Huey down

The Garry Owen’s, the famous 7th Cavalry, are in pursuit of the retreating Vietnamese forces. As part of this operation, the Preachers (229th Aviation Battalion) landed a platoon-sized patrol to locate the enemy. They found them—immediately. The landing zone was occupied by an enemy patrol and one helicopter was shot down. The platoon was ordered to secure the area until a CH-47 Chinook arrived to recover the helicopter. The rest of the Preachers’ UH-1D ‘Slicks’ and a UH-1B ‘Hog’ will give them fire support. Everything looked good until wave after wave of Vietnamese regulars started assaulting the LZ. Now they just have to hang in there until some serious fire support can arrive. Huey Down uses the At All Costs, Crashed Helicopter, Guerilla Reserves, Helicopter, Medevac, Prepared Positions, Reserves, and Surrounded special rules. At All Costs and Crashed Helicopter are on the next page. Guerilla Reserves, Helicopter, Medevac, and Surrounded are in issue 266 and on the Wargames Illustrated website. Prepared Positions and Reserves are in the Flames Of War rulebook.

Vietnamese Objective

US player deploys here 8”/20cm US Objective

Your Orders
US Player
Your force is trapped and there is no way out—the LZ is too hot for a pick up. Don’t worry, just dig in and hold. Help is on the way. You must protect the crashed helicopter until it arrives.

Ending the Battle
The battle ends when: • the Vietnamese player starts any turn in possession of the Landing Zone Objective, or • at the end of the Vietnamese player’s sixth turn.

Vietnamese Player

A patrol guarding a potential landing site shot down a helicopter. You must destroy the enemy defending it and capture the helicopter to show everyone that they can be destroyed. You don’t have long. Once the enemy gets air support organised, you will have to break off.

Deciding who Won

Preparing for Battle

The Vietnamese player wins if they hold the Landing Zone Objective at the end of the game (including if the US force is wiped out). The brave Vietnamese freedom fighters have the crashed helicopter and can take some photographs to show their victory to the world before destroying it. Otherwise the US player wins. Air support has arrived and the heroic American cavalry have shown the world that they will stand up to Communist aggression and that no matter how many troops the North Vietnamese pour into their invasion of the south, America will defeat them with its new airmobile tactics.

The US player places a crashed helicopter in the middle of the table as the Landing Zone Objective. They then deploy their entire force, except for the helicopters, within 8”/20cm of the Objective. The UH-1D Slick helicopters will arrive on the US player’s first turn. The UH-1B Hog gunship is in Reserve and will arrive using the normal Reserve rules. The Vietnamese player now chooses a table corner for their objective and deploys their entire force as if it had just arrived from Guerilla Reserve using the Guerilla Warfare rules. The 2iC Command AK47 Assault Rifle team and the Type 57 HMG teams from the Battalion HQ deploy as a company. The Company Command AK47 Assault Rifle team may deploy with any company. The US force is in Prepared Positions, so it starts the game in Foxholes and is Gone to Ground. The US player has the first turn.


Play it again Sam

Once you have played the scenario, swap sides and play it again. Huey Down only lasts six turns and has small forces, so you can play it several times in an evening. It is a great test of skill as both players face exactly the same set of challenges with exactly the same forces on exactly the same terrain. As the American player, see if you can hold out longer or destroy more enemy companies than your opponent did. As the Vietnamese player, try and overrun the Americans faster with fewer losses than your opponent did.

Beginning the Battle
1. 2.

US Forces

The US forces for this scenario are: • Company HQ (with the Medic, but without the mortars). • Rifle Platoon (Airmobile) at full strength. • Aviation (Airmobile) Platoon (with two or three UH-1D Slick helicopters—you get three in a box, but you may want to use one as the objective if you don’t have the Crashed Helicopter objective marker). • Aeroweapons Platoon (with one UH-1B Hog helicopter). The following Wargames Illustrated codes will provide all of the models you need for the scenario: • WINV02 US Company HQ (Airmobile) • WINV03 US Rifle Platoon (Airmobile) • WINV08 Huey UH-1B Hog gunship helicopter • WINV01 Huey UH-1D Slick helicopters (3 helicopters) All of these items and a Crashed Helicopter objective marker can be found as part of the WINV15 Airmobile Army Deal.

Special Rules
At All Costs This is a golden opportunity for the People’s Army of Vietnam to show the world that it is beating the Americans despite their new technology. You cannot spare your men in the pursuit of victory. You must take the helicopter at all costs! Any Vietnamese Company that is Destroyed will be replaced with a new Infantry Company with one platoon and a Type 58 LMG team. The new company will return to the table the next turn and be deployed using the Guerilla Reserves rules. Note the Battalion HQ does not return to the game if it is Destroyed. The Vietnamese player may withdraw battered companies using the Born in the North to Die in the South special rule. Companies withdrawn this way return immediately using the Guerilla Reserves rule. The Vietnamese forces automatically pass any Company Morale Checks that they may be required to take. Crashed Helicopter The crew of the crashed helicopter survived relatively intact and have dismounted their M60 machine-guns. They will fire in support of the cavalry that are protecting them. The crashed helicopter placed as the Landing Zone Objective can fire in its own Shooting Step as if it were a Landed UH-1D Slick. It may also fire in Defensive Fire if any Vietnamese team assaults within 4”/10cm of it. Aside from this, it is a normal objective and cannot move, be shot at, assault, or be assaulted. The remaining UH-1D Slicks are operating as gunships. Instead of flying from the Pick-up Zone and Landing in the Landing Zone as normal, they remain Flying over the table from turn to turn like a UH-1B Hog or Observer UH-1D Slick. Like a UH-1B Hog or Observer UH-1D Slick, they are permanently removed from the game if they are shot down.

PAVN Forces

The Vietnamese forces for this scenario are: • Battalion HQ (with Machine-gun Platoon). • 3x Infantry Companies (with one Infantry Platoon and one Type 58 LMG team). The following Wargames Illustrated codes will provide all of the models you need for the scenario: • WINV04 PAVN Battalion HQ • 3x WINV05 PAVN Infantry Platoon All of these items and a Crashed Helicopter objective marker can be found as part of the WINV16 PAVN Army Deal.

Mixing things up

As a Vietnamese player, you might like to try different strategies using more fire support than the basic scenario allows for. If that’s the case, you could either swap one Infantry Company in your force at the start of the game for a Recoilless Gun Company, Mortar Company, or Anti-air Platoon. If this is Destroyed, it will be replaced with an Infantry Company. Alternatively, you could be more flexible and allow the Vietnamese player to bring on one of these platoons instead of an Infantry Company at any time during the game. The WINV16 PAVN Army Deal has all of the Companies you need to experiment with different forces.