Its 6:13am, July 3rd, 2011. Earlier during the hours I watched a video of Boonaa Mohammed on YouTube, an interview with Eddie of The Deen Show from Islamic channel. After saying my Fajr prayer with my family that I detest a part of, I came back to my room to pray to Allah for patience, strength in faith and peace of mind, for in my ‘’HOME’’ the only thing remaining for me to do is to start paying rent, coz that’s practically my function in my ‘Home’. Thanks to my dearest father for his selfishness and an absolute abysmal choice of wife. I came to a realization shortly after I lay down to go back to sleep, I thought about how and why children go haywire and astray, at first as a child myself I couldn’t comprehend how possible it is as I thought about it, because I was thinking as a child, then I decided to be rational and logical in my thinking and I realized why? PARENTS They are the reason why their children are the way they are. Some yearn to have babies; some do and some don’t. God blessed you with children and this is how you choose to treat them. Yes Choice! God gave us all, the power of CHOICE and FREEWILL, how you go about it has nothing to do with your lord. Now here’s what I thought of based on my ongoing predicament. We will always remain babies in the eyes of our parents, that’s one of the most adorable thing about them, but sadly some of them refuse to understand that their babies actually go through a process called GROWTH. They fail to help their children grow by not growing with them and always seeing them as babies that they are not. For example: When you tell (teach) a child that

Amazingly God didn’t punish him/her. you say God will punish you or it’s a sin.) How do you know the child understands the message? A child does something wrong you punish him/her. you threaten a child that when you have sex with the opposite sex it’s a sin. How? No 2. that makes the child to become daring. with no further explanation.having sexual intercourse with the opposite sex is a sin. this child have never seen God and all he/she hears is that God will do this or that. them as far as this child is concerned GOD DOESN’T EXIST or God does exist but in a mysterious way as long as this child is concerned based on individual differences. my next guess will be. the child sees you. He/she begins to assume that it was just a way of preventing me from doing this act. he/she does it and still no punishment from God. some children even go with no rules at all. Now this is what’s up. besides.) What is a Sin? You will be punished by God. 3. this child is forced to create whatever he/she pleases about the religion. concept and process you have given the child about religion. thus his/her own religion is created and his/her own rules are made. YES U! . thus will be careful next time. and with the poor knowledge. 1. and guess what he/she does it and God doesn’t do anything to he/she. feels the pain of the punishment. or totally misunderstands the message you are sending. that disapproves the parents theory of God to the child. gives you this feeling of delight and satisfaction so why not do it again and again and again and again. I’ll do it again.) Who/What is God? No explanation. Now this is the big one guess who God is going to punish? YOU! THE PARENT. thus no idea of the deity. another time again no punishment from God. it’s pleasurable. I’ll do it and see what this God will do to me. explanation.

awful. remember. some of us are able to on our own hate this feeling and resent it while some of us feel comfortable doing it and find their comfort zones in being evil and nefarious This all brings me back to CHOICE AND THE POWER IT POSSESSES. Oops! I’m doing the same thing parents do by saying things and not explaining. unscrupulous and distressing.God has given you rules and regulations about life. then that my friend is your choice. that sound coming out from that very big creature in front of me that looks like me. with my fear for you and everyone as big as you were that came to pick me up. what/who was I? So I can’t. who was I? Before I knew what my name was and understood that. before I even thought of all of these. I see them in a very high esteem and I salute them for their hard labour and the . my bad! When you do something bad you feel guilty. Some parents might be against this and say I’m putting the whole blame on them. As much as I know this and the realization overtook me and compelled me to write all of these. NEWS FLASH! Before I became aware of me. we either get the perfect picture of the good part and the bad part and make our choices. greatness. it is in you not you in it. that I have never seen so big from where I came. we have similarities but this is a very different version of me. I can’t deny the fact that I know some very good parents. but blame parents for the way their children are and the monsters they have created themselves. I applaud them. or never get the message in the first place. No one was created as an evil child or evil being. fulfillment and virtuousness within yourself and when you do something bad ‘’you’ll know exactly how you feel’’. and say I’m matured enough to think for myself and God will judge me for my actions. you refuse to go by them. who was I? Before I started thinking. But I do know one thing that when you do something good you feel this serenity. It takes control of you because you allow it too.

very good product they have produced in our society today. . I’m honored to have met some of them and very proud that I’m one of the few who understands these facts and intend to make changes to develop my own children and I’m beyond honored to meet the most amazing parents I know on earth.