_-~~_-::::~~:~~:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: billow verb _ twig hurtle verb wilderness solitude noun noun noun _ _ _ _ QDllil~1S9 threat respect verb O1Jllil~1S8 Reading A elusive adjective standing noun _ noun _ lead noun appliance noun -::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: fire exit noun fire door nou~-::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: fire drill noun _ fire alarm noun _ -_.. tack on verb _----------------------------_ .. _-_ .-----------------------------------------------------offence Reading B persistent adj~d. _-------_ .~-~~~~_-_-~_-_-_-:_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_~~~-_-_-_-_-_:-_::~:~~~~~:::::::::::::::::: endorse verb _ suspect verb vicinity obsessive .

~~ -_-_~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~:::~~ :::: ::::::: ~ ::::::: : :::::::: :::::::::: :::: :~:~~::~e~::un recruitment noun _ promote verb ~~:-_:~~:::::::~:~~::::::::::::::::::::::::: enthusiasm noun publicity noun _ detail noun promotional item noun accuracy noun invaIuabIe adjective ~ :~~~:~:::: :::::::::::: :::::::::::::::: ~ ~~::::::: ~ : ::::::: supplier noun _ methodical adjective initiative noun maternity leave noun _ deadline noun _ _ --------------------------------------------------------- ~~~~::::::::::::::::::::::::: _ _ ------------- _ -_-_-_--_-_-~~~~~_-~::~~~::::-::-:::::::::: _ _ onllil~~ 1 1 Reading A post adjective vital adjective satisfactory adjective rate verb -------------------------------------------picnic lunch noun criticism noun scale noun scrutinize verb hotelier noun Reading B salary noun _ _ _ _ ------------------ ------------ ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::-----------_ _ _ probationary period noun --------------------------------------------------excess noun _ annual leave noun _ entitlement noun _ remuneration noun _ commencement noun _ _ 85 .Useful language &[g)[g)@[Ji)cg]ill2 1 onllil~~10 Reading A marketing noun _ _ _ folder noun food poisoning noun ship verb -~~~~~~~-_-_~~~-~~~~~~~~~~~~:::::::~:::~~::::::::::::~::::::::::::::::::::::: aspect noun cover verb refurbish verb canteen noun remote adjective schedule verb ------------------------------------------------postpone verb _ ------------- Reading B feedback noun booking noun client noun _ :_::::::::::::::::::::::----::::::::::::::::::::::::::: _ -_ Reading B emotion noun onllil~~12 _ Reading A vacancy noun handle verb resign verb chaIIenge n.

. .__ . shift verb _._. . ...._._ . .____ .. .. financial services noun construction noun utilities noun machinery noun equipment noun . .._ .. flexibility noun . audio book noun search noun + verb . Reading A catalogue noun . . .__ __ __ _ ___..... . memory noun _ _ _ _._._ ... ...._ _. __ . .__.._.. . . ._. . . _ _.-------.__ . QD[fl)ll{S16 Reading A ability noun _ _. . . . ._. 86 .._. clue noun _ _ . _ _ _ _ _ Reading B etiquette noun bear in mind expression status noun nickname noun handshake noun business card noun protocol noun counterpart noun small talk noun _ __ _.. ._. . _ petroleum products noun ---------------------._ .. pay (close) attention to expression _.._ suffix noun _ _ _._._ recreational adjective .._..._ _ . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Reading B cast noun murder noun suspect noun .____ . ._ . technique noun __ _. _ . _ _ __ _. ...._ ._ _ _ _. ._ ____ ._ __ .._ _ provide verb .._ corpse noun strangle verb _. return key noun _ keyword noun Reading A GOP (gross domestic product) noun bn (billion) noun export noun goods noun . .. . ..__ mouse noun _. . . . . _. chemicals noun ..__ _.__ . ._. manufactured goods noun __ import noun _ . .. . . .__ _. .. . . _ _ _ _ _ _ ._._ ._ classify verb _ _ __ _. pattern noun QD[fl)~'lS 14 Reading A thesaurus noun encyclopaedia noun alphabetical order noun idiom noun _ _. ..~IJX~D'Oc2JDM1 QD[fl)~{S 13 Useful language QD[fl)OO15 ._ __ __._ __ ._.._.._ _ _ _ _ Reading B simile noun abbreviation noun acronym noun Reading B process noun __.._ ._._ _ prefix noun __ _.._ ..__ . unfamiliar adjective .._ _ __ _ ..

I~l9ttisem-ents fiKe" tlioseiN thiS meca1tlSetfuey want a plaee tp live. When you have completed a unit.teXIS~th a 'pUfpooe iN mi!h<l1.y w0~tl th. Most Learning tips can be used in several different units.Each unit of this book contains one Learning tip. However. v. ask YQJ1ffsalf:'Wl1io:W0W. tye®E)leread ace01IDlitledOl1!OH at.ey:IeOla it:? Und9r$t8ndiH~who w@###BOT_TEXT###lt;ll'Glea(ll s@me1hi!iig. [!DlJlloll2We'vehired a car [!DlJllo1l1 1"11ook something c A car rental voucher webpage B rental instructions o o o tip Which other units have you used this Learning in? A recipes 8 packaging till receipt 0 0 0 [!DlJllo1l3 Somewhere to live Learning tip The 1\E!Xl:sn'tl'li. GUild. look at the other Learning tips and decide if you also used any of those tips in the unit you have just finished. p~l.lple .t~d the .v:hM. Whem you react a it"SX!IJ.d~ea()i . iMfil h~lp yom tdFeaGl. decide which text you used the Learning tip with (this could be more than one text type)._ f<.lIeXan'lIJle. Make a note of the unit name and number and the text type on the empty lines. this does not mean that this tip is useful in only that particular unit. you can keep a record of the reading strategies that you are developing. In addition. Each one is under its unit heading and you will also find a list of the types of text you read in that unit.'FheBe. Which other units have you used this Learning tip in? mt A advertisements B tenancy agreement 0 0 Which other units have you used this Learning tip in? 87 .S lJoek are real texts written fOJ: ordinary i NeQple. b ~ext? Wh.@uweE9 reactrng it in·th€l real wOIld. In this way. t tHe t'e~ as if y. Here are all the Learning tips in the book.

O'hlma1i:sts mi. then you wiJ1 be a:1)leto t-ec0gni. Look €lut [or these tmngs in ffi! artiG~e. ·tFU.Wales A webpage webpage B lost luggage form 0 A webpage B letter D 0 D D Which other units have you used this Learning tip in? Which other units have you used this Learning tip in? QDI]iJ~lS I saw an article about it 7 lliJ[JlJ~U5 I'll be at home JOw.prencnns (L 1J~.JlstsoFlletllDegin facNa].1G tell these .Jivethe faGtuail.ght ~se direct speeoh. mag:aillle artic1es with dtaniJ:iRictrue stories to cateh the r:ead:@f'sattenti0fi. !info:mrati@~l. j past tenses and personal. They (. A magazine article B magazine article A mail delivery card web page B leaflet D D D 0 0 Which other units have you used this Learning tip in? Which other units have you used this Learning tip in? 88 .:anel.8 s:tcme~r..t!a.&[P[p@llil@JDM2 Learning tips QDffi)~'Cs4 I'll check it in QDI]iJ~lS6 A weekend in. etc).informa?Gn later. we.ze whicb parts of it are-the ruamatic oegli:ming and which paris give the'factual .

Learning tips ~~@(fiJ@]DM2 QDuoD~8 In the newspapers QD[fQo'iJ 10 Lines of communication A beginnings of newspaper articles B newspaper article 0 0 A emails B emails notices Which other units have you used this Learning tip in? 0 0 0 Which other units have you used this Learning tip in? QDuoo'iJ9 Let's go there QD[fQ~'iJ11 Anycomments? A leaflet B notice 0 0 A questionnaire B report Which other units have you used this Learning tip in? 0 0 Which other units have you used this Learning tip in? 89 .

. ...W[g)@uu~~ ... ~r:!1Rn7ft Lea·ming· tips L=-. QDOlItm 12 I'm =..~ going to apply QDOlIIln 14 Look it up! A job advertisement part of a CV B letter of appointment 0 0 0 A reference book entries B introduction to a book of facts headings in a book of facts entries from a book of facts 0 0 o Which other units have you used this Learning tip in? o tip Which other units have you used this Learning in? QDOlI~~13 I'm off on a trip QDOlItm 15 It's on the shelf A webpages B webpage 0 0 Which other units have you used this Learning tip in? A webpages B novel extract D D Which other units have you used this Learning tip in? 90 .r.....

Learning tips 8[?J~@lli)@]DM2 OllouOO 16 Read about reading A encyclopaedia B encyclopaedia extract extract 0 0 Which other units have you used this Learning tip in? 91 .

verb.a word is. yellow part in the middle of an egg 2 the pronunciation of the word These symbols show how to say the word. any lumps. 1 the base form of the word Each entry begins with the base form of the word. The Cambridge Learner's Dictionary. What information can I find in a dictionary? The most common reason for looking a word up in a dictionary is to find out its meaning. However. The examples on these pages are from the Cambridge Learner's Dictionary. you should use two dictionaries: a good bilingual dictionary (in both your own language and with English translations) and a good monolingual dictionary (English words with English definitions).. A monolingual dictionary may give you more information about a word or phrase. ~~-----~~~""" partially \I(r--~'~par. a dictionary can also give you a lot of other information about a word. it is a good idea for you to work in English as much as possible.• sieve verb IT) . for example. 92 . /'pa:J"lii ad~erb not completely tially cooked ~t' ~. YOU '::=v~-----sieve /SIV/ noun Ie] a piece of kitchen equipment with a wire or plastic net which separates large pieces of food from liquids or powders Pass the sauce through a sieve to remote r J . :lSee colour picture The Kitchen on page Centre 2. etc. yolk /jouk/ noun [C] the round. . in addition.What kind of dictionary should I use? If possible. can give up to six types of information before the meaning of the word and two further types of information after it. adjective. 3 its part of speech This tells you what part of speech noun. The words in the following examples are all from Unit 1.

etc that something is inside so that it can be __ ~___.~. 8 example phrases or sentences roam /rlluml verb (I. sold or sent somewhere The definition tells you what the word means.nib:!3iml UK (US eggplant) noun IC. purple vegetable that Is white inside i i 7 the meaning of the word packaging l'plEkld311J1noun [U) the paper. -. green part of a piant that grows from a stem or branch an oak lea! f" ~.et at night Examples (in italics) can show you how a word is used in a phrase/sentence. U] an oval. butter. <>-"Ieaf' ~ Ili:f1 noun [C) plural leaves IIi:vzl1 a flat. ~.~ . they combine to more substances. 5 irregular past tense forms.4 any special grammatical features of the word I [often passive] shows that the passive form (modified) of this verb is often used modify "modJfalJ verb [T) 1 to cd something in order to improve it [often pass'ive) The plans will have to be modified to reduce costs. 93 ." r . you. Jt A ~.tr. 9 other words this word goes with (collocations) <>-"mix' imlksl uerb 1 [COMBINE SUBSTANCEslll. box. ( Plurals which are not regular are shown. 6 whether the word is only used in British English (UK) or American English (US) " '. o genetically modified food ~ . t) to move around a place without any purpose gangs a/youths roamIng the . "" Words in bold in an example show you which words are often used together.. combine them to make one substance. 11 If two or more substances mix.CO' UK means that a word is only used in British English. 0 Put the chccoJate.~~~~~~~ auberglnel'. Mix the powder with water to form a paste.. US means that a word is used only in American English. ~. plural nouns and comparatives/superlatives '\u"". and egg tn a bowl and mix them all WI/ether.

g. Imlnsl UK (US ground beef) noun lUI meat. a We savoured our moment ofvictory. (. split' ()plll' Q'lt!ttlk~. -ing.th. When you return to a page with a highlighter mark.vil noun IUj informai practical knowledge and ability business/political savvy • savvy Ilcljective informal having knowledge and ability a savvy consumer savour 3 A word in your dictionary may not be exactly the same as its form in the text you are reading. the word in the top right corner of the right page is the last word on this page. usually from a cow. savoury UK (US savory) I'selv'ril adjective Savoury food is not sweet. splurge i~rb:l. dried fruit. splk 680 o--Importanl w«dJ 10 learn .r . a verb ending in -5. Iplit H(Ond a very shan {l(:riod oftlml!l Jr roo". . look at the word quickly and check that you remember its meaning.mince 'pie noun Ie) UK a small pastry filled with mincemeat that is eaten mainly at Christmas mince' 94 .. there is a word in bold black type.SCIIIC! ill! nrCIU')' or J $lIlul"llfl on tI mlUi 00. I refer savoury to sweet food.. This is because the word in the text may be: a plural form of a noun..&[g)~@[]j)@]LlM3 Using a dictionary How should I use my dictionary? 1 At the top of each page in the Cambridge Learner's Dictionary. IIDWI jCl 11 ~ry b-!ld pain In YOllr hend nXllJ(le o . savouring every mouihful..I spill s«ond. which has been cut into very small pieces by a machine mince' IIDms! verb IT]to cut food into small pieces in a machine minced beef/onions mincemeat 1'1l1lnsmi:11 oun lUI 1 a spicy. savvy I'. or an irregular form of a verb... e.. savoury biscuit o Generally. If you are looking for the word sponge.1D1I . on Spill $~d de-ef. it will be between the two words split (top left corner of the left page) and spread (top right corner of the right page). minced. The word in the top left corner of the left page is the first word on this page.". -ed.spUtting 'hud .ng which you w am bill 110 no! IlCIXl Wol' «mid I!frh(!...ly' t'l-rb II.prwtng hMdlJcIIt..cit Qf.• ~tmge nilllfllCi .. a comparative or superlative form of an adjective. 2 Eachtime you look up a word. you could use a highlighter pen to mark the word in your dictionary. and nuts. n to $J'>I)i\!l iI lot (lr money 011 someLhl. 1~two{d\tQlurn 681 spread $lIrpl'lSl(d «. which have been cut into small pieces 2 make mincemeat of sb informal to defeat someone very easily . UK (US savor) I'selva'i verb [Tlto enjoy food or a pleasant experience as much and as slowly as possible to savour a meal a I ate slowly. n sweet mixture of apples.llflllliO oQltOfmmilMrr Spil..

2 The only other time you should look a word up in your dictionary is if there are no clues in the text and you are sure the unknown word is important. medium.A headword is the word whose meaning is explained. Read through the different meanings and decide which one is correct in this context. you would not normally do it because it would be unusual or morally wrong. 4 the grain the natural direction and pattern of lines which you can see in wood or material to cut something along/against the grain 5 go against the grain If something goes against the grain. a word which means the opposite. 4 The words that are defined in the dictionary are called headwords. and large. (Small numbers after the headword will indicate this. Only use your dictionary to check your guess. Usually the most common meaning appears first. 7 Dictionaries are particularly helpful with the meaning of phrasal verbs and idioms since their meaning is different from the meaning of the separate parts. first try to guess the meaning of the word from its context (the words around it). You may find another word with a similar meaning. an adjective and a noun. you don't always understand the meaning of every word. or some words which actually explain the unknown word. 5 Words which have several meanings sometimes have grain IgreInI noun 1 ~ [C. 0 The shirt comes in small. 6 Some words in your dictionary may have more than one headword. When you see an English word that you don't know. when you are reading. dark-brown. guidewords to help you find the meaning you are looking for. Sometimes a headword can have more than one meaning. ~Seealso:takesthwitha pinch ofsaltI. Read through the different meanings and decide which one is correct in this context. do not use your dictionary too much. mediuml I'mi:diaml noun Ie] plural media or mediums way of communicating or expressing a something the medium oj television/radio o The Internet has becomeyet another medium for marketing. Using your dictionary will interrupt your reading and slow you down. 95 . The first meaning in the dictionary is not always the one you want. it is not necessary to understand everything in English either. UI a seed or seeds from types of grass which are eaten as food grains oj wheat/rice 2 IPIECEI [CJ a very small piece of something a grain oj sand/sugar 3 [QUALITY[ [no plural]a very small amount of a quality There isn't a grain of truth in her story. <>"mediUm'l'mi:di:lml adjectivein the middle ofa group of different amounts or sizes people oj medium weight 0 She bought a medium-sized car. You will find phrasal verbs. In your own language. The part of speech of the unknown word should be clear from the context (the words around it).for example. dried flower that is used as a spice 2 one separate part in a root of garlic (= plant with a strong taste used in cooking) A guideword helps you find the meaning you want. However. When should I use my dictionary? A dictionary is very useful when you are learning a foreign language. clove Ikl:ruvl noun [C] 1 a small. The first meaning in the dictionary is not always the one you want. idioms and other expressions after all the other definitions of the word.) This is because the word can be used as different parts of speech .

slightly more hens fed on GM. Italian tomatoes already chopped. salt and black pepper. onions and salt. from Italy. 6a and 6b Tirarnisu: 2a and 2b. aubergine. preparation time or equipment needed. cocoa powder.expensive. wholewheat penne. B 2 Pastawith aubergine and mozzarella sauce: 3a and 3b. not Parmesan cheese 2 To make pasta with aubergine and mozzarella sauce you also need: an onion. grated Parmesan and the coffee filters. can free food only keep until 27 June gives fresh black you need a rmill expensive 3a black The third recipe (pasta with aubergine and mozzarella sauce) uses tinned (canned) tomatoes. packaging has advantages over a can expensive for 10 cups of coffee need chopping slightly under weight needed 4 There are no right and wrong answers. sugar. quality. cocoa powder. for example: cost. 4a and 4b. can keep until 30 June hens live indoors hens free outside. a 400g can of chopped tomatoes. sponge fingers. strong) expensive b shred c de-seed g peel h stone d dice e crush f grate 4b grated Italian much cheaper hard cheese partially dried (i. lbTcFdFeF 4 You also need: coffee. basil.e. garlic and Parmesan cheese.you are just reading in order to compare with your product choices. not fresh). Focus on verbs i 4a fresh grated Parmigiano Reggiano fresh and grated. 150 g mozzarella cheese. 6 The shopper also bought the following ingredients for the two dishes: sugar. mozzarella. Sa and 5b Sa coffee beans gives fresh coffee you need a coffee sb coffee filters 6a Italian plum tomatoes 6b Quality chopped tomatoes you don't need a coffee i exact weight needed. It depends on what your priorities are. medium eggs. Parmesan cheese and 400 g pasta. ground black pepper. 3 eggs. 5 The shopper chose: quality chopped tomatoes.e. an aubergine.1 Disadvantages 2a large eggs 2b medium eggs large. 250 g mascarpone. fresh basil. there are no right and wrong answers . extra mature (i. Again. 96 .

PAl. 97 . 'sgl rm' is an abbreviation for 'single room'. 3 b We have to wear our seat belts all the time. such as a drive in front of the house or a parking space. c We shouldn't leave personal belongings in the car. The other advertisements don't mention how long the rooms are available. d We have to obey speed limits. I suppose it also depends which country I'm going to drive in. you do not pay extra for bills. I might buy Super Cover theft insurance as I usually travel with lots of luggage. such as electricity. c We have to drive on the left-hand side of the road.g. PAl stands for Personal Accident Insurance.4 UM. a place. c UM stands for Unlimited Mileage. This is the number they should call if their car breaks down or if they have a medical emergency. 4 b We should shut windows and lock all doors and the boot when we're not in the car. 4 Advertisement c mentions 'off-road parking'. c They have paid for six extras: 1 CDW.3 TLW. POSSible answer: I would probably buy Limited Cover accident insurance because I'm quite an experienced driver and I've never had an accident before.Answer key Focus on vocabulary b vehicle c tyre d immobiliser e fuel gauge f driver's licence g seat belt h speed limit i unleaded petrol A They are collecting the car from Cape Town and they are returning it to Johannesburg. The room in advertisement d is in a family home. b CDW stands for Collision Damage Waiver. Advertisements band c do not say if the rooms are in a house where other people rent or if they are in a family home. 2 3 4 A Your own answers. 2 You'll need to carry cash because in South Africa you can't use credit cards to pay for petrol. Tax is mentioned but not explained in detail. d We should use the immobiliser when we're not in the car.6 Surcharge. Possible answers for the above questions are: 1 The price is in all four advertisements. pays a lower sum of money towards the cost of the claim. Your own answers. 3 The advertisements are more difficult to understand because they contain a lot of abbreviations (short forms). UM is not explained. Advertisement d says the room can be rented long or short term.TLWand Surcharge are explained in detail. i.78 and 14% VAT(Value Added Tax).they should keep the envelope because they need to add some information to it and return it to Avis at the end of their trip.e. 4 e sgl rm: single room nr: near f n/s: female non-smoker pcm all ind: per calendar month all inclusive (i. 5 Tax. gas) avail beg Jan: available beginning (of) January mins: minutes dig + gas c/h: double glazing and gas central heating ASAP:as soon as possible rnths: months S 6 7 B 1 Yes. S They should check the tyres regularly. a CDW. They will pay more as SCDWmeans that the renter pays a 'reduced excess'. 5 None of the advertisements mentions public transport.i. or is it in a family home? Is there somewhere for my car/bike? Is it near public transport? How long is it available for? 2 Your own answers.They do not have to pay the 9% airport surcharge because they are not collecting their car at an airport. a rental contract fee of ZAR 30. This means that the rental fee doesn't depend on how far you drive. None of the advertisements mentions bikes. 2 The room in advertisement a is non-smoking.e. TLW stands for Theft Loss Waiver. They have to pay a 1% tourism levy. They are probably available for as long as you want them. POSSible answers: How much does it cost per week/month? Is it non-smoking? Is it in a house with other people who are renting. 6 The most useful number is +27 (0)800 001 669.e. 6 Advertisement c says that the rooms are available for eight months. where you can park your car off the road.2 PAl. 3 The room in advertisement a is in a house with other people who are renting. e.

. : ' >' . Pei Lan: the most suitable room is the room in advertisement f..:.. -.. his cousin. perhaps in the school where Marina teaches German. washing machine and dryer) pcm excl bills: per calendar month excluding bills (i. . Marina is a professional (she works as a teacher).-. 48 em high.. .. '. B a Marina (Kahn) signed the agreement.. and this room is £225 per calendar month. 3 a maximum linear dimensions 158 em..this is the webpage he needs.e. I would like to live with other people and improve my English in this way... Also. 6 Your own answer. j A Yes. could rent the other room.e. so a double room should suit him. .e. .e.g.. :.. e. Possible answer: No.or when your bags are too big or too heavy. • . b The agreement is for the property in Advertisement g. 2 b 15 March c two d won't e must 3b8c1 d4elOf2g5h6i9 3 4 a yes (point 2) b yes (point 1) c no (point 7) d yes (point 2) e yes (point 4) f no (point 8) Focus on formal language b beginning c warning f agreement g outside d tell e used :. Marina and Stefan: the most suitable accommodation is the flat in advertisement g. Tolga has a car. gas) eves: evenings h dbl rm: double room m owner: male owner pw inc! bills: per week including bills (i. Julia wants to live with a British family. you have to pay extra for bills. Tolga: the most suitable room is the room in advertisement h.>.' . ~ . you need a letter from an employer or a teacher which says that you are an honest and reliable person) g 1 bed: one-bedroom fum: furnished prof couple: professional couple (i.' • . He would like a larger room than the one he currently has.: . I .e...' ..'-::'/' . gas) (Note that £70 per week is more expensive than £280 per month.'. The advertisement doesn't say that all the other people are women. d Alice is a secondary school teacher.:. In addition. .'":. In addition. so living near the railway station will be convenient. Pei Lan visits her friends in London..) 5 Your own answers. Aleksy doesn't want to pay more than £60 a week.This means that Pei Lan needs a room for six months .'.. Possible answer: I would be most interested in the room in Chesterton because it is large and in a shared house. ~: :. Focus on the prefix over b overgrown c overdue d overcrowded e overrated f overpriced 98 ..-·L<:. 30 em wide b 46 kg 4 You have to pay an excessbaggagefee when you have too many bags.. Ibrahim: the most suitable room is one of the rooms in advertisement c...:'~. '. c Alice Racewitnessed Marina's signature." ::::. we can assume that the advertisements appeared on the Internet or in the newspaper in December or January since advertisement c and advertisement e say that rooms are available in January. Mirella: the most suitable room is the room in advertisement e. She is only going to be in Cambridge for two months and the room is available long or short term. This is Jane.. he doesn't want to live on his own or with a family .and this room is in a mixed shared house. but we know that one of them is. : I ~. and they don't particularly want to share accommodation with other people... A room near the city centre would be useful for her.:.Answer key Refs req. Possible answers: Julia: the most suitable room is the room in advertisement d. married couple or couple living together who work rather than are students) mod cons: modern conveniences (i._~_ •~ • ::... ' "'. " . Aleksy: the most suitable room is the room in advertisement a.. since she can't drive. a dishwasher. such as central heating.. such as electricity. 80 em long. such as electricity. : . " • . 2 The webpage gives information about a.:. who is arriving soon. 5 $70 CAD 6bYeNdN 7 Your own answers.and the room in advertisement f is available for six months. This is a single room and Mirella is happy to rent a small room. since most months contain 30 or 31 days. Mirella is a female non-smoker.: references required (i. Alice lives in Cambridge. Ibrahim has a car. the person who you should contact if you're interested in the room.' ' . • .. . ~ '~ c' ~'. you do not pay extra for bills. :. I've never paid an excess baggagefee. ': 'i~ . band c. modern equipment.

orsl1e doesn't know when she'll be at heme.llod oCoi'l'ipl~te me B a The leaflet is from Thames Water._'... L£5T£R B KARSON INT£RNATION~ FLIGHT NUM8ER}.. 3 b Ramsey House c St David's d picnic lunches e drying room fen-suite g every room h secure bicycle storage 4 b N (..IR CANADA . Possibfe answers: Maybe Raquel is'out at work/college every day Of the week. i. We are pleased to report tbat tne vast m.Please note we'll keep a Recorded item for 1 week. ':'. the postman. b How to get your item a going back to the Delivery Office b 2. so he is probably from Wales or his family is originally Welsh. • IL. . 2 a.. ~'. d There are birds on three sanctuary islands: Ramsey.) e T ('Or for SOpyou can have your item taken to a local Post Office® Branch for you to pick up using our "Local Collect" service') F (. Class bonus Yout 6Wro Q[r$wers.354 BAGGAGE CHECKNUM8ER. Possible answer: I think he should tell someone from the airline that his luggage hasn't arrived.. '..) A Geraint is recommending St David's.) d F ('We can Redeliver to your address or to an alternative local address: No fee is rnentioned.Situated within walking distance of St David's') c Y (. e. c The card has been put through Raquel's door because she was out when the postman called." '.... .) 2 b On the Coast Pathyou can see lots of birds and flowers. .. The following sentences are also correct: d. ONTARIO M4C 5Lb TElE'HONE/MOSILENUMsEd001J.S.". ~'.'. .lb NoV FROM. 41b3~3. 2bs c2 d3 e7 fl g9 h6i4 3 Yes. I .' .." .private off-road parking') d N (.I:IAJ?I:?SHkLL .. 4 Missing items Dear Customer We are sorry that your baggage was: form below to assist us in tradng it.-IM BWt: . Skomer and Skokholm. (Note that Geraint is a Welsh name. i. " " ) Focus on phrasal verbs b Switch c turning Switch off and turn off have the same meaning.. Cut off.CASt: LARGE Mt:DII.~!I.he should be optimistic.-.in!> OATE OfTRAVEL.Answer key B Your own answer. CH~J?L£$ DE ('AklLLE ro.if you want Redelivery or 'Local Collect' services..LO<:KCM'JrALS it fDr a maximum o! three months. Ify.. miSnimdlf!d during your ~(i!'1'I11ligh'_ lind "WQl.': ". e b The card is for Raquel Ramos Garda. TOR_QNTO.. b It is for everyone who uses water ..._I'AJ?LS. c The beaches are some of the safest and cleanest in Europe. g.1?-::111 CAI~. c and d 3 b can't c can't d can't e can 4a7b2c4d e9f3g6h8 S j 10 We would like to assure you that ellery effort will be-made to Io~~tfo your bi!lggag~and rerum ~Ieo you a~ soon e~ pos~iblE". 2 :"1 • '.exclusively for adults') 99 . in this context.32 pm b F ('If someone's collecting on your behalf.. ~.MikL6SJ'ibl_i>\skB ADDRESS' DESTINATlON. '. " I ..Q[al Collest' service) or near the RoY.. Only Thames Water can cut off the water.. _..Raquel and anyone else who lives in her house.in this case..or go online . c It has been put through the door to inform residents that their water supply will be interrupted for tvvo hours on Saturday morning... and all other items for 3 weeks before returning them to the sender') b (Sam Williams lives in the same postcode area as Raquel: RG24.lld be gtol!t@fui if you (¢I.. A TORONTo..ilIl Mail Delivery·Office (to collett the item).'·. ".RED uete ~bth Nov L ~ .our baggage has not been located within·48 hours. they'll need to provide proof of your identity') c F (You have to phone . j. means 'to stop providing water. NAME.7'jOl78 lYPEOF ITEM SIZl COLOUR I:IQLDhLL _ . The introduction says that most delayed bags are found and returned to their owner within 48 hours. k.' -"~I . She j:irobably Qecrdesto have it reoelivered to her friend's house beceuse he t€lld her that he would be at home OM Wedne$:oay. .ajority of de-layed bags are found and returned to their owners within 48 hours._0014 A(. / .A ~ 2 3 4 5 a The card is from Royal Mail. "'? " ".L1:0N TOWER ROAD.. Pet-haps -she doesn't live near a post office (so she: doesn't want to use the 't. . " . we will continue 1.0trace fI~u)e ~ITE CLlMlY USING e. :' : .

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