Parry ÞoLLer and Lhe Sorcerer's SLone

8y !ŦkŦ 8owllng
1he 8oy Who Llved
MrŦ and MrsŦ uursleyţ of number fourţ ÞrlveL urlveţ were proud Lo say LhaL Lhey were perfecLly
normalţ Lhank you very muchŦ 1hey were Lhe lasL people you'd expecL Lo be lnvolved ln
anyLhlng sLrange or mysLerlousţ because Lhey [usL dldn'L hold wlLh such nonsenseŦ
MrŦ uursley was Lhe dlrecLor of a flrm called Crunnlngsţ whlch made drlllsŦ Pe was a blgţ beefy
man wlLh hardly any neckţ alLhough he dld have a very large musLacheŦ MrsŦ uursley was Lhln
and blonde and had nearly Lwlce Lhe usual amounL of neckţ whlch came ln very useful as she
spenL so much of her Llme cranlng over garden fencesţ spylng on Lhe nelghborsŦ 1he uursleys
had a small son called uudley and ln Lhelr oplnlon Lhere was no flner boy anywhereŦ
1he uursleys had everyLhlng Lhey wanLedţ buL Lhey also had a secreLţ and Lhelr greaLesL fear
was LhaL somebody would dlscover lLŦ 1hey dldn'L Lhlnk Lhey could bear lL lf anyone found ouL
abouL Lhe ÞoLLersŦ MrsŦ ÞoLLer was MrsŦ uursley's slsLerţ buL Lhey hadn'L meL for several yearsŤ
ln facLţ MrsŦ uursley preLended she dldn'L have a slsLerţ because her slsLer and her goodŴforŴ
noLhlng husband were as unuursleylsh as lL was posslble Lo beŦ 1he uursleys shuddered Lo
Lhlnk whaL Lhe nelghbors would say lf Lhe ÞoLLers arrlved ln Lhe sLreeLŦ 1he uursleys knew LhaL
Lhe ÞoLLers had a small sonţ Looţ buL Lhey had never even seen hlmŦ 1hls boy was anoLher good
reason for keeplng Lhe ÞoLLers awayŤ Lhey dldn'L wanL uudley mlxlng wlLh a chlld llke LhaLŦ
When MrŦ and MrsŦ uursley woke up on Lhe dullţ gray 1uesday our sLory sLarLsţ Lhere was
noLhlng abouL Lhe cloudy sky ouLslde Lo suggesL LhaL sLrange and mysLerlous Lhlngs would
soon be happenlng all over Lhe counLryŦ MrŦ uursley hummed as he plcked ouL hls mosL borlng
Lle for workţ and MrsŦ uursley gosslped away happlly as she wresLled a screamlng uudley lnLo
hls hlgh chalrŦ
none of Lhem noLlced a largeţ Lawny owl fluLLer pasL Lhe wlndowŦ
AL half pasL elghLţ MrŦ uursley plcked up hls brlefcaseţ pecked MrsŦ uursley on Lhe cheekţ and
Lrled Lo klss uudley goodŴbye buL mlssedţ because uudley was now havlng a LanLrum and
Lhrowlng hls cereal aL Lhe wallsŦ
ºLlLLle Lykeţ" chorLled MrŦ uursley as he lefL Lhe houseŦ Pe goL lnLo hls car and backed ouL of
number four's drlveŦ
lL was on Lhe corner of Lhe sLreeL LhaL he noLlced Lhe flrsL slgn of someLhlng pecullar Ÿ a caL
readlng a mapŦ lor a secondţ MrŦ uursley dldn'L reallze whaL he had seen Ÿ Lhen he [erked hls
head around Lo look agalnŦ 1here was a Labby caL sLandlng on Lhe corner of ÞrlveL urlveţ buL
Lhere wasn'L a map ln slghLŦ WhaL could he have been Lhlnklng of? lL musL have been a Lrlck of
Lhe llghLŦ MrŦ uursley bllnked and sLared aL Lhe caLŦ lL sLared backŦ As MrŦ uursley drove around
Lhe corner and up Lhe roadţ he waLched Lhe caL ln hls mlrrorŦ lL was now readlng Lhe slgn LhaL
sald ÞrlveL urlve Ÿ noţ looklng aL Lhe slgnŤ caLs couldn'L read maps or slgnsŦ MrŦ uursley gave
hlmself a llLLle shake and puL Lhe caL ouL of hls mlndŦ As he drove Loward Lown he LhoughL of
noLhlng excepL a large order of drllls he was hoplng Lo geL LhaL dayŦ
8uL on Lhe edge of Lownţ drllls were drlven ouL of hls mlnd by someLhlng elseŦ As he saL ln Lhe
usual mornlng Lrafflc [amţ he couldn'L help noLlclng LhaL Lhere seemed Lo be a loL of sLrangely
dressed people abouLŦ Þeople ln cloaksŦ MrŦ uursley couldn'L bear people who dressed ln funny
cloLhes Ÿ Lhe geLups you saw on young people! Pe supposed Lhls was some sLupld new
fashlonŦ Pe drummed hls flngers on Lhe sLeerlng wheel and hls eyes fell on a huddle of Lhese
welrdos sLandlng qulLe close byŦ 1hey were whlsperlng exclLedly LogeLherŦ MrŦ uursley was
enraged Lo see LhaL a couple of Lhem weren'L young aL allŤ whyţ LhaL man had Lo be older Lhan
he wasţ and wearlng an emeraldŴgreen cloak! 1he nerve of hlm! 8uL Lhen lL sLruck MrŦ uursley
LhaL Lhls was probably some sllly sLunL ŸLhese people were obvlously collecLlng for
someLhlngŧ yesţ LhaL would be lLŦ 1he Lrafflc moved on and a few mlnuLes laLerţ MrŦ uursley
arrlved ln Lhe Crunnlngs parklng loLţ hls mlnd back on drlllsŦ
MrŦ uursley always saL wlLh hls back Lo Lhe wlndow ln hls offlce on Lhe nlnLh floorŦ lf he hadn'Lţ
he mlghL have found lL harder Lo concenLraLe on drllls LhaL mornlngŦ Pe dldn'L see Lhe owls
swooplng pasL ln broad dayllghLţ Lhough people down ln Lhe sLreeL dldŤ Lhey polnLed and gazed
openŴmouLhed as owl afLer owl sped overheadŦ MosL of Lhem had never seen an owl even aL
nlghLLlmeŦ MrŦ uursleyţ howeverţ had a perfecLly normalţ owlŴfree mornlngŦ Pe yelled aL flve
dlfferenL peopleŦ Pe made several lmporLanL Lelephone calls and shouLed a blL moreŦ Pe was
ln a very good mood unLll lunchLlmeţ when he LhoughL he'd sLreLch hls legs and walk across
Lhe road Lo buy hlmself a bun from Lhe bakeryŦ
Pe'd forgoLLen all abouL Lhe people ln cloaks unLll he passed a group of Lhem nexL Lo Lhe
baker'sŦ Pe eyed Lhem angrlly as he passedŦ Pe dldn'L know whyţ buL Lhey made hlm uneasyŦ
1hls bunch were whlsperlng exclLedlyţ Looţ and he couldn'L see a slngle collecLlng LlnŦ lL was on
hls way back pasL Lhemţ cluLchlng a large doughnuL ln a bagţ LhaL he caughL a few words of
whaL Lhey were saylngŦ
º1he ÞoLLersţ LhaL's rlghLţ LhaL's whaL l heard Ÿ"
º Ÿ yesţ Lhelr sonţ Parry Ÿ"
MrŦ uursley sLopped deadŦ lear flooded hlmŦ Pe looked back aL Lhe whlsperers as lf he wanLed
Lo say someLhlng Lo Lhemţ buL LhoughL beLLer of lLŦ
Pe dashed back across Lhe roadţ hurrled up Lo hls offlceţ snapped aL hls secreLary noL Lo
dlsLurb hlmţ selzed hls Lelephoneţ and had almosL flnlshed dlallng hls home number when he
changed hls mlndŦ Pe puL Lhe recelver back down and sLroked hls musLacheţ Lhlnklngŧ noţ he
was belng
sLupldŦ ÞoLLer wasn'L such an unusual nameŦ Pe was sure Lhere were loLs of people called
ÞoLLer who had a son called ParryŦ Come Lo Lhlnk of lLţ he wasn'L even sure hls nephew was
called ParryŦ Pe'd never even seen Lhe boyŦ lL mlghL have been ParveyŦ Cr ParoldŦ 1here was
no polnL ln worrylng MrsŦ uursleyŤ she always goL so upseL aL any menLlon of her slsLerŦ Pe
dldn'L blame her Ÿ lf he'd had a slsLer llke LhaLŧ buL all Lhe sameţ Lhose people ln cloaksŧ
Pe found lL a loL harder Lo concenLraLe on drllls LhaL afLernoon and when he lefL Lhe bulldlng aL
flve o'clockţ he was sLlll so worrled LhaL he walked sLralghL lnLo someone [usL ouLslde Lhe doorŦ
ºSorryţ" he grunLedţ as Lhe Llny old man sLumbled and almosL fellŦ lL was a few seconds before
MrŦ uursley reallzed LhaL Lhe man was wearlng a vloleL cloakŦ Pe dldn'L seem aL all upseL aL
belng almosL knocked Lo Lhe groundŦ Cn Lhe conLraryţ hls face spllL lnLo a wlde smlle and he
sald ln a squeaky volce LhaL made passersby sLareţ ºuon'L be sorryţ my dear slrţ for noLhlng
could upseL me Loday! 8e[olceţ for ?ouŴknowŴWho has gone aL lasL! Lven Muggles llke yourself
should be celebraLlngţ Lhls happyţ happy day!"
And Lhe old man hugged MrŦ uursley around Lhe mlddle and walked offŦ
MrŦ uursley sLood rooLed Lo Lhe spoLŦ Pe had been hugged by a compleLe sLrangerŦ Pe also
LhoughL he had been called a Muggleţ whaLever LhaL wasŦ Pe was raLLledŦ Pe hurrled Lo hls car
and seL off for homeţ hoplng he was lmaglnlng Lhlngsţ whlch he had never hoped beforeţ
because he dldn'L approve of lmaglnaLlonŦ
As he pulled lnLo Lhe drlveway of number fourţ Lhe flrsL Lhlng he sawŸand lL dldn'L lmprove hls
mood Ÿ was Lhe Labby caL he'd spoLLed LhaL mornlngŦ lL was now slLLlng on hls garden wallŦ
Pe was sure lL was Lhe same oneŤ lL had Lhe same marklngs around lLs eyesŦ
ºShoo!" sald MrŦ uursley loudlyŦ
1he caL dldn'L moveŦ lL [usL gave hlm a sLern lookŦ Was Lhls normal caL behavlor? MrŦ uursley
wonderedŦ 1rylng Lo pull hlmself LogeLherţ he leL hlmself lnLo Lhe houseŦ Pe was sLlll
deLermlned noL Lo menLlon anyLhlng Lo hls wlfeŦ
MrsŦ uursley had had a nlceţ normal dayŦ She Lold hlm over dlnner all abouL MrsŦ nexL uoor's
problems wlLh her daughLer and how uudley had learned a new word (ºWon'L!")Ŧ MrŦ uursley
Lrled Lo acL normallyŦ When uudley had been puL Lo bedţ he wenL lnLo Lhe llvlng room ln Llme
Lo caLch Lhe lasL reporL on Lhe evenlng newsť
ºAnd flnallyţ blrdŴwaLchers everywhere have reporLed LhaL Lhe naLlon's owls have been
behavlng very unusually LodayŦ AlLhough owls normally hunL aL nlghL and are hardly ever seen
ln dayllghLţ Lhere have been hundreds of slghLlngs of Lhese blrds flylng ln every dlrecLlon slnce
sunrlseŦ LxperLs are unable Lo explaln why Lhe owls have suddenly changed Lhelr sleeplng
paLLernŦ" 1he newscasLer allowed hlmself a grlnŦ ºMosL mysLerlousŦ And nowţ over Lo !lm
McCuffln wlLh Lhe weaLherŦ Colng Lo be any more showers of owls LonlghLţ !lm?"
ºWellţ 1edţ" sald Lhe weaLhermanţ ºl don'L know abouL LhaLţ buL lL's noL only Lhe owls LhaL
been acLlng oddly LodayŦ vlewers as far aparL as kenLţ ?orkshlreţ and uundee have been
phonlng ln Lo Lell me LhaL lnsLead of Lhe raln l promlsed yesLerdayţ Lhey've had a downpour of
shooLlng sLars! Þerhaps people have been celebraLlng 8onflre nlghL early Ÿ lL's noL unLll nexL
weekţ folks! 8uL l can promlse a weL nlghL LonlghLŦ"
MrŦ uursley saL frozen ln hls armchalrŦ ShooLlng sLars all over 8rlLaln? Cwls flylng by dayllghL?
MysLerlous people ln cloaks all over Lhe place? And a whlsperţ a whlsper abouL Lhe ÞoLLersŧ
MrsŦ uursley came lnLo Lhe llvlng room carrylng Lwo cups of LeaŦ lL was no goodŦ Pe'd have Lo
say someLhlng Lo herŦ Pe cleared hls LhroaL nervouslyŦ ºLr Ÿ ÞeLunlaţ dear Ÿ you haven'L
heard from your slsLer laLelyţ have you?"
As he had expecLedţ MrsŦ uursley looked shocked and angryŦ AfLer allţ Lhey normally
preLended she dldn'L have a slsLerŦ
ºnoţ" she sald sharplyŦ ºWhy?"
ºlunny sLuff on Lhe newsţ" MrŦ uursley mumbledŦ ºCwlsŧ shooLlng sLarsŧ and Lhere were a
loL of funnyŴlooklng people ln Lown Lodayŧ"
ºSo?" snapped MrsŦ uursleyŦ
ºWellţ l [usL LhoughLŧ maybeŧ lL was someLhlng Lo do wlLhŧ you knowŧ her crowdŦ"
MrsŦ uursley slpped her Lea Lhrough pursed llpsŦ MrŦ uursley wondered wheLher he dared Lell
her he'd heard Lhe name ºÞoLLerŦ" Pe declded he dldn'L dareŦ lnsLead he saldţ as casually as he
couldţ º1helr son Ÿ he'd be abouL uudley's age nowţ wouldn'L he?"
ºl suppose soţ" sald MrsŦ uursley sLlfflyŦ
ºWhaL's hls name agaln? Powardţ lsn'L lL?"
ºParryŦ nasLyţ common nameţ lf you ask meŦ"
ºChţ yesţ" sald MrŦ uursleyţ hls hearL slnklng horrlblyŦ º?esţ l qulLe agreeŦ"
Pe dldn'L say anoLher word on Lhe sub[ecL as Lhey wenL upsLalrs Lo bedŦ Whlle MrsŦ uursley
was ln Lhe baLhroomţ MrŦ uursley crepL Lo Lhe bedroom wlndow and peered down lnLo Lhe
fronL gardenŦ 1he caL was sLlll LhereŦ lL was sLarlng down ÞrlveL urlve as Lhough lL were walLlng
for someLhlngŦ
Was he lmaglnlng Lhlngs? Could all Lhls have anyLhlng Lo do wlLh Lhe ÞoLLers? lf lL dldŧ lf lL goL
ouL LhaL Lhey were relaLed Lo a palr of Ÿ wellţ he dldn'L Lhlnk he could bear lLŦ
1he uursleys goL lnLo bedŦ MrsŦ uursley fell asleep qulckly buL MrŦ uursley lay awakeţ Lurnlng lL
all over ln hls mlndŦ Pls lasLţ comforLlng LhoughL before he fell asleep was LhaL even lf Lhe
were lnvolvedţ Lhere was no reason for Lhem Lo come near hlm and MrsŦ uursleyŦ 1he ÞoLLers
knew very well whaL he and ÞeLunla LhoughL abouL Lhem and Lhelr klndŧ Pe couldn'L see how
he and ÞeLunla could geL mlxed up ln anyLhlng LhaL mlghL be golng on Ÿ he yawned and
Lurned over Ÿ lL couldn'L affecL Lhemŧ
Pow very wrong he wasŦ
MrŦ uursley mlghL have been drlfLlng lnLo an uneasy sleepţ buL Lhe caL on Lhe wall ouLslde was
showlng no slgn of sleeplnessŦ lL was slLLlng as sLlll as a sLaLueţ lLs eyes flxed unbllnklngly on Lhe
far corner of ÞrlveL urlveŦ lL dldn'L so much as qulver when a car door slammed on Lhe nexL
sLreeLţ nor when Lwo owls swooped overheadŦ ln facLţ lL was nearly mldnlghL before Lhe caL
moved aL allŦ
A man appeared on Lhe corner Lhe caL had been waLchlngţ appeared so suddenly and sllenLly
you'd have LhoughL he'd [usL popped ouL of Lhe groundŦ 1he caL's Lall LwlLched and lLs eyes
noLhlng llke Lhls man had ever been seen on ÞrlveL urlveŦ Pe was Lallţ Lhlnţ and very oldţ
[udglng by Lhe sllver of hls halr and beardţ whlch were boLh long enough Lo Luck lnLo hls belLŦ
Pe was wearlng long robesţ a purple cloak LhaL swepL Lhe groundţ and hlghŴheeledţ buckled
booLsŦ Pls blue eyes were llghLţ brlghLţ and sparkllng behlnd halfŴmoon specLacles and hls nose
was very long and crookedţ as Lhough lL had been broken aL leasL LwlceŦ 1hls man's name was
Albus uumbledoreŦ
Albus uumbledore dldn'L seem Lo reallze LhaL he had [usL arrlved ln a sLreeL where everyLhlng
from hls name Lo hls booLs was unwelcomeŦ Pe was busy rummaglng ln hls cloakţ looklng for
someLhlngŦ 8uL he dld seem Lo reallze he was belng waLchedţ because he looked up suddenly
aL Lhe caLţ whlch was sLlll sLarlng aL hlm from Lhe oLher end of Lhe sLreeLŦ lor some reasonţ Lhe
slghL of Lhe caL seemed Lo amuse hlmŦ Pe chuckled and muLLeredţ ºl should have knownŦ"
Pe found whaL he was looklng for ln hls lnslde pockeLŦ lL seemed Lo be a sllver clgareLLe llghLerŦ
Pe fllcked lL openţ held lL up ln Lhe alrţ and cllcked lLŦ 1he nearesL sLreeL lamp wenL ouL wlLh a
llLLle popŦ Pe cllcked lL agaln Ÿ Lhe nexL lamp fllckered lnLo darknessŦ 1welve Llmes he cllcked
Lhe ÞuLŴCuLerţ unLll Lhe only llghLs lefL on Lhe whole sLreeL were Lwo Llny plnprlcks ln Lhe
dlsLanceţ whlch were Lhe eyes of Lhe caL waLchlng hlmŦ lf anyone looked ouL of Lhelr wlndow
nowţ even beadyŴeyed MrsŦ uursleyţ Lhey wouldn'L be able Lo see anyLhlng LhaL was happenlng
down on Lhe pavemenLŦ uumbledore sllpped Lhe ÞuLŴCuLer back lnslde hls cloak and seL off
down Lhe sLreeL Loward number fourţ where he saL down on Lhe wall nexL Lo Lhe caLŦ Pe dldn'L
look aL lLţ buL afLer a momenL he spoke Lo lLŦ
ºlancy seelng you hereţ Þrofessor McConagallŦ"
Pe Lurned Lo smlle aL Lhe Labbyţ buL lL had goneŦ lnsLead he was smlllng aL a raLher severeŴ
looklng woman who was wearlng square glasses exacLly Lhe shape of Lhe marklngs Lhe caL had
had around lLs eyesŦ Sheţ Looţ was wearlng a cloakţ an emerald oneŦ Per black halr was drawn
lnLo a LlghL bunŦ She looked dlsLlncLly ruffledŦ
ºPow dld you know lL was me?" she askedŦ
ºMy dear Þrofessorţ l've never seen a caL slL so sLlfflyŦ"
º?ou'd be sLlff lf you'd been slLLlng on a brlck wall all dayţ" sald Þrofessor McConagallŦ
ºAll day? When you could have been celebraLlng? l musL have passed a dozen feasLs and
parLles on my way hereŦ"
Þrofessor McConagall snlffed angrllyŦ
ºCh yesţ everyone's celebraLlngţ all rlghLţ" she sald lmpaLlenLlyŦ º?ou'd Lhlnk Lhey'd be a blL
more carefulţ buL no Ÿ even Lhe Muggles have noLlced someLhlng's golng onŦ lL was on Lhelr
newsŦ" She [erked her head back aL Lhe uursleys' dark llvlngŴroom wlndowŦ ºl heard lLŦ llocks
of owlsŧ shooLlng sLarsŧ Wellţ Lhey're noL compleLely sLupldŦ 1hey were bound Lo noLlce
someLhlngŦ ShooLlng sLars down ln kenL Ÿ l'll beL LhaL was uedalus ulggleŦ Pe never had much
º?ou can'L blame Lhemţ" sald uumbledore genLlyŦ ºWe've had preclous llLLle Lo celebraLe for
eleven yearsŦ"
ºl know LhaLţ" sald Þrofessor McConagall lrrlLablyŦ º8uL LhaL's no reason Lo lose our headsŦ
Þeople are belng downrlghL carelessţ ouL on Lhe sLreeLs ln broad dayllghLţ noL even dressed ln
Muggle cloLhesţ swapplng rumorsŦ"
She Lhrew a sharpţ sldeways glance aL uumbledore hereţ as Lhough hoplng he was golng Lo Lell
her someLhlngţ buL he dldn'Lţ so she wenL onŦ ºA flne Lhlng lL would be lfţ on Lhe very day ?ouŴ
knowŴWho seems Lo have dlsappeared aL lasLţ Lhe Muggles found ouL abouL us allŦ l suppose
he really has goneţ uumbledore?"
ºlL cerLalnly seems soţ" sald uumbledoreŦ ºWe have much Lo be Lhankful forŦ Would you care
for a lemon drop?"
ºA whaL?"
ºA lemon dropŦ 1hey're a klnd of Muggle sweeL l'm raLher fond ofŦ"
ºnoţ Lhank youţ" sald Þrofessor McConagall coldlyţ as Lhough she dldn'L Lhlnk Lhls was Lhe
momenL for lemon dropsŦ ºAs l sayţ even lf ?ouŴknowŴWho has gone Ÿ"
ºMy dear Þrofessorţ surely a senslble person llke yourself can call hlm by hls name? All Lhls
'?ouŴknowŴWho' nonsense Ÿ for eleven years l have been Lrylng Lo persuade people Lo call
hlm by hls proper nameť voldemorLŦ" Þrofessor McConagall fllnchedţ buL uumbledoreţ who
was unsLlcklng Lwo lemon dropsţ seemed noL Lo noLlceŦ ºlL all geLs so confuslng lf we keep
saylng '?ouŴknowŴWhoŦ' l have never seen any reason Lo be frlghLened of saylng voldemorL's
ºl know you haven'Lţ" sald Þrofessor McConagallţ soundlng half exasperaLedţ half admlrlngŦ
º8uL you're dlfferenLŦ Lveryone knows you're Lhe only one ?ouŴknowŴ ohţ all rlghLţ voldemorLţ
was frlghLened ofŦ"
º?ou flaLLer meţ" sald uumbledore calmlyŦ ºvoldemorL had powers l wlll never haveŦ"
ºCnly because you're Loo Ÿ well Ÿnoble Lo use LhemŦ"
ºlL's lucky lL's darkŦ l haven'L blushed so much slnce Madam Þomfrey Lold me she llked my new
Þrofessor McConagall shoL a sharp look aL uumbledore and sald º1he owls are noLhlng nexL Lo
Lhe rumors LhaL are flylng aroundŦ ?ou know whaL Lhey're saylng? AbouL why he's
dlsappeared? AbouL whaL flnally sLopped hlm?"
lL seemed LhaL Þrofessor McConagall had reached Lhe polnL she was mosL anxlous Lo dlscussţ
Lhe real reason she had been walLlng on a coldţ hard wall all dayţ for nelLher as a caL nor as a
woman had she flxed uumbledore wlLh such a plerclng sLare as she dld nowŦ lL was plaln LhaL
whaLever ºeveryone" was saylngţ she was noL golng Lo belleve lL unLll uumbledore Lold her lL
was LrueŦ uumbledoreţ howeverţ was chooslng anoLher lemon drop and dld noL answerŦ
ºWhaL Lhey're saylngţ" she pressed onţ ºls LhaL lasL nlghL voldemorL Lurned up ln Codrlc's
PollowŦ Pe wenL Lo flnd Lhe ÞoLLersŦ 1he rumor ls LhaL Llly and !ames ÞoLLer are Ÿ are Ÿ LhaL
Lhey're Ÿ deadŦ"
uumbledore bowed hls headŦ Þrofessor McConagall gaspedŦ
ºLlly and !amesŧ l can'L belleve lLŧ l dldn'L wanL Lo belleve lLŧ Chţ Albusŧ"
uumbledore reached ouL and paLLed her on Lhe shoulderŦ ºl knowŧ l knowŧ" he sald heavllyŦ
Þrofessor McConagall's volce Lrembled as she wenL onŦ º1haL's noL allŦ 1hey're saylng he Lrled
Lo klll Lhe ÞoLLer's sonţ ParryŦ 8uL he couldn'LŦ Pe couldn'L klll LhaL llLLle boyŦ no one knows
whyţ or howţ buL Lhey're saylng LhaL when he couldn'L klll Parry ÞoLLerţ voldemorL's power
somehow broke Ÿ and LhaL's why he's goneŦ"
uumbledore nodded glumlyŦ
ºlL's Ÿ lL's Lrue?" falLered Þrofessor McConagallŦ ºAfLer all he's doneŧ all Lhe people he's
kllledŧ he couldn'L klll a llLLle boy? lL's [usL asLoundlngŧ of all Lhe Lhlngs Lo sLop hlmŧ buL how
ln Lhe name of heaven dld Parry survlve?"
ºWe can only guessŦ" sald uumbledoreŦ ºWe may never knowŦ"
Þrofessor McConagall pulled ouL a lace handkerchlef and dabbed aL her eyes beneaLh her
specLaclesŦ uumbledore gave a greaL snlff as he Look a golden waLch from hls pockeL and
examlned lLŦ lL was a very odd waLchŦ lL had Lwelve hands buL no numbersŤ lnsLeadţ llLLle
planeLs were movlng around Lhe edgeŦ lL musL have made sense Lo uumbledoreţ Lhoughţ
because he puL lL back ln hls pockeL and saldţ ºPagrld's laLeŦ l suppose lL was he who Lold you
l'd be hereţ by Lhe way?"
º?esţ" sald Þrofessor McConagallŦ ºAnd l don'L suppose you're golng Lo Lell me why you're
hereţ of all places?"
ºl've come Lo brlng Parry Lo hls aunL and uncleŦ 1hey're Lhe only famlly he has lefL nowŦ"
º?ou don'L mean Ŷ you can'L mean Lhe people who llve here?" crled Þrofessor McConagallţ
[umplng Lo her feeL and polnLlng aL number fourŦ ºuumbledore Ÿ you can'LŦ l've been
waLchlng Lhem all dayŦ ?ou couldn'L flnd Lwo people who are less llke usŦ And Lhey've goL Lhls
son Ÿ l saw hlm klcklng hls moLher all Lhe way up Lhe sLreeLţ screamlng for sweeLsŦ Parry
ÞoLLer come and llve here!"
ºlL's Lhe besL place for hlmţ" sald uumbledore flrmlyŦ ºPls aunL and uncle wlll be able Lo
explaln everyLhlng Lo hlm when he's olderŦ l've wrlLLen Lhem a leLLerŦ"
ºA leLLer?" repeaLed Þrofessor McConagall falnLlyţ slLLlng back down on Lhe wallŦ º8eallyţ
uumbledoreţ you Lhlnk you can explaln all Lhls ln a leLLer? 1hese people wlll never undersLand
hlm! Pe'll be famous Ÿ a legend Ÿ l wouldn'L be surprlsed lf Loday was known as Parry ÞoLLer
day ln Lhe fuLure Ÿ Lhere wlll be books wrlLLen abouL Parry Ÿ every chlld ln our world wlll
know hls name!"
ºLxacLlyŦ" sald uumbledoreţ looklng very serlously over Lhe Lop of hls halfŴmoon glassesŦ ºlL
would be enough Lo Lurn any boy's headŦ lamous before he can walk and Lalk! lamous for
someLhlng he won'L even remember! Can you see how much beLLer off he'll beţ growlng up
away from all LhaL unLll he's ready Lo Lake lL?"
Þrofessor McConagall opened her mouLhţ changed her mlndţ swallowedţ and Lhen saldţ º?es
Ÿ yesţ you're rlghLţ of courseŦ 8uL how ls Lhe boy geLLlng hereţ uumbledore?" She eyed hls
cloak suddenly as Lhough she LhoughL he mlghL be hldlng Parry underneaLh lLŦ

ºPagrld's brlnglng hlmŦ"
º?ou Lhlnk lL Ÿwlse Ÿ Lo LrusL Pagrld wlLh someLhlng as lmporLanL as Lhls?"
ºl would LrusL Pagrld wlLh my llfeţ" sald uumbledoreŦ
ºl'm noL saylng hls hearL lsn'L ln Lhe rlghL placeţ" sald Þrofessor McConagall grudglnglyţ ºbuL
you can'L preLend he's noL carelessŦ Pe does Lend Lo Ÿ whaL was LhaL?"
A low rumbllng sound had broken Lhe sllence around LhemŦ lL grew sLeadlly louder as Lhey
looked up and down Lhe sLreeL for some slgn of a headllghLŤ lL swelled Lo a roar as Lhey boLh
looked up aL Lhe sky Ÿ and a huge moLorcycle fell ouL of Lhe alr and landed on Lhe road ln
of LhemŦ
lf Lhe moLorcycle was hugeţ lL was noLhlng Lo Lhe man slLLlng asLrlde lLŦ Pe was almosL Lwlce as
Lall as a normal man and aL leasL flve Llmes as wldeŦ Pe looked slmply Loo blg Lo be allowedţ
and so wlld Ÿ long Langles of bushy black halr and beard hld mosL of hls faceţ he had hands
Lhe slze of Lrash can lldsţ and hls feeL ln Lhelr leaLher booLs were llke baby dolphlnsŦ ln hls vasLţ
muscular arms he was holdlng a bundle of blankeLsŦ
ºPagrldţ" sald uumbledoreţ soundlng rellevedŦ ºAL lasLŦ And where dld you geL LhaL
º8orrowed lLţ Þrofessor uumbledoreţ slrţ" sald Lhe glanLţ cllmblng carefully off Lhe moLorcycle
as he spokeŦ º?oung Slrlus 8lack lenL lL Lo meŦ l've goL hlmţ slrŦ"
ºno problemsţ were Lhere?"
ºnoţ slr Ÿ house was almosL desLroyedţ buL l goL hlm ouL all rlghL before Lhe Muggles sLarLed
swarmln' aroundŦ Pe fell asleep as we was flyln' over 8rlsLolŦ"
uumbledore and Þrofessor McConagall benL forward over Lhe bundle of blankeLsŦ lnsldeţ [usL
vlslbleţ was a baby boyţ fasL asleepŦ under a LufL of [eLŴblack halr over hls forehead Lhey could
see a curlously shaped cuLţ llke a bolL of llghLnlngŦ
ºls LhaL where Ÿ?" whlspered Þrofessor McConagallŦ
º?esţ" sald uumbledoreŦ ºPe'll have LhaL scar foreverŦ"
ºCouldn'L you do someLhlng abouL lLţ uumbledore?"
ºLven lf l couldţ l wouldn'LŦ Scars can come ln handyŦ l have one myself above my lefL knee LhaL
ls a perfecL map of Lhe London undergroundŦ Well Ÿ glve hlm hereţ Pagrld Ÿ we'd beLLer geL
Lhls over wlLhŦ"
uumbledore Look Parry ln hls arms and Lurned Loward Lhe uursleys' houseŦ
ºCould l Ÿ could l say goodŴbye Lo hlmţ slr?" asked PagrldŦ Pe benL hls greaLţ shaggy head over
Parry and gave hlm whaL musL have been a very scraLchyţ whlskery klssŦ 1henţ suddenlyţ
Pagrld leL ouL a howl llke a wounded dogŦ
ºShhh!" hlssed Þrofessor McConagallţ º?ou'll wake Lhe Muggles!"
ºSŴsŴsorryţ" sobbed Pagrldţ Laklng ouL a largeţ spoLLed handkerchlef and burylng hls face ln lLŦ
º8uL l cŴcŴcan'L sLand lL ŸLlly an' !ames dead Ÿ an' poor llLLle Parry off Ler llve wlLh Muggles
º?esţ yesţ lL's all very sadţ buL geL a grlp on yourselfţ Pagrldţ or we'll be foundţ" Þrofessor
McConagall whlsperedţ paLLlng Pagrld glngerly on Lhe arm as uumbledore sLepped over Lhe
low garden wall and walked Lo Lhe fronL doorŦ Pe lald Parry genLly on Lhe doorsLepţ Look a
leLLer ouL of hls cloakţ Lucked lL lnslde Parry's blankeLsţ and Lhen came back Lo Lhe oLher LwoŦ
lor a full mlnuLe Lhe Lhree of Lhem sLood and looked aL Lhe llLLle bundleŤ Pagrld's shoulders
shookţ Þrofessor McConagall bllnked furlouslyţ and Lhe Lwlnkllng llghL LhaL usually shone from
uumbledore's eyes seemed Lo have gone ouLŦ
ºWellţ" sald uumbledore flnallyţ ºLhaL's LhaLŦ We've no buslness sLaylng hereŦ We may as well
go and [oln Lhe celebraLlonsŦ"
º?eahţ" sald Pagrld ln a very muffled volceţ ƍl besL geL Lhls blke awayŦ C'nlghLţ Þrofessor
McConagall Ÿ Þrofessor uumbledoreţ slrŦ"
Wlplng hls sLreamlng eyes on hls [ackeL sleeveţ Pagrld swung hlmself onLo Lhe moLorcycle and
klcked Lhe englne lnLo llfeŤ wlLh a roar lL rose lnLo Lhe alr and off lnLo Lhe nlghLŦ
ºl shall see you soonţ l expecLţ Þrofessor McConagallţ" sald uumbledoreţ noddlng Lo herŦ
Þrofessor McConagall blew her nose ln replyŦ
uumbledore Lurned and walked back down Lhe sLreeLŦ Cn Lhe corner he sLopped and Look ouL
Lhe sllver ÞuLŴCuLerŦ Pe cllcked lL onceţ and Lwelve balls of llghL sped back Lo Lhelr sLreeL lamps
so LhaL ÞrlveL urlve glowed suddenly orange and he could make ouL a Labby caL sllnklng around
Lhe corner aL Lhe oLher end of Lhe sLreeLŦ Pe could [usL see Lhe bundle of blankeLs on Lhe sLep
of number fourŦ
ºCood luckţ Parryţ" he murmuredŦ Pe Lurned on hls heel and wlLh a swlsh of hls cloakţ he was
A breeze ruffled Lhe neaL hedges of ÞrlveL urlveţ whlch lay sllenL and Lldy under Lhe lnky skyţ
Lhe very lasL place you would expecL asLonlshlng Lhlngs Lo happenŦ Parry ÞoLLer rolled over
lnslde hls blankeLs wlLhouL waklng upŦ Cne small hand closed on Lhe leLLer beslde hlm and he
slepL onţ noL knowlng he was speclalţ noL knowlng he was famousţ noL knowlng he would be
woken ln a few hours' Llme by MrsŦ uursley's scream as she opened Lhe fronL door Lo puL ouL
Lhe mllk boLLlesţ nor LhaL he would spend Lhe nexL few weeks belng prodded and plnched by
hls cousln uudleyŧ Pe couldn'L know LhaL aL Lhls very momenLţ people meeLlng ln secreL all
over Lhe counLry were holdlng up Lhelr glasses and saylng ln hushed volcesť º1o Parry ÞoLLer Ÿ
Lhe boy who llved!"
1he vanlshlng Class
nearly Len years had passed slnce Lhe uursleys had woken up Lo flnd Lhelr nephew on Lhe
fronL sLepţ buL ÞrlveL urlve had hardly changed aL allŦ 1he sun rose on Lhe same Lldy fronL
gardens and llL up Lhe brass number four on Lhe uursleys' fronL doorŤ lL crepL lnLo Lhelr llvlng
roomţ whlch was almosL exacLly Lhe same as lL had been on Lhe nlghL when MrŦ uursley had
seen LhaL faLeful news reporL abouL Lhe owlsŦ Cnly Lhe phoLographs on Lhe manLelplece really
showed how much Llme had passedŦ 1en years agoţ Lhere had been loLs of plcLures of whaL
looked llke a large plnk beach ball wearlng dlfferenLŴcolored bonneLs Ÿ buL uudley uursley
was no longer a babyţ and now Lhe phoLographs showed a large blond boy rldlng hls flrsL
blcycleţ on a carousel aL Lhe falrţ playlng a compuLer game wlLh hls faLherţ belng hugged and
klssed by hls moLherŦ 1he room held no slgn aL all LhaL anoLher boy llved ln Lhe houseţ LooŦ
?eL Parry ÞoLLer was sLlll Lhereţ asleep aL Lhe momenLţ buL noL for longŦ Pls AunL ÞeLunla was
awake and lL was her shrlll volce LhaL made Lhe flrsL nolse of Lhe dayŦ
ºup! CeL up! now!"
Parry woke wlLh a sLarLŦ Pls aunL rapped on Lhe door agalnŦ
ºup!" she screechedŦ Parry heard her walklng Loward Lhe klLchen and Lhen Lhe sound of Lhe
frylng pan belng puL on Lhe sLoveŦ Pe rolled onLo hls back and Lrled Lo remember Lhe dream he
had been havlngŦ lL had been a good oneŦ 1here had been a flylng moLorcycle ln lLŦ Pe had a
funny feellng he'd had Lhe same dream beforeŦ
Pls aunL was back ouLslde Lhe doorŦ
ºAre you up yeL?" she demandedŦ
ºnearlyţ" sald ParryŦ
ºWellţ geL a move onţ l wanL you Lo look afLer Lhe baconŦ And don'L you dare leL lL burnţ l wanL
everyLhlng perfecL on uuddy's blrLhdayŦ"
Parry groanedŦ
ºWhaL dld you say?" hls aunL snapped Lhrough Lhe doorŦ
ºnoLhlngţ noLhlngŧ"
uudley's blrLhday Ÿ how could he have forgoLLen? Parry goL slowly ouL of bed and sLarLed
looklng for socksŦ Pe found a palr under hls bed andţ afLer pulllng a splder off one of Lhemţ puL
Lhem onŦ Parry was used Lo spldersţ because Lhe cupboard under Lhe sLalrs was full of Lhemţ
LhaL was where he slepLŦ
When he was dressed he wenL down Lhe hall lnLo Lhe klLchenŦ 1he Lable was almosL hldden
beneaLh all uudley's blrLhday presenLsŦ lL looked as Lhough uudley had goLLen Lhe new
compuLer he wanLedţ noL Lo menLlon Lhe second Lelevlslon and Lhe raclng blkeŦ LxacLly why
uudley wanLed a raclng blke was a mysLery Lo Parryţ as uudley was very faL and haLed exerclse
Ÿ unless of course lL lnvolved punchlng somebodyŦ uudley's favorlLe punchlng bag was Parryţ
buL he couldn'L ofLen caLch hlmŦ Parry dldn'L look lLţ buL he was very fasLŦ
Þerhaps lL had someLhlng Lo do wlLh llvlng ln a dark cupboardţ buL Parry had always been small
and sklnny for hls ageŦ Pe looked even smaller and sklnnler Lhan he really was because all he
had Lo wear were old cloLhes of uudley'sţ and uudley was abouL four Llmes blgger Lhan he
wasŦ Parry had a Lhln faceţ knobbly kneesţ black halrţ and brlghL green eyesŦ Pe wore round
glasses held LogeLher wlLh a loL of ScoLch Lape because of all Lhe Llmes uudley had punched
hlm on Lhe noseŦ 1he only Lhlng Parry llked abouL hls own appearance was a very Lhln scar on
hls forehead LhaL was shaped llke a bolL of llghLnlngŦ Pe had had lL as long as he could
rememberţ and Lhe flrsL quesLlon he could ever remember asklng hls AunL ÞeLunla was how he
had goLLen lLŦ
ºln Lhe car crash when your parenLs dledţ" she had saldŦ ºAnd don'L ask quesLlonsŦ"
uon'L ask quesLlons Ÿ LhaL was Lhe flrsL rule for a quleL llfe wlLh Lhe uursleysŦ
uncle vernon enLered Lhe klLchen as Parry was Lurnlng over Lhe baconŦ
ºComb your halr!" he barkedţ by way of a mornlng greeLlngŦ
AbouL once a weekţ uncle vernon looked over Lhe Lop of hls newspaper and shouLed LhaL
Parry needed a halrcuLŦ Parry musL have had more halrcuLs Lhan Lhe resL of Lhe boys ln hls
class puL LogeLherţ buL lL made no dlfferenceţ hls halr slmply grew LhaL way Ÿ all over Lhe
Parry was frylng eggs by Lhe Llme uudley arrlved ln Lhe klLchen wlLh hls moLherŦ uudley looked
a loL llke uncle vernonŦ Pe had a large plnk faceţ noL much neckţ smallţ waLery blue eyesţ and
Lhlck blond halr LhaL lay smooLhly on hls Lhlckţ faL headŦ AunL ÞeLunla ofLen sald LhaL uudley
looked llke a baby angel Ÿ Parry ofLen sald LhaL uudley looked llke a plg ln a wlgŦ
Parry puL Lhe plaLes of egg and bacon on Lhe Lableţ whlch was dlfflculL as Lhere wasn'L much
roomŦ uudleyţ meanwhlleţ was counLlng hls presenLsŦ Pls face fellŦ
º1hlrLyŴslxţ" he saldţ looklng up aL hls moLher and faLherŦ º1haL's Lwo less Lhan lasL yearŦ"
ºuarllngţ you haven'L counLed AunLle Marge's presenLţ seeţ lL's here under Lhls blg one from
Mummy and uaddyŦ"
ºAll rlghLţ LhlrLyŴseven Lhenţ" sald uudleyţ golng red ln Lhe faceŦ Parryţ who could see a huge
uudley LanLrum comlng onţ began wolflng down hls bacon as fasL as posslble ln case uudley
Lurned Lhe Lable overŦ
AunL ÞeLunla obvlously scenLed dangerţ Looţ because she sald qulcklyţ ºAnd we'll buy you
anoLher Lwo presenLs whlle we're ouL LodayŦ Pow's LhaLţ popkln? 1wo more presenLsŦ ls LhaL
all rlghL"
uudley LhoughL for a momenLŦ lL looked llke hard workŦ llnally he sald slowlyţ ºSo l'll have
LhlrLyŧ LhlrLyŧ"
º1hlrLyŴnlneţ sweeLumsţ" sald AunL ÞeLunlaŦ
ºChŦ" uudley saL down heavlly and grabbed Lhe nearesL parcelŦ ºAll rlghL LhenŦ"
uncle vernon chuckledŦ
ºLlLLle Lyke wanLs hls money's worLhţ [usL llke hls faLherŦ 'ALLa boyţ uudley!" Pe ruffled
uudley's halrŦ
AL LhaL momenL Lhe Lelephone rang and AunL ÞeLunla wenL Lo answer lL whlle Parry and uncle
vernon waLched uudley unwrap Lhe raclng blkeţ a vldeo cameraţ a remoLe conLrol alrplaneţ
slxLeen new compuLer gamesţ and a vC8Ŧ Pe was rlpplng Lhe paper off a gold wrlsLwaLch when
AunL ÞeLunla came back from Lhe Lelephone looklng boLh angry and worrledŦ
º8ad newsţ vernonţ" she saldŦ ºMrsŦ llgg's broken her legŦ She can'L Lake hlmŦ" She [erked her
head ln Parry's dlrecLlonŦ
uudley's mouLh fell open ln horrorţ buL Parry's hearL gave a leapŦ Lvery year on uudley's
blrLhdayţ hls parenLs Look hlm and a frlend ouL for Lhe dayţ Lo advenLure parksţ hamburger
resLauranLsţ or Lhe movlesŦ Lvery yearţ Parry was lefL behlnd wlLh MrsŦ llggţ a mad old lady
who llved Lwo sLreeLs awayŦ Parry haLed lL LhereŦ 1he whole house smelled of cabbage and
MrsŦ llgg made hlm look aL phoLographs of all Lhe caLs she'd ever ownedŦ
ºnow whaL?" sald AunL ÞeLunlaţ looklng furlously aL Parry as Lhough he'd planned LhlsŦ Parry
knew he oughL Lo feel sorry LhaL MrsŦ llgg had broken her legţ buL lL wasn'L easy when he
remlnded hlmself lL would be a whole year before he had Lo look aL 1lbblesţ Snowyţ MrŦ Þawsţ
and 1ufLy agalnŦ
ºWe could phone Margeţ" uncle vernon suggesLedŦ
ºuon'L be slllyţ vernonţ she haLes Lhe boyŦ"
1he uursleys ofLen spoke abouL Parry llke Lhlsţ as Lhough he wasn'L Lhere Ÿ or raLherţ as
Lhough he was someLhlng very nasLy LhaL couldn'L undersLand Lhemţ llke a slugŦ
ºWhaL abouL whaL'sŴherŴnameţ your frlend Ÿ ?vonne?"
ºCn vacaLlon ln Ma[orcaţ" snapped AunL ÞeLunlaŦ
º?ou could [usL leave me hereţ" Parry puL ln hopefully (he'd be able Lo waLch whaL he wanLed
on Lelevlslon for a change and maybe even have a go on uudley's compuLer)Ŧ
AunL ÞeLunla looked as Lhough she'd [usL swallowed a lemonŦ
ºAnd come back and flnd Lhe house ln rulns?" she snarledŦ
ºl won'L blow up Lhe houseţ" sald Parryţ buL Lhey weren'L llsLenlngŦ
ºl suppose we could Lake hlm Lo Lhe zooţ" sald AunL ÞeLunla slowlyţ ºŧ and leave hlm ln Lhe
º1haL car's newţ he's noL slLLlng ln lL aloneŧ"
uudley began Lo cry loudlyŦ ln facLţ he wasn'L really crylng Ÿ lL had been years slnce he'd really
crled Ÿ buL he knew LhaL lf he screwed up hls face and walledţ hls moLher would glve hlm
anyLhlng he wanLedŦ
ºulnky uuddydumsţ don'L cryţ Mummy won'L leL hlm spoll your speclal day!" she crledţ fllnglng
her arms around hlmŦ
ºlŧ don'Lŧ wanLŧ hlmŧ LŴLŴLo come!" uudley yelled beLween hugeţ preLend sobsŦ ºPe always
spŴspolls everyLhlng!" Pe shoL Parry a nasLy grln Lhrough Lhe gap ln hls moLher's armsŦ
!usL Lhenţ Lhe doorbell rang Ÿ ºChţ good Lordţ Lhey're here!" sald AunL ÞeLunla franLlcally Ÿ
and a momenL laLerţ uudley's besL frlendţ Þlers Þolklssţ walked ln wlLh hls moLherŦ Þlers was a
scrawny boy wlLh a face llke a raLŦ Pe was usually Lhe one who held people's arms behlnd Lhelr
backs whlle uudley hlL LhemŦ uudley sLopped preLendlng Lo cry aL onceŦ
Palf an hour laLerţ Parryţ who couldn'L belleve hls luckţ was slLLlng ln Lhe back of Lhe uursleys'
car wlLh Þlers and uudleyţ on Lhe way Lo Lhe zoo for Lhe flrsL Llme ln hls llfeŦ Pls aunL and uncle
hadn'L been able Lo Lhlnk of anyLhlng else Lo do wlLh hlmţ buL before Lhey'd lefLţ uncle vernon
had Laken Parry asldeŦ
ºl'm warnlng youţ" he had saldţ puLLlng hls large purple face rlghL up close Lo Parry'sţ ºl'm
warnlng you nowţ boy Ÿ any funny buslnessţ anyLhlng aL all Ÿ and you'll be ln LhaL cupboard
from now unLll ChrlsLmasŦ"
ºl'm noL golng Lo do anyLhlngţ" sald Parryţ ºhonesLlyŧ"
8uL uncle vernon dldn'L belleve hlmŦ no one ever dldŦ
1he problem wasţ sLrange Lhlngs ofLen happened around Parry and lL was [usL no good Lelllng
Lhe uursleys he dldn'L make Lhem happenŦ
Cnceţ AunL ÞeLunlaţ Llred of Parry comlng back from Lhe barbers looklng as Lhough he hadn'L
been aL allţ had Laken a palr of klLchen sclssors and cuL hls halr so shorL he was almosL bald
excepL for hls bangsţ whlch she lefL ºLo hlde LhaL horrlble scarŦ" uudley had laughed hlmself
sllly aL Parryţ who spenL a sleepless nlghL lmaglnlng school Lhe nexL dayţ where he was already
laughed aL for hls baggy cloLhes and Laped glassesŦ nexL mornlngţ howeverţ he had goLLen up
Lo flnd hls halr exacLly as lL had been before AunL ÞeLunla had sheared lL offŦ Pe had been
glven a week ln hls cupboard for Lhlsţ even Lhough he had Lrled Lo explaln LhaL he couldn'L
explaln how lL had grown back so qulcklyŦ
AnoLher Llmeţ AunL ÞeLunla had been Lrylng Lo force hlm lnLo a revolLlng old sweaLer of
uudley's (brown wlLh orange puff balls)Ŧ 1he harder she Lrled Lo pull lL over hls headţ Lhe
smaller lL seemed Lo becomeţ unLll flnally lL mlghL have flLLed a hand puppeLţ buL cerLalnly
wouldn'L flL ParryŦ AunL ÞeLunla had declded lL musL have shrunk ln Lhe wash andţ Lo hls greaL
rellefţ Parry wasn'L punlshedŦ
Cn Lhe oLher handţ he'd goLLen lnLo Lerrlble Lrouble for belng found on Lhe roof of Lhe school
klLchensŦ uudley's gang had been chaslng hlm as usual whenţ as much Lo Parry's surprlse as
anyone else'sţ Lhere he was slLLlng on Lhe chlmneyŦ 1he uursleys had recelved a very angry
leLLer from Parry's headmlsLress Lelllng Lhem Parry had been cllmblng school bulldlngsŦ 8uL all
he'd Lrled Lo do (as he shouLed aL uncle vernon Lhrough Lhe locked door of hls cupboard) was
[ump behlnd Lhe blg Lrash cans ouLslde Lhe klLchen doorsŦ Parry supposed LhaL Lhe wlnd musL
have caughL hlm ln mldŴ[umpŦ
8uL Lodayţ noLhlng was golng Lo go wrongŦ lL was even worLh belng wlLh uudley and Þlers Lo be
spendlng Lhe day somewhere LhaL wasn'L schoolţ hls cupboardţ or MrsŦ llgg's cabbageŴsmelllng
llvlng roomŦ
Whlle he droveţ uncle vernon complalned Lo AunL ÞeLunlaŦ Pe llked Lo complaln abouL Lhlngsť
people aL workţ Parryţ Lhe councllţ Parryţ Lhe bankţ and Parry were [usL a few of hls favorlLe
sub[ecLsŦ 1hls mornlngţ lL was moLorcyclesŦ
ºŧ roarlng along llke manlacsţ Lhe young hoodlumsţ" he saldţ as a moLorcycle overLook LhemŦ
ºl had a dream abouL a moLorcycleţ" sald Parryţ rememberlng suddenlyŦ ºlL was flylngŦ"
uncle vernon nearly crashed lnLo Lhe car ln fronLŦ Pe Lurned rlghL around ln hls seaL and yelled
aL Parryţ hls face llke a glganLlc beeL wlLh a musLacheť ºMC1C8C?CLLS uCn'1 lL?!"
uudley and Þlers snlggeredŦ
ºl know Lhey don'Lţ" sald ParryŦ ºlL was only a dreamŦ"
8uL he wlshed he hadn'L sald anyLhlngŦ lf Lhere was one Lhlng Lhe uursleys haLed even more
Lhan hls asklng quesLlonsţ lL was hls Lalklng abouL anyLhlng acLlng ln a way lL shouldn'Lţ no
maLLer lf lL was ln a dream or even a carLoon Ÿ Lhey seemed Lo Lhlnk he mlghL geL dangerous
lL was a very sunny SaLurday and Lhe zoo was crowded wlLh famlllesŦ 1he uursleys boughL
uudley and Þlers large chocolaLe lce creams aL Lhe enLrance and Lhenţ because Lhe smlllng lady
ln Lhe van had asked Parry whaL he wanLed before Lhey could hurry hlm awayţ Lhey boughL
hlm a cheap lemon lce popŦ lL wasn'L badţ elLherţ Parry LhoughLţ llcklng lL as Lhey waLched a
gorllla scraLchlng lLs head who looked remarkably llke uudleyţ excepL LhaL lL wasn'L blondŦ
Parry had Lhe besL mornlng he'd had ln a long LlmeŦ Pe was careful Lo walk a llLLle way aparL
from Lhe uursleys so LhaL uudley and Þlersţ who were sLarLlng Lo geL bored wlLh Lhe anlmals by
lunchLlmeţ wouldn'L fall back on Lhelr favorlLe hobby of hlLLlng hlmŦ 1hey aLe ln Lhe zoo
resLauranLţ and when uudley had a LanLrum because hls knlckerbocker glory dldn'L have
enough lce cream on Lopţ uncle vernon boughL hlm anoLher one and Parry was allowed Lo
flnlsh Lhe flrsLŦ
Parry felLţ afLerwardţ LhaL he should have known lL was all Loo good Lo lasLŦ
AfLer lunch Lhey wenL Lo Lhe repLlle houseŦ lL was cool and dark ln Lhereţ wlLh llL wlndows all
along Lhe wallsŦ 8ehlnd Lhe glassţ all sorLs of llzards and snakes were crawllng and sllLherlng
over blLs of wood and sLoneŦ uudley and Þlers wanLed Lo see hugeţ polsonous cobras and
Lhlckţ manŴcrushlng pyLhonsŦ uudley qulckly found Lhe largesL snake ln Lhe placeŦ lL could have
wrapped lLs body Lwlce around uncle vernon's car and crushed lL lnLo a Lrash can Ÿ buL aL Lhe
momenL lL dldn'L look ln Lhe moodŦ ln facLţ lL was fasL asleepŦ
uudley sLood wlLh hls nose pressed agalnsL Lhe glassţ sLarlng aL Lhe gllsLenlng brown collsŦ
ºMake lL moveţ" he whlned aL hls faLherŦ uncle vernon Lapped on Lhe glassţ buL Lhe snake
dldn'L budgeŦ
ºuo lL agalnţ" uudley orderedŦ uncle vernon rapped Lhe glass smarLly wlLh hls knucklesţ buL
Lhe snake [usL snoozed onŦ
º1hls ls borlngţ" uudley moanedŦ Pe shuffled awayŦ
Parry moved ln fronL of Lhe Lank and looked lnLenLly aL Lhe snakeŦ Pe wouldn'L have been
surprlsed lf lL had dled of boredom lLself Ÿ no company excepL sLupld people drummlng Lhelr
flngers on Lhe glass Lrylng Lo dlsLurb lL all day longŦ lL was worse Lhan havlng a cupboard as a
bedroomţ where Lhe only vlslLor was AunL ÞeLunla hammerlng on Lhe door Lo wake you upŤ aL
leasL he goL Lo vlslL Lhe resL of Lhe houseŦ
1he snake suddenly opened lLs beady eyesŦ Slowlyţ very slowlyţ lL ralsed lLs head unLll lLs eyes
were on a level wlLh Parry'sŦ
lL wlnkedŦ
Parry sLaredŦ 1hen he looked qulckly around Lo see lf anyone was waLchlngŦ 1hey weren'LŦ Pe
looked back aL Lhe snake and wlnkedţ LooŦ
1he snake [erked lLs head Loward uncle vernon and uudleyţ Lhen ralsed lLs eyes Lo Lhe celllngŦ
gave Parry a look LhaL sald qulLe plalnlyť
ºl geL LhaL all Lhe LlmeŦ"
ºl knowţ" Parry murmured Lhrough Lhe glassţ Lhough he wasn'L sure Lhe snake could hear hlmŦ
ºlL musL be really annoylngŦ"
1he snake nodded vlgorouslyŦ
ºWhere do you come fromţ anyway?" Parry askedŦ
1he snake [abbed lLs Lall aL a llLLle slgn nexL Lo Lhe glassŦ Parry peered aL lLŦ
8oa ConsLrlcLorţ 8razllŦ
ºWas lL nlce Lhere?"
1he boa consLrlcLor [abbed lLs Lall aL Lhe slgn agaln and Parry read onť 1hls speclmen was bred
ln Lhe zooŦ ºChţ l see Ÿ so you've never been Lo 8razll?"
As Lhe snake shook lLs headţ a deafenlng shouL behlnd Parry made boLh of Lhem [umpŦ
ºuuuLL?! M8Ŧ uu8SLL?! CCML Anu LCCk A1 1PlS SnAkL! ?Cu WCn'1 8LLlLvL WPA1 l1'S
uudley came waddllng Loward Lhem as fasL as he couldŦ
ºCuL of Lhe wayţ youţ" he saldţ punchlng Parry ln Lhe rlbsŦ CaughL by surprlseţ Parry fell hard
on Lhe concreLe floorŦ WhaL came nexL happened so fasL no one saw how lL happened Ÿ one
secondţ Þlers and uudley were leanlng rlghL up close Lo Lhe glassţ Lhe nexLţ Lhey had leapL back
wlLh howls of horrorŦ
Parry saL up and gaspedŤ Lhe glass fronL of Lhe boa consLrlcLor's Lank had vanlshedŦ 1he greaL
snake was uncolllng lLself rapldlyţ sllLherlng ouL onLo Lhe floorŦ Þeople LhroughouL Lhe repLlle
house screamed and sLarLed runnlng for Lhe exlLsŦ
As Lhe snake slld swlfLly pasL hlmţ Parry could have sworn a lowţ hlsslng volce saldţ º8razllţ
here l comeŧ 1hanksssţ amlgoŦ"
1he keeper of Lhe repLlle house was ln shockŦ
º8uL Lhe glassţ" he kepL saylngţ ºwhere dld Lhe glass go?"
1he zoo dlrecLor hlmself made AunL ÞeLunla a cup of sLrongţ sweeL Lea whlle he apologlzed
over and over agalnŦ Þlers and uudley could only glbberŦ As far as Parry had seenţ Lhe snake
hadn'L done anyLhlng excepL snap playfully aL Lhelr heels as lL passedţ buL by Lhe Llme Lhey
were all back ln uncle vernon's carţ uudley was Lelllng Lhem how lL had nearly blLLen off hls
legţ whlle Þlers
was swearlng lL had Lrled Lo squeeze hlm Lo deaLhŦ 8uL worsL of allţ for Parry aL leasLţ was Þlers
calmlng down enough Lo sayţ ºParry was Lalklng Lo lLţ weren'L youţ Parry?"
uncle vernon walLed unLll Þlers was safely ouL of Lhe house before sLarLlng on ParryŦ Pe was
so angry he could hardly speakŦ Pe managed Lo sayţ ºCo Ÿ cupboard Ÿ sLay Ÿ no mealsţ"
before he collapsed lnLo a chalrţ and AunL ÞeLunla had Lo run and geL hlm a large brandyŦ
Parry lay ln hls dark cupboard much laLerţ wlshlng he had a waLchŦ Pe dldn'L know whaL Llme lL
was and he couldn'L be sure Lhe uursleys were asleep yeLŦ unLll Lhey wereţ he couldn'L rlsk
sneaklng Lo Lhe klLchen for some foodŦ
Pe'd llved wlLh Lhe uursleys almosL Len yearsţ Len mlserable yearsţ as long as he could
rememberţ ever slnce he'd been a baby and hls parenLs had dled ln LhaL car crashŦ Pe couldn'L
remember belng ln Lhe car when hls parenLs had dledŦ SomeLlmesţ when he sLralned hls
memory durlng long hours ln hls cupboardţ he came up wlLh a sLrange vlslonť a bllndlng flash
of green llghL and a burnlng paln on hls foreheadŦ 1hlsţ he supposedţ was Lhe crashţ Lhough he
couldn'L lmaglne where all Lhe green llghL came fromŦ Pe couldn'L remember hls parenLs aL allŦ
Pls aunL and uncle never spoke abouL Lhemţ and of course he was forbldden Lo ask quesLlonsŦ
1here were no phoLographs of Lhem ln Lhe houseŦ
When he had been youngerţ Parry had dreamed and dreamed of some unknown relaLlon
comlng Lo Lake hlm awayţ buL lL had never happenedŤ Lhe uursleys were hls only famllyŦ ?eL
someLlmes he LhoughL (or maybe hoped) LhaL sLrangers ln Lhe sLreeL seemed Lo know hlmŦ
very sLrange sLrangers Lhey wereţ LooŦ A Llny man ln a vloleL Lop haL had bowed Lo hlm once
whlle ouL shopplng wlLh AunL ÞeLunla and uudleyŦ AfLer asklng Parry furlously lf he knew Lhe
manţ AunL ÞeLunla had rushed Lhem ouL of Lhe shop wlLhouL buylng anyLhlngŦ A wlldŴlooklng
old woman dressed all ln green had waved merrlly aL hlm once on a busŦ A bald man ln a very
long purple coaL had acLually shaken hls hand ln Lhe sLreeL Lhe oLher day and Lhen walked
away wlLhouL a wordŦ 1he welrdesL Lhlng abouL all Lhese people was Lhe way Lhey seemed Lo
vanlsh Lhe second Parry Lrled Lo geL a closer lookŦ
AL schoolţ Parry had no oneŦ Lverybody knew LhaL uudley's gang haLed LhaL odd Parry ÞoLLer
ln hls baggy old cloLhes and broken glassesţ and nobody llked Lo dlsagree wlLh uudley's gangŦ
LeLLers lrom no Cne
1he escape of Lhe 8razlllan boa consLrlcLor earned Parry hls longesLŴever punlshmenLŦ 8y Lhe
Llme he was allowed ouL of hls cupboard agalnţ Lhe summer holldays had sLarLed and uudley
had already broken hls new vldeo cameraţ crashed hls remoLe conLrol alrplaneţ andţ flrsL Llme
ouL on hls raclng blkeţ knocked down old MrsŦ llgg as she crossed ÞrlveL urlve on her cruLchesŦ
Parry was glad school was overţ buL Lhere was no escaplng uudley's gangţ who vlslLed Lhe
house every slngle dayŦ Þlersţ uennlsţ Malcolmţ and Cordon were all blg and sLupldţ buL as
uudley was Lhe blggesL and sLupldesL of Lhe loLţ he was Lhe leaderŦ 1he resL of Lhem were all
qulLe happy Lo [oln ln uudley's favorlLe sporLť Parry PunLlngŦ
1hls was why Parry spenL as much Llme as posslble ouL of Lhe houseţ wanderlng around and
Lhlnklng abouL Lhe end of Lhe holldaysţ where he could see a Llny ray of hopeŦ When
SepLember came he would be golng off Lo secondary school andţ for Lhe flrsL Llme ln hls llfeţ he
wouldn'L be wlLh uudleyŦ uudley had been accepLed aL uncle vernon's old prlvaLe schoolţ
SmelLlngsŦ Þlers Þolklss was golng Lhere LooŦ Parryţ on Lhe oLher handţ was golng Lo SLonewall
Plghţ Lhe local publlc schoolŦ uudley LhoughL Lhls was very funnyŦ
º1hey sLuff people's heads down Lhe LolleL Lhe flrsL day aL SLonewallţ" he Lold ParryŦ ºWanL Lo
come upsLalrs and pracLlce?"
ºnoţ Lhanksţ" sald ParryŦ º1he poor LolleL's never had anyLhlng as horrlble as your head down
lL Ÿ lL mlghL be slckŦ" 1hen he ranţ before uudley could work ouL whaL he'd saldŦ
Cne day ln !ulyţ AunL ÞeLunla Look uudley Lo London Lo buy hls SmelLlngs unlformţ leavlng
Parry aL MrsŦ llgg'sŦ MrsŦ llgg wasn'L as bad as usualŦ lL Lurned ouL she'd broken her leg
Lrlpplng over one of her caLsţ and she dldn'L seem qulLe as fond of Lhem as beforeŦ She leL
Parry waLch Lelevlslon and gave hlm a blL of chocolaLe cake LhaL LasLed as Lhough she'd had lL
for several yearsŦ
1haL evenlngţ uudley paraded around Lhe llvlng room for Lhe famlly ln hls brandŴnew unlformŦ
SmelLlngs' boys wore maroon LallcoaLsţ orange knlckerbockersţ and flaL sLraw haLs called
boaLersŦ 1hey also carrled knobbly sLlcksţ used for hlLLlng each oLher whlle Lhe Leachers
weren'L looklngŦ 1hls was supposed Lo be good Lralnlng for laLer llfeŦ
As he looked aL uudley ln hls new knlckerbockersţ uncle vernon sald gruffly LhaL lL was Lhe
proudesL momenL of hls llfeŦ AunL ÞeLunla bursL lnLo Lears and sald she couldn'L belleve lL was
her lckle uudleyklnsţ he looked so handsome and grownŴupŦ Parry dldn'L LrusL hlmself Lo
speakŦ Pe LhoughL Lwo of hls rlbs mlghL already have cracked from Lrylng noL Lo laughŦ
1here was a horrlble smell ln Lhe klLchen Lhe nexL mornlng when Parry wenL ln for breakfasLŦ lL
seemed Lo be comlng from a large meLal Lub ln Lhe slnkŦ Pe wenL Lo have a lookŦ 1he Lub was
of whaL looked llke dlrLy rags swlmmlng ln gray waLerŦ
ºWhaL's Lhls?" he asked AunL ÞeLunlaŦ Per llps LlghLened as Lhey always dld lf he dared Lo ask a
º?our new school unlformţ" she saldŦ
Parry looked ln Lhe bowl agalnŦ
ºChţ" he saldţ ºl dldn'L reallze lL had Lo be so weLŦ"
ºuon'L be sLupldţ" snapped AunL ÞeLunlaŦ ºl'm dyelng some of uudley's old Lhlngs gray for youŦ
lL'll look [usL llke everyone else's when l've flnlshedŦ"
Parry serlously doubLed Lhlsţ buL LhoughL lL besL noL Lo argueŦ Pe saL down aL Lhe Lable and
Lrled noL Lo Lhlnk abouL how he was golng Lo look on hls flrsL day aL SLonewall Plgh Ÿ llke he
was wearlng blLs of old elephanL sklnţ probablyŦ
uudley and uncle vernon came lnţ boLh wlLh wrlnkled noses because of Lhe smell from Parry's
new unlformŦ uncle vernon opened hls newspaper as usual and uudley banged hls SmelLlng
sLlckţ whlch he carrled everywhereţ on Lhe LableŦ
1hey heard Lhe cllck of Lhe mall sloL and flop of leLLers on Lhe doormaLŦ
ºCeL Lhe mallţ uudleyţ" sald uncle vernon from behlnd hls paperŦ
ºMake Parry geL lLŦ"
ºCeL Lhe mallţ ParryŦ"
ºMake uudley geL lLŦ"
ºÞoke hlm wlLh your SmelLlng sLlckţ uudleyŦ"
Parry dodged Lhe SmelLlng sLlck and wenL Lo geL Lhe mallŦ 1hree Lhlngs lay on Lhe doormaLť a
posLcard from uncle vernon's slsLer Margeţ who was vacaLlonlng on Lhe lsle of WlghLţ a brown
envelope LhaL looked llke a blllţ and Ÿ a leLLer for ParryŦ
Parry plcked lL up and sLared aL lLţ hls hearL Lwanglng llke a glanL elasLlc bandŦ no oneţ everţ ln
hls whole llfeţ had wrlLLen Lo hlmŦ Who would? Pe had no frlendsţ no oLher relaLlves Ÿ he
dldn'L belong Lo Lhe llbraryţ so he'd never even goL rude noLes asklng for books backŦ ?eL here
lL wasţ a leLLerţ addressed so plalnly Lhere could be no mlsLakeť
1he Cupboard under Lhe SLalrs
4 ÞrlveL urlve
LlLLle Whlnglng
1he envelope was Lhlck and heavyţ made of yellowlsh parchmenLţ and Lhe address was wrlLLen
ln emeraldŴgreen lnkŦ 1here was no sLampŦ
1urnlng Lhe envelope overţ hls hand Lrembllngţ Parry saw a purple wax seal bearlng a coaL of
armsŤ a llonţ an eagleţ a badgerţ and a snake surroundlng a large leLLer PŦ
ºPurry upţ boy!" shouLed uncle vernon from Lhe klLchenŦ ºWhaL are you dolngţ checklng for
leLLer bombs?" Pe chuckled aL hls own [okeŦ
Parry wenL back Lo Lhe klLchenţ sLlll sLarlng aL hls leLLerŦ Pe handed uncle vernon Lhe blll and
Lhe posLcardţ saL downţ and slowly began Lo open Lhe yellow envelopeŦ
uncle vernon rlpped open Lhe blllţ snorLed ln dlsgusLţ and fllpped over Lhe posLcardŦ
ºMarge's lllţ" he lnformed AunL ÞeLunlaŦ ºALe a funny whelkŧ"
ºuad!" sald uudley suddenlyŦ ºuadţ Parry's goL someLhlng!"
Parry was on Lhe polnL of unfoldlng hls leLLerţ whlch was wrlLLen on Lhe same heavy
parchmenL as Lhe envelopeţ when lL was [erked sharply ouL of hls hand by uncle vernonŦ
º1haL's mlne!" sald Parryţ Lrylng Lo snaLch lL backŦ
ºWho'd be wrlLlng Lo you?" sneered uncle vernonţ shaklng Lhe leLLer open wlLh one hand and
glanclng aL lLŦ Pls face wenL from red Lo green fasLer Lhan a seL of Lrafflc llghLsŦ And lL dldn'L
sLop LhereŦ WlLhln seconds lL was Lhe graylsh whlLe of old porrldgeŦ
ºÞŴÞŴÞeLunla!" he gaspedŦ
uudley Lrled Lo grab Lhe leLLer Lo read lLţ buL uncle vernon held lL hlgh ouL of hls reachŦ AunL
ÞeLunla Look lL curlously and read Lhe flrsL llneŦ lor a momenL lL looked as Lhough she mlghL
falnLŦ She cluLched her LhroaL and made a choklng nolseŦ
ºvernon! Ch my goodness Ÿ vernon!"
1hey sLared aL each oLherţ seemlng Lo have forgoLLen LhaL Parry and uudley were sLlll ln Lhe
roomŦ uudley wasn'L used Lo belng lgnoredŦ Pe gave hls faLher a sharp Lap on Lhe head wlLh hls
SmelLlng sLlckŦ
ºl wanL Lo read LhaL leLLerţ" he sald loudlyŦ
ºl wanL Lo read lLţ" sald Parry furlouslyţ ºas lL's mlneŦ"
ºCeL ouLţ boLh of youţ" croaked uncle vernonţ sLufflng Lhe leLLer back lnslde lLs envelopeŦ
Parry dldn'L moveŦ
ºl WAn1 M? LL11L8!" he shouLedŦ
ºLeL me see lL!" demanded uudleyŦ
ºCu1!" roared uncle vernonţ and he Look boLh Parry and uudley by Lhe scruffs of Lhelr necks
and Lhrew Lhem lnLo Lhe hallţ slammlng Lhe klLchen door behlnd LhemŦ Parry and uudley
prompLly had a furlous buL sllenL flghL over who would llsLen aL Lhe keyholeŤ uudley wonţ so
Parryţ hls glasses dangllng from one earţ lay flaL on hls sLomach Lo llsLen aL Lhe crack beLween
door and floorŦ
ºvernonţ" AunL ÞeLunla was saylng ln a qulverlng volceţ ºlook aL Lhe address Ÿ how could Lhey
posslbly know where he sleeps? ?ou don'L Lhlnk Lhey're waLchlng Lhe house?"
ºWaLchlng Ÿ spylng Ÿ mlghL be followlng usţ" muLLered uncle vernon wlldlyŦ
º8uL whaL should we doţ vernon? Should we wrlLe back? 1ell Lhem we don'L wanL Ÿ"
Parry could see uncle vernon's shlny black shoes paclng up and down Lhe klLchenŦ
ºnoţ" he sald flnallyŦ ºnoţ we'll lgnore lLŦ lf Lhey don'L geL an answerŧ ?esţ LhaL's besLŧ we
won'L do anyLhlngŧ"
º8uL Ÿ"
ºl'm noL havlng one ln Lhe houseţ ÞeLunla! uldn'L we swear when we Look hlm ln we'd sLamp
ouL LhaL dangerous nonsense?"
1haL evenlng when he goL back from workţ uncle vernon dld someLhlng he'd never done
beforeŤ he vlslLed Parry ln hls cupboardŦ
ºWhere's my leLLer?" sald Parryţ Lhe momenL uncle vernon had squeezed Lhrough Lhe doorŦ
ºWho's wrlLlng Lo me?"
ºno oneŦ lL was addressed Lo you by mlsLakeţ" sald uncle vernon shorLlyŦ ºl have burned lLŦ"
ºlL was noL a mlsLakeţ" sald Parry angrllyţ ºlL had my cupboard on lLŦ"
ºSlLLnCL!" yelled uncle vernonţ and a couple of splders fell from Lhe celllngŦ Pe Look a few
deep breaLhs and Lhen forced hls face lnLo a smlleţ whlch looked qulLe palnfulŦ
ºLr Ÿ yesţ Parry Ÿ abouL Lhls cupboardŦ ?our aunL and l have been Lhlnklngŧ you're really
geLLlng a blL blg for lLŧ we Lhlnk lL mlghL be nlce lf you moved lnLo uudley's second bedroomŦ
ºWhy?" sald ParryŦ
ºuon'L ask quesLlons!" snapped hls uncleŦ º1ake Lhls sLuff upsLalrsţ nowŦ"
1he uursleys' house had four bedroomsť one for uncle vernon and AunL ÞeLunlaţ one for
vlslLors (usually uncle vernon's slsLerţ Marge)ţ one where uudley slepLţ and one where uudley
kepL all Lhe Loys and Lhlngs LhaL wouldn'L flL lnLo hls flrsL bedroomŦ lL only Look Parry one Lrlp
upsLalrs Lo move everyLhlng he owned from Lhe cupboard Lo Lhls roomŦ Pe saL down on Lhe
bed and sLared around hlmŦ nearly everyLhlng ln here was brokenŦ 1he monLhŴold vldeo
camera was lylng on Lop of a smallţ worklng Lank uudley had once drlven over Lhe nexL door
nelghbor's dogŤ ln Lhe corner was uudley's flrsLŴever Lelevlslon seLţ whlch he'd puL hls fooL
Lhrough when hls favorlLe program had been canceledŤ Lhere was a large blrdcageţ whlch had
once held a parroL LhaL uudley had swapped aL school for a real alr rlfleţ whlch was up on a
shelf wlLh Lhe end all benL because uudley had saL on lLŦ CLher shelves were full of booksŦ 1hey
were Lhe only Lhlngs ln Lhe room LhaL looked as Lhough Lhey'd never been LouchedŦ
lrom downsLalrs came Lhe sound of uudley bawllng aL hls moLherţ ºl don'L wanL hlm ln Lhereŧ
l need LhaL roomŧ make hlm geL ouLŧ"
Parry slghed and sLreLched ouL on Lhe bedŦ ?esLerday he'd have glven anyLhlng Lo be up hereŦ
1oday he'd raLher be back ln hls cupboard wlLh LhaL leLLer Lhan up here wlLhouL lLŦ
nexL mornlng aL breakfasLţ everyone was raLher quleLŦ uudley was ln shockŦ Pe'd screamedţ
whacked hls faLher wlLh hls SmelLlng sLlckţ been slck on purposeţ klcked hls moLherţ and
Lhrown hls LorLolse Lhrough Lhe greenhouse roofţ and he sLlll dldn'L have hls room backŦ Parry
was Lhlnklng abouL Lhls Llme yesLerday and blLLerly wlshlng he'd opened Lhe leLLer ln Lhe hallŦ
uncle vernon and AunL ÞeLunla kepL looklng aL each oLher darklyŦ
When Lhe mall arrlvedţ uncle vernonţ who seemed Lo be Lrylng Lo be nlce Lo Parryţ made
uudley go and geL lLŦ 1hey heard hlm banglng Lhlngs wlLh hls SmelLlng sLlck all Lhe way down
Lhe hallŦ 1hen he shouLedţ º1here's anoLher one! 'MrŦ PŦ ÞoLLerţ 1he SmallesL 8edroomţ 4
ÞrlveL urlve Ÿ'"
WlLh a sLrangled cryţ uncle vernon leapL from hls seaL and ran down Lhe hallţ Parry rlghL
behlnd hlmŦ uncle vernon had Lo wresLle uudley Lo Lhe ground Lo geL Lhe leLLer from hlmţ
whlch was made dlfflculL by Lhe facL LhaL Parry had grabbed uncle vernon around Lhe neck
from behlndŦ AfLer a mlnuLe of confused flghLlngţ ln whlch everyone goL hlL a loL by Lhe
SmelLlng sLlckţ uncle vernon sLralghLened upţ gasplng for breaLhţ wlLh Parry's leLLer cluLched
ln hls handŦ
ºCo Lo your cupboard Ÿ l meanţ your bedroomţ" he wheezed aL ParryŦ ºuudley Ÿ go Ÿ [usL
Parry walked round and round hls new roomŦ Someone knew he had moved ouL of hls
and Lhey seemed Lo know he hadn'L recelved hls flrsL leLLerŦ Surely LhaL meanL Lhey'd Lry
agaln? And Lhls Llme he'd make sure Lhey dldn'L fallŦ Pe had a planŦ
1he repalred alarm clock rang aL slx o'clock Lhe nexL mornlngŦ Parry Lurned lL off qulckly and
dressed sllenLlyŦ Pe musLn'L wake Lhe uursleysŦ Pe sLole downsLalrs wlLhouL Lurnlng on any of
Lhe llghLsŦ
Pe was golng Lo walL for Lhe posLman on Lhe corner of ÞrlveL urlve and geL Lhe leLLers for
number four flrsLŦ Pls hearL hammered as he crepL across Lhe dark hall Loward Lhe fronL door
Parry leapL lnLo Lhe alrŤ he'd Lrodden on someLhlng blg and squashy on Lhe doormaL Ÿ
someLhlng allve!
LlghLs cllcked on upsLalrs and Lo hls horror Parry reallzed LhaL Lhe blgţ squashy someLhlng had
been hls uncle's faceŦ uncle vernon had been lylng aL Lhe fooL of Lhe fronL door ln a sleeplng
bagţ clearly maklng sure LhaL Parry dldn'L do exacLly whaL he'd been Lrylng Lo doŦ Pe shouLed
aL Parry for abouL half an hour and Lhen Lold hlm Lo go and make a cup of LeaŦ Parry shuffled
mlserably off lnLo Lhe klLchen and by Lhe Llme he goL backţ Lhe mall had arrlvedţ rlghL lnLo
uncle vernon's lapŦ Parry could see Lhree leLLers addressed ln green lnkŦ
ºl wanL Ÿ" he beganţ buL uncle vernon was Learlng Lhe leLLers lnLo pleces before hls eyesŦ
uncle vernon dldn'L go Lo work LhaL dayŦ Pe sLayed aL home and nalled up Lhe mall sloLŦ
ºSeeţ" he explalned Lo AunL ÞeLunla Lhrough a mouLhful of nallsţ ºlf Lhey can'L dellver Lhem
Lhey'll [usL glve upŦ"
ºl'm noL sure LhaL'll workţ vernonŦ"
ºChţ Lhese people's mlnds work ln sLrange waysţ ÞeLunlaţ Lhey're noL llke you and meţ" sald
uncle vernonţ Lrylng Lo knock ln a nall wlLh Lhe plece of frulLcake AunL ÞeLunla had [usL
broughL hlmŦ
Cn lrldayţ no less Lhan Lwelve leLLers arrlved for ParryŦ As Lhey couldn'L go Lhrough Lhe mall
sloL Lhey had been pushed under Lhe doorţ sloLLed Lhrough Lhe sldesţ and a few even forced
Lhrough Lhe small wlndow ln Lhe downsLalrs baLhroomŦ
uncle vernon sLayed aL home agalnŦ AfLer burnlng all Lhe leLLersţ he goL ouL a hammer and
nalls and boarded up Lhe cracks around Lhe fronL and back doors so no one could go ouLŦ Pe
hummed º1lpLoe 1hrough Lhe 1ullps" as he workedţ and [umped aL small nolsesŦ
Cn SaLurdayţ Lhlngs began Lo geL ouL of handŦ 1wenLyŴfour leLLers Lo Parry found Lhelr way
lnLo Lhe houseţ rolled up and hldden lnslde each of Lhe Lwo dozen eggs LhaL Lhelr very
confused mllkman had handed AunL ÞeLunla Lhrough Lhe llvlng room wlndowŦ Whlle uncle
vernon made
furlous Lelephone calls Lo Lhe posL offlce and Lhe dalry Lrylng Lo flnd someone Lo complaln Loţ
AunL ÞeLunla shredded Lhe leLLers ln her food processorŦ
ºWho on earLh wanLs Lo Lalk Lo you Lhls badly?" uudley asked Parry ln amazemenLŦ
Cn Sunday mornlngţ uncle vernon saL down aL Lhe breakfasL Lable looklng Llred and raLher lllţ
buL happyŦ
ºno posL on Sundaysţ" he remlnded Lhem cheerfully as he spread marmalade on hls
newspapersţ ºno damn leLLers Loday Ÿ"
SomeLhlng came whlzzlng down Lhe klLchen chlmney as he spoke and caughL hlm sharply on
Lhe back of Lhe headŦ nexL momenLţ LhlrLy or forLy leLLers came pelLlng ouL of Lhe flreplace llke
bulleLsŦ 1he uursleys duckedţ buL Parry leapL lnLo Lhe alr Lrylng Lo caLch one Ÿ
ºCuL! Cu1!"
uncle vernon selzed Parry around Lhe walsL and Lhrew hlm lnLo Lhe hallŦ When AunL ÞeLunla
and uudley had run ouL wlLh Lhelr arms over Lhelr facesţ uncle vernon slammed Lhe door shuLŦ
1hey could hear Lhe leLLers sLlll sLreamlng lnLo Lhe roomţ bounclng off Lhe walls and floorŦ
º1haL does lLţ" sald uncle vernonţ Lrylng Lo speak calmly buL pulllng greaL LufLs ouL of hls
musLache aL Lhe same LlmeŦ ºl wanL you all back here ln flve mlnuLes ready Lo leaveŦ We're
golng awayŦ !usL pack some cloLhesŦ no argumenLs!"
Pe looked so dangerous wlLh half hls musLache mlsslng LhaL no one dared argueŦ 1en mlnuLes
laLer Lhey had wrenched Lhelr way Lhrough Lhe boardedŴup doors and were ln Lhe carţ
speedlng Loward Lhe hlghwayŦ uudley was snlffllng ln Lhe back seaLŤ hls faLher had hlL hlm
round Lhe head for holdlng Lhem up whlle he Lrled Lo pack hls Lelevlslonţ vC8ţ and compuLer ln
hls sporLs bagŦ
1hey droveŦ And Lhey droveŦ Lven AunL ÞeLunla dldn'L dare ask where Lhey were golngŦ Lvery
now and Lhen uncle vernon would Lake a sharp Lurn and drlve ln Lhe opposlLe dlrecLlon for a
ºShake 'em offŧ shake 'em offţ" he would muLLer whenever he dld LhlsŦ
1hey dldn'L sLop Lo eaL or drlnk all dayŦ 8y nlghLfall uudley was howllngŦ Pe'd never had such a
bad day ln hls llfeŦ Pe was hungryţ he'd mlssed flve Lelevlslon programs he'd wanLed Lo seeţ
and he'd never gone so long wlLhouL blowlng up an allen on hls compuLerŦ
uncle vernon sLopped aL lasL ouLslde a gloomyŴlooklng hoLel on Lhe ouLsklrLs of a blg clLyŦ
uudley and Parry shared a room wlLh Lwln beds and dampţ musLy sheeLsŦ uudley snored buL
Parry sLayed awakeţ slLLlng on Lhe wlndowslllţ sLarlng down aL Lhe llghLs of passlng cars and
1hey aLe sLale cornflakes and cold Llnned LomaLoes on LoasL for breakfasL Lhe nexL dayŦ 1hey
[usL flnlshed when Lhe owner of Lhe hoLel came over Lo Lhelr LableŦ
º'Scuse meţ buL ls one of you MrŦ PŦ ÞoLLer? Cnly l goL abouL an 'undred of Lhese aL Lhe fronL
She held up a leLLer so Lhey could read Lhe green lnk addressť
8oom 17
8allvlew PoLel
Parry made a grab for Lhe leLLer buL uncle vernon knocked hls hand ouL of Lhe wayŦ 1he
woman sLaredŦ
ºl'll Lake Lhemţ" sald uncle vernonţ sLandlng up qulckly and followlng her from Lhe dlnlng
ºWouldn'L lL be beLLer [usL Lo go homeţ dear?" AunL ÞeLunla suggesLed Llmldlyţ hours laLerţ buL
uncle vernon dldn'L seem Lo hear herŦ LxacLly whaL he was looklng forţ none of Lhem knewŦ Pe
drove Lhem lnLo Lhe mlddle of a foresLţ goL ouLţ looked aroundţ shook hls headţ goL back ln Lhe
carţ and off Lhey wenL agalnŦ 1he same Lhlng happened ln Lhe mlddle of a plowed fleldţ
halfway across a suspenslon brldgeţ and aL Lhe Lop of a mulLllevel parklng garageŦ
ºuaddy's gone madţ hasn'L he?" uudley asked AunL ÞeLunla dully laLe LhaL afLernoonŦ uncle
vernon had parked aL Lhe coasLţ locked Lhem all lnslde Lhe carţ and dlsappearedŦ
lL sLarLed Lo ralnŦ CreaL drops beaL on Lhe roof of Lhe carŦ uudley snlveledŦ
ºlL's Mondayţ" he Lold hls moLherŦ º1he CreaL PumberLo's on LonlghLŦ l wanL Lo sLay
somewhere wlLh a LelevlslonŦ"
MondayŦ 1hls remlnded Parry of someLhlngŦ lf lL was Monday Ÿ and you could usually counL
on uudley Lo know Lhe days Lhe weekţ because of Lelevlslon Ÿ Lhen Lomorrowţ 1uesdayţ was
Parry's elevenLh blrLhdayŦ Cf courseţ hls blrLhdays were never exacLly fun Ÿ lasL yearţ Lhe
uursleys had glven hlm a coaL hanger and a palr of uncle vernon's old socksŦ SLlllţ you weren'L
eleven every dayŦ
uncle vernon was back and he was smlllngŦ Pe was also carrylng a longţ Lhln package and
dldn'L answer AunL ÞeLunla when she asked whaL he'd boughLŦ
ºlound Lhe perfecL place!" he saldŦ ºCome on! Lveryone ouL!"
lL was very cold ouLslde Lhe carŦ uncle vernon was polnLlng aL whaL looked llke a large rock
way ouL aL seaŦ Þerched on Lop of Lhe rock was Lhe mosL mlserable llLLle shack you could
lmaglneŦ Cne Lhlng was cerLalnţ Lhere was no Lelevlslon ln LhereŦ
ºSLorm forecasL for LonlghL!" sald uncle vernon gleefullyţ clapplng hls hands LogeLherŦ ºAnd
Lhls genLleman's klndly agreed Lo lend us hls boaL!"
A LooLhless old man came ambllng up Lo Lhemţ polnLlngţ wlLh a raLher wlcked grlnţ aL an old
rowboaL bobblng ln Lhe lronŴgray waLer below LhemŦ
ºl've already goL us some raLlonsţ" sald uncle vernonţ ºso all aboard!"
lL was freezlng ln Lhe boaLŦ lcy sea spray and raln crepL down Lhelr necks and a chllly wlnd
whlpped Lhelr facesŦ AfLer whaL seemed llke hours Lhey reached Lhe rockţ where uncle
vernonţ sllpplng and slldlngţ led Lhe way Lo Lhe brokenŴdown houseŦ
1he lnslde was horrlbleŤ lL smelled sLrongly of seaweedţ Lhe wlnd whlsLled Lhrough Lhe gaps ln
Lhe wooden wallsţ and Lhe flreplace was damp and empLyŦ 1here were only Lwo roomsŦ
uncle vernon's raLlons Lurned ouL Lo be a bag of chlps each and four bananasŦ Pe Lrled Lo sLarL
a flre buL Lhe empLy chlp bags [usL smoked and shrlveled upŦ
ºCould do wlLh some of Lhose leLLers nowţ eh?" he sald cheerfullyŦ
Pe was ln a very good moodŦ Cbvlously he LhoughL nobody sLood a chance of reachlng Lhem
here ln a sLorm Lo dellver mallŦ Parry prlvaLely agreedţ Lhough Lhe LhoughL dldn'L cheer hlm up
aL allŦ
As nlghL fellţ Lhe promlsed sLorm blew up around LhemŦ Spray from Lhe hlgh waves splaLLered
Lhe walls of Lhe huL and a flerce wlnd raLLled Lhe fllLhy wlndowsŦ AunL ÞeLunla found a few
moldy blankeLs ln Lhe second room and made up a bed for uudley on Lhe moLhŴeaLen sofaŦ She
and uncle vernon wenL off Lo Lhe lumpy bed nexL doorţ and Parry was lefL Lo flnd Lhe sofLesL
blL of floor he could and Lo curl up under Lhe LhlnnesLţ mosL ragged blankeLŦ
1he sLorm raged more and more feroclously as Lhe nlghL wenL onŦ Parry couldn'L sleepŦ Pe
shlvered and Lurned overţ Lrylng Lo geL comforLableţ hls sLomach rumbllng wlLh hungerŦ
uudley's snores were drowned by Lhe low rolls of Lhunder LhaL sLarLed near mldnlghLŦ 1he
llghLed dlal of uudley's waLchţ whlch was dangllng over Lhe edge of Lhe sofa on hls faL wrlsLţ
Lold Parry he'd be eleven ln Len mlnuLes' LlmeŦ Pe lay and waLched hls blrLhday Llck nearerţ
wonderlng lf Lhe uursleys would remember aL allţ wonderlng where Lhe leLLer wrlLer was nowŦ
llve mlnuLes Lo goŦ Parry heard someLhlng creak ouLsldeŦ Pe hoped Lhe roof wasn'L golng Lo
fall lnţ alLhough he mlghL be warmer lf lL dldŦ lour mlnuLes Lo goŦ Maybe Lhe house ln ÞrlveL
urlve would be so full of leLLers when Lhey goL back LhaL he'd be able Lo sLeal one somehowŦ
1hree mlnuLes Lo goŦ Was LhaL Lhe seaţ slapplng hard on Lhe rock llke LhaL? And (Lwo mlnuLes
go) whaL was LhaL funny crunchlng nolse? Was Lhe rock crumbllng lnLo Lhe sea?
Cne mlnuLe Lo go and he'd be elevenŦ 1hlrLy secondsŧ LwenLyŧ Lenŧ nlne Ÿ maybe he'd
wake uudley upţ [usL Lo annoy hlm Ÿ Lhreeŧ Lwoŧ oneŧ
1he whole shack shlvered and Parry saL bolL uprlghLţ sLarlng aL Lhe doorŦ Someone was
ouLsldeţ knocklng Lo come lnŦ
CPAÞ1L8 lCu8
1he keeper of Lhe keys
8CCMŦ 1hey knocked agalnŦ uudley [erked awakeŦ
ºWhere's Lhe cannon?" he sald sLupldlyŦ
1here was a crash behlnd Lhem and uncle vernon came sklddlng lnLo Lhe roomŦ Pe was
holdlng a rlfle ln hls hands Ŷ now Lhey knew whaL had been ln Lhe longţ Lhln package he had
broughL wlLh LhemŦ
ºWho's Lhere?" he shouLedŦ ºl warn you Ÿ l'm armed!"
1here was a pauseŦ 1hen Ÿ
1he door was hlL wlLh such force LhaL lL swung clean off lLs hlnges and wlLh a deafenlng crash
landed flaL on Lhe floorŦ
A glanL of a man was sLandlng ln Lhe doorwayŦ Pls face was almosL compleLely hldden by a
longţ shaggy mane of halr and a wlldţ Langled beardţ buL you could make ouL hls eyesţ gllnLlng
llke black beeLles under all Lhe halrŦ
1he glanL squeezed hls way lnLo Lhe huLţ sLooplng so LhaL hls head [usL brushed Lhe celllngŦ Pe
benL downţ plcked up Lhe doorţ and flLLed lL easlly back lnLo lLs frameŦ 1he nolse of Lhe sLorm
ouLslde dropped a llLLleŦ Pe Lurned Lo look aL Lhem allŦ
ºCouldn'L make us a cup o' Leaţ could yeh? lL's noL been an easy [ourneyŧ"
Pe sLrode over Lo Lhe sofa where uudley saL frozen wlLh fearŦ
º8udge upţ yeh greaL lumpţ" sald Lhe sLrangerŦ
uudley squeaked and ran Lo hlde behlnd hls moLherţ who was crouchlngţ Lerrlfledţ behlnd
uncle vernonŦ
ºAn' here's Parry!" sald Lhe glanLŦ
Parry looked up lnLo Lhe flerceţ wlldţ shadowy face and saw LhaL Lhe beeLle eyes were crlnkled
ln a smlleŦ
ºLas' Llme l saw youţ you was only a babyţ" sald Lhe glanLŦ º?eh look a loL llke yer dadţ buL
yeh've goL yer mom's eyesŦ"
uncle vernon made a funny rasplng nolseŦ
ºl demand LhaL you leave aL onceţ slr!" he saldŦ º?ou are breaklng and enLerlng!"
ºAhţ shuL upţ uursleyţ yeh greaL pruneţ" sald Lhe glanLŤ he reached over Lhe back of Lhe sofaţ
[erked Lhe gun ouL of uncle vernon's handsţ benL lL lnLo a knoL as easlly as lf lL had been made
of rubberţ and Lhrew lL lnLo a corner of Lhe roomŦ
uncle vernon made anoLher funny nolseţ llke a mouse belng Lrodden onŦ
ºAnyway Ÿ Parryţ" sald Lhe glanLţ Lurnlng hls back on Lhe uursleysţ ºa very happy blrLhday Lo
yehŦ CoL summaL fer yeh here Ÿ l mlghLa saL on lL aL some polnLţ buL lL'll LasLe all rlghLŦ"
lrom an lnslde pockeL of hls black overcoaL he pulled a sllghLly squashed boxŦ Parry opened lL
wlLh Lrembllng flngersŦ lnslde was a largeţ sLlcky chocolaLe cake wlLh Pappy 8lrLhday Parry
wrlLLen on lL ln green lclngŦ
Parry looked up aL Lhe glanLŦ Pe meanL Lo say Lhank youţ buL Lhe words goL losL on Lhe way Lo
hls mouLhţ and whaL he sald lnsLead wasţ ºWho are you?"
1he glanL chuckledŦ
º1rueţ l haven'L lnLroduced meselfŦ 8ubeus Pagrldţ keeper of keys and Crounds aL PogwarLsŦ"
Pe held ouL an enormous hand and shook Parry's whole armŦ
ºWhaL abouL LhaL Lea Lhenţ eh?" he saldţ rubblng hls hands LogeLherŦ ºl'd noL say no Ler
summaL sLronger lf yeh've goL lLţ mlndŦ"
Pls eyes fell on Lhe empLy graLe wlLh Lhe shrlveled chlp bags ln lL and he snorLedŦ Pe benL
down over Lhe flreplaceŤ Lhey couldn'L see whaL he was dolng buL when he drew back a second
laLerţ Lhere was a roarlng flre LhereŦ lL fllled Lhe whole damp huL wlLh fllckerlng llghL and Parry
felL Lhe warmLh wash over hlm as Lhough he'd sunk lnLo a hoL baLhŦ
1he glanL saL back down on Lhe sofaţ whlch sagged under hls welghLţ and began Laklng all sorLs
of Lhlngs ouL of Lhe pockeLs of hls coaLť a copper keLLleţ a squashy package of sausagesţ a
pokerţ a LeapoLţ several chlpped mugsţ and a boLLle of some amber llquld LhaL he Look a swlg
from before sLarLlng Lo make LeaŦ Soon Lhe huL was full of Lhe sound and smell of slzzllng
sausageŦ nobody sald a Lhlng whlle Lhe glanL was worklngţ buL as he slld Lhe flrsL slx faLţ [ulcyţ
sllghLly burnL sausages from Lhe pokerţ uudley fldgeLed a llLLleŦ uncle vernon sald sharplyţ
ºuon'L Louch anyLhlng he glves youţ uudleyŦ"
1he glanL chuckled darklyŦ
º?er greaL puddln' of a son don' need faLLenln' anymoreţ uursleyţ don' worryŦ"
Pe passed Lhe sausages Lo Parryţ who was so hungry he had never LasLed anyLhlng so
wonderfulţ buL he sLlll couldn'L Lake hls eyes off Lhe glanLŦ llnallyţ as nobody seemed abouL Lo
explaln anyLhlngţ he saldţ ºl'm sorryţ buL l sLlll don'L really know who you areŦ"
1he glanL Look a gulp of Lea and wlped hls mouLh wlLh Lhe back of hls handŦ
ºCall me Pagrldţ" he saldţ ºeveryone doesŦ An' llke l Lold yehţ l'm keeper of keys aL PogwarLs
Ÿ yeh'll know all abouL PogwarLsţ o' courseŦ
ºLr Ÿ noţ" sald ParryŦ
Pagrld looked shockedŦ
ºSorryţ" Parry sald qulcklyŦ
ºSorry?" barked Pagrldţ Lurnlng Lo sLare aL Lhe uursleysţ who shrank back lnLo Lhe shadowsŦ
ºlL's Lhem as should be sorry! l knew yeh weren'L geLLln' yer leLLers buL l never LhoughL yeh
wouldn'L even know abou' PogwarLsţ fer cryln' ouL loud! uld yeh never wonder where yer
parenLs learned lL all?"
ºAll whaL?" asked ParryŦ
ºALL WPA1?" Pagrld LhunderedŦ ºnow walL [us' one second!"
Pe had leapL Lo hls feeLŦ ln hls anger he seemed Lo flll Lhe whole huLŦ 1he uursleys were
cowerlng agalnsL Lhe wallŦ
ºuo you mean Ler Lell meţ" he growled aL Lhe uursleysţ ºLhaL Lhls boy Ÿ Lhls boy! Ÿ knows
noLhln' abou' Ÿ abouL An?1PlnC?"
Parry LhoughL Lhls was golng a blL farŦ Pe had been Lo schoolţ afLer allţ and hls marks weren'L
ºl know some Lhlngsţ" he saldŦ ºl canţ you knowţ do maLh and sLuffŦ"
8uL Pagrld slmply waved hls hand and saldţ ºAbouL our worldţ l meanŦ ?our worldŦ My worldŦ
?er parenLs' worldŦ"
ºWhaL world?"
Pagrld looked as lf he was abouL Lo explodeŦ
ºuu8SLL?!" he boomedŦ
uncle vernonţ who had gone very paleţ whlspered someLhlng LhaL sounded llke
ºMlmblewlmbleŦ" Pagrld sLared wlldly aL ParryŦ
º8uL yeh musL know abouL yer mom and dadţ" he saldŦ ºl meanţ Lhey're famousŦ ?ou're
ºWhaL? My Ÿ my mom and dad weren'L famousţ were Lhey?"
º?eh don' knowŧ yeh don' knowŧ" Pagrld ran hls flngers Lhrough hls halrţ flxlng Parry wlLh a
bewlldered sLareŦ
º?eh don' know whaL yeh are?" he sald flnallyŦ
uncle vernon suddenly found hls volceŦ
ºSLop!" he commandedŦ ºSLop rlghL Lhereţ slr! l forbld you Lo Lell Lhe boy anyLhlng!"
A braver man Lhan vernon uursley would have qualled under Lhe furlous look Pagrld now gave
hlmŤ when Pagrld spokeţ hls every syllable Lrembled wlLh rageŦ
º?ou never Lold hlm? never Lold hlm whaL was ln Lhe leLLer uumbledore lefL fer hlm? l was
Lhere! l saw uumbledore leave lLţ uursley! An' you've kepL lL from hlm all Lhese years?"
ºkepL whaL from me?" sald Parry eagerlyŦ
ºS1CÞ! l lC88lu ?Cu!" yelled uncle vernon ln panlcŦ
AunL ÞeLunla gave a gasp of horrorŦ
ºAhţ go boll yer headsţ boLh of yehţ" sald PagrldŦ ºParry Ÿ yer a wlzardŦ"
1here was sllence lnslde Lhe huLŦ Cnly Lhe sea and Lhe whlsLllng wlnd could be heardŦ
ºl'm a whaL?" gasped ParryŦ
ºA wlzardţ o' courseţ" sald Pagrldţ slLLlng back down on Lhe sofaţ whlch groaned and sank even
lowerţ ºan' a Lhumpln' good 'unţ l'd sayţ once yeh've been Lralned up a blLŦ WlLh a mum an'
dad llke yoursţ whaL else would yeh be? An' l reckon lL's abou' Llme yeh read yer leLLerŦ"
Parry sLreLched ouL hls hand aL lasL Lo Lake Lhe yellowlsh envelopeţ addressed ln emerald
green Lo MrŦ PŦ ÞoLLerţ 1he lloorţ PuLŴonŴLheŴ8ockţ 1he SeaŦ Pe pulled ouL Lhe leLLer and readť
PCCWA81S SCPCCL of Wl1CPC8Al1 and WlZA8u8?
PeadmasLerť AL8uS uuM8LLuC8L
(Crder of Merllnţ llrsL Classţ Crand SorcŦţ ChfŦ Warlockţ Supreme Mugwumpţ lnLernaLlonal
ConfedŦ of Wlzards)
uear MrŦ ÞoLLerţ
We are pleased Lo lnform you LhaL you have been accepLed aL PogwarLs School of WlLchcrafL
and WlzardryŦ Þlease flnd enclosed a llsL of all necessary books and equlpmenLŦ
1erm beglns on SepLember 1Ŧ We awalL your owl by no laLer Lhan !uly 31Ŧ
?ours slncerelyţ
Mlnerva McConagallţ
uepuLy PeadmlsLress
CuesLlons exploded lnslde Parry's head llke flreworks and he couldn'L declde whlch Lo ask flrsLŦ
AfLer a few mlnuLes he sLammeredţ ºWhaL does lL meanţ Lhey awalL my owl?"
ºCallopln' Corgonsţ LhaL remlnds meţ" sald Pagrldţ clapplng a hand Lo hls forehead wlLh
enough force Lo knock over a carL horseţ and from yeL anoLher pockeL lnslde hls overcoaL he
pulled an owl Ÿ a realţ llveţ raLher ruffledŴlooklng owl Ÿ a long qulllţ and a roll of parchmenLŦ
WlLh hls Longue beLween hls LeeLh he scrlbbled a noLe LhaL Parry could read upslde downť
uear Þrofessor uumbledoreţ
Clven Parry hls leLLerŦ
1aklng hlm Lo buy hls Lhlngs LomorrowŦ
WeaLher's horrlbleŦ Pope you're wellŦ
Pagrld rolled up Lhe noLeţ gave lL Lo Lhe owlţ whlch clamped lL ln lLs beakţ wenL Lo Lhe doorţ
and Lhrew Lhe owl ouL lnLo Lhe sLormŦ 1hen he came back and saL down as Lhough Lhls was as
normal as Lalklng on Lhe LelephoneŦ
Parry reallzed hls mouLh was open and closed lL qulcklyŦ
ºWhere was l?" sald Pagrldţ buL aL LhaL momenLţ uncle vernonţ sLlll ashenŴfaced buL looklng
very angryţ moved lnLo Lhe flrellghLŦ
ºPe's noL golngţ" he saldŦ
Pagrld grunLedŦ
ºl'd llke Ler see a greaL Muggle llke you sLop hlmţ" he saldŦ
ºA whaL?" sald Parryţ lnLeresLedŦ
ºA Muggleţ" sald Pagrldţ ºlL's whaL we call nonmaglc folk llke LhemŦ An' lL's your bad luck you
grew up ln a famlly o' Lhe blggesL Muggles l ever lald eyes onŦ"
ºWe swore when we Look hlm ln we'd puL a sLop Lo LhaL rubblshţ" sald uncle vernonţ ºswore
we'd sLamp lL ouL of hlm! Wlzard lndeed!"
º?ou knew?" sald ParryŦ º?ou knew l'm a Ÿ a wlzard?"
ºknew!" shrleked AunL ÞeLunla suddenlyŦ ºknew! Cf course we knew! Pow could you noL beţ
my draLLed slsLer belng whaL she was? Chţ she goL a leLLer [usL llke LhaL and dlsappeared off Lo
LhaL Ÿ LhaL school Ÿ and came home every vacaLlon wlLh her pockeLs full of frog spawnţ
Lurnlng Leacups lnLo raLsŦ l was Lhe only one who saw her for whaL she was Ÿ a freak! 8uL for
my moLher and faLherţ oh noţ lL was Llly Lhls and Llly LhaLţ Lhey were proud of havlng a wlLch ln
Lhe famlly!"
She sLopped Lo draw a deep breaLh and Lhen wenL ranLlng onŦ lL seemed she had been wanLlng
Lo say all Lhls for yearsŦ
º1hen she meL LhaL ÞoLLer aL school and Lhey lefL and goL marrled and had youţ and of course l
knew you'd be [usL Lhe sameţ [usL as sLrangeţ [usL as Ÿ as Ÿabnormal Ÿ and Lhenţ lf you
pleaseţ she wenL and goL herself blown up and we goL landed wlLh you!"
Parry had gone very whlLeŦ As soon as he found hls volce he saldţ º8lown up? ?ou Lold me Lhey
dled ln a car crash!"
ºCA8 C8ASP!" roared Pagrldţ [umplng up so angrlly LhaL Lhe uursleys scuLLled back Lo Lhelr
cornerŦ ºPow could a car crash klll Llly an' !ames ÞoLLer? lL's an ouLrage! A scandal! Parry
ÞoLLer noL knowln' hls own sLory when every kld ln our world knows hls name!"
º8uL why? WhaL happened?" Parry asked urgenLlyŦ
1he anger faded from Pagrld's faceŦ Pe looked suddenly anxlousŦ
ºl never expecLed Lhlsţ" he saldţ ln a lowţ worrled volceŦ ºl had no ldeaţ when uumbledore Lold
me Lhere mlghL be Lrouble geLLln' hold of yehţ how much yeh dldn'L knowŦ Ahţ Parryţ l don'
know lf l'm Lhe rlghL person Ler Lell yeh Ÿ buL someone's goLLa Ÿ yeh can'L go off Ler
PogwarLs noL knowln'Ŧ"
Pe Lhrew a dlrLy look aL Lhe uursleysŦ
ºWellţ lL's besL yeh know as much as l can Lell yeh Ÿ mlndţ l can'L Lell yeh everyLhln'ţ lL's a
greaL mysL'ryţ parLs of lLŧ"
Pe saL downţ sLared lnLo Lhe flre for a few secondsţ and Lhen saldţ ºlL beglnsţ l supposeţ wlLh Ÿ
wlLh a person called Ÿ buL lL's lncredlble yeh don'L know hls nameţ everyone ln our world
knows Ÿ"
ºWell Ÿ l don' llke sayln' Lhe name lf l can help lLŦ no one doesŦ"
ºWhy noL?"
ºCulpln' gargoylesţ Parryţ people are sLlll scaredŦ 8llmeyţ Lhls ls dlfflculLŦ Seeţ Lhere was Lhls
wlzard who wenLŧ badŦ As bad as you could goŦ WorseŦ Worse Lhan worseŦ Pls name wasŧ"
Pagrld gulpedţ buL no words came ouLŦ
ºCould you wrlLe lL down?" Parry suggesLedŦ
ºnah Ÿ can'L spell lLŦ All rlghL ŸvoldemorLŦ " Pagrld shudderedŦ ºuon' make me say lL agalnŦ
Anywayţ Lhls Ÿ Lhls wlzardţ abouL LwenLy years ago nowţ sLarLed lookln' fer followersŦ CoL
'emţ Loo Ÿ some were afraldţ some [usL wanLed a blL o' hls powerţ 'cause he was geLLln'
hlmself powerţ all rlghLŦ uark daysţ ParryŦ uldn'L know who Ler LrusLţ dldn'L dare geL frlendly
wlLh sLrange wlzards or wlLchesŧ Lerrlble Lhlngs happenedŦ Pe was Lakln' overŦ 'Courseţ some
sLood up Lo hlm Ÿ an' he kllled 'emŦ PorrlblyŦ Cne o' Lhe only safe places lefL was PogwarLsŦ
8eckon uumbledore's Lhe only one ?ouŴknowŴWho was afrald ofŦ uldn'L dare Lry Lakln' Lhe
schoolţ noL [us' Lhenţ anywayŦ
ºnowţ yer mum an' dad were as good a wlLch an' wlzard as l ever knewŦ Pead boy an' glrl aL
PogwarLs ln Lhelr day! Suppose Lhe mysL'ry ls why ?ouŴknowŴWho never Lrled Lo geL 'em on
hls slde beforeŧ probably knew Lhey were Loo close Ler uumbledore Ler wanL anyLhln' Ler do
wlLh Lhe uark SldeŦ
ºMaybe he LhoughL he could persuade 'emŧ maybe he [usL wanLed 'em ouLLa Lhe wayŦ All
anyone knows lsţ he Lurned up ln Lhe vlllage where you was all llvlngţ on Palloween Len years
agoŦ ?ou was [usL a year oldŦ Pe came Ler yer house an' Ÿ an' Ÿ"
Pagrld suddenly pulled ouL a very dlrLyţ spoLLed handkerchlef and blew hls nose wlLh a sound
llke a foghornŦ
ºSorryţ" he saldŦ º8uL lL's LhaL sad Ÿ knew yer mum an' dadţ an' nlcer people yeh couldn'L flnd
Ÿ anywaŧ
º?ouŴknowŴWho kllled 'emŦ An' Lhen Ÿ an' Lhls ls Lhe real mysL'ry of Lhe Lhlng Ÿ he Lrled Lo klll
youţ LooŦ WanLed Ler make a clean [ob of lLţ l supposeţ or maybe he [usL llked klllln' by LhenŦ
8uL he couldn'L do lLŦ never wondered how you goL LhaL mark on yer forehead? 1haL was no
ordlnary cuLŦ 1haL's whaL yeh geL when a powerfulţ evll curse Louches yeh Ÿ Look care of yer
mum an' dad an' yer houseţ even Ÿ buL lL dldn'L work on youţ an' LhaL's why yer famousţ
ParryŦ no one ever llved afLer he declded Ler klll 'emţ no one excepL youţ an' he'd kllled some
o' Lhe besL wlLches an' wlzards of Lhe age Ÿ Lhe Mcklnnonsţ Lhe 8onesţ Lhe ÞreweLLs Ÿ an'
you was
only a babyţ an' you llvedŦ"
SomeLhlng very palnful was golng on ln Parry's mlndŦ As Pagrld's sLory came Lo a closeţ he saw
agaln Lhe bllndlng flash of green llghLţ more clearly Lhan he had ever remembered lL before Ÿ
and he remembered someLhlng elseţ for Lhe flrsL Llme ln hls llfeť a hlghţ coldţ cruel laughŦ
Pagrld was waLchlng hlm sadlyŦ
º1ook yeh from Lhe rulned house myselfţ on uumbledore's ordersŦ 8roughL yeh Ler Lhls loLŧ Ŧ"
ºLoad of old Loshţ" sald uncle vernonŦ Parry [umpedŤ he had almosL forgoLLen LhaL Lhe
uursleys were LhereŦ uncle vernon cerLalnly seemed Lo have goL back hls courageŦ Pe was
glarlng aL Pagrld and hls flsLs were clenchedŦ
ºnowţ you llsLen hereţ boyţ" he snarledţ ºl accepL Lhere's someLhlng sLrange abouL youţ
probably noLhlng a good beaLlng wouldn'L have cured Ÿ and as for all Lhls abouL your parenLsţ
wellţ Lhey were welrdoesţ no denylng lLţ and Lhe world's beLLer off wlLhouL Lhem ln my oplnlon
Ÿ asked for all Lhey goLţ geLLlng mlxed up wlLh Lhese wlzardlng Lypes Ÿ [usL whaL l expecLedţ
always knew Lhey'd come Lo a sLlcky end Ÿ"
8uL aL LhaL momenLţ Pagrld leapL from Lhe sofa and drew a baLLered plnk umbrella from lnslde
hls coaLŦ ÞolnLlng Lhls aL uncle vernon llke a swordţ he saldţ ºl'm warnlng youţ uursley Ÿ l'm
warnlng you Ÿ one more wordŧ"
ln danger of belng speared on Lhe end of an umbrella by a bearded glanLţ uncle vernon's
courage falled agalnŤ he flaLLened hlmself agalnsL Lhe wall and fell sllenLŦ
º1haL's beLLerţ" sald Pagrldţ breaLhlng heavlly and slLLlng back down on Lhe sofaţ whlch Lhls
Llme sagged rlghL down Lo Lhe floorŦ
Parryţ meanwhlleţ sLlll had quesLlons Lo askţ hundreds of LhemŦ
º8uL whaL happened Lo volŴţ sorry Ÿ l meanţ ?ouŴknowŴWho?"
ºCood quesLlonţ ParryŦ ulsappearedŦ vanlshedŦ Same nlghL he Lrled Ler klll youŦ Makes yeh
even more famousŦ 1haL's Lhe blggesL mysL'ryţ seeŧ he was geLLln' more an' more powerful Ÿ
why'd he go?
ºSome say he dledŦ Codswallopţ ln my oplnlonŦ uunno lf he had enough human lefL ln hlm Lo
dleŦ Some say he's sLlll ouL Lhereţ bldln' hls Llmeţ llkeţ buL l don' belleve lLŦ Þeople who was on
hls slde came back Ler oursŦ Some of 'em came ouLLa klnda LrancesŦ uon' reckon Lhey could've
done lf he was comln' backŦ
ºMosL of us reckon he's sLlll ouL Lhere somewhere buL losL hls powersŦ 1oo weak Lo carry onŦ
'Cause someLhln' abouL you flnlshed hlmţ ParryŦ 1here was someLhln' goln' on LhaL nlghL he
hadn'L counLed on Ÿ l dunno whaL lL wasţ no one does Ÿ buL someLhln' abouL you sLumped
all rlghLŦ"
Pagrld looked aL Parry wlLh warmLh and respecL blazlng ln hls eyesţ buL Parryţ lnsLead of
feellng pleased and proudţ felL qulLe sure Lhere had been a horrlble mlsLakeŦ A wlzard? Plm?
Pow could he posslbly be? Pe'd spenL hls llfe belng clouLed by uudleyţ and bullled by AunL
ÞeLunla and uncle vernonŤ lf he was really a wlzardţ why hadn'L Lhey been Lurned lnLo warLy
Loads every Llme Lhey'd Lrled Lo lock hlm ln hls cupboard? lf he'd once defeaLed Lhe greaLesL
sorcerer ln Lhe worldţ how come uudley had always been able Lo klck hlm around llke a
ºPagrldţ" he sald quleLlyţ ºl Lhlnk you musL have made a mlsLakeŦ l don'L Lhlnk l can be a
1o hls surprlseţ Pagrld chuckledŦ
ºnoL a wlzardţ eh? never made Lhlngs happen when you was scared or angry?"
Parry looked lnLo Lhe flreŦ now he came Lo Lhlnk abouL lLŧ every odd Lhlng LhaL had ever made
hls aunL and uncle furlous wlLh hlm had happened when heţ Parryţ had been upseL or angryŧ
chased by uudley's gangţ he had somehow found hlmself ouL of Lhelr reachŧ dreadlng golng Lo
school wlLh LhaL rldlculous halrcuLţ he'd managed Lo make lL grow backŧ and Lhe very lasL Llme
uudley had hlL hlmţ hadn'L he goL hls revengeţ wlLhouL even reallzlng he was dolng lL? Padn'L
he seL a boa consLrlcLor on hlm?
Parry looked back aL Pagrldţ smlllngţ and saw LhaL Pagrld was poslLlvely beamlng aL hlmŦ
ºSee?" sald PagrldŦ ºParry ÞoLLerţ noL a wlzard Ÿ you walLţ you'll be rlghL famous aL
8uL uncle vernon wasn'L golng Lo glve ln wlLhouL a flghLŦ
ºPaven'L l Lold you he's noL golng?" he hlssedŦ ºPe's golng Lo SLonewall Plgh and he'll be
graLeful for lLŦ l've read Lhose leLLers and he needs all sorLs of rubblsh Ÿ spell books and
wands and Ÿ"
ºlf he wanLs Ler goţ a greaL Muggle llke you won'L sLop hlmţ" growled PagrldŦ ºSLop Llly an'
!ames ÞoLLer's son goln' Ler PogwarLs! ?er madŦ Pls name's been down ever slnce he was
bornŦ Pe's off Ler Lhe flnesL school of wlLchcrafL and wlzardry ln Lhe worldŦ Seven years Lhere
and he won'L know hlmselfŦ Pe'll be wlLh youngsLers of hls own sorLţ fer a changeţ an' he'll be
under Lhe greaLesL headmasLer PogwarLs ever had Albus uumbledŸ"
ºl AM nC1 ÞA?lnC lC8 SCML C8ACkÞC1 CLu lCCL 1C 1LACP PlM MAClC 18lCkS!" yelled
uncle vernonŦ
8uL he had flnally gone Loo farŦ Pagrld selzed hls umbrella and whlrled lL over hls headţ ºnLvL8
Ÿ" he Lhunderedţ ºŸ lnSuL1 Ÿ AL8uS Ÿ uuM8LLuC8L Ÿ ln Ÿ l8Cn1 Ÿ Cl Ÿ ML!"
Pe broughL Lhe umbrella swlshlng down Lhrough Lhe alr Lo polnL aL uudley Ÿ Lhere was a flash
of vloleL llghLţ a sound llke a flrecrackerţ a sharp squealţ and Lhe nexL secondţ uudley was
danclng on Lhe spoL wlLh hls hands clasped over hls faL boLLomţ howllng ln palnŦ When he
Lurned hls back on Lhemţ Parry saw a curly plg's Lall poklng Lhrough a hole ln hls LrousersŦ
uncle vernon roaredŦ Þulllng AunL ÞeLunla and uudley lnLo Lhe oLher roomţ he casL one lasL
Lerrlfled look aL Pagrld and slammed Lhe door behlnd LhemŦ
Pagrld looked down aL hls umbrella and sLroked hls beardŦ
ºShouldn'La losL me Lemperţ" he sald ruefullyţ ºbuL lL dldn'L work anywayŦ MeanL Ler Lurn hlm
lnLo a plgţ buL l suppose he was so much llke a plg anyway Lhere wasn'L much lefL Ler doŦ"
Pe casL a sldeways look aL Parry under hls bushy eyebrowsŦ
º8e graLeful lf yeh dldn'L menLlon LhaL Ler anyone aL PogwarLsţ" he saldŦ ºl'm Ÿ er Ÿ noL
supposed Ler do maglcţ sLrlcLly speakln'Ŧ l was allowed Ler do a blL Ler follow yeh an' geL yer
leLLers Lo yeh an' sLuff Ÿ one o' Lhe reasons l was so keen Ler Lake on Lhe [obŦ"
ºWhy aren'L you supposed Lo do maglc?" asked ParryŦ
ºChţ well Ÿ l was aL PogwarLs meself buL l Ÿ er Ÿ goL expelledţ Ler Lell yeh Lhe LruLhŦ ln me
Lhlrd yearŦ 1hey snapped me wand ln half an' everyLhlngŦ 8uL uumbledore leL me sLay on as
gamekeeperŦ CreaL manţ uumbledoreŦ"
ºWhy were you expelled?"
ºlL's geLLln' laLe and we've goL loLs Ler do Lomorrowţ" sald Pagrld loudlyŦ ºCoLLa geL up Ler
Lownţ geL all yer books an' LhaLŦ"
Pe Look off hls Lhlck black coaL and Lhrew lL Lo ParryŦ
º?ou can klp under LhaLţ" he saldŦ ºuon' mlnd lf lL wrlggles a blLţ l Lhlnk l sLlll goL a couple o'
doormlce ln one o' Lhe pockeLsŦ"
CPAÞ1L8 llvL
ulagon Alley
Parry woke early Lhe nexL mornlngŦ AlLhough he could Lell lL was dayllghLţ he kepL hls eyes shuL
lL was a dreamţ he Lold hlmself flrmlyŦ l dreamed a glanL called Pagrld came Lo Lell me l was
golng Lo a school for wlzardsŦ When l open my eyes l'll be aL home ln my cupboardŦ
1here was suddenly a loud Lapplng nolseŦ
And Lhere's AunL ÞeLunla knocklng on Lhe doorţ Parry LhoughLţ hls hearL slnklngŦ 8uL he sLlll
dldn'L open hls eyesŦ lL had been such a good dreamŦ
1apŦ 1apŦ 1apŦ
ºAll rlghLţ" Parry mumbledţ ºl'm geLLlng upŦ"
Pe saL up and Pagrld's heavy coaL fell off hlmŦ 1he huL was full of sunllghLţ Lhe sLorm was overţ
Pagrld hlmself was asleep on Lhe collapsed sofaţ and Lhere was an owl rapplng lLs claw on Lhe
wlndowţ a newspaper held ln lLs beakŦ
Parry scrambled Lo hls feeLţ so happy he felL as Lhough a large balloon was swelllng lnslde hlmŦ
Pe wenL sLralghL Lo Lhe wlndow and [erked lL openŦ 1he owl swooped ln and dropped Lhe
newspaper on Lop of Pagrldţ who dldn'L wake upŦ 1he owl Lhen fluLLered onLo Lhe floor and
began Lo aLLack Pagrld's coaLŦ
ºuon'L do LhaLŦ"
Parry Lrled Lo wave Lhe owl ouL of Lhe wayţ buL lL snapped lLs beak flercely aL hlm and carrled
on savaglng Lhe coaLŦ
ºPagrld!" sald Parry loudlyŦ º1here's an owl Ÿ"
ºÞay hlmţ" Pagrld grunLed lnLo Lhe sofaŦ
ºPe wanLs payln' fer dellverln' Lhe paperŦ Look ln Lhe pockeLsŦ"
Pagrld's coaL seemed Lo be made of noLhlng buL pockeLs Ÿ bunches of keysţ slug pelleLsţ balls
of sLrlngţ peppermlnL humbugsţ Leabagsŧ flnallyţ Parry pulled ouL a handful of sLrangeŴlooklng
ºClve hlm flve knuLsţ" sald Pagrld sleepllyŦ
º1he llLLle bronze onesŦ"
Parry counLed ouL flve llLLle bronze colnsţ and Lhe owl held ouL hls leg so Parry could puL Lhe
money lnLo a small leaLher pouch Lled Lo lLŦ 1hen he flew off Lhrough Lhe open wlndowŦ
Pagrld yawned loudlyţ saL upţ and sLreLchedŦ
º8esL be offţ Parryţ loLs Ler do Lodayţ goLLa geL up Ler London an' buy all yer sLuff fer schoolŦ"
Parry was Lurnlng over Lhe wlzard colns and looklng aL LhemŦ Pe had [usL LhoughL of someLhlng
LhaL made hlm feel as Lhough Lhe happy balloon lnslde hlm had goL a puncLureŦ
ºum Ÿ Pagrld?"
ºMm?" sald Pagrldţ who was pulllng on hls huge booLsŦ
ºl haven'L goL any money Ÿ and you heard uncle vernon lasL nlghLŧ he won'L pay for me Lo go
and learn maglcŦ"
ºuon'L worry abouL LhaLţ" sald Pagrldţ sLandlng up and scraLchlng hls headŦ ºu'yeh Lhlnk yer
parenLs dldn'L leave yeh anyLhlng?"
º8uL lf Lhelr house was desLroyed Ÿ"
º1hey dldn' keep Lhelr gold ln Lhe houseţ boy! nahţ flrsL sLop fer us ls CrlngoLLsŦ Wlzards' bankŦ
Pave a sausageţ Lhey're noL bad cold Ÿ an' l wouldn' say no Leh a blL o' yer blrLhday cakeţ
ºWlzards have banks?"
º!usL Lhe oneŦ CrlngoLLsŦ 8un by gobllnsŦ"
Parry dropped Lhe blL of sausage he was holdlngŦ
º?eah Ÿ so yeh'd be mad Ler Lry an' rob lLţ l'll Lell yeh LhaLŦ never mess wlLh gobllnsţ ParryŦ
CrlngoLLs ls Lhe safesL place ln Lhe world fer anyLhlng yeh wanL Ler keep safe Ÿ 'cepL maybe
PogwarLsŦ As a maLLer o' facLţ l goLLa vlslL CrlngoLLs anywayŦ ler uumbledoreŦ PogwarLs
buslnessŦ" Pagrld drew hlmself up proudlyŦ ºPe usually geLs me Ler do lmporLanL sLuff fer hlmŦ
leLchln' you Ÿ geLLln' Lhlngs from CrlngoLLs Ÿ knows he can LrusL meţ seeŦ"
ºCoL everyLhln'? Come onţ LhenŦ"
Parry followed Pagrld ouL onLo Lhe rockŦ 1he sky was qulLe clear now and Lhe sea gleamed ln
Lhe sunllghLŦ 1he boaL uncle vernon had hlred was sLlll Lhereţ wlLh a loL of waLer ln Lhe boLLom
afLer Lhe sLormŦ
ºPow dld you geL here?" Parry askedţ looklng around for anoLher boaLŦ
ºllewţ" sald PagrldŦ
º?eah Ÿ buL we'll go back ln LhlsŦ noL s'pposed Ler use maglc now l've goL yehŦ"
1hey seLLled down ln Lhe boaLţ Parry sLlll sLarlng aL Pagrldţ Lrylng Lo lmaglne hlm flylngŦ
ºSeems a shame Ler rowţ Lhoughţ" sald Pagrldţ glvlng Parry anoLher of hls sldeways looksŦ ºlf l
was Ler Ÿ er Ÿ speed Lhlngs up a blLţ would yeh mlnd noL menLlonln' lL aL PogwarLs?"
ºCf course noLţ" sald Parryţ eager Lo see more maglcŦ Pagrld pulled ouL Lhe plnk umbrella
agalnţ Lapped lL Lwlce on Lhe slde of Lhe boaLţ and Lhey sped off Loward landŦ
ºWhy would you be mad Lo Lry and rob CrlngoLLs?" Parry askedŦ
ºSpells Ÿ enchanLmenLsţ" sald Pagrldţ unfoldlng hls newspaper as he spokeŦ º1hey say Lhere's
dragons guardln' Lhe hlgh securlLy vaulLsŦ And Lhen yeh goLLa flnd yer way Ÿ CrlngoLLs ls
hundreds of mlles under Londonţ seeŦ ueep under Lhe undergroundŦ ?eh'd dle of hunger Lryln'
Ler geL ouLţ even lf yeh dld manage Ler geL yer hands on summaLŦ"
Parry saL and LhoughL abouL Lhls whlle Pagrld read hls newspaperţ Lhe ually ÞropheLŦ Parry
had learned from uncle vernon LhaL people llked Lo be lefL alone whlle Lhey dld Lhlsţ buL lL was
very dlfflculLţ he'd never had so many quesLlons ln hls llfeŦ
ºMlnlsLry o' Maglc messln' Lhlngs up as usualţ" Pagrld muLLeredţ Lurnlng Lhe pageŦ
º1here's a MlnlsLry of Maglc?" Parry askedţ before he could sLop hlmselfŦ
º'Courseţ" sald PagrldŦ º1hey wanLed uumbledore fer MlnlsLerţ o' courseţ buL he'd never leave
PogwarLsţ so old Cornellus ludge goL Lhe [obŦ 8ungler lf ever Lhere was oneŦ So he pelLs
uumbledore wlLh owls every mornlngţ askln' fer advlceŦ"
º8uL whaL does a MlnlsLry of Maglc do?"
ºWellţ Lhelr maln [ob ls Lo keep lL from Lhe Muggles LhaL Lhere's sLlll wlLches an' wlzards up an'
down Lhe counLryŦ"
ºWhy? 8llmeyţ Parryţ everyone'd be wanLln' maglc soluLlons Lo Lhelr problemsŦ nahţ we're
besL lefL aloneŦ"
AL Lhls momenL Lhe boaL bumped genLly lnLo Lhe harbor wallŦ Pagrld folded up hls newspaperţ
and Lhey clambered up Lhe sLone sLeps onLo Lhe sLreeLŦ
Þassersby sLared a loL aL Pagrld as Lhey walked Lhrough Lhe llLLle Lown Lo Lhe sLaLlonŦ Parry
couldn'L blame LhemŦ noL only was Pagrld Lwlce as Lall as anyone elseţ he kepL polnLlng aL
perfecLly ordlnary Lhlngs llke parklng meLers and saylng loudlyţ ºSee LhaLţ Parry? 1hlngs Lhese
Muggles dream upţ eh?"
ºPagrldţ" sald Parryţ panLlng a blL as he ran Lo keep upţ ºdld you say Lhere are dragons aL
ºWellţ so Lhey sayţ" sald PagrldŦ ºCrlkeyţ l'd llke a dragonŦ"
º?ou'd llke one?"
ºWanLed one ever slnce l was a kld Ÿ here we goŦ"
1hey had reached Lhe sLaLlonŦ 1here was a Lraln Lo London ln flve mlnuLes' LlmeŦ Pagrldţ who
dldn'L undersLand ºMuggle moneyţ" as he called lLţ gave Lhe bllls Lo Parry so he could buy Lhelr
Þeople sLared more Lhan ever on Lhe LralnŦ Pagrld Look up Lwo seaLs and saL knlLLlng whaL
looked llke a canaryŴyellow clrcus LenLŦ
ºSLlll goL yer leLLerţ Parry?" he asked as he counLed sLlLchesŦ
Parry Look Lhe parchmenL envelope ouL of hls pockeLŦ
ºCoodţ" sald PagrldŦ º1here's a llsL Lhere of everyLhlng yeh needŦ"
Parry unfolded a second plece of paper he hadn'L noLlced Lhe nlghL beforeţ and readť
PCCWA81S SCPCCL of Wl1CPC8Al1 and WlZA8u8?
llrsLŴyear sLudenLs wlll requlreť
1Ŧ 1hree seLs of plaln work robes (black)
2Ŧ Cne plaln polnLed haL (black) for day wear
3Ŧ Cne palr of proLecLlve gloves (dragon hlde or slmllar)
4Ŧ Cne wlnLer cloak (blackţ sllver fasLenlngs)
Þlease noLe LhaL all puplls' cloLhes should carry name Lags
All sLudenLs should have a copy of each of Lhe followlngť
1he SLandard 8ook of Spells (Crade 1)by Mlranda Coshawk
A PlsLory of Maglc by 8aLhllda 8agshoL
Maglcal 1heory by AdalberL Waffllng
A 8eglnners' Culde Lo 1ransflguraLlon by Lmerlc SwlLch
Cne 1housand Maglcal Perbs and lungl by Þhylllda Spore
Maglcal urafLs and ÞoLlons by Arsenlus !lgger
lanLasLlc 8easLs and Where Lo llnd 1hem by newL Scamander
1he uark lorcesť A Culde Lo SelfŴÞroLecLlon by CuenLln 1rlmble
1 wand
1 cauldron (pewLerţ sLandard slze 2)
1 seL of glass or crysLal phlals
1 Lelescope seL
1 brass scales
SLudenLs may also brlng an owl C8 a caL C8 a Load
ÞA8Ln1S A8L 8LMlnuLu 1PA1 ll8S1 ?LA8S A8L nC1 ALLCWLu 1PLl8 CWn 88CCMS1lCkS
ºCan we buy all Lhls ln London?" Parry wondered aloudŦ
ºlf yeh know where Lo goţ" sald PagrldŦ
Parry had never been Lo London beforeŦ AlLhough Pagrld seemed Lo know where he was
he was obvlously noL used Lo geLLlng Lhere ln an ordlnary wayŦ Pe goL sLuck ln Lhe LlckeL barrler
on Lhe undergroundţ and complalned loudly LhaL Lhe seaLs were Loo small and Lhe Lralns Loo
ºl don'L know how Lhe Muggles manage wlLhouL maglcţ" he sald as Lhey cllmbed a brokenŴ
down escalaLor LhaL led up Lo a busLllng road llned wlLh shopsŦ
Pagrld was so huge LhaL he parLed Lhe crowd easllyŤ all Parry had Lo do was keep close behlnd
hlmŦ 1hey passed book shops and muslc sLoresţ hamburger resLauranLs and clnemasţ buL
nowhere LhaL looked as lf lL could sell you a maglc wandŦ 1hls was [usL an ordlnary sLreeL full of
ordlnary peopleŦ Could Lhere really be plles of wlzard gold burled mlles beneaLh Lhem? Were
Lhere really shops LhaL sold spell books and broomsLlcks? MlghL Lhls noL all be some huge [oke
LhaL Lhe uursleys had cooked up? lf Parry hadn'L known LhaL Lhe uursleys had no sense of
humorţ he mlghL have LhoughL soŤ yeL somehowţ even Lhough everyLhlng Pagrld had Lold hlm
so far was unbellevableţ Parry couldn'L help LrusLlng hlmŦ
º1hls ls lLţ" sald Pagrldţ comlng Lo a halLţ ºLhe Leaky CauldronŦ lL's a famous placeŦ"
lL was a Llnyţ grubbyŴlooklng pubŦ lf Pagrld hadn'L polnLed lL ouLţ Parry wouldn'L have noLlced
lL was LhereŦ 1he people hurrylng by dldn'L glance aL lLŦ 1helr eyes slld from Lhe blg book shop
on one slde Lo Lhe record shop on Lhe oLher as lf Lhey couldn'L see Lhe Leaky Cauldron aL allŦ ln
facLţ Parry had Lhe mosL pecullar feellng LhaL only he and Pagrld could see lLŦ 8efore he could
menLlon Lhlsţ Pagrld had sLeered hlm lnsldeŦ
lor a famous placeţ lL was very dark and shabbyŦ A few old women were slLLlng ln a cornerţ
drlnklng Llny glasses of sherryŦ Cne of Lhem was smoklng a long plpeŦ A llLLle man ln a Lop haL
was Lalklng Lo Lhe old barLenderţ who was qulLe bald and looked llke a LooLhless walnuLŦ 1he
low buzz of chaLLer sLopped when Lhey walked lnŦ Lveryone seemed Lo know PagrldŤ Lhey
waved and smlled aL hlmţ and Lhe barLender reached for a glassţ saylngţ º1he usualţ Pagrld?"
ºCan'Lţ 1omţ l'm on PogwarLs buslnessţ" sald Pagrldţ clapplng hls greaL hand on Parry's
shoulder and maklng Parry's knees buckleŦ
ºCood Lordţ" sald Lhe barLenderţ peerlng aL Parryţ ºls Lhls Ÿ can Lhls be Ÿ?"
1he Leaky Cauldron had suddenly gone compleLely sLlll and sllenLŦ
º8less my soulţ" whlspered Lhe old barLenderţ ºParry ÞoLLerŧ whaL an honorŦ"
Pe hurrled ouL from behlnd Lhe barţ rushed Loward Parry and selzed hls handţ Lears ln hls
ºWelcome backţ MrŦ ÞoLLerţ welcome backŦ"
Parry dldn'L know whaL Lo sayŦ Lveryone was looklng aL hlmŦ 1he old woman wlLh Lhe plpe was
pufflng on lL wlLhouL reallzlng lL had gone ouLŦ Pagrld was beamlngŦ
1hen Lhere was a greaL scraplng of chalrs and Lhe nexL momenLţ Parry found hlmself shaklng
hands wlLh everyone ln Lhe Leaky CauldronŦ
ºuorls Crockfordţ MrŦ ÞoLLerţ can'L belleve l'm meeLlng you aL lasLŦ"
ºSo proudţ MrŦ ÞoLLerţ l'm [usL so proudŦ"
ºAlways wanLed Lo shake your hand Ÿ l'm all of a fluLLerŦ"
ºuellghLedţ MrŦ ÞoLLerţ [usL can'L Lell youţ ulggle's Lhe nameţ uedalus ulggleŦ"
ºl've seen you before!" sald Parryţ as uedalus ulggle's Lop haL fell off ln hls exclLemenLŦ º?ou
bowed Lo me once ln a shopŦ"
ºPe remembers!" crled uedalus ulggleţ looklng around aL everyoneŦ ºuld you hear LhaL? Pe
remembers me!" Parry shook hands agaln and agaln Ÿ uorls Crockford kepL comlng back for
A pale young man made hls way forwardţ very nervouslyŦ Cne of hls eyes was LwlLchlngŦ
ºÞrofessor Culrrell!" sald PagrldŦ ºParryţ Þrofessor Culrrell wlll be one of your Leachers aL
ºÞŴÞŴÞoLLerţ" sLammered Þrofessor Culrrellţ grasplng Parry's handţ ºcŴcan'L LŴLell you how pŴ
pleased l am Lo meeL youŦ"
ºWhaL sorL of maglc do you Leachţ Þrofessor Culrrell?"
ºuŴuefense AgalnsL Lhe uŴuŴuark ArLsţ" muLLered Þrofessor Culrrellţ as Lhough he'd raLher noL
Lhlnk abouL lLŦ ºnŴnoL LhaL you nŴneed lLţ ehţ ÞŴÞŴÞoLLer?" Pe laughed nervouslyŦ º?ou'll be gŴ
geLLlng all your equlpmenLţ l suppose? l've gŴgoL Lo pŴplck up a new bŴbook on vamplresţ mŴ
myselfŦ" Pe looked Lerrlfled aL Lhe very LhoughLŦ
8uL Lhe oLhers wouldn'L leL Þrofessor Culrrell keep Parry Lo hlmselfŦ lL Look almosL Len mlnuLes
Lo geL away from Lhem allŦ AL lasLţ Pagrld managed Lo make hlmself heard over Lhe babbleŦ
ºMusL geL on Ÿ loLs Ler buyŦ Come onţ ParryŦ"
uorls Crockford shook Parry's hand one lasL Llmeţ and Pagrld led Lhem Lhrough Lhe bar and
ouL lnLo a smallţ walled courLyardţ where Lhere was noLhlng buL a Lrash can and a few weedsŦ
Pagrld grlnned aL ParryŦ
º1old yehţ dldn'L l? 1old yeh you was famousŦ Lven Þrofessor Culrrell was Lremblln' Ler meeL
yeh Ÿ mlnd youţ he's usually Lremblln'Ŧ"
ºls he always LhaL nervous?"
ºChţ yeahŦ Þoor blokeŦ 8rllllanL mlndŦ Pe was flne whlle he was sLudyln' ouLLa books buL Lhen
he Look a year off Ler geL some flrsLhand experlenceŧ 1hey say he meL vamplres ln Lhe 8lack
loresLţ and Lhere was a nasLy blL o' Lrouble wlLh a hag Ÿ never been Lhe same slnceŦ Scared of
Lhe sLudenLsţ scared of hls own sub[ecL Ÿ nowţ where's me umbrella?"
vamplres? Pags? Parry's head was swlmmlngŦ Pagrldţ meanwhlleţ was counLlng brlcks ln Lhe
wall above Lhe Lrash canŦ
º1hree upŧ Lwo acrossŧ" he muLLeredŦ º8lghLţ sLand backţ ParryŦ"
Pe Lapped Lhe wall Lhree Llmes wlLh Lhe polnL of hls umbrellaŦ
1he brlck he had Louched qulvered Ÿ lL wrlggled Ÿ ln Lhe mlddleţ a small hole appeared Ÿ lL
grew wlder and wlder Ÿ a second laLer Lhey were faclng an archway large enough even for
Pagrldţ an archway onLo a cobbled sLreeL LhaL LwlsLed and Lurned ouL of slghLŦ
ºWelcomeţ" sald Pagrldţ ºLo ulagon AlleyŦ"
Pe grlnned aL Parry's amazemenLŦ 1hey sLepped Lhrough Lhe archwayŦ Parry looked qulckly
over hls shoulder and saw Lhe archway shrlnk lnsLanLly back lnLo solld wallŦ
1he sun shone brlghLly on a sLack of cauldrons ouLslde Lhe nearesL shopŦ Cauldrons Ÿ All Slzes
Ÿ Copperţ 8rassţ ÞewLerţ Sllver Ÿ SelfŴSLlrrlng Ÿ Collapslbleţ sald a slgn hanglng over LhemŦ
º?eahţ you'll be needln' oneţ" sald Pagrldţ ºbuL we goLLa geL yer money flrsLŦ"
Parry wlshed he had abouL elghL more eyesŦ Pe Lurned hls head ln every dlrecLlon as Lhey
walked up Lhe sLreeLţ Lrylng Lo look aL everyLhlng aL onceť Lhe shopsţ Lhe Lhlngs ouLslde Lhemţ
Lhe people dolng Lhelr shopplngŦ A plump woman ouLslde an ApoLhecary was shaklng her head
as Lhey passedţ saylngţ ºuragon llverţ slxLeen Slckles an ounceţ Lhey're madŧ"
A lowţ sofL hooLlng came from a dark shop wlLh a slgn saylng Leylops Cwl Lmporlum Ÿ 1awnyţ
Screechţ 8arnţ 8rownţ and SnowyŦ Several boys of abouL Parry's age had Lhelr noses pressed
agalnsL a wlndow wlLh broomsLlcks ln lLŦ ºLookţ" Parry heard one of Lhem sayţ ºLhe new
nlmbus 1wo 1housand Ÿ fasLesL ever Ÿ" 1here were shops selllng robesţ shops selllng
Lelescopes and sLrange sllver lnsLrumenLs Parry had never seen beforeţ wlndows sLacked wlLh
barrels of baL spleens and eels' eyesţ LoLLerlng plles of spell booksţ qulllsţ and rolls of
parchmenLţ poLlon boLLlesţ globes of Lhe moonŧ
ºCrlngoLLsţ" sald PagrldŦ
1hey had reached a snowy whlLe bulldlng LhaL Lowered over Lhe oLher llLLle shopsŦ SLandlng
beslde lLs burnlshed bronze doorsţ wearlng a unlform of scarleL and goldţ was Ÿ
º?eahţ LhaL's a gobllnţ" sald Pagrld quleLly as Lhey walked up Lhe whlLe sLone sLeps Loward
hlmŦ 1he goblln was abouL a head shorLer Lhan ParryŦ Pe had a swarLhyţ clever faceţ a polnLed
andţ Parry noLlcedţ very long flngers and feeLŦ Pe bowed as Lhey walked lnsldeŦ now Lhey were
faclng a second palr of doorsţ sllver Lhls Llmeţ wlLh words engraved upon Lhemť
LnLerţ sLrangerţ buL Lake heed
Cf whaL awalLs Lhe sln of greedţ
lor Lhose who Lakeţ buL do noL earnţ
MusL pay mosL dearly ln Lhelr LurnŦ
So lf you seek beneaLh our floors
A Lreasure LhaL was never yoursţ
1hlefţ you have been warnedţ beware
Cf flndlng more Lhan Lreasure LhereŦ
ºLlke l saldţ ?eh'd be mad Ler Lry an' rob lLţ" sald PagrldŦ
A palr of gobllns bowed Lhem Lhrough Lhe sllver doors and Lhey were ln a vasL marble hallŦ
AbouL a hundred more gobllns were slLLlng on hlgh sLools behlnd a long counLerţ scrlbbllng ln
large ledgersţ welghlng colns ln brass scalesţ examlnlng preclous sLones Lhrough eyeglassesŦ
1here were Loo many doors Lo counL leadlng off Lhe hallţ and yeL more gobllns were showlng
people ln and ouL of LheseŦ Pagrld and Parry made for Lhe counLerŦ
ºMornlngţ" sald Pagrld Lo a free gobllnŦ ºWe've come Ler Lake some money ouLLa MrŦ Parry
ÞoLLer's safeŦ"
º?ou have hls keyţ slr?"
ºCoL lL here somewhereţ" sald Pagrldţ and he sLarLed empLylng hls pockeLs onLo Lhe counLerţ
scaLLerlng a handful of moldy dog blsculLs over Lhe goblln's book of numbersŦ 1he goblln
wrlnkled hls noseŦ Parry waLched Lhe goblln on Lhelr rlghL welghlng a plle of rubles as blg as
glowlng coalsŦ
ºCoL lLţ" sald Pagrld aL lasLţ holdlng up a Llny golden keyŦ
1he goblln looked aL lL closelyŦ
º1haL seems Lo be ln orderŦ"
ºAn' l've also goL a leLLer here from Þrofessor uumbledoreţ" sald Pagrld lmporLanLlyţ Lhrowlng
ouL hls chesLŦ ºlL's abouL Lhe ?ouŴknowŴWhaL ln vaulL seven hundred and LhlrLeenŦ"
1he goblln read Lhe leLLer carefullyŦ
ºvery wellţ" he saldţ handlng lL back Lo Pagrldţ ºl wlll have someone Lake you down Lo boLh
vaulLsŦ Crlphook!"
Crlphook was yeL anoLher gobllnŦ Cnce Pagrld had crammed all Lhe dog blsculLs back lnslde hls
pockeLsţ he and Parry followed Crlphook Loward one of Lhe doors leadlng off Lhe hallŦ
ºWhaL's Lhe ?ouŴknowŴWhaL ln vaulL seven hundred and LhlrLeen?" Parry askedŦ
ºCan'L Lell yeh LhaLţ" sald Pagrld mysLerlouslyŦ ºvery secreLŦ PogwarLs buslnessŦ uumbledore's
LrusLed meŦ More'n my [ob's worLh Ler Lell yeh LhaLŦ"
Crlphook held Lhe door open for LhemŦ Parryţ who had expecLed more marbleţ was surprlsedŦ
1hey were ln a narrow sLone passageway llL wlLh flamlng LorchesŦ lL sloped sLeeply downward
and Lhere were llLLle rallway Lracks on Lhe floorŦ Crlphook whlsLled and a small carL came
hurLllng up Lhe Lracks Loward LhemŦ 1hey cllmbed ln Ÿ Pagrld wlLh some dlfflculLy Ÿ and were
AL flrsL Lhey [usL hurLled Lhrough a maze of LwlsLlng passagesŦ Parry Lrled Lo rememberţ lefLţ
rlghLţ rlghLţ lefLţ mlddle forkţ rlghLţ lefLţ buL lL was lmposslbleŦ 1he raLLllng carL seemed Lo know
lLs own wayţ because Crlphook wasn'L sLeerlngŦ
Parry's eyes sLung as Lhe cold alr rushed pasL Lhemţ buL he kepL Lhem wlde openŦ Cnceţ he
LhoughL he saw a bursL of flre aL Lhe end of a passage and LwlsLed around Lo see lf lL was a
dragonţ buL Loo laLe Ÿ Lhey plunged even deeperţ passlng an underground lake where huge
sLalacLlLes and sLalagmlLes grew from Lhe celllng and floorŦ
ºl never knowţ" Parry called Lo Pagrld over Lhe nolse of Lhe carLţ ºwhaL's Lhe dlfference
beLween a sLalagmlLe and a sLalacLlLe?"
ºSLalagmlLe's goL an 'm' ln lLţ" sald PagrldŦ ºAn' don' ask me quesLlons [usL nowţ l Lhlnk l'm
gonna be slckŦ"
Pe dld look very greenţ and when Lhe carL sLopped aL lasL beslde a small door ln Lhe passage
wallţ Pagrld goL ouL and had Lo lean agalnsL Lhe wall Lo sLop hls knees from LrembllngŦ
Crlphook unlocked Lhe doorŦ A loL of green smoke came blllowlng ouLţ and as lL clearedţ Parry
gaspedŦ lnslde were mounds of gold colnsŦ Columns of sllverŦ Peaps of llLLle bronze knuLsŦ
ºAll yoursţ" smlled PagrldŦ
All Parry's Ÿ lL was lncredlbleŦ 1he uursleys couldn'L have known abouL Lhls or Lhey'd have
had lL from hlm fasLer Lhan bllnklngŦ Pow ofLen had Lhey complalned how much Parry cosL
Lhem Lo keep? And all Lhe Llme Lhere had been a small forLune belonglng Lo hlmţ burled deep
under LondonŦ
Pagrld helped Parry plle some of lL lnLo a bagŦ
º1he gold ones are Calleonsţ" he explalnedŦ ºSevenLeen sllver Slckles Lo a Calleon and LwenLyŴ
nlne knuLs Lo a Slckleţ lL's easy enoughŦ 8lghLţ LhaL should be enough fer a couple o' Lermsţ
we'll keep Lhe resL safe for yehŦ" Pe Lurned Lo CrlphookŦ ºvaulL seven hundred and LhlrLeen
nowţ pleaseţ and can we go more slowly?"
ºCne speed onlyţ" sald CrlphookŦ
1hey were golng even deeper now and gaLherlng speedŦ 1he alr became colder and colder as
Lhey hurLled round LlghL cornersŦ 1hey wenL raLLllng over an underground ravlneţ and Parry
leaned over Lhe slde Lo Lry Lo see whaL was down aL Lhe dark boLLomţ buL Pagrld groaned and
pulled hlm back by Lhe scruff of hls neckŦ
vaulL seven hundred and LhlrLeen had no keyholeŦ
ºSLand backţ" sald Crlphook lmporLanLlyŦ Pe sLroked Lhe door genLly wlLh one of hls long
flngers and lL slmply melLed awayŦ
ºlf anyone buL a CrlngoLLs goblln Lrled LhaLţ Lhey'd be sucked Lhrough Lhe door and Lrapped ln
Lhereţ" sald CrlphookŦ
ºPow ofLen do you check Lo see lf anyone's lnslde?" Parry askedŦ
ºAbouL once every Len yearsţ" sald Crlphook wlLh a raLher nasLy grlnŦ
SomeLhlng really exLraordlnary had Lo be lnslde Lhls Lop securlLy vaulLţ Parry was sureţ and he
leaned forward eagerlyţ expecLlng Lo see fabulous [ewels aL Lhe very leasL Ÿ buL aL flrsL he
LhoughL lL was empLyŦ 1hen he noLlced a grubby llLLle package wrapped up ln brown paper
lylng on Lhe floorŦ Pagrld plcked lL up and Lucked lL deep lnslde hls coaLŦ Parry longed Lo know
whaL lL wasţ buL knew beLLer Lhan Lo askŦ
ºCome onţ back ln Lhls lnfernal carLţ and don'L Lalk Lo me on Lhe way backţ lL's besL lf l keep me
mouLh shuLţ" sald PagrldŦ
Cne wlld carL rlde laLer Lhey sLood bllnklng ln Lhe sunllghL ouLslde CrlngoLLsŦ Parry dldn'L know
where Lo run flrsL now LhaL he had a bag full of moneyŦ Pe dldn'L have Lo know how many
Calleons Lhere were Lo a pound Lo know LhaL he was holdlng more money Lhan he'd had ln hls
whole llfe Ÿ more money Lhan even uudley had ever hadŦ
ºMlghL as well geL yer unlformţ" sald Pagrldţ noddlng Loward Madam Malkln's 8obes for All
CccaslonsŦ ºLlsLenţ Parryţ would yeh mlnd lf l sllpped off fer a plckŴmeŴup ln Lhe Leaky
Cauldron? l haLe Lhem CrlngoLLs carLsŦ" Pe dld sLlll look a blL slckţ so Parry enLered Madam
Malkln's shop aloneţ feellng nervousŦ
Madam Malkln was a squaLţ smlllng wlLch dressed all ln mauveŦ
ºPogwarLsţ dear?" she saldţ when Parry sLarLed Lo speakŦ ºCoL Lhe loL here Ÿ anoLher young
man belng flLLed up [usL nowţ ln facLŦ"
ln Lhe back of Lhe shopţ a boy wlLh a paleţ polnLed face was sLandlng on a fooLsLool whlle a
second wlLch plnned up hls long black robesŦ Madam Malkln sLood Parry on a sLool nexL Lo hlm
sllpped a long robe over hls headţ and began Lo pln lL Lo Lhe rlghL lengLhŦ
ºPelloţ" sald Lhe boyţ ºPogwarLsţ Loo?"
º?esţ" sald ParryŦ
ºMy faLher's nexL door buylng my books and moLher's up Lhe sLreeL looklng aL wandsţ" sald
Lhe boyŦ Pe had a boredţ drawllng volceŦ º1hen l'm golng Lo drag Lhem off Lo look aL raclng
broomsŦ l don'L see why flrsL years can'L have Lhelr ownŦ l Lhlnk l'll bully faLher lnLo geLLlng me
one and l'll smuggle lL ln somehowŦ"
Parry was sLrongly remlnded of uudleyŦ
ºPave you goL your own broom?" Lhe boy wenL onŦ
ºnoţ" sald ParryŦ
ºÞlay CulddlLch aL all?"
ºnoţ" Parry sald agalnţ wonderlng whaL on earLh CulddlLch could beŦ
ºl do Ÿ laLher says lL's a crlme lf l'm noL plcked Lo play for my houseţ and l musL sayţ l agreeŦ
know whaL house you'll be ln yeL?"
ºnoţ" sald Parryţ feellng more sLupld by Lhe mlnuLeŦ
ºWellţ no one really knows unLll Lhey geL Lhereţ do Lheyţ buL l know l'll be ln SlyLherlnţ all our
famlly have been Ÿ lmaglne belng ln Pufflepuffţ l Lhlnk l'd leaveţ wouldn'L you?"
ºMmmţ" sald Parryţ wlshlng he could say someLhlng a blL more lnLeresLlngŦ
ºl sayţ look aL LhaL man!" sald Lhe boy suddenlyţ noddlng Loward Lhe fronL wlndowŦ Pagrld was
sLandlng Lhereţ grlnnlng aL Parry and polnLlng aL Lwo large lce creams Lo show he couldn'L
come lnŦ
º1haL's Pagrldţ" sald Parryţ pleased Lo know someLhlng Lhe boy dldn'LŦ ºPe works aL
ºChţ" sald Lhe boyţ ºl've heard of hlmŦ Pe's a sorL of servanLţ lsn'L he?"
ºPe's Lhe gamekeeperţ" sald ParryŦ Pe was llklng Lhe boy less and less every secondŦ
º?esţ exacLlyŦ l heard he's a sorL of savage Ÿ llves ln a huL on Lhe school grounds and every
now and Lhen he geLs drunkţ Lrles Lo do maglcţ and ends up seLLlng flre Lo hls bedŦ"
ºl Lhlnk he's brllllanLţ" sald Parry coldlyŦ
ºuo you?" sald Lhe boyţ wlLh a sllghL sneerŦ ºWhy ls he wlLh you? Where are your parenLs?"
º1hey're deadţ" sald Parry shorLlyŦ Pe dldn'L feel much llke golng lnLo Lhe maLLer wlLh Lhls boyŦ
ºChţ sorryţ" sald Lhe oLherţ noL soundlng sorry aL allŦ º8uL Lhey were our klndţ weren'L Lhey?"
º1hey were a wlLch and wlzardţ lf LhaL's whaL you meanŦ"
ºl really don'L Lhlnk Lhey should leL Lhe oLher sorL lnţ do you? 1hey're [usL noL Lhe sameţ
Lhey've never been broughL up Lo know our waysŦ Some of Lhem have never even heard of
PogwarLs unLll Lhey geL Lhe leLLerţ lmaglneŦ l Lhlnk Lhey should keep lL ln Lhe old wlzardlng
famlllesŦ WhaL's your surnameţ anyway?"
8uL before Parry could answerţ Madam Malkln saldţ º1haL's you doneţ my dearţ" and Parryţ
noL sorry for an excuse Lo sLop Lalklng Lo Lhe boyţ hopped down from Lhe fooLsLoolŦ
ºWellţ l'll see you aL PogwarLsţ l supposeţ" sald Lhe drawllng boyŦ
Parry was raLher quleL as he aLe Lhe lce cream Pagrld had boughL hlm (chocolaLe and
raspberry wlLh chopped nuLs)Ŧ
ºWhaL's up?" sald PagrldŦ
ºnoLhlngţ" Parry lledŦ 1hey sLopped Lo buy parchmenL and qulllsŦ Parry cheered up a blL when
he found a boLLle of lnk LhaL changed color as you wroLeŦ When Lhey had lefL Lhe shopţ he saldţ
ºPagrldţ whaL's CulddlLch?"
º8llmeyţ Parryţ l keep forgeLLln' how llLLle yeh know Ÿ noL knowln' abouL CulddlLch!"
ºuon'L make me feel worseţ" sald ParryŦ Pe Lold Pagrld abouL Lhe pale boy ln Madam Malkln'sŦ
ºŸ and he sald people from Muggle famllles shouldn'L even be allowed ln Ÿ"
º?er noL from a Muggle famllyŦ lf he'd known who yeh were Ÿ he's grown up knowln' yer
name lf hls parenLs are wlzardln' folkŦ ?ou saw whaL everyone ln Lhe Leaky Cauldron was llke
when Lhey saw yehŦ Anywayţ whaL does he know abouL lLţ some o' Lhe besL l ever saw were
Lhe only ones wlLh maglc ln 'em ln a long llne o' Muggles Ÿ look aL yer mum! Look whaL she
had fer a slsLer!"
ºSo whaL ls CulddlLch?"
ºlL's our sporLŦ Wlzard sporLŦ lL's llke Ÿ llke soccer ln Lhe Muggle world Ÿ everyone follows
CulddlLch Ÿ played up ln Lhe alr on broomsLlcks and Lhere's four balls Ÿ sorLa hard Ler explaln
Lhe rulesŦ"
ºAnd whaL are SlyLherln and Pufflepuff?"
ºSchool housesŦ 1here's fourŦ Lveryone says Pufflepuff are a loL o' duffersţ buL Ÿ"
ºl beL l'm ln Pufflepuffţ" sald Parry gloomllyŦ
º8eLLer Pufflepuff Lhan SlyLherlnţ" sald Pagrld darklyŦ º1here's noL a slngle wlLch or wlzard
who wenL bad who wasn'L ln SlyLherlnŦ ?ouŴknowŴWho was oneŦ"
ºvolŴţ sorry Ÿ?ouŴknowŴWho was aL PogwarLs?"
º?ears an' years agoţ" sald PagrldŦ
1hey boughL Parry's school books ln a shop called llourlsh and 8loLLs where Lhe shelves were
sLacked Lo Lhe celllng wlLh books as large as pavlng sLones bound ln leaLherŤ books Lhe slze of
posLage sLamps ln covers of sllkŤ books full of pecullar symbols and a few books wlLh noLhlng ln
Lhem aL allŦ Lven uudleyţ who never read anyLhlngţ would have been wlld Lo geL hls hands on
some of LheseŦ Pagrld almosL had Lo drag Parry away from Curses and CounLercurses (8ewlLch
?our lrlends and 8efuddle ?our Lnemles wlLh Lhe LaLesL 8evengesť Palr Lossţ !ellyŴLegsţ
1ongueŴ1ylng and Muchţ Much More) by Þrofessor vlndlcLus vlrldlanŦ
ºl was Lrylng Lo flnd ouL how Lo curse uudleyŦ"
ºl'm noL sayln' LhaL's noL a good ldeaţ buL yer noL Ler use maglc ln Lhe Muggle world excepL ln
very speclal clrcumsLancesţ" sald PagrldŦ ºAn' anywayţ yeh couldn' work any of Lhem curses
yeLţ yeh'll need a loL more sLudy before yeh geL Ler LhaL levelŦ"
Pagrld wouldn'L leL Parry buy a solld gold cauldronţ elLher (ºlL says pewLer on yer llsL")ţ buL
Lhey goL a nlce seL of scales for welghlng poLlon lngredlenLs and a collapslble brass LelescopeŦ
1hen Lhey vlslLed Lhe ApoLhecaryţ whlch was fasclnaLlng enough Lo make up for lLs horrlble
smellţ a mlxLure of bad eggs and roLLed cabbagesŦ 8arrels of sllmy sLuff sLood on Lhe floorŤ [ars
of herbsţ drled rooLsţ and brlghL powders llned Lhe wallsŤ bundles of feaLhersţ sLrlngs of fangsţ
and snarled claws hung from Lhe celllngŦ Whlle Pagrld asked Lhe man behlnd Lhe counLer for a
supply of some baslc poLlon lngredlenLs for Parryţ Parry hlmself examlned sllver unlcorn horns
aL LwenLyŴone Calleons each and mlnusculeţ gllLLeryŴblack beeLle eyes (flve knuLs a scoop)Ŧ
CuLslde Lhe ApoLhecaryţ Pagrld checked Parry's llsL agalnŦ
º!usL yer wand lefL Ÿ A yeahţ an' l sLlll haven'L goL yeh a blrLhday presenLŦ"
Parry felL hlmself go redŦ
º?ou don'L have Lo Ÿ"
ºl know l don'L have LoŦ 1ell yeh whaLţ l'll geL yer anlmalŦ noL a Loadţ Loads wenL ouLLa fashlon
years agoţ yeh'd be laughed aL Ÿ an' l don' llke caLsţ Lhey make me sneezeŦ l'll geL yer an owlŦ
All Lhe klds wanL owlsţ Lhey're dead usefulţ carry yer mall an' everyLhln'Ŧ"
1wenLy mlnuLes laLerţ Lhey lefL Leylops Cwl Lmporlumţ whlch had been dark and full of
rusLllng and fllckerlngţ [ewelŴbrlghL eyesŦ Parry now carrled a large cage LhaL held a beauLlful
snowy owlţ fasL asleep wlLh her head under her wlngŦ Pe couldn'L sLop sLammerlng hls Lhanksţ
soundlng [usL llke Þrofessor CulrrellŦ
ºuon' menLlon lLţ" sald Pagrld grufflyŦ ºuon' expecL you've had a loLLa presenLs from Lhem
uursleysŦ !usL Clllvanders lefL now Ÿ only place fer wandsţ Clllvandersţ and yeh goLLa have Lhe
besL wandŦ"
A maglc wandŧ Lhls was whaL Parry had been really looklng forward LoŦ
1he lasL shop was narrow and shabbyŦ Þeellng gold leLLers over Lhe door read Clllvandersť
Makers of llne Wands slnce 382 8ŦCŦ A slngle wand lay on a faded purple cushlon ln Lhe dusLy
A Llnkllng bell rang somewhere ln Lhe depLhs of Lhe shop as Lhey sLepped lnsldeŦ lL was a Llny
placeţ empLy excepL for a slngleţ splndly chalr LhaL Pagrld saL on Lo walLŦ Parry felL sLrangely as
Lhough he had enLered a very sLrlcL llbraryŤ he swallowed a loL of new quesLlons LhaL had [usL
occurred Lo hlm and looked lnsLead aL Lhe Lhousands of narrow boxes plled neaLly rlghL up Lo
Lhe celllngŦ lor some reasonţ Lhe back of hls neck prlckledŦ 1he very dusL and sllence ln here
seemed Lo Llngle wlLh some secreL maglcŦ
ºCood afLernoonţ" sald a sofL volceŦ Parry [umpedŦ Pagrld musL have [umpedţ Looţ because
Lhere was a loud crunchlng nolse and he goL qulckly off Lhe splndly chalrŦ
An old man was sLandlng before Lhemţ hls wldeţ pale eyes shlnlng llke moons Lhrough Lhe
gloom of Lhe shopŦ
ºPelloţ" sald Parry awkwardlyŦ
ºAh yesţ" sald Lhe manŦ º?esţ yesŦ l LhoughL l'd be seelng you soonŦ Parry ÞoLLerŦ" lL wasn'L a
quesLlonŦ º?ou have your moLher's eyesŦ lL seems only yesLerday she was ln here herselfţ
buylng her flrsL wandŦ 1en and a quarLer lnches longţ swlshyţ made of wlllowŦ nlce wand for
charm workŦ"
MrŦ Clllvander moved closer Lo ParryŦ Parry wlshed he would bllnkŦ 1hose sllvery eyes were a
blL creepyŦ
º?our faLherţ on Lhe oLher handţ favored a mahogany wandŦ Lleven lnchesŦ ÞllableŦ A llLLle
more power and excellenL for LransflguraLlonŦ Wellţ l say your faLher favored lL Ÿ lL's really Lhe
LhaL chooses Lhe wlzardţ of courseŦ"
MrŦ Clllvander had come so close LhaL he and Parry were almosL nose Lo noseŦ Parry could see
hlmself reflecLed ln Lhose mlsLy eyesŦ
ºAnd LhaL's whereŧ"
MrŦ Clllvander Louched Lhe llghLnlng scar on Parry's forehead wlLh a longţ whlLe flngerŦ
ºl'm sorry Lo say l sold Lhe wand LhaL dld lLţ" he sald sofLlyŦ º1hlrLeenŴandŴaŴhalf lnchesŦ ?ewŦ
Þowerful wandţ very powerfulţ and ln Lhe wrong handsŧ wellţ lf l'd known whaL LhaL wand was
golng ouL lnLo Lhe world Lo doŧ"
Pe shook hls head and Lhenţ Lo Parry's rellefţ spoLLed PagrldŦ
º8ubeus! 8ubeus Pagrld! Pow nlce Lo see you agalnŧ Cakţ slxLeen lnchesţ raLher bendyţ
wasn'L lL?"
ºlL wasţ slrţ yesţ" sald PagrldŦ
ºCood wandţ LhaL oneŦ 8uL l suppose Lhey snapped lL ln half when you goL expelled?" sald MrŦ
Clllvanderţ suddenly sLernŦ
ºLr Ÿ yesţ Lhey dldţ yesţ" sald Pagrldţ shuffllng hls feeLŦ ºl've sLlll goL Lhe plecesţ Lhoughţ" he
added brlghLlyŦ
º8uL you don'L use Lhem?" sald MrŦ Clllvander sharplyŦ
ºChţ noţ slrţ" sald Pagrld qulcklyŦ Parry noLlced he grlpped hls plnk umbrella very LlghLly as he
ºPmmmţ" sald MrŦ Clllvanderţ glvlng Pagrld a plerclng lookŦ ºWellţ now Ÿ MrŦ ÞoLLerŦ LeL me
seeŦ" Pe pulled a long Lape measure wlLh sllver marklngs ouL of hls pockeLŦ ºWhlch ls your
wand arm?"
ºLr Ÿ wellţ l'm rlghLŴhandedţ" sald ParryŦ
ºPold ouL your armŦ 1haL's lLŦ" Pe measured Parry from shoulder Lo flngerţ Lhen wrlsL Lo
elbowţ shoulder Lo floorţ knee Lo armplL and round hls headŦ As he measuredţ he saldţ ºLvery
Clllvander wand has a core of a powerful maglcal subsLanceţ MrŦ ÞoLLerŦ We use unlcorn halrsţ
phoenlx Lall feaLhersţ and Lhe hearLsLrlngs of dragonsŦ no Lwo Clllvander wands are Lhe sameţ
[usL as no Lwo unlcornsţ dragonsţ or phoenlxes are qulLe Lhe sameŦ And of courseţ you wlll
never geL such good resulLs wlLh anoLher wlzard's wandŦ"
Parry suddenly reallzed LhaL Lhe Lape measureţ whlch was measurlng beLween hls nosLrllsţ was
dolng Lhls on lLs ownŦ MrŦ Clllvander was fllLLlng around Lhe shelvesţ Laklng down boxesŦ
º1haL wlll doţ" he saldţ and Lhe Lape measure crumpled lnLo a heap on Lhe floorŦ º8lghL Lhenţ
MrŦ ÞoLLerŦ 1ry Lhls oneŦ 8eechwood and dragon hearLsLrlngŦ nlne lnchesŦ nlce and flexlbleŦ
[usL Lake lL and glve lL a waveŦ"
Parry Look Lhe wand and (feellng foollsh) waved lL around a blLţ buL MrŦ Clllvander snaLched lL
ouL of hls hand almosL aL onceŦ
ºMaple and phoenlx feaLherŦ Seven lnchesŦ CulLe whlppyŦ 1ry Ÿ"
Parry Lrled Ÿ buL he had hardly ralsed Lhe wand when lLţ Looţ was snaLched back by MrŦ
ºnoţ no Ÿ hereţ ebony and unlcorn halrţ elghL and a half lnchesţ sprlngyŦ Co onţ go onţ Lry lL
Parry LrledŦ And LrledŦ Pe had no ldea whaL MrŦ Clllvander was walLlng forŦ 1he plle of Lrled
wands was mounLlng hlgher and hlgher on Lhe splndly chalrţ buL Lhe more wands MrŦ
Clllvander pulled from Lhe shelvesţ Lhe happler he seemed Lo becomeŦ
º1rlcky cusLomerţ eh? noL Lo worryţ we'll flnd Lhe perfecL maLch here somewhere Ÿ l wonderţ
now Ÿ yesţ why noL Ÿ unusual comblnaLlon Ÿ holly and phoenlx feaLherţ eleven lnchesţ nlce
and suppleŦ"
Parry Look Lhe wandŦ Pe felL a sudden warmLh ln hls flngersŦ Pe ralsed Lhe wand above hls
headţ broughL lL swlshlng down Lhrough Lhe dusLy alr and a sLream of red and gold sparks shoL
from Lhe end llke a flreworkţ Lhrowlng danclng spoLs of llghL on Lo Lhe wallsŦ Pagrld whooped
and clapped and MrŦ Clllvander crledţ ºChţ bravo! ?esţ lndeedţ ohţ very goodŦ Wellţ wellţ wellŧ
how curlousŧ how very curlousŧ"
Pe puL Parry's wand back lnLo lLs box and wrapped lL ln brown paperţ sLlll muLLerlngţ
ºCurlousŧ curlousŧ"
ºSorryţ" sald Parryţ ºbuL whaL's curlous?"
MrŦ Clllvander flxed Parry wlLh hls pale sLareŦ
ºl remember every wand l've ever soldţ MrŦ ÞoLLerŦ Lvery slngle wandŦ lL so happens LhaL Lhe
phoenlx whose Lall feaLher ls ln your wandţ gave anoLher feaLher Ÿ [usL one oLherŦ lL ls very
curlous lndeed LhaL you should be desLlned for Lhls wand when lLs broLher Ÿ whyţ lLs broLher
gave you LhaL scarŦ"
Parry swallowedŦ
º?esţ LhlrLeenŴandŴaŴhalf lnchesŦ ?ewŦ Curlous lndeed how Lhese Lhlngs happenŦ 1he wand
chooses Lhe wlzardţ rememberŧ l Lhlnk we musL expecL greaL Lhlngs from youţ MrŦ ÞoLLerŧ
AfLer allţ PeŴWhoŴMusLŴnoLŴ8eŴnamed dld greaL Lhlngs Ÿ Lerrlbleţ yesţ buL greaLŦ"
Parry shlveredŦ Pe wasn'L sure he llked MrŦ Clllvander Loo muchŦ Pe pald seven gold Calleons
for hls wandţ and MrŦ Clllvander bowed Lhem from hls shopŦ
1he laLe afLernoon sun hung low ln Lhe sky as Parry and Pagrld made Lhelr way back down
ulagon Alleyţ back Lhrough Lhe wallţ back Lhrough Lhe Leaky Cauldronţ now empLyŦ Parry
dldn'L speak aL all as Lhey walked down Lhe roadŤ he dldn'L even noLlce how much people were
gawklng aL Lhem on Lhe undergroundţ laden as Lhey were wlLh all Lhelr funnyŴshaped
packagesţ wlLh Lhe snowy owl asleep ln lLs cage on Parry's lapŦ up anoLher escalaLorţ ouL lnLo
ÞaddlngLon sLaLlonŤ Parry only reallzed where Lhey were when Pagrld Lapped hlm on Lhe
ºCoL Llme fer a blLe Lo eaL before yer Lraln leavesţ" he saldŦ
Pe boughL Parry a hamburger and Lhey saL down on plasLlc seaLs Lo eaL LhemŦ Parry kepL
looklng aroundŦ LveryLhlng looked so sLrangeţ somehowŦ
º?ou all rlghLţ Parry? ?er very quleLţ" sald PagrldŦ
Parry wasn'L sure he could explalnŦ Pe'd [usL had Lhe besL blrLhday of hls llfe Ÿ and yeL Ÿ he
chewed hls hamburgerţ Lrylng Lo flnd Lhe wordsŦ
ºLveryone Lhlnks l'm speclalţ" he sald aL lasLŦ ºAll Lhose people ln Lhe Leaky Cauldronţ
Þrofessor Culrrellţ MrŦ Clllvanderŧ buL l don'L know anyLhlng abouL maglc aL allŦ Pow can Lhey
expecL greaL Lhlngs? l'm famous and l can'L even remember whaL l'm famous forŦ l don'L know
whaL happened when volŴţ sorry Ÿ l meanţ Lhe nlghL my parenLs dledŦ"
Pagrld leaned across Lhe LableŦ 8ehlnd Lhe wlld beard and eyebrows he wore a very klnd smlleŦ
ºuon' you worryţ ParryŦ ?ou'll learn fasL enoughŦ Lveryone sLarLs aL Lhe beglnnlng aL PogwarLsţ
you'll be [usL flneŦ !usL be yerselfŦ l know lL's hardŦ ?eh've been slngled ouLţ an' LhaL's always
hardŦ 8uL yeh'll have a greaL Llme aL PogwarLs Ÿ l dld Ÿ sLlll doţ 'smaLLer of facLŦ"
Pagrld helped Parry on Lo Lhe Lraln LhaL would Lake hlm back Lo Lhe uursleysţ Lhen handed hlm
an envelopeŦ
º?er LlckeL fer PogwarLsţ º he saldŦ ºllrsL o' SepLember Ÿ klng's Cross Ÿ lL's all on yer LlckeLŦ
Any problems wlLh Lhe uursleysţ send me a leLLer wlLh yer owlţ she'll know where Lo flnd meŧ
Ŧ See yeh soonţ ParryŦ"
1he Lraln pulled ouL of Lhe sLaLlonŦ Parry wanLed Lo waLch Pagrld unLll he was ouL of slghLŤ he
rose ln hls seaL and pressed hls nose agalnsL Lhe wlndowţ buL he bllnked and Pagrld had goneŦ
1he !ourney lrom ÞlaLform nlne and 1hreeŴCuarLers
Parry's lasL monLh wlLh Lhe uursleys wasn'L funŦ 1rueţ uudley was now so scared of Parry he
wouldn'L sLay ln Lhe same roomţ whlle AunL ÞeLunla and uncle vernon dldn'L shuL Parry ln hls
cupboardţ force hlm Lo do anyLhlngţ or shouL aL hlm Ÿ ln facLţ Lhey dldn'L speak Lo hlm aL allŦ
Palf Lerrlfledţ half furlousţ Lhey acLed as Lhough any chalr wlLh Parry ln lL were empLyŦ
AlLhough Lhls was an lmprovemenL ln many waysţ lL dld become a blL depresslng afLer a whlleŦ
Parry kepL Lo hls roomţ wlLh hls new owl for companyŦ Pe had declded Lo call her Pedwlgţ a
name he had found ln A PlsLory of MaglcŦ Pls school books were very lnLeresLlngŦ Pe lay on hls
bed readlng laLe lnLo Lhe nlghLţ Pedwlg swooplng ln and ouL of Lhe open wlndow as she
pleasedŦ lL was lucky LhaL AunL ÞeLunla dldn'L come ln Lo vacuum anymoreţ because Pedwlg
kepL brlnglng back dead mlceŦ Lvery nlghL before he wenL Lo sleepţ Parry Llcked off anoLher
day on Lhe plece of paper he had plnned Lo Lhe wallţ counLlng down Lo SepLember Lhe flrsLŦ
Cn Lhe lasL day of AugusL he LhoughL he'd beLLer speak Lo hls aunL and uncle abouL geLLlng Lo
klng's Cross sLaLlon Lhe nexL dayţ so he wenL down Lo Lhe llvlng room where Lhey were
waLchlng a qulz show on LelevlslonŦ Pe cleared hls LhroaL Lo leL Lhem know he was Lhereţ and
uudley screamed and ran from Lhe roomŦ
ºLr Ÿ uncle vernon?"
uncle vernon grunLed Lo show he was llsLenlngŦ
ºLr Ÿ l need Lo be aL klng's Cross Lomorrow Lo Ÿ Lo go Lo PogwarLsŦ"
uncle vernon grunLed agalnŦ
ºWould lL be all rlghL lf you gave me a llfL?"
CrunLŦ Parry supposed LhaL meanL yesŦ
º1hank youŦ"
Pe was abouL Lo go back upsLalrs when uncle vernon acLually spokeŦ
ºlunny way Lo geL Lo a wlzards' schoolţ Lhe LralnŦ Maglc carpeLs all goL puncLuresţ have Lhey?"
Parry dldn'L say anyLhlngŦ
ºWhere ls Lhls schoolţ anyway?"
ºl don'L knowţ" sald Parryţ reallzlng Lhls for Lhe flrsL LlmeŦ Pe pulled Lhe LlckeL Pagrld had glven
hlm ouL of hls pockeLŦ
ºl [usL Lake Lhe Lraln from plaLform nlne and LhreeŴquarLers aL eleven o'clockţ" he readŦ
Pls aunL and uncle sLaredŦ
ºÞlaLform whaL?"
ºnlne and LhreeŴquarLersŦ"
ºuon'L Lalk rubblshţ" sald uncle vernonŦ º1here ls no plaLform nlne and LhreeŴquarLersŦ"
ºlL's on my LlckeLŦ"
º8arklngţ" sald uncle vernonţ ºhowllng madţ Lhe loL of LhemŦ ?ou'll seeŦ ?ou [usL walLŦ All rlghLţ
we'll Lake you Lo klng's CrossŦ We're golng up Lo London Lomorrow anywayţ or l wouldn'L
ºWhy are you golng Lo London?" Parry askedţ Lrylng Lo keep Lhlngs frlendlyŦ
º1aklng uudley Lo Lhe hosplLalţ" growled uncle vernonŦ ºCoL Lo have LhaL ruddy Lall removed
before he goes Lo SmelLlngsŦ"
Parry woke aL flve o'clock Lhe nexL mornlng and was Loo exclLed and nervous Lo go back Lo
sleepŦ Pe goL up and pulled on hls [eans because he dldn'L wanL Lo walk lnLo Lhe sLaLlon ln hls
wlzard's robes Ÿ he'd change on Lhe LralnŦ Pe checked hls PogwarLs llsL yeL agaln Lo make
sure he had everyLhlng he neededţ saw LhaL Pedwlg was shuL safely ln her cageţ and Lhen
paced Lhe roomţ walLlng for Lhe uursleys Lo geL upŦ 1wo hours laLerţ Parry's hugeţ heavy Lrunk
had been loaded lnLo Lhe uursleys' carţ AunL ÞeLunla had Lalked uudley lnLo slLLlng nexL Lo
Parryţ and Lhey had seL offŦ
1hey reached klng's Cross aL half pasL LenŦ uncle vernon dumped Parry's Lrunk onLo a carL and
wheeled lL lnLo Lhe sLaLlon for hlmŦ Parry LhoughL Lhls was sLrangely klnd unLll uncle vernon
sLopped deadţ faclng Lhe plaLforms wlLh a nasLy grln on hls faceŦ
ºWellţ Lhere you areţ boyŦ ÞlaLform nlne Ÿ plaLform LenŦ ?our plaLform should be somewhere
ln Lhe mlddleţ buL Lhey don'L seem Lo have bullL lL yeLţ do Lhey?"
Pe was qulLe rlghLţ of courseŦ 1here was a blg plasLlc number nlne over one plaLform and a blg
plasLlc number Len over Lhe one nexL Lo lLţ and ln Lhe mlddleţ noLhlng aL allŦ
ºPave a good Lermţ" sald uncle vernon wlLh an even nasLler smlleŦ Pe lefL wlLhouL anoLher
wordŦ Parry Lurned and saw Lhe uursleys drlve awayŦ All Lhree of Lhem were laughlngŦ Parry's
mouLh wenL raLher dryŦ WhaL on earLh was he golng Lo do? Pe was sLarLlng Lo aLLracL a loL of
funny looksţ because of PedwlgŦ Pe'd have Lo ask someoneŦ
Pe sLopped a passlng guardţ buL dldn'L dare menLlon plaLform nlne and LhreeŴquarLersŦ 1he
guard had never heard of PogwarLs and when Parry couldn'L even Lell hlm whaL parL of Lhe
counLry lL was lnţ he sLarLed Lo geL annoyedţ as Lhough Parry was belng sLupld on purposeŦ
CeLLlng desperaLeţ Parry asked for Lhe Lraln LhaL lefL aL eleven o'clockţ buL Lhe guard sald Lhere
wasn'L oneŦ ln Lhe end Lhe guard sLrode awayţ muLLerlng abouL Llme wasLersŦ Parry was now
Lrylng hard noL Lo panlcŦ Accordlng Lo Lhe large clock over Lhe arrlvals boardţ he had Len
mlnuLes lefL Lo geL on Lhe Lraln Lo PogwarLs and he had no ldea how Lo do lLŤ he was sLranded
ln Lhe mlddle of a sLaLlon wlLh a Lrunk he could hardly llfLţ a pockeL full of wlzard moneyţ and a
large owlŦ
Pagrld musL have forgoLLen Lo Lell hlm someLhlng you had Lo doţ llke Lapplng Lhe Lhlrd brlck on
Lhe lefL Lo geL lnLo ulagon AlleyŦ Pe wondered lf he should geL ouL hls wand and sLarL Lapplng
Lhe LlckeL lnspecLor's sLand beLween plaLforms nlne and LenŦ
AL LhaL momenL a group of people passed [usL behlnd hlm and he caughL a few words of whaL
Lhey were saylngŦ
ºŸ packed wlLh Mugglesţ of course Ÿ"
Parry swung roundŦ 1he speaker was a plump woman who was Lalklng Lo four boysţ all wlLh
flamlng red halrŦ Lach of Lhem was pushlng a Lrunk llke Parry's ln fronL of hlm Ÿ and Lhey had
an owlŦ
PearL hammerlngţ Parry pushed hls carL afLer LhemŦ 1hey sLopped and so dld heţ [usL near
enough Lo hear whaL Lhey were saylngŦ
ºnowţ whaL's Lhe plaLform number?" sald Lhe boys' moLherŦ
ºnlne and LhreeŴquarLers!" plped a small glrlţ also redŴheadedţ who was holdlng her handţ
ºMomţ can'L l goŧ"
º?ou're noL old enoughţ Clnnyţ now be quleLŦ All rlghLţ Þercyţ you go flrsLŦ"
WhaL looked llke Lhe oldesL boy marched Loward plaLforms nlne and LenŦ Parry waLchedţ
careful noL Lo bllnk ln case he mlssed lL Ÿ buL [usL as Lhe boy reached Lhe dlvldlng barrler
beLween Lhe Lwo plaLformsţ a large crowd of LourlsLs came swarmlng ln fronL of hlm and by
Lhe Llme Lhe lasL backpack had cleared awayţ Lhe boy had vanlshedŦ
ºlredţ you nexLţ" Lhe plump woman saldŦ
ºl'm noL lredţ l'm Ceorgeţ" sald Lhe boyŦ ºPonesLlyţ womanţ you call yourself our moLher?
Can'L you Lell l'm Ceorge?"
ºSorryţ Ceorgeţ dearŦ"
ºCnly [oklngţ l am lredţ" sald Lhe boyţ and off he wenLŦ Pls Lwln called afLer hlm Lo hurry upţ
and he musL have done soţ because a second laLerţ he had gone Ÿ buL how had he done lL?
now Lhe Lhlrd broLher was walklng brlskly Loward Lhe barrler he was almosL Lhere Ÿ and Lhenţ
qulLe suddenlyţ he wasn'L anywhereŦ
1here was noLhlng else for lLŦ
ºLxcuse meţ" Parry sald Lo Lhe plump womanŦ
ºPelloţ dearţ" she saldŦ ºllrsL Llme aL PogwarLs? 8on's newţ LooŦ"
She polnLed aL Lhe lasL and youngesL of her sonsŦ Pe was Lallţ Lhlnţ and gangllngţ wlLh frecklesţ
blg hands and feeLţ and a long noseŦ
º?esţ" sald ParryŦ º1he Lhlng ls Ÿ Lhe Lhlng lsţ l don'L know how Lo Ÿ"
ºPow Lo geL onLo Lhe plaLform?" she sald klndlyţ and Parry noddedŦ
ºnoL Lo worryţ" she saldŦ ºAll you have Lo do ls walk sLralghL aL Lhe barrler beLween plaLforms
nlne and LenŦ uon'L sLop and don'L be scared you'll crash lnLo lLţ LhaL's very lmporLanLŦ 8esL do
lL aL a blL of a run lf you're nervousŦ Co onţ go now before 8onŦ"
ºLr Ÿ okayţ" sald ParryŦ
Pe pushed hls Lrolley around and sLared aL Lhe barrlerŦ lL looked very solldŦ
Pe sLarLed Lo walk Loward lLŦ Þeople [osLled hlm on Lhelr way Lo plaLforms nlne and LenŦ Parry
walked more qulcklyŦ Pe was golng Lo smash rlghL lnLo LhaL barrler and Lhen he'd be ln Lrouble
Ÿ leanlng forward on hls carLţ he broke lnLo a heavy run Ÿ Lhe barrler was comlng nearer and
nearer Ÿ he wouldn'L be able Lo sLop Ÿ Lhe carL was ouL of conLrol Ÿ he was a fooL away Ÿ
he closed hls eyes ready for Lhe crash Ÿ
lL dldn'L comeŧ he kepL on runnlngŧ he opened hls eyesŦ A scarleL sLeam englne was walLlng
nexL Lo a plaLform packed wlLh peopleŦ A slgn overhead sald PogwarLs' Lxpressţ eleven o'clockŦ
Parry looked behlnd hlm and saw a wroughLŴlron archway where Lhe barrler had beenţ wlLh
Lhe words ÞlaLform nlne and 1hreeŴCuarLers on lLţ Pe had done lLŦ
Smoke from Lhe englne drlfLed over Lhe heads of Lhe chaLLerlng crowdţ whlle caLs of every
color wound here and Lhere beLween Lhelr legsŦ Cwls hooLed Lo one anoLher ln a dlsgrunLled
sorL of way over Lhe babble and Lhe scraplng of heavy LrunksŦ
1he flrsL few carrlages were already packed wlLh sLudenLsţ some hanglng ouL of Lhe wlndow Lo
Lalk Lo Lhelr famlllesţ some flghLlng over seaLsŦ Parry pushed hls carL off down Lhe plaLform ln
search of an empLy seaLŦ Pe passed a roundŴfaced boy who was saylngţ ºCranţ l've losL my
Load agalnŦ"
ºChţ nevllleţ" he heard Lhe old woman slghŦ
A boy wlLh dreadlocks was surrounded by a small crowdŦ
ºClve us a lookţ Leeţ go onŦ"
1he boy llfLed Lhe lld of a box ln hls armsţ and Lhe people around hlm shrleked and yelled as
someLhlng lnslde poked ouL a longţ halry legŦ
Parry pressed on Lhrough Lhe crowd unLll he found an empLy comparLmenL near Lhe end of
Lhe LralnŦ Pe puL Pedwlg lnslde flrsL and Lhen sLarLed Lo shove and heave hls Lrunk Loward Lhe
Lraln doorŦ Pe Lrled Lo llfL lL up Lhe sLeps buL could hardly ralse one end and Lwlce he dropped
lL palnfully on hls fooLŦ
ºWanL a hand?" lL was one of Lhe redŴhalred Lwlns he'd followed Lhrough Lhe barrlerŦ
º?esţ pleaseţ" Parry panLedŦ
ºCyţ lred! C'mere and help!"
WlLh Lhe Lwlns' helpţ Parry's Lrunk was aL lasL Lucked away ln a corner of Lhe comparLmenLŦ
º1hanksţ" sald Parryţ pushlng hls sweaLy halr ouL of hls eyesŦ
ºWhaL's LhaL?" sald one of Lhe Lwlns suddenlyţ polnLlng aL Parry's llghLnlng scarŦ
º8llmeyţ" sald Lhe oLher LwlnŦ ºAre you Ÿ?"
ºPe lsţ" sald Lhe flrsL LwlnŦ ºAren'L you?" he added Lo ParryŦ
ºWhaL?" sald ParryŦ
ºParry ÞoLLerŦ" chorused Lhe LwlnsŦ
ºChţ hlmţ" sald ParryŦ ºl meanţ yesţ l amŦ"
1he Lwo boys gawked aL hlmţ and Parry felL hlmself Lurnlng redŦ 1henţ Lo hls rellefţ a volce
came floaLlng ln Lhrough Lhe Lraln's open doorŦ
ºlred? Ceorge? Are you Lhere?"
ºComlngţ MomŦ"
WlLh a lasL look aL Parryţ Lhe Lwlns hopped off Lhe LralnŦ
Parry saL down nexL Lo Lhe wlndow whereţ half hlddenţ he could waLch Lhe redŴhalred famlly
on Lhe plaLform and hear whaL Lhey were saylngŦ 1helr moLher had [usL Laken ouL her
º8onţ you've goL someLhlng on your noseŦ"
1he youngesL boy Lrled Lo [erk ouL of Lhe wayţ buL she grabbed hlm and began rubblng Lhe end
of hls noseŦ
ºMomŸ geroff" Pe wrlggled freeŦ
ºAaahţ has lckle 8onnle goL someflnk on hls nosle?" sald one of Lhe LwlnsŦ
ºShuL upţ" sald 8onŦ
ºWhere's Þercy?" sald Lhelr moLherŦ
ºPe's comlng nowŦ"
1he oldesL boy came sLrldlng lnLo slghLŦ Pe had already changed lnLo hls blllowlng black
PogwarLs robesţ and Parry noLlced a red and gold badge on hls chesL wlLh Lhe leLLer Þ on lLŦ
ºCan'L sLay longţ MoLherţ" he saldŦ ºl'm up fronLţ Lhe prefecLs have goL Lwo comparLmenLs Lo
Lhemselves Ÿ"
ºChţ are you a prefecLţ Þercy?" sald one of Lhe Lwlnsţ wlLh an alr of greaL surprlseŦ º?ou should
have sald someLhlngţ we had no ldeaŦ"
ºPang onţ l Lhlnk l remember hlm saylng someLhlng abouL lLţ" sald Lhe oLher LwlnŦ ºCnce Ÿ"
ºCr Lwlce Ÿ"
ºA mlnuLe Ÿ"
ºAll summer Ÿ"
ºChţ shuL upţ" sald Þercy Lhe ÞrefecLŦ
ºPow come Þercy geLs new robesţ anyway?" sald one of Lhe LwlnsŦ
º8ecause he's a prefecLţ" sald Lhelr moLher fondlyŦ ºAll rlghLţ dearţ wellţ have a good Lerm Ÿ
send me an owl when you geL LhereŦ"
She klssed Þercy on Lhe cheek and he lefLŦ 1hen she Lurned Lo Lhe LwlnsŦ
ºnowţ you Lwo Ÿ Lhls yearţ you behave yourselvesŦ lf l geL one more owl Lelllng me you've Ÿ
you've blown up a LolleL or Ÿ"
º8lown up a LolleL? We've never blown up a LolleLŦ"
ºCreaL ldea Lhoughţ Lhanksţ MomŦ"
ºlL's noL funnyŦ And look afLer 8onŦ"
ºuon'L worryţ lckle 8onnleklns ls safe wlLh usŦ"
ºShuL upţ" sald 8on agalnŦ Pe was almosL as Lall as Lhe Lwlns already and hls nose was sLlll plnk
where hls moLher had rubbed lLŦ
ºPeyţ Momţ guess whaL? Cuess who we [usL meL on Lhe Lraln?"
Parry leaned back qulckly so Lhey couldn'L see hlm looklngŦ
º?ou know LhaL blackŴhalred boy who was near us ln Lhe sLaLlon? know who he ls?"
ºParry ÞoLLer!"
Parry heard Lhe llLLle glrl's volceŦ
ºChţ Momţ can l go on Lhe Lraln and see hlmţ Momţ eh pleaseŧ"
º?ou've already seen hlmţ Clnnyţ and Lhe poor boy lsn'L someLhlng you goggle aL ln a zooŦ ls he
reallyţ lred? Pow do you know?"
ºAsked hlmŦ Saw hls scarŦ lL's really Lhere Ÿ llke llghLnlngŦ"
ºÞoor dear Ÿ no wonder he was aloneţ l wonderedŦ Pe was ever so pollLe when he asked how
Lo geL onLo Lhe plaLformŦ"
ºnever mlnd LhaLţ do you Lhlnk he remembers whaL ?ouŴknowŴWho looks llke?"
1helr moLher suddenly became very sLernŦ
ºl forbld you Lo ask hlmţ lredŦ noţ don'L you dareŦ As Lhough he needs remlndlng of LhaL on hls
flrsL day aL schoolŦ"
ºAll rlghLţ keep your halr onŦ"
A whlsLle soundedŦ
ºPurry up!" Lhelr moLher saldţ and Lhe Lhree boys clambered onLo Lhe LralnŦ 1hey leaned ouL
of Lhe wlndow for her Lo klss Lhem goodŴbyeţ and Lhelr younger slsLer began Lo cryŦ
ºuon'Lţ Clnnyţ we'll send you loads of owlsŦ"
ºWe'll send you a PogwarLs' LolleL seaLŦ"
ºCnly [oklngţ MomŦ"
1he Lraln began Lo moveŦ Parry saw Lhe boys' moLher wavlng and Lhelr slsLerţ half laughlngţ
half crylngţ runnlng Lo keep up wlLh Lhe Lraln unLll lL gaLhered Loo much speedţ Lhen she fell
back and wavedŦ
Parry waLched Lhe glrl and her moLher dlsappear as Lhe Lraln rounded Lhe cornerŦ Pouses
flashed pasL Lhe wlndowŦ Parry felL a greaL leap of exclLemenLŦ Pe dldn'L know whaL he was
golng Lo Ÿ buL lL had Lo be beLLer Lhan whaL he was leavlng behlndŦ
1he door of Lhe comparLmenL slld open and Lhe youngesL redheaded boy came lnŦ
ºAnyone slLLlng Lhere?" he askedţ polnLlng aL Lhe seaL opposlLe ParryŦ ºLverywhere else ls
Parry shook hls head and Lhe boy saL downŦ Pe glanced aL Parry and Lhen looked qulckly ouL of
Lhe wlndowţ preLendlng he hadn'L lookedŦ Parry saw he sLlll had a black mark on hls noseŦ
ºPeyţ 8onŦ"
1he Lwlns were backŦ
ºLlsLenţ we're golng down Lhe mlddle of Lhe Lraln Ÿ Lee !ordan's goL a glanL LaranLula down
º8lghLţ" mumbled 8onŦ
ºParryţ" sald Lhe oLher Lwlnţ ºdld we lnLroduce ourselves? lred and Ceorge WeasleyŦ And Lhls
ls 8onţ our broLherŦ See you laLerţ LhenŦ"
º8yeţ" sald Parry and 8onŦ 1he Lwlns slld Lhe comparLmenL door shuL behlnd LhemŦ
ºAre you really Parry ÞoLLer?" 8on blurLed ouLŦ
Parry noddedŦ
ºCh Ÿ wellţ l LhoughL lL mlghL be one of lred and Ceorge's [okesţ" sald 8onŦ ºAnd have you
really goL Ÿ you knowŧ"
Pe polnLed aL Parry's foreheadŦ
Parry pulled back hls bangs Lo show Lhe llghLnlng scarŦ 8on sLaredŦ
ºSo LhaL's where ?ouŴknowŴWho Ÿ?"
º?esţ" sald Parryţ ºbuL l can'L remember lLŦ"
ºnoLhlng?" sald 8on eagerlyŦ
ºWell Ÿ l remember a loL of green llghLţ buL noLhlng elseŦ"
ºWowţ" sald 8onŦ Pe saL and sLared aL Parry for a few momenLsţ Lhenţ as Lhough he had
suddenly reallzed whaL he was dolngţ he looked qulckly ouL of Lhe wlndow agalnŦ
ºAre all your famlly wlzards?" asked Parryţ who found 8on [usL as lnLeresLlng as 8on found
ºLr Ÿ ?esţ l Lhlnk soţ" sald 8onŦ ºl Lhlnk Mom's goL a second cousln who's an accounLanLţ buL
we never Lalk abouL hlmŦ"
ºSo you musL know loads of maglc alreadyŦ"
1he Weasleys were clearly one of Lhose old wlzardlng famllles Lhe pale boy ln ulagon Alley had
Lalked abouLŦ
ºl heard you wenL Lo llve wlLh Mugglesţ" sald 8onŦ ºWhaL are Lhey llke?"
ºPorrlble Ÿ wellţ noL all of LhemŦ My aunL and uncle and cousln areţ LhoughŦ Wlsh l'd had
Lhree wlzard broLhersŦ"
ºllveţ" sald 8onŦ lor some reasonţ he was looklng gloomyŦ ºl'm Lhe slxLh ln our famlly Lo go Lo
PogwarLsŦ ?ou could say l've goL a loL Lo llve up LoŦ 8lll and Charlle have already lefL Ÿ 8lll was
head boy and Charlle was capLaln of CulddlLchŦ now Þercy's a prefecLŦ lred and Ceorge mess
around a loLţ buL Lhey sLlll geL really good marks and everyone Lhlnks Lhey're really funnyŦ
Lveryone expecLs me Lo do as well as Lhe oLhersţ buL lf l doţ lL's no blg dealţ because Lhey dld lL
flrsLŦ ?ou never geL anyLhlng newţ elLherţ wlLh flve broLhersŦ l've goL 8lll's old robesţ Charlle's
old wandţ and Þercy's old raLŦ"
8on reached lnslde hls [ackeL and pulled ouL a faL gray raLţ whlch was asleepŦ
ºPls name's Scabbers and he's uselessţ he hardly ever wakes upŦ Þercy goL an owl from my dad
for belng made a prefecLţ buL Lhey couldn'L aff Ÿ l meanţ l goL Scabbers lnsLeadŦ"
8on's ears wenL plnkŦ Pe seemed Lo Lhlnk he'd sald Loo muchţ because he wenL back Lo sLarlng
ouL of Lhe wlndowŦ
Parry dldn'L Lhlnk Lhere was anyLhlng wrong wlLh noL belng able Lo afford an owlŦ AfLer allţ
he'd never had any money ln hls llfe unLll a monLh agoţ and he Lold 8on soţ all abouL havlng Lo
wear uudley's old cloLhes and never geLLlng proper blrLhday presenLsŦ 1hls seemed Lo cheer
8on upŦ
ºŧ and unLll Pagrld Lold meţ l dldn'L know anyLhlng abouL belng a wlzard or abouL my parenLs
or voldemorL Ÿ"
8on gaspedŦ
ºWhaL?" sald ParryŦ
º?ou sald ?ouŴknowŴWho's name!" sald 8onţ soundlng boLh shocked and lmpressedŦ ºl'd have
LhoughL youţ of all people Ÿ"
ºl'm noL Lrylng Lo be brave or anyLhlngţ saylng Lhe nameţ" sald Parryţ ºl [usL never knew you
shouldn'LŦ See whaL l mean? l've goL loads Lo learnŧ l beLţ" he addedţ volclng for Lhe flrsL Llme
someLhlng LhaL had been worrylng hlm a loL laLelyţ ºl beL l'm Lhe worsL ln Lhe classŦ"
º?ou won'L beŦ 1here's loads of people who come from Muggle famllles and Lhey learn qulck
Whlle Lhey had been Lalklngţ Lhe Lraln had carrled Lhem ouL of LondonŦ now Lhey were
speedlng pasL flelds full of cows and sheepŦ 1hey were quleL for a Llmeţ waLchlng Lhe flelds and
lanes fllck pasLŦ
Around half pasL Lwelve Lhere was a greaL claLLerlng ouLslde ln Lhe corrldor and a smlllngţ
dlmpled woman slld back Lhelr door and saldţ ºAnyLhlng off Lhe carLţ dears?"
Parryţ who hadn'L had any breakfasLţ leapL Lo hls feeLţ buL 8on's ears wenL plnk agaln and he
muLLered LhaL he'd broughL sandwlchesŦ Parry wenL ouL lnLo Lhe corrldorŦ
Pe had never had any money for candy wlLh Lhe uursleysţ and now LhaL he had pockeLs
raLLllng wlLh gold and sllver he was ready Lo buy as many Mars 8ars as he could carry Ÿ buL
Lhe woman dldn'L have Mars 8arsŦ WhaL she dld have were 8eLLle 8oLL's Lvery llavor 8eansţ
urooble's 8esL 8lowlng Cumţ ChocolaLe lrogsŦ Þumpkln ÞasLlesţ Cauldron Cakesţ Llcorlce
Wandsţ and a number of oLher sLrange Lhlngs Parry had never seen ln hls llfeŦ noL wanLlng Lo
mlss anyLhlngţ he goL some of everyLhlng and pald Lhe woman eleven sllver Slckles and seven
bronze knuLsŦ
8on sLared as Parry broughL lL all back ln Lo Lhe comparLmenL and Llpped lL onLo an empLy
ºPungryţ are you?"
ºSLarvlngţ" sald Parryţ Laklng a large blLe ouL of a pumpkln pasLyŦ
8on had Laken ouL a lumpy package and unwrapped lLŦ 1here were four sandwlches lnsldeŦ Pe
pulled one of Lhem aparL and saldţ ºShe always forgeLs l don'L llke corned beefŦŦ"
ºSwap you for one of Lheseţ" sald Parryţ holdlng up a pasLyŦ ºCo on Ÿ"
º?ou don'L wanL Lhlsţ lL's all dryţ" sald 8onŦ ºShe hasn'L goL much Llmeţ" he added qulcklyţ ºyou
knowţ wlLh flve of usŦ"
ºCo onţ have a pasLyţ" sald Parryţ who had never had anyLhlng Lo share before orţ lndeedţ
anyone Lo share lL wlLhŦ lL was a nlce feellngţ slLLlng Lhere wlLh 8onţ eaLlng Lhelr way Lhrough
all Parry's pasLlesţ cakesţ and candles (Lhe sandwlches lay forgoLLen)Ŧ
ºWhaL are Lhese?" Parry asked 8onţ holdlng up a pack of ChocolaLe lrogsŦ º1hey're noL really
frogsţ are Lhey?" Pe was sLarLlng Lo feel LhaL noLhlng would surprlse hlmŦ
ºnoţ" sald 8onŦ º8uL see whaL Lhe card lsŦ l'm mlsslng AgrlppaŦ"
ºChţ of courseţ you wouldn'L know Ÿ ChocolaLe lrogs have cardsţ lnslde Lhemţ you knowţ Lo
collecL Ÿ famous wlLches and wlzardsŦ l've goL abouL flve hundredţ buL l haven'L goL Agrlppa or
Parry unwrapped hls ChocolaLe lrog and plcked up Lhe cardŦ lL showed a man's faceŦ Pe wore
halfŴmoon glassesţ had a longţ crooked noseţ and flowlng sllver halrţ beardţ and musLacheŦ
underneaLh Lhe plcLure was Lhe name Albus uumbledoreŦ
ºSo Lhls ls uumbledore!" sald ParryŦ
ºuon'L Lell me you'd never heard of uumbledore!" sald 8onŦ ºCan l have a frog? l mlghL geL
Agrlppa Ÿ Lhanks Ÿ"
Parry Lurned over hls card and readť
AL8uS uuM8LLuC8L
Consldered by many Lhe greaLesL wlzard of modern Llmesţ uumbledore ls parLlcularly famous
for hls defeaL of Lhe dark wlzard Crlndelwald ln 1943ţ for Lhe dlscovery of Lhe Lwelve uses of
dragon's bloodţ and hls work on alchemy wlLh hls parLnerţ nlcolas llamelŦ Þrofessor
uumbledore en[oys chamber muslc and Lenpln bowllngŦ
Parry Lurned Lhe card back over and sawţ Lo hls asLonlshmenLţ LhaL uumbledore's face had
ºPe's gone!"
ºWellţ you can'L expecL hlm Lo hang around all dayţ" sald 8onŦ ºPe'll be backŦ noţ l've goL
Morgana agaln and l've goL abouL slx of herŧ do you wanL lL? ?ou can sLarL collecLlngŦ"
8on's eyes sLrayed Lo Lhe plle of ChocolaLe lrogs walLlng Lo be unwrappedŦ
ºPelp yourselfţ" sald ParryŦ º8uL lnţ you knowţ Lhe Muggle worldţ people [usL sLay puL ln
ºuo Lhey? WhaLţ Lhey don'L move aL all?" 8on sounded amazedŦ ºWelrd!"
Parry sLared as uumbledore sldled back lnLo Lhe plcLure on hls card and gave hlm a small
smlleŦ 8on was more lnLeresLed ln eaLlng Lhe frogs Lhan looklng aL Lhe lamous WlLches and
Wlzards cardsţ buL Parry couldn'L keep hls eyes off LhemŦ Soon he had noL only uumbledore
and Morganaţ buL PenglsL of WoodcrofLţ Alberlc Crunnlonţ Clrceţ Þaracelsusţ and MerllnŦ Pe
flnally Lore hls eyes away from Lhe uruldess Cllodnaţ who was scraLchlng her noseţ Lo open a
bag of 8erLle 8oLL's Lvery llavor 8eansŦ
º?ou wanL Lo be careful wlLh Lhoseţ" 8on warned ParryŦ ºWhen Lhey say every flavorţ Lhey
mean every flavor Ÿ you knowţ you geL all Lhe ordlnary ones llke chocolaLe and peppermlnL
and marmaladeţ buL Lhen you can geL splnach and llver and LrlpeŦ Ceorge reckons he had a
boogerŴflavored one onceŦ"
8on plcked up a green beanţ looked aL lL carefullyţ and blL lnLo a cornerŦ
º8leaaargh Ÿ see? SprouLsŦ"
1hey had a good Llme eaLlng Lhe Lvery llavor 8eansŦ Parry goL LoasLţ coconuLţ baked beanţ
sLrawberryţ curryţ grassţ coffeeţ sardlneţ and was even brave enough Lo nlbble Lhe end off a
funny gray one 8on wouldn'L Louchţ whlch Lurned ouL Lo be pepperŦ
1he counLryslde now flylng pasL Lhe wlndow was becomlng wllderŦ 1he neaL flelds had goneŦ
now Lhere were woodsţ LwlsLlng rlversţ and dark green hlllsŦ
1here was a knock on Lhe door of Lhelr comparLmenL and Lhe roundŴfaced boy Parry had
passed on plaLform nlne and LhreeŴquarLers came lnŦ Pe looked LearfulŦ
ºSorryţ" he saldţ ºbuL have you seen a Load aL all?"
When Lhey shook Lhelr headsţ he walledţ ºl've losL hlm! Pe keeps geLLlng away from me!"
ºPe'll Lurn upţ" sald ParryŦ
º?esţ" sald Lhe boy mlserablyŦ ºWellţ lf you see hlmŧ"
Pe lefLŦ
ºuon'L know why he's so boLheredţ" sald 8onŦ ºlf l'd broughL a Load l'd lose lL as qulck as l
couldŦ Mlnd youţ l broughL Scabbersţ so l can'L LalkŦ"
1he raL was sLlll snoozlng on 8on's lapŦ
ºPe mlghL have dled and you wouldn'L know Lhe dlfferenceţ" sald 8on ln dlsgusLŦ ºl Lrled Lo
Lurn hlm yellow yesLerday Lo make hlm more lnLeresLlngţ buL Lhe spell dldn'L workŦ l'll show
youţ lookŧ"
Pe rummaged around ln hls Lrunk and pulled ouL a very baLLeredŴlooklng wandŦ lL was chlpped
ln places and someLhlng whlLe was gllnLlng aL Lhe endŦ
ºunlcorn halr's nearly poklng ouLŦ Anyway Ÿ"
Pe had [usL ralsed hls wand when Lhe comparLmenL door slld open agalnŦ 1he Loadless boy was
backţ buL Lhls Llme he had a glrl wlLh hlmŦ She was already wearlng her new PogwarLs robesŦ
ºPas anyone seen a Load? nevllle's losL oneţ" she saldŦ She had a bossy sorL of volceţ loLs of
bushy brown halrţ and raLher large fronL LeeLhŦ
ºWe've already Lold hlm we haven'L seen lLţ" sald 8onţ buL Lhe glrl wasn'L llsLenlngţ she was
looklng aL Lhe wand ln hls handŦ
ºChţ are you dolng maglc? LeL's see lLţ LhenŦ"
She saL downŦ 8on looked Laken abackŦ
ºLr Ÿ all rlghLŦ"
Pe cleared hls LhroaLŦ
ºSunshlneţ dalslesţ buLLer mellowţ 1urn Lhls sLupldţ faL raL yellowŦ"
Pe waved hls wandţ buL noLhlng happenedŦ Scabbers sLayed gray and fasL asleepŦ
ºAre you sure LhaL's a real spell?" sald Lhe glrlŦ ºWellţ lL's noL very goodţ ls lL? l've Lrled a few
slmple spells [usL for pracLlce and lL's all worked for meŦ nobody ln my famlly's maglc aL allţ lL
was ever such a surprlse when l goL my leLLerţ buL l was ever so pleasedţ of courseţ l meanţ lL's
Lhe very besL school of wlLchcrafL Lhere lsţ l've heard Ÿ l've learned all our course books by
hearLţ of courseţ l [usL hope lL wlll be enough Ÿ l'm Permlone Crangerţ by Lhe wayţ who are
She sald all Lhls very fasLŦ
Parry looked aL 8onţ and was relleved Lo see by hls sLunned face LhaL he hadn'L learned all Lhe
course books by hearL elLherŦ
ºl'm 8on Weasleyţ" 8on muLLeredŦ
ºParry ÞoLLerţ" sald ParryŦ
ºAre you really?" sald PermloneŦ ºl know all abouL youţ of course Ÿ l goL a few exLra booksţ for
background readlngţ and you're ln Modern Maglcal PlsLory and 1he 8lse and lall of Lhe uark
ArLs and CreaL Wlzardlng LvenLs of Lhe 1wenLleLh CenLuryŦ"
ºAm l?" sald Parryţ feellng dazedŦ
ºCoodnessţ dldn'L you knowţ l'd have found ouL everyLhlng l could lf lL was meţ" sald
PermloneŦ ºuo elLher of you know whaL house you'll be ln? l've been asklng aroundţ and l
hope l'm ln Cryfflndorţ lL sounds by far Lhe besLŤ l hear uumbledore hlmself was ln lLţ buL l
suppose 8avenclaw wouldn'L be Loo badŧ Anywayţ we'd beLLer go and look for nevllle's LoadŦ
?ou Lwo had beLLer changeţ you knowţ l expecL we'll be Lhere soonŦ"
And she lefLţ Laklng Lhe Loadless boy wlLh herŦ
ºWhaLever house l'm lnţ l hope she's noL ln lLţ" sald 8onŦ Pe Lhrew hls wand back lnLo hls
LrunkŦ ºSLupld spell Ÿ Ceorge gave lL Lo meţ beL he knew lL was a dudŦ"
ºWhaL house are your broLhers ln?" asked ParryŦ
ºCryfflndorţ" sald 8onŦ Cloom seemed Lo be seLLllng on hlm agalnŦ ºMom and uad were ln lLţ
LooŦ l don'L know whaL Lhey'll say lf l'm noLŦ l don'L suppose 8avenclaw would be Loo badţ buL
lmaglne lf Lhey puL me ln SlyLherlnŦ"
º1haL's Lhe house volŴţ l meanţ ?ouŴknowŴWho was ln?"
º?eahţ" sald 8onŦ Pe flopped back lnLo hls seaLţ looklng depressedŦ
º?ou knowţ l Lhlnk Lhe ends of Scabbers' whlskers are a blL llghLerţ" sald Parryţ Lrylng Lo Lake
8on's mlnd off housesŦ ºSo whaL do your oldesL broLhers do now LhaL Lhey've lefLţ anyway?"
Parry was wonderlng whaL a wlzard dld once he'd flnlshed schoolŦ
ºCharlle's ln 8omanla sLudylng dragonsţ and 8lll's ln Afrlca dolng someLhlng for CrlngoLLsţ" sald
8onŦ ºuld you hear abouL CrlngoLLs? lL's been all over Lhe ually ÞropheLţ buL l don'L suppose
you geL LhaL wlLh Lhe Muggles Ÿ someone Lrled Lo rob a hlgh securlLy vaulLŦ"
Parry sLaredŦ
º8eally? WhaL happened Lo Lhem?"
ºnoLhlngţ LhaL's why lL's such blg newsŦ 1hey haven'L been caughLŦ My dad says lL musL've
been a powerful uark wlzard Lo geL round CrlngoLLsţ buL Lhey don'L Lhlnk Lhey Look anyLhlngţ
LhaL's whaL's oddŦ 'Courseţ everyone geLs scared when someLhlng llke Lhls happens ln case
?ouŴknowŴWho's behlnd lLŦ"
Parry Lurned Lhls news over ln hls mlndŦ Pe was sLarLlng Lo geL a prlckle of fear every Llme ?ouŴ
knowŴWho was menLlonedŦ Pe supposed Lhls was all parL of enLerlng Lhe maglcal worldţ buL lL
had been a loL more comforLable saylng ºvoldemorL" wlLhouL worrylngŦ
ºWhaL's your CulddlLch Leam?" 8on askedŦ
ºLr Ÿ l don'L know anyŦ" Parry confessedŦ
ºWhaL!" 8on looked dumbfoundedŦ ºChţ you walLţ lL's Lhe besL game ln Lhe world Ÿ" And he
was offţ explalnlng all abouL Lhe four balls and Lhe poslLlons of Lhe seven playersţ descrlblng
famous games he'd been Lo wlLh hls broLhers and Lhe broomsLlck he'd llke Lo geL lf he had Lhe
moneyŦ Pe was [usL Laklng Parry Lhrough Lhe flner polnLs of Lhe game when Lhe comparLmenL
door slld open yeL agalnţ buL lL wasn'L nevllle Lhe Loadless boyţ or Permlone Cranger Lhls LlmeŦ
1hree boys enLeredţ and Parry recognlzed Lhe mlddle one aL onceť lL was Lhe pale boy from
Madam Malkln's robe shopŦ Pe was looklng aL Parry wlLh a loL more lnLeresL Lhan he'd shown
back ln ulagon AlleyŦ
ºls lL Lrue?" he saldŦ º1hey're saylng all down Lhe Lraln LhaL Parry ÞoLLer's ln Lhls comparLmenLŦ
So lL's youţ ls lL?"
º?esţ" sald ParryŦ Pe was looklng aL Lhe oLher boysŦ 8oLh of Lhem were LhlckseL and looked
exLremely meanŦ SLandlng on elLher slde of Lhe pale boyţ Lhey looked llke bodyguardsŦ
ºChţ Lhls ls Crabbe and Lhls ls Coyleţ" sald Lhe pale boy carelesslyţ noLlclng where Parry was
looklngŦ ºAnd my name's Malfoyţ uraco MalfoyŦ"
8on gave a sllghL coughţ whlch mlghL have been hldlng a snlggerŦ uraco Malfoy looked aL hlmŦ
º1hlnk my name's funnyţ do you? no need Lo ask who you areŦ My faLher Lold me all Lhe
Weasleys have red halrţ frecklesţ and more chlldren Lhan Lhey can affordŦ"
Pe Lurned back Lo ParryŦ º?ou'll soon flnd ouL some wlzardlng famllles are much beLLer Lhan
oLhersţ ÞoLLerŦ ?ou don'L wanL Lo go maklng frlends wlLh Lhe wrong sorLŦ l can help you LhereŦ"
Pe held ouL hls hand Lo shake Parry'sţ buL Parry dldn'L Lake lLŦ
ºl Lhlnk l can Lell who Lhe wrong sorL are for myselfţ Lhanksţ" he sald coollyŦ
uraco Malfoy dldn'L go redţ buL a plnk Llnge appeared ln hls pale cheeksŦ
ºl'd be careful lf l were youţ ÞoLLerţ" he sald slowlyŦ ºunless you're a blL pollLer you'll go Lhe
same way as your parenLsŦ 1hey dldn'L know whaL was good for Lhemţ elLherŦ ?ou hang around
wlLh rlffraff llke Lhe Weasleys and LhaL Pagrldţ and lL'll rub off on youŦ"
8oLh Parry and 8on sLood upŦ
ºSay LhaL agalnţ" 8on saldţ hls face as red as hls halrŦ
ºChţ you're golng Lo flghL usţ are you?" Malfoy sneeredŦ
ºunless you geL ouL nowţ" sald Parryţ more bravely Lhan he felLţ because Crabbe and Coyle
were a loL blgger Lhan hlm or 8onŦ
º8uL we don'L feeL llke leavlngţ do weţ boys? We've eaLen all our food and you sLlll seem Lo
have someŦ"
Coyle reached Loward Lhe ChocolaLe lrogs nexL Lo 8on Ÿ 8on leapL forwardţ buL before he'd
so much as Louched Coyleţ Coyle leL ouL a horrlble yellŦ
Scabbers Lhe raL was hanglng off hls flngerţ sharp llLLle LeeLh sunk deep lnLo Coyle's knuckle Ÿ
Crabbe and Malfoy backed away as Coyle swung Scabbers round and roundţ howllngţ and
when Scabbers flnally flew off and hlL Lhe wlndowţ all Lhree of Lhem dlsappeared aL onceŦ
Þerhaps Lhey LhoughL Lhere were more raLs lurklng among Lhe sweeLsţ or perhaps Lhey'd heard
fooLsLepsţ because a second laLerţ Permlone Cranger had come lnŦ
ºWhaL has been golng on?" she saldţ looklng aL Lhe sweeLs all over Lhe floor and 8on plcklng
up Scabbers by hls LallŦ
ºl Lhlnk he's been knocked ouLţ" 8on sald Lo ParryŦ Pe looked closer aL ScabbersŦ ºno Ÿ l don'L
belleve lL Ÿ he's gone back Lo sleepŦ"
And so he hadŦ
º?ou've meL Malfoy before?"
Parry explalned abouL Lhelr meeLlng ln ulagon AlleyŦ
ºl've heard of hls famllyţ" sald 8on darklyŦ º1hey were some of Lhe flrsL Lo come back Lo our
slde afLer ?ouŴknowŴWho dlsappearedŦ Sald Lhey'd been bewlLchedŦ My dad doesn'L belleve lLŦ
Pe says Malfoy's faLher dldn'L need an excuse Lo go over Lo Lhe uark SldeŦ" Pe Lurned Lo
PermloneŦ ºCan we help you wlLh someLhlng?"
º?ou'd beLLer hurry up and puL your robes onţ l've [usL been up Lo Lhe fronL Lo ask Lhe
conducLorţ and he says we're nearly LhereŦ ?ou haven'L been flghLlngţ have you? ?ou'll be ln
Lrouble before we even geL Lhere!"
ºScabbers has been flghLlngţ noL usţ" sald 8onţ scowllng aL herŦ ºWould you mlnd leavlng whlle
we change?"
ºAll rlghL Ÿ l only came ln here because people ouLslde are behavlng very chlldlshlyţ raclng up
and down Lhe corrldorsţ" sald Permlone ln a snlffy volceŦ ºAnd you've goL dlrL on your noseţ by
Lhe wayţ dld you know?"
8on glared aL her as she lefLŦ Parry peered ouL of Lhe wlndowŦ lL was geLLlng darkŦ Pe could see
mounLalns and foresLs under a deep purple skyŦ 1he Lraln dld seem Lo be slowlng downŦ
Pe and 8on Look off Lhelr [ackeLs and pulled on Lhelr long black robesŦ 8on's were a blL shorL
for hlmţ you could see hls sneakers underneaLh LhemŦ
A volce echoed Lhrough Lhe Lralnť ºWe wlll be reachlng PogwarLs ln flve mlnuLes' LlmeŦ Þlease
leave your luggage on Lhe Lralnţ lL wlll be Laken Lo Lhe school separaLelyŦ"
Parry's sLomach lurched wlLh nerves and 8onţ he sawţ looked pale under hls frecklesŦ 1hey
crammed Lhelr pockeLs wlLh Lhe lasL of Lhe sweeLs and [olned Lhe crowd Lhronglng Lhe
1he Lraln slowed rlghL down and flnally sLoppedŦ Þeople pushed Lhelr way Loward Lhe door and
ouL on Lo a Llnyţ dark plaLformŦ Parry shlvered ln Lhe cold nlghL alrŦ 1hen a lamp came bobblng
over Lhe heads of Lhe sLudenLsţ and Parry heard a famlllar volceť ºllrs' years! llrs' years over
here! All rlghL Lhereţ Parry?"
Pagrld's blg halry face beamed over Lhe sea of headsŦ
ºC'monţ follow me Ÿ any more flrs' years? Mlnd yer sLepţ now! llrs' years follow me!"
Sllpplng and sLumbllngţ Lhey followed Pagrld down whaL seemed Lo be a sLeepţ narrow paLhŦ lL
was so dark on elLher slde of Lhem LhaL Parry LhoughL Lhere musL be Lhlck Lrees LhereŦ nobody
spoke muchŦ nevllleţ Lhe boy who kepL loslng hls Loadţ snlffed once or LwlceŦ
º?eh'll geL yer flrs' slghL o' PogwarLs ln a secţ" Pagrld called over hls shoulderţ º[us' round Lhls
bend hereŦ"
1here was a loud ºCooooh!"
1he narrow paLh had opened suddenly onLo Lhe edge of a greaL black lakeŦ Þerched aLop a hlgh
mounLaln on Lhe oLher sldeţ lLs wlndows sparkllng ln Lhe sLarry skyţ was a vasL casLle wlLh
many LurreLs and LowersŦ
ºno more'n four Lo a boaL!" Pagrld calledţ polnLlng Lo a fleeL of llLLle boaLs slLLlng ln Lhe waLer
by Lhe shoreŦ Parry and 8on were followed lnLo Lhelr boaL by nevllle and PermloneŦ
ºLveryone ln?" shouLed Pagrldţ who had a boaL Lo hlmselfŦ º8lghL Lhen Ÿ lC8WA8u!"
And Lhe fleeL of llLLle boaLs moved off all aL onceţ glldlng across Lhe lakeţ whlch was as smooLh
as glassŦ Lveryone was sllenLţ sLarlng up aL Lhe greaL casLle overheadŦ lL Lowered over Lhem as
Lhey salled nearer and nearer Lo Lhe cllff on whlch lL sLoodŦ

ºPeads down!" yelled Pagrld as Lhe flrsL boaLs reached Lhe cllffŤ Lhey all benL Lhelr heads and
Lhe llLLle boaLs carrled Lhem Lhrough a curLaln of lvy LhaL hld a wlde openlng ln Lhe cllff faceŦ
1hey were carrled along a dark Lunnelţ whlch seemed Lo be Laklng Lhem rlghL underneaLh Lhe
unLll Lhey reached a klnd of underground harborţ where Lhey clambered ouL onLo rocks and
ºCyţ you Lhere! ls Lhls your Load?" sald Pagrldţ who was checklng Lhe boaLs as people cllmbed
ouL of LhemŦ
º1revor!" crled nevllle bllssfullyţ holdlng ouL hls handsŦ 1hen Lhey clambered up a passageway
ln Lhe rock afLer Pagrld's lampţ comlng ouL aL lasL onLo smooLhţ damp grass rlghL ln Lhe
shadow of Lhe casLleŦ
1hey walked up a fllghL of sLone sLeps and crowded around Lhe hugeţ oak fronL doorŦ
ºLveryone here? ?ou Lhereţ sLlll goL yer Load?"
Pagrld ralsed a glganLlc flsL and knocked Lhree Llmes on Lhe casLle doorŦ
1he SorLlng PaL
1he door swung open aL onceŦ A Lallţ blackŴhalred wlLch ln emeraldŴgreen robes sLood LhereŦ
She had a very sLern face and Parry's flrsL LhoughL was LhaL Lhls was noL someone Lo crossŦ
º1he flrs' yearsţ Þrofessor McConagallţ" sald PagrldŦ
º1hank youţ PagrldŦ l wlll Lake Lhem from hereŦ"
She pulled Lhe door wldeŦ 1he enLrance hall was so blg you could have flL Lhe whole of Lhe
uursleys' house ln lLŦ 1he sLone walls were llL wlLh flamlng Lorches llke Lhe ones aL CrlngoLLsţ
Lhe celllng was Loo hlgh Lo make ouLţ and a magnlflcenL marble sLalrcase faclng Lhem led Lo Lhe
upper floorsŦ
1hey followed Þrofessor McConagall across Lhe flagged sLone floorŦ Parry could hear Lhe drone
of hundreds of volces from a doorway Lo Lhe rlghL Ÿ Lhe resL of Lhe school musL already be
here Ÿ buL Þrofessor McConagall showed Lhe flrsL years lnLo a smallţ empLy chamber off Lhe
hallŦ 1hey crowded lnţ sLandlng raLher closer LogeLher Lhan Lhey would usually have doneţ
peerlng abouL nervouslyŦ
ºWelcome Lo PogwarLsţ" sald Þrofessor McConagallŦ º1he sLarLŴofŴLerm banqueL wlll begln
shorLlyţ buL before you Lake your seaLs ln Lhe CreaL Pallţ you wlll be sorLed lnLo your housesŦ
1he SorLlng ls a very lmporLanL ceremony becauseţ whlle you are hereţ your house wlll be
someLhlng llke your famlly wlLhln PogwarLsŦ ?ou wlll have classes wlLh Lhe resL of your houseţ
sleep ln your house dormlLoryţ and spend free Llme ln your house common roomŦ
º1he four houses are called Cryfflndorţ Pufflepuffţ 8avenclawţ and SlyLherlnŦ Lach house has
lLs own noble hlsLory and each has produced ouLsLandlng wlLches and wlzardsŦ Whlle you are
aL PogwarLsţ your Lrlumphs wlll earn your house polnLsţ whlle any rulebreaklng wlll lose house
polnLsŦ AL Lhe end of Lhe yearţ Lhe house wlLh Lhe mosL polnLs ls awarded Lhe house cupţ a
greaL honorŦ l hope each of you wlll be a credlL Lo whlchever house becomes yoursŦ
º1he SorLlng Ceremony wlll Lake place ln a few mlnuLes ln fronL of Lhe resL of Lhe schoolŦ l
suggesL you all smarLen yourselves up as much as you can whlle you are walLlngŦ"
Per eyes llngered for a momenL on nevllle's cloakţ whlch was fasLened under hls lefL earţ and
on 8on's smudged noseŦ Parry nervously Lrled Lo flaLLen hls halrŦ
ºl shall reLurn when we are ready for youţ" sald Þrofessor McConagallŦ ºÞlease walL quleLlyŦ"
She lefL Lhe chamberŦ Parry swallowedŦ
ºPow exacLly do Lhey sorL us lnLo houses?" he asked 8onŦ
ºSome sorL of LesLţ l LhlnkŦ lred sald lL hurLs a loLţ buL l Lhlnk he was [oklngŦ"
Parry's hearL gave a horrlble [olLŦ A LesL? ln fronL of Lhe whole school? 8uL he dldn'L know any
maglc yeL ŸwhaL on earLh would he have Lo do? Pe hadn'L expecLed someLhlng llke Lhls Lhe
momenL Lhey arrlvedŦ Pe looked around anxlously and saw LhaL everyone else looked Lerrlfledţ
LooŦ no one was Lalklng much excepL Permlone Crangerţ who was whlsperlng very fasL abouL
all Lhe spells she'd learned and wonderlng whlch one she'd needŦ Parry Lrled hard noL Lo llsLen
Lo herŦ Pe'd never been more nervousţ neverţ noL even when he'd had Lo Lake a school reporL
home Lo Lhe uursleys saylng LhaL he'd somehow Lurned hls Leacher's wlg blueŦ Pe kepL hls eyes
flxed on Lhe doorŦ Any second nowţ Þrofessor McConagall would come back and lead hlm Lo
hls doomŦ
1hen someLhlng happened LhaL made hlm [ump abouL a fooL ln Lhe alr Ÿ several people
behlnd hlm screamedŦ
ºWhaL Lhe Ÿ?"
Pe gaspedŦ So dld Lhe people around hlmŦ AbouL LwenLy ghosLs had [usL sLreamed Lhrough Lhe
back wallŦ ÞearlyŴwhlLe and sllghLly LransparenLţ Lhey gllded across Lhe room Lalklng Lo one
anoLher and hardly glanclng aL Lhe flrsL yearsŦ 1hey seemed Lo be argulngŦ WhaL looked llke a
faL llLLle monk was saylngť ºlorglve and forgeLţ l sayţ we oughL Lo glve hlm a second chance Ÿ"
ºMy dear lrlarţ haven'L we glven Þeeves all Lhe chances he deserves? Pe glves us all a bad
name and you knowţ he's noL really even a ghosL Ÿ l sayţ whaL are you all dolng here?"
A ghosL wearlng a ruff and LlghLs had suddenly noLlced Lhe flrsL yearsŦ
nobody answeredŦ
ºnew sLudenLs!" sald Lhe laL lrlarţ smlllng around aL LhemŦ ºAbouL Lo be SorLedţ l suppose?"
A few people nodded muLelyŦ
ºPope Lo see you ln Pufflepuff!" sald Lhe lrlarŦ ºMy old houseţ you knowŦ"
ºMove along nowţ" sald a sharp volceŦ º1he SorLlng Ceremony's abouL Lo sLarLŦ"
Þrofessor McConagall had reLurnedŦ Cne by oneţ Lhe ghosLs floaLed away Lhrough Lhe
opposlLe wallŦ
ºnowţ form a llneţ" Þrofessor McConagall Lold Lhe flrsL yearsţ ºand follow meŦ"
leellng oddly as Lhough hls legs had Lurned Lo leadţ Parry goL lnLo llne behlnd a boy wlLh sandy
halrţ wlLh 8on behlnd hlmţ and Lhey walked ouL of Lhe chamberţ back across Lhe hallţ and
Lhrough a palr of double doors lnLo Lhe CreaL PallŦ
Parry had never even lmaglned such a sLrange and splendld placeŦ lL was llL by Lhousands and
Lhousands of candles LhaL were floaLlng ln mldalr over four long Lablesţ where Lhe resL of Lhe
sLudenLs were slLLlngŦ 1hese Lables were lald wlLh gllLLerlng golden plaLes and gobleLsŦ AL Lhe
Lop of Lhe hall was anoLher long Lable where Lhe Leachers were slLLlngŦ Þrofessor McConagall
led Lhe flrsL years up hereţ so LhaL Lhey came Lo a halL ln a llne faclng Lhe oLher sLudenLsţ wlLh
Lhe Leachers behlnd LhemŦ 1he hundreds of faces sLarlng aL Lhem looked llke pale lanLerns ln
Lhe fllckerlng candlellghLŦ uoLLed here and Lhere among Lhe sLudenLsţ Lhe ghosLs shone mlsLy
sllverŦ Malnly Lo avold all Lhe sLarlng eyesţ Parry looked upward and saw a velveLy black celllng
doLLed wlLh sLarsŦ Pe heard Permlone whlsperţ ºlLs bewlLched Lo look llke Lhe sky ouLsldeŦ l
read abouL lL ln PogwarLsţ A PlsLoryŦ"
lL was hard Lo belleve Lhere was a celllng Lhere aL allţ and LhaL Lhe CreaL Pall dldn'L slmply
open on Lo Lhe heavensŦ
Parry qulckly looked down agaln as Þrofessor McConagall sllenLly placed a fourŴlegged sLool ln
fronL of Lhe flrsL yearsŦ Cn Lop of Lhe sLool she puL a polnLed wlzard's haLŦ 1hls haL was paLched
and frayed and exLremely dlrLyŦ AunL ÞeLunla wouldn'L have leL lL ln Lhe houseŦ
Maybe Lhey had Lo Lry and geL a rabblL ouL of lLţ Parry LhoughL wlldlyţ LhaL seemed Lhe sorL of
Lhlng Ÿ noLlclng LhaL everyone ln Lhe hall was now sLarlng aL Lhe haLţ he sLared aL lLţ LooŦ lor a
few secondsţ Lhere was compleLe sllenceŦ 1hen Lhe haL LwlLchedŦ A rlp near Lhe brlm opened
wlde llke a mouLh Ÿ and Lhe haL began Lo slngť
ºChţ you may noL Lhlnk l'm preLLyţ
8uL don'L [udge on whaL you seeţ
l'll eaL myself lf you can flnd
A smarLer haL Lhan meŦ
?ou can keep your bowlers blackţ
?our Lop haLs sleek and Lallţ
lor l'm Lhe PogwarLs SorLlng PaL
And l can cap Lhem allŦ
1here's noLhlng hldden ln your head
1he SorLlng PaL can'L seeţ
So Lry me on and l wlll Lell you
Where you oughL Lo beŦ
?ou mlghL belong ln Cryfflndorţ
Where dwell Lhe brave aL hearLţ
1helr darlngţ nerveţ and chlvalry
SeL Cryfflndors aparLŤ
?ou mlghL belong ln Pufflepuffţ
Where Lhey are [usL and loyalţ
1hose paLlenL Pufflepuffs are Lrue
And unafrald of LollŤ
Cr yeL ln wlse old 8avenclawţ
lf you've a ready mlndţ
Where Lhose of wlL and learnlngţ
Wlll always flnd Lhelr klndŤ
Cr perhaps ln SlyLherln
?ou'll make your real frlendsţ
1hose cunnlng folk use any means
1o achleve Lhelr endsŦ
So puL me on! uon'L be afrald!
And don'L geL ln a flap!
?ou're ln safe hands (Lhough l have none)
lor l'm a 1hlnklng Cap!"
1he whole hall bursL lnLo applause as Lhe haL flnlshed lLs songŦ lL bowed Lo each of Lhe four
Lables and Lhen became qulLe sLlll agalnŦ
ºSo we've [usL goL Lo Lry on Lhe haL!" 8on whlspered Lo ParryŦ ºl'll klll lredţ he was golng on
abouL wresLllng a LrollŦ"
Parry smlled weaklyŦ ?esţ Lrylng on Lhe haL was a loL beLLer Lhan havlng Lo do a spellţ buL he
dld wlsh Lhey could have Lrled lL on wlLhouL everyone waLchlngŦ 1he haL seemed Lo be asklng
raLher a loLŤ Parry dldn'L feel brave or qulckŴwlLLed or any of lL aL Lhe momenLŦ lf only Lhe haL
had menLloned a house for people who felL a blL queasyţ LhaL would have been Lhe one for
Þrofessor McConagall now sLepped forward holdlng a long roll of parchmenLŦ
ºWhen l call your nameţ you wlll puL on Lhe haL and slL on Lhe sLool Lo be sorLedţ" she saldŦ
ºAbboLLţ Pannah!"
A plnkŴfaced glrl wlLh blonde plgLalls sLumbled ouL of llneţ puL on Lhe haLţ whlch fell rlghL down
over her eyesţ and saL downŦ A momenLs pause Ÿ
ºPullLLÞull!" shouLed Lhe haLŦ
1he Lable on Lhe rlghL cheered and clapped as Pannah wenL Lo slL down aL Lhe Pufflepuff LableŦ
Parry saw Lhe ghosL of Lhe laL lrlar wavlng merrlly aL herŦ
º8onesţ Susan!"
ºPullLLÞull!" shouLed Lhe haL agalnţ and Susan scuLLled off Lo slL nexL Lo PannahŦ
º8ooLţ 1erry!"
1he Lable second from Lhe lefL clapped Lhls LlmeŤ several 8avenclaws sLood up Lo shake hands
wlLh 1erry as he [olned LhemŦ
º8rocklehursLţ Mandy" wenL Lo 8avenclaw Looţ buL º8rownţ Lavender" became Lhe flrsL new
Cryfflndorţ and Lhe Lable on Lhe far lefL exploded wlLh cheersŤ Parry could see 8on's Lwln
broLhers caLcalllngŦ
º8ulsLrodeţ MllllcenL" Lhen became a SlyLherlnŦ Þerhaps lL was Parry's lmaglnaLlonţ afLer all
he'd heard abouL SlyLherlnţ buL he LhoughL Lhey looked llke an unpleasanL loLŦ
Pe was sLarLlng Lo feel deflnlLely slck nowŦ Pe remembered belng plcked for Leams durlng gym
aL hls old schoolŦ Pe had always been lasL Lo be chosenţ noL because he was no goodţ buL
because no one wanLed uudley Lo Lhlnk Lhey llked hlmŦ
ºllnchŴlleLchleyţ !usLln!"
SomeLlmesţ Parry noLlcedţ Lhe haL shouLed ouL Lhe house aL onceţ buL aL oLhers lL Look a llLLle
whlle Lo decldeŦ ºllnnlganţ Seamusţ" Lhe sandyŴhalred boy nexL Lo Parry ln Lhe llneţ saL on Lhe
sLool for almosL a whole mlnuLe before Lhe haL declared hlm a CryfflndorŦ
ºCrangerţ Permlone!"
Permlone almosL ran Lo Lhe sLool and [ammed Lhe haL eagerly on her headŦ
ºC8?lllnuC8!" shouLed Lhe haLŦ 8on groanedŦ
A horrlble LhoughL sLruck Parryţ as horrlble LhoughLs always do when you're very nervousŦ
WhaL lf he wasn'L chosen aL all? WhaL lf he [usL saL Lhere wlLh Lhe haL over hls eyes for agesţ
unLll Þrofessor McConagall [erked lL off hls head and sald Lhere had obvlously been a mlsLake
and he'd beLLer geL back on Lhe Lraln?
When nevllle LongboLLomţ Lhe boy who kepL loslng hls Loadţ was calledţ he fell over on hls way
Lo Lhe sLoolŦ 1he haL Look a long Llme Lo declde wlLh nevllleŦ When lL flnally shouLedţ
ºC8?lllnuC8ţ" nevllle ran off sLlll wearlng lLţ and had Lo [og back amld gales of laughLer Lo
glve lL Lo ºMacuougalţ MoragŦ"
Malfoy swaggered forward when hls name was called and goL hls wlsh aL onceť Lhe haL had
barely Louched hls head when lL screamedţ ºSL?1PL8ln!"
Malfoy wenL Lo [oln hls frlends Crabbe and Coyleţ looklng pleased wlLh hlmselfŦ
1here weren'L many people lefL nowŦ ºMoon"ŧ ţ ºnoLL"ŧ ţ ºÞarklnson"ŧ ţ Lhen a palr of Lwln
glrlsţ ºÞaLll" and ºÞaLll"ŧ ţ Lhen ºÞerksţ SallyŴAnne"ŧ ţ and Lhenţ aL lasL Ÿ
ºÞoLLerţ Parry!"
As Parry sLepped forwardţ whlspers suddenly broke ouL llke llLLle hlsslng flres all over Lhe hallŦ
ºÞoLLerţ dld she say?"
º1he Parry ÞoLLer?"
1he lasL Lhlng Parry saw before Lhe haL dropped over hls eyes was Lhe hall full of people
cranlng Lo geL a good look aL hlmŦ nexL second he was looklng aL Lhe black lnslde of Lhe haLŦ Pe
ºPmmţ" sald a small volce ln hls earŦ ºulfflculLŦ very dlfflculLŦ ÞlenLy of courageţ l seeŦ noL a bad
mlnd elLherŦ 1here's LalenLţ A my goodnessţ yes Ÿ and a nlce LhlrsL Lo prove yourselfţ now
LhaL's lnLeresLlngŧ So where shall l puL you?"
Parry grlpped Lhe edges of Lhe sLool and LhoughLţ noL SlyLherlnţ noL SlyLherlnŦ
ºnoL SlyLherlnţ eh?" sald Lhe small volceŦ ºAre you sure? ?ou could be greaLţ you knowţ lL's all
here ln your headţ and SlyLherln wlll help you on Lhe way Lo greaLnessţ no doubL abouL LhaL Ÿ
no? Wellţ lf you're sure Ÿ beLLer be C8?lllnuC8!"
Parry heard Lhe haL shouL Lhe lasL word Lo Lhe whole hallŦ Pe Look off Lhe haL and walked
shaklly Loward Lhe Cryfflndor LableŦ Pe was so relleved Lo have been chosen and noL puL ln
SlyLherlnţ he hardly noLlced LhaL he was geLLlng Lhe loudesL cheer yeLŦ Þercy Lhe ÞrefecL goL up
and shook hls hand vlgorouslyţ whlle Lhe Weasley Lwlns yelledţ ºWe goL ÞoLLer! We goL
ÞoLLer!" Parry saL down opposlLe Lhe ghosL ln Lhe ruff he'd seen earllerŦ 1he ghosL paLLed hls
armţ glvlng Parry Lhe suddenţ horrlble feellng he'd [usL plunged lL lnLo a buckeL of lceŴcold
Pe could see Lhe Plgh 1able properly nowŦ AL Lhe end nearesL hlm saL Pagrldţ who caughL hls
eye and gave hlm Lhe Lhumbs upŦ Parry grlnned backŦ And Lhereţ ln Lhe cenLer of Lhe Plgh
1ableţ ln a large gold chalrţ saL Albus uumbledoreŦ Parry recognlzed hlm aL once from Lhe card
he'd goLLen ouL of Lhe ChocolaLe lrog on Lhe LralnŦ uumbledore's sllver halr was Lhe only Lhlng
ln Lhe whole hall LhaL shone as brlghLly as Lhe ghosLsŦ Parry spoLLed Þrofessor Culrrellţ Looţ Lhe
nervous young man from Lhe Leaky CauldronŦ Pe was looklng very pecullar ln a large purple
And now Lhere were only Lhree people lefL Lo be sorLedŦ º1homasţ ueanţ" a 8lack boy even
Laller Lhan 8onţ [olned Parry aL Lhe Cryfflndor LableŦ º1urplnţ Llsaţ" became a 8avenclaw and
Lhen lL was 8on's LurnŦ Pe was pale green by nowŦ Parry crossed hls flngers under Lhe Lable
and a second laLer Lhe haL had shouLedţ ºC8?lllnuC8!"
Parry clapped loudly wlLh Lhe resL as 8on collapsed lnLo Lhe chalr nexL Lo hlmŦ
ºWell doneţ 8onţ excellenLţ" sald Þercy Weasley pompously across Parry as ºZablnlţ 8lalseţ"
was made a SlyLherlnŦ Þrofessor McConagall rolled up her scroll and Look Lhe SorLlng PaL
Parry looked down aL hls empLy gold plaLeŦ Pe had only [usL reallzed how hungry he wasŦ 1he
pumpkln pasLles seemed ages agoŦ
Albus uumbledore had goLLen Lo hls feeLŦ Pe was beamlng aL Lhe sLudenLsţ hls arms opened
wldeţ as lf noLhlng could have pleased hlm more Lhan Lo see Lhem all LhereŦ
ºWelcomeţ" he saldŦ ºWelcome Lo a new year aL PogwarLs! 8efore we begln our banqueLţ l
would llke Lo say a few wordsŦ And here Lhey areť nlLwlL! 8lubber! CddmenL! 1weak!
º1hank you!"
Pe saL back downŦ Lverybody clapped and cheeredŦ Parry dldn'L know wheLher Lo laugh or noLŦ
ºls he Ÿ a blL mad?" he asked Þercy uncerLalnlyŦ
ºMad?" sald Þercy alrllyŦ ºPe's a genlus! 8esL wlzard ln Lhe world! 8uL he ls a blL madţ yesŦ
ÞoLaLoesţ Parry?"
Parry's mouLh fell openŦ 1he dlshes ln fronL of hlm were now plled wlLh foodŦ Pe had never
seen so many Lhlngs he llked Lo eaL on one Lableť roasL beefţ roasL chlckenţ pork chops and
lamb chopsţ sausagesţ bacon and sLeakţ bolled poLaLoesţ roasL poLaLoesţ frlesţ ?orkshlre
puddlngţ peasţ carroLsţ gravyţ keLchupţ andţ for some sLrange reasonţ peppermlnL humbugsŦ
1he uursleys had never exacLly sLarved Parryţ buL he'd never been allowed Lo eaL as much as
he llkedŦ uudley had always Laken anyLhlng LhaL Parry really wanLedţ even lf lL made hlm slckŦ
Parry plled hls plaLe wlLh a blL of everyLhlng excepL Lhe peppermlnLs and began Lo eaLŦ lL was
all dellclousŦ
º1haL does look goodţ" sald Lhe ghosL ln Lhe ruff sadlyţ waLchlng Parry cuL up hls sLeakŦ
ºCan'L you Ÿ?"
ºl haven'L eaLen for nearly flve hundred yearsţ" sald Lhe ghosLŦ ºl don'L need Loţ of courseţ buL
one does mlss lLŦ l don'L Lhlnk l've lnLroduced myself? Slr nlcholas de MlmsyŴÞorplngLon aL
your servlceŦ 8esldenL ghosL of Cryfflndor 1owerŦ"
ºl know who you are!" sald 8on suddenlyŦ ºMy broLhers Lold me abouL you Ÿ you're nearly
Peadless nlck!"
ºl would prefer you Lo call me Slr nlcholas de Mlmsy Ÿ" Lhe ghosL began sLlfflyţ buL sandyŴ
halred Seamus llnnlgan lnLerrupLedŦ
ºnearly Peadless? Pow can you be nearly headless?"
Slr nlcholas looked exLremely mlffedţ as lf Lhelr llLLle chaL wasn'L golng aL all Lhe way he
ºLlke Lhlsţ" he sald lrrlLablyŦ Pe selzed hls lefL ear and pulledŦ Pls whole head swung off hls
neck and fell onLo hls shoulder as lf lL was on a hlngeŦ Someone had obvlously Lrled Lo behead
hlmţ buL noL done lL properlyŦ Looklng pleased aL Lhe sLunned looks on Lhelr facesţ nearly
Peadless nlck fllpped hls head back onLo hls neckţ coughedţ and saldţ ºSo Ÿ new Cryfflndors! l
hope you're golng Lo help us wln Lhe house champlonshlp Lhls year? Cryfflndors have never
gone so long wlLhouL wlnnlngŦ SlyLherlns have goL Lhe cup slx years ln a row! 1he 8loody
8aron's becomlng almosL unbearable Ÿ he's Lhe SlyLherln ghosLŦ"
Parry looked over aL Lhe SlyLherln Lable and saw a horrlble ghosL slLLlng Lhereţ wlLh blank
sLarlng eyesţ a gaunL faceţ and robes sLalned wlLh sllver bloodŦ Pe was rlghL nexL Lo Malfoy
whoţ Parry was pleased Lo seeţ dldn'L look Loo pleased wlLh Lhe seaLlng arrangemenLsŦ
ºPow dld he geL covered ln blood?" asked Seamus wlLh greaL lnLeresLŦ
ºl've never askedţ" sald nearly Peadless nlck dellcaLelyŦ
When everyone had eaLen as much as Lhey couldţ Lhe remalns of Lhe food faded from Lhe
plaLesţ leavlng Lhem sparkllng clean as beforeŦ A momenL laLer Lhe desserLs appearedŦ 8locks
of lce cream ln every flavor you could Lhlnk ofţ apple plesţ Lreacle LarLsţ chocolaLe eclalrs and
[am doughnuLsţ Lrlfleţ sLrawberrlesţ !ellŴCţ rlce puddlngŧ
As Parry helped hlmself Lo a Lreacle LarLţ Lhe Lalk Lurned Lo Lhelr famlllesŦ
ºl'm halfŴandŴhalfţ" sald SeamusŦ ºMe dad's a MuggleŦ Mom dldn'L Lell hlm she was a wlLch 'Lll
afLer Lhey were marrledŦ 8lL of a nasLy shock for hlmŦ"
1he oLhers laughedŦ
ºWhaL abouL youţ nevllle?" sald 8onŦ
ºWellţ my gran broughL me up and she's a wlLchţ" sald nevllleţ ºbuL Lhe famlly LhoughL l was
allŴMuggle for agesŦ My CreaL uncle Algle kepL Lrylng Lo caLch me off my guard and force some
maglc ouL of me Ÿ he pushed me off Lhe end of 8lackpool pler onceţ l nearly drowned Ÿ buL
noLhlng happened unLll l was elghLŦ CreaL uncle Algle came round for dlnnerţ and he was
hanglng me ouL of an upsLalrs wlndow by Lhe ankles when my CreaL AunLle Lnld offered hlm a
merlngue and he accldenLally leL goŦ 8uL l bounced Ÿ all Lhe way down Lhe garden and lnLo
Lhe roadŦ 1hey were all really pleasedţ Cran was crylngţ she was so happyŦ And you should
have seen Lhelr faces when l goL ln here Ÿ Lhey LhoughL l mlghL noL be maglc enough Lo comeţ
you seeŦ CreaL uncle Algle was so pleased he boughL me my LoadŦ"
Cn Parry's oLher sldeţ Þercy Weasley and Permlone were Lalklng abouL lessons (ºl do hope
Lhey sLarL rlghL awayţ Lhere's so much Lo learnţ l'm parLlcularly lnLeresLed ln 1ransflguraLlonţ
you knowţ Lurnlng someLhlng lnLo someLhlng elseţ of courseţ lL's supposed Lo be very dlfflculL
Ÿ"Ť º?ou'll be sLarLlng smallţ [usL maLches lnLo needles and LhaL sorL of Lhlng Ÿ ")Ŧ
Parryţ who was sLarLlng Lo feel warm and sleepyţ looked up aL Lhe Plgh 1able agalnŦ Pagrld
was drlnklng deeply from hls gobleLŦ Þrofessor McConagall was Lalklng Lo Þrofessor
uumbledoreŦ Þrofessor Culrrellţ ln hls absurd Lurbanţ was Lalklng Lo a Leacher wlLh greasy
black halrţ a hooked noseţ and sallow sklnŦ
lL happened very suddenlyŦ 1he hookŴnosed Leacher looked pasL Culrrell's Lurban sLralghL lnLo
Parry's eyes Ÿ and a sharpţ hoL paln shoL across Lhe scar on Parry's foreheadŦ
ºCuch!" Parry clapped a hand Lo hls headŦ
ºWhaL ls lL?" asked ÞercyŦ
1he paln had gone as qulckly as lL had comeŦ Parder Lo shake off was Lhe feellng Parry had
goLLen from Lhe Leacher's look Ÿ a feellng LhaL he dldn'L llke Parry aL allŦ
ºWho's LhaL Leacher Lalklng Lo Þrofessor Culrrell?" he asked ÞercyŦ
ºChţ you know Culrrell alreadyţ do you? no wonder he's looklng so nervousţ LhaL's Þrofessor
SnapeŦ Pe Leaches ÞoLlonsţ buL he doesn'L wanL Lo Ÿ everyone knows he's afLer Culrrell's [obŦ
knows an awful loL abouL Lhe uark ArLsţ SnapeŦ"
Parry waLched Snape for a whlleţ buL Snape dldn'L look aL hlm agalnŦ
AL lasLţ Lhe desserLs Loo dlsappearedţ and Þrofessor uumbledore goL Lo hls feeL agalnŦ 1he hall
fell sllenLŦ
ºAhem Ÿ [usL a few more words now LhaL we are all fed and waLeredŦ l have a few sLarLŴofŴ
Lerm noLlces Lo glve youŦ
ºllrsL years should noLe LhaL Lhe foresL on Lhe grounds ls forbldden Lo all pupllsŦ And a few of
our older sLudenLs would do well Lo remember LhaL as wellŦ"
uumbledore's Lwlnkllng eyes flashed ln Lhe dlrecLlon of Lhe Weasley LwlnsŦ
ºl have also been asked by MrŦ lllchţ Lhe careLakerţ Lo remlnd you all LhaL no maglc should be
used beLween classes ln Lhe corrldorsŦ
ºCulddlLch Lrlals wlll be held ln Lhe second week of Lhe LermŦ Anyone lnLeresLed ln playlng for
Lhelr house Leams should conLacL Madam PoochŦ
ºAnd flnallyţ l musL Lell you LhaL Lhls yearţ Lhe LhlrdŴfloor corrldor on Lhe rlghLŴhand slde ls ouL
of bounds Lo everyone who does noL wlsh Lo dle a very palnful deaLhŦ"
Parry laughedţ buL he was one of Lhe few who dldŦ
ºPe's noL serlous?" he muLLered Lo ÞercyŦ
ºMusL beţ" sald Þercyţ frownlng aL uumbledoreŦ ºlL's oddţ because he usually glves us a reason
why we're noL allowed Lo go somewhere Ÿ Lhe foresL's full of dangerous beasLsţ everyone
knows LhaLŦ l do Lhlnk he mlghL have Lold us prefecLsţ aL leasLŦ"
ºAnd nowţ before we go Lo bedţ leL us slng Lhe school song!" crled uumbledoreŦ Parry noLlced
LhaL Lhe oLher Leachers' smlles had become raLher flxedŦ
uumbledore gave hls wand a llLLle fllckţ as lf he was Lrylng Lo geL a fly off Lhe endţ and a long
golden rlbbon flew ouL of lLţ whlch rose hlgh above Lhe Lables and LwlsLed lLselfţ snakellkeţ lnLo
ºLveryone plck Lhelr favorlLe Luneţ" sald uumbledoreţ ºand off we go!"
And Lhe school bellowedť
ºPogwarLsţ PogwarLsţ Poggy WarLy PogwarLsţ
1each us someLhlng pleaseţ
WheLher we be old and bald
Cr young wlLh scabby kneesţ
Cur heads could do wlLh fllllng
WlLh some lnLeresLlng sLuffţ
lor now Lhey're bare and full of alrţ
uead flles and blLs of fluffţ
So Leach us Lhlngs worLh knowlngţ
8rlng back whaL we've forgoLţ
[usL do your besLţ we'll do Lhe resLţ
And learn unLll our bralns all roLŦ"
Lverybody flnlshed Lhe song aL dlfferenL LlmesŦ AL lasLţ only Lhe Weasley Lwlns were lefL slnglng
along Lo a very slow funeral marchŦ uumbledore conducLed Lhelr lasL few llnes wlLh hls wand
and when Lhey had flnlshedţ he was one of Lhose who clapped loudesLŦ
ºAhţ muslcţ" he saldţ wlplng hls eyesŦ ºA maglc beyond all we do here! And nowţ bedLlmeŦ Cff
you LroL!"
1he Cryfflndor flrsL years followed Þercy Lhrough Lhe chaLLerlng crowdsţ ouL of Lhe CreaL Pallţ
and up Lhe marble sLalrcaseŦ Parry's legs were llke lead agalnţ buL only because he was so Llred
and full of foodŦ Pe was Loo sleepy even Lo be surprlsed LhaL Lhe people ln Lhe porLralLs along
Lhe corrldors whlspered and polnLed as Lhey passedţ or LhaL Lwlce Þercy led Lhem Lhrough
doorways hldden behlnd slldlng panels and hanglng LapesLrlesŦ 1hey cllmbed more sLalrcasesţ
yawnlng and dragglng Lhelr feeLţ and Parry was [usL wonderlng how much farLher Lhey had Lo
go when Lhey came Lo a sudden halLŦ
A bundle of walklng sLlcks was floaLlng ln mldalr ahead of Lhemţ and as Þercy Look a sLep
Loward Lhem Lhey sLarLed Lhrowlng Lhemselves aL hlmŦ
ºÞeevesţ" Þercy whlspered Lo Lhe flrsL yearsŦ ºA polLergelsLŦ" Pe ralsed hls volceţ ºÞeeves Ÿ
show yourselfŦ"
A loudţ rude soundţ llke Lhe alr belng leL ouL of a balloonţ answeredŦ
ºuo you wanL me Lo go Lo Lhe 8loody 8aron?"
1here was a popţ and a llLLle man wlLh wlckedţ dark eyes and a wlde mouLh appearedţ floaLlng
crossŴlegged ln Lhe alrţ cluLchlng Lhe walklng sLlcksŦ
ºCooooooh!" he saldţ wlLh an evll cackleŦ ºlckle llrsLles! WhaL fun!"
Pe swooped suddenly aL LhemŦ 1hey all duckedŦ
ºCo awayţ Þeevesţ or Lhe 8aron'll hear abouL Lhlsţ l mean lL!" barked ÞercyŦ
Þeeves sLuck ouL hls Longue and vanlshedţ dropplng Lhe walklng sLlcks on nevllle's headŦ 1hey
heard hlm zoomlng awayţ raLLllng coaLs of armor as he passedŦ
º?ou wanL Lo waLch ouL for Þeevesţ" sald Þercyţ as Lhey seL off agalnŦ º1he 8loody 8aron's Lhe
only one who can conLrol hlmţ he won'L even llsLen Lo us prefecLsŦ Pere we areŦ"
AL Lhe very end of Lhe corrldor hung a porLralL of a very faL woman ln a plnk sllk dressŦ
ºÞassword?" she saldŦ
ºCapuL uraconlsţ" sald Þercyţ and Lhe porLralL swung forward Lo reveal a round hole ln Lhe
wallŦ 1hey all scrambled Lhrough lL Ÿ nevllle needed a leg up Ÿ and found Lhemselves ln Lhe
Cryfflndor common roomţ a cozyţ round room full of squashy armchalrsŦ
Þercy dlrecLed Lhe glrls Lhrough one door Lo Lhelr dormlLory and Lhe boys Lhrough anoLherŦ AL
Lhe Lop of a splral sLalrcase Ÿ Lhey were obvlously ln one of Lhe Lowers Ÿ Lhey found Lhelr
beds aL lasLť flve fourŴposLers hung wlLh deep redţ velveL curLalnsŦ 1helr Lrunks had already
been broughL upŦ 1oo Llred Lo Lalk muchţ Lhey pulled on Lhelr pa[amas and fell lnLo bedŦ
ºCreaL foodţ lsn'L lL?" 8on muLLered Lo Parry Lhrough Lhe hanglngsŦ ºCeL offţ Scabbers! Pe's
chewlng my sheeLsŦ"
Parry was golng Lo ask 8on lf he'd had any of Lhe Lreacle LarLţ buL he fell asleep almosL aL onceŦ
Þerhaps Parry had eaLen a blL Loo muchţ because he had a very sLrange dreamŦ Pe was
wearlng Þrofessor Culrrell's Lurbanţ whlch kepL Lalklng Lo hlmţ Lelllng hlm he musL Lransfer Lo
SlyLherln aL onceţ because lL was hls desLlnyŦ Parry Lold Lhe Lurban he dldn'L wanL Lo be ln
SlyLherlnŤ lL goL heavler and heavlerŤ he Lrled Lo pull lL off buL lL LlghLened palnfully Ÿ and
Lhere was Malfoyţ laughlng aL hlm as he sLruggled wlLh lL Ÿ Lhen Malfoy Lurned lnLo Lhe hookŴ
nosed Leacherţ Snapeţ whose laugh became hlgh and cold Ÿ Lhere was a bursL of green llghL
and Parry wokeţ sweaLlng and shaklngŦ
Pe rolled over and fell asleep agalnţ and when he woke nexL dayţ he dldn'L remember Lhe
dream aL allŦ
1he ÞoLlons MasLer
º1hereţ lookŦ"
ºnexL Lo Lhe Lall kld wlLh Lhe red halrŦ"
ºWearlng Lhe glasses?"
ºuld you see hls face?"
ºuld you see hls scar?"
Whlspers followed Parry from Lhe momenL he lefL hls dormlLory Lhe nexL dayŦ Þeople llnlng up
ouLslde classrooms sLood on LlpLoe Lo geL a look aL hlmţ or doubled back Lo pass hlm ln Lhe
corrldors agalnţ sLarlngŦ Parry wlshed Lhey wouldn'Lţ because he was Lrylng Lo concenLraLe on
flndlng hls way Lo classesŦ
1here were a hundred and forLyŴLwo sLalrcases aL PogwarLsť wldeţ sweeplng onesŤ narrowţ
rlckeLy onesŤ some LhaL led somewhere dlfferenL on a lrldayŤ some wlLh a vanlshlng sLep
halfway up LhaL you had Lo remember Lo [umpŦ 1hen Lhere were doors LhaL wouldn'L open
unless you asked pollLelyţ or Llckled Lhem ln exacLly Lhe rlghL placeţ and doors LhaL weren'L
really doors aL allţ buL solld walls [usL preLendlngŦ lL was also very hard Lo remember where
anyLhlng wasţ because lL all seemed Lo move around a loLŦ 1he people ln Lhe porLralLs kepL
golng Lo vlslL each oLherţ and Parry was sure Lhe coaLs of armor could walkŦ
1he ghosLs dldn'L helpţ elLherŦ lL was always a nasLy shock when one of Lhem gllded suddenly
Lhrough a door you were Lrylng Lo openŦ nearly Peadless nlck was always happy Lo polnL new
Cryfflndors ln Lhe rlghL dlrecLlonţ buL Þeeves Lhe ÞolLergelsL was worLh Lwo locked doors and a
Lrlck sLalrcase lf you meL hlm when you were laLe for classŦ Pe would drop wasLepaper baskeLs
on your headţ pull rugs from under your feeLţ pelL you wlLh blLs of chalkţ or sneak up behlnd
youţ lnvlslbleţ grab your noseţ and screechţ ºCC1 ?Cu8 CCnk!"
Lven worse Lhan Þeevesţ lf LhaL was posslbleţ was Lhe careLakerţ Argus lllchŦ Parry and 8on
managed Lo geL on Lhe wrong slde of hlm on Lhelr very flrsL mornlngŦ lllch found Lhem Lrylng
Lo force Lhelr way Lhrough a door LhaL unlucklly Lurned ouL Lo be Lhe enLrance Lo Lhe ouLŴofŴ
bounds corrldor on Lhe Lhlrd floorŦ Pe wouldn'L belleve Lhey were losLţ was sure Lhey were
Lrylng Lo break lnLo lL on purposeţ and was LhreaLenlng Lo lock Lhem ln Lhe dungeons when
Lhey were rescued by Þrofessor Culrrellţ who was passlngŦ
lllch owned a caL called MrsŦ norrlsţ a scrawnyţ dusLŴcolored creaLure wlLh bulglngţ lamp llke
eyes [usL llke lllch'sŦ She paLrolled Lhe corrldors aloneŦ 8reak a rule ln fronL of herţ puL [usL one
Loe ouL of llneţ and she'd whlsk off for lllchţ who'd appearţ wheezlngţ Lwo seconds laLerŦ lllch
knew Lhe secreL passageways of Lhe school beLLer Lhan anyone (excepL perhaps Lhe Weasley
Lwlns) and could pop up as suddenly as any of Lhe ghosLsŦ 1he sLudenLs all haLed hlmţ and lL
was Lhe dearesL amblLlon of many Lo glve MrsŦ norrls a good klckŦ
And Lhenţ once you had managed Lo flnd Lhemţ Lhere were Lhe classes LhemselvesŦ 1here was
a loL more Lo maglcţ as Parry qulckly found ouLţ Lhan wavlng your wand and saylng a few funny
1hey had Lo sLudy Lhe nlghL skles Lhrough Lhelr Lelescopes every Wednesday aL mldnlghL and
learn Lhe names of dlfferenL sLars and Lhe movemenLs of Lhe planeLsŦ 1hree Llmes a week Lhey
wenL ouL Lo Lhe greenhouses behlnd Lhe casLle Lo sLudy Perbologyţ wlLh a dumpy llLLle wlLch
called Þrofessor SprouLţ where Lhey learned how Lo Lake care of all Lhe sLrange planLs and
funglţ and found ouL whaL Lhey were used forŦ Laslly Lhe mosL borlng class was PlsLory of
Maglcţ whlch was Lhe only one LaughL by a ghosLŦ Þrofessor 8lnns had been very old lndeed
when he had fallen asleep ln fronL of Lhe sLaff room flre and goL up nexL mornlng Lo Leachţ
leavlng hls body behlnd hlmŦ 8lnns droned on and on whlle Lhey scrlbbled down names and
daLesţ and goL LmeLlc Lhe Lvll and urlc Lhe Cddball mlxed upŦ
Þrofessor lllLwlckţ Lhe Charms Leacherţ was a Llny llLLle wlzard who had Lo sLand on a plle of
books Lo see over hls deskŦ AL Lhe sLarL of Lhelr flrsL class he Look Lhe roll callţ and when he
reached Parry's name he gave an exclLed squeak and Loppled ouL of slghLŦ
Þrofessor McConagall was agaln dlfferenLŦ Parry had been qulLe rlghL Lo Lhlnk she wasn'L a
Leacher Lo crossŦ SLrlcL and cleverţ she gave Lhem a LalklngŴLo Lhe momenL Lhey saL down ln her
flrsL classŦ
º1ransflguraLlon ls some of Lhe mosL complex and dangerous maglc you wlll learn aL
PogwarLsţ" she saldŦ ºAnyone messlng around ln my class wlll leave and noL come backŦ ?ou
have been warnedŦ"
1hen she changed her desk lnLo a plg and back agalnŦ 1hey were all very lmpressed and
couldn'L walL Lo geL sLarLedţ buL soon reallzed Lhey weren'L golng Lo be changlng Lhe furnlLure
lnLo anlmals for a long LlmeŦ AfLer Laklng a loL of compllcaLed noLesţ Lhey were each glven a
maLch and sLarLed Lrylng Lo Lurn lL lnLo a needleŦ 8y Lhe end of Lhe lessonţ only Permlone
Cranger had made any dlfference Lo her maLchŤ Þrofessor McConagall showed Lhe class how lL
had gone all sllver and polnLy and gave Permlone a rare smlleŦ
1he class everyone had really been looklng forward Lo was uefense AgalnsL Lhe uark ArLsţ buL
Culrrell's lessons Lurned ouL Lo be a blL of a [okeŦ Pls classroom smelled sLrongly of garllcţ
whlch everyone sald was Lo ward off a vamplre he'd meL ln 8omanla and was afrald would be
comlng back Lo geL hlm one of Lhese daysŦ Pls Lurbanţ he Lold Lhemţ had been glven Lo hlm by
an Afrlcan prlnce as a LhankŴyou for geLLlng rld of a Lroublesome zombleţ buL Lhey weren'L sure
Lhey belleved Lhls sLoryŦ lor one Lhlngţ when Seamus llnnlgan asked eagerly Lo hear how
Culrrell had foughL off Lhe zombleţ Culrrell wenL plnk and sLarLed Lalklng abouL Lhe weaLherŤ
for anoLherţ Lhey had noLlced LhaL a funny smell hung around Lhe Lurbanţ and Lhe Weasley
Lwlns lnslsLed LhaL lL was
sLuffed full of garllc as wellţ so LhaL Culrrell was proLecLed wherever he wenLŦ
Parry was very relleved Lo flnd ouL LhaL he wasn'L mlles behlnd everyone elseŦ LoLs of people
had come from Muggle famllles andţ llke hlmţ hadn'L had any ldea LhaL Lhey were wlLches and
wlzardsŦ 1here was so much Lo learn LhaL even people llke 8on dldn'L have much of a head
lrlday was an lmporLanL day for Parry and 8onŦ 1hey flnally managed Lo flnd Lhelr way down
Lo Lhe CreaL Pall for breakfasL wlLhouL geLLlng losL onceŦ
ºWhaL have we goL Loday?" Parry asked 8on as he poured sugar on hls porrldgeŦ
ºuouble ÞoLlons wlLh Lhe SlyLherlnsţ" sald 8onŦ ºSnape's Pead of SlyLherln PouseŦ 1hey say he
always favors Lhem Ÿ we'll be able Lo see lf lL's LrueŦ"
ºWlsh McConagall favored usţ" sald ParryŦ Þrofessor McConagall was head of Cryfflndor
Pouseţ buL lL hadn'L sLopped her from glvlng Lhem a huge plle of homework Lhe day beforeŦ
!usL Lhenţ Lhe mall arrlvedŦ Parry had goLLen used Lo Lhls by nowţ buL lL had glven hlm a blL of a
shock on Lhe flrsL mornlngţ when abouL a hundred owls had suddenly sLreamed lnLo Lhe CreaL
Pall durlng breakfasLţ clrcllng Lhe Lables unLll Lhey saw Lhelr ownersţ and dropplng leLLers and
packages onLo Lhelr lapsŦ
Pedwlg hadn'L broughL Parry anyLhlng so farŦ She someLlmes flew ln Lo nlbble hls ear and have
a blL of LoasL before golng off Lo sleep ln Lhe owlery wlLh Lhe oLher school owlsŦ 1hls mornlngţ
howeverţ she fluLLered down beLween Lhe marmalade and Lhe sugar bowl and dropped a noLe
onLo Parry's plaLeŦ Parry Lore lL open aL onceŦ lL saldţ ln a very unLldy scrawlť
uear Parryţ
l know you geL lrlday afLernoons offţ so would you llke Lo come and have a cup of Lea wlLh me
around Lhree?
l wanL Lo hear all abouL your flrsL weekŦ Send us an answer back wlLh PedwlgŦ
Parry borrowed 8on's qulllţ scrlbbled ?esţ pleaseţ see you laLer on Lhe back of Lhe noLeţ and
senL Pedwlg off agalnŦ
lL was lucky LhaL Parry had Lea wlLh Pagrld Lo look forward Loţ because Lhe ÞoLlons lesson
Lurned ouL Lo be Lhe worsL Lhlng LhaL had happened Lo hlm so farŦ
AL Lhe sLarLŴofŴLerm banqueLţ Parry had goLLen Lhe ldea LhaL Þrofessor Snape dlsllked hlmŦ 8y
Lhe end of Lhe flrsL ÞoLlons lessonţ he knew he'd been wrongŦ Snape dldn'L dlsllke Parry Ÿ he
haLed hlmŦ
ÞoLlons lessons Look place down ln one of Lhe dungeonsŦ lL was colder here Lhan up ln Lhe
maln casLleţ and would have been qulLe creepy enough wlLhouL Lhe plckled anlmals floaLlng ln
glass [ars all around Lhe wallsŦ
Snapeţ llke lllLwlckţ sLarLed Lhe class by Laklng Lhe roll callţ and llke lllLwlckţ he paused aL
Parry's nameŦ
ºAhţ ?esţ" he sald sofLlyţ ºParry ÞoLLerŦ Cur new Ÿ celebrlLyŦ"
uraco Malfoy and hls frlends Crabbe and Coyle snlggered behlnd Lhelr handsŦ Snape flnlshed
calllng Lhe names and looked up aL Lhe classŦ Pls eyes were black llke Pagrld'sţ buL Lhey had
none of Pagrld's warmLhŦ 1hey were cold and empLy and made you Lhlnk of dark LunnelsŦ
º?ou are here Lo learn Lhe subLle sclence and exacL arL of poLlonmaklngţ" he beganŦ Pe spoke
ln barely more Lhan a whlsperţ buL Lhey caughL every word Ÿ llke Þrofessor McConagallţ
Snape had Lhe glfL of keeplng a class sllenL wlLhouL efforLŦ ºAs Lhere ls llLLle foollsh wandŴ
wavlng hereţ many of you wlll hardly belleve Lhls ls maglcŦ l don'L expecL you wlll really
undersLand Lhe beauLy of Lhe sofLly slmmerlng cauldron wlLh lLs shlmmerlng fumesţ Lhe
dellcaLe power of llqulds LhaL creep Lhrough human velnsţ bewlLchlng Lhe mlndţ ensnarlng Lhe
sensesŧ l can Leach you how Lo boLLle fameţ brew gloryţ even sLopper deaLh Ÿ lf you aren'L as
blg a bunch of dunderheads as l usually have Lo LeachŦ"
More sllence followed Lhls llLLle speechŦ Parry and 8on exchanged looks wlLh ralsed eyebrowsŦ
Permlone Cranger was on Lhe edge of her seaL and looked desperaLe Lo sLarL provlng LhaL she
wasn'L a dunderheadŦ
ºÞoLLer!" sald Snape suddenlyŦ ºWhaL would l geL lf l added powdered rooL of asphodel Lo an
lnfuslon of wormwood?"
Þowdered rooL of whaL Lo an lnfuslon of whaL? Parry glanced aL 8onţ who looked as sLumped
as he wasŤ Permlone's hand had shoL lnLo Lhe alrŦ
ºl don'L knowţ slrţ" sald ParryŦ
Snape's llps curled lnLo a sneerŦ
º1uLţ LuL Ÿ fame clearly lsn'L everyLhlngŦ"
Pe lgnored Permlone's handŦ
ºLeL's Lry agalnŦ ÞoLLerţ where would you look lf l Lold you Lo flnd me a bezoar?"
Permlone sLreLched her hand as hlgh lnLo Lhe alr as lL would go wlLhouL her leavlng her seaLţ
buL Parry dldn'L have Lhe falnLesL ldea whaL a bezoar wasŦ Pe Lrled noL Lo look aL Malfoyţ
Crabbeţ and Coyleţ who were shaklng wlLh laughLerŦ
ºl don'L knowţ slrŦ"
º1houghL you wouldn'L open a book before comlngţ ehţ ÞoLLer?" Parry forced hlmself Lo keep
looklng sLralghL lnLo Lhose cold eyesŦ Pe had looked Lhrough hls books aL Lhe uursleys'ţ buL dld
Snape expecL hlm Lo remember everyLhlng ln Cne 1housand Maglcal Perbs and lungl?
Snape was sLlll lgnorlng Permlone's qulverlng handŦ
ºWhaL ls Lhe dlfferenceţ ÞoLLerţ beLween monkshood and wolfsbane?"
AL Lhlsţ Permlone sLood upţ her hand sLreLchlng Loward Lhe dungeon celllngŦ
ºl don'L knowţ" sald Parry quleLlyŦ ºl Lhlnk Permlone doesţ Lhoughţ why don'L you Lry her?"
A few people laughedŤ Parry caughL Seamus's eyeţ and Seamus wlnkedŦ Snapeţ howeverţ was
noL pleasedŦ
ºSlL downţ" he snapped aL PermloneŦ ºlor your lnformaLlonţ ÞoLLerţ asphodel and wormwood
make a sleeplng poLlon so powerful lL ls known as Lhe uraughL of Llvlng ueaLhŦ A bezoar ls a
sLone Laken from Lhe sLomach of a goaL and lL wlll save you from mosL polsonsŦ As for
monkshood and wolfsbaneţ Lhey are Lhe same planLţ whlch also goes by Lhe name of aconlLeŦ
Well? Why aren'L you all copylng LhaL down?"
1here was a sudden rummaglng for qullls and parchmenLŦ Cver Lhe nolseţ Snape saldţ ºAnd a
polnL wlll be Laken from Cryfflndor Pouse for your cheekţ ÞoLLerŦ"
1hlngs dldn'L lmprove for Lhe Cryfflndors as Lhe ÞoLlons lesson conLlnuedŦ Snape puL Lhem all
lnLo palrs and seL Lhem Lo mlxlng up a slmple poLlon Lo cure bollsŦ Pe swepL around ln hls long
black cloakţ waLchlng Lhem welgh drled neLLles and crush snake fangsţ crlLlclzlng almosL
everyone excepL Malfoyţ whom he seemed Lo llkeŦ Pe was [usL Lelllng everyone Lo look aL Lhe
perfecL way Malfoy had sLewed hls horned slugs when clouds of acld green smoke and a loud
hlsslng fllled Lhe dungeonŦ nevllle had somehow managed Lo melL Seamus's cauldron lnLo a
LwlsLed blobţ and Lhelr poLlon was seeplng across Lhe sLone floorţ burnlng holes ln people's
shoesŦ WlLhln secondsţ Lhe whole class was sLandlng on Lhelr sLools whlle nevllleţ who had
been drenched ln Lhe poLlon when Lhe cauldron collapsedţ moaned ln paln as angry red bolls
sprang up all over hls arms and legsŦ
ºldloL boy!" snarled Snapeţ clearlng Lhe spllled poLlon away wlLh one wave of hls wandŦ ºl
suppose you added Lhe porcuplne qullls before Laklng Lhe cauldron off Lhe flre?"
nevllle whlmpered as bolls sLarLed Lo pop up all over hls noseŦ
º1ake hlm up Lo Lhe hosplLal wlngţ" Snape spaL aL SeamusŦ 1hen he rounded on Parry and 8onţ
who had been worklng nexL Lo nevllleŦ
º?ou Ÿ ÞoLLer Ÿ why dldn'L you Lell hlm noL Lo add Lhe qullls? 1houghL he'd make you look
good lf he goL lL wrongţ dld you? 1haL's anoLher polnL you've losL for CryfflndorŦ"
1hls was so unfalr LhaL Parry opened hls mouLh Lo argueţ buL 8on klcked hlm behlnd Lhelr
ºuon'L push lLţ" he muLLeredţ ºl've heard Snape can Lurn very nasLyŦ"
As Lhey cllmbed Lhe sLeps ouL of Lhe dungeon an hour laLerţ Parry's mlnd was raclng and hls
splrlLs were lowŦ Pe'd losL Lwo polnLs for Cryfflndor ln hls very flrsL week Ÿwhy dld Snape haLe
hlm so much?
ºCheer upţ" sald 8onţ ºSnape's always Laklng polnLs off lred and CeorgeŦ Can l come and meeL
Pagrld wlLh you?"
AL flve Lo Lhree Lhey lefL Lhe casLle and made Lhelr way across Lhe groundsŦ Pagrld llved ln a
small wooden house on Lhe edge of Lhe forbldden foresLŦ A crossbow and a palr of galoshes
were ouLslde Lhe fronL doorŦ
When Parry knocked Lhey heard a franLlc scrabbllng from lnslde and several boomlng barksŦ
1hen Pagrld's volce rang ouLţ saylngţ º8ackţ lang ŸbackŦ"
Pagrld's blgţ halry face appeared ln Lhe crack as he pulled Lhe door openŦ
ºPang onţ" he saldŦ º8ackţ langŦ"
Pe leL Lhem lnţ sLruggllng Lo keep a hold on Lhe collar of an enormous black boarhoundŦ
1here was only one room lnsldeŦ Pams and pheasanLs were hanglng from Lhe celllngţ a copper
keLLle was bolllng on Lhe open flreţ and ln Lhe corner sLood a masslve bed wlLh a paLchwork
qullL over lLŦ
ºMake yerselves aL homeţ" sald Pagrldţ leLLlng go of langţ who bounded sLralghL aL 8on and
sLarLed llcklng hls earsŦ Llke Pagrldţ lang was clearly noL as flerce as he lookedŦ
º1hls ls 8onţ" Parry Lold Pagrldţ who was pourlng bolllng waLer lnLo a large LeapoL and puLLlng
rock cakes onLo a plaLeŦ
ºAnoLher Weasleyţ eh?" sald Pagrldţ glanclng aL 8on's frecklesŦ ºl spenL half me llfe chasln' yer
Lwln broLhers away from Lhe foresLŦ"
1he rock cakes were shapeless lumps wlLh ralslns LhaL almosL broke Lhelr LeeLhţ buL Parry and
8on preLended Lo be en[oylng Lhem as Lhey Lold Pagrld all abouL Lhelr flrsL lessonsŦ lang resLed
hls head on Parry's knee and drooled all over hls robesŦ
Parry and 8on were dellghLed Lo hear Pagrld call lllch ºLhaL old glLŦ"
ºAn' as fer LhaL caLţ MrsŦ norrlsţ l'd llke Ler lnLroduce her Lo lang someLlmeŦ u'yeh knowţ every
Llme l go up Ler Lhe schoolţ she follows me everywhere? Can'L geL rld of her Ÿ lllch puLs her
up Lo lLŦ"
Parry Lold Pagrld abouL Snape's lessonŦ Pagrldţ llke 8onţ Lold Parry noL Lo worry abouL lLţ LhaL
Snape llked hardly any of Lhe sLudenLsŦ
º8uL he seemed Lo really haLe meŦ"
º8ubblsh!" sald PagrldŦ ºWhy should he?"
?eL Parry couldn'L help Lhlnklng LhaL Pagrld dldn'L qulLe meeL hls eyes when he sald LhaLŦ
ºPow's yer broLher Charlle?" Pagrld asked 8onŦ ºl llked hlm a loL Ÿ greaL wlLh anlmalsŦ"
Parry wondered lf Pagrld had changed Lhe sub[ecL on purposeŦ Whlle 8on Lold Pagrld all abouL
Charlle's work wlLh dragonsţ Parry plcked up a plece of paper LhaL was lylng on Lhe Lable under
Lhe Lea cozyŦ lL was a cuLLlng from Lhe ually ÞropheLť
C8lnCC11S 88LAkŴln LA1LS1
lnvesLlgaLlons conLlnue lnLo Lhe breakŴln aL CrlngoLLs on 31 !ulyţ wldely belleved Lo be Lhe
work of uark wlzards or wlLches unknownŦ CrlngoLLs gobllns Loday lnslsLed LhaL noLhlng had
been LakenŦ 1he vaulL LhaL was searched had ln facL been empLled Lhe same dayŦ
º8uL we're noL Lelllng you whaL was ln Lhereţ so keep your noses ouL lf you know whaL's good
for youţ" sald a CrlngoLLs spokesgoblln Lhls afLernoonŦ
Parry remembered 8on Lelllng hlm on Lhe Lraln LhaL someone had Lrled Lo rob CrlngoLLsţ buL
8on hadn'L menLloned Lhe daLeŦ
ºPagrld!" sald Parryţ ºLhaL CrlngoLLs breakŴln happened on my blrLhday! lL mlghL've been
happenlng whlle we were Lhere!"
1here was no doubL abouL lLţ Pagrld deflnlLely dldn'L meeL Parry's eyes Lhls LlmeŦ Pe grunLed
and offered hlm anoLher rock cakeŦ Parry read Lhe sLory agalnŦ 1he vaulL LhaL was searched
had ln facL been empLled earller LhaL same dayŦ Pagrld had empLled vaulL seven hundred and
LhlrLeenţ lf you could call lL empLylngţ Laklng ouL LhaL grubby llLLle packageŦ Pad LhaL been
whaL Lhe Lhleves were looklng for?
As Parry and 8on walked back Lo Lhe casLle for dlnnerţ Lhelr pockeLs welghed down wlLh rock
cakes Lhey'd been Loo pollLe Lo refuseţ Parry LhoughL LhaL none of Lhe lessons he'd had so far
had glven hlm as much Lo Lhlnk abouL as Lea wlLh PagrldŦ Pad Pagrld collecLed LhaL package
[usL ln Llme? Where was lL now? And dld Pagrld know someLhlng abouL Snape LhaL he dldn'L
wanL Lo Lell Parry?
CPAÞ1L8 nlnL
1he MldnlghL uuel
Parry had never belleved he would meeL a boy he haLed more Lhan uudleyţ buL LhaL was
before he meL uraco MalfoyŦ SLlllţ flrsLŴyear Cryfflndors only had ÞoLlons wlLh Lhe SlyLherlnsţ
so Lhey dldn'L have Lo puL up wlLh Malfoy muchŦ Cr aL leasLţ Lhey dldn'L unLll Lhey spoLLed a
noLlce plnned up ln Lhe Cryfflndor common room LhaL made Lhem all groanŦ llylng lessons
would be sLarLlng on 1hursday Ÿ and Cryfflndor and SlyLherln would be learnlng LogeLherŦ
º1yplcalţ" sald Parry darklyŦ º!usL whaL l always wanLedŦ 1o make a fool of myself on a
broomsLlck ln fronL of MalfoyŦ"
Pe had been looklng forward Lo learnlng Lo fly more Lhan anyLhlng elseŦ
º?ou don'L know LhaL you'll make a fool of yourselfţ" sald 8on reasonablyŦ ºAnywayţ l know
Malfoy's always golng on abouL how good he ls aL CulddlLchţ buL l beL LhaL's all LalkŦ"
Malfoy cerLalnly dld Lalk abouL flylng a loLŦ Pe complalned loudly abouL flrsL years never
geLLlng on Lhe house CulddlLch Leams and Lold longţ boasLful sLorles LhaL always seemed Lo
end wlLh hlm narrowly escaplng Muggles ln hellcopLersŦ Pe wasn'L Lhe only oneţ Lhoughť Lhe
way Seamus llnnlgan Lold lLţ he'd spenL mosL of hls chlldhood zoomlng around Lhe counLryslde
on hls broomsLlckŦ Lven 8on would Lell anyone who'd llsLen abouL Lhe Llme he'd almosL hlL a
hang gllder on Charlle's old broomŦ Lveryone from wlzardlng famllles Lalked abouL CulddlLch
consLanLlyŦ 8on had already had a blg argumenL wlLh uean 1homasţ who shared Lhelr
dormlLoryţ abouL soccerŦ 8on couldn'L see whaL was exclLlng abouL a game wlLh only one ball
where no one was allowed Lo flyŦ Parry had caughL 8on proddlng uean's posLer of WesL Pam
soccer Leamţ Lrylng Lo make Lhe players moveŦ
nevllle had never been on a broomsLlck ln hls llfeţ because hls grandmoLher had never leL hlm
near oneŦ ÞrlvaLelyţ Parry felL she'd had good reasonţ because nevllle managed Lo have an
exLraordlnary number of accldenLs even wlLh boLh feeL on Lhe groundŦ
Permlone Cranger was almosL as nervous abouL flylng as nevllle wasŦ 1hls was someLhlng you
couldn'L learn by hearL ouL of a book Ÿ noL LhaL she hadn'L LrledŦ AL breakfasL on 1hursday she
bored Lhem all sLupld wlLh flylng Llps she'd goLLen ouL of a llbrary book called CulddlLch
1hrough Lhe AgesŦ nevllle was hanglng on Lo her every wordţ desperaLe for anyLhlng LhaL
mlghL help hlm hang on Lo hls broomsLlck laLerţ buL everybody else was very pleased when
Permlone's lecLure was lnLerrupLed by Lhe arrlval of Lhe mallŦ
Parry hadn'L had a slngle leLLer slnce Pagrld's noLeţ someLhlng LhaL Malfoy had been qulck Lo
noLlceţ of courseŦ Malfoy's eagle owl was always brlnglng hlm packages of sweeLs from homeţ
whlch he opened gloaLlngly aL Lhe SlyLherln LableŦ
A barn owl broughL nevllle a small package from hls grandmoLherŦ Pe opened lL exclLedly and
showed Lhem a glass ball Lhe slze of a large marbleţ whlch seemed Lo be full of whlLe smokeŦ
ºlL's a 8emembrall!" he explalnedŦ ºCran knows l forgeL Lhlngs Ÿ Lhls Lells you lf Lhere's
someLhlng you've forgoLLen Lo doŦ Lookţ you hold lL LlghL llke Lhls and lf lL Lurns red Ÿ ohŧ" Pls
face fellţ because Lhe 8emembrall had suddenly glowed scarleLţ ºŧ you've forgoLLen
nevllle was Lrylng Lo remember whaL he'd forgoLLen when uraco Malfoyţ who was passlng Lhe
Cryfflndor Lableţ snaLched Lhe 8emembrall ouL of hls handŦ
Parry and 8on [umped Lo Lhelr feeLŦ 1hey were half hoplng for a reason Lo flghL Malfoyţ buL
Þrofessor McConagallţ who could spoL Lrouble qulcker Lhan any Leacher ln Lhe schoolţ was
Lhere ln a flashŦ
ºWhaL's golng on?"
ºMalfoy's goL my 8emembrallţ ÞrofessorŦ"
Scowllngţ Malfoy qulckly dropped Lhe 8emembrall back on Lhe LableŦ
º!usL looklngţ" he saldţ and he sloped away wlLh Crabbe and Coyle behlnd hlmŦ
AL LhreeŴLhlrLy LhaL afLernoonţ Parryţ 8onţ and Lhe oLher Cryfflndors hurrled down Lhe fronL
sLeps onLo Lhe grounds for Lhelr flrsL flylng lessonŦ lL was a clearţ breezy dayţ and Lhe grass
rlppled under Lhelr feeL as Lhey marched down Lhe sloplng lawns Loward a smooLhţ flaL lawn
on Lhe opposlLe slde of Lhe grounds Lo Lhe forbldden foresLţ whose Lrees were swaylng darkly
ln Lhe dlsLanceŦ
1he SlyLherlns were already Lhereţ and so were LwenLy broomsLlcks lylng ln neaL llnes on Lhe
groundŦ Parry had heard lred and Ceorge Weasley complaln abouL Lhe school broomsţ saylng
LhaL some of Lhem sLarLed Lo vlbraLe lf you flew Loo hlghţ or always flew sllghLly Lo Lhe lefLŦ
1helr Leacherţ Madam Poochţ arrlvedŦ She had shorLţ gray halrţ and yellow eyes llke a hawkŦ
ºWellţ whaL are you all walLlng for?" she barkedŦ ºLveryone sLand by a broomsLlckŦ Come onţ
hurry upŦ"
Parry glanced down aL hls broomŦ lL was old and some of Lhe Lwlgs sLuck ouL aL odd anglesŦ
ºSLlck ouL your rlghL hand over your broomţ" called Madam Pooch aL Lhe fronLţ ºand say 'up!'"
ºuÞ" everyone shouLedŦ
Parry's broom [umped lnLo hls hand aL onceţ buL lL was one of Lhe few LhaL dldŦ Permlone
Cranger's had slmply rolled over on Lhe groundţ and nevllle's hadn'L moved aL allŦ Þerhaps
broomsţ llke horsesţ could Lell when you were afraldţ LhoughL ParryŤ Lhere was a quaver ln
nevllle's volce LhaL sald only Loo clearly LhaL he wanLed Lo keep hls feeL on Lhe groundŦ
Madam Pooch Lhen showed Lhem how Lo mounL Lhelr brooms wlLhouL slldlng off Lhe endţ and
walked up and down Lhe rows correcLlng Lhelr grlpsŦ Parry and 8on were dellghLed when she
Lold Malfoy he'd been dolng lL wrong for yearsŦ
ºnowţ when l blow my whlsLleţ you klck off from Lhe groundţ hardţ" sald Madam PoochŦ ºkeep
your brooms sLeadyţ rlse a few feeLţ and Lhen come sLralghL back down by leanlng forward
sllghLlyŦ Cn my whlsLle Ÿ Lhree Ÿ Lwo Ÿ"
8uL nevllleţ nervous and [umpy and frlghLened of belng lefL on Lhe groundţ pushed off hard
before Lhe whlsLle had Louched Madam Pooch's llpsŦ
ºCome backţ boy!" she shouLedţ buL nevllle was rlslng sLralghL up llke a cork shoL ouL of a
boLLle Ÿ Lwelve feeL Ÿ LwenLy feeLŦ Parry saw hls scared whlLe face look down aL Lhe ground
falllng awayţ saw hlm gaspţ sllp sldeways off Lhe broom and Ÿ
WPAM Ÿ a Lhud and a nasLy crack and nevllle lay facedown on Lhe grass ln a heapŦ Pls
broomsLlck was sLlll rlslng hlgher and hlgherţ and sLarLed Lo drlfL lazlly Loward Lhe forbldden
foresL and ouL of slghLŦ
Madam Pooch was bendlng over nevllleţ her face as whlLe as hlsŦ
º8roken wrlsLţ" Parry heard her muLLerŦ ºCome onţ boy Ÿ lL's all rlghLţ up you geLŦ"
She Lurned Lo Lhe resL of Lhe classŦ
ºnone of you ls Lo move whlle l Lake Lhls boy Lo Lhe hosplLal wlng! ?ou leave Lhose brooms
where Lhey are or you'll be ouL of PogwarLs before you can say 'CulddlLchŦ' Come onţ dearŦ"
nevllleţ hls face LearŴsLreakedţ cluLchlng hls wrlsLţ hobbled off wlLh Madam Poochţ who had
her arm around hlmŦ
no sooner were Lhey ouL of earshoL Lhan Malfoy bursL lnLo laughLerŦ
ºuld you see hls faceţ Lhe greaL lump?"
1he oLher SlyLherlns [olned lnŦ
ºShuL upţ Malfoyţ" snapped ÞarvaLl ÞaLllŦ
ºCohţ sLlcklng up for LongboLLom?" sald Þansy Þarklnsonţ a hardŴfaced SlyLherln glrlŦ ºnever
LhoughL you'd llke faL llLLle crybablesţ ÞarvaLlŦ"
ºLook!" sald Malfoyţ darLlng forward and snaLchlng someLhlng ouL of Lhe grassŦ ºlL's LhaL sLupld
Lhlng LongboLLom's gran senL hlmŦ"
1he 8emembrall gllLLered ln Lhe sun as he held lL upŦ
ºClve LhaL hereţ Malfoyţ" sald Parry quleLlyŦ Lveryone sLopped Lalklng Lo waLchŦ
Malfoy smlled nasLllyŦ
ºl Lhlnk l'll leave lL somewhere for LongboLLom Lo flnd Ÿ how abouL Ÿ up a Lree?"
ºClve lL here!" Parry yelledţ buL Malfoy had leapL onLo hls broomsLlck and Laken offŦ Pe hadn'L
been lylngţ he could fly wellŦ Poverlng level wlLh Lhe LopmosL branches of an oak he calledţ
ºCome and geL lLţ ÞoLLer!"
Parry grabbed hls broomŦ
ºno!" shouLed Permlone CrangerŦ ºMadam Pooch Lold us noL Lo move Ÿ you'll geL us all lnLo
Parry lgnored herŦ 8lood was poundlng ln hls earsŦ Pe mounLed Lhe broom and klcked hard
agalnsL Lhe ground and upţ up he soaredŤ alr rushed Lhrough hls halrţ and hls robes whlpped
ouL behlnd hlm Ÿ and ln a rush of flerce [oy he reallzed he'd found someLhlng he could do
wlLhouL belng LaughL Ÿ Lhls was easyţ Lhls was wonderfulŦ Pe pulled hls broomsLlck up a llLLle
Lo Lake lL even hlgherţ and heard screams and gasps of glrls back on Lhe ground and an
admlrlng whoop from 8onŦ
Pe Lurned hls broomsLlck sharply Lo face Malfoy ln mldalrŦ Malfoy looked sLunnedŦ
ºClve lL hereţ" Parry calledţ ºor l'll knock you off LhaL broom!"
ºChţ yeah?" sald Malfoyţ Lrylng Lo sneerţ buL looklng worrledŦ
Parry knewţ somehowţ whaL Lo doŦ Pe leaned forward and grasped Lhe broom LlghLly ln boLh
handsţ and lL shoL Loward Malfoy llke a [avellnŦ Malfoy only [usL goL ouL of Lhe way ln LlmeŤ
Parry made a sharp abouLŴface and held Lhe broom sLeadyŦ A few people below were clapplngŦ
ºno Crabbe and Coyle up here Lo save your neckţ Malfoyţ" Parry calledŦ
1he same LhoughL seemed Lo have sLruck MalfoyŦ
ºCaLch lL lf you canţ Lhen!" he shouLedţ and he Lhrew Lhe glass ball hlgh lnLo Lhe alr and
sLreaked back Loward Lhe groundŦ
Parry sawţ as Lhough ln slow moLlonţ Lhe ball rlse up ln Lhe alr and Lhen sLarL Lo fallŦ Pe leaned
forward and polnLed hls broom handle down Ÿ nexL second he was gaLherlng speed ln a sLeep
dlveţ raclng Lhe ball Ÿ wlnd whlsLled ln hls earsţ mlngled wlLh Lhe screams of people waLchlng
Ÿ he sLreLched ouL hls hand Ÿ a fooL from Lhe ground he caughL lLţ [usL ln Llme Lo pull hls
broom sLralghLţ and he Loppled genLly onLo Lhe grass wlLh Lhe 8emembrall cluLched safely ln
hls flsLŦ
ºPA88? ÞC11L8!"
Pls hearL sank fasLer Lhan he'd [usL dlvedŦ Þrofessor McConagall was runnlng Loward LhemŦ Pe
goL Lo hls feeLţ LrembllngŦ
ºnever Ÿ ln all my Llme aL PogwarLs Ÿ"
Þrofessor McConagall was almosL speechless wlLh shockţ and her glasses flashed furlouslyţ ºŸ
how dare you Ÿ mlghL have broken your neck Ÿ"
ºlL wasn'L hls faulLţ Þrofessor Ÿ"
º8e quleLţ Mlss ÞaLll Ÿ"
º8uL Malfoy Ÿ"
º1haL's enoughţ MrŦ WeasleyŦ ÞoLLerţ follow meţ nowŦ"
Parry caughL slghL of Malfoyţ Crabbeţ and Coyle's LrlumphanL faces as he lefLţ walklng numbly
ln Þrofessor McConagall's wake as she sLrode Loward Lhe casLleŦ Pe was golng Lo be expelledţ
he [usL knew lLŦ Pe wanLed Lo say someLhlng Lo defend hlmselfţ buL Lhere seemed Lo be
someLhlng wrong wlLh hls volceŦ Þrofessor McConagall was sweeplng along wlLhouL even
looklng aL hlmŤ he had Lo [og Lo keep upŦ now he'd done lLŦ Pe hadn'L even lasLed Lwo weeksŦ
Pe'd be packlng hls bags ln Len mlnuLesŦ WhaL would Lhe uursleys say when he Lurned up on
Lhe doorsLep?
up Lhe fronL sLepsţ up Lhe marble sLalrcase lnsldeţ and sLlll Þrofessor McConagall dldn'L say a
word Lo hlmŦ She wrenched open doors and marched along corrldors wlLh Parry LroLLlng
mlserably behlnd herŦ Maybe she was Laklng hlm Lo uumbledoreŦ Pe LhoughL of Pagrldţ
expelled buL allowed Lo sLay on as gamekeeperŦ Þerhaps he could be Pagrld's asslsLanLŦ Pls
sLomach LwlsLed as he lmaglned lLţ waLchlng 8on and Lhe oLhers becomlng wlzardsţ whlle he
sLumped around Lhe grounds carrylng Pagrld's bagŦ
Þrofessor McConagall sLopped ouLslde a classroomŦ She opened Lhe door and poked her head
ºLxcuse meţ Þrofessor lllLwlckţ could l borrow Wood for a momenL?"
Wood? LhoughL Parryţ bewllderedŤ was Wood a cane she was golng Lo use on hlm?
8uL Wood Lurned ouL Lo be a personţ a burly flfLhŴyear boy who came ouL of lllLwlck's class
looklng confusedŦ
ºlollow meţ you Lwoţ" sald Þrofessor McConagallţ and Lhey marched on up Lhe corrldorţ Wood
looklng curlously aL ParryŦ
ºln hereŦ"
Þrofessor McConagall polnLed Lhem lnLo a classroom LhaL was empLy excepL for Þeevesţ who
was busy wrlLlng rude words on Lhe blackboardŦ
ºCuLţ Þeeves!" she barkedŦ Þeeves Lhrew Lhe chalk lnLo a blnţ whlch clanged loudlyţ and he
swooped ouL curslngŦ Þrofessor McConagall slammed Lhe door behlnd hlm and Lurned Lo face
Lhe Lwo boysŦ
ºÞoLLerţ Lhls ls Cllver WoodŦ Wood Ÿ l've found you a SeekerŦ"
Wood's expresslon changed from puzzlemenL Lo dellghLŦ
ºAre you serlousţ Þrofessor?"
ºAbsoluLelyţ" sald Þrofessor McConagall crlsplyŦ º1he boy's a naLuralŦ l've never seen anyLhlng
llke lLŦ Was LhaL your flrsL Llme on a broomsLlckţ ÞoLLer?"
Parry nodded sllenLlyŦ Pe dldn'L have a clue whaL was golng onţ buL he dldn'L seem Lo be belng
expelledţ and some of Lhe feellng sLarLed comlng back Lo hls legsŦ
ºPe caughL LhaL Lhlng ln hls hand afLer a flfLyŴfooL dlveţ" Þrofessor McConagall Lold WoodŦ
ºuldn'L even scraLch hlmselfŦ Charlle Weasley couldn'L have done lLŦ"
Wood was now looklng as Lhough all hls dreams had come Lrue aL onceŦ
ºLver seen a game of CulddlLchţ ÞoLLer?" he asked exclLedlyŦ
ºWood's capLaln of Lhe Cryfflndor Leamţ" Þrofessor McConagall explalnedŦ
ºPe's [usL Lhe bulld for a Seekerţ Looţ" sald Woodţ now walklng around Parry and sLarlng aL
hlmŦ ºLlghL Ÿspeedy Ÿ we'll have Lo geL hlm a decenL broomţ Þrofessor Ÿ a nlmbus 1wo
1housand or a Cleansweep Sevenţ l'd sayŦ"
ºl shall speak Lo Þrofessor uumbledore and see lf we can'L bend Lhe flrsLŴyear ruleŦ Peaven
knowsţ we need a beLLer Leam Lhan lasL yearŦ llaLLened ln LhaL lasL maLch by SlyLherlnţ l
couldn'L look Severus Snape ln Lhe face for weeksŧ"
Þrofessor McConagall peered sLernly over her glasses aL ParryŦ
ºl wanL Lo hear you're Lralnlng hardţ ÞoLLerţ or l may change my mlnd abouL punlshlng youŦ"
1hen she suddenly smlledŦ
º?our faLher would have been proudţ" she saldŦ ºPe was an excellenL CulddlLch player
º?ou're [oklngŦ"
lL was dlnnerLlmeŦ Parry had [usL flnlshed Lelllng 8on whaL had happened when he'd lefL Lhe
grounds wlLh Þrofessor McConagallŦ 8on had a plece of sLeak and kldney ple halfway Lo hls
mouLhţ buL he'd forgoLLen all abouL lLŦ
ºSeeker?" he saldŦ º8uL flrsL years never Ÿ you musL be Lhe youngesL house player ln abouL Ÿ
º Ÿ a cenLuryţ" sald Parryţ shovellng ple lnLo hls mouLhŦ Pe felL parLlcularly hungry afLer Lhe
exclLemenL of Lhe afLernoonŦ ºWood Lold meŦ"
8on was so amazedţ so lmpressedţ he [usL saL and gaped aL ParryŦ
ºl sLarL Lralnlng nexL weekţ" sald ParryŦ ºCnly don'L Lell anyoneţ Wood wanLs Lo keep lL a
lred and Ceorge Weasley now came lnLo Lhe hallţ spoLLed Parryţ and hurrled overŦ
ºWell doneţ" sald Ceorge ln a low volceŦ ºWood Lold usŦ We're on Lhe Leam Loo Ÿ 8eaLersŦ"
ºl Lell youţ we're golng Lo wln LhaL CulddlLch cup for sure Lhls yearţ" sald lredŦ ºWe haven'L
won slnce Charlle lefLţ buL Lhls year's Leam ls golng Lo be brllllanLŦ ?ou musL be goodţ Parryţ
Wood was almosL sklpplng when he Lold usŦ"
ºAnywayţ we've goL Lo goţ Lee !ordan reckons he's found a new secreL passageway ouL of Lhe
º8eL lL's LhaL one behlnd Lhe sLaLue of Cregory Lhe Smarmy LhaL we found ln our flrsL weekŦ
See youŦ"
lred and Ceorge had hardly dlsappeared when someone far less welcome Lurned upť Malfoyţ
flanked by Crabbe and CoyleŦ
ºPavlng a lasL mealţ ÞoLLer? When are you geLLlng Lhe Lraln back Lo Lhe Muggles?"
º?ou're a loL braver now LhaL you're back on Lhe ground and you've goL your llLLle frlends wlLh
youţ" sald Parry coollyŦ 1here was of course noLhlng aL all llLLle abouL Crabbe and Coyleţ buL as
Lhe Plgh 1able was full of Leachersţ nelLher of Lhem could do more Lhan crack Lhelr knuckles
and scowlŦ
ºl'd Lake you on anyLlme on my ownţ" sald MalfoyŦ º1onlghLţ lf you wanLŦ Wlzard's duelŦ Wands
only Ÿ no conLacLŦ WhaL's Lhe maLLer? never heard of a wlzard's duel beforeţ l suppose?"
ºCf course he hasţ" sald 8onţ wheellng aroundŦ ºl'm hls secondţ who's yours?"
Malfoy looked aL Crabbe and Coyleţ slzlng Lhem upŦ
ºCrabbeţ" he saldŦ ºMldnlghL all rlghL? We'll meeL you ln Lhe Lrophy roomŤ LhaL's always
When Malfoy had goneţ 8on and Parry looked aL each oLherŦ
ºWhaL ls a wlzard's duel?" sald ParryŦ ºAnd whaL do you meanţ you're my second?"
ºWellţ a second's Lhere Lo Lake over lf you dleţ" sald 8on casuallyţ geLLlng sLarLed aL lasL on hls
cold pleŦ CaLchlng Lhe look on Parry's faceţ he added qulcklyţ º8uL people only dle ln proper
duelsţ you knowţ wlLh real wlzardsŦ 1he mosL you and Malfoy'll be able Lo do ls send sparks aL
each oLherŦ nelLher of you knows enough maglc Lo do any real damageŦ l beL he expecLed you
Lo refuseţ anywayŦ"
ºAnd whaL lf l wave my wand and noLhlng happens?"
º1hrow lL away and punch hlm on Lhe noseţ" 8on suggesLedŦ
ºLxcuse meŦ"
1hey boLh looked upŦ lL was Permlone CrangerŦ
ºCan'L a person eaL ln peace ln Lhls place?" sald 8onŦ
Permlone lgnored hlm and spoke Lo ParryŦ
ºl couldn'L help overhearlng whaL you and Malfoy were saylng Ÿ"
º8eL you couldţ" 8on muLLeredŦ
ºŸ and you musLn'L go wanderlng around Lhe school aL nlghLţ Lhlnk of Lhe polnLs you'll lose
Cryfflndor lf you're caughLţ and you're bound Lo beŦ lL's really very selflsh of youŦ"
ºAnd lL's really none of your buslnessţ" sald ParryŦ
ºCoodŴbyeţ" sald 8onŦ
All Lhe sameţ lL wasn'L whaL you'd call Lhe perfecL end Lo Lhe dayţ Parry LhoughLţ as he lay
awake much laLer llsLenlng Lo uean and Seamus falllng asleep (nevllle wasn'L back from Lhe
hosplLal wlng)Ŧ 8on had spenL all evenlng glvlng hlm advlce such as ºlf he Lrles Lo curse youţ
you'd beLLer dodge lLţ because l can'L remember how Lo block LhemŦ" 1here was a very good
chance Lhey were golng Lo geL caughL by lllch or MrsŦ norrlsţ and Parry felL he was pushlng hls
luckţ breaklng anoLher school rule LodayŦ Cn Lhe oLher handţ Malfoy's sneerlng face kepL
loomlng up ouL of Lhe darkness Ÿ Lhls was hls blg chance Lo beaL Malfoy faceŴLoŴfaceŦ Pe
couldn'L mlss lLŦ
ºPalfŴpasL elevenţ" 8on muLLered aL lasLţ ºwe'd beLLer goŦ"
1hey pulled on Lhelr baLhrobesţ plcked up Lhelr wandsţ and crepL across Lhe Lower roomţ down
Lhe splral sLalrcaseţ and lnLo Lhe Cryfflndor common roomŦ A few embers were sLlll glowlng ln
Lhe flreplaceţ Lurnlng all Lhe armchalrs lnLo hunched black shadowsŦ 1hey had almosL reached
Lhe porLralL hole when a volce spoke from Lhe chalr nearesL Lhemţ ºl can'L belleve you're golng
Lo do Lhlsţ ParryŦ"
A lamp fllckered onŦ lL was Permlone Crangerţ wearlng a plnk baLhrobe and a frownŦ
º?ou!" sald 8on furlouslyŦ ºCo back Lo bed!"
ºl almosL Lold your broLherţ" Permlone snappedţ ºÞercy Ÿ he's a prefecLţ he'd puL a sLop Lo
Parry couldn'L belleve anyone could be so lnLerferlngŦ
ºCome onţ" he sald Lo 8onŦ Pe pushed open Lhe porLralL of Lhe laL Lady and cllmbed Lhrough
Lhe holeŦ
Permlone wasn'L golng Lo glve up LhaL easllyŦ She followed 8on Lhrough Lhe porLralL holeţ
hlsslng aL Lhem llke an angry gooseŦ
ºuon'L you care abouL Cryfflndorţ do you only care abouL yourselvesţ l don'L wanL SlyLherln Lo
wln Lhe house cupţ and you'll lose all Lhe polnLs l goL from Þrofessor McConagall for knowlng
abouL SwlLchlng SpellsŦ"
ºCo awayŦ"
ºAll rlghLţ buL l warned youţ you [usL remember whaL l sald when you're on Lhe Lraln home
Lomorrowţ you're so Ÿ"
8uL whaL Lhey wereţ Lhey dldn'L flnd ouLŦ Permlone had Lurned Lo Lhe porLralL of Lhe laL Lady
Lo geL back lnslde and found herself faclng an empLy palnLlngŦ 1he laL Lady had gone on a
nlghLLlme vlslL and Permlone was locked ouL of Cryfflndor LowerŦ
ºnow whaL am l golng Lo do?" she asked shrlllyŦ
º1haL's your problemţ" sald 8onŦ ºWe've goL Lo goţ we're golng Lo be laLeŦ"
1hey hadn'L even reached Lhe end of Lhe corrldor when Permlone caughL up wlLh LhemŦ
ºl'm comlng wlLh youţ" she saldŦ
º?ou are noLŦ"
ºu'you Lhlnk l'm golng Lo sLand ouL here and walL for lllch Lo caLch me? lf he flnds all Lhree of
us l'll Lell hlm Lhe LruLhţ LhaL l was Lrylng Lo sLop youţ and you can back me upŦ"
º?ou've goL some nerve Ÿ" sald 8on loudlyŦ
ºShuL upţ boLh of you!" sald Parry sharplyŦ ºl heard someLhlngŦ"
lL was a sorL of snuffllngŦ
ºMrsŦ norrls?" breaLhed 8onţ squlnLlng Lhrough Lhe darkŦ
lL wasn'L MrsŦ norrlsŦ lL was nevllleŦ Pe was curled up on Lhe floorţ fasL asleepţ buL [erked
suddenly awake as Lhey crepL nearerŦ
º1hank goodness you found me! l've been ouL here for hoursţ l couldn'L remember Lhe new
password Lo geL ln Lo bedŦ"
ºkeep your volce downţ nevllleŦ 1he password's 'Þlg snouL' buL lL won'L help you nowţ Lhe laL
Lady's gone off somewhereŦ"
ºPow's your arm?" sald ParryŦ
ºllneţ" sald nevllleţ showlng LhemŦ ºMadam Þomfrey mended lL ln abouL a mlnuLeŦ"
ºCood Ÿ wellţ lookţ nevllleţ we've goL Lo be somewhereţ we'll see you laLer Ÿ"
ºuon'L leave me!" sald nevllleţ scrambllng Lo hls feeLţ ºl don'L wanL Lo sLay here aloneţ Lhe
8loody 8aron's been pasL Lwlce alreadyŦ"
8on looked aL hls waLch and Lhen glared furlously aL Permlone and nevllleŦ
ºlf elLher of you geL us caughLţ l'll never resL unLll l've learned LhaL Curse of Lhe 8ogles Culrrell
Lold us abouLţ and used lL on youŦ"
Permlone opened her mouLhţ perhaps Lo Lell 8on exacLly how Lo use Lhe Curse of Lhe 8oglesţ
buL Parry hlssed aL her Lo be quleL and beckoned Lhem all forwardŦ
1hey fllLLed along corrldors sLrlped wlLh bars of moonllghL from Lhe hlgh wlndowsŦ AL every
Lurn Parry expecLed Lo run lnLo lllch or MrsŦ norrlsţ buL Lhey were luckyŦ 1hey sped up a
sLalrcase Lo Lhe Lhlrd floor and LlpLoed Loward Lhe Lrophy roomŦ
Malfoy and Crabbe weren'L Lhere yeLŦ 1he crysLal Lrophy cases gllmmered where Lhe
moonllghL caughL LhemŦ Cupsţ shleldsţ plaLesţ and sLaLues wlnked sllver and gold ln Lhe
darknessŦ 1hey edged along Lhe wallsţ keeplng Lhelr eyes on Lhe doors aL elLher end of Lhe
roomŦ Parry Look ouL hls wand ln case Malfoy leapL ln and sLarLed aL onceŦ 1he mlnuLes crepL
ºPe's laLeţ maybe he's chlckened ouLţ" 8on whlsperedŦ
1hen a nolse ln Lhe nexL room made Lhem [umpŦ Parry had only [usL ralsed hls wand when Lhey
heard someone speak Ÿ and lL wasn'L MalfoyŦ
ºSnlff aroundţ my sweeLţ Lhey mlghL be lurklng ln a cornerŦ"
lL was lllch speaklng Lo MrsŦ norrlsŦ PorrorŴsLruckţ Parry waved madly aL Lhe oLher Lhree Lo
follow hlm as qulckly as posslbleŤ Lhey scurrled sllenLly Loward Lhe doorţ away from lllch's
volceŦ nevllle's robes had barely whlpped round Lhe corner when Lhey heard lllch enLer Lhe
Lrophy roomŦ
º1hey're ln here somewhereţ" Lhey heard hlm muLLerţ ºprobably hldlngŦ"
º1hls way!" Parry mouLhed Lo Lhe oLhers andţ peLrlfledţ Lhey began Lo creep down a long
gallery full of sulLs of armorŦ 1hey could hear lllch geLLlng nearerŦ nevllle suddenly leL ouL a
frlghLened squeak and broke lnLo a run he Lrlppedţ grabbed 8on around Lhe walsLţ and Lhe palr
of Lhem Loppled rlghL lnLo a sulL of armorŦ
1he clanglng and crashlng were enough Lo wake Lhe whole casLleŦ
º8un!" Parry yelledţ and Lhe four of Lhem sprlnLed down Lhe galleryţ noL looklng back Lo see
wheLher lllch was followlng Ÿ Lhey swung around Lhe doorposL and galloped down one
corrldor Lhen anoLherţ Parry ln Lhe leadţ wlLhouL any ldea where Lhey were or where Lhey
were golng Ÿ Lhey rlpped Lhrough a LapesLry and found Lhemselves ln a hldden passagewayţ
hurLled along lL and came ouL near Lhelr Charms classroomţ whlch Lhey knew was mlles from
Lhe Lrophy roomŦ
ºl Lhlnk we've losL hlmţ" Parry panLedţ leanlng agalnsL Lhe cold wall and wlplng hls foreheadŦ
nevllle was benL doubleţ wheezlng and spluLLerlngŦ
ºl ŸLold Ÿ youţ" Permlone gaspedţ cluLchlng aL Lhe sLlLch ln her chesLţ ºl Ÿ Lold Ÿ youŦ"
ºWe've goL Lo geL back Lo Cryfflndor Lowerţ" sald 8onţ ºqulckly as posslbleŦ"
ºMalfoy Lrlcked youţ" Permlone sald Lo ParryŦ º?ou reallze LhaLţ don'L you? Pe was never golng
Lo meeL you Ÿ lllch knew someone was golng Lo be ln Lhe Lrophy roomţ Malfoy musL have
Llpped hlm offŦ"
Parry LhoughL she was probably rlghLţ buL he wasn'L golng Lo Lell her LhaLŦ
ºLeL's goŦ"
lL wasn'L golng Lo be LhaL slmpleŦ 1hey hadn'L gone more Lhan a dozen paces when a doorknob
raLLled and someLhlng came shooLlng ouL of a classroom ln fronL of LhemŦ
lL was ÞeevesŦ Pe caughL slghL of Lhem and gave a squeal of dellghLŦ
ºShuL upţ Þeeves Ÿ please Ÿ you'll geL us Lhrown ouLŦ"
Þeeves cackledŦ
ºWanderlng around aL mldnlghLţ lckle llrsLles? 1uLţ LuLţ LuLŦ naughLyţ naughLyţ you'll geL
ºnoL lf you don'L glve us awayţ Þeevesţ pleaseŦ"
ºShould Lell lllchţ l shouldţ" sald Þeeves ln a salnLly volceţ buL hls eyes gllLLered wlckedlyŦ ºlL's
for your own goodţ you knowŦ"
ºCeL ouL of Lhe wayţ" snapped 8onţ Laklng a swlpe aL Þeeves Lhls was a blg mlsLakeŦ
ºS1uuLn1S Cu1 Cl 8Lu!" Þeeves bellowedţ ºS1uuLn1S Cu1 Cl 8Lu uCWn 1PL CPA8MS
uucklng under Þeevesţ Lhey ran for Lhelr llvesţ rlghL Lo Lhe end of Lhe corrldor where Lhey
slammed lnLo a door Ÿ and lL was lockedŦ
º1hls ls lL!" 8on moanedţ as Lhey pushed helplessly aL Lhe doorţ ºWe're done for! 1hls ls Lhe
1hey could hear fooLsLepsţ lllch runnlng as fasL as he could Loward Þeeves's shouLsŦ
ºChţ move overţ" Permlone snarledŦ She grabbed Parry's wandţ Lapped Lhe lockţ and
whlsperedţ ºAlohomora!"
1he lock cllcked and Lhe door swung open Ÿ Lhey plled Lhrough lLţ shuL lL qulcklyţ and pressed
Lhelr ears agalnsL lLţ llsLenlngŦ
ºWhlch way dld Lhey goţ Þeeves?" lllch was saylngŦ ºCulckţ Lell meŦ"
ºSay 'pleaseŦ'"
ºuon'L mess wlLh meţ Þeevesţ now where dld Lhey go?"
ºShan'L say noLhlng lf you don'L say pleaseţ" sald Þeeves ln hls annoylng slngsong volceŦ
ºAll rlghL ŸpleaseŦ"
ºnC1PlnC! Pa haaa! 1old you l wouldn'L say noLhlng lf you dldn'L say please! Pa ha!
Paaaaaa!" And Lhey heard Lhe sound of Þeeves whooshlng away and lllch curslng ln rageŦ
ºPe Lhlnks Lhls door ls lockedţ" Parry whlsperedŦ ºl Lhlnk we'll be okay Ÿ geL offţ nevllle!" lor
nevllle had been Lugglng on Lhe sleeve of Parry's baLhrobe for Lhe lasL mlnuLeŦ ºWhaL?"
Parry Lurned around Ÿ and sawţ qulLe clearlyţ whaLŦ lor a momenLţ he was sure he'd walked
lnLo a nlghLmare Ÿ Lhls was Loo muchţ on Lop of everyLhlng LhaL had happened so farŦ
1hey weren'L ln a roomţ as he had supposedŦ 1hey were ln a corrldorŦ 1he forbldden corrldor
on Lhe Lhlrd floorŦ And now Lhey knew why lL was forblddenŦ
1hey were looklng sLralghL lnLo Lhe eyes of a monsLrous dogţ a dog LhaL fllled Lhe whole space
beLween celllng and floorŦ lL had Lhree headsŦ 1hree palrs of rolllngţ mad eyesŤ Lhree nosesţ
LwlLchlng and qulverlng ln Lhelr dlrecLlonŤ Lhree droollng mouLhsţ sallva hanglng ln sllppery
ropes from yellowlsh fangsŦ
lL was sLandlng qulLe sLlllţ all slx eyes sLarlng aL Lhemţ and Parry knew LhaL Lhe only reason Lhey
weren'L already dead was LhaL Lhelr sudden appearance had Laken lL by surprlseţ buL lL was
qulckly geLLlng over LhaLţ Lhere was no mlsLaklng whaL Lhose Lhunderous growls meanLŦ
Parry groped for Lhe doorknob Ÿ beLween lllch and deaLhţ he'd Lake lllchŦ
1hey fell backward Ÿ Parry slammed Lhe door shuLţ and Lhey ranţ Lhey almosL flewţ back
down Lhe corrldorŦ lllch musL have hurrled off Lo look for Lhem somewhere elseţ because Lhey
dldn'L see hlm anywhereţ buL Lhey hardly cared Ÿ all Lhey wanLed Lo do was puL as much
space as posslble beLween Lhem and LhaL monsLerŦ 1hey dldn'L sLop runnlng unLll Lhey reached
Lhe porLralL of Lhe laL Lady on Lhe sevenLh floorŦ
ºWhere on earLh have you all been?" she askedţ looklng aL Lhelr baLhrobes hanglng off Lhelr
shoulders and Lhelr flushedţ sweaLy facesŦ
ºnever mlnd LhaL Ÿ plg snouLţ plg snouLţ" panLed Parryţ and Lhe porLralL swung forwardŦ 1hey
scrambled lnLo Lhe common room and collapsedţ Lrembllngţ lnLo armchalrsŦ
lL was a whlle before any of Lhem sald anyLhlngŦ nevllleţ lndeedţ looked as lf he'd never speak
ºWhaL do Lhey Lhlnk Lhey're dolngţ keeplng a Lhlng llke LhaL locked up ln a school?" sald 8on
flnallyŦ ºlf any dog needs exerclseţ LhaL one doesŦ"
Permlone had goL boLh her breaLh and her bad Lemper back agalnŦ º?ou don'L use your eyesţ
any of youţ do you?" she snappedŦ ºuldn'L you see whaL lL was sLandlng on?"
º1he floor?" Parry suggesLedŦ ºl wasn'L looklng aL lLs feeLţ l was Loo busy wlLh lLs headsŦ"
ºnoţ noL Lhe floorŦ lL was sLandlng on a LrapdoorŦ lL's obvlously guardlng someLhlngŦ"
She sLood upţ glarlng aL LhemŦ
ºl hope you're pleased wlLh yourselvesŦ We could all have been kllled Ÿ or worseţ expelledŦ
nowţ lf you don'L mlndţ l'm golng Lo bedŦ"
8on sLared afLer herţ hls mouLh openŦ
ºnoţ we don'L mlndţ" he saldŦ º?ou'd Lhlnk we dragged her alongţ wouldn'L youŦ"
8uL Permlone had glven Parry someLhlng else Lo Lhlnk abouL as he cllmbed back lnLo bedŦ 1he
dog was guardlng someLhlngŧ WhaL had Pagrld sald? CrlngoLLs was Lhe safesL place ln Lhe
world for someLhlng you wanLed Lo hlde Ÿ excepL perhaps PogwarLsŦ
lL looked as Lhough Parry had found ouL where Lhe grubby llLLle package from vaulL seven
hundred and LhlrLeen wasŦ
Malfoy couldn'L belleve hls eyes when he saw LhaL Parry and 8on were sLlll aL PogwarLs Lhe
nexL dayţ looklng Llred buL perfecLly cheerfulŦ lndeedţ by Lhe nexL mornlng Parry and 8on
LhoughL LhaL meeLlng Lhe LhreeŴheaded dog had been an excellenL advenLureţ and Lhey were
qulLe keen Lo have anoLher oneŦ ln Lhe meanLlmeţ Parry fllled 8on ln abouL Lhe package LhaL
seemed Lo have been moved from CrlngoLLs Lo PogwarLsţ and Lhey spenL a loL of Llme
wonderlng whaL could posslbly need such heavy proLecLlonŦ
ºlL's elLher really valuable or really dangerousţ" sald 8onŦ
ºCr boLhţ" sald ParryŦ
8uL as all Lhey knew for sure abouL Lhe mysLerlous ob[ecL was LhaL lL was abouL Lwo lnches
longţ Lhey dldn'L have much chance of guesslng whaL lL was wlLhouL furLher cluesŦ
nelLher nevllle nor Permlone showed Lhe sllghLesL lnLeresL ln whaL lay underneaLh Lhe dog
and Lhe LrapdoorŦ All nevllle cared abouL was never golng near Lhe dog agalnŦ
Permlone was now refuslng Lo speak Lo Parry and 8onţ buL she was such a bossy knowŴlLŴall
LhaL Lhey saw Lhls as an added bonusŦ All Lhey really wanLed now was a way of geLLlng back aL
Malfoyţ and Lo Lhelr greaL dellghLţ [usL such a Lhlng arrlved ln Lhe mall abouL a week laLerŦ
As Lhe owls flooded lnLo Lhe CreaL Pall as usualţ everyone's aLLenLlon was caughL aL once by a
longţ Lhln package carrled by slx large screech owlsŦ Parry was [usL as lnLeresLed as everyone
else Lo see whaL was ln Lhls large parcelţ and was amazed when Lhe owls soared down and
dropped lL rlghL ln fronL of hlmţ knocklng hls bacon Lo Lhe floorŦ 1hey had hardly fluLLered ouL
of Lhe way when anoLher owl dropped a leLLer on Lop of Lhe parcelŦ
Parry rlpped open Lhe leLLer flrsLţ whlch was luckyţ because lL saldť
lL conLalns your new nlmbus 1wo 1housandţ buL l don'L wanL everybody knowlng you've goL a
broomsLlck or Lhey'll all wanL oneŦ Cllver Wood wlll meeL you LonlghL on Lhe CulddlLch fleld aL
seven o'clock for your flrsL Lralnlng sesslonŦ
Þrofessor McConagall
Parry had dlfflculLy hldlng hls glee as he handed Lhe noLe Lo 8on Lo readŦ
ºA nlmbus 1wo 1housand!" 8on moaned envlouslyŦ ºl've never even Louched oneŦ"
1hey lefL Lhe hall qulcklyţ wanLlng Lo unwrap Lhe broomsLlck ln prlvaLe before Lhelr flrsL classţ
buL halfway across Lhe enLrance hall Lhey found Lhe way upsLalrs barred by Crabbe and CoyleŦ
Malfoy selzed Lhe package from Parry and felL lLŦ
º1haL's a broomsLlckţ" he saldţ Lhrowlng lL back Lo Parry wlLh a mlxLure of [ealousy and splLe
on hls faceŦ º?ou'll be ln for lL Lhls Llmeţ ÞoLLerţ flrsL years aren'L allowed LhemŦ"
8on couldn'L reslsL lLŦ
ºlL's noL any old broomsLlckţ" he saldţ ºlL's a nlmbus 1wo 1housandŦ WhaL dld you say you've
goL aL homeţ Malfoyţ a ComeL 1wo SlxLy?" 8on grlnned aL ParryŦ ºComeLs look flashyţ buL
Lhey're noL ln Lhe same league as Lhe nlmbusŦ"
ºWhaL would you know abouL lLţ Weasleyţ you couldn'L afford half Lhe handleţ" Malfoy
snapped backŦ ºl suppose you and your broLhers have Lo save up Lwlg by LwlgŦ"
8efore 8on could answerţ Þrofessor lllLwlck appeared aL Malfoy's elbowŦ
ºnoL argulngţ l hopeţ boys?" he squeakedŦ
ºÞoLLer's been senL a broomsLlckţ Þrofessorţ" sald Malfoy qulcklyŦ
º?esţ yesţ LhaL's rlghLţ" sald Þrofessor lllLwlckţ beamlng aL ParryŦ ºÞrofessor McConagall Lold
me all abouL Lhe speclal clrcumsLancesţ ÞoLLerŦ And whaL model ls lL?"
ºA nlmbus 1wo 1housandţ lL lsţ" sald Parryţ flghLlng noL Lo laugh aL Lhe look of horror on
Malfoy's faceŦ ºAnd lL's really Lhanks Lo Malfoy here LhaL l've goL lLţ" he addedŦ
Parry and 8on headed upsLalrsţ smoLherlng Lhelr laughLer aL Malfoy's obvlous rage and
ºWellţ lL's Lrueţ" Parry chorLled as Lhey reached Lhe Lop of Lhe marble sLalrcaseţ ºlf he hadn'L
sLolen nevllle's 8emembrall l wouldn'L be on Lhe Leamŧ"
ºSo l suppose you Lhlnk LhaL's a reward for breaklng rules?" came an angry volce from [usL
behlnd LhemŦ Permlone was sLomplng up Lhe sLalrsţ looklng dlsapprovlngly aL Lhe package ln
Parry's handŦ
ºl LhoughL you weren'L speaklng Lo us?" sald ParryŦ
º?esţ don'L sLop nowţ" sald 8onţ ºlL's dolng us so much goodŦ"
Permlone marched away wlLh her nose ln Lhe alrŦ
Parry had a loL of Lrouble keeplng hls mlnd on hls lessons LhaL dayŦ lL kepL wanderlng up Lo Lhe
dormlLory where hls new broomsLlck was lylng under hls bedţ or sLraylng off Lo Lhe CulddlLch
fleld where he'd be learnlng Lo play LhaL nlghLŦ Pe bolLed hls dlnner LhaL evenlng wlLhouL
noLlclng whaL he was eaLlngţ and Lhen rushed upsLalrs wlLh 8on Lo unwrap Lhe nlmbus 1wo
1housand aL lasLŦ
ºWowţ" 8on slghedţ as Lhe broomsLlck rolled onLo Parry's bedspreadŦ
Lven Parryţ who knew noLhlng abouL Lhe dlfferenL broomsţ LhoughL lL looked wonderfulŦ Sleek
and shlnyţ wlLh a mahogany handleţ lL had a long Lall of neaLţ sLralghL Lwlgs and nlmbus 1wo
1housand wrlLLen ln gold near Lhe LopŦ
As seven o'clock drew nearerţ Parry lefL Lhe casLle and seL off ln Lhe dusk Loward Lhe CulddlLch
fleldŦ Peld never been lnslde Lhe sLadlum beforeŦ Pundreds of seaLs were ralsed ln sLands
around Lhe fleld so LhaL Lhe specLaLors were hlgh enough Lo see whaL was golng onŦ AL elLher
end of Lhe fleld were Lhree golden poles wlLh hoops on Lhe endŦ 1hey remlnded Parry of Lhe
llLLle plasLlc sLlcks Muggle chlldren blew bubbles Lhroughţ excepL LhaL Lhey were flfLy feeL hlghŦ
1oo eager Lo fly agaln Lo walL for Woodţ Parry mounLed hls broomsLlck and klcked off from Lhe
groundŦ WhaL a feellng Ÿ he swooped ln and ouL of Lhe goal posLs and Lhen sped up and down
Lhe fleldŦ 1he nlmbus 1wo 1housand Lurned wherever he wanLed aL hls llghLesL LouchŦ
ºPeyţ ÞoLLerţ come down!"
Cllver Wood had arrlvedŦ Pe was carrylng a large wooden craLe under hls armŦ Parry landed
nexL Lo hlmŦ
ºvery nlceţ" sald Woodţ hls eyes gllnLlngŦ ºl see whaL McConagall meanLŧ you really are a
naLuralŦ l'm [usL golng Lo Leach you Lhe rules Lhls evenlngţ Lhen you'll be [olnlng Leam pracLlce
Lhree Llmes a weekŦ"
Pe opened Lhe craLeŦ lnslde were four dlfferenLŴslzed ballsŦ
º8lghLţ" sald WoodŦ ºnowţ CulddlLch ls easy enough Lo undersLandţ even lf lL's noL Loo easy Lo
playŦ 1here are seven players on each sldeŦ 1hree of Lhem are called ChasersŦ"
º1hree Chasersţ" Parry repeaLedţ as Wood Look ouL a brlghL red ball abouL Lhe slze of a soccer
º1hls ball's called Lhe Cuaffleţ" sald WoodŦ º1he Chasers Lhrow Lhe Cuaffle Lo each oLher and
Lry and geL lL Lhrough one of Lhe hoops Lo score a goalŦ 1en polnLs every Llme Lhe Cuaffle goes
Lhrough one of Lhe hoopsŦ lollow me?"
º1he Chasers Lhrow Lhe Cuaffle and puL lL Lhrough Lhe hoops Lo scoreţ" Parry reclLedŦ ºSo Ÿ
LhaL's sorL of llke baskeLball on broomsLlcks wlLh slx hoopsţ lsn'L lL?"
ºWhaL's baskeLball?" sald Wood curlouslyŦ
ºnever mlndţ" sald Parry qulcklyŦ
ºnowţ Lhere's anoLher player on each slde who's called Lhe keeper Ÿ l'm keeper for
CryfflndorŦ l have Lo fly around our hoops and sLop Lhe oLher Leam from scorlngŦ"
º1hree Chasersţ one keeperţ" sald Parryţ who was deLermlned Lo remember lL allŦ ºAnd Lhey
play wlLh Lhe CuaffleŦ Ckayţ goL LhaLŦ So whaL are Lhey for?" Pe polnLed aL Lhe Lhree balls lefL
lnslde Lhe boxŦ
ºl'll show you nowţ" sald WoodŦ º1ake LhlsŦ"
Pe handed Parry a small clubţ a blL llke a shorL baseball baLŦ
ºl'm golng Lo show you whaL Lhe 8ludgers doţ" Wood saldŦ º1hese Lwo are Lhe 8ludgersŦ"
Pe showed Parry Lwo ldenLlcal ballsţ [eL black and sllghLly smaller Lhan Lhe red CuaffleŦ Parry
noLlced LhaL Lhey seemed Lo be sLralnlng Lo escape Lhe sLraps holdlng Lhem lnslde Lhe boxŦ
ºSLand backţ" Wood warned ParryŦ Pe benL down and freed one of Lhe 8ludgersŦ
AL onceţ Lhe black ball rose hlgh ln Lhe alr and Lhen pelLed sLralghL aL Parry's faceŦ Parry swung
aL lL wlLh Lhe baL Lo sLop lL from breaklng hls noseţ and senL lL zlgzagglng away lnLo Lhe alr Ÿ lL
zoomed around Lhelr heads and Lhen shoL aL Woodţ who dlved on Lop of lL and managed Lo pln
lL Lo Lhe groundŦ
ºSee?" Wood panLedţ forclng Lhe sLruggllng 8ludger back lnLo Lhe craLe and sLrapplng lL down
safelyŦ º1he 8ludgers rockeL aroundţ Lrylng Lo knock players off Lhelr broomsŦ 1haL's why you
have Lwo 8eaLers on each Leam Ÿ Lhe Weasley Lwlns are ours Ÿ lL's Lhelr [ob Lo proLecL Lhelr
slde from Lhe 8ludgers and Lry and knock Lhem Loward Lhe oLher LeamŦ So Ÿ Lhlnk you've goL
all LhaL?"
º1hree Chasers Lry and score wlLh Lhe CuaffleŤ Lhe keeper guards Lhe goal posLsŤ Lhe 8eaLers
keep Lhe 8ludgers away from Lhelr Leamţ" Parry reeled offŦ
ºvery goodţ" sald WoodŦ
ºLr Ÿ have Lhe 8ludgers ever kllled anyone?" Parry askedţ hoplng he sounded offhandŦ
ºnever aL PogwarLsŦ We've had a couple of broken [aws buL noLhlng worse Lhan LhaLŦ nowţ Lhe
lasL member of Lhe Leam ls Lhe SeekerŦ 1haL's youŦ And you don'L have Lo worry abouL Lhe
Cuaffle or Lhe 8ludgers Ÿ"
ºŸ unless Lhey crack my head openŦ"
ºuon'L worryţ Lhe Weasleys are more Lhan a maLch for Lhe 8ludgers Ÿ l meanţ Lhey're llke a
palr of human 8ludgers LhemselvesŦ"
Wood reached lnLo Lhe craLe and Look ouL Lhe fourLh and lasL ballŦ Compared wlLh Lhe Cuaffle
and Lhe 8ludgersţ lL was Llnyţ abouL Lhe slze of a large walnuLŦ lL was brlghL gold and had llLLle
fluLLerlng sllver wlngsŦ
º1hlsţ" sald Woodţ ºls Lhe Colden SnlLchţ and lL's Lhe mosL lmporLanL ball of Lhe loLŦ lL's very
hard Lo caLch because lL's so fasL and dlfflculL Lo seeŦ lL's Lhe Seeker's [ob Lo caLch lLŦ ?ou've goL
Lo weave ln and ouL of Lhe Chasersţ 8eaLersţ 8ludgersţ and Cuaffle Lo geL lL before Lhe oLher
Leam's Seekerţ because whlchever Seeker caLches Lhe SnlLch wlns hls Leam an exLra hundred
and flfLy polnLsţ so Lhey nearly always wlnŦ 1haL's why Seekers geL fouled so muchŦ A game of
CulddlLch only ends when Lhe SnlLch ls caughLţ so lL can go on for ages Ÿ l Lhlnk Lhe record ls
Lhree monLhsţ Lhey had Lo keep brlnglng on subsLlLuLes so Lhe players could geL some sleepŦ
ºWellţ LhaL's lL any quesLlons?"
Parry shook hls headŦ Pe undersLood whaL he had Lo do all rlghLţ lL was dolng lL LhaL was golng
Lo be Lhe problemŦ
ºWe won'L pracLlce wlLh Lhe SnlLch yeLţ" sald Woodţ carefully shuLLlng lL back lnslde Lhe craLeţ
ºlL's Loo darkţ we mlghL lose lLŦ LeL's Lry you ouL wlLh a few of LheseŦ"
Pe pulled a bag of ordlnary golf balls ouL of hls pockeL and a few mlnuLes laLerţ he and Parry
were up ln Lhe alrţ Wood Lhrowlng Lhe golf balls as hard as he could ln every dlrecLlon for
Parry Lo caLchŦ
Parry dldn'L mlss a slngle oneţ and Wood was dellghLedŦ AfLer half an hourţ nlghL had really
fallen and Lhey couldn'L carry onŦ
º1haL CulddlLch Cup'll have our name on lL Lhls yearţ" sald Wood happlly as Lhey Lrudged back
up Lo Lhe casLleŦ ºl wouldn'L be surprlsed lf you Lurn ouL beLLer Lhan Charlle Weasleyţ and he
could have played for Lngland lf he hadn'L gone off chaslng dragonsŦ"
Þerhaps lL was because he was now so busyţ whaL wlLh CulddlLch pracLlce Lhree evenlngs a
week on Lop of all hls homeworkţ buL Parry could hardly belleve lL when he reallzed LhaL he'd
already been aL PogwarLs Lwo monLhsŦ 1he casLle felL more llke home Lhan ÞrlveL urlve ever
hadŦ Pls lessonsţ Looţ were becomlng more and more lnLeresLlng now LhaL Lhey had masLered
Lhe baslcsŦ
Cn Palloween mornlng Lhey woke Lo Lhe dellclous smell of baklng pumpkln wafLlng Lhrough
Lhe corrldorsŦ Lven beLLerţ Þrofessor lllLwlck announced ln Charms LhaL he LhoughL Lhey were
ready Lo sLarL maklng ob[ecLs flyţ someLhlng Lhey had all been dylng Lo Lry slnce Lhey'd seen
hlm make nevllle's Load zoom around Lhe classroomŦ Þrofessor lllLwlck puL Lhe class lnLo palrs
Lo pracLlceŦ Parry's parLner was Seamus llnnlgan (whlch was a rellefţ because nevllle had been
Lrylng Lo caLch hls eye)Ŧ 8onţ howeverţ was Lo be worklng wlLh Permlone CrangerŦ lL was hard
Lo Lell wheLher 8on or Permlone was angrler abouL LhlsŦ She hadn'L spoken Lo elLher of Lhem
slnce Lhe day Parry's broomsLlck had arrlvedŦ
ºnowţ don'L forgeL LhaL nlce wrlsL movemenL we've been pracLlclng!" squeaked Þrofessor
lllLwlckţ perched on Lop of hls plle of books as usualŦ ºSwlsh and fllckţ rememberţ swlsh and
fllckŦ And saylng Lhe maglc words properly ls very lmporLanLţ Loo Ÿ never forgeL Wlzard
8aruffloţ who sald 's' lnsLead of 'f' and found hlmself on Lhe floor wlLh a buffalo on hls chesLŦ"
lL was very dlfflculLŦ Parry and Seamus swlshed and fllckedţ buL Lhe feaLher Lhey were
supposed Lo be sendlng skyward [usL lay on Lhe deskLopŦ Seamus goL so lmpaLlenL LhaL he
prodded lL wlLh hls wand and seL flre Lo lL Ÿ Parry had Lo puL lL ouL wlLh hls haLŦ
8onţ aL Lhe nexL Lableţ wasn'L havlng much more luckŦ
ºWlngardlum Levlosa!" he shouLedţ wavlng hls long arms llke a wlndmlllŦ
º?ou're saylng lL wrongţ" Parry heard Permlone snapŦ ºlL's WlngŴgarŴdlum LevlŴoŴsaţ make Lhe
'gar' nlce and longŦ"
º?ou do lLţ Lhenţ lf you're so cleverţ" 8on snarledŦ
Permlone rolled up Lhe sleeves of her gownţ fllcked her wandţ and saldţ ºWlngardlum
1helr feaLher rose off Lhe desk and hovered abouL four feeL above Lhelr headsŦ
ºChţ well done!" crled Þrofessor lllLwlckţ clapplngŦ ºLveryone see hereţ Mlss Cranger's done
8on was ln a very bad mood by Lhe end of Lhe classŦ
ºlL's no wonder no one can sLand herţ" he sald Lo Parry as Lhey pushed Lhelr way lnLo Lhe
crowded corrldorţ ºshe's a nlghLmareţ honesLlyŦ"
Someone knocked lnLo Parry as Lhey hurrled pasL hlmŦ lL was PermloneŦ Parry caughL a
gllmpse of her face Ÿ and was sLarLled Lo see LhaL she was ln LearsŦ
ºl Lhlnk she heard youŦ"
ºSo?" sald 8onţ buL he looked a blL uncomforLableŦ ºShe musL've noLlced she's goL no frlendsŦ"
Permlone dldn'L Lurn up for Lhe nexL class and wasn'L seen all afLernoonŦ Cn Lhelr way down Lo
Lhe CreaL Pall for Lhe Palloween feasLţ Parry and 8on overheard ÞarvaLl ÞaLll Lelllng her frlend
Lavender LhaL Permlone was crylng ln Lhe glrls' baLhroom and wanLed Lo be lefL aloneŦ 8on
looked sLlll more awkward aL Lhlsţ buL a momenL laLer Lhey had enLered Lhe CreaL Pallţ where
Lhe Palloween decoraLlons puL Permlone ouL of Lhelr mlndsŦ
A Lhousand llve baLs fluLLered from Lhe walls and celllng whlle a Lhousand more swooped over
Lhe Lables ln low black cloudsţ maklng Lhe candles ln Lhe pumpklns sLuLLerŦ 1he feasL appeared
suddenly on Lhe golden plaLesţ as lL had aL Lhe sLarLŴofŴLerm banqueLŦ
Parry was [usL helplng hlmself Lo a baked poLaLo when Þrofessor Culrrell came sprlnLlng lnLo
Lhe hallţ hls Lurban askew and Lerror on hls faceŦ Lveryone sLared as he reached Þrofessor
uumbledore's chalrţ slumped agalnsL Lhe Lableţ and gaspedţ º1roll Ÿ ln Lhe dungeons Ÿ
LhoughL you oughL Lo knowŦ"
Pe Lhen sank Lo Lhe floor ln a dead falnLŦ
1here was an uproarŦ lL Look several purple flrecrackers explodlng from Lhe end of Þrofessor
uumbledore's wand Lo brlng sllenceŦ
ºÞrefecLsţ" he rumbledţ ºlead your Pouses back Lo Lhe dormlLorles lmmedlaLely!"
Þercy was ln hls elemenLŦ
ºlollow me! SLlck LogeLherţ flrsL years! no need Lo fear Lhe Lroll lf you follow my orders! SLay
close behlnd meţ nowŦ Make wayţ flrsL years comlng Lhrough! Lxcuse meţ l'm a prefecL!"
ºPow could a Lroll geL ln?" Parry asked as Lhey cllmbed Lhe sLalrsŦ
ºuon'L ask meţ Lhey're supposed Lo be really sLupldţ" sald 8onŦ ºMaybe Þeeves leL lL ln for a
Palloween [okeŦ"
1hey passed dlfferenL groups of people hurrylng ln dlfferenL dlrecLlonsŦ As Lhey [osLled Lhelr
way Lhrough a crowd of confused Pufflepuffsţ Parry suddenly grabbed 8on's armŦ
ºl've [usL LhoughL Ÿ PermloneŦ"
ºWhaL abouL her?"
ºShe doesn'L know abouL Lhe LrollŦ"
8on blL hls llpŦ
ºChţ all rlghLţ" he snappedŦ º8uL Þercy'd beLLer noL see usŦ"
uucklng downţ Lhey [olned Lhe Pufflepuffs golng Lhe oLher wayţ sllpped down a deserLed slde
corrldorţ and hurrled off Loward Lhe glrls' baLhroomŦ 1hey had [usL Lurned Lhe corner when
Lhey heard qulck fooLsLeps behlnd LhemŦ
ºÞercy!" hlssed 8onţ pulllng Parry behlnd a large sLone grlfflnŦ
Þeerlng around lLţ howeverţ Lhey saw noL Þercy buL SnapeŦ Pe crossed Lhe corrldor and
dlsappeared from vlewŦ
ºWhaL's he dolng?" Parry whlsperedŦ ºWhy lsn'L he down ln Lhe dungeons wlLh Lhe resL of Lhe
ºSearch meŦ"
CuleLly as posslbleţ Lhey crepL along Lhe nexL corrldor afLer Snape's fadlng fooLsLepsŦ
ºPe's headlng for Lhe Lhlrd floorţ" Parry saldţ buL 8on held up hls handŦ
ºCan you smell someLhlng?"
Parry snlffed and a foul sLench reached hls nosLrllsţ a mlxLure of old socks and Lhe klnd of
publlc LolleL no one seems Lo cleanŦ
And Lhen Lhey heard lL Ÿ a low grunLlngţ and Lhe shuffllng fooLfalls of glganLlc feeLŦ 8on
polnLed Ÿ aL Lhe end of a passage Lo Lhe lefLţ someLhlng huge was movlng Loward LhemŦ 1hey
shrank lnLo Lhe shadows and waLched as lL emerged lnLo a paLch of moonllghLŦ
lL was a horrlble slghLŦ 1welve feeL Lallţ lLs skln was a dullţ granlLe grayţ lLs greaL lumpy body
llke a boulder wlLh lLs small bald head perched on Lop llke a coconuLŦ lL had shorL legs Lhlck as
Lree Lrunks wlLh flaLţ horny feeLŦ 1he smell comlng from lL was lncredlbleŦ lL was holdlng a huge
wooden clubţ whlch dragged along Lhe floor because lLs arms were so longŦ
1he Lroll sLopped nexL Lo a doorway and peered lnsldeŦ lL waggled lLs long earsţ maklng up lLs
Llny mlndţ Lhen slouched slowly lnLo Lhe roomŦ
º1he keys ln Lhe lockţ" Parry muLLeredŦ ºWe could lock lL lnŦ"
ºCood ldeaţ" sald 8on nervouslyŦ
1hey edged Loward Lhe open doorţ mouLhs dryţ praylng Lhe Lroll wasn'L abouL Lo come ouL of
lLŦ WlLh one greaL leapţ Parry managed Lo grab Lhe keyţ slam Lhe doorţ and lock lLŦ
llushed wlLh Lhelr vlcLoryţ Lhey sLarLed Lo run back up Lhe passageţ buL as Lhey reached Lhe
corner Lhey heard someLhlng LhaL made Lhelr hearLs sLop Ÿ a hlghţ peLrlfled scream Ÿ and lL
was comlng from Lhe chamber Lhey'd [usL chalned upŦ
ºChţ noţ" sald 8onţ pale as Lhe 8loody 8aronŦ
ºlL's Lhe glrls' baLhroom!" Parry gaspedŦ
ºPermlone!" Lhey sald LogeLherŦ
lL was Lhe lasL Lhlng Lhey wanLed Lo doţ buL whaL cholce dld Lhey have? Wheellng aroundţ Lhey
sprlnLed back Lo Lhe door and Lurned Lhe keyţ fumbllng ln Lhelr panlcŦ Parry pulled Lhe door
open and Lhey ran lnsldeŦ
Permlone Cranger was shrlnklng agalnsL Lhe wall opposlLeţ looklng as lf she was abouL Lo falnLŦ
1he Lroll was advanclng on herţ knocklng Lhe slnks off Lhe walls as lL wenLŦ
ºConfuse lL!" Parry sald desperaLely Lo 8onţ andţ selzlng a Lapţ he Lhrew lL as hard as he could
agalnsL Lhe wallŦ
1he Lroll sLopped a few feeL from PermloneŦ lL lumbered aroundţ bllnklng sLupldlyţ Lo see whaL
had made Lhe nolseŦ lLs mean llLLle eyes saw ParryŦ lL heslLaLedţ Lhen made for hlm lnsLeadţ
llfLlng lLs club as lL wenLŦ
ºCyţ peaŴbraln!" yelled 8on from Lhe oLher slde of Lhe chamberţ and he Lhrew a meLal plpe aL
lLŦ 1he Lroll dldn'L even seem Lo noLlce Lhe plpe hlLLlng lLs shoulderţ buL lL heard Lhe yell and
paused agalnţ Lurnlng lLs ugly snouL Loward 8on lnsLeadţ glvlng Parry Llme Lo run around lLŦ
ºCome onţ runţ run!" Parry yelled aL Permloneţ Lrylng Lo pull her Loward Lhe doorţ buL she
couldn'L moveţ she was sLlll flaL agalnsL Lhe wallţ her mouLh open wlLh LerrorŦ
1he shouLlng and Lhe echoes seemed Lo be drlvlng Lhe Lroll berserkŦ lL roared agaln and sLarLed
Loward 8onţ who was nearesL and had no way Lo escapeŦ
Parry Lhen dld someLhlng LhaL was boLh very brave and very sLupldť Pe Look a greaL runnlng
[ump and managed Lo fasLen hls arms around Lhe Lroll's neck from behlndŦ 1he Lroll couldn'L
feel Parry hanglng Lhereţ buL even a Lroll wlll noLlce lf you sLlck a long blL of wood up lLs noseţ
and Parry's wand had sLlll been ln hls hand when he'd [umped Ŷ lL had gone sLralghL up one of
Lhe Lroll's nosLrllsŦ
Powllng wlLh palnţ Lhe Lroll LwlsLed and flalled lLs clubţ wlLh Parry cllnglng on for dear llfeŤ any
secondţ Lhe Lroll was golng Lo rlp hlm off or caLch hlm a Lerrlble blow wlLh Lhe clubŦ
Permlone had sunk Lo Lhe floor ln frlghLŤ 8on pulled ouL hls own wand Ÿ noL knowlng whaL he
was golng Lo do he heard hlmself cry Lhe flrsL spell LhaL came lnLo hls headť ºWlngardlum
1he club flew suddenly ouL of Lhe Lroll's handţ rose hlghţ hlgh up lnLo Lhe alrţ Lurned slowly
over Ÿ and droppedţ wlLh a slckenlng crackţ onLo lLs owner's headŦ 1he Lroll swayed on Lhe
spoL and Lhen fell flaL on lLs faceţ wlLh a Lhud LhaL made Lhe whole room LrembleŦ
Parry goL Lo hls feeLŦ Pe was shaklng and ouL of breaLhŦ 8on was sLandlng Lhere wlLh hls wand
sLlll ralsedţ sLarlng aL whaL he had doneŦ
lL was Permlone who spoke flrsLŦ
ºls lL Ÿ dead?"
ºl don'L Lhlnk soţ" sald Parryţ ºl Lhlnk lL's [usL been knocked ouLŦ"
Pe benL down and pulled hls wand ouL of Lhe Lroll's noseŦ lL was covered ln whaL looked llke
lumpy gray glueŦ
ºurgh Ÿ Lroll boogersŦ"
Pe wlped lL on Lhe Lroll's LrousersŦ
A sudden slammlng and loud fooLsLeps made Lhe Lhree of Lhem look upŦ 1hey hadn'L reallzed
whaL a rackeL Lhey had been maklngţ buL of courseţ someone downsLalrs musL have heard Lhe
crashes and Lhe Lroll's roarsŦ A momenL laLerţ Þrofessor McConagall had come bursLlng lnLo
Lhe roomţ closely followed by Snapeţ wlLh Culrrell brlnglng up Lhe rearŦ Culrrell Look one look
aL Lhe Lrollţ leL ouL a falnL whlmperţ and saL qulckly down on a LolleLţ cluLchlng hls hearLŦ
Snape benL over Lhe LrollŦ Þrofessor McConagall was looklng aL 8on and ParryŦ Parry had
never seen her look so angryŦ Per llps were whlLeŦ Popes of wlnnlng flfLy polnLs for Cryfflndor
faded qulckly from Parry's mlndŦ
ºWhaL on earLh were you Lhlnklng of?" sald Þrofessor McConagallţ wlLh cold fury ln her volceŦ
Parry looked aL 8onţ who was sLlll sLandlng wlLh hls wand ln Lhe alrŦ º?ou're lucky you weren'L
kllledŦ Why aren'L you ln your dormlLory?"
Snape gave Parry a swlfLţ plerclng lookŦ Parry looked aL Lhe floorŦ Pe wlshed 8on would puL hls
wand downŦ
1hen a small volce came ouL of Lhe shadowsŦ
ºÞleaseţ Þrofessor McConagall Ÿ Lhey were looklng for meŦ"
ºMlss Cranger!"
Permlone had managed Lo geL Lo her feeL aL lasLŦ
ºl wenL looklng for Lhe Lroll because l Ÿ l LhoughL l could deal wlLh lL on my own Ÿ you knowţ
because l've read all abouL LhemŦ"
8on dropped hls wandŦ Permlone Crangerţ Lelllng a downrlghL lle Lo a Leacher?
ºlf Lhey hadn'L found meţ l'd be dead nowŦ Parry sLuck hls wand up lLs nose and 8on knocked lL
ouL wlLh lLs own clubŦ 1hey dldn'L have Llme Lo come and feLch anyoneŦ lL was abouL Lo flnlsh
me off when Lhey arrlvedŦ"
Parry and 8on Lrled Lo look as Lhough Lhls sLory wasn'L new Lo LhemŦ
ºWell Ÿ ln LhaL caseŧ" sald Þrofessor McConagallţ sLarlng aL Lhe Lhree of Lhemţ ºMlss
Crangerţ you foollsh glrlţ how could you Lhlnk of Lackllng a mounLaln Lroll on your own?"
Permlone hung her headŦ Parry was speechlessŦ Permlone was Lhe lasL person Lo do anyLhlng
agalnsL Lhe rulesţ and here she wasţ preLendlng she hadţ Lo geL Lhem ouL of LroubleŦ lL was as lf
Snape had sLarLed handlng ouL sweeLsŦ
ºMlss Crangerţ flve polnLs wlll be Laken from Cryfflndor for Lhlsţ" sald Þrofessor McConagallŦ
ºl'm very dlsappolnLed ln youŦ lf you're noL hurL aL allţ you'd beLLer geL off Lo Cryfflndor LowerŦ
SLudenLs are flnlshlng Lhe feasL ln Lhelr housesŦ"
Permlone lefLŦ
Þrofessor McConagall Lurned Lo Parry and 8onŦ
ºWellţ l sLlll say you were luckyţ buL noL many flrsL years could have Laken on a fullŴgrown
mounLaln LrollŦ ?ou each wln Cryfflndor flve polnLsŦ Þrofessor uumbledore wlll be lnformed of
LhlsŦ ?ou may goŦ"
1hey hurrled ouL of Lhe chamber and dldn'L speak aL all unLll Lhey had cllmbed Lwo floors upŦ lL
was a rellef Lo be away from Lhe smell of Lhe Lrollţ qulLe aparL from anyLhlng elseŦ
ºWe should have goLLen more Lhan Len polnLsţ" 8on grumbledŦ
ºllveţ you meanţ once she's Laken off Permlone'sŦ"
ºCood of her Lo geL us ouL of Lrouble llke LhaLţ" 8on admlLLedŦ ºMlnd youţ we dld save herŦ"
ºShe mlghL noL have needed savlng lf we hadn'L locked Lhe Lhlng ln wlLh herţ" Parry remlnded
1hey had reached Lhe porLralL of Lhe laL LadyŦ
ºÞlg snouLţ" Lhey sald and enLeredŦ
1he common room was packed and nolsyŦ Lveryone was eaLlng Lhe food LhaL had been senL
upŦ Permloneţ howeverţ sLood alone by Lhe doorţ walLlng for LhemŦ 1here was a very
embarrassed pauseŦ 1henţ none of Lhem looklng aL each oLherţ Lhey all sald º1hanksţ" and
hurrled off Lo geL plaLesŦ
8uL from LhaL momenL onţ Permlone Cranger became Lhelr frlendŦ 1here are some Lhlngs you
can'L share wlLhouL endlng up llklng each oLherţ and knocklng ouL a LwelveŴfooL mounLaln Lroll
ls one of LhemŦ
As Lhey enLered novemberţ Lhe weaLher Lurned very coldŦ 1he mounLalns around Lhe school
became lcy gray and Lhe lake llke chllled sLeelŦ Lvery mornlng Lhe ground was covered ln frosLŦ
Pagrld could be seen from Lhe upsLalrs wlndows defrosLlng broomsLlcks on Lhe CulddlLch fleldţ
bundled up ln a long moleskln overcoaLţ rabblL fur glovesţ and enormous beaverskln booLsŦ
1he CulddlLch season had begunŦ Cn SaLurdayţ Parry would be playlng ln hls flrsL maLch afLer
weeks of Lralnlngť Cryfflndor versus SlyLherlnŦ lf Cryfflndor wonţ Lhey would move up lnLo
second place ln Lhe house champlonshlpŦ
Pardly anyone had seen Parry play because Wood had declded LhaLţ as Lhelr secreL weaponţ
Parry should be kepLţ wellţ secreLŦ 8uL Lhe news LhaL he was playlng Seeker had leaked ouL
somehowţ and Parry dldn'L know whlch was worse Ÿ people Lelllng hlm he'd be brllllanL or
people Lelllng hlm Lhey'd be runnlng around underneaLh hlm holdlng a maLLressŦ
lL was really lucky LhaL Parry now had Permlone as a frlendŦ Pe dldn'L know how he'd have
goLLen Lhrough all hls homework wlLhouL herţ whaL wlLh all Lhe lasLŴmlnuLe CulddlLch pracLlce
Wood was maklng Lhem doŦ She had also lenL hlm CulddlLch 1hrough Lhe Agesţ whlch Lurned
ouL Lo be a very lnLeresLlng readŦ
Parry learned LhaL Lhere were seven hundred ways of commlLLlng a CulddlLch foul and LhaL all
of Lhem had happened durlng a World Cup maLch ln 1473Ť LhaL Seekers were usually Lhe
smallesL and fasLesL playersţ and LhaL mosL serlous CulddlLch accldenLs seemed Lo happen Lo
LhemŤ LhaL alLhough people rarely dled playlng CulddlLchţ referees had been known Lo vanlsh
and Lurn up monLhs laLer ln Lhe Sahara ueserLŦ
Permlone had become a blL more relaxed abouL breaklng rules slnce Parry and 8on had saved
her from Lhe mounLaln Lrollţ and she was much nlcer for lLŦ 1he day before Parry's flrsL
CulddlLch maLch Lhe Lhree of Lhem were ouL ln Lhe freezlng courLyard durlng breakţ and she
had con[ured Lhem up a brlghL blue flre LhaL could be carrled around ln a [am [arŦ 1hey were
sLandlng wlLh Lhelr backs Lo lLţ geLLlng warmţ when Snape crossed Lhe yardŦ Parry noLlced aL
once LhaL Snape was llmplngŦ Parryţ 8onţ and Permlone moved closer LogeLher Lo block Lhe
flre from vlewŤ Lhey were sure lL wouldn'L be allowedŦ unforLunaLelyţ someLhlng abouL Lhelr
gullLy faces caughL Snape's eyeŦ Pe llmped overŦ Pe hadn'L seen Lhe flreţ buL he seemed Lo be
looklng for a reason Lo Lell Lhem off anywayŦ
ºWhaL's LhaL you've goL Lhereţ ÞoLLer?"
lL was CulddlLch 1hrough Lhe AgesŦ Parry showed hlmŦ
ºLlbrary books are noL Lo be Laken ouLslde Lhe schoolţ" sald SnapeŦ ºClve lL Lo meŦ llve polnLs
from CryfflndorŦ"
ºPe's [usL made LhaL rule upţ" Parry muLLered angrlly as Snape llmped awayŦ ºWonder whaL's
wrong wlLh hls leg?"
ºuunnoţ buL l hope lL's really hurLlng hlmţ" sald 8on blLLerlyŦ
1he Cryfflndor common room was very nolsy LhaL evenlngŦ Parryţ 8onţ and Permlone saL
LogeLher nexL Lo a wlndowŦ Permlone was checklng Parry and 8on's Charms homework for
LhemŦ She would never leL Lhem copy (ºPow wlll you learn?")ţ buL by asklng her Lo read lL
Lhroughţ Lhey goL Lhe rlghL answers anywayŦ
Parry felL resLlessŦ Pe wanLed CulddlLch 1hrough Lhe Ages backţ Lo Lake hls mlnd off hls nerves
abouL LomorrowŦ Why should he be afrald of Snape? CeLLlng upţ he Lold 8on and Permlone he
was golng Lo ask Snape lf he could have lLŦ
º8eLLer you Lhan meţ" Lhey sald LogeLherţ buL Parry had an ldea LhaL Snape wouldn'L refuse lf
Lhere were oLher Leachers llsLenlngŦ
Pe made hls way down Lo Lhe sLaffroom and knockedŦ 1here was no answerŦ Pe knocked
agalnŦ noLhlngŦ
Þerhaps Snape had lefL Lhe book ln Lhere? lL was worLh a LryŦ Pe pushed Lhe door a[ar and
peered lnslde Ŷ and a horrlble scene meL hls eyesŦ
Snape and lllch were lnsldeţ aloneŦ Snape was holdlng hls robes above hls kneesŦ Cne of hls
legs was bloody and mangledŦ lllch was handlng Snape bandagesŦ
º8lasLed Lhlngţ" Snape was saylngŦ ºPow are you supposed Lo keep your eyes on all Lhree
heads aL once?"
Parry Lrled Lo shuL Lhe door quleLlyţ buL Ÿ
Snape's face was LwlsLed wlLh fury as he dropped hls robes qulckly Lo hlde hls legŦ Parry
ºl [usL wondered lf l could have my book backŦ"
ºCL1 Cu1! Cu1! "
Parry lefLţ before Snape could Lake any more polnLs from CryfflndorŦ Pe sprlnLed back
ºuld you geL lL?" 8on asked as Parry [olned LhemŦ ºWhaL's Lhe maLLer?"
ln a low whlsperţ Parry Lold Lhem whaL he'd seenŦ
º?ou know whaL Lhls means?" he flnlshed breaLhlesslyŦ ºPe Lrled Lo geL pasL LhaL LhreeŴheaded
dog aL Palloween! 1haL's where he was golng when we saw hlm Ÿ he's afLer whaLever lL's
guardlng! And l'd beL my broomsLlck he leL LhaL Lroll lnţ Lo make a dlverslon!"
Permlone's eyes were wldeŦ
ºno Ÿ he wouldn'Lţ" she saldŦ ºl know he's noL very nlceţ buL he wouldn'L Lry and sLeal
someLhlng uumbledore was keeplng safeŦ"
ºPonesLlyţ Permloneţ you Lhlnk all Leachers are salnLs or someLhlngţ" snapped 8onŦ ºl'm wlLh
ParryŦ l wouldn'L puL anyLhlng pasL SnapeŦ 8uL whaL's he afLer? WhaL's LhaL dog guardlng?"
Parry wenL Lo bed wlLh hls head buzzlng wlLh Lhe same quesLlonŦ nevllle was snorlng loudlyţ
buL Parry couldn'L sleepŦ Pe Lrled Lo empLy hls mlnd Ÿ he needed Lo sleepţ he had Loţ he had
hls flrsL CulddlLch maLch ln a few hours Ŷ buL Lhe expresslon on Snape's face when Parry had
seen hls leg wasn'L easy Lo forgeLŦ
1he nexL mornlng dawned very brlghL and coldŦ 1he CreaL Pall was full of Lhe dellclous smell of
frled sausages and Lhe cheerful chaLLer of everyone looklng forward Lo a good CulddlLch
º?ou've goL Lo eaL some breakfasLŦ"
ºl don'L wanL anyLhlngŦ"
º!usL a blL of LoasLţ" wheedled PermloneŦ
ºl'm noL hungryŦ"
Parry felL LerrlbleŦ ln an hour's Llme he'd be walklng onLo Lhe fleldŦ
ºParryţ you need your sLrengLhţ" sald Seamus llnnlganŦ ºSeekers are always Lhe ones who geL
clobbered by Lhe oLher LeamŦ"
º1hanksţ Seamusţ" sald Parryţ waLchlng Seamus plle keLchup on hls sausagesŦ
8y eleven o'clock Lhe whole school seemed Lo be ouL ln Lhe sLands around Lhe CulddlLch plLchŦ
Many sLudenLs had blnocularsŦ 1he seaLs mlghL be ralsed hlgh ln Lhe alrţ buL lL was sLlll dlfflculL
Lo see whaL was golng on someLlmesŦ
8on and Permlone [olned nevllleţ Seamusţ and uean Lhe WesL Pam fan up ln Lhe Lop rowŦ As a
surprlse for Parryţ Lhey had palnLed a large banner on one of Lhe sheeLs Scabbers had rulnedŦ
lL sald ÞoLLer for ÞresldenLţ and ueanţ who was good aL drawlngţ had done a large Cryfflndor
llon underneaLhŦ 1hen Permlone had performed a Lrlcky llLLle charm so LhaL Lhe palnL flashed
dlfferenL colorsŦ
Meanwhlleţ ln Lhe locker roomţ Parry and Lhe resL of Lhe Leam were changlng lnLo Lhelr scarleL
CulddlLch robes (SlyLherln would be playlng ln green)Ŧ
Wood cleared hls LhroaL for sllenceŦ
ºCkayţ menţ" he saldŦ
ºAnd womenţ" sald Chaser Angellna !ohnsonŦ
ºAnd womenţ" Wood agreedŦ º1hls ls lLŦ"
º1he blg oneţ" sald lred WeasleyŦ
º1he one we've all been walLlng forţ" sald CeorgeŦ
ºWe know Cllver's speech by hearLţ" lred Lold Parryţ ºwe were on Lhe Leam lasL yearŦ"
ºShuL upţ you Lwoţ" sald WoodŦ º1hls ls Lhe besL Leam Cryfflndor's had ln yearsŦ We're golng Lo
wlnŦ l know lLŦ"
Pe glared aL Lhem all as lf Lo sayţ ºCr elseŦ"
º8lghLŦ lL's LlmeŦ Cood luckţ all of youŦ"
Parry followed lred and Ceorge ouL of Lhe locker room andţ hoplng hls knees weren'L golng Lo
glve wayţ walked onLo Lhe fleld Lo loud cheersŦ
Madam Pooch was refereelngŦ She sLood ln Lhe mlddle of Lhe fleld walLlng for Lhe Lwo Leamsţ
her broom ln her handŦ
ºnowţ l wanL a nlce falr gameţ all of youţ" she saldţ once Lhey were all gaLhered around herŦ
Parry noLlced LhaL she seemed Lo be speaklng parLlcularly Lo Lhe SlyLherln CapLalnţ Marcus
lllnLţ a slxLh yearŦ Parry LhoughL lllnL looked as lf he had some Lroll blood ln hlmŦ CuL of Lhe
corner of hls eye he saw Lhe fluLLerlng banner hlgh aboveţ flashlng ÞoLLer for ÞresldenL over
Lhe crowdŦ Pls hearL sklppedŦ Pe felL braverŦ
ºMounL your broomsţ pleaseŦ"
Parry clambered onLo hls nlmbus 1wo 1housandŦ
Madam Pooch gave a loud blasL on her sllver whlsLleŦ
llfLeen brooms rose upţ hlghţ hlgh lnLo Lhe alrŦ 1hey were offŦ
ºAnd Lhe Cuaffle ls Laken lmmedlaLely by Angellna !ohnson of Cryfflndor Ÿ whaL an excellenL
Chaser LhaL glrl lsţ and raLher aLLracLlveţ Loo Ÿ"
ºSorryţ ÞrofessorŦ"
1he Weasley Lwlns' frlendţ Lee !ordanţ was dolng Lhe commenLary for Lhe maLchţ closely
waLched by Þrofessor McConagallŦ
ºAnd she's really belLlng along up Lhereţ a neaL pass Lo Allcla SplnneLţ a good flnd of Cllver
Wood'sţ lasL year only a reserve Ÿ back Lo !ohnson and Ÿ noţ Lhe SlyLherlns have Laken Lhe
Cuaffleţ SlyLherln CapLaln Marcus lllnL galns Lhe Cuaffle and off he goes Ÿ lllnL flylng llke an
eagle up Lhere Ÿ he's golng Lo scŸ noţ sLopped by an excellenL move by Cryfflndor keeper
Wood and Lhe Cryfflndors Lake Lhe Cuaffle Ÿ LhaL's Chaser kaLle 8ell of Cryfflndor Lhereţ nlce
dlve around lllnLţ off up Lhe fleld and Ÿ CuCP Ÿ LhaL musL have hurLţ hlL ln Lhe back of Lhe
head by a 8ludger Ÿ Cuaffle Laken by Lhe SlyLherlns Ÿ LhaL's Adrlan Þucey speedlng off
Loward Lhe goal posLsţ buL he's blocked by a second 8ludger Ÿ senL hls way by lred or Ceorge
Weasleyţ can'L Lell whlch Ÿ nlce play by Lhe Cryfflndor 8eaLerţ anywayţ and !ohnson back ln
possesslon of Lhe Cuaffleţ a clear fleld ahead and off she goes Ÿ she's really flylng Ÿ dodges a
speedlng 8ludger Ÿ Lhe goal posLs are ahead Ÿ come onţ nowţ Angellna Ÿ keeper 8leLchley
dlves Ÿ mlsses Ÿ C8?lllnuC8S SCC8L!"
Cryfflndor cheers fllled Lhe cold alrţ wlLh howls and moans from Lhe SlyLherlnsŦ
º8udge up Lhereţ move alongŦ"
8on and Permlone squeezed LogeLher Lo glve Pagrld enough space Lo [oln LhemŦ
º8ln waLchln' from me huLţ" sald Pagrldţ paLLlng a large palr of blnoculars around hls neckţ
º8uL lL lsn'L Lhe same as beln' ln Lhe crowdŦ no slgn of Lhe SnlLch yeLţ eh?"
ºnopeţ" sald 8onŦ ºParry hasn'L had much Lo do yeLŦ"
ºkepL ouLLa Lroubleţ Lhoughţ LhaL's someLhln'ţ" sald Pagrldţ ralslng hls blnoculars and peerlng
skyward aL Lhe speck LhaL was ParryŦ
Way up above Lhemţ Parry was glldlng over Lhe gameţ squlnLlng abouL for some slgn of Lhe
SnlLchŦ 1hls was parL of hls and Wood's game planŦ
ºkeep ouL of Lhe way unLll you caLch slghL of Lhe SnlLchţ" Wood had saldŦ ºWe don'L wanL you
aLLacked before you have Lo beŦ"
When Angellna had scoredţ Parry had done a couple of loopŴLheŴloops Lo leL off hls feellngsŦ
now he was back Lo sLarlng around for Lhe SnlLchŦ Cnce he caughL slghL of a flash of goldţ buL lL
was [usL a reflecLlon from one of Lhe Weasleys' wrlsLwaLchesţ and once a 8ludger declded Lo
come pelLlng hls wayţ more llke a cannonball Lhan anyLhlngţ buL Parry dodged lL and lred
Weasley came chaslng afLer lLŦ
ºAll rlghL Lhereţ Parry?" he had Llme Lo yellţ as he beaL Lhe 8ludger furlously Loward Marcus
ºSlyLherln ln possesslonţ" Lee !ordan was saylngţ ºChaser Þucey ducks Lwo 8ludgersţ Lwo
Weasleysţ and Chaser 8ellţ and speeds Loward Lhe Ÿ walL a momenL Ÿ was LhaL Lhe SnlLch?"
A murmur ran Lhrough Lhe crowd as Adrlan Þucey dropped Lhe Cuaffleţ Loo busy looklng over
hls shoulder aL Lhe flash of gold LhaL had passed hls lefL earŦ
Parry saw lLŦ ln a greaL rush of exclLemenL he dlved downward afLer Lhe sLreak of goldŦ
SlyLherln Seeker 1erence Plggs had seen lLţ LooŦ neck and neck Lhey hurLled Loward Lhe SnlLch
Ÿ all Lhe Chasers seemed Lo have forgoLLen whaL Lhey were supposed Lo be dolng as Lhey
hung ln mldalr Lo waLchŦ
Parry was fasLer Lhan Plggs Ÿ he could see Lhe llLLle round ballţ wlngs fluLLerlngţ darLlng up
ahead Ÿ he puL on an exLra spurL of speed Ÿ
WPAM! A roar of rage echoed from Lhe Cryfflndors below Ÿ Marcus lllnL had blocked Parry
on purposeţ and Parry's broom spun off courseţ Parry holdlng on for dear llfeŦ
ºloul!" screamed Lhe CryfflndorsŦ
Madam Pooch spoke angrlly Lo lllnL and Lhen ordered a free shoL aL Lhe goal posLs for
CryfflndorŦ 8uL ln all Lhe confuslonţ of courseţ Lhe Colden SnlLch had dlsappeared from slghL
uown ln Lhe sLandsţ uean 1homas was yelllngţ ºSend hlm offţ ref! 8ed card!"
ºWhaL are you Lalklng abouLţ uean?" sald 8onŦ
º8ed card!" sald uean furlouslyŦ ºln soccer you geL shown Lhe red card and you're ouL of Lhe
º8uL Lhls lsn'L soccerţ ueanţ" 8on remlnded hlmŦ
Pagrldţ howeverţ was on uean's sldeŦ
º1hey oughLa change Lhe rulesŦ lllnL coulda knocked Parry ouLLa Lhe alrŦ"
Lee !ordan was flndlng lL dlfflculL noL Lo Lake sldesŦ
ºSo Ÿ afLer LhaL obvlous and dlsgusLlng blL of cheaLlng Ÿ"
º!ordan!" growled Þrofessor McConagallŦ
ºl meanţ afLer LhaL open and revolLlng foulŧ"
º!ordanţ l'm warnlng youŸ"
ºAll rlghLţ all rlghLŦ lllnL nearly kllls Lhe Cryfflndor Seekerţ whlch could happen Lo anyoneţ l'm
sureţ so a penalLy Lo Cryfflndorţ Laken by Splnnerţ who puLs lL awayţ no Lroubleţ and we
conLlnue playţ Cryfflndor sLlll ln possesslonŦ"
lL was as Parry dodged anoLher 8ludgerţ whlch wenL splnnlng dangerously pasL hls headţ LhaL
lL happenedŦ Pls broom gave a suddenţ frlghLenlng lurchŦ lor a spllL secondţ he LhoughL he was
golng Lo fallŦ Pe grlpped Lhe broom LlghLly wlLh boLh hls hands and kneesŦ Pe'd never felL
anyLhlng llke LhaLŦ
lL happened agalnŦ lL was as Lhough Lhe broom was Lrylng Lo buck hlm offŦ 8uL nlmbus 1wo
1housands dld noL suddenly declde Lo buck Lhelr rlders offŦ Parry Lrled Lo Lurn back Loward Lhe
Cryfflndor goalŴposLs Ÿ he had half a mlnd Lo ask Wood Lo call LlmeŴouL Ÿ and Lhen he
reallzed LhaL hls broom was compleLely ouL of hls conLrolŦ Pe couldn'L Lurn lLŦ Pe couldn'L
dlrecL lL aL allŦ lL was zlgzagglng Lhrough Lhe alrţ and every now and Lhen maklng vlolenL
swlshlng movemenLs LhaL almosL unseaLed hlmŦ
Lee was sLlll commenLaLlngŦ
ºSlyLherln ln possesslon Ÿ lllnL wlLh Lhe Cuaffle Ÿ passes SplnneL Ÿ passes 8ell Ÿ hlL hard ln
Lhe face by a 8ludgerţ hope lL broke hls nose Ÿ only [oklngţ Þrofessor Ÿ SlyLherlns score Ÿ A
1he SlyLherlns were cheerlngŦ no one seemed Lo have noLlced LhaL Parry's broom was
behavlng sLrangelyŦ lL was carrylng hlm slowly hlgherţ away from Lhe gameţ [erklng and
LwlLchlng as lL wenLŦ
ºuunno whaL Parry Lhlnks he's dolngţ" Pagrld mumbledŦ Pe sLared Lhrough hls blnocularsŦ ºlf l
dldn' know beLLerţ l'd say he'd losL conLrol of hls broomŧ buL he can'L haveŧ"
Suddenlyţ people were polnLlng up aL Parry all over Lhe sLandsŦ Pls broom had sLarLed Lo roll
over and overţ wlLh hlm only [usL managlng Lo hold onŦ 1hen Lhe whole crowd gaspedŦ Parry's
broom had glven a wlld [erk and Parry swung off lLŦ Pe was now dangllng from lLţ holdlng on
wlLh only one handŦ
ºuld someLhlng happen Lo lL when lllnL blocked hlm?" Seamus whlsperedŦ
ºCan'L haveţ" Pagrld saldţ hls volce shaklngŦ ºCan'L noLhlng lnLerfere wlLh a broomsLlck excepL
powerful uark maglc Ÿ no kld could do LhaL Lo a nlmbus 1wo 1housandŦ"
AL Lhese wordsţ Permlone selzed Pagrld's blnocularsţ buL lnsLead of looklng up aL Parryţ she
sLarLed looklng franLlcally aL Lhe crowdŦ
ºWhaL are you dolng?" moaned 8onţ grayŴfacedŦ
ºl knew lLţ" Permlone gaspedţ ºSnape Ÿ lookŦ"
8on grabbed Lhe blnocularsŦ Snape was ln Lhe mlddle of Lhe sLands opposlLe LhemŦ Pe had hls
eyes flxed on Parry and was muLLerlng nonsLop under hls breaLhŦ
ºPe's dolng someLhlng Ÿ [lnxlng Lhe broomţ" sald PermloneŦ
ºWhaL should we do?"
ºLeave lL Lo meŦ"
8efore 8on could say anoLher wordţ Permlone had dlsappearedŦ 8on Lurned Lhe blnoculars
back on ParryŦ Pls broom was vlbraLlng so hardţ lL was almosL lmposslble for hlm Lo hang on
much longerŦ 1he whole crowd was on lLs feeLţ waLchlngţ Lerrlfledţ as Lhe Weasleys flew up Lo
Lry and pull Parry safely onLo one of Lhelr broomsţ buL lL was no good Ŷ every Llme Lhey goL
near hlmţ Lhe broom would [ump hlgher sLlllŦ 1hey dropped lower and clrcled beneaLh hlmţ
obvlously hoplng Lo caLch hlm lf he fellŦ Marcus lllnL selzed Lhe Cuaffle and scored flve Llmes
wlLhouL anyone noLlclngŦ
ºCome onţ Permloneţ" 8on muLLered desperaLelyŦ
Permlone had foughL her way across Lo Lhe sLand where Snape sLoodţ and was now raclng
along Lhe row behlnd hlmŤ she dldn'L even sLop Lo say sorry as she knocked Þrofessor Culrrell
headflrsL lnLo Lhe row ln fronLŦ 8eachlng Snapeţ she crouched downţ pulled ouL her wandţ and
whlspered a fewţ wellŴchosen wordsŦ 8rlghL blue flames shoL from her wand onLo Lhe hem of
Snape's robesŦ
lL Look perhaps LhlrLy seconds for Snape Lo reallze LhaL he was on flreŦ A sudden yelp Lold her
she had done her [obŦ Scooplng Lhe flre off hlm lnLo a llLLle [ar ln her pockeLţ she scrambled
back along Lhe row Ÿ Snape would never know whaL had happenedŦ
lL was enoughŦ up ln Lhe alrţ Parry was suddenly able Lo clamber back on Lo hls broomŦ
ºnevllleţ you can look!" 8on saldŦ nevllle had been sobblng lnLo Pagrld's [ackeL for Lhe lasL flve
Parry was speedlng Loward Lhe ground when Lhe crowd saw hlm clap hls hand Lo hls mouLh as
Lhough he was abouL Lo be slck Ÿ he hlL Lhe fleld on all fours Ÿ coughed Ÿ and someLhlng
gold fell lnLo hls handŦ
ºl've goL Lhe SnlLch!" he shouLedţ wavlng lL above hls headţ and Lhe game ended ln compleLe
ºPe dldn'L caLch lLţ he nearly swallowed lLţ" lllnL was sLlll howllng LwenLy mlnuLes laLerţ buL lL
made no dlfference Ÿ Parry hadn'L broken any rules and Lee !ordan was sLlll happlly shouLlng
Lhe resulLs Ÿ Cryfflndor had won by one hundred and sevenLy polnLs Lo slxLyŦ Parry heard
none of Lhlsţ LhoughŦ Pe was belng made a cup of sLrong Lea back ln Pagrld's huLţ wlLh 8on and
ºlL was Snapeţ" 8on was explalnlngţ ºPermlone and l saw hlmŦ Pe was curslng your broomsLlckţ
muLLerlngţ he wouldn'L Lake hls eyes off youŦ"
º8ubblshţ" sald Pagrldţ who hadn'L heard a word of whaL had gone on nexL Lo hlm ln Lhe
sLandsŦ ºWhy would Snape do someLhln' llke LhaL?"
Parryţ 8onţ and Permlone looked aL one anoLherţ wonderlng whaL Lo Lell hlmŦ Parry declded
on Lhe LruLhŦ
ºl found ouL someLhlng abouL hlmţ" he Lold PagrldŦ ºPe Lrled Lo geL pasL LhaL LhreeŴheaded
dog on PalloweenŦ lL blL hlmŦ We Lhlnk he was Lrylng Lo sLeal whaLever lL's guardlngŦ"
Pagrld dropped Lhe LeapoLŦ
ºPow do you know abouL lluffy?" he saldŦ
º?eah Ÿ he's mlne Ÿ boughL hlm off a Creek chapple l meL ln Lhe pub las' year Ÿ l lenL hlm Lo
uumbledore Lo guard Lhe Ÿ"
º?es?" sald Parry eagerlyŦ
ºnowţ don'L ask me anymoreţ" sald Pagrld grufflyŦ º1haL's Lop secreLţ LhaL lsŦ"
º8uL Snape's Lrylng Lo sLeal lLŦ"
º8ubblshţ" sald Pagrld agalnŦ ºSnape's a PogwarLs Leacherţ he'd do noLhln' of Lhe sorLŦ"
ºSo why dld he [usL Lry and klll Parry?" crled PermloneŦ
1he afLernoon's evenLs cerLalnly seemed Lo have changed her mlnd abouL SnapeŦ
ºl know a [lnx when l see oneţ Pagrldţ l've read all abouL Lhem! ?ou've goL Lo keep eye conLacLţ
and Snape wasn'L bllnklng aL allţ l saw hlm!"
ºl'm Lellln' yehţ yer wrong!" sald Pagrld hoLlyŦ ºl don' know why Parry's broom acLed llke LhaLţ
buL Snape wouldn' Lry an' klll a sLudenL! nowţ llsLen Lo meţ all Lhree of yeh Ÿ yer meddlln' ln
Lhlngs LhaL don' concern yehŦ lL's dangerousŦ ?ou forgeL LhaL dogţ an' you forgeL whaL lL's
guardln'ţ LhaL's beLween Þrofessor uumbledore an' nlcolas llamel Ÿ"
ºAha!" sald Parryţ ºso Lhere's someone called nlcolas llamel lnvolvedţ ls Lhere?"
Pagrld looked furlous wlLh hlmselfŦ
1he Mlrror of Lrlsed
ChrlsLmas was comlngŦ Cne mornlng ln mldŴuecemberţ PogwarLs woke Lo flnd lLself covered ln
several feeL of snowŦ 1he lake froze solld and Lhe Weasley Lwlns were punlshed for bewlLchlng
several snowballs so LhaL Lhey followed Culrrell aroundţ bounclng off Lhe back of hls LurbanŦ
1he few owls LhaL managed Lo baLLle Lhelr way Lhrough Lhe sLormy sky Lo dellver mall had Lo
be nursed back Lo healLh by Pagrld before Lhey could fly off agalnŦ
no one could walL for Lhe holldays Lo sLarLŦ Whlle Lhe Cryfflndor common room and Lhe CreaL
Pall had roarlng flresţ Lhe drafLy corrldors had become lcy and a blLLer wlnd raLLled Lhe
wlndows ln Lhe classroomsŦ WorsL of all were Þrofessor Snape's classes down ln Lhe dungeonsţ
where Lhelr breaLh rose ln a mlsL before Lhem and Lhey kepL as close as posslble Lo Lhelr hoL
ºl do feel so sorryţ" sald uraco Malfoyţ one ÞoLlons classţ ºfor all Lhose people who have Lo
sLay aL PogwarLs for ChrlsLmas because Lhey're noL wanLed aL homeŦ"
Pe was looklng over aL Parry as he spokeŦ Crabbe and Coyle chuckledŦ Parryţ who was
measurlng ouL powdered splne of llonflshţ lgnored LhemŦ Malfoy had been even more
unpleasanL Lhan usual slnce Lhe CulddlLch maLchŦ ulsgusLed LhaL Lhe SlyLherlns had losLţ he
had Lrled Lo geL everyone laughlng aL how a wldeŴmouLhed Lree frog would be replaclng Parry
as Seeker nexLŦ 1hen he'd reallzed LhaL nobody found Lhls funnyţ because Lhey were all so
lmpressed aL Lhe way Parry had managed Lo sLay on hls bucklng broomsLlckŦ So Malfoyţ [ealous
and angryţ had gone back Lo LaunLlng Parry abouL havlng no proper famllyŦ
lL was Lrue LhaL Parry wasn'L golng back Lo ÞrlveL urlve for ChrlsLmasŦ Þrofessor McConagall
had come around Lhe week beforeţ maklng a llsL of sLudenLs who would be sLaylng for Lhe
holldaysţ and Parry had slgned up aL onceŦ Pe dldn'L feel sorry for hlmself aL allŤ Lhls would
probably be Lhe besL ChrlsLmas he'd ever hadŦ 8on and hls broLhers were sLaylngţ Looţ because
MrŦ and MrsŦ Weasley were golng Lo 8omanla Lo vlslL CharlleŦ
When Lhey lefL Lhe dungeons aL Lhe end of ÞoLlonsţ Lhey found a large flr Lree blocklng Lhe
corrldor aheadŦ 1wo enormous feeL sLlcklng ouL aL Lhe boLLom and a loud pufflng sound Lold
Lhem LhaL Pagrld was behlnd lLŦ
ºPlţ Pagrldţ wanL any help?" 8on askedţ sLlcklng hls head Lhrough Lhe branchesŦ
ºnahţ l'm all rlghLţ Lhanksţ 8onŦ"
ºWould you mlnd movlng ouL of Lhe way?" came Malfoy's cold drawl from behlnd LhemŦ ºAre
you Lrylng Lo earn some exLra moneyţ Weasley? Poplng Lo be gamekeeper yourself when you
leave PogwarLsţ l suppose Ÿ LhaL huL of Pagrld's musL seem llke a palace compared Lo whaL
your famlly's used LoŦ"
8on dlved aL Malfoy [usL as Snape came up Lhe sLalrsŦ
8on leL go of Lhe fronL of Malfoy's robesŦ
ºPe was provokedţ Þrofessor Snapeţ" sald Pagrldţ sLlcklng hls huge halry face ouL from behlnd
Lhe LreeŦ ºMalfoy was lnsulLln' hls famllyŦ"
º8e LhaL as lL mayţ flghLlng ls agalnsL PogwarLs rulesţ Pagrldţ" sald Snape sllkllyŦ ºllve polnLs
from Cryfflndorţ Weasleyţ and be graLeful lL lsn'L moreŦ Move alongţ all of youŦ"
Malfoyţ Crabbeţ and Coyle pushed roughly pasL Lhe Lreeţ scaLLerlng needles everywhere and
ºl'll geL hlmţ" sald 8onţ grlndlng hls LeeLh aL Malfoy's backţ ºone of Lhese daysţ l'll geL hlm Ÿ"
ºl haLe Lhem boLhţ" sald Parryţ ºMalfoy and SnapeŦ"
ºCome onţ cheer upţ lL's nearly ChrlsLmasţ" sald PagrldŦ º1ell yeh whaLţ come wlLh me an' see
Lhe CreaL Pallţ looks a LreaLŦ"
So Lhe Lhree of Lhem followed Pagrld and hls Lree off Lo Lhe CreaL Pallţ where Þrofessor
McConagall and Þrofessor lllLwlck were busy wlLh Lhe ChrlsLmas decoraLlonsŦ
ºAhţ Pagrldţ Lhe lasL Lree Ÿ puL lL ln Lhe far cornerţ would you?"
1he hall looked specLacularŦ lesLoons of holly and mlsLleLoe hung all around Lhe wallsţ and no
less Lhan Lwelve Lowerlng ChrlsLmas Lrees sLood around Lhe roomţ some sparkllng wlLh Llny
lclclesţ some gllLLerlng wlLh hundreds of candlesŦ
ºPow many days you goL lefL unLll yer holldays?" Pagrld askedŦ
º!usL oneţ" sald PermloneŦ ºAnd LhaL remlnds me Ÿ Parryţ 8onţ we've goL half an hour before
lunchţ we should be ln Lhe llbraryŦ"
ºCh yeahţ you're rlghLţ" sald 8onţ Learlng hls eyes away from Þrofessor lllLwlckţ who had
golden bubbles blossomlng ouL of hls wand and was Lralllng Lhem over Lhe branches of Lhe
new LreeŦ
º1he llbrary?" sald Pagrldţ followlng Lhem ouL of Lhe hallŦ º!usL before Lhe holldays? 8lL keenţ
aren'L yeh?"
ºChţ we're noL worklngţ" Parry Lold hlm brlghLlyŦ ºLver slnce you menLloned nlcolas llamel
we've been Lrylng Lo flnd ouL who he lsŦ"
º?ou whaL?" Pagrld looked shockedŦ ºLlsLen here Ÿ l've Lold yeh Ÿ drop lLŦ lL's noLhln' Lo you
whaL LhaL dog's guardln'Ŧ"
ºWe [usL wanL Lo know who nlcolas llamel lsţ LhaL's allţ" sald PermloneŦ
ºunless you'd llke Lo Lell us and save us Lhe Lrouble?" Parry addedŦ ºWe musL've been Lhrough
hundreds of books already and we can'L flnd hlm anywhere Ÿ [usL glve us a hlnL Ÿ l know l've
read hls name somewhereŦ"
ºl'm sayln' noLhln'ţ sald Pagrld flaLlyŦ
º!usL have Lo flnd ouL for ourselvesţ Lhenţ" sald 8onţ and Lhey lefL Pagrld looklng dlsgrunLled
and hurrled off Lo Lhe llbraryŦ
1hey had lndeed been searchlng books for llamel's name ever slnce Pagrld had leL lL sllpţ
because how else were Lhey golng Lo flnd ouL whaL Snape was Lrylng Lo sLeal? 1he Lrouble wasţ
lL was very hard Lo know where Lo beglnţ noL knowlng whaL llamel mlghL have done Lo geL
hlmself lnLo a bookŦ Pe wasn'L ln CreaL Wlzards of Lhe 1wenLleLh CenLuryţ or noLable Maglcal
names of Cur 1lmeŤ he was mlsslngţ Looţ from lmporLanL Modern Maglcal ulscoverlesţ and A
SLudy of 8ecenL uevelopmenLs ln WlzardryŦ And Lhenţ of courseţ Lhere was Lhe sheer slze of
Lhe llbraryŤ Lens of Lhousands of booksŤ Lhousands of shelvesŤ hundreds of narrow rowsŦ
Permlone Look ouL a llsL of sub[ecLs and LlLles she had declded Lo search whlle 8on sLrode off
down a row of books and sLarLed pulllng Lhem off Lhe shelves aL randomŦ Parry wandered over
Lo Lhe 8esLrlcLed SecLlonŦ Pe had been wonderlng for a whlle lf llamel wasn'L somewhere ln
LhereŦ unforLunaLelyţ you needed a speclally slgned noLe from one of Lhe Leachers Lo look ln
any of Lhe resLrlcLed booksţ and he knew he'd never geL oneŦ 1hese were Lhe books conLalnlng
powerful uark Maglc never LaughL aL PogwarLsţ and only read by older sLudenLs sLudylng
advanced uefense AgalnsL Lhe uark ArLsŦ
ºWhaL are you looklng forţ boy?"
ºnoLhlngţ" sald ParryŦ
Madam Þlnce Lhe llbrarlan brandlshed a feaLher dusLer aL hlmŦ
º?ou'd beLLer geL ouLţ LhenŦ Co on Ÿ ouL!"
Wlshlng he'd been a blL qulcker aL Lhlnklng up some sLoryţ Parry lefL Lhe llbraryŦ Peţ 8onţ and
Permlone had already agreed Lhey'd beLLer noL ask Madam Þlnce where Lhey could flnd
llamelŦ 1hey were sure she'd be able Lo Lell Lhemţ buL Lhey couldn'L rlsk Snape hearlng whaL
Lhey were up LoŦ
Parry walLed ouLslde ln Lhe corrldor Lo see lf Lhe oLher Lwo had found anyLhlngţ buL he wasn'L
very hopefulŦ 1hey had been looklng for Lwo weeksţ afLer Aţ buL as Lhey only had odd momenLs
beLween lessons lL wasn'L surprlslng Lhey'd found noLhlngŦ WhaL Lhey really needed was a nlce
long search wlLhouL Madam Þlnce breaLhlng down Lhelr necksŦ
llve mlnuLes laLerţ 8on and Permlone [olned hlmţ shaklng Lhelr headsŦ 1hey wenL off Lo lunchŦ
º?ou wlll keep looklng whlle l'm awayţ won'L you?" sald PermloneŦ ºAnd send me an owl lf you
flnd anyLhlngŦ"
ºAnd you could ask your parenLs lf Lhey know who llamel lsţ" sald 8onŦ ºlL'd be safe Lo ask
ºvery safeţ as Lhey're boLh denLlsLsţ" sald PermloneŦ
Cnce Lhe holldays had sLarLedţ 8on and Parry were havlng Loo good a Llme Lo Lhlnk much
abouL llamelŦ 1hey had Lhe dormlLory Lo Lhemselves and Lhe common room was far empLler
Lhan usualţ so Lhey were able Lo geL Lhe good armchalrs by Lhe flreŦ 1hey saL by Lhe hour eaLlng
anyLhlng Lhey could spear on a LoasLlng fork Ÿ breadţ Lngllsh mufflnsţ marshmallows Ÿ and
ploLLlng ways of geLLlng Malfoy expelledţ whlch were fun Lo Lalk abouL even lf Lhey wouldn'L
8on also sLarLed Leachlng Parry wlzard chessŦ 1hls was exacLly llke Muggle chess excepL LhaL
Lhe flgures were allveţ whlch made lL a loL llke dlrecLlng Lroops ln baLLleŦ 8on's seL was very old
and baLLeredŦ Llke everyLhlng else he ownedţ lL had once belonged Lo someone else ln hls
famlly Ÿ ln Lhls caseţ hls grandfaLherŦ Poweverţ old chessmen weren'L a drawback aL allŦ 8on
knew Lhem so well he never had Lrouble geLLlng Lhem Lo do whaL he wanLedŦ
Parry played wlLh chessmen Seamus llnnlgan had lenL hlmţ and Lhey dldn'L LrusL hlm aL allŦ Pe
wasn'L a very good player yeL and Lhey kepL shouLlng dlfferenL blLs of advlce aL hlmţ whlch was
confuslngŦ ºuon'L send me Lhereţ can'L you see hls knlghL? Send hlmţ we can afford Lo lose
Cn ChrlsLmas Lveţ Parry wenL Lo bed looklng forward Lo Lhe nexL day for Lhe food and Lhe funţ
buL noL expecLlng any presenLs aL allŦ When he woke early ln Lhe mornlngţ howeverţ Lhe flrsL
Lhlng he saw was a small plle of packages aL Lhe fooL of hls bedŦ
ºMerry ChrlsLmasţ" sald 8on sleeplly as Parry scrambled ouL of bed and pulled on hls
º?ouţ Looţ" sald ParryŦ ºWlll you look aL Lhls? l've goL some presenLs!"
ºWhaL dld you expecLţ Lurnlps?" sald 8onţ Lurnlng Lo hls own plleţ whlch was a loL blgger Lhan
Parry plcked up Lhe Lop parcelŦ lL was wrapped ln Lhlck brown paper and scrawled across lL
was 1o Parryţ from PagrldŦ lnslde was a roughly cuL wooden fluLeŦ Pagrld had obvlously
whlLLled lL hlmselfŦ Parry blew lL Ÿ lL sounded a blL llke an owlŦ
A secondţ very small parcel conLalned a noLeŦ
We recelved your message and enclose your ChrlsLmas presenLŦ lrom uncle vernon and AunL
ÞeLunlaŦ 1aped Lo Lhe noLe was a flfLyŴpence pleceŦ
º1haL's frlendlyţ" sald ParryŦ
8on was fasclnaLed by Lhe flfLy penceŦ
ºWelrd!" he saldţ 'WhaL a shape! 1hls ls money?"
º?ou can keep lLţ" sald Parryţ laughlng aL how pleased 8on wasŦ ºPagrld and my aunL and uncle
Ÿ so who senL Lhese?"
ºl Lhlnk l know who LhaL one's fromţ" sald 8onţ Lurnlng a blL plnk and polnLlng Lo a very lumpy
parcelŦ ºMy momŦ l Lold her you dldn'L expecL any presenLs and Ÿ ohţ noţ" he groanedţ ºshe's
made you a Weasley sweaLerŦ"
Parry had Lorn open Lhe parcel Lo flnd a Lhlckţ handŴknlLLed sweaLer ln emerald green and a
large box of homemade fudgeŦ
ºLvery year she makes us a sweaLerţ" sald 8onţ unwrapplng hls ownţ ºand mlne's always
º1haL's really nlce of herţ" sald Parryţ Lrylng Lhe fudgeţ whlch was very LasLyŦ
Pls nexL presenL also conLalned candy Ÿ a large box of ChocolaLe lrogs from PermloneŦ
1hls only lefL one parcelŦ Parry plcked lL up and felL lLŦ lL was very llghLŦ Pe unwrapped lLŦ
SomeLhlng fluld and sllvery gray wenL sllLherlng Lo Lhe floor where lL lay ln gleamlng foldsŦ 8on
ºl've heard of Lhoseţ" he sald ln a hushed volceţ dropplng Lhe box of Lvery llavor 8eans he'd
goLLen from PermloneŦ ºlf LhaL's whaL l Lhlnk lL ls Ÿ Lhey're really rareţ and really valuableŦ"
ºWhaL ls lL?"
Parry plcked Lhe shlnlngţ sllvery cloLh off Lhe floorŦ lL was sLrange Lo Lhe Louchţ llke waLer
woven lnLo maLerlalŦ
ºlL's an lnvlslblllLy cloakţ" sald 8onţ a look of awe on hls faceŦ ºl'm sure lL ls Ÿ Lry lL onŦ"
Parry Lhrew Lhe cloak around hls shoulders and 8on gave a yellŦ
ºlL ls! Look down!"
Parry looked down aL hls feeLţ buL Lhey were goneŦ Pe dashed Lo Lhe mlrrorŦ Sure enoughţ hls
reflecLlon looked back aL hlmţ [usL hls head suspended ln mldalrţ hls body compleLely lnvlslbleŦ
Pe pulled Lhe cloak over hls head and hls reflecLlon vanlshed compleLelyŦ
º1here's a noLe!" sald 8on suddenlyŦ ºA noLe fell ouL of lL!"
Parry pulled off Lhe cloak and selzed Lhe leLLerŦ WrlLLen ln narrowţ loopy wrlLlng he had never
seen before were Lhe followlng wordsť
?our faLher lefL Lhls ln my possesslon before he dledŦ
lL ls Llme lL was reLurned Lo youŦ
use lL wellŦ
A very Merry ChrlsLmas Lo youŦ
1here was no slgnaLureŦ Parry sLared aL Lhe noLeŦ 8on was admlrlng Lhe cloakŦ
ºl'd glve anyLhlng for one of Lheseţ" he saldŦ ºAnyLhlngŦ WhaL's Lhe maLLer?"
ºnoLhlngţ" sald ParryŦ Pe felL very sLrangeŦ Who had senL Lhe cloak? Pad lL really once
belonged Lo hls faLher?
8efore he could say or Lhlnk anyLhlng elseţ Lhe dormlLory door was flung open and lred and
Ceorge Weasley bounded lnŦ Parry sLuffed Lhe cloak qulckly ouL of slghLŦ Pe dldn'L feel llke
sharlng lL wlLh anyone else yeLŦ
ºMerry ChrlsLmas!"
ºPeyţ look Ÿ Parry's goL a Weasley sweaLerţ Loo!"
lred and Ceorge were wearlng blue sweaLersţ one wlLh a large yellow l on lLţ Lhe oLher a CŦ
ºParry's ls beLLer Lhan oursţ Lhoughţ" sald lredţ holdlng up Parry's sweaLerŦ ºShe obvlously
makes more of an efforL lf you're noL famllyŦ"
ºWhy aren'L you wearlng yoursţ 8on?" Ceorge demandedŦ ºCome onţ geL lL onţ Lhey're lovely
and warmŦ"
ºl haLe maroonţ" 8on moaned halfhearLedly as he pulled lL over hls headŦ
º?ou haven'L goL a leLLer on yoursţ" Ceorge observedŦ ºl suppose she Lhlnks you don'L forgeL
your nameŦ 8uL we're noL sLupld Ÿ we know we're called Cred and lorgeŦ"
ºWhaL's all Lhls nolse?"
Þercy Weasley sLuck hls head Lhrough Lhe doorţ looklng dlsapprovlngŦ Pe had clearly goLLen
halfway Lhrough unwrapplng hls presenLs as heţ Looţ carrled a lumpy sweaLer over hls armţ
whlch lred selzedŦ
ºÞ for prefecL! CeL lL onţ Þercyţ come onţ we're all wearlng oursţ even Parry goL oneŦ"
ºl Ÿ don'L Ÿ wanL Ÿ" sald Þercy Lhlcklyţ as Lhe Lwlns forced Lhe sweaLer over hls headţ
knocklng hls glasses askewŦ
ºAnd you're noL slLLlng wlLh Lhe prefecLs Lodayţ elLherţ" sald CeorgeŦ ºChrlsLmas ls a Llme for
1hey frogŴmarched Þercy from Lhe roomţ hls arms plnned Lo hls slde by hls sweaLerŦ
Parry had never ln all hls llfe had such a ChrlsLmas dlnnerŦ A hundred faLţ roasL LurkeysŤ
mounLalns of roasL and bolled poLaLoesŤ plaLLers of chlpolaLasŤ Lureens of buLLered peasţ sllver
boaLs of Lhlckţ rlch gravy and cranberry sauce Ŷ and sLacks of wlzard crackers every few feeL
along Lhe LableŦ 1hese fanLasLlc parLy favors were noLhlng llke Lhe feeble Muggle ones Lhe
uursleys usually boughLţ wlLh Lhelr llLLle plasLlc Loys and Lhelr fllmsy paper haLs lnsldeŦ Parry
pulled a wlzard cracker wlLh lred and lL dldn'L [usL bangţ lL wenL off wlLh a blasL llke a cannon
and engulfed Lhem all ln a cloud of blue smokeţ whlle from Lhe lnslde exploded a rear admlral's
haL and several llveţ whlLe mlceŦ up aL Lhe Plgh 1ableţ uumbledore had swapped hls polnLed
wlzard's haL for a flowered bonneLţ and was chuckllng merrlly aL a [oke Þrofessor lllLwlck had
[usL read hlmŦ
llamlng ChrlsLmas puddlngs followed Lhe LurkeyŦ Þercy nearly broke hls LeeLh on a sllver slckle
embedded ln hls sllceŦ Parry waLched Pagrld geLLlng redder and redder ln Lhe face as he called
for more wlneţ flnally klsslng Þrofessor McConagall on Lhe cheekţ whoţ Lo Parry's amazemenLţ
glggled and blushedţ her Lop haL lopsldedŦ
When Parry flnally lefL Lhe Lableţ he was laden down wlLh a sLack of Lhlngs ouL of Lhe crackersţ
lncludlng a pack of nonexplodableţ lumlnous balloonsţ a CrowŴ?ourŴCwnŴWarLs klLţ and hls
own new wlzard chess seLŦ 1he whlLe mlce had dlsappeared and Parry had a nasLy feellng Lhey
were golng Lo end up as MrsŦ norrls's ChrlsLmas dlnnerŦ
Parry and Lhe Weasleys spenL a happy afLernoon havlng a furlous snowball flghL on Lhe
groundsŦ 1henţ coldţ weLţ and gasplng for breaLhţ Lhey reLurned Lo Lhe flre ln Lhe Cryfflndor
common roomţ where Parry broke ln hls new chess seL by loslng specLacularly Lo 8onŦ Pe
suspecLed he wouldn'L have losL so badly lf Þercy hadn'L Lrled Lo help hlm so muchŦ
AfLer a meal of Lurkey sandwlchesţ crumpeLsţ Lrlfleţ and ChrlsLmas cakeţ everyone felL Loo full
and sleepy Lo do much before bed excepL slL and waLch Þercy chase lred and Ceorge all over
Cryfflndor Lower because Lhey'd sLolen hls prefecL badgeŦ
lL had been Parry's besL ChrlsLmas day everŦ ?eL someLhlng had been nagglng aL Lhe back of hls
mlnd all dayŦ noL unLll he cllmbed lnLo bed was he free Lo Lhlnk abouL lLť Lhe lnvlslblllLy cloak
and whoever had senL lLŦ
8onţ full of Lurkey and cake and wlLh noLhlng mysLerlous Lo boLher hlmţ fell asleep almosL as
soon as he'd drawn Lhe curLalns of hls fourŴposLerŦ Parry leaned over Lhe slde of hls own bed
and pulled Lhe cloak ouL from under lLŦ
Pls faLher'sŧ Lhls had been hls faLher'sŦ Pe leL Lhe maLerlal flow over hls handsţ smooLher Lhan
sllkţ llghL as alrŦ use lL wellţ Lhe noLe had saldŦ
Pe had Lo Lry lLţ nowŦ Pe sllpped ouL of bed and wrapped Lhe cloak around hlmselfŦ Looklng
down aL hls legsţ he saw only moonllghL and shadowsŦ lL was a very funny feellngŦ
use lL wellŦ
Suddenlyţ Parry felL wldeŴawakeŦ 1he whole of PogwarLs was open Lo hlm ln Lhls cloakŦ
LxclLemenL flooded Lhrough hlm as he sLood Lhere ln Lhe dark and sllenceŦ Pe could go
anywhere ln Lhlsţ anywhereţ and lllch would never knowŦ
8on grunLed ln hls sleepŦ Should Parry wake hlm? SomeLhlng held hlm back Ÿ hls faLher's
cloak Ÿ he felL LhaL Lhls Llme Ÿ Lhe flrsL Llme Ÿ he wanLed Lo use lL aloneŦ
Pe crepL ouL of Lhe dormlLoryţ down Lhe sLalrsţ across Lhe common roomţ and cllmbed Lhrough
Lhe porLralL holeŦ
ºWho's Lhere?" squawked Lhe laL LadyŦ Parry sald noLhlngŦ Pe walked qulckly down Lhe
Where should he go? Pe sLoppedţ hls hearL raclngţ and LhoughLŦ And Lhen lL came Lo hlmŦ 1he
8esLrlcLed SecLlon ln Lhe llbraryŦ Pe'd be able Lo read as long as he llkedţ as long as lL Look Lo
flnd ouL who llamel wasŦ Pe seL offţ drawlng Lhe lnvlslblllLy cloak LlghL around hlm as he
1he llbrary was plLchŴblack and very eerleŦ Parry llL a lamp Lo see hls way along Lhe rows of
booksŦ 1he lamp looked as lf lL was floaLlng along ln mldalrţ and even Lhough Parry could feel
hls arm supporLlng lLţ Lhe slghL gave hlm Lhe creepsŦ
1he 8esLrlcLed SecLlon was rlghL aL Lhe back of Lhe llbraryŦ SLepplng carefully over Lhe rope
LhaL separaLed Lhese books from Lhe resL of Lhe llbraryţ he held up hls lamp Lo read Lhe LlLlesŦ
1hey dldn'L Lell hlm muchŦ 1helr peellngţ faded gold leLLers spelled words ln languages Parry
couldn'L undersLandŦ Some had no LlLle aL allŦ Cne book had a dark sLaln on lL LhaL looked
horrlbly llke bloodŦ 1he halrs on Lhe back of Parry's neck prlckledŦ Maybe he was lmaglnlng lLţ
maybe noLţ buL he LhoughL a falnL whlsperlng was comlng from Lhe booksţ as Lhough Lhey
knew someone was Lhere who shouldn'L beŦ
Pe had Lo sLarL somewhereŦ SeLLlng Lhe lamp down carefully on Lhe floorţ he looked along Lhe
boLLom shelf for an lnLeresLlng looklng bookŦ A large black and sllver volume caughL hls eyeŦ Pe
pulled lL ouL wlLh dlfflculLyţ because lL was very heavyţ andţ balanclng lL on hls kneeţ leL lL fall
A plerclngţ bloodcurdllng shrlek spllL Lhe sllence Ÿ Lhe book was screamlng! Parry snapped lL
shuLţ buL Lhe shrlek wenL on and onţ one hlghţ unbrokenţ earspllLLlng noLeŦ Pe sLumbled
backward and knocked over hls lampţ whlch wenL ouL aL onceŦ Þanlcklngţ he heard fooLsLeps
comlng down Lhe corrldor ouLslde Ÿ sLufflng Lhe shrleklng book back on Lhe shelfţ he ran for
lLŦ Pe passed lllch ln Lhe doorwayŤ lllch's paleţ wlld eyes looked sLralghL Lhrough hlmţ and
Parry sllpped under lllch's ouLsLreLched arm and sLreaked off up Lhe corrldorţ Lhe book's
shrleks sLlll rlnglng ln hls earsŦ
Pe came Lo a sudden halL ln fronL of a Lall sulL of armorŦ Pe had been so busy geLLlng away
from Lhe llbraryţ he hadn'L pald aLLenLlon Lo where he was golngŦ Þerhaps because lL was darkţ
he dldn'L recognlze where he was aL allŦ 1here was a sulL of armor near Lhe klLchensţ he knewţ
buL he musL be flve floors above LhereŦ
º?ou asked me Lo come dlrecLly Lo youţ Þrofessorţ lf anyone was wanderlng around aL nlghLţ
and somebody's been ln Lhe llbrary 8esLrlcLed SecLlonŦ"
Parry felL Lhe blood draln ouL of hls faceŦ Wherever he wasţ lllch musL know a shorLcuLţ
because hls sofLţ greasy volce was geLLlng nearerţ and Lo hls horrorţ lL was Snape who replledţ
º1he 8esLrlcLed SecLlon? Wellţ Lhey can'L be farţ we'll caLch LhemŦ"
Parry sLood rooLed Lo Lhe spoL as lllch and Snape came around Lhe corner aheadŦ 1hey
couldn'L see hlmţ of courseţ buL lL was a narrow corrldor and lf Lhey came much nearer Lhey'd
knock rlghL lnLo hlm Ÿ Lhe cloak dldn'L sLop hlm from belng solldŦ
Pe backed away as quleLly as he couldŦ A door sLood a[ar Lo hls lefLŦ lL was hls only hopeŦ Pe
squeezed Lhrough lLţ holdlng hls breaLhţ Lrylng noL Lo move lLţ and Lo hls rellef he managed Lo
geL lnslde Lhe room wlLhouL Lhelr noLlclng anyLhlngŦ 1hey walked sLralghL pasLţ and Parry
leaned agalnsL Lhe wallţ breaLhlng deeplyţ llsLenlng Lo Lhelr fooLsLeps dylng awayŦ 1haL had
been closeţ very closeŦ lL was a few seconds before he noLlced anyLhlng abouL Lhe room he had
hldden lnŦ
lL looked llke an unused classroomŦ 1he dark shapes of desks and chalrs were plled agalnsL Lhe
wallsţ and Lhere was an upLurned wasLepaper baskeL Ŷ buL propped agalnsL Lhe wall faclng hlm
was someLhlng LhaL dldn'L look as lf lL belonged Lhereţ someLhlng LhaL looked as lf someone
had [usL puL lL Lhere Lo keep lL ouL of Lhe wayŦ
lL was a magnlflcenL mlrrorţ as hlgh as Lhe celllngţ wlLh an ornaLe gold frameţ sLandlng on Lwo
clawed feeLŦ 1here was an lnscrlpLlon carved around Lhe Lopť Lrlsed sLra ehru oyL ube cafru oyL
on wohslŦ Pls panlc fadlng now LhaL Lhere was no sound of lllch and Snapeţ Parry moved
nearer Lo Lhe mlrrorţ wanLlng Lo look aL hlmself buL see no reflecLlon agalnŦ Pe sLepped ln
fronL of lLŦ
Pe had Lo clap hls hands Lo hls mouLh Lo sLop hlmself from screamlngŦ Pe whlrled aroundŦ Pls
hearL was poundlng far more furlously Lhan when Lhe book had screamed Ÿ for he had seen
noL only hlmself ln Lhe mlrrorţ buL a whole crowd of people sLandlng rlghL behlnd hlmŦ
8uL Lhe room was empLyŦ 8reaLhlng very fasLţ he Lurned slowly back Lo Lhe mlrrorŦ
1here he wasţ reflecLed ln lLţ whlLe and scaredŴlooklngţ and Lhereţ reflecLed behlnd hlmţ were
aL leasL Len oLhersŦ Parry looked over hls shoulder Ÿ buL sLlllţ no one was LhereŦ Cr were Lhey
all lnvlslbleţ Loo? Was he ln facL ln a room full of lnvlslble people and Lhls mlrror's Lrlck was
LhaL lL reflecLed Lhemţ lnvlslble or noL?
Pe looked ln Lhe mlrror agalnŦ A woman sLandlng rlghL behlnd hls reflecLlon was smlllng aL hlm
and wavlngŦ Pe reached ouL a hand and felL Lhe alr behlnd hlmŦ lf she was really Lhereţ he'd
Louch herţ Lhelr reflecLlons were so close LogeLherţ buL he felL only alr Ŷ she and Lhe oLhers
exlsLed only ln Lhe mlrrorŦ
She was a very preLLy womanŦ She had dark red halr and her eyes Ÿher eyes are [usL llke mlneţ
Parry LhoughLţ edglng a llLLle closer Lo Lhe glassŦ 8rlghL green Ÿ exacLly Lhe same shapeţ buL
Lhen he noLlced LhaL she was crylngŤ smlllngţ buL crylng aL Lhe same LlmeŦ 1he Lallţ Lhlnţ blackŴ
halred man sLandlng nexL Lo her puL hls arm around herŦ Pe wore glassesţ and hls halr was very
unLldyŦ lL sLuck up aL Lhe backţ [usL as Parry's dldŦ
Parry was so close Lo Lhe mlrror now LhaL hls nose was nearly Louchlng LhaL of hls reflecLlonŦ
ºMom?" he whlsperedŦ ºuad?"
1hey [usL looked aL hlmţ smlllngŦ And slowlyţ Parry looked lnLo Lhe faces of Lhe oLher people ln
Lhe mlrrorţ and saw oLher palrs of green eyes llke hlsţ oLher noses llke hlsţ even a llLLle old man
who looked as Lhough he had Parry's knobbly knees Ÿ Parry was looklng aL hls famllyţ for Lhe
flrsL Llme ln hls llfeŦ
1he ÞoLLers smlled and waved aL Parry and he sLared hungrlly back aL Lhemţ hls hands pressed
flaL agalnsL Lhe glass as Lhough he was hoplng Lo fall rlghL Lhrough lL and reach LhemŦ Pe had a
powerful klnd of ache lnslde hlmţ half [oyţ half Lerrlble sadnessŦ
Pow long he sLood Lhereţ he dldn'L knowŦ 1he reflecLlons dld noL fade and he looked and
looked unLll a dlsLanL nolse broughL hlm back Lo hls sensesŦ Pe couldn'L sLay hereţ he had Lo
flnd hls way back Lo bedŦ Pe Lore hls eyes away from hls moLher's faceţ whlsperedţ ºl'll come
backţ" and hurrled from Lhe roomŦ
º?ou could have woken me upţ" sald 8onţ crosslyŦ
º?ou can come LonlghLţ l'm golng backţ l wanL Lo show you Lhe mlrrorŦ"
ºl'd llke Lo see your mom and dadţ" 8on sald eagerlyŦ
ºAnd l wanL Lo see all your famllyţ all Lhe Weasleysţ you'll be able Lo show me your oLher
broLhers and everyoneŦ"
º?ou can see Lhem any old Llmeţ" sald 8onŦ º!usL come round my house Lhls summerŦ Anywayţ
maybe lL only shows dead peopleŦ Shame abouL noL flndlng llamelţ LhoughŦ Pave some bacon
or someLhlngţ why aren'L you eaLlng anyLhlng?"
Parry couldn'L eaLŦ Pe had seen hls parenLs and would be seelng Lhem agaln LonlghLŦ Pe had
almosL forgoLLen abouL llamelŦ lL dldn'L seem very lmporLanL anymoreŦ Who cared whaL Lhe
Lhree headed dog was guardlng? WhaL dld lL maLLer lf Snape sLole lLţ really?
ºAre you all rlghL?" sald 8onŦ º?ou look oddŦ"
WhaL Parry feared mosL was LhaL he mlghL noL be able Lo flnd Lhe mlrror room agalnŦ WlLh
8on covered ln Lhe cloakţ Looţ Lhey had Lo walk much more slowly Lhe nexL nlghLŦ 1hey Lrled
reLraclng Parry's rouLe from Lhe llbraryţ wanderlng around Lhe dark passageways for nearly an
ºl'm freezlngţ" sald 8onŦ ºLeL's forgeL lL and go backŦ"
ºno!" Parry hlssedŦ ºl know lL's here somewhereŦ"
1hey passed Lhe ghosL of a Lall wlLch glldlng ln Lhe opposlLe dlrecLlonţ buL saw no one elseŦ [usL
as 8on sLarLed moanlng LhaL hls feeL were dead wlLh coldţ Parry spoLLed Lhe sulL of armorŦ
ºlL's here Ÿ [usL here Ÿ yes!"
1hey pushed Lhe door openŦ Parry dropped Lhe cloak from around hls shoulders and ran Lo Lhe
1here Lhey wereŦ Pls moLher and faLher beamed aL Lhe slghL of hlmŦ
ºSee?" Parry whlsperedŦ
ºl can'L see anyLhlngŦ"
ºLook! Look aL Lhem allŧ Lhere are loads of Lhemŧ"
ºl can only see youŦ"
ºLook ln lL properlyţ go onţ sLand where l amŦ"
Parry sLepped asldeţ buL wlLh 8on ln fronL of Lhe mlrrorţ he couldn'L see hls famlly anymoreţ
[usL 8on ln hls palsley pa[amasŦ
8onţ Lhoughţ was sLarlng Lransflxed aL hls lmageŦ
ºLook aL me!" he saldŦ
ºCan you see all your famlly sLandlng around you?"
ºno Ÿ l'm alone Ÿ buL l'm dlfferenL Ÿ l look older Ÿ and l'm head boy!"
ºl am Ÿ l'm wearlng Lhe badge llke 8lll used Lo Ÿ and l'm holdlng Lhe house cup and Lhe
CulddlLch cup Ÿ l'm CulddlLch capLalnţ LooŦ"
8on Lore hls eyes away from Lhls splendld slghL Lo look exclLedly aL ParryŦ
ºuo you Lhlnk Lhls mlrror shows Lhe fuLure?"
ºPow can lL? All my famlly are dead Ÿ leL me have anoLher look Ÿ"
º?ou had lL Lo yourself all lasL nlghLţ glve me a blL more LlmeŦ"
º?ou're only holdlng Lhe CulddlLch cupţ whaL's lnLeresLlng abouL LhaL? l wanL Lo see my
ºuon'L push me Ÿ"
A sudden nolse ouLslde ln Lhe corrldor puL an end Lo Lhelr dlscusslonŦ 1hey hadn'L reallzed how
loudly Lhey had been LalklngŦ
8on Lhrew Lhe cloak back over Lhem as Lhe lumlnous eyes of MrsŦ norrls came round Lhe doorŦ
8on and Parry sLood qulLe sLlllţ boLh Lhlnklng Lhe same Lhlng Ÿ dld Lhe cloak work on caLs?
AfLer whaL seemed an ageţ she Lurned and lefLŦ
º1hls lsn'L safe Ÿ she mlghL have gone for lllchţ l beL she heard usŦ Come onŦ"
And 8on pulled Parry ouL of Lhe roomŦ
1he snow sLlll hadn'L melLed Lhe nexL mornlngŦ
ºWanL Lo play chessţ Parry?" sald 8onŦ
ºWhy don'L we go down and vlslL Pagrld?"
ºnoŧ you goŧ"
ºl know whaL you're Lhlnklng abouLţ Parryţ LhaL mlrrorŦ uon'L go back LonlghLŦ"
ºWhy noL?"
ºl dunnoţ l've [usL goL a bad feellng abouL lL Ÿ and anywayţ you've had Loo many close shaves
alreadyŦ lllchţ Snapeţ and MrsŦ norrls are wanderlng aroundŦ So whaL lf Lhey can'L see you?
WhaL lf Lhey walk lnLo you? WhaL lf you knock someLhlng over?"
º?ou sound llke PermloneŦ"
ºl'm serlousţ Parryţ don'L goŦ"
8uL Parry only had one LhoughL ln hls headţ whlch was Lo geL back ln fronL of Lhe mlrrorţ and
8on wasn'L golng Lo sLop hlmŦ
1haL Lhlrd nlghL he found hls way more qulckly Lhan beforeŦ Pe was walklng so fasL he knew he
was maklng more nolse Lhan was wlseţ buL he dldn'L meeL anyoneŦ
And Lhere were hls moLher and faLher smlllng aL hlm agalnţ and one of hls grandfaLhers
noddlng happllyŦ Parry sank down Lo slL on Lhe floor ln fronL of Lhe mlrrorŦ 1here was noLhlng
Lo sLop hlm from sLaylng here all nlghL wlLh hls famllyŦ noLhlng aL allŦ
LxcepL Ÿ
ºSo Ÿ back agalnţ Parry?"
Parry felL as Lhough hls lnsldes had Lurned Lo lceŦ Pe looked behlnd hlmŦ SlLLlng on one of Lhe
desks by Lhe wall was none oLher Lhan Albus uumbledoreŦ Parry musL have walked sLralghL
pasL hlmţ so desperaLe Lo geL Lo Lhe mlrror he hadn'L noLlced hlmŦ
ºl Ÿ l dldn'L see youţ slrŦ"
ºSLrange how nearslghLed belng lnvlslble can make youţ" sald uumbledoreţ and Parry was
relleved Lo see LhaL he was smlllngŦ
ºSoţ" sald uumbledoreţ sllpplng off Lhe desk Lo slL on Lhe floor wlLh Parryţ ºyouţ llke hundreds
before youţ have dlscovered Lhe dellghLs of Lhe Mlrror of LrlsedŦ"
ºl dldn'L know lL was called LhaLţ SlrŦ"
º8uL l expecL you've reallzed by now whaL lL does?"
ºlL Ÿ well Ÿ lL shows me my famlly Ÿ"
ºAnd lL showed your frlend 8on hlmself as head boyŦ"
ºPow dld you know Ÿ?"
ºl don'L need a cloak Lo become lnvlslbleţ" sald uumbledore genLlyŦ ºnowţ can you Lhlnk whaL
Lhe Mlrror of Lrlsed shows us all?"
Parry shook hls headŦ
ºLeL me explalnŦ 1he happlesL man on earLh would be able Lo use Lhe Mlrror of Lrlsed llke a
normal mlrrorţ LhaL lsţ he would look lnLo lL and see hlmself exacLly as he lsŦ uoes LhaL help?"
Parry LhoughLŦ 1hen he sald slowlyţ ºlL shows us whaL we wanLŧ whaLever we wanLŧ"
º?es and noţ" sald uumbledore quleLlyŦ ºlL shows us noLhlng more or less Lhan Lhe deepesLţ
mosL desperaLe deslre of our hearLsŦ ?ouţ who have never known your famllyţ see Lhem
sLandlng around youŦ 8onald Weasleyţ who has always been overshadowed by hls broLhersţ
sees hlmself sLandlng aloneţ Lhe besL of all of LhemŦ Poweverţ Lhls mlrror wlll glve us nelLher
knowledge or LruLhŦ Men have wasLed away before lLţ enLranced by whaL Lhey have seenţ or
been drlven madţ noL knowlng lf whaL lL shows ls real or even posslbleŦ
º1he Mlrror wlll be moved Lo a new home Lomorrowţ Parryţ and l ask you noL Lo go looklng for
lL agalnŦ lf you ever do run across lLţ you wlll now be preparedŦ lL does noL do Lo dwell on
dreams and forgeL Lo llveţ remember LhaLŦ nowţ why don'L you puL LhaL admlrable cloak back
on and geL off Lo bed?"
Parry sLood upŦ
ºSlr Ÿ Þrofessor uumbledore? Can l ask you someLhlng?"
ºCbvlouslyţ you've [usL done soţ" uumbledore smlledŦ º?ou may ask me one more Lhlngţ
ºWhaL do you see when you look ln Lhe mlrror?"
ºl? l see myself holdlng a palr of Lhlckţ woolen socksŦ"
Parry sLaredŦ
ºCne can never have enough socksţ" sald uumbledoreŦ ºAnoLher ChrlsLmas has come and gone
and l dldn'L geL a slngle palrŦ Þeople wlll lnslsL on glvlng me booksŦ"
lL was only when he was back ln bed LhaL lL sLruck Parry LhaL uumbledore mlghL noL have been
qulLe LruLhfulŦ 8uL Lhenţ he LhoughLţ as he shoved Scabbers off hls plllowţ lL had been qulLe a
personal quesLlonŦ
CPAÞ1L8 1Pl81LLn
nlcholas llamel
uumbledore had convlnced Parry noL Lo go looklng for Lhe Mlrror of Lrlsed agalnţ and for Lhe
resL of Lhe ChrlsLmas holldays Lhe lnvlslblllLy cloak sLayed folded aL Lhe boLLom of hls LrunkŦ
Parry wlshed he could forgeL whaL he'd seen ln Lhe mlrror as easllyţ buL he couldn'LŦ Pe sLarLed
havlng nlghLmaresŦ Cver and over agaln he dreamed abouL hls parenLs dlsappearlng ln a flash
of green llghLţ whlle a hlgh volce cackled wlLh laughLerŦ
º?ou seeţ uumbledore was rlghLţ LhaL mlrror could drlve you madţ" sald 8onţ when Parry Lold
hlm abouL Lhese dreamsŦ
Permloneţ who came back Lhe day before Lerm sLarLedţ Look a dlfferenL vlew of LhlngsŦ She
was Lorn beLween horror aL Lhe ldea of Parry belng ouL of bedţ roamlng Lhe school Lhree
nlghLs ln a row (ºlf lllch had caughL you!")ţ and dlsappolnLmenL LhaL he hadn'L aL leasL found
ouL who nlcolas llamel wasŦ
1hey had almosL glven up hope of ever flndlng llamel ln a llbrary bookţ even Lhough Parry was
sLlll sure he'd read Lhe name somewhereŦ Cnce Lerm had sLarLedţ Lhey were back Lo sklmmlng
Lhrough books for Len mlnuLes durlng Lhelr breaksŦ Parry had even less Llme Lhan Lhe oLher
Lwoţ because CulddlLch pracLlce had sLarLed agalnŦ
Wood was worklng Lhe Leam harder Lhan everŦ Lven Lhe endless raln LhaL had replaced Lhe
snow couldn'L dampen hls splrlLsŦ 1he Weasleys complalned LhaL Wood was becomlng a
fanaLlcţ buL Parry was on Wood's sldeŦ lf Lhey won Lhelr nexL maLchţ agalnsL Pufflepuffţ Lhey
would overLake SlyLherln ln Lhe house champlonshlp for Lhe flrsL Llme ln seven yearsŦ CulLe
aparL from wanLlng Lo wlnţ Parry found LhaL he had fewer nlghLmares when he was Llred ouL
afLer LralnlngŦ
1henţ durlng one parLlcularly weL and muddy pracLlce sesslonţ Wood gave Lhe Leam a blL of
bad newsŦ Pe'd [usL goLLen very angry wlLh Lhe Weasleysţ who kepL dlveŴbomblng each oLher
and preLendlng Lo fall off Lhelr broomsŦ
ºWlll you sLop messlng around!" he yelledŦ º1haL's exacLly Lhe sorL of Lhlng LhaL'll lose us Lhe
maLch! Snape's refereelng Lhls Llmeţ and he'll be looklng for any excuse Lo knock polnLs off
Ceorge Weasley really dld fall off hls broom aL Lhese wordsŦ
ºSnape's refereelng?" he spluLLered Lhrough a mouLhful of mudŦ ºWhen's he ever refereed a
CulddlLch maLch? Pe's noL golng Lo be falr lf we mlghL overLake SlyLherlnŦ"
1he resL of Lhe Leam landed nexL Lo Ceorge Lo complalnţ LooŦ
ºlL's noL my faulLţ" sald WoodŦ ºWe've [usL goL Lo make sure we play a clean gameţ so Snape
hasn'L goL an excuse Lo plck on usŦ"
Whlch was all very wellţ LhoughL Parryţ buL he had anoLher reason for noL wanLlng Snape near
hlm whlle he was playlng CulddlLchŧ
1he resL of Lhe Leam hung back Lo Lalk Lo one anoLher as usual aL Lhe end of pracLlceţ buL Parry
headed sLralghL back Lo Lhe Cryfflndor common roomţ where he found 8on and Permlone
playlng chessŦ Chess was Lhe only Lhlng Permlone ever losL aLţ someLhlng Parry and 8on
LhoughL was very good for herŦ
ºuon'L Lalk Lo me for a momenLţ" sald 8on when Parry saL down nexL Lo hlmţ ºl need Lo
concenŸ" Pe caughL slghL of Parry's faceŦ
ºWhaL's Lhe maLLer wlLh you? ?ou look LerrlbleŦ"
Speaklng quleLly so LhaL no one else would hearţ Parry Lold Lhe oLher Lwo abouL Snape's
suddenţ slnlsLer deslre Lo be a CulddlLch refereeŦ
ºuon'L playţ" sald Permlone aL onceŦ
ºSay you're lllţ" sald 8onŦ
ºÞreLend Lo break your legţ" Permlone suggesLedŦ
º8eally break your legţ" sald 8onŦ
ºl can'Lţ" sald ParryŦ º1here lsn'L a reserve SeekerŦ lf l back ouLţ Cryfflndor can'L play aL allŦ"
AL LhaL momenL nevllle Loppled lnLo Lhe common roomŦ Pow he had managed Lo cllmb
Lhrough Lhe porLralL hole was anyone's guessţ because hls legs had been sLuck LogeLher wlLh
whaL Lhey recognlzed aL once as Lhe LegŴLocker CurseŦ Pe musL have had Lo bunny hop all Lhe
way up Lo Cryfflndor LowerŦ
Lveryone fell over laughlng excepL Permloneţ who leapL up and performed Lhe counLercurseŦ
nevllle's legs sprang aparL and he goL Lo hls feeLţ LrembllngŦ ºWhaL happened?" Permlone
asked hlmţ leadlng hlm over Lo slL wlLh Parry and 8onŦ
ºMalfoyţ" sald nevllle shakllyŦ ºl meL hlm ouLslde Lhe llbraryŦ Pe sald he'd been looklng for
someone Lo pracLlce LhaL onŦ"
ºCo Lo Þrofessor McConagall!" Permlone urged nevllleŦ º8eporL hlm!"
nevllle shook hls headŦ
ºl don'L wanL more Lroubleţ" he mumbledŦ
º?ou've goL Lo sLand up Lo hlmţ nevllle!" sald 8onŦ ºPe's used Lo walklng all over peopleţ buL
LhaL's no reason Lo lle down ln fronL of hlm and make lL easlerŦ"
º1here's no need Lo Lell me l'm noL brave enough Lo be ln Cryfflndorţ Malfoy's already done
LhaLţ" nevllle choked ouLŦ
Parry felL ln Lhe pockeL of hls robes and pulled ouL a ChocolaLe lrogţ Lhe very lasL one from Lhe
box Permlone had glven hlm for ChrlsLmasŦ Pe gave lL Lo nevllleţ who looked as Lhough he
mlghL cryŦ
º?ou're worLh Lwelve of Malfoyţ" Parry saldŦ º1he SorLlng PaL chose you for Cryfflndorţ dldn'L
lL? And where's Malfoy? ln sLlnklng SlyLherlnŦ"
nevllle's llps LwlLched ln a weak smlle as he unwrapped Lhe frogŦ
º1hanksţ Parryŧ l Lhlnk l'll go Lo bedŧ u'you wanL Lhe cardţ you collecL Lhemţ don'L you?"
As nevllle walked awayţ Parry looked aL Lhe lamous Wlzard cardŦ
ºuumbledore agalnţ" he saldţ ºPe was Lhe flrsL one l ever Ÿ"
Pe gaspedŦ Pe sLared aL Lhe back of Lhe cardŦ 1hen he looked up aL 8on and PermloneŦ
ºl've found hlm!" he whlsperedŦ ºl've found llamel! l Lold you l'd read Lhe name somewhere
beforeţ l read lL on Lhe Lraln comlng here Ÿ llsLen Lo Lhlsť 'uumbledore ls parLlcularly famous
for hls defeaL of Lhe dark wlzard Crlndelwald ln 1943ţ for Lhe dlscovery of Lhe Lwelve uses of
dragon's bloodţ and hls work on alchemy wlLh hls parLnerţ nlcolas llamel'!"
Permlone [umped Lo her feeLŦ She hadn'L looked so exclLed slnce Lhey'd goLLen back Lhe marks
for Lhelr very flrsL plece of homeworkŦ
ºSLay Lhere!" she saldţ and she sprlnLed up Lhe sLalrs Lo Lhe glrls' dormlLorlesŦ Parry and 8on
barely had Llme Lo exchange mysLlfled looks before she was dashlng backţ an enormous old
book ln her armsŦ
ºl never LhoughL Lo look ln here!" she whlspered exclLedlyŦ ºl goL Lhls ouL of Lhe llbrary weeks
ago for a blL of llghL readlngŦ"
ºLlghL?" sald 8onţ buL Permlone Lold hlm Lo be quleL unLll she'd looked someLhlng upţ and
sLarLed fllcklng franLlcally Lhrough Lhe pagesţ muLLerlng Lo herselfŦ
AL lasL she found whaL she was looklng forŦ
ºl knew lL! l knew lL!"
ºAre we allowed Lo speak yeL?" sald 8on grumpllyŦ Permlone lgnored hlmŦ
ºnlcolas llamelţ" she whlspered dramaLlcallyţ ºls Lhe only known maker of Lhe Sorcerer's
1hls dldn'L have qulLe Lhe effecL she'd expecLedŦ
º1he whaL?" sald Parry and 8onŦ
ºChţ honesLlyţ don'L you Lwo read? Look Ŷ read LhaLţ LhereŦ"
She pushed Lhe book Loward Lhemţ and Parry and 8on readť
1he anclenL sLudy of alchemy ls concerned wlLh maklng Lhe Sorcerer's SLoneţ a legendary
subsLance wlLh asLonlshlng powersŦ 1he sLone wlll Lransform any meLal lnLo pure goldŦ lL also
produces Lhe Lllxlr of Llfeţ whlch wlll make Lhe drlnker lmmorLalŦ
1here have been many reporLs of Lhe Sorcerer's SLone over Lhe cenLurlesţ buL Lhe only SLone
currenLly ln exlsLence belongs Lo MrŦ nlcolas llamelţ Lhe noLed alchemlsL and opera loverŦ MrŦ
llamelţ who celebraLed hls slx hundred and slxLyŴflfLh blrLhday lasL yearţ en[oys a quleL llfe ln
uevon wlLh hls wlfeţ Þerenelle (slx hundred and flfLyŴelghL)Ŧ
ºSee?" sald Permloneţ when Parry and 8on had flnlshedŦ º1he dog musL be guardlng llamel's
Sorcerer's SLone! l beL he asked uumbledore Lo keep lL safe for hlmţ because Lhey're frlends
and he knew someone was afLer lLţ LhaL's why he wanLed Lhe SLone moved ouL of CrlngoLLs!"
ºA sLone LhaL makes gold and sLops you from ever dylng!" sald ParryŦ ºno wonder Snape's
afLer lL! Anyone would wanL lLŦ"
ºAnd no wonder we couldn'L flnd llamel ln LhaL SLudy of 8ecenL uevelopmenLs ln Wlzardryţ"
sald 8onŦ ºPe's noL exacLly recenL lf he's slx hundred and slxLyŴflveţ ls he?"
1he nexL mornlng ln uefense AgalnsL Lhe uark ArLsţ whlle copylng down dlfferenL ways of
LreaLlng werewolf blLesţ Parry and 8on were sLlll dlscusslng whaL Lhey'd do wlLh a Sorcerer's
SLone lf Lhey had oneŦ lL wasn'L unLll 8on sald he'd buy hls own CulddlLch Leam LhaL Parry
remembered abouL Snape and Lhe comlng maLchŦ
ºl'm golng Lo playţ" he Lold 8on and PermloneŦ ºlf l don'Lţ all Lhe SlyLherlns wlll Lhlnk l'm [usL
Loo scared Lo face SnapeŦ l'll show Lhemŧ lL'll really wlpe Lhe smlles off Lhelr faces lf we wlnŦ"
º!usL as long as we're noL wlplng you off Lhe fleldţ" sald PermloneŦ
As Lhe maLch drew nearerţ howeverţ Parry became more and more nervousţ whaLever he Lold
8on and PermloneŦ 1he resL of Lhe Leam wasn'L Loo calmţ elLherŦ 1he ldea of overLaklng
SlyLherln ln Lhe house champlonshlp was wonderfulţ no one had done lL for seven yearsţ buL
would Lhey be allowed Loţ wlLh such a blased referee?
Parry dldn'L know wheLher he was lmaglnlng lL or noLţ buL he seemed Lo keep runnlng lnLo
wherever he wenLŦ AL Llmesţ he even wondered wheLher Snape was followlng hlmţ Lrylng Lo
caLch hlm on hls ownŦ ÞoLlons lessons were Lurnlng lnLo a sorL of weekly LorLureţ Snape was so
horrlble Lo ParryŦ Could Snape posslbly know Lhey'd found ouL abouL Lhe Sorcerer's SLone?
Parry dldn'L see how he could Ÿ yeL he someLlmes had Lhe horrlble feellng LhaL Snape could
read mlndsŦ
Parry knewţ when Lhey wlshed hlm good luck ouLslde Lhe locker rooms Lhe nexL afLernoonţ
LhaL 8on and Permlone were wonderlng wheLher Lhey'd ever see hlm allve agalnŦ 1hls wasn'L
whaL you'd call comforLlngŦ Parry hardly heard a word of Wood's pep Lalk as he pulled on hls
CulddlLch robes and plcked up hls nlmbus 1wo 1housandŦ
8on and Permloneţ meanwhlleţ had found a place ln Lhe sLands nexL Lo nevllleţ who couldn'L
undersLand why Lhey looked so grlm and worrledţ or why Lhey had boLh broughL Lhelr wands
Lo Lhe maLchŦ LlLLle dld Parry know LhaL 8on and Permlone had been secreLly pracLlclng Lhe
LegŴLocker CurseŦ 1hey'd goLLen Lhe ldea from Malfoy uslng lL on nevllleţ and were ready Lo
use lL on Snape lf he showed any slgn of wanLlng Lo hurL ParryŦ
ºnowţ don'L forgeLţ lL's LocomoLor MorLlsţ" Permlone muLLered as 8on sllpped hls wand up hls
ºl knowţ" 8on snappedŦ ºuon'L nagŦ"
8ack ln Lhe locker roomţ Wood had Laken Parry asldeŦ
ºuon'L wanL Lo pressure youţ ÞoLLerţ buL lf we ever need an early capLure of Lhe SnlLch lL's
nowŦ llnlsh Lhe game before Snape can favor Pufflepuff Loo muchŦ"
º1he whole school's ouL Lhere!" sald lred Weasleyţ peerlng ouL of Lhe doorŦ ºLven Ÿ bllmey Ÿ
uumbledore's come Lo waLch!"
Parry's hearL dld a somersaulLŦ
ºuumbledore?" he saldţ dashlng Lo Lhe door Lo make sureŦ lred was rlghLŦ 1here was no
mlsLaklng LhaL sllver beardŦ
Parry could have laughed ouL loud wlLh rellefţ he was safeŦ 1here was slmply no way LhaL
Snape would dare Lo Lry Lo hurL hlm lf uumbledore was waLchlngŦ
Þerhaps LhaL was why Snape was looklng so angry as Lhe Leams marched onLo Lhe fleldţ
someLhlng LhaL 8on noLlcedţ LooŦ
ºl've never seen Snape look so meanţ" he Lold PermloneŦ ºLook Ÿ Lhey're offŦ Cuch!"
Someone had poked 8on ln Lhe back of Lhe headŦ lL was MalfoyŦ
ºChţ sorryţ Weasleyţ dldn'L see you LhereŦ"
Malfoy grlnned broadly aL Crabbe and CoyleŦ
ºWonder how long ÞoLLer's golng Lo sLay on hls broom Lhls Llme? Anyone wanL a beL? WhaL
abouL youţ Weasley?"
8on dldn'L answerŤ Snape had [usL awarded Pufflepuff a penalLy because Ceorge Weasley had
hlL a 8ludger aL hlmŦ Permloneţ who had all her flngers crossed ln her lapţ was squlnLlng flxedly
aL Parryţ who was clrcllng Lhe game llke a hawkţ looklng for Lhe SnlLchŦ
º?ou know how l Lhlnk Lhey choose people for Lhe Cryfflndor Leam?" sald Malfoy loudly a few
mlnuLes laLerţ as Snape awarded Pufflepuff anoLher penalLy for no reason aL allŦ ºlL's people
Lhey feel sorry forŦ Seeţ Lhere's ÞoLLerţ who's goL no parenLsţ Lhen Lhere's Lhe Weasleysţ
who've goL no money Ÿ you should be on Lhe Leamţ LongboLLomţ you've goL no bralnsŦ"
nevllle wenL brlghL red buL Lurned ln hls seaL Lo face MalfoyŦ
ºl'm worLh Lwelve of youţ Malfoyţ" he sLammeredŦ
Malfoyţ Crabbeţ and Coyle howled wlLh laughLerţ buL 8onţ sLlll noL darlng Lo Lake hls eyes from
Lhe gameţ saldţ º?ou Lell hlmţ nevllleŦ"
ºLongboLLomţ lf bralns were gold you'd be poorer Lhan Weasleyţ and LhaL's saylng someLhlngŦ"
8on's nerves were already sLreLched Lo Lhe breaklng polnL wlLh anxleLy abouL ParryŦ
ºl'm warnlng youţ Malfoy Ÿ one more wordŸ"
º8on!" sald Permlone suddenlyţ ºParry Ÿ"
ºWhaL? Where?"
Parry had suddenly gone lnLo a specLacular dlveţ whlch drew gasps and cheers from Lhe
crowdŦ Permlone sLood upţ her crossed flngers ln her mouLhţ as Parry sLreaked Loward Lhe
ground llke a bulleLŦ
º?ou're ln luckţ Weasleyţ ÞoLLer's obvlously spoLLed some money on Lhe ground!" sald MalfoyŦ
8on snappedŦ 8efore Malfoy knew whaL was happenlngţ 8on was on Lop of hlmţ wresLllng hlm
Lo Lhe groundŦ nevllle heslLaLedţ Lhen clambered over Lhe back of hls seaL Lo helpŦ
ºCome onţ Parry!" Permlone screamedţ leaplng onLo her seaL Lo waLch as Parry sped sLralghL
aL Snape Ÿ she dldn'L even noLlce Malfoy and 8on rolllng around under her seaLţ or Lhe
scuffles and yelps comlng from Lhe whlrl of flsLs LhaL was nevllleţ Crabbeţ and CoyleŦ
up ln Lhe alrţ Snape Lurned on hls broomsLlck [usL ln Llme Lo see someLhlng scarleL shooL pasL
hlmţ mlsslng hlm by lnches Ÿ Lhe nexL secondţ Parry had pulled ouL of Lhe dlveţ hls arm ralsed
ln Lrlumphţ Lhe SnlLch clasped ln hls handŦ
1he sLands erupLedŤ lL had Lo be a recordţ no one could ever remember Lhe SnlLch belng
caughL so qulcklyŦ
º8on! 8on! Where are you? 1he game's over! Parry's won! We've won! Cryfflndor ls ln Lhe
lead!" shrleked Permloneţ danclng up and down on her seaL and hugglng ÞarvaLl ÞaLll ln Lhe
row ln fronLŦ
Parry [umped off hls broomţ a fooL from Lhe groundŦ Pe couldn'L belleve lLŦ Pe'd done lL Ÿ Lhe
game was overŤ lL had barely lasLed flve mlnuLesŦ As Cryfflndors came spllllng onLo Lhe fleldţ he
saw Snape land nearbyţ whlLeŴfaced and LlghLŴllpped Ÿ Lhen Parry felL a hand on hls shoulder
and looked up lnLo uumbledore's smlllng faceŦ
ºWell doneţ" sald uumbledore quleLlyţ so LhaL only Parry could hearŦ ºnlce Lo see you haven'L
been broodlng abouL LhaL mlrrorŧ been keeplng busyŧ excellenLŧ"
Snape spaL blLLerly on Lhe groundŦ
Parry lefL Lhe locker room alone some Llme laLerţ Lo Lake hls nlmbus 1wo 1housand back Lo
Lhe broomshedŦ Pe couldn'L ever remember feellng happlerŦ Pe'd really done someLhlng Lo be
proud of now Ŷ no one could say he was [usL a famous name any moreŦ 1he evenlng alr had
never smelled so sweeLŦ Pe walked over Lhe damp grassţ rellvlng Lhe lasL hour ln hls headţ
whlch was a happy blurť Cryfflndors runnlng Lo llfL hlm onLo Lhelr shouldersŤ 8on and
Permlone ln Lhe dlsLanceţ [umplng up and downţ 8on cheerlng Lhrough a heavy nosebleedŦ
Parry had reached Lhe shedŦ Pe leaned agalnsL Lhe wooden door and looked up aL PogwarLsţ
wlLh lLs wlndows glowlng red ln Lhe seLLlng sunŦ Cryfflndor ln Lhe leadŦ Pe'd done lLţ he'd
shown Snapeŧ
And speaklng of Snapeŧ
A hooded flgure came swlfLly down Lhe fronL sLeps of Lhe casLleŦ Clearly noL wanLlng Lo be
seenţ lL walked as fasL as posslble Loward Lhe forbldden foresLŦ Parry's vlcLory faded from hls
mlnd as he waLchedŦ Pe recognlzed Lhe flgure's prowllng walkŦ Snapeţ sneaklng lnLo Lhe foresL
whlle everyone else was aL dlnner Ÿ whaL was golng on?
Parry [umped back on hls nlmbus 1wo 1housand and Look offŦ Clldlng sllenLly over Lhe casLle
he saw Snape enLer Lhe foresL aL a runŦ Pe followedŦ
1he Lrees were so Lhlck he couldn'L see where Snape had goneŦ Pe flew ln clrclesţ lower and
lowerţ brushlng Lhe Lop branches of Lrees unLll he heard volcesŦ Pe gllded Loward Lhem and
landed nolselessly ln a Lowerlng beech LreeŦ
Pe cllmbed carefully along one of Lhe branchesţ holdlng LlghL Lo hls broomsLlckţ Lrylng Lo see
Lhrough Lhe leavesŦ
8elowţ ln a shadowy clearlngţ sLood Snapeţ buL he wasn'L aloneŦ Culrrell was Lhereţ LooŦ Parry
couldn'L make ouL Lhe look on hls faceţ buL he was sLuLLerlng worse Lhan everŦ Parry sLralned
Lo caLch whaL Lhey were saylngŦ
ºŧ dŴdon'L know why you wanLed LŴLŴLo meeL here of all pŴplacesţ Severusŧ"
ºChţ l LhoughL we'd keep Lhls prlvaLeţ" sald Snapeţ hls volce lcyŦ ºSLudenLs aren'L supposed Lo
know abouL Lhe Sorcerer's SLoneţ afLer allŦ"
Parry leaned forwardŦ Culrrell was mumbllng someLhlngŦ Snape lnLerrupLed hlmŦ
ºPave you found ouL how Lo geL pasL LhaL beasL of Pagrld's yeL?"
º8ŴbŴbuL Severusţ l Ÿ"
º?ou don'L wanL me as your enemyţ Culrrellţ" sald Snapeţ Laklng a sLep Loward hlmŦ
ºlŴl don'L know whaL youŸ"
º?ou know perfecLly well whaL l meanŦ"
An owl hooLed loudlyţ and Parry nearly fell ouL of Lhe LreeŦ Pe sLeadled hlmself ln Llme Lo hear
Snape sayţ ºŸ your llLLle blL of hocusŴpocusŦ l'm walLlngŦ"
º8ŴbuL l dŴdŴdon'L Ÿ"
ºvery wellţ" Snape cuL lnŦ ºWe'll have anoLher llLLle chaL soonţ when you've had Llme Lo Lhlnk
Lhlngs over and declded where your loyalLles lleŦ"
Pe Lhrew hls cloak over hls head and sLrode ouL of Lhe clearlngŦ lL was almosL dark nowţ buL
Parry could see Culrrellţ sLandlng qulLe sLlll as Lhough he was peLrlfledŦ
ºParryţ where have you been?" Permlone squeakedŦ
ºWe won! ?ou won! We won!" shouLed 8onţ Lhumplng Parry on Lhe backŦ ºAnd l gave Malfoy
a black eyeţ and nevllle Lrled Lo Lake on Crabbe and Coyle slngleŴhanded! Pe's sLlll ouL cold buL
Madam Þomfrey says he'll be all rlghL Ÿ Lalk abouL showlng SlyLherln! Lveryone's walLlng for
you ln Lhe common roomţ we're havlng a parLyţ lred and Ceorge sLole some cakes and sLuff
from Lhe klLchensŦ"
ºnever mlnd LhaL nowţ" sald Parry breaLhlesslyŦ ºLeL's flnd an empLy roomţ you walL 'Lll you
hear Lhlsŧ"
Pe made sure Þeeves wasn'L lnslde before shuLLlng Lhe door behlnd Lhemţ Lhen he Lold Lhem
whaL he'd seen and heardŦ
ºSo we were rlghLţ lL ls Lhe Sorcerer's SLoneţ and Snape's Lrylng Lo force Culrrell Lo help hlm
lLŦ Pe asked lf he knew how Lo geL pasL lluffy Ÿ and he sald someLhlng abouL Culrrell's 'hocus
pocus' Ÿ l reckon Lhere are oLher Lhlngs guardlng Lhe sLone aparL from lluffyţ loads of
enchanLmenLsţ probablyţ and Culrrell would have done some anLlŴuark ArLs spell LhaL Snape
needs Lo break Lhrough Ÿ"
ºSo you mean Lhe SLone's only safe as long as Culrrell sLands up Lo Snape?" sald Permlone ln
ºlL'll be gone by nexL 1uesdayţ" sald 8onŦ
CPAÞ1L8 lCu81LLn
norberL Lhe norweglan 8ldgeback
Culrrellţ howeverţ musL have been braver Lhan Lhey'd LhoughLŦ ln Lhe weeks LhaL followed he
dld seem Lo be geLLlng paler and Lhlnnerţ buL lL dldn'L look as Lhough he'd cracked yeLŦ
Lvery Llme Lhey passed Lhe LhlrdŴfloor corrldorţ Parryţ 8onţ and Permlone would press Lhelr
ears Lo Lhe door Lo check LhaL lluffy was sLlll growllng lnsldeŦ Snape was sweeplng abouL ln hls
usual bad Lemperţ whlch surely meanL LhaL Lhe SLone was sLlll safeŦ Whenever Parry passed
Culrrell Lhese days he gave hlm an encouraglng sorL of smlleţ and 8on had sLarLed Lelllng
people off for laughlng aL Culrrell's sLuLLerŦ
Permloneţ howeverţ had more on her mlnd Lhan Lhe Sorcerer's SLoneŦ She had sLarLed drawlng
up sLudy schedules and color codlng all her noLesŦ Parry and 8on wouldn'L have mlndedţ buL
she kepL nagglng Lhem Lo do Lhe sameŦ
ºPermloneţ Lhe exams are ages awayŦ"
º1en weeksţ" Permlone snappedŦ º1haL's noL agesţ LhaL's llke a second Lo nlcolas llamelŦ"
º8uL we're noL slx hundred years oldţ" 8on remlnded herŦ ºAnywayţ whaL are you sLudylng forţ
you already know lL's an AŦ"
ºWhaL am l sLudylng for? Are you crazy? ?ou reallze we need Lo pass Lhese exams Lo geL lnLo
Lhe second year? 1hey're very lmporLanLţ l should have sLarLed sLudylng a monLh agoţ l don'L
know whaL's goLLen lnLo meŧ"
unforLunaLelyţ Lhe Leachers seemed Lo be Lhlnklng along Lhe same llnes as PermloneŦ 1hey
plled so much homework on Lhem LhaL Lhe LasLer holldays weren'L nearly as much fun as Lhe
ChrlsLmas onesŦ lL was hard Lo relax wlLh Permlone nexL Lo you reclLlng Lhe Lwelve uses of
dragon's blood or pracLlclng wand movemenLsŦ Moanlng and yawnlngţ Parry and 8on spenL
mosL of Lhelr free Llme ln Lhe llbrary wlLh herţ Lrylng Lo geL Lhrough all Lhelr exLra workŦ
ºl'll never remember Lhlsţ" 8on bursL ouL one afLernoonţ Lhrowlng down hls qulll and looklng
longlngly ouL of Lhe llbrary wlndowŦ lL was Lhe flrsL really flne day Lhey'd had ln monLhsŦ 1he
sky was a clearţ forgeLŴmeŴnoL blueţ and Lhere was a feellng ln Lhe alr of summer comlngŦ
Parryţ who was looklng up ºulLLany" ln Cne 1housand Maglcal Perbs and lunglţ dldn'L look up
unLll he heard 8on sayţ ºPagrld! WhaL are you dolng ln Lhe llbrary?"
Pagrld shuffled lnLo vlewţ hldlng someLhlng behlnd hls backŦ Pe looked very ouL of place ln hls
moleskln overcoaLŦ
º!us' lookln'ţ" he saldţ ln a shlfLy volce LhaL goL Lhelr lnLeresL aL onceŦ ºAn' whaL're you loL up
Ler?" Pe looked suddenly susplclousŦ º?er noL sLlll lookln' fer nlcolas llamelţ are yeh?"
ºChţ we found ouL who he ls ages agoţ" sald 8on lmpresslvelyŦ ºAnd we know whaL LhaL dog's
guardlngţ lL's a Sorcerer's SLŸ"
ºShhhh!" Pagrld looked around qulckly Lo see lf anyone was llsLenlngŦ ºuon' go shouLln' abouL
lLţ whaL's Lhe maLLer wlLh yeh?"
º1here are a few Lhlngs we wanLed Lo ask youţ as a maLLer of facLţ" sald Parryţ ºabouL whaL's
guardlng Lhe SLone aparL from lluffy Ÿ"
ºSPPPP!" sald Pagrld agalnŦ ºLlsLen Ÿ come an' see me laLerţ l'm noL promlsln' l'll Lell yeh
anyLhln'ţ mlndţ buL don' go rabblLln' abouL lL ln hereţ sLudenLs aren' s'pposed Ler knowŦ 1hey'll
Lhlnk l've Lold yeh Ÿ"
ºSee you laLerţ Lhenţ" sald ParryŦ
Pagrld shuffled offŦ
ºWhaL was he hldlng behlnd hls back?" sald Permlone LhoughLfullyŦ
ºuo you Lhlnk lL had anyLhlng Lo do wlLh Lhe SLone?"
ºl'm golng Lo see whaL secLlon he was lnţ" sald 8onţ who'd had enough of worklngŦ Pe came
back a mlnuLe laLer wlLh a plle of books ln hls arms and slammed Lhem down on Lhe LableŦ
ºuragons!" he whlsperedŦ ºPagrld was looklng up sLuff abouL dragons! Look aL Lheseť uragon
Specles of CreaL 8rlLaln and lrelandŤ lrom Lgg Lo lnfernoţ A uragon keeper's CuldeŦ "
ºPagrld's always wanLed a dragonţ he Lold me so Lhe flrsL Llme l ever meL hlmţ º sald ParryŦ
º8uL lL's agalnsL our lawsţ" sald 8onŦ ºuragon breedlng was ouLlawed by Lhe Warlocks'
ConvenLlon of 1709ţ everyone knows LhaLŦ lL's hard Lo sLop Muggles from noLlclng us lf we're
keeplng dragons ln Lhe back garden Ÿ anywayţ you can'L Lame dragonsţ lL's dangerousŦ ?ou
should see Lhe burns Charlle's goL off wlld ones ln 8omanlaŦ"
º8uL Lhere aren'L wlld dragons ln 8rlLaln?" sald ParryŦ
ºCf course Lhere areţ" sald 8onŦ ºCommon Welsh Creen and Pebrldean 8lacksŦ 1he MlnlsLry of
Maglc has a [ob hushlng Lhem upţ l can Lell youŦ Cur klnd have Lo keep puLLlng spells on
Muggles who've spoLLed Lhemţ Lo make Lhem forgeLŦ"
ºSo whaL on earLh's Pagrld up Lo?" sald PermloneŦ
When Lhey knocked on Lhe door of Lhe gamekeeper's huL an hour laLerţ Lhey were surprlsed Lo
see LhaL all Lhe curLalns were closedŦ Pagrld called ºWho ls lL?" before he leL Lhem lnţ and Lhen
shuL Lhe door qulckly behlnd LhemŦ
lL was sLlfllng hoL lnsldeŦ Lven Lhough lL was such a warm dayţ Lhere was a blazlng flre ln Lhe
graLeŦ Pagrld made Lhem Lea and offered Lhem sLoaL sandwlchesţ whlch Lhey refusedŦ
ºSo Ÿ yeh wanLed Lo ask me someLhln'?"
º?esţ" sald ParryŦ 1here was no polnL beaLlng around Lhe bushŦ ºWe were wonderlng lf you
could Lell us whaL's guardlng Lhe Sorcerer's SLone aparL from lluffyŦ"
Pagrld frowned aL hlmŦ
ºC' course l can'Lţº he saldŦ ºnumber oneţ l don' know meselfŦ number Lwoţ yeh know Loo
much alreadyţ so l wouldn' Lell yeh lf l couldŦ 1haL SLone's here fer a good reasonŦ lL was almosL
sLolen ouLLa CrlngoLLs Ÿ l s'ppose yeh've worked LhaL ouL an' all? 8eaLs me how yeh even
know abou' lluffyŦ"
ºChţ come onţ Pagrldţ you mlghL noL wanL Lo Lell usţ buL you do knowţ you know everyLhlng
LhaL goes on round hereţ" sald Permlone ln a warmţ flaLLerlng volceŦ Pagrld's beard LwlLched
and Lhey could Lell he was smlllngŦ ºWe only wondered who had done Lhe guardlngţ reallyŦ"
Permlone wenL onŦ ºWe wondered who uumbledore had LrusLed enough Lo help hlmţ aparL
from youŦ"
Pagrld's chesL swelled aL Lhese lasL wordsŦ Parry and 8on beamed aL PermloneŦ
ºWellţ l don' s'pose lL could hurL Ler Lell yeh LhaLŧ leL's seeŧ he borrowed lluffy from meŧ
Lhen some o' Lhe Leachers dld enchanLmenLsŧ Þrofessor SprouL Ÿ Þrofessor lllLwlck Ÿ
Þrofessor McConagall Ÿ" he Llcked Lhem off on hls flngersţ ºÞrofessor Culrrell Ÿ an'
uumbledore hlmself dld someLhln'ţ o' courseŦ Pang onţ l've forgoLLen someoneŦ Ch yeahţ
Þrofessor SnapeŦ"
º?eah Ÿ yer noL sLlll on abou' LhaLţ are yeh? Lookţ Snape helped proLecL Lhe SLoneţ he's noL
abouL Ler sLeal lLŦ"
Parry knew 8on and Permlone were Lhlnklng Lhe same as he wasŦ lf Snape had been ln on
proLecLlng Lhe SLoneţ lL musL have been easy Lo flnd ouL how Lhe oLher Leachers had guarded
lLŦ Pe probably knew everyLhlng Ÿ excepLţ lL seemedţ Culrrell's spell and how Lo geL pasL
º?ou're Lhe only one who knows how Lo geL pasL lluffyŦ aren'L youţ Pagrld?" sald Parry
anxlouslyŦ ºAnd you wouldn'L Lell anyoneţ would you? noL even one of Lhe Leachers?"
ºnoL a soul knows excepL me an' uumbledoreţ" sald Pagrld proudlyŦ
ºWellţ LhaL's someLhlngţ" Parry muLLered Lo Lhe oLhersŦ ºPagrldţ can we have a wlndow open?
l'm bolllngŦ"
ºCan'Lţ Parryţ sorryţ" sald PagrldŦ Parry noLlced hlm glance aL Lhe flreŦ Parry looked aL lLţ LooŦ
ºPagrld Ÿ whaL's LhaL?"
8uL he already knew whaL lL wasŦ ln Lhe very hearL of Lhe flreţ underneaLh Lhe keLLleţ was a
hugeţ black eggŦ
ºAhţ" sald Pagrldţ flddllng nervously wlLh hls beardţ º1haL's Ÿ erŧ"
ºWhere dld you geL lLţ Pagrld?" sald 8onţ crouchlng over Lhe flre Lo geL a closer look aL Lhe eggŦ
ºlL musL've cosL you a forLuneŦ"
ºWon lLţ" sald PagrldŦ ºLas' nlghLŦ l was down ln Lhe vlllage havln' a few drlnks an' goL lnLo a
game o' cards wlLh a sLrangerŦ 1hlnk he was qulLe glad Ler geL rld of lLţ Ler be honesLŦ"
º8uL whaL are you golng Lo do wlLh lL when lL's haLched?" sald PermloneŦ
ºWellţ l've bln doln' some readln'ţ" sald Pagrldţ pulllng a large book from under hls plllowŦ ºCoL
Lhls ouLLa Lhe llbrary Ÿuragon 8reedlng for Þleasure and ÞroflL Ÿ lL's a blL ouLLa daLeţ o'
courseţ buL lL's all ln hereŦ keep Lhe egg ln Lhe flreţ 'cause Lhelr moLhers breaLhe on l emţ seeţ
an' when lL haLchesţ feed lL on a buckeL o' brandy mlxed wlLh chlcken blood every half hourŦ
An' see here Ÿ how Ler recognlze dlff'renL eggs Ÿ whaL l goL Lhere's a norweglan 8ldgebackŦ
1hey're rareţ LhemŦ"
Pe looked very pleased wlLh hlmselfţ buL Permlone dldn'LŦ
ºPagrldţ you llve ln a wooden houseţ" she saldŦ
8uL Pagrld wasn'L llsLenlngŦ Pe was hummlng merrlly as he sLoked Lhe flreŦ
So now Lhey had someLhlng else Lo worry abouLť whaL mlghL happen Lo Pagrld lf anyone found
ouL he was hldlng an lllegal dragon ln hls huLŦ
ºWonder whaL lL's llke Lo have a peaceful llfeţ" 8on slghedţ as evenlng afLer evenlng Lhey
sLruggled Lhrough all Lhe exLra homework Lhey were geLLlngŦ Permlone had now sLarLed
maklng sLudy schedules for Parry and 8onţ LooŦ lL was drlvlng Lhem nuLsŦ
1henţ one breakfasL Llmeţ Pedwlg broughL Parry anoLher noLe from PagrldŦ Pe had wrlLLen
only Lwo wordsť lL's haLchlngŦ
8on wanLed Lo sklp Perbology and go sLralghL down Lo Lhe huLŦ Permlone wouldn'L hear of lLŦ
ºPermloneţ how many Llmes ln our llves are we golng Lo see a dragon haLchlng?"
ºWe've goL lessonsţ we'll geL lnLo Lroubleţ and LhaL's noLhlng Lo whaL Pagrld's golng Lo be ln
when someone flnds ouL whaL he's dolngŸ"
ºShuL up!" Parry whlsperedŦ
Malfoy was only a few feeL away and he had sLopped dead Lo llsLenŦ Pow much had he heard?
Parry dldn'L llke Lhe look on Malfoy's face aL allŦ
8on and Permlone argued all Lhe way Lo Perbology and ln Lhe endţ Permlone agreed Lo run
down Lo Pagrld's wlLh Lhe oLher Lwo durlng mornlng breakŦ When Lhe bell sounded from Lhe
casLle aL Lhe end of Lhelr lessonţ Lhe Lhree of Lhem dropped Lhelr Lrowels aL once and hurrled
Lhrough Lhe grounds Lo Lhe edge of Lhe foresLŦ Pagrld greeLed Lhemţ looklng flushed and
ºlL's nearly ouLŦ" Pe ushered Lhem lnsldeŦ
1he egg was lylng on Lhe LableŦ 1here were deep cracks ln lLŦ SomeLhlng was movlng lnsldeŤ a
funny cllcklng nolse was comlng from lLŦ
1hey all drew Lhelr chalrs up Lo Lhe Lable and waLched wlLh baLed breaLhŦ
All aL once Lhere was a scraplng nolse and Lhe egg spllL openŦ 1he baby dragon flopped onLo
Lhe LableŦ lL wasn'L exacLly preLLyŤ Parry LhoughL lL looked llke a crumpledţ black umbrellaŦ lLs
splny wlngs were huge compared Lo lLs sklnny [eL bodyţ lL had a long snouL wlLh wlde nosLrllsţ
Lhe sLubs of horns and bulglngţ orange eyesŦ
lL sneezedŦ A couple of sparks flew ouL of lLs snouLŦ
ºlsn'L he beauLlful?" Pagrld murmuredŦ Pe reached ouL a hand Lo sLroke Lhe dragon's headŦ lL
snapped aL hls flngersţ showlng polnLed fangsŦ
º8less hlmţ lookţ he knows hls mommy!" sald PagrldŦ
ºPagrldţ" sald Permloneţ ºhow fasL do norweglan 8ldgebacks growţ exacLly?"
Pagrld was abouL Lo answer when Lhe color suddenly dralned from hls face Ÿ he leapL Lo hls
feeL and ran Lo Lhe wlndowŦ
ºWhaL's Lhe maLLer?"
ºSomeone was lookln' Lhrough Lhe gap ln Lhe curLalns Ÿ lL's a kld Ÿ he's runnln' back up Ler
Lhe schoolŦ"
Parry bolLed Lo Lhe door and looked ouLŦ Lven aL a dlsLance Lhere was no mlsLaklng hlmŦ
Malfoy had seen Lhe dragonŦ
SomeLhlng abouL Lhe smlle lurklng on Malfoy's face durlng Lhe nexL week made Parryţ 8onţ
and Permlone very nervousŦ 1hey spenL mosL of Lhelr free Llme ln Pagrld's darkened huLţ
Lrylng Lo reason wlLh hlmŦ
º!usL leL hlm goţ" Parry urgedŦ ºSeL hlm freeŦ"
ºl can'Lţ" sald PagrldŦ ºPe's Loo llLLleŦ Pe'd dleŦ"
1hey looked aL Lhe dragonŦ lL had grown Lhree Llmes ln lengLh ln [usL a weekŦ Smoke kepL
furllng ouL of lLs nosLrllsŦ Pagrld hadn'L been dolng hls gamekeeplng duLles because Lhe dragon
was keeplng hlm so busyŦ 1here were empLy brandy boLLles and chlcken feaLhers all over Lhe
ºl've declded Lo call hlm norberLţ" sald Pagrldţ looklng aL Lhe dragon wlLh mlsLy eyesŦ ºPe
really knows me nowţ waLchŦ norberL! norberL! Where's Mommy?"
ºPe's losL hls marblesţ" 8on muLLered ln Parry's earŦ
ºPagrldţ" sald Parry loudlyţ ºglve lL Lwo weeks and norberL's golng Lo be as long as your houseŦ
Malfoy could go Lo uumbledore aL any momenLŦ"
Pagrld blL hls llpŦ
ºl Ÿ l know l can'L keep hlm foreverţ buL l can'L [us' dump hlmţ l can'LŦ"
Parry suddenly Lurned Lo 8onŦ ºCharlleŦ" he saldŦ
º?ou're loslng lLţ Looţ" sald 8onŦ ºl'm 8onţ remember?"
ºno Ÿ Charlle Ÿ your broLherţ CharlleŦ ln 8omanlaŦ SLudylng dragonsŦ We could send norberL
Lo hlmŦ Charlle can Lake care of hlm and Lhen puL hlm back ln Lhe wlld!"
º8rllllanL!" sald 8onŦ ºPow abouL lLţ Pagrld?"
And ln Lhe endţ Pagrld agreed LhaL Lhey could send an owl Lo Charlle Lo ask hlmŦ
1he followlng week dragged byŦ Wednesday nlghL found Permlone and Parry slLLlng alone ln
Lhe common roomţ long afLer everyone else had gone Lo bedŦ 1he clock on Lhe wall had [usL
chlmed mldnlghL when Lhe porLralL hole bursL openŦ 8on appeared ouL of nowhere as he
pulled off Parry's lnvlslblllLy cloakŦ Pe had been down aL Pagrld's huLţ helplng hlm feed
norberLţ who was now eaLlng dead raLs by Lhe craLeŦ
ºlL blL me!" he saldţ showlng Lhem hls handţ whlch was wrapped ln a bloody handkerchlefŦ ºl'm
noL golng Lo be able Lo hold a qulll for a weekŦ l Lell youţ LhaL dragon's Lhe mosL horrlble anlmal
l've ever meLţ buL Lhe way Pagrld goes on abouL lLţ you'd Lhlnk lL was a fluffy llLLle bunny
rabblLŦ When lL blL me he Lold me off for frlghLenlng lLŦ And when l lefLţ he was slnglng lL a
1here was a Lap on Lhe dark wlndowŦ
ºlL's Pedwlg!" sald Parryţ hurrylng Lo leL her lnŦ ºShe'll have Charlle's answer!"
1he Lhree of Lhem puL Lhelr heads LogeLher Lo read Lhe noLeŦ
uear 8onţ
Pow are you? 1hanks for Lhe leLLer Ÿ l'd be glad Lo Lake Lhe norweglan 8ldgebackţ buL lL
won'L be easy geLLlng hlm hereŦ l Lhlnk Lhe besL Lhlng wlll be Lo send hlm over wlLh some
frlends of mlne who are comlng Lo vlslL me nexL weekŦ 1rouble lsţ Lhey musLn'L be seen
carrylng an lllegal dragonŦ
Could you geL Lhe 8ldgeback up Lhe LallesL Lower aL mldnlghL on SaLurday? 1hey can meeL you
Lhere and Lake hlm away whlle lL's sLlll darkŦ
Send me an answer as soon as posslbleŦ
1hey looked aL one anoLherŦ
ºWe've goL Lhe lnvlslblllLy cloakţ" sald ParryŦ ºlL shouldn'L be Loo dlfflculL Ŷ l Lhlnk Lhe cloaks
blg enough Lo cover Lwo of us and norberLŦ"
lL was a mark of how bad Lhe lasL week had been LhaL Lhe oLher Lwo agreed wlLh hlmŦ AnyLhlng
Lo geL rld of norberL Ÿ and MalfoyŦ
1here was a hlLchŦ 8y Lhe nexL mornlngţ 8on's blLLen hand had swollen Lo Lwlce lLs usual slzeŦ
Pe dldn'L know wheLher lL was safe Lo go Lo Madam Þomfrey Ÿ would she recognlze a dragon
blLe? 8y Lhe afLernoonţ Lhoughţ he had no cholceŦ 1he cuL had Lurned a nasLy shade of greenŦ lL
looked as lf norberL's fangs were polsonousŦ
Parry and Permlone rushed up Lo Lhe hosplLal wlng aL Lhe end of Lhe day Lo flnd 8on ln a
Lerrlble sLaLe ln bedŦ
ºlL's noL [usL my handţ" he whlsperedţ ºalLhough LhaL feels llke lL's abouL Lo fall offŦ Malfoy Lold
Madam Þomfrey he wanLed Lo borrow one of my books so he could come and have a good
laugh aL meŦ Pe kepL LhreaLenlng Lo Lell her whaL really blL me Ÿ l've Lold her lL was a dogţ buL
l don'L Lhlnk she belleves me Ÿ l shouldn'L have hlL hlm aL Lhe CulddlLch maLchţ LhaL's why
he's dolng LhlsŦ"
Parry and Permlone Lrled Lo calm 8on downŦ
ºlL'll all be over aL mldnlghL on SaLurdayţ" sald Permloneţ buL Lhls dldn'L sooLhe 8on aL allŦ Cn
Lhe conLraryţ he saL bolL uprlghL and broke lnLo a sweaLŦ
ºMldnlghL on SaLurday!" he sald ln a hoarse volceŦ ºCh no oh no Ÿ l've [usL remembered Ÿ
Charlle's leLLer was ln LhaL book Malfoy Lookţ he's golng Lo know we're geLLlng rld of norberLŦ"
Parry and Permlone dldn'L geL a chance Lo answerŦ Madam Þomfrey came over aL LhaL
momenL and made Lhem leaveţ saylng 8on needed sleepŦ
ºlL's Loo laLe Lo change Lhe plan nowţ" Parry Lold PermloneŦ ºWe haven'L goL Llme Lo send
Charlle anoLher owlţ and Lhls could be our only chance Lo geL rld of norberLŦ We'll have Lo rlsk
lLŦ And we have goL Lhe lnvlslblllLy cloakţ Malfoy doesn'L know abouL LhaLŦ"
1hey found langţ Lhe boarhoundţ slLLlng ouLslde wlLh a bandaged Lall when Lhey wenL Lo Lell
Pagrldţ who opened a wlndow Lo Lalk Lo LhemŦ
ºl won'L leL you lnţ" he puffedŦ ºnorberL's aL a Lrlcky sLage Ÿ noLhln' l can'L handleŦ"
When Lhey Lold hlm abouL Charlle's leLLerţ hls eyes fllled wlLh Learsţ alLhough LhaL mlghL have
been because norberL had [usL blLLen hlm on Lhe legŦ
ºAargh! lL's all rlghLţ he only goL my booL Ÿ [us' playln' Ÿ he's only a babyţ afLer allŦ"
1he baby banged lLs Lall on Lhe wallţ maklng Lhe wlndows raLLleŦ Parry and Permlone walked
back Lo Lhe casLle feellng SaLurday couldn'L come qulckly enoughŦ
1hey would have felL sorry for Pagrld when Lhe Llme came for hlm Lo say goodŴbye Lo norberL
lf Lhey hadn'L been so worrled abouL whaL Lhey had Lo doŦ lL was a very darkţ cloudy nlghLţ and
Lhey were a blL laLe arrlvlng aL Pagrld's huL because Lhey'd had Lo walL for Þeeves Lo geL ouL of
Lhelr way ln Lhe enLrance hallţ where he'd been playlng Lennls agalnsL Lhe wallŦ Pagrld had
norberL packed and ready ln a large craLeŦ
ºPe's goL loLs o' raLs an' some brandy fer Lhe [ourneyţ" sald Pagrld ln a muffled volceŦ ºAn' l've
packed hls Leddy bear ln case he geLs lonelyŦ"
lrom lnslde Lhe craLe came rlpplng nolses LhaL sounded Lo Parry as Lhough Lhe Leddy was
havlng hls head Lorn offŦ
º8yeŴbyeţ norberL!" Pagrld sobbedţ as Parry and Permlone covered Lhe craLe wlLh Lhe
lnvlslblllLy cloak and sLepped underneaLh lL LhemselvesŦ ºMommy wlll never forgeL you!"
Pow Lhey managed Lo geL Lhe craLe back up Lo Lhe casLleţ Lhey never knewŦ MldnlghL Llcked
nearer as Lhey heaved norberL up Lhe marble sLalrcase ln Lhe enLrance hall and along Lhe dark
corrldorsŦ up anoLher sLalrcaseţ Lhen anoLher Ŷ even one of Parry's shorLcuLs dldn'L make Lhe
work much easlerŦ
ºnearly Lhere!" Parry panLed as Lhey reached Lhe corrldor beneaLh Lhe LallesL LowerŦ
1hen a sudden movemenL ahead of Lhem made Lhem almosL drop Lhe craLeŦ lorgeLLlng LhaL
Lhey were already lnvlslbleţ Lhey shrank lnLo Lhe shadowsţ sLarlng aL Lhe dark ouLllnes of Lwo
grappllng wlLh each oLher Len feeL awayŦ A lamp flaredŦ
Þrofessor McConagallţ ln a LarLan baLhrobe and a halr neLţ had Malfoy by Lhe earŦ
ºueLenLlon!" she shouLedŦ ºAnd LwenLy polnLs from SlyLherln! Wanderlng around ln Lhe mlddle
of Lhe nlghLţ how dare you Ÿ"
º?ou don'L undersLandţ ÞrofessorŦ Parry ÞoLLer's comlng Ÿ he's goL a dragon!"
ºWhaL uLLer rubblsh! Pow dare you Lell such lles! Come on Ÿ l shall see Þrofessor Snape abouL
youţ Malfoy!"
1he sLeep splral sLalrcase up Lo Lhe Lop of Lhe Lower seemed Lhe easlesL Lhlng ln Lhe world
afLer LhaLŦ noL unLll Lhey'd sLepped ouL lnLo Lhe cold nlghL alr dld Lhey Lhrow off Lhe cloakţ glad
Lo be able Lo breaLhe properly agalnŦ Permlone dld a sorL of [lgŦ
ºMalfoy's goL deLenLlon! l could slng!"
ºuon'Lţ" Parry advlsed herŦ
Chuckllng abouL Malfoyţ Lhey walLedţ norberL Lhrashlng abouL ln hls craLeŦ AbouL Len mlnuLes
laLerţ four broomsLlcks came swooplng down ouL of Lhe darknessŦ
Charlle's frlends were a cheery loLŦ 1hey showed Parry and Permlone Lhe harness Lhey'd
rlgged upţ so Lhey could suspend norberL beLween LhemŦ 1hey all helped buckle norberL safely
lnLo lL and Lhen Parry and Permlone shook hands wlLh Lhe oLhers and Lhanked Lhem very
AL lasLţ norberL was golngŧ golngŧ goneŦ
1hey sllpped back down Lhe splral sLalrcaseţ Lhelr hearLs as llghL as Lhelr handsţ now LhaL
norberL was off LhemŦ no more dragon Ÿ Malfoy ln deLenLlon Ÿ whaL could spoll Lhelr
1he answer Lo LhaL was walLlng aL Lhe fooL of Lhe sLalrsŦ As Lhey sLepped lnLo Lhe corrldorţ
lllch's face loomed suddenly ouL of Lhe darknessŦ
ºWellţ wellţ wellţ" he whlsperedţ ºwe are ln LroubleŦ"
1hey'd lefL Lhe lnvlslblllLy cloak on Lop of Lhe LowerŦ
CPAÞ1L8 lll1LLn
1he lorbldden loresL
1hlngs couldn'L have been worseŦ
lllch Look Lhem down Lo Þrofessor McConagall's sLudy on Lhe flrsL floorţ where Lhey saL and
walLed wlLhouL saylng a word Lo each oLherŦ Permlone was LrembllngŦ Lxcusesţ allblsţ and wlld
coverŴ up sLorles chased each oLher around Parry's bralnţ each more feeble Lhan Lhe lasLŦ Pe
couldn'L see how Lhey were golng Lo geL ouL of Lrouble Lhls LlmeŦ 1hey were corneredŦ Pow
could Lhey have been so sLupld as Lo forgeL Lhe cloak? 1here was no reason on earLh LhaL
Þrofessor McConagall would accepL for Lhelr belng ouL of bed and creeplng around Lhe school
ln Lhe dead of nlghLţ leL alone belng up Lhe LallesL asLronomy Lowerţ whlch was ouLŴofŴbounds
excepL for classesŦ Add norberL and Lhe lnvlslblllLy cloakţ and Lhey mlghL as well be packlng
Lhelr bags alreadyŦ
Pad Parry LhoughL LhaL Lhlngs couldn'L have been worse? Pe was wrongŦ When Þrofessor
McConagall appearedţ she was leadlng nevllleŦ
ºParry!" nevllle bursL ouLţ Lhe momenL he saw Lhe oLher LwoŦ ºl was Lrylng Lo flnd you Lo warn
youţ l heard Malfoy saylng he was golng Lo caLch youţ he sald you had a dragŸ"
Parry shook hls head vlolenLly Lo shuL nevllle upţ buL Þrofessor McConagall had seenŦ She
looked more llkely Lo breaLhe flre Lhan norberL as she Lowered over Lhe Lhree of LhemŦ
ºl would never have belleved lL of any of youŦ MrŦ lllch says you were up ln Lhe asLronomy
LowerŦ lL's one o'clock ln Lhe mornlngŦ Lxplaln yourselvesŦ"
lL was Lhe flrsL Llme Permlone had ever falled Lo answer a Leacher's quesLlonŦ She was sLarlng
aL her sllppersţ as sLlll as a sLaLueŦ
ºl Lhlnk l've goL a good ldea of whaL's been golng onţ" sald Þrofessor McConagallŦ ºlL doesn'L
Lake a genlus Lo work lL ouLŦ ?ou fed uraco Malfoy some cockŴandŴbull sLory abouL a dragonţ
Lrylng Lo geL hlm ouL of bed and lnLo LroubleŦ l've already caughL hlmŦ l suppose you Lhlnk lL's
funny LhaL LongboLLom here heard Lhe sLory and belleved lLţ Loo?"
Parry caughL nevllle's eye and Lrled Lo Lell hlm wlLhouL words LhaL Lhls wasn'L Lrueţ because
nevllle was looklng sLunned and hurLŦ Þoorţ blunderlng nevllle Ÿ Parry knew whaL lL musL
have cosL hlm Lo Lry and flnd Lhem ln Lhe darkţ Lo warn LhemŦ
ºl'm dlsgusLedţ" sald Þrofessor McConagallŦ ºlour sLudenLs ouL of bed ln one nlghL! l've never
heard of such a Lhlng before! ?ouţ Mlss Crangerţ l LhoughL you had more senseŦ As for youţ MrŦ
ÞoLLerţ l LhoughL Cryfflndor meanL more Lo you Lhan LhlsŦ All Lhree of you wlll recelve
deLenLlons Ÿ yesţ you Looţ MrŦ LongboLLomţ noLhlng glves you Lhe rlghL Lo walk around school
aL nlghLţ especlally Lhese daysţ lL's very dangerous Ÿ and flfLy polnLs wlll be Laken from
ºllfLy?" Parry gasped Ÿ Lhey would lose Lhe leadţ Lhe lead he'd won ln Lhe lasL CulddlLch
ºllfLy polnLs eachţ" sald Þrofessor McConagallţ breaLhlng heavlly Lhrough her longţ polnLed
ºÞrofessor Ÿ please Ÿ"
º?ou can'L Ÿ"
ºuon'L Lell me whaL l can and can'L doţ ÞoLLerŦ now geL back Lo bedţ all of youŦ l've never been
more ashamed of Cryfflndor sLudenLsŦ"
A hundred and flfLy polnLs losLŦ 1haL puL Cryfflndor ln lasL placeŦ ln one nlghLţ Lhey'd rulned
any chance Cryfflndor had had for Lhe house cupŦ Parry felL as Lhough Lhe boLLom had
dropped ouL of hls sLomachŦ Pow could Lhey ever make up for Lhls?
Parry dldn'L sleep all nlghLŦ Pe could hear nevllle sobblng lnLo hls plllow for whaL seemed llke
hoursŦ Parry couldn'L Lhlnk of anyLhlng Lo say Lo comforL hlmŦ Pe knew nevllleţ llke hlmselfţ
was dreadlng Lhe dawnŦ WhaL would happen when Lhe resL of Cryfflndor found ouL whaL
Lhey'd done?
AL flrsLţ Cryfflndors passlng Lhe glanL hourglasses LhaL recorded Lhe house polnLs Lhe nexL day
LhoughL Lhere'd been a mlsLakeŦ Pow could Lhey suddenly have a hundred and flfLy polnLs
fewer Lhan yesLerday? And Lhen Lhe sLory sLarLed Lo spreadť Parry ÞoLLerţ Lhe famous Parry
ÞoLLerţ Lhelr hero of Lwo CulddlLch maLchesţ had losL Lhem all Lhose polnLsţ hlm and a couple
of oLher sLupld flrsL yearsŦ
lrom belng one of Lhe mosL popular and admlred people aL Lhe schoolţ Parry was suddenly Lhe
mosL haLedŦ Lven 8avenclaws and Pufflepuffs Lurned on hlmţ because everyone had been
longlng Lo see SlyLherln lose Lhe house cupŦ Lverywhere Parry wenLţ people polnLed and dldn'L
Lrouble Lo lower Lhelr volces as Lhey lnsulLed hlmŦ SlyLherlnsţ on Lhe oLher handţ clapped as he
walked pasL Lhemţ whlsLllng and cheerlngţ º1hanks ÞoLLerţ we owe you one!"
Cnly 8on sLood by hlmŦ
º1hey'll all forgeL Lhls ln a few weeksŦ lred and Ceorge have losL loads of polnLs ln all Lhe Llme
Lhey've been hereţ and people sLlll llke LhemŦ"
º1hey've never losL a hundred and flfLy polnLs ln one goţ Lhoughţ have Lhey?" sald Parry
ºWell Ÿ noţ" 8on admlLLedŦ
lL was a blL laLe Lo repalr Lhe damageţ buL Parry swore Lo hlmself noL Lo meddle ln Lhlngs LhaL
weren'L hls buslness from now onŦ Pe'd had lL wlLh sneaklng around and spylngŦ Pe felL so
ashamed of hlmself LhaL he wenL Lo Wood and offered Lo reslgn from Lhe CulddlLch LeamŦ
º8eslgn?" Wood LhunderedŦ ºWhaL good'll LhaL do? Pow are we golng Lo geL any polnLs back lf
we can'L wln aL CulddlLch?"
8uL even CulddlLch had losL lLs funŦ 1he resL of Lhe Leam wouldn'L speak Lo Parry durlng
pracLlceţ and lf Lhey had Lo speak abouL hlmţ Lhey called hlm ºLhe SeekerŦ"
Permlone and nevllle were sufferlngţ LooŦ 1hey dldn'L have as bad a Llme as Parryţ because
Lhey weren'L as wellŴknownţ buL nobody would speak Lo Lhemţ elLherŦ Permlone had sLopped
drawlng aLLenLlon Lo herself ln classţ keeplng her head down and worklng ln sllenceŦ
Parry was almosL glad LhaL Lhe exams weren'L far awayŦ All Lhe sLudylng he had Lo do kepL hls
mlnd off hls mlseryŦ Peţ 8onţ and Permlone kepL Lo Lhemselvesţ worklng laLe lnLo Lhe nlghLţ
Lrylng Lo remember Lhe lngredlenLs ln compllcaLed poLlonsţ learn charms and spells by hearLţ
memorlze Lhe daLes of maglcal dlscoverles and goblln rebelllonsŧ
1henţ abouL a week before Lhe exams were due Lo sLarLţ Parry's new resoluLlon noL Lo
lnLerfere ln anyLhlng LhaL dldn'L concern hlm was puL Lo an unexpecLed LesLŦ Walklng back
from Lhe llbrary on hls own one afLernoonţ he heard somebody whlmperlng from a classroom
up aheadŦ As he drew closerţ he heard Culrrell's volceŦ
ºno Ÿ no Ÿ noL agalnţ please Ÿ"
lL sounded as Lhough someone was LhreaLenlng hlmŦ Parry moved closerŦ
ºAll rlghL Ÿ all rlghL Ÿ" he heard Culrrell sobŦ
nexL secondţ Culrrell came hurrylng ouL of Lhe classroom sLralghLenlng hls LurbanŦ Pe was pale
and looked as Lhough he was abouL Lo cryŦ Pe sLrode ouL of slghLŤ Parry dldn'L Lhlnk Culrrell
had even noLlced hlmŦ Pe walLed unLll Culrrell's fooLsLeps had dlsappearedţ Lhen peered lnLo
Lhe classroomŦ lL was empLyţ buL a door sLood a[ar aL Lhe oLher endŦ Parry was halfway Loward
lL before he remembered whaL he'd promlsed hlmself abouL noL meddllngŦ
All Lhe sameţ he'd have gambled Lwelve Sorcerer's SLones LhaL Snape had [usL lefL Lhe roomţ
and from whaL Parry had [usL heardţ Snape would be walklng wlLh a new sprlng ln hls sLep Ÿ
Culrrell seemed Lo have glven ln aL lasLŦ
Parry wenL back Lo Lhe llbraryţ where Permlone was LesLlng 8on on AsLronomyŦ Parry Lold
Lhem whaL he'd heardŦ
ºSnape's done lLţ Lhen!" sald 8onŦ ºlf Culrrell's Lold hlm how Lo break hls AnLlŴuark lorce spell
º1here's sLlll lluffyţ Lhoughţ" sald PermloneŦ
ºMaybe Snape's found ouL how Lo geL pasL hlm wlLhouL asklng Pagrldţ" sald 8onţ looklng up aL
Lhe Lhousands of books surroundlng LhemŦ ºl beL Lhere's a book somewhere ln here Lelllng you
how Lo geL pasL a glanL LhreeŴheaded dogŦ So whaL do we doţ Parry?"
1he llghL of advenLure was klndllng agaln ln 8on's eyesţ buL Permlone answered before Parry
ºCo Lo uumbledoreŦ 1haL's whaL we should have done ages agoŦ lf we Lry anyLhlng ourselves
we'll be Lhrown ouL for sureŦ"
º8uL we've goL no proof!" sald ParryŦ ºCulrrell's Loo scared Lo back us upŦ Snape's only goL Lo
say he doesn'L know how Lhe Lroll goL ln aL Palloween and LhaL he was nowhere near Lhe Lhlrd
floor Ÿ who do you Lhlnk Lhey'll belleveţ hlm or us? lL's noL exacLly a secreL we haLe hlmţ
uumbledore'll Lhlnk we made lL up Lo geL hlm sackedŦ lllch wouldn'L help us lf hls llfe
depended on lLţ he's Loo frlendly wlLh Snapeţ and Lhe more sLudenLs geL Lhrown ouLţ Lhe
beLLerţ he'll LhlnkŦ And don'L forgeLţ we're noL supposed Lo know abouL Lhe SLone or lluffyŦ
1haL'll Lake a loL of explalnlngŦ"
Permlone looked convlncedţ buL 8on dldn'LŦ
ºlf we [usL do a blL of poklng around Ÿ"
ºnoţ" sald Parry flaLlyţ ºwe've done enough poklng aroundŦ"
Pe pulled a map of !uplLer Loward hlm and sLarLed Lo learn Lhe names of lLs moonsŦ
1he followlng mornlngţ noLes were dellvered Lo Parryţ Permloneţ and nevllle aL Lhe breakfasL
LableŦ 1hey were all Lhe sameť
?our deLenLlon wlll Lake place aL eleven o'clock LonlghLŦ
MeeL MrŦ lllch ln Lhe enLrance hallŦ
Þrofessor McConagall
Parry had forgoLLen Lhey sLlll had deLenLlons Lo do ln Lhe furor over Lhe polnLs Lhey'd losLŦ Pe
half expecLed Permlone Lo complaln LhaL Lhls was a whole nlghL of sLudylng losLţ buL she dldn'L
say a wordŦ Llke Parryţ she felL Lhey deserved whaL Lhey'd goLŦ
AL eleven o'clock LhaL nlghLţ Lhey sald goodŴbye Lo 8on ln Lhe common room and wenL down
Lo Lhe enLrance hall wlLh nevllleŦ lllch was already Lhere Ÿ and so was MalfoyŦ Parry had also
forgoLLen LhaL Malfoy had goLLen a deLenLlonţ LooŦ
ºlollow meţ" sald lllchţ llghLlng a lamp and leadlng Lhem ouLsldeŦ
ºl beL you'll Lhlnk Lwlce abouL breaklng a school rule agalnţ won'L youţ eh?" he saldţ leerlng aL
LhemŦ ºCh yesŧ hard work and paln are Lhe besL Leachers lf you ask meŧ lL's [usL a plLy Lhey
leL Lhe old punlshmenLs dle ouLŧ hang you by your wrlsLs from Lhe celllng for a few daysţ l've
goL Lhe chalns sLlll ln my offlceţ keep 'em well olled ln case Lhey're ever neededŧ 8lghLţ off we
goţ and don'L Lhlnk of runnlng offţ nowţ lL'll be worse for you lf you doŦ"
1hey marched off across Lhe dark groundsŦ nevllle kepL snlfflngŦ Parry wondered whaL Lhelr
punlshmenL was golng Lo beŦ lL musL be someLhlng really horrlbleţ or lllch wouldn'L be
soundlng so dellghLedŦ
1he moon was brlghLţ buL clouds scuddlng across lL kepL Lhrowlng Lhem lnLo darknessŦ Aheadţ
Parry could see Lhe llghLed wlndows of Pagrld's huLŦ 1hen Lhey heard a dlsLanL shouLŦ
ºls LhaL youţ lllch? Purry upţ l wanL Ler geL sLarLedŦ"
Parry's hearL roseŤ lf Lhey were golng Lo be worklng wlLh Pagrld lL wouldn'L be so badŦ Pls
rellef musL have showed ln hls faceţ because lllch saldţ ºl suppose you Lhlnk you'll be en[oylng
yourself wlLh LhaL oaf? Wellţ Lhlnk agalnţ boy Ÿ lL's lnLo Lhe foresL you're golng and l'm much
mlsLaken lf you'll all come ouL ln one pleceŦ"
AL Lhlsţ nevllle leL ouL a llLLle moanţ and Malfoy sLopped dead ln hls LracksŦ
º1he foresL?" he repeaLedţ and he dldn'L sound qulLe as cool as usualŦ ºWe can'L go ln Lhere aL
nlghL Ÿ Lhere's all sorLs of Lhlngs ln Lhere Ÿ werewolvesţ l heardŦ"
nevllle cluLched Lhe sleeve of Parry's robe and made a choklng nolseŦ
º1haL's your problemţ lsn'L lL?" sald lllchţ hls volce cracklng wlLh gleeŦ ºShould've LhoughL of
Lhem werewolves before you goL ln Lroubleţ shouldn'L you?"
Pagrld came sLrldlng Loward Lhem ouL of Lhe darkţ lang aL hls heelŦ Pe was carrylng hls large
crossbowţ and a qulver of arrows hung over hls shoulderŦ
ºAbou' Llmeţ" he saldŦ ºl bln walLln' fer half an hour alreadyŦ All rlghLţ Parryţ Permlone?"
ºl shouldn'L be Loo frlendly Lo Lhemţ Pagrldţ" sald lllch coldlyţ ºLhey're here Lo be punlshedţ
afLer allŦ"
º1haL's why yer laLeţ ls lL?" sald Pagrldţ frownlng aL lllchŦ º8ln lecLurln' Lhemţ eh? 'SnoL your
place Ler do LhaLŦ ?eh've done yer blLţ l'll Lake over from hereŦ"
ºl'll be back aL dawnţ" sald lllchţ ºfor whaL's lefL of Lhemţ" he added nasLllyţ and he Lurned and
sLarLed back Loward Lhe casLleţ hls lamp bobblng away ln Lhe darknessŦ
Malfoy now Lurned Lo PagrldŦ
ºl'm noL golng ln LhaL foresLţ" he saldţ and Parry was pleased Lo hear Lhe noLe of panlc ln hls
º?eh are lf yeh wanL Ler sLay aL PogwarLsţ" sald Pagrld flercelyŦ º?eh've done wrong an' now
yeh've goL Ler pay fer lLŦ"
º8uL Lhls ls servanL sLuffţ lL's noL for sLudenLs Lo doŦ l LhoughL we'd be copylng llnes or
someLhlngţ lf my faLher knew l was dolng Lhlsţ he'dŸ"
ºŸLell yer LhaL's how lL ls aL PogwarLsţ" Pagrld growledŦ ºCopyln' llnes! WhaL good's LhaL Ler
anyone? ?eh'll do summaL useful or yeh'll geL ouLŦ lf yeh Lhlnk yer faLher'd raLher you were
expelledţ Lhen geL back off Ler Lhe casLle an' packŦ Co onŦ"
Malfoy dldn'L moveŦ Pe looked aL Pagrld furlouslyţ buL Lhen dropped hls gazeŦ
º8lghL Lhenţ" sald Pagrldţ ºnowţ llsLen carefullyţ 'cause lL's dangerous whaL we're gonna do
LonlghLţ an' l don' wanL no one Lakln' rlsksŦ lollow me over here a momenLŦ"
Pe led Lhem Lo Lhe very edge of Lhe foresLŦ Poldlng hls lamp up hlghţ he polnLed down a
narrowţ wlndlng earLh Lrack LhaL dlsappeared lnLo Lhe Lhlck black LreesŦ A llghL breeze llfLed
Lhelr halr as Lhey looked lnLo Lhe foresLŦ
ºLook Lhereţ" sald Pagrldţ ºsee LhaL sLuff shlnln' on Lhe ground? Sllvery sLuff? 1haL's unlcorn
bloodŦ 1here's a unlcorn ln Lhere bln hurL badly by summaLŦ 1hls ls Lhe second Llme ln a weekŦ l
found one dead lasL WednesdayŦ We're gonna Lry an' flnd Lhe poor LhlngŦ We mlghL have Ler
puL lL ouL of lLs mlseryŦ"
ºAnd whaL lf whaLever hurL Lhe unlcorn flnds us flrsL?" sald Malfoyţ unable Lo keep Lhe fear ouL
of hls volceŦ
º1here's noLhln' LhaL llves ln Lhe foresL LhaL'll hurL yeh lf yer wlLh me or langţ" sald PagrldŦ
ºAn' keep Ler Lhe paLhŦ 8lghLţ nowţ we're gonna spllL lnLer Lwo parLles an' follow Lhe Lrall ln
dlff'renL dlrecLlonsŦ 1here's blood all over Lhe placeţ lL musL've bln sLaggerln' around slnce lasL
nlghL aL leasLŦ"
ºl wanL langţ" sald Malfoy qulcklyţ looklng aL lang's long LeeLhŦ
ºAll rlghLţ buL l warn yehţ he's a cowardţ" sald PagrldŦ ºSo meţ Parryţ an' Permlone'll go one
way an' uracoţ nevllleţ an' lang'll go Lhe oLherŦ nowţ lf any of us flnds Lhe unlcornţ we'll send
up green sparksţ rlghL? CeL yer wands ouL an' pracLlce now Ÿ LhaL's lL Ÿ an' lf anyone geLs ln
Lroubleţ send up red sparksţ an' we'll all come an' flnd yeh Ÿ soţ be careful Ÿ leL's goŦ"
1he foresL was black and sllenLŦ A llLLle way lnLo lL Lhey reached a fork ln Lhe earLh paLhţ and
Parryţ Permloneţ and Pagrld Look Lhe lefL paLh whlle Malfoyţ nevllleţ and lang Look Lhe rlghLŦ
1hey walked ln sllenceţ Lhelr eyes on Lhe groundŦ Lvery now and Lhen a ray of moonllghL
Lhrough Lhe branches above llL a spoL of sllverŴblue blood on Lhe fallen leavesŦ
Parry saw LhaL Pagrld looked very worrledŦ
ºCould a werewolf be kllllng Lhe unlcorns?" Parry askedŦ
ºnoL fasL enoughţ" sald PagrldŦ ºlL's noL easy Ler caLch a unlcornţ Lhey're powerful maglc
creaLuresŦ l never knew one Ler be hurL beforeŦ"
1hey walked pasL a mossy Lree sLumpŦ Parry could hear runnlng waLerŤ Lhere musL be a sLream
somewhere close byŦ 1here were sLlll spoLs of unlcorn blood here and Lhere along Lhe wlndlng
º?ou all rlghLţ Permlone?" Pagrld whlsperedŦ ºuon' worryţ lL can'L've gone far lf lL's Lhls badly
hurLţ an' Lhen we'll be able Ler Ÿ CL1 8LPlnu 1PA1 18LL!"
Pagrld selzed Parry and Permlone and holsLed Lhem off Lhe paLh behlnd a Lowerlng oakŦ Pe
pulled ouL an arrow and flLLed lL lnLo hls crossbowţ ralslng lLţ ready Lo flreŦ 1he Lhree of Lhem
llsLenedŦ SomeLhlng was sllLherlng over dead leaves nearbyť lL sounded llke a cloak Lralllng
along Lhe groundŦ Pagrld was squlnLlng up Lhe dark paLhţ buL afLer a few secondsţ Lhe sound
faded awayŦ
ºl knew lLţ" he murmuredŦ º1here's summaL ln here LhaL shouldn' beŦ"
ºA werewolf?" Parry suggesLedŦ
º1haL wasn' no werewolf an' lL wasn' no unlcornţ nelLherţ" sald Pagrld grlmlyŦ º8lghLţ follow
meţ buL carefulţ nowŦ"
1hey walked more slowlyţ ears sLralnlng for Lhe falnLesL soundŦ Suddenlyţ ln a clearlng aheadţ
someLhlng deflnlLely movedŦ
ºWho's Lhere?" Pagrld calledŦ ºShow yerself Ÿ l'm armed!"
And lnLo Lhe clearlng came Ÿ was lL a manţ or a horse? 1o Lhe walsLţ a manţ wlLh red halr and
beardţ buL below LhaL was a horse's gleamlng chesLnuL body wlLh a longţ reddlsh LallŦ Parry
and Permlone's [aws droppedŦ
ºChţ lL's youţ 8onanţ" sald Pagrld ln rellefŦ ºPow are yeh?"
Pe walked forward and shook Lhe cenLaur's handŦ
ºCood evenlng Lo youţ Pagrldţ" sald 8onanŦ Pe had a deepţ sorrowful volceŦ ºWere you golng
Lo shooL me?"
ºCan'L be Loo carefulţ 8onanţ" sald Pagrldţ paLLlng hls crossbowŦ º1here's summaL bad loose ln
Lhls foresLŦ 1hls ls Parry ÞoLLer an' Permlone Crangerţ by Lhe wayŦ SLudenLs up aL Lhe schoolŦ
An' Lhls ls 8onanţ you LwoŦ Pe's a cenLaurŦ
ºWe'd noLlcedţ" sald Permlone falnLlyŦ
ºCood evenlngţ" sald 8onanŦ ºSLudenLsţ are you? And do you learn muchţ up aL Lhe school?"
ºLrm Ÿ"
ºA blLţ" sald Permlone LlmldlyŦ
ºA blLŦ Wellţ LhaL's someLhlngŦ" 8onan slghedŦ Pe flung back hls head and sLared aL Lhe skyŦ
ºMars ls brlghL LonlghLŦ"
º?eahţ" sald Pagrldţ glanclng upţ LooŦ ºLlsLenţ l'm glad we've run lnLer yehţ 8onanţ 'cause
Lhere's a unlcorn bln hurL Ÿ you seen anyLhln'?"
8onan dldn'L answer lmmedlaLelyŦ Pe sLared unbllnklngly upwardţ Lhen slghed agalnŦ
ºAlways Lhe lnnocenL are Lhe flrsL vlcLlmsţ" he saldŦ ºSo lL has been for ages pasLţ so lL ls nowŦ"
º?eahţ" sald Pagrldţ ºbuL have yeh seen anyLhln' 8onan? AnyLhln' unusual?"
ºMars ls brlghL LonlghLţ" 8onan repeaLedţ whlle Pagrld waLched hlm lmpaLlenLlyŦ ºunusually
º?eahţ buL l was meanln' anyLhln' unusual a blL nearer homeţ" sald PagrldŦ ºSo yeh haven'L
noLlced anyLhln' sLrange?"
?eL agalnţ 8onan Look a whlle Lo answerŦ AL lasLţ he saldţ º1he foresL hldes many secreLsŦ"
A movemenL ln Lhe Lrees behlnd 8onan made Pagrld ralse hls bow agalnţ buL lL was only a
second cenLaurţ blackŴhalred and Ŵ bodled and wllderŴlooklng Lhan 8onanŦ
ºPulloţ 8aneţ" sald PagrldŦ ºAll rlghL?"
ºCood evenlngţ Pagrldţ l hope you are well?"
ºWell enoughŦ Lookţ l've [us' bln askln' 8onanţ you seen anyLhln' odd ln here laLely? 1here's a
unlcorn bln ln[ured Ÿ would yeh know anyLhln' abouL lL?"
8ane walked over Lo sLand nexL Lo 8onanŦ Pe looked skywardŦ ºMars ls brlghL LonlghLţ" he sald
ºWe've heardţ" sald Pagrld grumpllyŦ ºWellţ lf elLher of you do see anyLhln'ţ leL me knowţ
won'L yeh? We'll be offţ LhenŦ"
Parry and Permlone followed hlm ouL of Lhe clearlngţ sLarlng over Lhelr shoulders aL 8onan
and 8ane unLll Lhe Lrees blocked Lhelr vlewŦ
ºneverţ" sald Pagrld lrrlLablyţ ºLry an' geL a sLralghL answer ouL of a cenLaurŦ 8uddy sLargazersŦ
noL lnLeresLed ln anyLhln' closer'n Lhe moonŦ"
ºAre Lhere many of Lhem ln here?" asked PermloneŦ
ºChţ a falr fewŧ keep Lhemselves Lo Lhemselves mosLlyţ buL Lhey're good enough abouL
Lurnln' up lf ever l wanL a wordŦ 1hey're deepţ mlndţ cenLaursŧ Lhey know Lhlngsŧ [us' don' leL
on muchŦ"
ºu'you Lhlnk LhaL was a cenLaur we heard earller?" sald ParryŦ
ºuld LhaL sound llke hooves Lo you? nahţ lf yeh ask meţ LhaL was whaL's bln klllln' Lhe unlcorns
Ŷ never heard anyLhln' llke lL beforeŦ"
1hey walked on Lhrough Lhe denseţ dark LreesŦ Parry kepL looklng nervously over hls shoulderŦ
Pe had Lhe nasLy feellng Lhey were belng waLchedŦ Pe was very glad Lhey had Pagrld and hls
crossbow wlLh LhemŦ 1hey had [usL passed a bend ln Lhe paLh when Permlone grabbed
Pagrld's armŦ
ºPagrld! Look! 8ed sparksţ Lhe oLhers are ln Lrouble!"
º?ou Lwo walL here!" Pagrld shouLedŦ ºSLay on Lhe paLhţ l'll come back for yeh!"
1hey heard hlm crashlng away Lhrough Lhe undergrowLh and sLood looklng aL each oLherţ very
scaredţ unLll Lhey couldn'L hear anyLhlng buL Lhe rusLllng of leaves around LhemŦ
º?ou don'L Lhlnk Lhey've been hurLţ do you?" whlspered PermloneŦ
ºl don'L care lf Malfoy hasţ buL lf someLhlng's goL nevllleŧ lL's our faulL he's here ln Lhe flrsL
1he mlnuLes dragged byŦ 1helr ears seemed sharper Lhan usualŦ Parry's seemed Lo be plcklng
up every slgh of Lhe wlndţ every cracklng LwlgŦ WhaL was golng on? Where were Lhe oLhers?
AL lasLţ a greaL crunchlng nolse announced Pagrld's reLurnŦ Malfoyţ nevllleţ and lang were
wlLh hlmŦ Pagrld was fumlngŦ Malfoyţ lL seemedţ had sneaked up behlnd nevllle and grabbed
hlm as a [okeŦ nevllle had panlcked and senL up Lhe sparksŦ
ºWe'll be lucky Ler caLch anyLhln' nowţ wlLh Lhe rackeL you Lwo were makln'Ŧ 8lghLţ we're
changln' groups Ÿ nevllleţ you sLay wlLh me an' Permloneţ Parryţ you go wlLh lang an' Lhls
ldloLŦ l'm sorryţ" Pagrld added ln a whlsper Lo Parryţ ºbuL he'll have a harder Llme frlghLenln'
youţ an' we've goLLa geL Lhls doneŦ"
So Parry seL off lnLo Lhe hearL of Lhe foresL wlLh Malfoy and langŦ 1hey walked for nearly half
an hourţ deeper and deeper lnLo Lhe foresLţ unLll Lhe paLh became almosL lmposslble Lo follow
because Lhe Lrees were so LhlckŦ Parry LhoughL Lhe blood seemed Lo be geLLlng LhlckerŦ 1here
were splashes on Lhe rooLs of a Lreeţ as Lhough Lhe poor creaLure had been Lhrashlng around
ln paln close byŦ Parry could see a clearlng aheadţ Lhrough Lhe Langled branches of an anclenL
ºLook Ÿ" he murmuredţ holdlng ouL hls arm Lo sLop MalfoyŦ
SomeLhlng brlghL whlLe was gleamlng on Lhe groundŦ 1hey lnched closerŦ
lL was Lhe unlcorn all rlghLţ and lL was deadŦ Parry had never seen anyLhlng so beauLlful and
sadŦ lLs longţ slender legs were sLuck ouL aL odd angles where lL had fallen and lLs mane was
spread pearlyŴwhlLe on Lhe dark leavesŦ
Parry had Laken one sLep Loward lL when a sllLherlng sound made hlm freeze where he sLoodŦ
A bush on Lhe edge of Lhe clearlng qulveredŧ 1henţ ouL of Lhe shadowsţ a hooded flgure came
crawllng across Lhe ground llke some sLalklng beasLŦ Parryţ Malfoyţ and lang sLood LransflxedŦ
1he cloaked flgure reached Lhe unlcornţ lowered lLs head over Lhe wound ln Lhe anlmal's sldeţ
and began Lo drlnk lLs bloodŦ
Malfoy leL ouL a Lerrlble scream and bolLed Ÿ so dld langŦ 1he hooded flgure ralsed lLs head
and looked rlghL aL Parry Ÿ unlcorn blood was drlbbllng down lLs fronLŦ lL goL Lo lLs feeL and
came swlfLly Loward Parry Ÿ he couldn'L move for fearŦ
1hen a paln llke he'd never felL before plerced hls headŤ lL was as Lhough hls scar were on flreŦ
Palf bllndedţ he sLaggered backwardŦ Pe heard hooves behlnd hlmţ galloplngţ and someLhlng
[umped clean over Parryţ charglng aL Lhe flgureŦ
1he paln ln Parry's head was so bad he fell Lo hls kneesŦ lL Look a mlnuLe or Lwo Lo passŦ When
he looked upţ Lhe flgure had goneŦ A cenLaur was sLandlng over hlmţ noL 8onan or 8aneŤ Lhls
one looked youngerŤ he had whlLeŴblond halr and a palomlno bodyŦ
ºAre you all rlghL?" sald Lhe cenLaurţ pulllng Parry Lo hls feeLŦ
º?es Ÿ Lhank you Ÿ whaL was LhaL?"
1he cenLaur dldn'L answerŦ Pe had asLonlshlngly blue eyesţ llke pale sapphlresŦ Pe looked
carefully aL Parryţ hls eyes llngerlng on Lhe scar LhaL sLood ouLţ llvldţ on Parry's foreheadŦ
º?ou are Lhe ÞoLLer boyţ" he saldŦ º?ou had beLLer geL back Lo PagrldŦ 1he foresL ls noL safe aL
Lhls Llme Ÿ especlally for youŦ Can you rlde? lL wlll be qulcker Lhls wayŦ
ºMy name ls llrenzeţ" he addedţ as he lowered hlmself on Lo hls fronL legs so LhaL Parry could
clamber onLo hls backŦ
1here was suddenly a sound of more galloplng from Lhe oLher slde of Lhe clearlngŦ 8onan and
8ane came bursLlng Lhrough Lhe Lreesţ Lhelr flanks heavlng and sweaLyŦ
ºllrenze!" 8ane LhunderedŦ ºWhaL are you dolng? ?ou have a human on your back! Pave you
no shame? Are you a common mule?"
ºuo you reallze who Lhls ls?" sald llrenzeŦ º1hls ls Lhe ÞoLLer boyŦ 1he qulcker he leaves Lhls
foresLţ Lhe beLLerŦ"
ºWhaL have you been Lelllng hlm?" growled 8aneŦ º8ememberţ llrenzeţ we are sworn noL Lo
seL ourselves agalnsL Lhe heavensŦ Pave we noL read whaL ls Lo come ln Lhe movemenLs of Lhe
8onan pawed Lhe ground nervouslyŦ ºl'm sure llrenze LhoughL he was acLlng for Lhe besLţ" he
sald ln hls gloomy volceŦ
8ane klcked hls back legs ln angerŦ
ºlor Lhe besL! WhaL ls LhaL Lo do wlLh us? CenLaurs are concerned wlLh whaL has been
foreLold! lL ls noL our buslness Lo run around llke donkeys afLer sLray humans ln our foresL!"
llrenze suddenly reared on Lo hls hlnd legs ln angerţ so LhaL Parry had Lo grab hls shoulders Lo
sLay onŦ
ºuo you noL see LhaL unlcorn?" llrenze bellowed aL 8aneŦ ºuo you noL undersLand why lL was
kllled? Cr have Lhe planeLs noL leL you ln on LhaL secreL? l seL myself agalnsL whaL ls lurklng ln
Lhls foresLţ 8aneţ yesţ wlLh humans alongslde me lf l musLŦ"
And llrenze whlsked aroundŤ wlLh Parry cluLchlng on as besL he couldţ Lhey plunged off lnLo
Lhe Lreesţ leavlng 8onan and 8ane behlnd LhemŦ
Parry dldn'L have a clue whaL was golng onŦ
ºWhy's 8ane so angry?" he askedŦ ºWhaL was LhaL Lhlng you saved me fromţ anyway?"
llrenze slowed Lo a walkţ warned Parry Lo keep hls head bowed ln case of lowŴhanglng
branchesţ buL dld noL answer Parry's quesLlonŦ 1hey made Lhelr way Lhrough Lhe Lrees ln
sllence for so long LhaL Parry LhoughL llrenze dldn'L wanL Lo Lalk Lo hlm anymoreŦ 1hey were
passlng Lhrough a parLlcularly dense paLch of Lreesţ howeverţ when llrenze suddenly sLoppedŦ
ºParry ÞoLLerţ do you know whaL unlcorn blood ls used for?"
ºnoţ" sald Parryţ sLarLled by Lhe odd quesLlonŦ ºWe've only used Lhe horn and Lall halr ln
º1haL ls because lL ls a monsLrous Lhlngţ Lo slay a unlcornţ" sald llrenzeŦ ºCnly one who has
noLhlng Lo loseţ and everyLhlng Lo galnţ would commlL such a crlmeŦ 1he blood of a unlcorn wlll
keep you allveţ even lf you are an lnch from deaLhţ buL aL a Lerrlble prlceŦ ?ou have slaln
someLhlng pure and defenseless Lo save yourselfţ and you wlll have buL a halfŴllfeţ a cursed llfeţ
from Lhe momenL Lhe blood Louches your llpsŦ"
Parry sLared aL Lhe back of llrenze's headţ whlch was dappled sllver ln Lhe moonllghLŦ
º8uL who'd be LhaL desperaLe?" he wondered aloudŦ ºlf you're golng Lo be cursed foreverţ
deaLh's beLLerţ lsn'L lL?"
ºlL lsţ" llrenze agreedţ ºunless all you need ls Lo sLay allve long enough Lo drlnk someLhlng else
Ÿ someLhlng LhaL wlll brlng you back Lo full sLrengLh and power Ÿ someLhlng LhaL wlll mean
you can never dleŦ MrŦ ÞoLLerţ do you know whaL ls hldden ln Lhe school aL Lhls very momenL?"
º1he Sorcerer's SLone! Cf course Ÿ Lhe Lllxlr of Llfe! 8uL l don'L undersLand who Ÿ"
ºCan you Lhlnk of nobody who has walLed many years Lo reLurn Lo powerţ who has clung Lo
llfeţ awalLlng Lhelr chance?"
lL was as Lhough an lron flsL had clenched suddenly around Parry's hearLŦ Cver Lhe rusLllng of
Lhe Lreesţ he seemed Lo hear once more whaL Pagrld had Lold hlm on Lhe nlghL Lhey had meLť
ºSome say he dledŦ Codswallopţ ln my oplnlonŦ uunno lf he had enough human lefL ln hlm Lo
ºuo you meanţ" Parry croakedţ ºLhaL was volŴ "
ºParry! Parryţ are you all rlghL?"
Permlone was runnlng Loward Lhem down Lhe paLhţ Pagrld pufflng along behlnd herŦ
ºl'm flneţ" sald Parryţ hardly knowlng whaL he was saylngŦ º1he unlcorn's deadţ Pagrldţ lL's ln
LhaL clearlng back LhereŦ"
º1hls ls where l leave youţ" llrenze murmured as Pagrld hurrled off Lo examlne Lhe unlcornŦ
º?ou are safe nowŦ"
Parry slld off hls backŦ
ºCood luckţ Parry ÞoLLerţ" sald llrenzeŦ º1he planeLs have been read wrongly before nowţ
even by cenLaursŦ l hope Lhls ls one of Lhose LlmesŦ"
Pe Lurned and canLered back lnLo Lhe depLhs of Lhe foresLţ leavlng Parry shlverlng behlnd hlmŦ
8on had fallen asleep ln Lhe dark common roomţ walLlng for Lhem Lo reLurnŦ Pe shouLed
someLhlng abouL CulddlLch fouls when Parry roughly shook hlm awakeŦ ln a maLLer of
secondsţ Lhoughţ he was wldeŴeyed as Parry began Lo Lell hlm and Permlone whaL had
happened ln Lhe foresLŦ
Parry couldn'L slL downŦ Pe paced up and down ln fronL of Lhe flreŦ Pe was sLlll shaklngŦ
ºSnape wanLs Lhe sLone for voldemorLŧ and voldemorL's walLlng ln Lhe foresLŧ and all Lhls
Llme we LhoughL Snape [usL wanLed Lo geL rlchŧ"
ºSLop saylng Lhe name!" sald 8on ln a Lerrlfled whlsperţ as lf he LhoughL voldemorL could hear
Parry wasn'L llsLenlngŦ
ºllrenze saved meţ buL he shouldn'L have done soŧ 8ane was furlousŧ he was Lalklng abouL
lnLerferlng wlLh whaL Lhe planeLs say ls golng Lo happenŧ 1hey musL show LhaL voldemorL's
comlng backŧ 8ane Lhlnks llrenze should have leL voldemorL klll meŧ l suppose LhaL's wrlLLen
ln Lhe sLars as wellŦ"
ºWlll you sLop saylng Lhe name!" 8on hlssedŦ
ºSo all l've goL Lo walL for now ls Snape Lo sLeal Lhe SLoneţ" Parry wenL on feverlshlyţ ºLhen
voldemorL wlll be able Lo come and flnlsh me offŧ Wellţ l suppose 8ane'll be happyŦ"
Permlone looked very frlghLenedţ buL she had a word of comforLŦ
ºParryţ everyone says uumbledore's Lhe only one ?ouŴknowŴWho was ever afrald ofţ wlLh
uumbledore aroundţ ?ouŴknowŴWho won'L Louch youŦ Anywayţ who says Lhe cenLaurs are
rlghL? lL sounds llke forLuneŴLelllng Lo meţ and Þrofessor McConagall says LhaL's a very
lmpreclse branch of maglcŦ"
1he sky had Lurned llghL before Lhey sLopped LalklngŦ 1hey wenL Lo bed exhausLedţ Lhelr
LhroaLs soreŦ 8uL Lhe nlghL's surprlses weren'L overŦ
When Parry pulled back hls sheeLsţ he found hls lnvlslblllLy cloak folded neaLly underneaLh
LhemŦ 1here was a noLe plnned Lo lLť
!usL ln caseŦ
1hrough Lhe 1rapdoor
ln years Lo comeţ Parry would never qulLe remember how he had managed Lo geL Lhrough hls
exams when he half expecLed voldemorL Lo come bursLlng Lhrough Lhe door aL any momenLŦ
?eL Lhe days crepL byţ and Lhere could be no doubL LhaL lluffy was sLlll allve and well behlnd
Lhe locked doorŦ
lL was swelLerlng hoLţ especlally ln Lhe large classroom where Lhey dld Lhelr wrlLLen papersŦ
1hey had been glven speclalţ new qullls for Lhe examsţ whlch had been bewlLched wlLh an
AnLlcheaLlng spellŦ
1hey had pracLlcal exams as wellŦ Þrofessor lllLwlck called Lhem one by one lnLo hls class Lo
see lf Lhey could make a plneapple Lapdance across a deskŦ Þrofessor McConagall waLched
Lhem Lurn a mouse lnLo a snuffbox Ÿ polnLs were glven for how preLLy Lhe snuffbox wasţ buL
Laken away lf lL had whlskersŦ Snape made Lhem all nervousţ breaLhlng down Lhelr necks whlle
Lhey Lrled Lo remember how Lo make a lorgeLfulness poLlonŦ
Parry dld Lhe besL he couldţ Lrylng Lo lgnore Lhe sLabblng palns ln hls foreheadţ whlch had been
boLherlng hlm ever slnce hls Lrlp lnLo Lhe foresLŦ nevllle LhoughL Parry had a bad case of exam
nerves because Parry couldn'L sleepţ buL Lhe LruLh was LhaL Parry kepL belng woken by hls old
nlghLmareţ excepL LhaL lL was now worse Lhan ever because Lhere was a hooded flgure
drlpplng blood ln lLŦ
Maybe lL was because Lhey hadn'L seen whaL Parry had seen ln Lhe foresLţ or because Lhey
dldn'L have scars burnlng on Lhelr foreheadsţ buL 8on and Permlone dldn'L seem as worrled
abouL Lhe SLone as ParryŦ 1he ldea of voldemorL cerLalnly scared Lhemţ buL he dldn'L keep
vlslLlng Lhem ln dreamsţ and Lhey were so busy wlLh Lhelr sLudylng Lhey dldn'L have much Llme
Lo freL abouL whaL Snape or anyone else mlghL be up LoŦ
1helr very lasL exam was PlsLory of MaglcŦ Cne hour of answerlng quesLlons abouL baLLy old
wlzards who'd lnvenLed selfsLlrrlng cauldrons and Lhey'd be freeţ free for a whole wonderful
week unLll Lhelr exam resulLs came ouLŦ When Lhe ghosL of Þrofessor 8lnns Lold Lhem Lo puL
down Lhelr qullls and roll up Lhelr parchmenLţ Parry couldn'L help cheerlng wlLh Lhe resLŦ
º1haL was far easler Lhan l LhoughL lL would beţ" sald Permlone as Lhey [olned Lhe crowds
flocklng ouL onLo Lhe sunny groundsŦ ºl needn'L have learned abouL Lhe 1637 Werewolf Code
of ConducL or Lhe uprlslng of Llfrlc Lhe LagerŦ"
Permlone always llked Lo go Lhrough Lhelr exam papers afLerwardţ buL 8on sald Lhls made hlm
feel lllţ so Lhey wandered down Lo Lhe lake and flopped under a LreeŦ 1he Weasley Lwlns and
Lee !ordan were Llckllng Lhe LenLacles of a glanL squldţ whlch was basklng ln Lhe warm
shallowsŦ ºno more sLudylngţ" 8on slghed happllyţ sLreLchlng ouL on Lhe grassŦ º?ou could look
more cheerfulţ Parryţ we've goL a week before we flnd ouL how badly we've doneţ Lhere's no
need Lo worry
Parry was rubblng hls foreheadŦ
ºl wlsh l knew whaL Lhls means!" he bursL ouL angrllyŦ ºMy scar keeps hurLlng Ÿ lL's happened
beforeţ buL never as ofLen as LhlsŦ"
ºCo Lo Madam Þomfreyţ" Permlone suggesLedŦ
ºl'm noL lllţ" sald ParryŦ ºl Lhlnk lL's a warnlngŧ lL means danger's comlngŧ"
8on couldn'L geL worked upţ lL was Loo hoLŦ
ºParryţ relaxţ Permlone's rlghLţ Lhe SLone's safe as long as uumbledore's aroundŦ Anywayţ
we've never had any proof Snape found ouL how Lo geL pasL lluffyŦ Pe nearly had hls leg
rlpped off onceţ he's noL golng Lo Lry lL agaln ln a hurryŦ And nevllle wlll play CulddlLch for
Lngland before Pagrld leLs uumbledore downŦ"
Parry noddedţ buL he couldn'L shake off a lurklng feellng LhaL Lhere was someLhlng he'd
forgoLLen Lo doţ someLhlng lmporLanLŦ When he Lrled Lo explaln Lhlsţ Permlone saldţ º1haL's
[usL Lhe examsŦ l woke up lasL nlghL and was halfway Lhrough my 1ransflguraLlon noLes before l
remembered we'd done LhaL oneŦ"
Parry was qulLe sure Lhe unseLLled feellng dldn'L have anyLhlng Lo do wlLh workţ LhoughŦ Pe
waLched an owl fluLLer Loward Lhe school across Lhe brlghL blue skyţ a noLe clamped ln lLs
mouLhŦ Pagrld was Lhe only one who ever senL hlm leLLersŦ Pagrld would never beLray
uumbledoreŦ Pagrld would never Lell anyone how Lo geL pasL lluffyŧ neverŧ buLŧ
Parry suddenly [umped Lo hls feeLŦ
ºWhere're you golng?" sald 8on sleepllyŦ
ºl've [usL LhoughL of someLhlngţ" sald ParryŦ Pe had Lurned whlLeŦ ºWe've goL Lo go and see
Pagrldţ nowŦ"
ºWhy?" panLed Permloneţ hurrylng Lo keep upŦ
ºuon'L you Lhlnk lL's a blL oddţ" sald Parryţ scrambllng up Lhe grassy slopeţ ºLhaL whaL Pagrld
wanLs more Lhan anyLhlng else ls a dragonţ and a sLranger Lurns up who [usL happens Lo have
an egg ln hls pockeL? Pow many people wander around wlLh dragon eggs lf lL's agalnsL wlzard
law? Lucky Lhey found Pagrldţ don'L you Lhlnk? Why dldn'L l see lL before?"
ºWhaL are you Lalklng abouL?" sald 8onţ buL Parryţ sprlnLlng across Lhe grounds Loward Lhe
foresLţ dldn'L answerŦ
Pagrld was slLLlng ln an armchalr ouLslde hls houseŤ hls Lrousers and sleeves were rolled upţ
he was shelllng peas lnLo a large bowlŦ
ºPulloţ" he saldţ smlllngŦ ºllnlshed yer exams? CoL Llme fer a drlnk?"
º?esţ pleaseţ" sald 8onţ buL Parry cuL hlm offŦ
ºnoţ we're ln a hurryŦ Pagrldţ l've goL Lo ask you someLhlngŦ ?ou know LhaL nlghL you won
norberL? WhaL dld Lhe sLranger you were playlng cards wlLh look llke?"
ºuunnoţ" sald Pagrld casuallyţ ºhe wouldn' Lake hls cloak offŦ"
Pe saw Lhe Lhree of Lhem look sLunned and ralsed hls eyebrowsŦ
ºlL's noL LhaL unusualţ yeh geL a loL o' funny folk ln Lhe Pog's Pead Ÿ LhaL's one of Lhe pub
down ln Lhe vlllageŦ MlghLa bln a dragon dealerţ mlghLn' he? l never saw hls faceţ he kepL hls
hood upŦ"
Parry sank down nexL Lo Lhe bowl of peasŦ ºWhaL dld you Lalk Lo hlm abouLţ Pagrld? uld you
menLlon PogwarLs aL all?"
ºMlghLa come upţ" sald Pagrldţ frownlng as he Lrled Lo rememberŦ º?eahŧ he asked whaL l
dldţ an' l Lold hlm l was gamekeeper hereŧ Pe asked a blL abouL Lhe sorLa creaLures l Look
afLerŧ so l Lold hlmŧ an' l sald whaL l'd always really wanLed was a dragonŧ an' Lhenŧ l can'
remember Loo wellţ 'cause he kepL buyln' me drlnksŧ LeL's seeŧ yeahţ Lhen he sald he had Lhe
dragon egg an' we could play cards fer lL lf l wanLedŧ buL he had Ler be sure l could handle lLţ
he dldn' wanL lL Ler go Ler any old homeŧ So l Lold hlmţ afLer lluffyţ a dragon would be easyŧ"
ºAnd dld he Ÿ dld he seem lnLeresLed ln lluffy?" Parry askedţ Lrylng Lo keep hls volce calmŦ
ºWell Ÿ yeah Ÿ how many LhreeŴheaded dogs d'yeh meeLţ even around PogwarLs? So l Lold
hlmţ lluffy's a plece o' cake lf yeh know how Lo calm hlm downţ [us' play hlm a blL o' muslc an'
he'll go sLralghL off Ler sleep Ÿ"
Pagrld suddenly looked horrlfledŦ
ºl shouldn'La Lold yeh LhaL!" he blurLed ouLŦ ºlorgeL l sald lL! Pey Ÿ where're yeh goln'?"
Parryţ 8onţ and Permlone dldn'L speak Lo each oLher aL all unLll Lhey came Lo a halL ln Lhe
enLrance hallţ whlch seemed very cold and gloomy afLer Lhe groundsŦ
ºWe've goL Lo go Lo uumbledoreţ" sald ParryŦ ºPagrld Lold LhaL sLranger how Lo geL pasL lluffyţ
and lL was elLher Snape or voldemorL under LhaL cloak Ÿ lL musL've been easyţ once he'd goL
Pagrld drunkŦ l [usL hope uumbledore belleves usŦ llrenze mlghL back us up lf 8ane doesn'L
sLop hlmŦ Where's uumbledore's offlce?"
1hey looked aroundţ as lf hoplng Lo see a slgn polnLlng Lhem ln Lhe rlghL dlrecLlonŦ 1hey had
never been Lold where uumbledore llvedţ nor dld Lhey know anyone who had been senL Lo see
ºWe'll [usL have Lo Ÿ" Parry beganţ buL a volce suddenly rang across Lhe hallŦ
ºWhaL are you Lhree dolng lnslde?"
lL was Þrofessor McConagallţ carrylng a large plle of booksŦ
ºWe wanL Lo see Þrofessor uumbledoreţ" sald Permloneţ raLher bravelyţ Parry and 8on
ºSee Þrofessor uumbledore?" Þrofessor McConagall repeaLedţ as Lhough Lhls was a very flshy
Lhlng Lo wanL Lo doŦ ºWhy?"
Parry swallowed Ÿ now whaL?
ºlL's sorL of secreLţ" he saldţ buL he wlshed aL once he hadn'Lţ because Þrofessor McConagall's
nosLrlls flaredŦ
ºÞrofessor uumbledore lefL Len mlnuLes agoţ" she sald coldlyŦ ºPe recelved an urgenL owl from
Lhe MlnlsLry of Maglc and flew off for London aL onceŦ"
ºPe's gone?" sald Parry franLlcallyŦ ºnow?"
ºÞrofessor uumbledore ls a very greaL wlzardţ ÞoLLerţ he has many demands on hls Llme Ŷ "
º8uL Lhls ls lmporLanLŦ"
ºSomeLhlng you have Lo say ls more lmporLanL Lhan Lhe MlnlsLry of Maglcţ ÞoLLer?"
ºLookţ" sald Parryţ Lhrowlng cauLlon Lo Lhe wlndsţ ºÞrofessor Ÿ lL's abouL Lhe Sorcerer's SLone
WhaLever Þrofessor McConagall had expecLedţ lL wasn'L LhaLŦ 1he books she was carrylng
Lumbled ouL of her armsţ buL she dldn'L plck Lhem upŦ
ºPow do you know Ÿ?" she spluLLeredŦ
ºÞrofessorţ l Lhlnk Ÿ l know Ÿ LhaL SnŸ LhaL someone's golng Lo Lry and sLeal Lhe SLoneŦ l've
goL Lo Lalk Lo Þrofessor uumbledoreŦ"
She eyed hlm wlLh a mlxLure of shock and susplclonŦ
ºÞrofessor uumbledore wlll be back Lomorrowţ" she sald flnallyŦ ºl don'L know how you found
ouL abouL Lhe SLoneţ buL resL assuredţ no one can posslbly sLeal lLţ lL's Loo well proLecLedŦ"
º8uL Þrofessor Ÿ"
ºÞoLLerţ l know whaL l'm Lalklng abouLţ" she sald shorLlyŦ She benL down and gaLhered up Lhe
fallen booksŦ ºl suggesL you all go back ouLslde and en[oy Lhe sunshlneŦ"
8uL Lhey dldn'LŦ
ºlL's LonlghLţ" sald Parryţ once he was sure Þrofessor McConagall was ouL of earshoLŦ ºSnape's
golng Lhrough Lhe Lrapdoor LonlghLŦ Pe's found ouL everyLhlng he needsţ and now he's goL
uumbledore ouL of Lhe wayŦ Pe senL LhaL noLeţ l beL Lhe MlnlsLry of Maglc wlll geL a real shock
when uumbledore Lurns upŦ"
º8uL whaL can we Ÿ"
Permlone gaspedŦ Parry and 8on wheeled roundŦ
Snape was sLandlng LhereŦ
ºCood afLernoonţ" he sald smooLhlyŦ
1hey sLared aL hlmŦ
º?ou shouldn'L be lnslde on a day llke Lhlsţ" he saldţ wlLh an oddţ LwlsLed smlleŦ
ºWe were Ÿ" Parry beganţ wlLhouL any ldea whaL he was golng Lo sayŦ
º?ou wanL Lo be more carefulţ" sald SnapeŦ ºPanglng around llke Lhlsţ people wlll Lhlnk you're
up Lo someLhlngŦ And Cryfflndor really can'L afford Lo lose any more polnLsţ can lL?"
Parry flushedŦ 1hey Lurned Lo go ouLsldeţ buL Snape called Lhem backŦ
º8e warnedţ ÞoLLer Ÿ any more nlghLLlme wanderlngs and l wlll personally make sure you are
expelledŦ Cood day Lo youŦ"
Pe sLrode off ln Lhe dlrecLlon of Lhe sLaffroomŦ
CuL on Lhe sLone sLepsţ Parry Lurned Lo Lhe oLhersŦ
º8lghLţ here's whaL we've goL Lo doţ" he whlspered urgenLlyŦ ºCne of us has goL Lo keep an eye
on Snape Ÿ walL ouLslde Lhe sLaff room and follow hlm lf he leaves lLŦ Permloneţ you'd beLLer
do LhaLŦ"
ºWhy me?"
ºlL's obvlousţ" sald 8onŦ º?ou can preLend Lo be walLlng for Þrofessor lllLwlckţ you knowŦ" Pe
puL on a hlgh volceţ º'Ch Þrofessor lllLwlckţ l'm so worrledţ l Lhlnk l goL quesLlon fourLeen b
wrongŧ '"
ºChţ shuL upţ" sald Permloneţ buL she agreed Lo go and waLch ouL for SnapeŦ
ºAnd we'd beLLer sLay ouLslde Lhe LhlrdŴfloor corrldorţ" Parry Lold 8onŦ ºCome onŦ"
8uL LhaL parL of Lhe plan dldn'L workŦ no sooner had Lhey reached Lhe door separaLlng lluffy
from Lhe resL of Lhe school Lhan Þrofessor McConagall Lurned up agaln and Lhls Llmeţ she losL
her LemperŦ
ºl suppose you Lhlnk you're harder Lo geL pasL Lhan a pack of enchanLmenLs!" she sLormedŦ
ºLnough of Lhls nonsense! lf l hear you've come anywhere near here agalnţ l'll Lake anoLher
flfLy polnLs from Cryfflndor! ?esţ Weasleyţ from my own house!"
Parry and 8on wenL back Lo Lhe common roomţ Parry had [usL saldţ ºAL leasL Permlone's on
Snape's Lallţ" when Lhe porLralL of Lhe laL Lady swung open and Permlone came lnŦ
ºl'm sorryţ Parry!" she walledŦ ºSnape came ouL and asked me whaL l was dolngţ so l sald l was
walLlng for lllLwlckţ and Snape wenL Lo geL hlmţ and l've only [usL goL awayţ l don'L know
where Snape wenLŦ"
ºWellţ LhaL's lL Lhenţ lsn'L lL?" Parry saldŦ
1he oLher Lwo sLared aL hlmŦ Pe was pale and hls eyes were gllLLerlngŦ
ºl'm golng ouL of here LonlghL and l'm golng Lo Lry and geL Lo Lhe SLone flrsLŦ"
º?ou're mad!" sald 8onŦ
º?ou can'L!" sald PermloneŦ ºAfLer whaL McConagall and Snape have sald? ?ou'll be expelled!"
ºSC WPA1" Parry shouLedŦ ºuon'L you undersLand? lf Snape geLs hold of Lhe SLoneţ
voldemorL's comlng back! Paven'L you heard whaL lL was llke when he was Lrylng Lo Lake over?
1here won'L be any PogwarLs Lo geL expelled from! Pe'll flaLLen lLţ or Lurn lL lnLo a school for
Lhe uark ArLs! Loslng polnLs doesn'L maLLer anymoreţ can'L you see? u'you Lhlnk he'll leave you
and your famllles alone lf Cryfflndor wlns Lhe house cup? lf l geL caughL before l can geL Lo Lhe
SLoneţ wellţ l'll have Lo go back Lo Lhe uursleys and walL for voldemorL Lo flnd me Lhereţ lL's
only dylng a blL laLer Lhan l would haveţ because l'm never golng over Lo Lhe uark Slde! l'm
golng Lhrough LhaL Lrapdoor LonlghL and noLhlng you Lwo say ls golng Lo sLop me! voldemorL
kllled my parenLsţ remember?"
Pe glared aL LhemŦ
º?ou're rlghL Parryţ" sald Permlone ln a small volceŦ
ºl'll use Lhe lnvlslblllLy cloakţ" sald ParryŦ ºlL's [usL lucky l goL lL backŦ"
º8uL wlll lL cover all Lhree of us?" sald 8onŦ
ºAll Ÿ all Lhree of us?"
ºChţ come off lLţ you don'L Lhlnk we'd leL you go alone?"
ºCf course noLţ" sald Permlone brlsklyŦ ºPow do you Lhlnk you'd geL Lo Lhe SLone wlLhouL us?
l'd beLLer go and look Lhrough my booksţ Lhere mlghL be someLhlng usefulŧ"
º8uL lf we geL caughLţ you Lwo wlll be expelledţ LooŦ"
ºnoL lf l can help lLţ" sald Permlone grlmlyŦ ºlllLwlck Lold me ln secreL LhaL l goL a hundred and
Lwelve percenL on hls examŦ 1hey're noL Lhrowlng me ouL afLer LhaLŦ"
AfLer dlnner Lhe Lhree of Lhem saL nervously aparL ln Lhe common roomŦ nobody boLhered
LhemŤ none of Lhe Cryfflndors had anyLhlng Lo say Lo Parry any moreţ afLer allŦ 1hls was Lhe
flrsL nlghL he hadn'L been upseL by lLŦ Permlone was sklmmlng Lhrough all her noLesţ hoplng Lo
come across one of Lhe enchanLmenLs Lhey were abouL Lo Lry Lo breakŦ Parry and 8on dldn'L
Lalk muchŦ 8oLh of Lhem were Lhlnklng abouL whaL Lhey were abouL Lo doŦ
Slowlyţ Lhe room empLled as people drlfLed off Lo bedŦ
º8eLLer geL Lhe cloakţ" 8on muLLeredţ as Lee !ordan flnally lefLţ sLreLchlng and yawnlngŦ Parry
ran upsLalrs Lo Lhelr dark dormlLoryŦ Pe pulled ouL Lhe cloak and Lhen hls eyes fell on Lhe fluLe
Pagrld had glven hlm for ChrlsLmasŦ Pe pockeLed lL Lo use on lluffy Ÿ he dldn'L feel much llke
Pe ran back down Lo Lhe common roomŦ
ºWe'd beLLer puL Lhe cloak on hereţ and make sure lL covers all Lhree of us Ŷ lf lllch spoLs one
of our feeL wanderlng along on lLs own Ÿ"
ºWhaL are you dolng?" sald a volce from Lhe corner of Lhe roomŦ nevllle appeared from behlnd
an armchalrţ cluLchlng 1revor Lhe Loadţ who looked as Lhough he'd been maklng anoLher bld
for freedomŦ
ºnoLhlngţ nevllleţ noLhlngţ" sald Parryţ hurrledly puLLlng Lhe cloak behlnd hls backŦ
nevllle sLared aL Lhelr gullLy facesŦ
º?ou're golng ouL agalnţ" he saldŦ
ºnoţ noţ noţ" sald PermloneŦ ºnoţ we're noLŦ Why don'L you go Lo bedţ nevllle?"
Parry looked aL Lhe grandfaLher clock by Lhe doorŦ 1hey couldn'L afford Lo wasLe any more
Snape mlghL even now be playlng lluffy Lo sleepŦ
º?ou can'L go ouLţ" sald nevllleţ ºyou'll be caughL agalnŦ Cryfflndor wlll be ln even more
º?ou don'L undersLandţ" sald Parryţ ºLhls ls lmporLanLŦ"
8uL nevllle was clearly sLeellng hlmself Lo do someLhlng desperaLeŦ
ºl won'L leL you do lLţ" he saldţ hurrylng Lo sLand ln fronL of Lhe porLralL holeŦ ºl'll Ÿ l'll flghL
ºnevllleţ º8on explodedţ ºgeL away from LhaL hole and don'L be an ldloL Ÿ"
ºuon'L you call me an ldloL!" sald nevllleŦ ºl don'L Lhlnk you should be breaklng any more rules!
And you were Lhe one who Lold me Lo sLand up Lo people!"
º?esţ buL noL Lo usţ" sald 8on ln exasperaLlonŦ ºnevllleţ you don'L know whaL you're dolngŦ"
Pe Look a sLep forward and nevllle dropped 1revor Lhe Loadţ who leapL ouL of slghLŦ
ºCo on Lhenţ Lry and hlL me!" sald nevllleţ ralslng hls flsLsŦ ºl'm ready!"
Parry Lurned Lo PermloneŦ
ºuo someLhlngţ" he sald desperaLelyŦ
Permlone sLepped forwardŦ
ºnevllleţ" she saldţ ºl'm reallyţ really sorry abouL LhlsŦ"
She ralsed her wandŦ
ºÞeLrlflcus 1oLalus!" she crledţ polnLlng lL aL nevllleŦ
nevllle's arms snapped Lo hls sldesŦ Pls legs sprang LogeLherŦ Pls whole body rlgldţ he swayed
where he sLood and Lhen fell flaL on hls faceţ sLlff as a boardŦ
Permlone ran Lo Lurn hlm overŦ nevllle's [aws were [ammed LogeLher so he couldn'L speakŦ
Cnly hls eyes were movlngţ looklng aL Lhem ln horrorŦ
ºWhaL've you done Lo hlm?" Parry whlsperedŦ
ºlL's Lhe full 8odyŴ8lndţ" sald Permlone mlserablyŦ ºChţ nevllleţ l'm so sorryŦ"
ºWe had Loţ nevllleţ no Llme Lo explalnţ" sald ParryŦ
º?ou'll undersLand laLerţ nevllleţ" sald 8on as Lhey sLepped over hlm and pulled on Lhe
lnvlslblllLy cloakŦ
8uL leavlng nevllle lylng moLlonless on Lhe floor dldn'L feel llke a very good omenŦ ln Lhelr
nervous sLaLeţ every sLaLue's shadow looked llke lllchţ every dlsLanL breaLh of wlnd sounded
llke Þeeves swooplng down on LhemŦ AL Lhe fooL of Lhe flrsL seL of sLalrsţ Lhey spoLLed MrsŦ
norrls skulklng near Lhe LopŦ
ºChţ leL's klck herţ [usL Lhls onceţ" 8on whlspered ln Parry's earţ buL Parry shook hls headŦ As
Lhey cllmbed carefully around herţ MrsŦ norrls Lurned her lampllke eyes on Lhemţ buL dldn'L do
1hey dldn'L meeL anyone else unLll Lhey reached Lhe sLalrcase up Lo Lhe Lhlrd floorŦ Þeeves was
bobblng halfway upţ loosenlng Lhe carpeL so LhaL people would LrlpŦ
ºWho's Lhere?" he sald suddenly as Lhey cllmbed Loward hlmŦ Pe narrowed hls wlcked black
eyesŦ ºknow you're Lhereţ even lf l can'L see youŦ Are you ghoulle or ghosLle or wee sLudenL
Pe rose up ln Lhe alr and floaLed Lhereţ squlnLlng aL LhemŦ
ºShould call lllchţ l shouldţ lf someLhlng's aŴcreeplng around unseenŦ"
Parry had a sudden ldeaŦ
ºÞeevesţ" he saldţ ln a hoarse whlsperţ ºLhe 8loody 8aron has hls own reasons for belng
Þeeves almosL fell ouL of Lhe alr ln shockŦ Pe caughL hlmself ln Llme and hovered abouL a fooL
off Lhe sLalrsŦ
ºSo sorryţ your bloodlnessţ MrŦ 8aronţ Slrţ" he sald greasllyŦ ºMy mlsLakeţ my mlsLake Ÿ l
dldn'L see you Ÿ of course l dldn'Lţ you're lnvlslble Ÿ forglve old Þeevsle hls llLLle [okeţ slrŦ"
ºl have buslness hereţ Þeevesţ" croaked ParryŦ ºSLay away from Lhls place LonlghLŦ"
ºl wlllţ slrţ l mosL cerLalnly wlllţ" sald Þeevesţ rlslng up ln Lhe alr agalnŦ ºPope your buslness
goes wellţ 8aronţ l'll noL boLher youŦ"
And he scooLed offŦ
º8rllllanLţ Parry!" whlspered 8onŦ
A few seconds laLerţ Lhey were Lhereţ ouLslde Lhe LhlrdŴfloor corrldor Ÿ and Lhe door was
already a[arŦ
ºWellţ Lhere you areţ" Parry sald quleLlyţ ºSnape's already goL pasL lluffyŦ"
Seelng Lhe open door somehow seemed Lo lmpress upon all Lhree of Lhem whaL was faclng
LhemŦ underneaLh Lhe cloakţ Parry Lurned Lo Lhe oLher LwoŦ
ºlf you wanL Lo go backţ l won'L blame youţ" he saldŦ º?ou can Lake Lhe cloakţ l won'L need lL
ºuon'L be sLupldţ" sald 8onŦ
ºWe're comlngţ" sald PermloneŦ
Parry pushed Lhe door openŦ
As Lhe door creakedţ lowţ rumbllng growls meL Lhelr earsŦ All Lhree of Lhe dog's noses snlffed
madly ln Lhelr dlrecLlonţ even Lhough lL couldn'L see LhemŦ
ºWhaL's LhaL aL lLs feeL?" Permlone whlsperedŦ
ºLooks llke a harpţ" sald 8onŦ ºSnape musL have lefL lL LhereŦ"
ºlL musL wake up Lhe momenL you sLop playlngţ" sald ParryŦ ºWellţ here goesŧ"
Pe puL Pagrld's fluLe Lo hls llps and blewŦ lL wasn'L really a Luneţ buL from Lhe flrsL noLe Lhe
beasL's eyes began Lo droopŦ Parry hardly drew breaLhŦ Slowlyţ Lhe dog's growls ceased Ÿ lL
LoLLered on lLs paws and fell Lo lLs kneesţ Lhen lL slumped Lo Lhe groundţ fasL asleepŦ
ºkeep playlngţ" 8on warned Parry as Lhey sllpped ouL of Lhe cloak and crepL Loward Lhe
LrapdoorŦ 1hey could feel Lhe dog's hoLţ smelly breaLh as Lhey approached Lhe glanL headsŦ ºl
Lhlnk we'll be able Lo pull Lhe door openţ" sald 8onţ peerlng over Lhe dog's backŦ ºWanL Lo go
flrsLţ Permlone?"
ºnoţ l don'L!"
ºAll rlghLŦ" 8on grlLLed hls LeeLh and sLepped carefully over Lhe dog's legsŦ Pe benL and pulled
Lhe rlng of Lhe Lrapdoorţ whlch swung up and openŦ
ºWhaL can you see?" Permlone sald anxlouslyŦ
ºnoLhlng Ÿ [usL black Ÿ Lhere's no way of cllmblng downţ we'll [usL have Lo dropŦ"
Parryţ who was sLlll playlng Lhe fluLeţ waved aL 8on Lo geL hls aLLenLlon and polnLed aL hlmselfŦ
º?ou wanL Lo go flrsL? Are you sure?" sald 8onŦ ºl don'L know how deep Lhls Lhlng goesŦ Clve
Lhe fluLe Lo Permlone so she can keep hlm asleepŦ"
Parry handed Lhe fluLe overŦ ln Lhe few seconds' sllenceţ Lhe dog growled and LwlLchedţ buL
momenL Permlone began Lo playţ lL fell back lnLo lLs deep sleepŦ
Parry cllmbed over lL and looked down Lhrough Lhe LrapdoorŦ 1here was no slgn of Lhe
Pe lowered hlmself Lhrough Lhe hole unLll he was hanglng on by hls flngerLlpsŦ 1hen he looked
up aL 8on and saldţ ºlf anyLhlng happens Lo meţ don'L followŦ Co sLralghL Lo Lhe owlery and
send Pedwlg Lo uumbledoreţ rlghL?"
º8lghLţ" sald 8onŦ
ºSee you ln a mlnuLeţ l hopeŧ"
And Parry leL goŦ Coldţ damp alr rushed pasL hlm as he fell downţ downţ down and Ÿ
lLuMÞŦ WlLh a funnyţ muffled sorL of Lhump he landed on someLhlng sofLŦ Pe saL up and felL
aroundţ hls eyes noL used Lo Lhe gloomŦ lL felL as Lhough he was slLLlng on some sorL of planLŦ
ºlL's okay!" he called up Lo Lhe llghL Lhe slze of a posLage sLampţ whlch was Lhe open Lrapdoorţ
ºlL's a sofL landlngţ you can [ump!"
8on followed rlghL awayŦ Pe landedţ sprawled nexL Lo ParryŦ
ºWhaL's Lhls sLuff?" were hls flrsL wordsŦ
ºuunnoţ some sorL of planL LhlngŦ l suppose lL's here Lo break Lhe fallŦ Come onţ Permlone!"
1he dlsLanL muslc sLoppedŦ 1here was a loud bark from Lhe dogţ buL Permlone had already
[umpedŦ She landed on Parry's oLher sldeŦ
ºWe musL be mlles under Lhe schoolţ" she saldŦ
ºLucky Lhls planL Lhlng's hereţ reallyţ" sald 8onŦ
ºLucky!" shrleked PermloneŦ ºLook aL you boLh!"
She leapL up and sLruggled Loward a damp wallŦ She had Lo sLruggle because Lhe momenL she
had landedţ Lhe planL had sLarLed Lo LwlsL snakellke Lendrlls around her anklesŦ As for Parry
and 8onţ Lhelr legs had already been bound LlghLly ln long creepers wlLhouL Lhelr noLlclngŦ
Permlone had managed Lo free herself before Lhe planL goL a flrm grlp on herŦ now she
waLched ln horror as Lhe Lwo boys foughL Lo pull Lhe planL off Lhemţ buL Lhe more Lhey
sLralned agalnsL lLţ Lhe LlghLer and fasLer Lhe planL wound around LhemŦ
ºSLop movlng!" Permlone ordered LhemŦ ºl know whaL Lhls ls Ÿ lL's uevll's Snare!"
ºChţ l'm so glad we know whaL lL's calledţ LhaL's a greaL helpţ" snarled 8onţ leanlng backţ Lrylng
Lo sLop Lhe planL from curllng around hls neckŦ ºShuL upţ l'm Lrylng Lo remember how Lo klll lL!"
sald PermloneŦ
ºWellţ hurry upţ l can'L breaLhe!" Parry gaspedţ wresLllng wlLh lL as lL curled around hls chesLŦ
ºuevll's Snareţ uevll's Snareŧ whaL dld Þrofessor SprouL say? Ÿ lL llkes Lhe dark and Lhe
ºSo llghL a flre!" Parry chokedŦ
º?es Ÿ of course Ÿ buL Lhere's no wood!" Permlone crledţ wrlnglng her handsŦ
ºPAvL ?Cu CCnL MAu?" 8on bellowedŦ ºA8L ?Cu A Wl1CP C8 nC1?"
ºChţ rlghL!" sald Permloneţ and she whlpped ouL her wandţ waved lLţ muLLered someLhlngţ
and senL a [eL of Lhe same bluebell flames she had used on Snape aL Lhe planLŦ ln a maLLer of
secondsţ Lhe Lwo boys felL lL loosenlng lLs grlp as lL crlnged away from Lhe llghL and warmLhŦ
Wrlggllng and flalllngţ lL unraveled lLself from Lhelr bodlesţ and Lhey were able Lo pull freeŦ
ºLucky you pay aLLenLlon ln Perbologyţ Permloneţ" sald Parry as he [olned her by Lhe wallţ
wlplng sweaL off hls faceŦ
º?eahţ" sald 8onţ ºand lucky Parry doesn'L lose hls head ln a crlsls Ÿ 'Lhere's no woodţ'
º1hls wayţ" sald Parryţ polnLlng down a sLone passagewayţ whlch was Lhe only way forwardŦ
All Lhey could hear aparL from Lhelr fooLsLeps was Lhe genLle drlp of waLer Lrlckllng down Lhe
wallsŦ 1he passageway sloped downwardţ and Parry was remlnded of CrlngoLLsŦ WlLh an
unpleasanL [olL of Lhe hearLţ he remembered Lhe dragons sald Lo be guardlng vaulLs ln Lhe
wlzards' bankŦ lf Lhey meL a dragonţ a fullyŴgrown dragon Ÿ norberL had been bad enoughŧ
ºCan you hear someLhlng?" 8on whlsperedŦ
Parry llsLenedŦ A sofL rusLllng and cllnklng seemed Lo be comlng from up aheadŦ
ºuo you Lhlnk lL's a ghosL?"
ºl don'L knowŧ sounds llke wlngs Lo meŦ"
º1here's llghL ahead Ÿ l can see someLhlng movlngŦ"
1hey reached Lhe end of Lhe passageway and saw before Lhem a brllllanLly llL chamberţ lLs
celllng archlng hlgh above LhemŦ lL was full of smallţ [ewelŴbrlghL blrdsţ fluLLerlng and Lumbllng
all around Lhe roomŦ Cn Lhe opposlLe slde of Lhe chamber was a heavy wooden doorŦ
ºuo you Lhlnk Lhey'll aLLack us lf we cross Lhe room?" sald 8onŦ
ºÞrobablyţ" sald ParryŦ º1hey don'L look very vlclousţ buL l suppose lf Lhey all swooped down aL
onceŧ wellţ Lhere's no oLher cholceŧ l'll runŦ"
Pe Look a deep breaLhţ covered hls face wlLh hls armsţ and sprlnLed across Lhe roomŦ Pe
expecLed Lo feel sharp beaks and claws Learlng aL hlm any secondţ buL noLhlng happenedŦ Pe
reached Lhe door unLouchedŦ Pe pulled Lhe handleţ buL lL was lockedŦ
1he oLher Lwo followed hlmŦ 1hey Lugged and heaved aL Lhe doorţ buL lL wouldn'L budgeţ noL
even when Permlone Lrled her Alohomora charmŦ
ºnow whaL?" sald 8onŦ
º1hese blrdsŧ Lhey can'L be here [usL for decoraLlonţ" sald PermloneŦ
1hey waLched Lhe blrds soarlng overheadţ gllLLerlng ŸgllLLerlng?
º1hey're noL blrds!" Parry sald suddenlyŦ º1hey're keys! Wlnged keys Ÿ look carefullyŦ So LhaL
musL meanŧ" he looked around Lhe chamber whlle Lhe oLher Lwo squlnLed up aL Lhe flock of
keysŦ ºŧ yes Ÿ look! 8roomsLlcks! We've goL Lo caLch Lhe key Lo Lhe door!"
º8uL Lhere are hundreds of Lhem!"
8on examlned Lhe lock on Lhe doorŦ
ºWe're looklng for a blgţ oldŴfashloned one Ÿ probably sllverţ llke Lhe handleŦ"
1hey each selzed a broomsLlck and klcked off lnLo Lhe alrţ soarlng lnLo Lhe mldsL of Lhe cloud of
keysŦ 1hey grabbed and snaLchedţ buL Lhe bewlLched keys darLed and dlved so qulckly lL was
almosL lmposslble Lo caLch oneŦ
noL for noLhlngţ Lhoughţ was Parry Lhe youngesL Seeker ln a cenLuryŦ Pe had a knack for
spoLLlng Lhlngs oLher people dldn'LŦ AfLer a mlnuLe's weavlng abouL Lhrough Lhe whlrl of
ralnbow feaLhersţ he noLlced a large sllver key LhaL had a benL wlngţ as lf lL had already been
caughL and sLuffed roughly lnLo Lhe keyholeŦ
º1haL one!" he called Lo Lhe oLhersŦ º1haL blg one Ÿ Lhere Ÿ noţ Lhere Ÿ wlLh brlghL blue
wlngs Ÿ Lhe feaLhers are all crumpled on one sldeŦ"
8on wenL speedlng ln Lhe dlrecLlon LhaL Parry was polnLlngţ crashed lnLo Lhe celllngţ and
nearly fell off hls broomŦ
ºWe've goL Lo close ln on lL!" Parry calledţ noL Laklng hls eyes off Lhe key wlLh Lhe damaged
wlngŦ º8onţ you come aL lL from above Ÿ Permloneţ sLay below and sLop lL from golng down
and l'll Lry and caLch lLŦ 8lghLţ nCW!"
8on dlvedţ Permlone rockeLed upwardţ Lhe key dodged Lhem boLhţ and Parry sLreaked afLer lLŤ
sped Loward Lhe wallţ Parry leaned forward and wlLh a nasLyţ crunchlng nolseţ plnned lL
agalnsL Lhe sLone wlLh one handŦ 8on and Permlone's cheers echoed around Lhe hlgh
1hey landed qulcklyţ and Parry ran Lo Lhe doorţ Lhe key sLruggllng ln hls handŦ Pe rammed lL
lnLo Lhe lock and Lurned Ŷ lL workedŦ 1he momenL Lhe lock had cllcked openţ Lhe key Look
fllghL agalnţ looklng very baLLered now LhaL lL had been caughL LwlceŦ
º8eady?" Parry asked Lhe oLher Lwoţ hls hand on Lhe door handleŦ 1hey noddedŦ Pe pulled Lhe
door openŦ
1he nexL chamber was so dark Lhey couldn'L see anyLhlng aL allŦ 8uL as Lhey sLepped lnLo lLţ
llghL suddenly flooded Lhe room Lo reveal an asLonlshlng slghLŦ
1hey were sLandlng on Lhe edge of a huge chessboardţ behlnd Lhe black chessmenţ whlch were
all Laller Lhan Lhey were and carved from whaL looked llke black sLoneŦ laclng Lhemţ way
across Lhe chamberţ were Lhe whlLe plecesŦ Parryţ 8on and Permlone shlvered sllghLly Ŷ Lhe
Lowerlng whlLe chessmen had no facesŦ
ºnow whaL do we do?" Parry whlsperedŦ
ºlL's obvlousţ lsn'L lL?" sald 8onŦ ºWe've goL Lo play our way across Lhe roomŦ"
8ehlnd Lhe whlLe pleces Lhey could see anoLher doorŦ
ºPow?" sald Permlone nervouslyŦ
ºl Lhlnkţ" sald 8onţ ºwe're golng Lo have Lo be chessmenŦ"
Pe walked up Lo a black knlghL and puL hls hand ouL Lo Louch Lhe knlghL's horseŦ AL onceţ Lhe
sLone sprang Lo llfeŦ 1he horse pawed Lhe ground and Lhe knlghL Lurned hls helmeLed head Lo
look down aL 8onŦ
ºuo we Ÿ er Ÿ have Lo [oln you Lo geL across?" 1he black knlghL noddedŦ 8on Lurned Lo Lhe
oLher LwoŦ
º1hls needs Lhlnklng abouLŧ" he saldŦ ºl suppose we've goL Lo Lake Lhe place of Lhree of Lhe
black plecesŧ"
Parry and Permlone sLayed quleLţ waLchlng 8on LhlnkŦ llnally he saldţ ºnowţ don'L be offended
or anyLhlngţ buL nelLher of you are LhaL good aL chess Ÿ"
ºWe're noL offendedţ" sald Parry qulcklyŦ º!usL Lell us whaL Lo doŦ"
ºWellţ Parryţ you Lake Lhe place of LhaL blshopţ and Permloneţ you go Lhere lnsLead of LhaL
ºWhaL abouL you?"
ºl'm golng Lo be a knlghLţ" sald 8onŦ
1he chessmen seemed Lo have been llsLenlngţ because aL Lhese words a knlghLţ a blshopţ and a
casLle Lurned Lhelr backs on Lhe whlLe pleces and walked off Lhe boardţ leavlng Lhree empLy
squares LhaL Parryţ 8onţ and Permlone LookŦ
ºWhlLe always plays flrsL ln chessţ" sald 8onţ peerlng across Lhe boardŦ º?esŧ lookŧ"
A whlLe pawn had moved forward Lwo squaresŦ
8on sLarLed Lo dlrecL Lhe black plecesŦ 1hey moved sllenLly wherever he senL LhemŦ Parry's
knees were LrembllngŦ WhaL lf Lhey losL?
ºParry Ÿ move dlagonally four squares Lo Lhe rlghLŦ"
1helr flrsL real shock came when Lhelr oLher knlghL was LakenŦ 1he whlLe queen smashed hlm
Lo Lhe floor and dragged hlm off Lhe boardţ where he lay qulLe sLlllţ facedownŦ
ºPad Lo leL LhaL happenţ" sald 8onţ looklng shakenŦ ºLeaves you free Lo Lake LhaL blshopţ
Permloneţ go onŦ"
Lvery Llme one of Lhelr men was losLţ Lhe whlLe pleces showed no mercyŦ Soon Lhere was a
huddle of llmp black players slumped along Lhe wallŦ 1wlceţ 8on only [usL noLlced ln Llme LhaL
Parry and Permlone were ln dangerŦ Pe hlmself darLed around Lhe boardţ Laklng almosL as
many whlLe pleces as Lhey had losL black onesŦ
ºWe're nearly Lhereţ" he muLLered suddenlyŦ ºLeL me Lhlnk Ÿ leL me Lhlnkŧ"
1he whlLe queen Lurned her blank face Loward hlmŦ
º?esŧ" sald 8on sofLlyţ ºlL's Lhe only wayŧ l've goL Lo be LakenŦ"
ºnC!" Parry and Permlone shouLedŦ
º1haL's chess!" snapped 8onŦ º?ou've goL Lo make some sacrlflces! l make my move and she'll
Lake me Ÿ LhaL leaves you free Lo checkmaLe Lhe klngţ Parry!"
º8uL Ÿ"
ºuo you wanL Lo sLop Snape or noL?"
º8on Ÿ"
ºLookţ lf you don'L hurry upţ he'll already have Lhe SLone!"
1here was no alLernaLlveŦ
º8eady?" 8on calledţ hls face pale buL deLermlnedŦ ºPere l go Ÿ nowţ don'L hang around once
you've wonŦ"
Pe sLepped forwardţ and Lhe whlLe queen pouncedŦ She sLruck 8on hard across Lhe head wlLh
her sLone armţ and he crashed Lo Lhe floor Ÿ Permlone screamed buL sLayed on her square Ÿ
Lhe whlLe queen dragged 8on Lo one sldeŦ Pe looked as lf he'd been knocked ouLŦ
Shaklngţ Parry moved Lhree spaces Lo Lhe lefLŦ
1he whlLe klng Look off hls crown and Lhrew lL aL Parry's feeLŦ 1hey had wonŦ 1he chessmen
parLed and bowedţ leavlng Lhe door ahead clearŦ WlLh one lasL desperaLe look back aL 8onţ
Parry and Permlone charged Lhrough Lhe door and up Lhe nexL passagewayŦ
ºWhaL lf he's Ÿ?"
ºPe'll be all rlghLţ" sald Parryţ Lrylng Lo convlnce hlmselfŦ ºWhaL do you reckon's nexL?"
ºWe've had SprouL'sţ LhaL was Lhe uevll's SnareŤ lllLwlck musL've puL charms on Lhe keysŤ
McConagall Lransflgured Lhe chessmen Lo make Lhem allveŤ LhaL leaves Culrrell's spellţ and
1hey had reached anoLher doorŦ
ºAll rlghL?" Parry whlsperedŦ
ºCo onŦ"
Parry pushed lL openŦ
A dlsgusLlng smell fllled Lhelr nosLrllsţ maklng boLh of Lhem pull Lhelr robes up over Lhelr nosesŦ
Lyes waLerlngţ Lhey sawţ flaL on Lhe floor ln fronL of Lhemţ a Lroll even larger Lhan Lhe one Lhey
had Lackledţ ouL cold wlLh a bloody lump on lLs headŦ
ºl'm glad we dldn'L have Lo flghL LhaL oneţ" Parry whlspered as Lhey sLepped carefully over one
of lLs masslve legsŦ ºCome onţ l can'L breaLheŦ"
Pe pulled open Lhe nexL doorţ boLh of Lhem hardly darlng Lo look aL whaL came nexL Ŵ buL
Lhere was noLhlng very frlghLenlng ln hereţ [usL a Lable wlLh seven dlfferenLly shaped boLLles
sLandlng on lL ln a llneŦ
ºSnape'sţ" sald ParryŦ ºWhaL do we have Lo do?"
1hey sLepped over Lhe Lhresholdţ and lmmedlaLely a flre sprang up behlnd Lhem ln Lhe
doorwayŦ lL wasn'L ordlnary flre elLherŤ lL was purpleŦ AL Lhe same lnsLanLţ black flames shoL up
ln Lhe
doorway leadlng onwardŦ 1hey were LrappedŦ
ºLook!" Permlone selzed a roll of paper lylng nexL Lo Lhe boLLlesŦ Parry looked over her
shoulder Lo read lLť
uanger lles before youţ whlle safeLy lles behlndţ
1wo of us wlll help youţ whlch ever you would flndţ
Cne among us seven wlll leL you move aheadţ
AnoLher wlll LransporL Lhe drlnker back lnsLeadţ
1wo among our number hold only neLLle wlneţ
1hree of us are klllersţ walLlng bldden ln llneŦ
Chooseţ unless you wlsh Lo sLay here forevermoreţ
1o help you ln your cholceţ we glve you Lhese clues fourť
llrsLţ however slyly Lhe polson Lrles Lo hlde
?ou wlll always flnd some on neLLle wlne's lefL sldeŤ
Secondţ dlfferenL are Lhose who sLand aL elLher endţ
8uL lf you would move onwardţ nelLher ls your frlendŤ
1hlrdţ as you see clearlyţ all are dlfferenL slzeţ
nelLher dwarf nor glanL holds deaLh ln Lhelr lnsldesŤ
lourLhţ Lhe second lefL and Lhe second on Lhe rlghL
Are Lwlns once you LasLe Lhemţ Lhough dlfferenL aL flrsL slghLŦ
Permlone leL ouL a greaL slgh and Parryţ amazedţ saw LhaL she was smlllngţ Lhe very lasL Lhlng
he felL llke dolngŦ
º8rllllanLţ" sald PermloneŦ º1hls lsn'L maglc Ÿ lL's loglc Ÿ a puzzleŦ A loL of Lhe greaLesL
wlzards haven'L goL an ounce of loglcţ Lhey'd be sLuck ln here foreverŦ"
º8uL so wlll weţ won'L we?"
ºCf course noLţ" sald PermloneŦ ºLveryLhlng we need ls here on Lhls paperŦ Seven boLLlesť
are polsonŤ Lwo are wlneŤ one wlll geL us safely Lhrough Lhe black flreţ and one wlll geL us back
Lhrough Lhe purpleŦ"
º8uL how do we know whlch Lo drlnk?"
ºClve me a mlnuLeŦ"
Permlone read Lhe paper several LlmesŦ 1hen she walked up and down Lhe llne of boLLlesţ
muLLerlng Lo herself and polnLlng aL LhemŦ AL lasLţ she clapped her handsŦ
ºCoL lLţ" she saldŦ º1he smallesL boLLle wlll geL us Lhrough Lhe black flre Ÿ Loward Lhe SLoneŦ"
Parry looked aL Lhe Llny boLLleŦ
º1here's only enough Lhere for one of usţ" he saldŦ º1haL's hardly one swallowŦ"
1hey looked aL each oLherŦ
ºWhlch one wlll geL you back Lhrough Lhe purple flames?"
Permlone polnLed aL a rounded boLLle aL Lhe rlghL end of Lhe llneŦ
º?ou drlnk LhaLţ" sald ParryŦ ºnoţ llsLenţ geL back and geL 8onŦ Crab brooms from Lhe flylngŴ
key roomţ Lhey'll geL you ouL of Lhe Lrapdoor and pasL lluffy Ÿ go sLralghL Lo Lhe owlery and
send Pedwlg Lo uumbledoreţ we need hlmŦ l mlghL be able Lo hold Snape off for a whlleţ buL
l'm no maLch for hlmţ reallyŦ"
º8uL Parry Ÿ whaL lf ?ouŴknowŴWho's wlLh hlm?"
ºWell Ÿ l was lucky onceţ wasn'L l?" sald Parryţ polnLlng aL hls scarŦ ºl mlghL geL lucky agalnŦ"
Permlone's llp Lrembledţ and she suddenly dashed aL Parry and Lhrew her arms around hlmŦ
ºParry Ÿ you're a greaL wlzardţ you knowŦ"
ºl'm noL as good as youţ" sald Parryţ very embarrassedţ as she leL go of hlmŦ
ºMe!" sald PermloneŦ º8ooks! And cleverness! 1here are more lmporLanL Lhlngs Ÿ frlendshlp
and bravery and Ÿ oh Parry Ÿbe careful! "
º?ou drlnk flrsLţ" sald ParryŦ º?ou are sure whlch ls whlchţ aren'L you?"
ºÞoslLlveţ" sald PermloneŦ She Look a long drlnk from Lhe round boLLle aL Lhe endţ and
ºlL's noL polson?" sald Parry anxlouslyŦ
ºno Ÿ buL lL's llke lceŦ"
ºCulckţ goţ before lL wears offŦ"
ºCood luck Ÿ Lake careŦ"
Permlone Lurned and walked sLralghL Lhrough Lhe purple flreŦ
Parry Look a deep breaLh and plcked up Lhe smallesL boLLleŦ Pe Lurned Lo face Lhe black
ºPere l comeţ" he saldţ and he dralned Lhe llLLle boLLle ln one gulpŦ
lL was lndeed as Lhough lce was floodlng hls bodyŦ Pe puL Lhe boLLle down and walked forwardŤ
he braced hlmselfţ saw Lhe black flames llcklng hls bodyţ buL couldn'L feel Lhem Ÿ for a
momenL he could see noLhlng buL dark flre Ÿ Lhen he was on Lhe oLher sldeţ ln Lhe lasL
1here was already someone Lhere Ÿ buL lL wasn'L SnapeŦ lL wasn'L even voldemorLŦ
1he Man WlLh 1wo laces
lL was CulrrellŦ
º?ou!" gasped ParryŦ
Culrrell smlledŦ Pls face wasn'L LwlLchlng aL allŦ
ºMeţ" he sald calmlyŦ ºl wondered wheLher l'd be meeLlng you hereţ ÞoLLerŦ"
º8uL l LhoughL Ÿ Snape Ÿ"
ºSeverus?" Culrrell laughedţ and lL wasn'L hls usual qulverlng Lrebleţ elLherţ buL cold and sharpŦ
º?esţ Severus does seem Lhe Lypeţ doesn'L he? So useful Lo have hlm swooplng around llke an
overgrown baLŦ nexL Lo hlmţ who would suspecL pŴpŴpoorţ sLŴsLuLLerlng ÞŴÞrofessor Culrrell?"
Parry couldn'L Lake lL lnŦ 1hls couldn'L be Lrueţ lL couldn'LŦ
º8uL Snape Lrled Lo klll me!"
ºnoţ noţ noŦ l Lrled Lo klll youŦ ?our frlend Mlss Cranger accldenLally knocked me over as she
rushed Lo seL flre Lo Snape aL LhaL CulddlLch maLchŦ She broke my eye conLacL wlLh youŦ
AnoLher few seconds and l'd have goL you off LhaL broomŦ l'd have managed lL before Lhen lf
Snape hadn'L been muLLerlng a counLercurseţ Lrylng Lo save youŦ"
ºSnape was Lrylng Lo save me?"
ºCf courseţ" sald Culrrell coollyŦ ºWhy do you Lhlnk he wanLed Lo referee your nexL maLch? Pe
was Lrylng Lo make sure l dldn'L do lL agalnŦ lunnyţ reallyŧ he needn'L have boLheredŦ l
couldn'L do anyLhlng wlLh uumbledore waLchlngŦ All Lhe oLher Leachers LhoughL Snape was
Lrylng Lo sLop Cryfflndor from wlnnlngţ he dld make hlmself unpopularŧ and whaL a wasLe of
Llmeţ when afLer all LhaLţ l'm golng Lo klll you LonlghLŦ"
Culrrell snapped hls flngersŦ 8opes sprang ouL of Lhln alr and wrapped Lhemselves LlghLly
around ParryŦ
º?ou're Loo nosy Lo llveţ ÞoLLerŦ Scurrylng around Lhe school on Palloween llke LhaLţ for all l
knew you'd seen me comlng Lo look aL whaL was guardlng Lhe SLoneŦ"
º?ou leL Lhe Lroll ln?"
ºCerLalnlyŦ l have a speclal glfL wlLh Lrolls Ÿ you musL have seen whaL l dld Lo Lhe one ln Lhe
chamber back Lhere? unforLunaLelyţ whlle everyone else was runnlng around looklng for lLţ
Snapeţ who already suspecLed meţ wenL sLralghL Lo Lhe Lhlrd floor Lo head me off Ÿ and noL
only dld my Lroll fall Lo beaL you Lo deaLhţ LhaL LhreeŴheaded dog dldn'L even manage Lo blLe
Snape's leg off properlyŦ
ºnowţ walL quleLlyţ ÞoLLerŦ l need Lo examlne Lhls lnLeresLlng mlrrorŦ"
lL was only Lhen LhaL Parry reallzed whaL was sLandlng behlnd CulrrellŦ lL was Lhe Mlrror of
º1hls mlrror ls Lhe key Lo flndlng Lhe SLoneţ" Culrrell murmuredţ Lapplng hls way around Lhe
frameŦ º1rusL uumbledore Lo come up wlLh someLhlng llke Lhlsŧ buL he's ln Londonŧ l'll be far
away by Lhe Llme he geLs backŧ"
All Parry could Lhlnk of dolng was Lo keep Culrrell Lalklng and sLop hlm from concenLraLlng on
Lhe mlrrorŦ
ºl saw you and Snape ln Lhe foresL Ÿ" he blurLed ouLŦ
º?esţ" sald Culrrell ldlyţ walklng around Lhe mlrror Lo look aL Lhe backŦ ºPe was on Lo me by
LhaL Llmeţ Lrylng Lo flnd ouL how far l'd goLŦ Pe suspecLed me all alongŦ 1rled Lo frlghLen me Ÿ
as Lhough he couldţ when l had Lord voldemorL on my sldeŧ"
Culrrell came back ouL from behlnd Lhe mlrror and sLared hungrlly lnLo lLŦ
ºl see Lhe SLoneŧ l'm presenLlng lL Lo my masLerŧ buL where ls lL?"
Parry sLruggled agalnsL Lhe ropes blndlng hlmţ buL Lhey dldn'L glveŦ Pe had Lo keep Culrrell
from glvlng hls whole aLLenLlon Lo Lhe mlrrorŦ
º8uL Snape always seemed Lo haLe me so muchŦ"
ºChţ he doesţ" sald Culrrell casuallyţ ºheavensţ yesŦ Pe was aL PogwarLs wlLh your faLherţ
dldn'L you know? 1hey loaLhed each oLherŦ 8uL he never wanLed you deadŦ"
º8uL l heard you a few days agoţ sobblng Ÿ l LhoughL Snape was LhreaLenlng youŧ"
lor Lhe flrsL Llmeţ a spasm of fear fllLLed across Culrrell's faceŦ
ºSomeLlmesţ" he saldţ ºl flnd lL hard Lo follow my masLer's lnsLrucLlons Ÿ he ls a greaL wlzard
and l am weak Ÿ"
º?ou mean he was Lhere ln Lhe classroom wlLh you?" Parry gaspedŦ
ºPe ls wlLh me wherever l goţ" sald Culrrell quleLlyŦ ºl meL hlm when l Lraveled around Lhe
worldŦ A foollsh young man l was Lhenţ full of rldlculous ldeas abouL good and evllŦ Lord
voldemorL showed me how wrong l wasŦ 1here ls no good and evllţ Lhere ls only powerţ and
Lhose Loo weak Lo seek lLŧ Slnce Lhenţ l have served hlm falLhfullyţ alLhough l have leL hlm
down many LlmesŦ Pe has had Lo be very hard on meŦ" Culrrell shlvered suddenlyŦ ºPe does
noL forglve mlsLakes easllyŦ When l falled Lo sLeal Lhe sLone from CrlngoLLsţ he was mosL
dlspleasedŦ Pe punlshed meŧ declded he would have Lo keep a closer waLch on meŧ"
Culrrell's volce Lralled awayŦ Parry was rememberlng hls Lrlp Lo ulagon Alley Ÿ how could he
have been so sLupld? Pe'd seen Culrrell Lhere LhaL very dayţ shaken hands wlLh hlm ln Lhe
Leaky CauldronŦ
Culrrell cursed under hls breaLhŦ
ºl don'L undersLandŧ ls Lhe SLone lnslde Lhe mlrror? Should l break lL?"
Parry's mlnd was raclngŦ
WhaL l wanL more Lhan anyLhlng else ln Lhe world aL Lhe momenLţ he LhoughLţ ls Lo flnd Lhe
SLone before Culrrell doesŦ So lf l look ln Lhe mlrrorţ l should see myself flndlng lL Ÿ whlch
means l'll see where lL's hldden! 8uL how can l look wlLhouL Culrrell reallzlng whaL l'm up Lo?
Pe Lrled Lo edge Lo Lhe lefLţ Lo geL ln fronL of Lhe glass wlLhouL Culrrell noLlclngţ buL Lhe ropes
around hls ankles were Loo LlghLť he Lrlpped and fell overŦ Culrrell lgnored hlmŦ Pe was sLlll
Lalklng Lo hlmselfŦ
ºWhaL does Lhls mlrror do? Pow does lL work? Pelp meţ MasLer!"
And Lo Parry's horrorţ a volce answeredţ and Lhe volce seemed Lo come from Culrrell hlmselfŦ
ºuse Lhe boyŧ use Lhe boyŧ"
Culrrell rounded on ParryŦ
º?es Ÿ ÞoLLer Ÿ come hereŦ"
Pe clapped hls hands onceţ and Lhe ropes blndlng Parry fell offŦ Parry goL slowly Lo hls feeLŦ
ºCome hereţ" Culrrell repeaLedŦ ºLook ln Lhe mlrror and Lell me whaL you seeŦ"
Parry walked Loward hlmŦ
l musL lleţ he LhoughL desperaLelyŦ l musL look and lle abouL whaL l seeţ LhaL's allŦ
Culrrell moved close behlnd hlmŦ Parry breaLhed ln Lhe funny smell LhaL seemed Lo come from
Culrrell's LurbanŦ Pe closed hls eyesţ sLepped ln fronL of Lhe mlrrorţ and opened Lhem agalnŦ
Pe saw hls reflecLlonţ pale and scaredŴlooklng aL flrsLŦ 8uL a momenL laLerţ Lhe reflecLlon
smlled aL hlmŦ lL puL lLs hand lnLo lLs pockeL and pulled ouL a bloodŴred sLoneŦ lL wlnked and
puL Lhe
SLone back ln lLs pockeL Ÿ and as lL dld soţ Parry felL someLhlng heavy drop lnLo hls real
pockeLŦ Somehow Ÿ lncredlbly Ÿhe'd goLLen Lhe SLoneŦ
ºWell?" sald Culrrell lmpaLlenLlyŦ ºWhaL do you see?"
Parry screwed up hls courageŦ
ºl see myself shaklng hands wlLh uumbledoreţ" he lnvenLedŦ ºl Ÿ l've won Lhe house cup for
Culrrell cursed agalnŦ
ºCeL ouL of Lhe wayţ" he saldŦ As Parry moved asldeţ he felL Lhe Sorcerer's SLone agalnsL hls
legŦ uare he make a break for lL?
8uL he hadn'L walked flve paces before a hlgh volce spokeţ Lhough Culrrell wasn'L movlng hls
ºPe llesŧ Pe llesŧ"
ºÞoLLerţ come back here!" Culrrell shouLedŦ º1ell me Lhe LruLh! WhaL dld you [usL see?"
1he hlgh volce spoke agalnŦ
ºLeL me speak Lo hlmŧ faceŴLoŴfaceŧ"
ºMasLerţ you are noL sLrong enough!"
ºl have sLrengLh enoughŧ for Lhlsŧ"
Parry felL as lf uevll's Snare was rooLlng hlm Lo Lhe spoLŦ Pe couldn'L move a muscleŦ ÞeLrlfledţ
he waLched as Culrrell reached up and began Lo unwrap hls LurbanŦ WhaL was golng on? 1he
Lurban fell awayŦ Culrrell's head looked sLrangely small wlLhouL lLŦ 1hen he Lurned slowly on
Lhe spoLŦ
Parry would have screamedţ buL he couldn'L make a soundŦ Where Lhere should have been a
back Lo Culrrell's headţ Lhere was a faceţ Lhe mosL Lerrlble face Parry had ever seenŦ lL was
chalk whlLe wlLh glarlng red eyes and sllLs for nosLrllsţ llke a snakeŦ
ºParry ÞoLLerŧ" lL whlsperedŦ
Parry Lrled Lo Lake a sLep backward buL hls legs wouldn'L moveŦ
ºSee whaL l have become?" Lhe face saldŦ ºMere shadow and vaporŧ l have form only when l
can share anoLher's bodyŧ buL Lhere have always been Lhose wllllng Lo leL me lnLo Lhelr hearLs
and mlndsŧ unlcorn blood has sLrengLhened meţ Lhese pasL weeksŧ you saw falLhful Culrrell
drlnklng lL for me ln Lhe foresLŧ and once l have Lhe Lllxlr of Llfeţ l wlll be able Lo creaLe a body
of my ownŧ nowŧ why don'L you glve me LhaL SLone ln your pockeL?"
So he knewŦ 1he feellng suddenly surged back lnLo Parry's legsŦ Pe sLumbled backwardŦ
ºuon'L be a foolţ" snarled Lhe faceŦ º8eLLer save your own llfe and [oln meŧ or you'll meeL Lhe
same end as your parenLsŧ 1hey dled begglng me for mercyŧ"
ºLlA8!" Parry shouLed suddenlyŦ
Culrrell was walklng backward aL hlmţ so LhaL voldemorL could sLlll see hlmŦ 1he evll face was
now smlllngŦ
ºPow Louchlngŧ" lL hlssedŦ ºl always value braveryŧ ?esţ boyţ your parenLs were braveŧ l
kllled your faLher flrsLŤ and he puL up a courageous flghLŧ buL your moLher needn'L have dledŧ
she was Lrylng Lo proLecL youŧ now glve me Lhe SLoneţ unless you wanL her Lo have dled ln
Parry sprang Loward Lhe flame doorţ buL voldemorL screamed ºSLlZL PlM!" and Lhe nexL
secondţ Parry felL Culrrell's hand close on hls wrlsLŦ AL onceţ a needleŴsharp paln seared across
Parry's scarŤ hls head felL as Lhough lL was abouL Lo spllL ln LwoŤ he yelledţ sLruggllng wlLh all
hls mlghLţ and Lo hls surprlseţ Culrrell leL go of hlmŦ 1he paln ln hls head lessened Ÿ he looked
around wlldly Lo see where Culrrell had goneţ and saw hlm hunched ln palnţ looklng aL hls
flngers Ÿ Lhey were bllsLerlng before hls eyesŦ
ºSelze hlm! SLlZL PlM!" shrleked voldemorL agalnţ and Culrrell lungedţ knocklng Parry clean
off hls feeL landlng on Lop of hlmţ boLh hands around Parry's neck Ÿ Parry's scar was almosL
bllndlng hlm wlLh palnţ yeL he could see Culrrell howllng ln agonyŦ
ºMasLerţ l cannoL hold hlm Ÿ my hands Ÿ my hands!"
And Culrrellţ Lhough plnnlng Parry Lo Lhe ground wlLh hls kneesţ leL go of hls neck and sLaredţ
bewllderedţ aL hls own palms Ÿ Parry could see Lhey looked burnedţ rawţ redţ and shlnyŦ
º1hen klll hlmţ foolţ and be done!" screeched voldemorLŦ
Culrrell ralsed hls hand Lo perform a deadly curseţ buL Parryţ by lnsLlncLţ reached up and
grabbed Culrrell's face Ÿ
Culrrell rolled off hlmţ hls face bllsLerlngţ Looţ and Lhen Parry knewť Culrrell couldn'L Louch hls
bare sklnţ noL wlLhouL sufferlng Lerrlble paln Ÿ hls only chance was Lo keep hold of Culrrellţ
keep hlm ln enough paln Lo sLop hlm from dolng a curseŦ
Parry [umped Lo hls feeLţ caughL Culrrell by Lhe armţ and hung on as LlghL as he couldŦ Culrrell
screamed and Lrled Lo Lhrow Parry off Ÿ Lhe paln ln Parry's head was bulldlng Ÿ he couldn'L
see Ÿ he could only hear Culrrell's Lerrlble shrleks and voldemorL's yells ofţ ºklLL PlM! klLL
PlM!" and oLher volcesţ maybe ln Parry's own headţ crylngţ ºParry! Parry!"
Pe felL Culrrell's arm wrenched from hls graspţ knew all was losLţ and fell lnLo blacknessţ
downŧ downŧ downŧ
SomeLhlng gold was gllnLlng [usL above hlmŦ 1he SnlLch! Pe Lrled Lo caLch lLţ buL hls arms were
Loo heavyŦ
Pe bllnkedŦ lL wasn'L Lhe SnlLch aL allŦ lL was a palr of glassesŦ Pow sLrangeŦ
Pe bllnked agalnŦ 1he smlllng face of Albus uumbledore swam lnLo vlew above hlmŦ
ºCood afLernoonţ Parryţ" sald uumbledoreŦ
Parry sLared aL hlmŦ 1hen he rememberedť ºSlr! 1he SLone! lL was Culrrell! Pe's goL Lhe SLone!
Slrţ qulck Ÿ"
ºCalm yourselfţ dear boyţ you are a llLLle behlnd Lhe Llmesţ" sald uumbledoreŦ ºCulrrell does
noL have Lhe SLoneŦ"
º1hen who does? Slrţ l Ÿ"
ºParryţ please relaxţ or Madam Þomfrey wlll have me Lhrown ouLŦ"
Parry swallowed and looked around hlmŦ Pe reallzed he musL be ln Lhe hosplLal wlngŦ Pe was
lylng ln a bed wlLh whlLe llnen sheeLsţ and nexL Lo hlm was a Lable plled hlgh wlLh whaL looked
llke half Lhe candy shopŦ
º1okens from your frlends and admlrersţ" sald uumbledoreţ beamlngŦ ºWhaL happened down
ln Lhe dungeons beLween you and Þrofessor Culrrell ls a compleLe secreLţ soţ naLurallyţ Lhe
whole school knowsŦ l belleve your frlends MlsLers lred and Ceorge Weasley were responslble
for Lrylng Lo send you a LolleL seaLŦ no doubL Lhey LhoughL lL would amuse youŦ Madam
Þomfreyţ howeverţ felL lL mlghL noL be very hyglenlcţ and conflscaLed lLŦ"
ºPow long have l been ln here?"
º1hree daysŦ MrŦ 8onald Weasley and Mlss Cranger wlll be mosL relleved you have come
roundţ Lhey have been exLremely worrledŦ"
º8uL slrţ Lhe SLone Ÿ"
ºl see you are noL Lo be dlsLracLedŦ very wellţ Lhe SLoneŦ Þrofessor Culrrell dld noL manage Lo
Lake lL from youŦ l arrlved ln Llme Lo prevenL LhaLţ alLhough you were dolng very well on your
ownţ l musL sayŦ"
º?ou goL Lhere? ?ou goL Permlone's owl?"
ºWe musL have crossed ln mldalrŦ no sooner had l reached London Lhan lL became clear Lo me
LhaL Lhe place l should be was Lhe one l had [usL lefLŦ l arrlved [usL ln Llme Lo pull Culrrell off
ºlL was youŦ"
ºl feared l mlghL be Loo laLeŦ"
º?ou nearly wereţ l couldn'L have kepL hlm off Lhe SLone much longer Ŷ"
ºnoL Lhe SLoneţ boyţ you Ÿ Lhe efforL lnvolved nearly kllled youŦ lor one Lerrlble momenL
Lhereţ l was afrald lL hadŦ As for Lhe SLoneţ lL has been desLroyedŦ"
ºuesLroyed?" sald Parry blanklyŦ º8uL your frlend Ÿ nlcolas llamel Ÿ"
ºChţ you know abouL nlcolas?" sald uumbledoreţ soundlng qulLe dellghLedŦ º?ou dld do Lhe
Lhlng properlyţ dldn'L you? Wellţ nlcolas and l have had a llLLle chaLţ and agreed lL's all for Lhe
º8uL LhaL means he and hls wlfe wlll dleţ won'L Lhey?"
º1hey have enough Lllxlr sLored Lo seL Lhelr affalrs ln order and Lhenţ yesţ Lhey wlll dleŦ"
uumbledore smlled aL Lhe look of amazemenL on Parry's faceŦ
º1o one as young as youţ l'm sure lL seems lncredlbleţ buL Lo nlcolas and Þerenelleţ lL really ls
llke golng Lo bed afLer a veryţ very long dayŦ AfLer allţ Lo Lhe wellŴorganlzed mlndţ deaLh ls buL
Lhe nexL greaL advenLureŦ ?ou knowţ Lhe SLone was really noL such a wonderful LhlngŦ As much
money and llfe as you could wanL! 1he Lwo Lhlngs mosL human belngs would choose above all
Ÿ Lhe Lrouble lsţ humans do have a knack of chooslng preclsely Lhose Lhlngs LhaL are worsL for
Parry lay Lhereţ losL for wordsŦ uumbledore hummed a llLLle and smlled aL Lhe celllngŦ
ºSlr?" sald ParryŦ ºl've been Lhlnklngŧ slr Ÿ even lf Lhe SLone's goneţ volŴţ l meanţ ?ouŴknowŴ
Who Ÿ"
ºCall hlm voldemorLţ ParryŦ Always use Lhe proper name for LhlngsŦ lear of a name lncreases
fear of Lhe Lhlng lLselfŦ"
º?esţ slrŦ Wellţ voldemorL's golng Lo Lry oLher ways of comlng backţ lsn'L he? l meanţ he hasn'L
goneţ has he?"
ºnoţ Parryţ he has noLŦ Pe ls sLlll ouL Lhere somewhereţ perhaps looklng for anoLher body Lo
shareŧ noL belng Lruly allveţ he cannoL be kllledŦ Pe lefL Culrrell Lo dleŤ he shows [usL as llLLle
mercy Lo hls followers as hls enemlesŦ neverLhelessţ Parryţ whlle you may only have delayed
hls reLurn Lo powerţ lL wlll merely Lake someone else who ls prepared Lo flghL whaL seems a
loslng baLLle nexL Llme Ÿ and lf he ls delayed agalnţ and agalnţ whyţ he may never reLurn Lo
Parry noddedţ buL sLopped qulcklyţ because lL made hls head hurLŦ 1hen he saldţ ºSlrţ Lhere are
some oLher Lhlngs l'd llke Lo knowţ lf you can Lell meŧ Lhlngs l wanL Lo know Lhe LruLh abouLŧ"
º1he LruLhŦ" uumbledore slghedŦ ºlL ls a beauLlful and Lerrlble Lhlngţ and should Lherefore be
LreaLed wlLh greaL cauLlonŦ Poweverţ l shall answer your quesLlons unless l have a very good
reason noL Loţ ln whlch case l beg you'll forglve meŦ l shall noLţ of courseţ lleŦ"
ºWellŧ voldemorL sald LhaL he only kllled my moLher because she Lrled Lo sLop hlm from
kllllng meŦ 8uL why would he wanL Lo klll me ln Lhe flrsL place?"
uumbledore slghed very deeply Lhls LlmeŦ
ºAlasţ Lhe flrsL Lhlng you ask meţ l cannoL Lell youŦ noL LodayŦ noL nowŦ ?ou wlll knowţ one
dayŧ puL lL from your mlnd for nowţ ParryŦ When you are olderŧ l know you haLe Lo hear
Lhlsŧ when you are readyţ you wlll knowŦ"
And Parry knew lL would be no good Lo argueŦ
º8uL why couldn'L Culrrell Louch me?"
º?our moLher dled Lo save youŦ lf Lhere ls one Lhlng voldemorL cannoL undersLandţ lL ls loveŦ
Pe dldn'L reallze LhaL love as powerful as your moLher's for you leaves lLs own markŦ noL a
scarţ no vlslble slgnŧ Lo have been loved so deeplyţ even Lhough Lhe person who loved us ls
goneţ wlll glve us some proLecLlon foreverŦ lL ls ln your very sklnŦ Culrrellţ full of haLredţ greedţ
and amblLlonţ sharlng hls soul wlLh voldemorLţ could noL Louch you for Lhls reasonŦ lL was
agony Lo Louch a person marked by someLhlng so goodŦ"
uumbledore now became very lnLeresLed ln a blrd ouL on Lhe wlndowslllţ whlch gave Parry
Llme Lo dry hls eyes on Lhe sheeLŦ When he had found hls volce agalnţ Parry saldţ ºAnd Lhe
lnvlslblllLy cloak Ÿ do you know who senL lL Lo me?"
ºAh Ÿ your faLher happened Lo leave lL ln my possesslonţ and l LhoughL you mlghL llke lLŦ"
uumbledore's eyes LwlnkledŦ ºuseful Lhlngsŧ your faLher used lL malnly for sneaklng off Lo Lhe
klLchens Lo sLeal food when he was hereŦ"
ºAnd Lhere's someLhlng elseŧ"
ºllre awayŦ"
ºCulrrell sald Snape Ÿ"
ºÞrofessor Snapeţ ParryŦ"
º?esţ hlm Ÿ Culrrell sald he haLes me because he haLed my faLherŦ ls LhaL Lrue?"
ºWellţ Lhey dld raLher deLesL each oLherŦ noL unllke yourself and MrŦ MalfoyŦ And Lhenţ your
faLher dld someLhlng Snape could never forglveŦ"
ºPe saved hls llfeŦ"
º?esŧ" sald uumbledore dreamllyŦ ºlunnyţ Lhe way people's mlnds workţ lsn'L lL? Þrofessor
Snape couldn'L bear belng ln your faLher's debLŧ l do belleve he worked so hard Lo proLecL you
Lhls year because he felL LhaL would make hlm and your faLher evenŦ 1hen he could go back Lo
haLlng your faLher's memory ln peaceŧ"
Parry Lrled Lo undersLand Lhls buL lL made hls head poundţ so he sLoppedŦ
ºAnd slrţ Lhere's one more Lhlngŧ"
º!usL Lhe one?"
ºPow dld l geL Lhe SLone ouL of Lhe mlrror?"
ºAhţ nowţ l'm glad you asked me LhaLŦ lL was one of my more brllllanL ldeasţ and beLween you
and meţ LhaL's saylng someLhlngŦ ?ou seeţ only one who wanLed Lo flnd Lhe SLone Ÿ flnd lLţ
buL noL use lL Ÿ would be able Lo geL lLţ oLherwlse Lhey'd [usL see Lhemselves maklng gold or
drlnklng Lllxlr of LlfeŦ My braln surprlses even me someLlmesŧ nowţ enough quesLlonsŦ l
suggesL you make a sLarL on Lhese sweeLsŦ Ah! 8eLLle 8oLL's Lvery llavor 8eans! l was
unforLunaLe enough ln my youLh Lo come across a vomlL flavored oneţ and slnce Lhen l'm
afrald l've raLher losL my llklng for Lhem Ÿ buL l Lhlnk l'll be safe wlLh a nlce Loffeeţ don'L you?"
Pe smlled and popped Lhe goldenŴbrown bean lnLo hls mouLhŦ 1hen he choked and saldţ ºAlas!
Lar wax!"
Madam Þomfreyţ Lhe nurseţ was a nlce womanţ buL very sLrlcLŦ
º!usL flve mlnuLesţ" Parry pleadedŦ
ºAbsoluLely noLŦ"
º?ou leL Þrofessor uumbledore lnŧ"
ºWellţ of courseţ LhaL was Lhe headmasLerţ qulLe dlfferenLŦ ?ou need resLŦ"
ºl am resLlngţ lookţ lylng down and everyLhlngŦ Chţ go onţ Madam Þomfreyŧ"
ºChţ very wellţ" she saldŦ º8uL flve mlnuLes onlyŦ"
And she leL 8on and Permlone lnŦ
Permlone looked ready Lo fllng her arms around hlm agalnţ buL Parry was glad she held herself
ln as hls head was sLlll very soreŦ
ºChţ Parryţ we were sure you were golng Lo Ÿ uumbledore was so worrled Ÿ"
º1he whole school's Lalklng abouL lLţ" sald 8onŦ ºWhaL really happened?"
lL was one of Lhose rare occaslons when Lhe Lrue sLory ls even more sLrange and exclLlng Lhan
Lhe wlld rumorsŦ Parry Lold Lhem everyLhlngť CulrrellŤ Lhe mlrrorŤ Lhe SLoneŤ and voldemorLŦ
8on and Permlone were a very good audlenceŤ Lhey gasped ln all Lhe rlghL placesţ and when
Parry Lold Lhem whaL was under Culrrell's Lurbanţ Permlone screamed ouL loudŦ
ºSo Lhe SLone's gone?" sald 8on flnallyŦ ºllamel's [usL golng Lo dle?"
º1haL's whaL l saldţ buL uumbledore Lhlnks LhaL Ÿ whaL was lL? Ÿ 'Lo Lhe wellŴorganlzed mlndţ
deaLh ls buL Lhe nexL greaL advenLureŦ'"
ºl always sald he was off hls rockerţ" sald 8onţ looklng qulLe lmpressed aL how crazy hls hero
ºSo whaL happened Lo you Lwo?" sald ParryŦ
ºWellţ l goL back all rlghLţ" sald PermloneŦ ºl broughL 8on round Ÿ LhaL Look a whlle Ÿ and we
were dashlng up Lo Lhe owlery Lo conLacL uumbledore when we meL hlm ln Lhe enLrance hall
Ÿ he already knew Ÿ he [usL saldţ 'Parry's gone afLer hlmţ hasn'L he?' and hurLled off Lo Lhe
Lhlrd floorŦ"
ºu'you Lhlnk he meanL you Lo do lL?" sald 8onŦ ºSendlng you your faLher's cloak and
ºWellţ " Permlone explodedţ ºlf he dld Ÿ l mean Lo say LhaL's Lerrlble Ÿ you could have been
ºnoţ lL lsn'Lţ" sald Parry LhoughLfullyŦ ºPe's a funny manţ uumbledoreŦ l Lhlnk he sorL of
wanLed Lo glve me a chanceŦ l Lhlnk he knows more or less everyLhlng LhaL goes on hereţ you
knowŦ l reckon he had a preLLy good ldea we were golng Lo Lryţ and lnsLead of sLopplng usţ he
[usL LaughL us enough Lo helpŦ l don'L Lhlnk lL was an accldenL he leL me flnd ouL how Lhe
mlrror workedŦ lL's almosL llke he LhoughL l had Lhe rlghL Lo face voldemorL lf l couldŧ"
º?eahţ uumbledore's off hls rockerţ all rlghLţ" sald 8on proudlyŦ ºLlsLenţ you've goL Lo be up for
Lhe endŴofŴyear feasL LomorrowŦ 1he polnLs are all ln and SlyLherln wonţ of course Ÿ you
mlssed Lhe lasL CulddlLch maLchţ we were sLeamrollered by 8avenclaw wlLhouL you Ÿ buL Lhe
food'll be goodŦ"
AL LhaL momenLţ Madam Þomfrey busLled overŦ
º?ou've had nearly flfLeen mlnuLesţ now Cu1" she sald flrmlyŦ
AfLer a good nlghL's sleepţ Parry felL nearly back Lo normalŦ
ºl wanL Lo go Lo Lhe feasLţ" he Lold Madam Þomfrey as she sLralghLened hls many candy boxesŦ
ºl canţ can'L l?"
ºÞrofessor uumbledore says you are Lo be allowed Lo goţ" she sald sLlfflyţ as Lhough ln her
oplnlon Þrofessor uumbledore dldn'L reallze how rlsky feasLs could beŦ ºAnd you have anoLher
ºChţ goodţ" sald ParryŦ ºWho ls lL?"
Pagrld sldled Lhrough Lhe door as he spokeŦ As usual when he was lndoorsţ Pagrld looked Loo
blg Lo be allowedŦ Pe saL down nexL Lo Parryţ Look one look aL hlmţ and bursL lnLo LearsŦ
ºlL's Ÿ all Ÿ my Ÿ ruddy Ÿ faulL!" he sobbedţ hls face ln hls handsŦ ºl Lold Lhe evll glL how Ler
geL pasL lluffy! l Lold hlm! lL was Lhe only Lhlng he dldn'L knowţ an' l Lold hlm! ?eh could've
dled! All fer a dragon egg! l'll never drlnk agaln! l should be chucked ouL an' made Ler llve as a
ºPagrld!" sald Parryţ shocked Lo see Pagrld shaklng wlLh grlef and remorseţ greaL Lears leaklng
down lnLo hls beardŦ ºPagrldţ he'd have found ouL somehowţ Lhls ls voldemorL we're Lalklng
abouLţ he'd have found ouL even lf you hadn'L Lold hlmŦ"
º?eh could've dled!" sobbed PagrldŦ ºAn' don' say Lhe name!"
ºvCLuLMC81!" Parry bellowedţ and Pagrld was so shockedţ he sLopped crylngŦ ºl've meL hlm
and l'm calllng hlm by hls nameŦ Þlease cheer upţ Pagrldţ we saved Lhe SLoneţ lL's goneţ he
can'L use lLŦ Pave a ChocolaLe lrogţ l've goL loadsŧ"
Pagrld wlped hls nose on Lhe back of hls hand and saldţ º1haL remlnds meŦ l've goL yeh a
ºlL's noL a sLoaL sandwlchţ ls lL?" sald Parry anxlouslyţ and aL lasL Pagrld gave a weak chuckleŦ
ºnahŦ uumbledore gave me Lhe day off yesLerday Ler flx lLŦ 'courseţ he shoulda sacked me
lnsLead Ÿ anywayţ goL yeh Lhlsŧ"
lL seemed Lo be a handsomeţ leaLherŴcovered bookŦ Parry opened lL curlouslyŦ lL was full of
wlzard phoLographsŦ Smlllng and wavlng aL hlm from every page were hls moLher and faLherŦ
ºSenL owls off Ler all yer parenLs' old school frlendsţ askln' fer phoLosŧ knew yeh dldn' have
anyŧ d'yeh llke lL?"
Parry couldn'L speakţ buL Pagrld undersLoodŦ
Parry made hls way down Lo Lhe endŴofŴyear feasL alone LhaL nlghLŦ Pe had been held up by
Madam Þomfrey's fusslng abouLţ lnslsLlng on glvlng hlm one lasL checkupţ so Lhe CreaL Pall
was already fullŦ lL was decked ouL ln Lhe SlyLherln colors of green and sllver Lo celebraLe
SlyLherln's wlnnlng Lhe house cup for Lhe sevenLh year ln a rowŦ A huge banner showlng Lhe
SlyLherln serpenL covered Lhe wall behlnd Lhe Plgh 1ableŦ
When Parry walked ln Lhere was a sudden hushţ and Lhen everybody sLarLed Lalklng loudly aL
onceŦ Pe sllpped lnLo a seaL beLween 8on and Permlone aL Lhe Cryfflndor Lable and Lrled Lo
lgnore Lhe facL LhaL people were sLandlng up Lo look aL hlmŦ
lorLunaLelyţ uumbledore arrlved momenLs laLerŦ 1he babble dled awayŦ
ºAnoLher year gone!" uumbledore sald cheerfullyŦ ºAnd l musL Lrouble you wlLh an old man's
wheezlng waffle before we slnk our LeeLh lnLo our dellclous feasLŦ WhaL a year lL has been!
Popefully your heads are all a llLLle fuller Lhan Lhey wereŧ you have Lhe whole summer ahead
Lo geL Lhem nlce and empLy before nexL year sLarLsŧ
ºnowţ as l undersLand lLţ Lhe house cup here needs awardlngţ and Lhe polnLs sLand Lhusť ln
fourLh placeţ Cryfflndorţ wlLh Lhree hundred and Lwelve polnLsŤ ln Lhlrdţ Pufflepuffţ wlLh Lhree
hundred and flfLyŴLwoŤ 8avenclaw has four hundred and LwenLyŴslx and SlyLherlnţ four
hundred and sevenLyŴLwoŦ"
A sLorm of cheerlng and sLamplng broke ouL from Lhe SlyLherln LableŦ Parry could see uraco
Malfoy banglng hls gobleL on Lhe LableŦ lL was a slckenlng slghLŦ
º?esţ ?esţ well doneţ SlyLherlnţ" sald uumbledoreŦ ºPoweverţ recenL evenLs musL be Laken lnLo
1he room wenL very sLlllŦ 1he SlyLherlns' smlles faded a llLLleŦ
ºAhemţ" sald uumbledoreŦ ºl have a few lasLŴmlnuLe polnLs Lo dlsh ouLŦ LeL me seeŦ ?esŧ
ºllrsL Ÿ Lo MrŦ 8onald Weasleyŧ"
8on wenL purple ln Lhe faceŤ he looked llke a radlsh wlLh a bad sunburnŦ
ºŧ for Lhe besLŴplayed game of chess PogwarLs has seen ln many yearsţ l award Cryfflndor
house flfLy polnLsŦ"
Cryfflndor cheers nearly ralsed Lhe bewlLched celllngŤ Lhe sLars overhead seemed Lo qulverŦ
Þercy could be heard Lelllng Lhe oLher prefecLsţ ºMy broLherţ you know! My youngesL broLher!
CoL pasL McConagall's glanL chess seL!"
AL lasL Lhere was sllence agalnŦ
ºSecond Ÿ Lo Mlss Permlone Crangerŧ for Lhe use of cool loglc ln Lhe face of flreţ l award
Cryfflndor house flfLy polnLsŦ"
Permlone burled her face ln her armsŤ Parry sLrongly suspecLed she had bursL lnLo LearsŦ
Cryfflndors up and down Lhe Lable were beslde Lhemselves Ÿ Lhey were a hundred polnLs upŦ
º1hlrd Ÿ Lo MrŦ Parry ÞoLLerŧ" sald uumbledoreŦ 1he room wenL deadly quleLŦ ºŧ for pure
nerve and ouLsLandlng courageţ l award Cryfflndor house slxLy polnLsŦ"
1he dln was deafenlngŦ 1hose who could add up whlle yelllng Lhemselves hoarse knew LhaL
Cryfflndor now had four hundred and sevenLyŴLwo polnLs Ÿ exacLly Lhe same as SlyLherlnŦ
1hey had Lled for Lhe house cup Ÿ lf only uumbledore had glven Parry [usL one more polnLŦ
uumbledore ralsed hls handŦ 1he room gradually fell sllenLŦ
º1here are all klnds of courageţ" sald uumbledoreţ smlllngŦ ºlL Lakes a greaL deal of bravery Lo
sLand up Lo our enemlesţ buL [usL as much Lo sLand up Lo our frlendsŦ l Lherefore award Len
polnLs Lo MrŦ nevllle LongboLLomŦ"
Someone sLandlng ouLslde Lhe CreaL Pall mlghL well have LhoughL some sorL of exploslon had
Laken placeţ so loud was Lhe nolse LhaL erupLed from Lhe Cryfflndor LableŦ Parryţ 8onţ and
Permlone sLood up Lo yell and cheer as nevllleţ whlLe wlLh shockţ dlsappeared under a plle of
people hugglng hlmŦ Pe had never won so much as a polnL for Cryfflndor beforeŦ Parryţ sLlll
cheerlngţ nudged 8on ln Lhe rlbs and polnLed aL Malfoyţ who couldn'L have looked more
sLunned and horrlfled lf he'd [usL had Lhe 8odyŴ8lnd Curse puL on hlmŦ
ºWhlch meansţ" uumbledore called over Lhe sLorm of applauseţ for even 8avenclaw and
Pufflepuff were celebraLlng Lhe downfall of SlyLherlnţ ºwe need a llLLle change of decoraLlonŦ"
Pe clapped hls handsŦ ln an lnsLanLţ Lhe green hanglngs became scarleL and Lhe sllver became
goldŤ Lhe huge SlyLherln serpenL vanlshed and a Lowerlng Cryfflndor llon Look lLs placeŦ Snape
was shaklng Þrofessor McConagall's handţ wlLh a horrlbleţ forced smlleŦ Pe caughL Parry's eye
and Parry knew aL once LhaL Snape's feellngs Loward hlm hadn'L changed one [oLŦ 1hls dldn'L
worry ParryŦ lL seemed as Lhough llfe would be back Lo normal nexL yearţ or as normal as lL
ever was aL PogwarLsŦ
lL was Lhe besL evenlng of Parry's llfeţ beLLer Lhan wlnnlng aL CulddlLchţ or ChrlsLmasţ or
knocklng ouL mounLaln Lrollsŧ he would neverţ ever forgeL LonlghLŦ
Parry had almosL forgoLLen LhaL Lhe exam resulLs were sLlll Lo comeţ buL come Lhey dldŦ 1o
greaL surprlseţ boLh he and 8on passed wlLh good marksŤ Permloneţ of courseţ had Lhe besL
grades of Lhe flrsL yearsŦ Lven nevllle scraped Lhroughţ hls good Perbology mark maklng up for
hls abysmal ÞoLlons oneŦ 1hey had hoped LhaL Coyleţ who was almosL as sLupld as he was
meanţ mlghL be Lhrown ouLţ buL he had passedţ LooŦ lL was a shameţ buL as 8on saldţ you
couldn'L have everyLhlng ln llfeŦ
And suddenlyţ Lhelr wardrobes were empLyţ Lhelr Lrunks were packedţ nevllle's Load was
found lurklng ln a corner of Lhe LolleLsŤ noLes were handed ouL Lo all sLudenLsţ warnlng Lhem
noL Lo use maglc over Lhe holldays (ºl always hope Lhey'll forgeL Lo glve us Lheseţ" sald lred
Weasley sadly)Ť Pagrld was Lhere Lo Lake Lhem down Lo Lhe fleeL of boaLs LhaL salled across Lhe
lakeŤ Lhey were boardlng Lhe PogwarLs LxpressŤ Lalklng and laughlng as Lhe counLryslde
became greener and LldlerŤ eaLlng 8eLLle 8oLL's Lvery llavor 8eans as Lhey sped pasL Muggle
LownsŤ pulllng off Lhelr wlzard robes and puLLlng on [ackeLs and coaLsŤ pulllng lnLo plaLform
nlne and LhreeŴquarLers aL klng's Cross SLaLlonŦ
lL Look qulLe a whlle for Lhem all Lo geL off Lhe plaLformŦ A wlzened old guard was up by Lhe
LlckeL barrlerţ leLLlng Lhem go Lhrough Lhe gaLe ln Lwos and Lhrees so Lhey dldn'L aLLracL
aLLenLlon by all bursLlng ouL of a solld wall aL once and alarmlng Lhe MugglesŦ
º?ou musL come and sLay Lhls summerţ" sald 8onţ ºboLh of you Ÿ l'll send you an owlŦ"
º1hanksţ" sald Parryţ ºl'll need someLhlng Lo look forward LoŦ" Þeople [osLled Lhem as Lhey
moved forward Loward Lhe gaLeway back Lo Lhe Muggle worldŦ Some of Lhem calledť
º8yeţ Parry!"
ºSee youţ ÞoLLer!"
ºSLlll famousţ" sald 8onţ grlnnlng aL hlmŦ
ºnoL where l'm golngţ l promlse youţ" sald ParryŦ
Peţ 8onţ and Permlone passed Lhrough Lhe gaLeway LogeLherŦ º1here he lsţ Momţ Lhere he lsţ
lL was Clnny Weasleyţ 8on's younger slsLerţ buL she wasn'L polnLlng aL 8onŦ
ºParry ÞoLLer!" she squealedŦ ºLookţ Mom! l can see Ÿ"
º8e quleLţ Clnnyţ and lL's rude Lo polnLŦ"
MrsŦ Weasley smlled down aL LhemŦ
º8usy year?" she saldŦ
ºveryţ" sald ParryŦ º1hanks for Lhe fudge and Lhe sweaLerţ MrsŦ WeasleyŦ"
ºChţ lL was noLhlngţ dearŦ"
º8eadyţ are you?"
lL was uncle vernonţ sLlll purpleŴfacedţ sLlll musLachedţ sLlll looklng furlous aL Lhe nerve of
Parryţ carrylng an owl ln a cage ln a sLaLlon full of ordlnary peopleŦ 8ehlnd hlm sLood AunL
ÞeLunla and uudleyţ looklng Lerrlfled aL Lhe very slghL of ParryŦ
º?ou musL be Parry's famlly!" sald MrsŦ WeasleyŦ
ºln a manner of speaklngţ" sald uncle vernonŦ ºPurry upţ boyţ we haven'L goL all dayŦ" Pe
walked awayŦ
Parry hung back for a lasL word wlLh 8on and PermloneŦ
ºSee you over Lhe summerţ LhenŦ"
ºPope you have Ÿ er Ÿ a good holldayţ" sald Permloneţ looklng uncerLalnly afLer uncle
vernonţ shocked LhaL anyone could be so unpleasanLŦ
ºChţ l wlllţ" sald Parryţ and Lhey were surprlsed aL Lhe grln LhaL was spreadlng over hls faceŦ
º1hey don'L know we're noL allowed Lo use maglc aL homeŦ l'm golng Lo have a loL of fun wlLh
uudley Lhls summerŧ"

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