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supply chain. Turkey. finance. Cenovapharma's focused sales and marketing expertise coupled with in depth know-how provides biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies with a local partner to commercialize cutting-edge therapeutic products. Turkey and the Caspian Regions. and Asian biotech and pharmaceutical companies seeking access to the rapidly expanding markets of the Middle East. business development and strong sales and marketing capabilities. European. medical affairs. an individual who has 22 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry . Africa. Polpharma brings global connections and expertise to Cenovapharma. Cenovapharma was founded in 2010 by Faik Somer. Africa. Headquartered in Istanbul. With a history of 75 years. PARTNER OF CHOICE Cenovapharma focuses on the licensing and commercialization of high-value products such as diabetes. Turkey and Caspian Regions. Another major partner of Cenovapharma is the Polish pharmaceutical company. and offices in more than 15 major markets and 2600 employees. Cenovapharma has established regulatory.ABOUT CENOVAPHARMA Cenovapharma specializes in providing innovative and generic healthcare products to the Middle East. cardiovascular. . This integrated strategy and regional focus makes Cenovapharma the "partner-of-choice" for US. ophthalmic and oncologic productsdiseases with sharply rising regional incidence and prevalence. Polpharma.

social security system. insurance providers and manufacturers-distributors . Africa.OUR CAPABILITIES Istanbul-based management team with proven success and expertise in Middle East. Turkey and Caspian Market Healthcare Strong commercilization know-how in selected therapeutic areas supported by strong relations with key opinion leaders and all relevant stakeholders Fully aligned with good business practices and corporate governance Global company approach with local know-how and speed Strong financial structure Ease of access to key decision makers including government authorities. financial systems. ministry of health.

License Partner TRIPHARMA .CENOVAPHARMA PRODUCTS Description & Indication Cardyn is an atorvastatin which treats hyperlipidemia. Benefits Primary hypercholesterolemia Reduces total cholesterol in dyslipidemia patients Reduces LDL-cholesterol Reduces triglycerides Increase HDL-C levels Regulatory Status Approved in Turkey.

CENOVAPHARMA PRODUCTS Description & Indication Diameprid is a glimeprid which treats Type 2 Diabetes Benefits Controls blood glucose level Regulatory Status Approved in Turkey. License Partner MECOM .

Benefits Reduces blood glucose level Regulatory Status Approved in Turkey. License Partner .CENOVAPHARMA PRODUCTS Description & Indication Glynose is an acarbose which treats Type 2 Diabetes.

005% (50 µg/mL) Description & Indication GLOKOPROST Sterile Ophthalmic Solution is indicated for the reduction of elevated intraocular pressure in patients with open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension.CENOVAPHARMA PRODUCTS GLOKOPROST (latanoprost ophthalmic) Solution 0. Benefits Reduces intraocular pressure. Regulatory Status Approved in Turkey. License Partner .

Regulatory Status Approved in Turkey.5% timolol maleat Indication TİDOMİX is indicated for the reduction of elevated intraocular pressure in patients with open-angle glaucoma. pseudoexfoliative or other secondary open-angle glaucoma where combination therapy is appropriate.CENOVAPHARMA PRODUCTS TİDOMİX (dorzolamid HCl . ocular hypertension. Benefits Reduces intraocular pressure. License Partner .timolol maleat) Solution 2% dorzolamid HCl. 0.

CENOVAPHARMA PRODUCTS ACTOS Description: Each tablet includes pioglitazone HCI equalivent to 15 mg pioglitazone. License Partner . Indication : Actos is a pioglitazone which treats Type 2 diabetes mellitus Regulatory Status Approved in Turkey.

His proven success resulted in expanded responsibilities in the title of Vice President managing Central Eastern Europe.CENOVAPHARMA TEAM Faik SOMER Founder. Somer served as the President of Central Eastern Europe. Again Mr. Africa Region. Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Faik Somer founded Cenovapharma in 2010 shortly after leaving MSD. so-called “the emerging markets” managing more than 110 Countries. Central Asia and Middle East. Mr. Central Asian Region grew the business from 300 million dollars to 700 milllion dollars in 5 years. In his last role in MSD. He developed the business as the managing director to 200 million dollars. He established Merck Sharp Dohme license-business from base zero to 15 million dollars in 3 years time. Somer rose to the task. Pharmaceutical Leading Company in in-licensing and generics. growing the business from 700 million dollars to 2 billion dollars in 3 years time. Somer began his management career in pharmaceutical industry over 22 years ago at FAKO. He managed the process of buying back the business from the licensee and established MSD as a full-fledge organization in the Turkish Market through launching full portfolio of the company. a 500 people company in 9 years time. . Mr.

establishing financial structure as well as other support departments. he joined Cenovapharma as CFO. He played a key role in establishing new commercial model in MSD. Mr.CENOVAPHARMA TEAM Selim GİRAY Co Founder . treasury and pricing. in charge of all ethical drug sales of the company. Aslanağı became a manager in MSD with the responsibilities of planning. Giray was in charge of a 300 person staff and 200 million dollars sales. Giray joined Merck Sharp Dohme in 2004 as a brand manager for CV products. Mr. Aslanağı also holds six sigma green belt certificate. Mr.Managing Partner Selim Giray started his career as a sales representative in 1999. based on changing needs of industry capatilizing opportunities to the benefit of the company.a 52 week “Pharmaceutical Industry Brand Manager Certification Program“ in cooperation with Bilgi University. he joined MSD Finance Department. After the merge of SP and MSD he was again assigned to a key role as the leader of the integration team. leading the products to become most successful launches in Europe. Mr. became a member of board in MSD Turkey in 2008. he created and led the first industry-academia partnership program in Turkey. . Giray. Due to his proven success in finance and business orientation. Mr. and successfully launched Ezetimibe and Ezetimibe/Simvastatin. Shortly after. After 2 years of experience in sales. in 2001 he decided to continue his career in pharmaceutical industry with Roche as a brand manager for OTC products. In 2010. Beside his successful career in the pharmaceutical industry. Aslan ASLANAĞI Chief Financial Officer Aslan Aslanağı began his career in banking sector as a management trainee in 1998 at Iktisat Bank.he was appointed as a project realization officer undertaking sales and marketing. Shortly after. He then promoted to become Regional Marketing Manager for Vaccines for the Middle East and Eastern Europe Region in 2006.

CENOVAPHARMA TEAM Zeynep YAZGAN AKIALP Human Resources Director Zeynep Yazgan Akıalp started her career in pharmaceutical industry in 1998 with Roche as a Brand Manager. she focused on strategic areas such as .ARBbecome the market leader during her leadership as the Senior Brand Manager forARBfranchise. she decided to broaden her contribution to the company through undertaking a strategic role in HR. Her business background combined with “strategic partnership” understanding she embraced for HR. Akialp joined Cenovapharma in 2010 responsible for establishing the organization based on strategy. created a strong value and input for the company. In 2006. Through this revitalization of the department and understanding the needs of the business. . she joined MSD Turkey organization. strategic recruitment. In 2000. She played a key role in the success of the ARB franchise's expansion through successful launches of new forms and key studies. and leadership. she was able to successfully lead a major restructuring within the company supporting the management vision and goals.succession planning. She has re-established the HR organization inline with “Business Partner Model. As the HR lead for the organization she was a board member as well as a member of the CEEMEA HR leadership team. as well as establishing key HR processes. one of the highest contributing products in company portfolio at the time. Mrs.” positioning HR as strategic partner for the business. performance management. In her role in HR. She also led the Regional Marketing Team for CEE (Central Eastern Europe) contributing to the regional marketing strategies as well as ensuring successful launches in other countries in the region. responsible for ARB franchise.

67 Cities in Turkey .7 regions 10 Regional Managers & 100 Region Sales Representatives .Cardiovasculer . .Diabetes .Ophthalmology Coverage .SALES FORCE SIZE & STRUCTURE Targeted Specialized fields for.

Managing Partner Office: +90 (212) 285 04 04 Fax number: +90 (212) 285 17 17 Email address: faik. Co Founder.Ş Eski Büyükdere Asfaltı No: 17-5 Güney Plaza Kat:4 34398 Maslak . Founder.somer@cenova. CEO Selim GİRAY. ve Tic. A.com selim.com .giray@cenova.CONTACT US Corporate address: Cenova Sağlık Ürünleri San.İSTANBUL Contact Person: Faik SOMER.