My target audience is males aged 16-24 interested in hip hop music. The audience would be from ethnic minorities with the main focus on British Asians

The stereo typical audience profile Who mainly listens to that music – the genre is stereotyped to be associated amongst males. Gender -male Age - 16-24 Social class – working class Ethnicity – Afro-Caribbean Interests – black culture, going out, urban fashion, music, wearing loads of jewellery, DJs, B-Boys. Dress sense – baggy jeans, baseball caps worn backwards, large t-shirts, loads of gold jewellery and the latest trainers. Why they listen to hip hop – they listen to it as it reflects the black prospective of life; it deals with problems and aspects which the audience can relate to. It also gives them hope into achieving more in life. How often – they listen to the music very frequently, as it can be away to relax them. What they would like in magazines – they would the magazines to contain current artist who refer to the genre, interviews, latest news of the stars, gigs and current trends.

Feelings about music magazines General background Name - Kav Age - 17 Ethnicity – Indian Lives in Solihull, West Midlands Currently is a student, but plans to study media at University How she uses music Attends concerts quite regularly and is a passionate fan of music, but thinks ticket prices are too expensive really. She doesn’t buy them and didn’t really know about them. Thinks they’re interesting to look at, but the ones she’s seen don’t target people like her. They seem to target mainly men -not women. She likes the look of Vibe magazine and some of the fashion, urban culture type music magazines Likes artist – MIA as she reinforces a positive image of Asian women in hip hop. Loves music, especially hip –hop, but doesn’t like the stereotypes associated with it especially women used as sex objects

Uses itunes to download music
Listens to music everyday for personal enjoyment, and relaxation “I couldn’t live without it” Her music magazine preferences In a music magazine would like to see females with attitude represented positively rather then seductively. Also would like the latest news, trends, gigs, very bold and bright colours. Also to represent the Asian perspective on hip hop.

Interest- mainly in urban trends and keep up to date with the style.

Likes to know about the latest gossip and keeping up with hip hop news.

Has an addiction of buying new pairs of trainers.

Target Audience Research (based on KAV’s) Focus Group

My Focus Group
For this task, I asked 6 ethnic females with an interest within the genre, what they would like in a hip hop magazine. I then summarized there results to see what would be best suited for my target audience in the magazine. • The 6 girls I asked were all hip hop fans with a similar interest to me for a music magazine Trishna P, • Ifrah K, • Jaya C, • Ritikka S • Harshika K • Surbhi K I asked them 12 questions (see below) and wrote down their main responses:

Summary of results

1.Front cover – what images would you like?
The images on the front cover should be one striking image, which should be a female to show that hip hop is also popular amongst the female audience. Also the image shouldn’t always have to be seductive for females, they should be portrayed by music rather then sexuality, to express there individuality. The image could a be a ethnic person, as you never see an Asian view in hip hop, especially an Asian women, although there are similar artists to this, who are becoming rising super starts such as MIA.

2. What would like to see on the front cover e.g. sell lines?
For a hip hop magazines, there should sell lines which would interest the audience, such as famous hip hop stars both male and female to reach out to both sets of audience. Also interviews and fashion stories to show the magazine has more to offer.

3. What colours would be appropriate?
The colours of the magazine should be very bright and colourful, as the music is very vibrant itself, and colour are used to reflect tone of the music and the artist. So colours such as oranges, pinks, yellows etc.

4. What type of language would you expect?
The language on the front cover should not be too formal, as hip hop has its own language, known as urban. So words such as swagger and flavour and fresh should be used, as these terms are all familiar with the genre. SECTION 2 –THE CONTENTS PAGE (QUESTIONS 5-8)

5. Contents page - what type of images would you like and how many?
There should be more then one image in a contents page, because usually the images show what’s going to be in the magazine. There is normally 1 dominant image of the person on the front cover and then smaller images.

6. What would you want to be contained within the magazine?
The magazine should offer a wide range of things, all of which relating to hop hip and to show it focuses on more then just music, to keep the audience interest. Such as fashion trends, gigs, interviews and latest gossip, which should be categorised and clearly numbered to be able to find.

7. How much images and text would you expect?
On a contents page the text should just be mainly on the features and also an editors note, however there should a variety of images to keep readers interested and to show them what else will be included in the magazine.

8. What type of language?
The language should correspond to the genre, using terms such as ‘interview with the freshest DJ’, it should more informal rather then formal, due to the target audience. SECTION 3- THE DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD ARTICLE (QUESTIONS 9-12)

9. Double page – what choice of images would you want?
The images should reflect the artists persona, as the hip hop genre shows artist to have attitude or to be quite wacky with there style. If the image is of girl they should be portrayed quite powerful, dominant and full of attitude, but also fun to show there personality. A range of different shot types should be used, to show there face but also there body.

10. What would you prefer the article to be about?
Most popular, would be an interview with a rising star, as it gives fans an insight about a person and there musical background. The interview could be a new Asian women singer, and that way readers will be able to understand that Asian people can perform hip hop and have an interest within it.

11. How would you expect the language to be?
The language reflect the artist that is being mentioned, if it is a interview, the language tends to be more informal as its speech, also by the language it shows the hip hop language due to the use of terms used. The language should also be direct and allow for readers to follow it easily by understanding it.

12. Would you prefer more image or text based articles?
The double page should be balanced between images and text; there should be too much text, as it will bore the reader. The images need to be fun and exciting and usually there are 3 or 4, also the text is not too much, it should be straight to the point and easy for the audience to understand.