Microtherm® SlimVac Vacuum insulation panel

Microtherm® SlimVac panels are high performance microporous insulation covered in an impermeable polymer outer envelope which is heat sealed under vacuum to optimize the thermal performance. The core of the SlimVac® panel insulation is a blend of filament reinforced silica and an opacifier to block the infrared radiation. The outer envelope is an ultra low permeation barrier film that comprises multiple metalized polymer layers. Exact barrier film specification may vary according to the application. Microtherm® SlimVac core material is non combustible and complies to the requirements of DIN4102. It is environmentally safe and completely recyclable.
Properties • Very low TC value of 4.2 mW/m.K • High R-value (4.8 m2K/W per 20mm) • Lightweight & thinnest insulation available. • No need for getter material. • Stable long term thermal performance. • Environmentally safe, contains no respirable fibres • Excellent resistance to compression Applications • Refrigerators and freezers • Temperature controlled packaging • Refrigerated transport • Building: o Facades elements o Floor and roof insulation o Terrace insulation o Doors o Thermal bridges o Cold rooms

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Standard finish styles available The standard finish is “as made” with slightly rounded edges and seal flanges on all four sides.0 mm (+3/16”/. Tokyo 160-0023. • Japan. Please contact our Technical Service Department for further details.K (according to ASTM C 518 & ISO 8301) at mean temperature 10 °C (50 °F).0.0 /-1. TC value without vacuum is 21 mW/m.0 /-2.1/16”) for thickness 15. +4.566. sales@microtherm.04”) for thickness ≤ 15.0 mm (5/8”. For alternative tolerance requirements. Typical Values Performance values quoted here are for general guidance. BE-9100 Sint-Niklaas. express or implied. For alternative finish requirements contact our Sales Department for advice.220 kg/m3 according to specification. please contact our Technical Service Department. T +81 3 3377 2821. Industriepark Noord 1. Performance TC value at vacuum level < 5 mbar: 4.0 mm (> 1 ¼”) . 4-15-7. including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or that the results shown on this datasheet will be achieved by a user for a particular purpose.. T +32 (0)3 760 19 80.878 − RPR Sint-Niklaas 102960 Microtherm NV • België.Microtherm® SlimVac T Y PI C A L P R ODUCT CH AR ACT E R I S T I CS Size Availability Microtherm® SlimVac panels are available in thicknesses from 6 mm (¼”) up to 40 mm (1 ½”) and in panel sizes up to a maximum of 1400 mm x 800 mm (approx 55 1/3”x 31 3/5”) at the larger thicknesses. Alternatively. www. 3269 Regal Drive. F +32 (0)3 760 19 99. F +1 865 681 0016.com Issue ref.0. F +81 3 3378 2821.) Density Nominally 160 .S.1 . (The above given inch dimensions are indicative only and not claimed to be exact equivalents.com Microtherm Inc • U.A.5 mm (+1/8”/.co. sales@microtherm. Ltd. U-value for thickness 20 mm: 0. It is not intended to and does not create any warranties. The information contained in this datasheet/brochure is intended to assist in designing with Microtherm products.0 mm (≤ 5/8”).0 /-1.08092011/05 Microtherm is a registered trademark of Microtherm International Ltd • BTW-BE-0407. Microtherm® SlimVac may be ordered with seal flanges neatly taped back and retained.1 ¼”).08”) for thickness > 30.jp . T +1 865 681 0155. info@microthermgroup. Shinjuku-ku. For more precise information and assistance with design please contact our materials specialists. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of Microtherm products for each application.microthermgroup. Korakuen Shinjuku Bldg. Alcoa.21 W/m2K R-value for thickness 20 mm: 4.us Nippon Microtherm Co.0 mm (+1/8”/. Nishi-Shinjuku.2 mW/m.30. +3. Tennessee 37701.K at normal ambient conditions.8 m2K/W Manufacturing Tolerances Tolerances on length & width +3.