Basic SMS Call Flow

End to end SMS transaction completes in 2 parts :
O Message submission by originating subscriber to its SMSC (Mobile Originating Part)
O Message delivery by SMSC to recipient Subscriber (Mobile terminating Part)
Basic end to end SMS call Ilow shown in Iollowing diagram :

SMS Originating Part - MO SM Submit
O %e SM is sent from te originating Mobile Station (MS) to te serving Mobile Switcing Center
(MSC). %e address of te SMSC were te SM sould be submitted to is stored on te SIM card of
te subscriber and forwarded to te MSC wit te message.
O %e MSC forwards te SM to te SMSC. %e SMSC returns a positive (ACK) or negative (NACK)
response indicating weter te message was successfully stored of not.
SMS Terminating Part - MT SM Deliver
O %o delivers a SM SMSC as to find out te location (serving MSC) and te International Mobile
Subscriber Identity (IMSI) of te recipient subscriber first. %is information (routing information) is
retrieved from te Home Location Register (HLR) of te recipient subscriber based on te recipient
number (MSISDN).
O HLR Provides routing Information to SMSC, wic includes IMSI and serving MSC of recipient
O ased on routing information SMSC delivers SM to te serving MSC and MSC forwards it to te
recipient Mobile Station.
SMS Delivery Report
Successful Delivery - On successful delivery SMSC sends delivery report to te originator if
Failed Delivery - If SMS is not delivered to te recipient number SMSC send failure reason to te
O Permanent Error : For example - Unknown Subscriber
O %emporary Error : For example - Absent Subscriber
SMSC Retry In case of temporary errors te SMSC scedules a next delivery attempt, called SMSC
Network Trigger If te subscriber is not reacable (absent) te SMSC notifies te HLR tat tere is
a message waiting for te recipient number. Wen te HLR detects te presence of te subscriber, it
alerts te SMSC and SMSC forwards SM to te serving MSC.

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