Spanish World Syllabus for TEENS IGCSE Exam

The following syllabus structures the Spanish course in such a way that students will reach the required proficiency of the target language (Spanish) after completion of the whole program to successfully pass IGCSE/GCSE exams. The program is divided in 3 yearly courses with a significant change after completion of the 3rd course, where students, according Cambridge

Curriculum, will be able to pass the GCSE and IGCSE examination. In order to properly cover all the necessary contents of the GCSE and IGCSE, Cambridge Exam of Spanish, it is recommended by the official institutions that students get an exposure to the target language for at least 230-300 hours of lecturing classes. (in addition, homerwork and review at home is absolutely necessary). Following this approximate amount of hours it would take around 3 years to cover the whole content. For the 3rd and final year it is necessary for the student to have 3 hours of Spanish per week. After considering all the factors mentioned above, we structure the program as follows: Course Spanish year 1 Spanish year 2 Hours of exposure 60 per Week 70 per Week
Spanish World Hong Kong. Room 404. 4/F. 6 & 8 Pottinger Street. Central. Hong Kong Tel: +852 2526 9927 Fax: +852 3105 2231 Email:

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Hong Kong Tel: +852 2526 9927 Fax: +852 3105 2231 Email: info@spanishworldhk.Spanish year 3 100 per Week Twice The satisfactory result of our previous students makes us to be positive about the outcome of the proposed program. Understanding regular -ar. Using indefinite article “un/una” Talking about the classroom. MODULES Vamos • • • • • DESCRIPTION: Introducing yourself Counting up to 15. although a higher number might be http://www. -er and -ir verbs • Talking about your teachers. Understanding the definite article el/la En el Instituto • Talking about your school subjects. YEAR 1 CONTENTS TO COVER: Classes of 1.5 hours The number of hours suggested for the first year is around 60. Saying when your birthday is Spanish alphabet. readings. 4/F.spanishworldhk. grammar and vocabulary are included too. Exams include the following aspects: speaking. Composition. 6 & 8 Pottinger Street. Using adjectives that end in -o/-a Spanish World Hong Kong. Using the Verb “tener” to give your age Counting up to 31. After each module the student will be tested. Using the -ar verb estudiar • Saying what you do in lessons. listening and writing. Room 2 . There will be a test at the end of each module. Central. reading.

Using the verb ser Talking about eyes and 3 . Talking about your family Talking about your pets. Practising pronunciation Saying what you like to do. Understanding all adjectives agreement Talking about snacks. Using the verb ir and the infinitive En la ciudad Spanish World Hong Kong. Central. 6 & 8 Pottinger Street. Recognising all forms of verb vivir • Describing where you live. 4/F. Using me gusta and the infinitive Saying what you are going to do. Hong Kong Tel: +852 2526 9927 Fax: +852 3105 2231 Email: info@spanishworldhk. Using the verb estar for locations • Talking about the rooms in your home. Using the verb ir Talking about sports.spanishworldhk.• • Giving opinions and reasons. Talking about your appearance and character. Making colors agree with nouns. Using the verbs comer and beber Mi Familia • • • • • Talking about your brothers and sisters. Using possessive adjectives mi/s. Room 404. Using the verbs salir and hacer Telling the time. Using stemchanging verbs El Tiempo libre • • • • • Saying what you do in your free time. Recognising all forms of -ar and -er verbs • Describing your http://www. su/s Counting up to 100. Using adjectives after nouns En casa • Talking about where you live. tu/s. Using prepositions • Talking about activities you do in your bedroom.

también. Adding expression to your spoken Spanish Making excuses. 4/F. Saying what you do in town. Expressing opinions using me gusta … Describing friends using adjectives. Using the preterite of -ar verbs Giving more details of your http://www. Using hay to say what there is Making and responding to 4 . Comparing things using más … que Using reflexive verbs. Using the near future tense Practising the present and near future tenses. 6 & 8 Pottinger Street. Using the verb querer Talking about the weather. Using y. Hong Kong Tel: +852 2526 9927 Fax: +852 3105 2231 Email: info@spanishworldhk. nunca Describing celebrities. Building longer sentences using porque and pero Asking about places in town. Expressing opinions about past Spanish World Hong Kong. Understanding nationalities. Using cuando to join bits of information Using two tenses together. Using querer and poder Saying what someone else likes or dislikes. La gente • • • • • Talking about activities. Using the preterite of ser and ir Saying what you did on holiday. Central.• • • • • Saying what your town is like. Using phrases with infinitives Mis vacaciones • • • • Saying where you went on holiday. pero. Saying what it was like Saying how you travelled. Room 404. ¿Vamos a salir? • • • • • Talking about places in town. Using sequencing words Inviting someone to go out. Writing an extended text. Using sequencing words.

4/F. Understanding time expressions Shopping for http://www. YEAR 2 CONTENTS TO COVER: The number of hours suggested for the second year is around 70. Using the present and the preterite together. Understanding the difference between tú and usted Talking about a past meal. Using the preterite of -er and -ir verbs Talking about likes and dislikes. Room 404. Central. Hong Kong Tel: +852 2526 9927 Fax: +852 3105 2231 Email: . present and future together 5 Spanish World Hong Kong. 6 & 8 Pottinger Street. although a higher number might be advisable. Using high numbers Eating at a restaurant. grammar and vocabulary will be included too. Using past. Composition. There will be a test at the end of each module. listening and writing. MODULES DESCRIPTION: Classes of 1.5 hours La comida • • • • • Talking about mealtimes.• events Giving a presentation about holidays. The exam includes: speaking. reading.

Room 404. Making colours agree Talking about school uniform. Using the present and near future tenses Saying what you wore to a fancy dress ball. etc. Asking and answering questions Talking about school subject options. Practising the present tense Talking about television programmes. for emphasis Giving opinions about teachers. Using past. Using se debe and se puede Talking about after-school clubs. Writing creatively Los medios de comunicación • • • • • Talking about what you use computers for. Hong Kong Tel: +852 2526 9927 Fax: +852 3105 2231 Email: info@spanishworldhk. Using the present tense and preterite together El instituto • • • • • Describing your school. a http://www. Using estar to describe where something is Describing a holiday in Barcelona.. present and future tenses Reading a story set in Barcelona. Combining past. Central.De moda • • • • • Talking about clothes. 6 & 8 Pottinger Street. Justifying your opinions of a place Talking about different types of shop. Using a mí.com 6 .spanishworldhk. Giving opinions using adjectives Comparing films. Using three tenses together Spanish World Hong Kong. Using superlatives Talking about school rules. Using se puede to say what can be bought there Asking for and giving directions. Using comparative adjectives (más … que) Choosing an item of clothing. Using the near future tense Talking about different types of music. Using superlative adjectives Talking about a trip to Argentina. present and future tenses together Barcelona • • • • • Saying what there is to see and do in Barcelona. Practising the preterite Describing what a film is about. 4/F.

Using modal verbs Spanish World Hong Kong. Central. Using the conditional of deber Talking about famous people. Mi casa es tu casa • • Visiting a Spanish family. Using masculine and feminine job titles using languages at work. Using three tenses together winning the lottery. Using reflexive verbs Talking about environmental http://www. Using direct object pronouns Talking about healthy living. Using me duele and me duelen Describing symptoms. Using the future tense Hispanoamérica • • • • • Learning more about Spanish-speaking countries. Room 404. Using tener and estar correctly Talking about healthy and unhealthy food. Using para to make more complex sentences Talking about lifestyle 7 . Using the preterite in the ‘he/she’ form Talking about fair trade. Learning about a region of Spain Asking permission. Creating a poster about a Spanish-speaking country. Using three tenses together Ganarse la vida • • • • • Talking forms Talking Talking Talking Talking about earning and spending money.La salud • • • • • Learning the parts of the body. 4/F. Hong Kong Tel: +852 2526 9927 Fax: +852 3105 2231 Email: info@spanishworldhk.spanishworldhk. 6 & 8 Pottinger Street. Using third-person verb about about about about what you would like to do. Using me gustaría jobs. Using three tenses together. Describing working conditions.

although a higher number might be advisable. The exam includes: speaking. MODULES DESCRIPTION: Extract from the Year Syllabus. Composition. 6 & 8 Pottinger Street. Two classes per week The number of hours suggested for the third year is around 100. Room 404. reading. Forming complex sentences YEAR 3 CONTENTS TO COVER: Classes of 1. There will be a test at the end of each module. Using usted Learning about Bilbao. Central. grammar and vocabulary will also be included. listening and writing.spanishworldhk. 4/ 8 .• • • Buying train tickets. Hong Kong Tel: +852 2526 9927 Fax: +852 3105 2231 Email: info@spanishworldhk.5 http://www. De vacaciones Spanish World Hong Kong. Not all included. Using three tenses together Writing a letter.

Joining ideas with connectives De Paseo Por Sevilla • Giving personal information. 4/F. Giving and justifying opinions Talking about holiday activities. Using verbs with usted . Learning phrases meaning the same thing Describing accommodation. Using the present tense. Hong Kong Tel: +852 2526 9927 Fax: +852 3105 2231 Email: info@spanishworldhk. Central. 6 & 8 Pottinger Street. Using the imperfect tense for description. Using adverbs. Listening for the 24hour clock • • Planning a day out. Using the imperfect and the preterite together. Using me hace falta .com http://www.spanishworldhk. Dealing with unpredictable questions Making complaints in a hotel. Using sequencers (primero…. Understanding questions Asking for and understanding directions.Using the preterite. Room 404. Using irregular verbs in the 9 . Using the near future. Extending sentences with sequencers Talking about holidays and weather. Using imperatives.• • • • • • Talking about where you went . después…) Spanish World Hong Kong. Extending sentences with cuando • Talking about means of transport. Learning question words Booking a hotel room.

Using the present. Using comparatives and superlatives. preterite and imperfect tenses. Using negatives Describing people’s personalities. Using me gusta. Describing the schools of the future. Hong Kong Tel: +852 2526 9927 Fax: +852 3105 2231 Email: info@spanishworldhk. Describing school pressures and problems. Using para to extend sentences A clase • • • • • • Giving opinions on school subjects. Using me gusta + article. Talking about relationships in the past and present. Using the present tense with time expressions. Describing school uniform and rules. Saying numbers and dates. Using phrases followed by an infinitive. Using questions to form answers ¡Perdidos! • • • • • Talking about your family. Working with distractors while listening and reading • Describing a day out. Using quantifiers (muy…. Understanding three time frames. More of the preterite and the imperfect. Using reflexive verbs.spanishworldhk. Using ser and estar. Talking about daily routine. etc… Revising basic vocabulary Describing your school routine. Using desde hace (for…). Using possessive http://www. Room 404. un poco…). Agreeing and disagreeing. Spanish World Hong Kong. Making deductions while listening.• Ordering in a restaurant. 10 . Talking about chores. como without article. Talking about the present and the past. Improving your reading skills. 4/F. me encanta. Improving your spoken and written texts. 6 & 8 Pottinger Street. Giving and justifying opinions Describing teachers. Talking about relationships. Recognising and expressing mixed opinions • Talking about festivals. Using the future tense.

Hong Kong Tel: +852 2526 9927 Fax: +852 3105 2231 Email: info@spanishworldhk. Revising masculine and feminine nouns. Using adverbs of time and frequency Spanish World Hong Kong.• Talking about experiences and 11 . Using the preterite and the imperfect. Using three time frames. Central. Room 404. Improving your pronunciation of cognates Describing part-time jobs. 6 & 8 Pottinger Street. Extending spoken and written answers. Extending answers Los Trabajos • • • Revising jobs and places of work. 4/ http://www. Using tener que + infinitive. Describing work experience.