Ques1. Write a note on the use of Igbo idioms in things fall apart.

Chinua Achebe is regarded as an important figure in African literary circle. Flawlessly he has integrated his language and content in his work. As he affirmed Achebe wanted to convey through his novels that, “African people did not hear of culture for the first time from Europeans, that their societies were not mindless but frequently had a philosophy of great depth and beauty.” Besides trying to instill pride and self respect among his fellow Africans, Achebe’s novels also provide the world a mode of perceiving black aesthetical and it is a protest against the stereotyping of African people by the western writers. Igbo phrases and idioms are representatives of the African culture. According to Igbo culture, a good speaker is he who uses language with skill and wisdom. For Igbo people the case of conversation is the appropriate use of proverb. “Proverbs are the palm oil with which words are eaten.” Achebe is of the opinion that “the wealth of culture is in the folklore of a race” .He felt that it can provide answers and show solutions to the questions & problem of the peoples. Hence phrases and idioms which are an important feature of Igbo society find ample space in the novels of Achebe. The importance of the ‘chi’ the Igbo cosmology is highlighted with the help of some fables .The story of the little bird Nza brings home the fact that a man should never provoke his fate. He should know where to draw a line of limit in his pursuit of power. It can also be seen as a protest against the western representation of African people as being primitive and inhuman in the works like Conrad’s Heart of darkness. Chinua Achebe accused Conrad of racism because of his seeing the African people in the most diminutive sense: not as individuals, and because of his use of Africa as a representative of darkness and evil. Therefore it is an attempt to provide a different perspective of Africa to the rest of the world. Achebe’s things fall apart represents the cultural roots of the Igbo’s in order to provide self confidence, but at the same time he refers them to universal principles which vitiates their destructive potential.

Ques.2 Discuss the role of gender place in Igbo’s socialist structure. Achebe’s Things fall apart is the presentation of cultural dislocation in a largely patriarchal setting. Part 1 of the novel provides a glimpse of the social values of the traditional Igbo society. This society praises achievement, and keeps worthiness and courage in high regard. A man is known by his own worthiness and not by those of his ancestors. People are given titles according to their achievements. Kindness and sympathy are considered to be feminine qualities. It is taken as a sign of weakness.

In traditional Igbo society. -----------------------------1.“I will not have a son who cannot hold his head in the gathering of the clan…”is a reflection of the anxiety of not living up to the expectations of an overtly patriarchal society.google. Bride-price and also the option to choose their own husbands. “… Chika the priestess of Agbala was full of the power of her God as she was greatly feared”. it ceases to be so. http://books. They are expected to obey their husbands. Women do not have much of a say in the public matters. Okonkwo’s attitude to his wives is very patriarchal and is typical of the treatment of women in the traditional society. and so they stood waiting”. Igbo society also gives certain freedom to the women.co. They are largely confined to the domestic sphere. accounts for the empowerment of these women to some extent. women do not have a political role equal to that of men. So the Igbo social structure comes across as a unique blend of conservative and progressive social values.com/books? id=hHX8XEDTpesC&lpg=PP1&pg=PA3#v=onepage&q&f=false . http://books. But they do have a role or more accurately a series of roles despite the patriarchal organization of the Igbo society.Okonkwo’s anger on his son Nwoye.in/books?id=j1pc7wpbGkC&lpg=PA38&ots=qEtfZUwo6K&dq=trial%20of%20dedan %20kimathi%20a%20critical%20companion%20worldview %20publications&pg=PA38#v=onepage&q=trial%20of%20dedan%20kimathi %20a%20critical%20companion%20worldview%20publications&f=false 2.google. This gives an impression of the Igbo society as being very conservative. However there are certain aspects in which. What women are denied in reality is given to them supernaturally as we see that women play important spiritual roles like Chika who is the priestess of Agbala. They are also empowered within the domestic sphere as we see in the status of Nwakibie’s first wife:“Anasi was the first wife and the others could not drink before her.