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What is the purpose of the Help Bubbles option? The "Help Bubbles" option turns on or off the little "yummy" thought bubbles that appear for a few seconds when you first start a level or when you grow in size. They let you know which new types of fish you can eat at your new size. Q. What is the Food Bank for? The Food Bank keeps track of all the fish you've eaten in New Game mode. As you fill up your food bank, you will earn Feeding Frenzy screen savers! Can you unlock all 6 screen savers? There is only one Food Bank score. However, on machines such as those running Windows XP that support multiple user profiles, each profile will have its own Food Bank score. Q. Is my Food Bank stuck? It stopped at 10 million points. Although you will still see how many Food Bank points you earned at the end of levels in New Game mode, the most you can store is 10 million. In other words, the amount shown in the High Scores screen won't count up past 10 million. Q. How can I turn on a screen saver that I've unlocked? On your Windows desktop, right-click and choose Properties, select the "Screen Saver" tab, then select FeedingFrenzy from the drop-down list of screen savers. To pick which screen saver to activate, click the "Settings" button and a window will appear showing which screen savers you've unlocked. Select a screen saver and click the "Done" button. To preview the selected screen saver, click the "Preview" button. When you're done, click "OK" to save your settings. Your Feeding Frenzy screen saver should now be activated. Q. Can I save the game in Timed Mode? Feeding Frenzy doesn't support game saves in Timed Mode ... only New Game mode. Q. How do I start a new game from scratch? After selecting New Game, simply click the first red dot (the one right next to the angelfish) to start from the first level of the game with no score. Gameplay Instructions --------------------CONTROLS:

or you'll become lunch! The more you eat. Simply eat and eat until you get to the top of the food chain.Not sure if you're big enough to eat a fish? Check out the MENU in the upper left corner of the screen. . To eat fish that are smaller than you. . See how far you can make it without running out of time! HINTS. you re going to need to be swift and avoid all the predators. Can you grow big enough to become an Orca and face the Shark King? GAME MODES: There are two game modes in Feeding Frenzy: New Game and Time Attack. There is no time pressure in NEW GAME mode.Don't worry if you get eaten or defeated in a bonus stage. try to eat fish as quickly as possible. The time remaining on the clock for each stage rolls over to the subsequent one. the game is over. As you grow. Eat fish that are smaller than you by swimming towards them. Click the Left Mouse Button for a quick burst of speed. Feeding Frenzy saves your progress every time you clear a stage. Your fish will automatically gobble up its prey. so try to complete stages as quickly as possible. In TIME ATTACK mode. the meter empties slowly over time if you don't keep eating.Every fish you eat fills up your Frenzy meter a little. the bigger you ll grow. or until you defeat the Shark King! In NEW GAME mode. all point values are worth double their normal value! Fill up the meter a second time for a "Double Frenzy" and a 3X score multiplier! Feeding Frenzy multipliers are a great way to rack up points. Avoid fish that are larger than you." While in a Feeding Frenzy. In order to get your lunch. you will unlock new fish on your way to the open ocean. Losing a life in a bonus stage doesn't actually cost you one of your lives. Fish that appear in the menu are safe to eat. Fill the meter and you will enter a "Feeding Frenzy. . In this mode. and all the nearby fish! GAMEPLAY BASICS: The deep sea is a treacherous place. you can start a new game from any stage that you have already completed. however. click your Right Mouse Button to suck in a big gulp of water. it's a race against the clock. Use your mouse to move your fish through the water. The game continues until you lose all your lives. you have unlimited lives. the MERMAID will appear and shower you with bonus star fish bubbles. To fill up the meter. As you progress. If you quit the game or reach GAME OVER. . TIPS AND BONUSES: . Reaching the top of the food chain allows you to to move on to the next level. your menu will include more and more fish. but if the time attack clock runs out.If you complete a stage without losing a life. Once you ve acquired the ability.Play Feeding Frenzy with your mouse. simply maneuver so that your mouth is near your victim. At the top of the screen is your growth chart which indicates the current menu of fish that you can safely eat.

It is therefore a very large download. but updating DirectX solves nearly all system problems encountered with GameHouse games. PURCHASING AND UNLOCKING THE FULL VERSION ____________________________________ If you are using RealArcade.000 points after that.Look out for the very rare GOLDEN MINNOW. but if you manage to catch one. the controls on your fish will be reversed! To shake off the effects of the poison.000 points. If you experience system crashes.microsoft. 2) Upgrade DirectX. While poisoned. you will earn an extra life at 6.html If you can. including the following information along with a description of your problem will help us to help you! -Title Of Game -Computer Manufacturer -Operating System (Windows 95. This is a Microsoft component and it includes special drivers for video cards and sound cards for virtually every manufacturer. you will become poisoned and turn green. simply click the "Buy Full Version Online" button on the Feeding Frenzy game page in RealArcade. quickly tap the Left Mouse Button. This can be done by identifying the type of sound card your computer is using and finding the manufacturer's web site.com/ragamesoptions.. DOS 6.If you eat a POISON MINNOW.In NEW GAME mode. and then every 12.) -CPU Type And Speed In Mhz -Amount Of RAM . we suggest you first try one of the following: 1) Upgrade your computer's sound card drivers.000 points.Every once in a while you can find BLACK PEARLS or 1-UP bonuses in an oyster. Keep an eye out for these special bonuses! . Etc. RealArcade will automatically upgrade your game to the full version! Troubleshooting --------------This software has been tested extensively to make sure it will operate correctly for all users.real. . 12. After completing your purchase. These magical minnows are fast. DirectX Home Page: http://www.com/directx/ TECHNICAL SUPPORT ____________________________________ If you are experiencing problems with Feeding Frenzy.22. most drivers will be automatically updated if you follow step #2. Or. error messages or other incorrect behavior. please contact RealNetworks through our games support website at: http://service. you'll automatically grow to your next size! .

com/ Credits ------Feeding Frenzy was created at Sprout Games: Programming.BAT Files About GameHouse --------------GameHouse...... DMA) -Video Card -Mouse Driver And Version -A Copy Of The CONFIG.. Windows.realarcade.: Ed Allard Joe Mobley James Gwertzman Art. ... Inc.. Inc....SYS And AUTOEXEC.-Sound Card Type And Settings (Address... go to RealArcade: http://www.... Inc..: Rick McCann Sound/Music. To download free trials and play free online versions of their more popular games..... Macintosh and other platforms.: Rodney Bambao Derrick Morton Chance Warner Teagen Densmore Brandon Godfrey Chuck Little Kazunori Sasakura Distributed by RealNetworks.... develops many games for the Internet.... IRQ..: Guy Whitmore Fun Fact Research: Maggie Tai Tucker With additional contribution from GameHouse..: Kathy Anderson Leslie Harrington Game/Level Design: James Gwertzman Del Chafe Ed Allard Animation.