Bangladesh eGP (

A Challenging Journey Towards Effective Procurement
Amulya K. Debnath Director General, Central Procurement Technical Unit (CPTU)

----------------------------------------------For Asia & the Pacific Regional Conference on eGP for effective Public Procurement, Bali, Indonesia, November 22-24, 2011

Presentation Outlines
• Good governance & Pub-proc reform.. • Journey towards eGP & eGP readiness.. • Implementation: Go-no-Go….Piloting • Challenges: Past, Present & Future

Governance issue: Proc. Reform
• Dev-Prog. Imple… & Corruption…….CPAR • WTO/UNCAC/Parish Decla../Accra Agenda.... • Proc. Reform: PPA/PPR/STDs/web site… • Human Capital Development: Training • Communication and Campaign

All these provides a strong platform to start eGP Journey

Journey Towards eGP:
Readiness Study
• ICT Policy: Act/Rules, ISP policy… •Policy • eGP Policy: eGP vision, guidelines, PPP, • Security framework: Security policy/ privacy • Regulatory framework: Cyber laws… • Networks: Backbones, Distr. net, •Infrastructure LAN, WAN, Wireless net..…. • Access: PC, internet, connectivity.. • ICT hardware: Data centre, payment gateway, PKI….

Journey Towards eGP:
Readiness Study
• Political: Leadership, vision, support

• Human: IT education., training facilities, IT staff…

• Citizen with emali & internet usage


• Usage by Business---supplier, contractors … • Usage by government (Portal,eSrvice, eProjects…)

Proc. Reform & e-GP Journey….
       

  

2002-2007 : Public Procurement Reform Project (PPRP) 1999-2002 : Country Procurement Assessment Report 2007-2013 : Undergoing PPRP II 2002 : Established Nodal Procurement Agency- CPTU 2003 : Issued Public Procurement Regulations (PPR 2003) 2005 : Developed CPTU’s website ( 2006 : Passed Public Procurement Act- PPA 2006 2008 : Issued Public Procurement Rules- PPR 2008 2004-2006 : Developed Critical Mass of 25 National Trainers 2004-2010 : Institutionalizing capacity development; developed procurement faculty at ESCB, trained ~ 3,300 public officials (continuing), proc. accreditation of CIPS, UK (with BRACU) 2009-2010 : Piloting Proc. Performance Monitoring (PROMIS) 2010 : Initiating Electronic Gov. Procurement (e-GP) 2011 : Operation

Bangladesh e-GP Route
e-GP system develpment & implementation in 2009-11 e-GP operation & maintenance

Public Procurement Reform 2003

e-GP readiness assessment in 2006

e-GP infrastructure development in 2008-09


eGP Implementation
• Review for Go-no-Go: Go!!!

• First piloting…then rolling…
• eTendering to 4 PEs…17…308… • eCMS to 4………………

Bangladesh e-GP: Rolling out

All PEs
4 Procuring Agencies (308 PEs) 4 Procuring Agencies (17PEs)



4 Procuring Agencies (4 PEs)
Agencies & PEs

Honorable Prime Minister opens e-GP Portal of Bangladesh in a grand ceremony.


Bangladesh e-GP System
eTendering Workflow Managemen t
Procurement Management Information System (PROMIS)

System and Security Administrati on

E-GP System

E-Payment system

Centralize d stakehold er Access Dashboard s

E-Contract Management System


eGP Implementation:

Development issues/challenges
 eGP system is not an off-the-self ready-made product, it needs to be developed based on procurement methods, level of bureaucracy, procurement culture…….  Requirement of complying with the legal instrument (PPA and PPR..), resulted extensive requirements of the

understanding of the Acts and Rules by the developers (SRS)
 Requirements are not always correctly understood and

requires a lot of reworks or revisit the source codes for fixes.

eGP Implementation:

Development issues/challenges
 Thorough need for detection of bugs and fixing or debugging
need for thorough checking of program logic…….

 Several unnoticed bugs warrant for more insight thinking on the program logic and lead to change for better results…CRs  Huge review requirements calls for time, human resources

and patience.
 Some bugs require fixing in the production environment which may lead to loss of confidence among the user and create mistrust.

eGP Implementation:
Implementation issues/Challenges
 Ensuring password security in the operation is of high need but careless users sometimes operate carelessly threatening the security.  Workflow management knowledge and skills of PEs and users skills to operate users’ functionalities is of prime importance but weaknesses are observed.  Tremendous need of eGP training for the users calls for human and monetary resources.

 Difficulties in customizing manual STDs incorporating the eGP need: development of eSTD

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