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Subaru will donate $250 for every new Subaru vehicle sold or leased from November 19, 2011 through January 31, 2012 to one of five participating charities designated by the purchaser, up to $5,000,000 total. Purchasers must make their charity designations by January 31, 2012. See for details. A minimum donation of $250,000 will be made to each participating charity. All charity donations made by Subaru of America, Inc. Subaru, Forester, Outback, Tribeca, Legacy, Impreza, WRX, STI and SUBARU BOXER are registered trademarks. 2EPA-estimated fuel economy for Legacy 2.5i CVT models. Actual mileage may vary. 3EPA-estimated fuel economy for Outback 2.5i CVT models. Actual mileage may vary. 4EPA-estimated hwy fuel economy for Forester 2.5X models. Actual mileage may vary. 72011 Top Safety Picks include the 2012 Subaru Forester, Legacy, Outback and Tribeca. *Lease payments based on 10,000 mi. per year plus tax with approved Subaru Motors Finance Tier 1 credit approval. Subject to vehicle and insurance availability. Expires 1/3/12.


text “cash” to 366948

2 convenient locations

Sugardale Country Inn

Boneless Whole Ham

Sugardale Semi-Boneless


Whole Ham

Jumbo Eggs

$ $


48 48
81 ¢ l b

$ $

Limit One w/$50.00 purchase excluding the price of the ham, alcohol and tobacco.


48 48

1.31 l



¢ ¢


81 ¢


Limit One w/$25.00 purchase excluding the price of alcohol and tobacco.


Giant’s Own


2$ $

Cream Cheese

Salt Rising Bread
White or Wheat

Maxwell House Original Roast



2.52 2

$ 2$


8 oz. pkg.

•WELLSVILLE, NY 44 Park Ave. • 585-593-3354 •CUBA, NY 72 Genesee St. • 585-968-2360

Prices Good Dec. 18 through Dec. 24, 2011
See store for details.





$ $


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99 99
23 oz.

For Easy Holiday Fun-Have An Open-House (NAPSA)-The holiday open house-a laid-back party at which guests of all ages come and go as they please over the course of an afternoon or evening-can be a great way to bring folks together with a minimum of fuss. Here are some hints on how to make it fun for guests of all ages: • Get the word out early. Be aware of people's busy holiday schedules and send your invitations three to four weeks in advance. • Lighten up inside and outside. Twinkling lights are not only an inexpensive way to decorate, but really set the atmosphere for a fun party environment. Simple white Christmas lights strung outside your door as well as throughout the house can give your party that fancy glow. • To help with crowd control, push back sofas and large furniture to your walls. Place fragile trinkets in a safe place. Set up folding chairs for extra seating. Separate drinks and food so guests won't crowd one room of the house. Spread out the food and allow enough walking room to let the party flow. • Feature a kids-only craft station manned by a neighborhood teen. And have the pint-size guests decorate the Peppermint Ice Cream Ornaments for the party. • Keep the food simple and easy for guests to eat as they mix and mingle. Consider cut veggies with an assortment of dips. Set out dishes of such treats as spiced pecans and mini holiday cookies throughout the house. Foods that can be prepared ahead of time let you enjoy the party, too. • Make delicious desserts such as these festive treats. Their peppermint flavor helps create more holiday cheer.

For more holiday ice cream dessert ideas and recipes, visit


DECEMBER 13, 2011

marshmallows with water. Roll in sugar crystals. Insert pretzel sticks to make "drumsticks." Place on top of cake before serving. Note: Prepare a chocolate cake mix, making two cakes and reserving one cake for another use.


The scent and flavor of peppermint help create feelings of holiday cheer Peppermint Ice Cream Drum Cake Makes 8-10 servings 1 chocolate cake layer, 8- or 9inch round by 11⁄2 inches tall, baked in a spring_form pan with removable sides 1 carton Dreyer's/Edy's® Slow Churned® Light Peppermint Ice Cream 1 carton (16 oz.) purchased vanilla frosting 24 thin candy canes or sugar sticks 12 glacé (candied) cherries Chocolate decorating icing 2 long pretzel rods 2 large marshmallows Red or green sugar crystals Freeze cake in pan for 30 minutes to firm top. Spread ice cream in an even layer to the top edge of pan. Freeze several hours until ice cream is firm. Remove sides of pan. Frost sides of cake and a 1-inch border around cake top. Return to freezer if ice cream softens. Squeeze decorating icing in a crisscross pattern on top. Press sugar sticks diagonally around sides (if using candy canes, remove bent tips). Place cherries around top of cake. Freeze several hours or overnight before serving. Dampen top and sides of Peppermint adds a spirited twist to holiday treats such as these clever cookie sandwiches. Peppermint Ice Cream Ornaments Makes 12 24 chocolate wafer cookies or chocolate-frosted shortbreads 1 carton Dreyer's/Edy's Slow Churned Light Peppermint Ice Cream Cookie decorating icing, sugar crystals and candies Decorate tops of 12 cookies. Let dry thoroughly. Place a scoop of peppermint ice cream on an unfrosted cookie; flatten and smooth edges of ice cream with a table knife. Top with a frosted cookie. Place in a covered container and freeze. Repeat with remaining cookies and ice cream. Freeze for up to 3 days.

Toronto was originally named Fort York, and was occupied and set afire by American troops during the War of 1812.

2934 ROUTE 16, OLEAN, NY 716-372-4208
©2011 Ariens Company ® Registered Trademark and TM trademark of Ariens Company. Engine manufacturers are registered trademarks of their respective companies. Sno-Thro unit specifications and features are subject to change without notice.

BILL’S CABIN- HAVE HIDES TANNED (to include bear)! Give us a call, 814-887-2676 or 814-558-3195 (cell). cb ——————————————————————————————— AKC GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES Ready for Christmas! 2 males; 1 female. Microchipped, all shots current, dewormed. $850. Bolivar, NY. 585-307-9600. pb ——————————————————————————————— BRADFORD HOUSE FOR SALE- 4 bedroom two story, walk in attic, freshly decorated, new furnace, electric, plumbing, off street parking. $41,500. 814-558-4905. pb Year-round Grilling Trend Continues To Heat Up Expert Offers Tips, Hearty Recipe for Cold-Weather Grilling Steak and Ale Chili with Beans Serves: 6 to 8 Prep time: 30 minutes Grilling time: 4 to 5 minutes, plus 1 to 11?4 hours to simmer the chili Rub 2 teaspoons ground cumin, Kosher salt, Ground black pepper 1 pound skirt steak, about 3/4 inch thick, trimmed of excess fat, cut into foot-long pieces Vegetable oil Chili 1 1/2 cups finely chopped yellow onion 1 tablespoon minced garlic 2 tablespoons pure chili powder 2 teaspoons dried oregano 2 cans (16 ounces each) chili beans, such as pinto beans, with liquid 1 can (28 ounces) diced tomatoes 1 bottle (12 ounces) stout beer 2 tablespoons cider vinegar 1/2 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce 2 cups finely grated cheddar cheese (8 ounces) 1. Prepare the grill for direct cooking over medium heat (350° to 450° F). 2. In a small bowl, combine the cumin, 1 teaspoon salt and 1 teaspoon pepper. Lightly brush the steaks on both sides with oil and season evenly with the rub. Allow the steaks to stand at room temperature for 15 to 30 minutes before grilling.

More Americans are grilling yearround. (NAPSA)-When temperatures begin to dip, dedicated grillers don't shy away from grilling outdoors. According to the 23rd annual Weber GrillWatch Survey, 50 percent of American grill owners grill year-round-and 74 percent report using their outdoor grill at least once a week-an increase from 69 percent last year. "In colder weather, I recommend grilling foods that should be flipped once and don't require much attention, like steaks and burgers," says New York Times best-selling author Jamie Purviance, whose latest cookbook, "Weber's Time to Grill," features more than 200 recipes and plenty of advice and techniques to ensure a delicious meal every time you grill. Here's one of his comfort food favorites that infuses the great taste of grilled steak into his classic chili recipe.

3. Brush the cooking grates clean. Grill the steaks over direct medium heat, with the lid closed as much as possible, until cooked to medium-rare doneness, 4 to 6 minutes, turning once. Remove from the grill and let rest for 3 to 5 minutes. Cut the steaks into ?-inch pieces. 4. In a large saucepan over medium heat, heat 1 tablespoon oil. Add the onion and garlic and cook until the onion is tender, about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Stir in the chili powder and oregano and cook until fragrant, 1 to 2 minutes. Add the remaining chili ingredients and increase the heat to bring the chili to a boil. Reduce the heat to low, add the steak, cover, and simmer for 20 minutes. Uncover the pan and continue to simmer until the chili thickens to the consistency you like, 40 to 50 minutes, stirring to the bottom of the pan occasionally. Season with salt and pepper. Serve warm topped with grated cheese. For a copy of "Weber's Time to Grill," visit Key Tips For Cold-Weather Grilling: In below-freezing temperatures, plan on doubling the time it typically takes to preheat the grill in the summer. Keep the lid down as much as possible to avoid lowering the temperature inside the grill. Position gas grills so the wind is perpendicular to the gas flow and not blowing the flame down the burner tubes.

2934 ROUTE 16, OLEAN, NY 716-372-4208

The Irish water spaniel is sometimes called the clown of the


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DECEMBER 13, 2011

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80 South Main St., Wellsville, NY

DECEMBER 13, 2011



FOR RENT OR SALE ON LAND CONTRACT / Wellsville: Open 3 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath home. Large backyard for kids. New kitchen and covered front porch. $695/month. Call Cornerstone 607-936-1945. See our complete listings at c FOR RENT- Modern efficient 1 bedroom apartment, Village of Bolivar, off-street parking, washer/dryer hookup, appliances included. $445 includes water and sewer. No pets. Deposit and references required. Call Bob Ingalls, 585-928-2678. tfc ——————————————————————————————— LAFEVER & SONS Lauren’s getting older and all grown up. My name is Carley, now I ride in Dad’s truck. For your dirt needs - call my daddy please. 716-378-8859 or 716-378-6859. tfc ——————————————————————————————— ROCKY BOOTS - ALL PRICES REDUCED, huge clearance sale! No sales tax. Howard’s, Shinglehouse, PA 814-697-6241. 2/13c RENT LOWERED $100 / SCIO: Roomy 3 bedroom, 1 bath home right behind school. Large enclosed patio facing sports fields. Attached garage. $595/mo. Call Cornerstone 607-936-1945. See our complete listings at c 4-H PRODUCED IN NEW YORK! On November 19, 2011 local 4-Hers came to Belfast Central School to compete in the annual “Produced in New York” competition. The Dynamic Damsels 4-H Club hosted the event that fourteen local 4-Hers participated in. This is a silent demonstration where 4-Hers make a dish which they are judged on. They have a completed dish also that is judged after their demonstration. The 4-Her is to pick a recipe and use at least one cup of an item produced in New York State in it. Thus the name “Produced in New York”! Did you know that in the nation, New York ranks in the top five states for production of milk, sweet corn, apples and green beans? Agriculture and food production is the #1 industry in New York. Local 4-Hers from the Dynamic Damsels, 4Hers/4Life and individual 4-Hers from Alfred Station took some of these products and created some magnificent dishes. Food items were prepared by each of the 4-Hers ranging in age from 5 to 17 years old. Demonstration judges and tasting judges critiqued each young person. We would like to thank our judges Mr. Josh Hazelton, Mrs. Bonnie Barber, Mrs. Kathy Bogdan, Mrs. Patricia Mountain, Mrs. Ellen Wooley and helper Kathleen MacDonald. This Holiday season prepare dishes from products “Produced in New York”! f OSWAYO VALLEY MEMORIAL LIBRARY Hrs: Mon. 10-8pm; Wed. 9-6pm; Fri. 9-6pm tf

Low Overhead = LOW PRICES ! 24 Months 0% Financing
OSWAYO VALLEY SCHOOL DISTRICT MENU December 14, 2011 - December 20, 2011 Wed. Breakfast: Breakfast Pizza with Turkey Sausage. Lunch: Lasagna, Lettuce and Dressing, Garlic Bread, Pears. Thurs. Breakfast: Whole Grain Cinnamon Roll. Lunch: Turkey and Cheese Sub, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Perogies, Vegetable Sticks, Pineapple. Fri. Breakfast: Cook’s Choice. Lunch: Tomato Soup, Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Crackers, Vegetable Sticks, Fresh Fruit. Mon. Breakfast: Breakfast on a Stick. Lunch: Breakfast for Lunch. Scrambled Eggs, Meat and Cheese, Potato Triangle, Pancake or Toast, Fresh Fruit. Tues. Breakfast: Breakfast Wrap. Lunch: Chicken Patty on a Bun, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Peaches. Lunch Alternatives: Salad or Soup and Sandwich. Mon.- Peanut Butter & Jelly, Vegetable Soup; Tues.- Tuna, Tomato Soup; Wed.- Peanut Butter & Jelly, Chicken Noodle Soup; Thurs.- Cold Cuts, Vegetable Soup; Fri.Cook’s Choice, Tomato Soup. All Breakfasts and Lunches are served with choice of milk. Menu is subject to change. f

DESIRABLE RENTAL WITH DESIRABLE PAYMENT / Wellsville: Desirable three bedroom home with first floor bath and large yard for play. $595/month. Call Cornerstone 607-936-1945. See our complete listings at c FIREWOOD FOR SALE- We deliver. Heap approved. Cut and split. Call for pricing, 585-968-1526. 8/29p AMISH FURNACE- $300. E-mail 716-372-0914. 4/6p SENIOR TO SENIOR ADULT “INDOOR” female cat looking for companionship. Free to good home. 585-928-9710. 2/6p PRICE REDUCED TO SELL / LOG CABIN with land: This seasonal cabin/retreat sits nestled on 11+ acres with access to two ponds and 340 acres for hunting, fishing and recreational purposes. Located in Scio School District, 15 min. from Wellsville. The cabin comes fully furnished including appliances and too many extras to list. This is truly a fabulous buy for the outdoorsman and ready to be enjoyed today. This secluded cabin/ retreat is priced to sell at $59,000. Call 607-937-0678 for more details including financing options. c FOR SALE - WHIRLPOOL REFRIGERATOR, side-by-side, water in door, excellent condition, $250. Call 585-928-2790. 2/13p

DIABETICS: Educational & Testing Services Provided By The Wellsville Lions Club Diabetes Center at Jones Memorial Hospital WELLSVILLE – The Wellsville Lions Club Jones Memorial Hospital Diabetes Center at Jones Memorial Hospital sponsors a monthly series of classes designed to assist diabetics in managing their condition. The classes – which are titled “Diabetes Management”, “Diabetes Complications” and “Connecting Food to Blood Glucose Levels” – are held at Jones Memorial Hospital and include a private, one-on-one session with a Certified Diabetic Nurse Educator. Most insurances cover part - if not all - of the cost of diabetes education sessions. For specific information, contact your insurance provider. Certified by the American Diabetes Association, the Wellsville Lions Club Diabetes Center also offers on-site testing, such as A1C, lipids, urine micro albumin, and a retinal camera. For more information, contact your healthcare provider or call the Diabetes Center at 585-596-5035. THE BOLIVAR COMMUNITY FOOD PANTRY Located at the United Methodist Church, 80 Friendship St., is a volunteer ministry of the Bolivar churches. It seeks to provide emergency food assistance and support for families and individuals who demonstrate an immediate need. To receive assistance, please call Bud Merrell, 585-928-5108 or Connie Taylor, 585-928-2386. Call ahead for an appoint-ment. Pantry is open Mondays 10am-1pm; Thursdays 2pm-5pm; Fridays 12-3pm; other times by appointment. tf GOOD SHEPHERD (Anglican) 29 South Street, (corner of Stone) Cuba, NY 14727 The Rev. Dr. Kenneth W. Gunn-Walberg Sundays........................3:30pm Evening Prayer and Holy Communion using the 1928 Book of Common Prayer. Followed by coffee hour. For info., call 716-968-2393. Visitors most welcome. SHINGLEHOUSE CHRISTIAN & MISSIONARY ALLIANCE CHURCH Pastor James Haddon Sunday School..............9:45am Morning Worship. . . . . . .11:00am Tues. Alliance Youth . . .7:00pm Wed. Prayer Meeting.. .7:00pm FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 19 N. Main St., Portville, NY Rev. Marilyn Hale Sunday School............10:00am Morning Worship. . . . . . .11:00am HOUSE OF PRAYER South Bolivar Road Pastor: Roy Elliot Sunday Service............1:30pm Prayer Meeting Wed.........7pm Everyone Welcome

PORTVILLE FREE LIBRARY HOURS: Hrs.: Mon., & Thurs. 1-8pm; Tues. 10am-5pm; Frid. 9am-5 pm; Sat. 10am-1pm. tf RICHBURG COLONIAL LIBRARY HOURS Mon. 9am-5pm; Tues. Eve. 3-7pm; Thurs. 9am-5pm. tf

TO ALL OUR FRIENDS in Bolivar, Richburg, West Clarksville, Little Genesee and Allentown: It’s time for our Annual Charity Drive Appeal to Kenyon Andrus Post #772, American Legion, Bolivar. For 59 years we have given assistance to the needy in the area. We would like to remind you that charity begins at home and ask you to contribute knowing that your friends and neighbors in the area will benefit from your thoughtfulness. We give you every assurance that all funds received will be honestly and carefully handled for charitable purposes after consultation by our Legion Committee together with our school nurses and other interested persons. Please help us to help someone else who needs both our help. No amount is too small. It all helps do the job. Because of inflated prices for food again this year, we hope you can give a little more than last year. Checks may be made out to Kenyon Andrus Post Charity Fund and mailed or given to Legion Commander, Gerald Bonney, c/o Bolivar American Legion, 387 Main St., Bolivar, NY 14715. Please try to have your items to us by December 18th. If you need items picked up, would like to add someone to the list, or for more information, please call Linda at 585-928-2124 or the Legion at 585-928-2427. 4/22f
At Ceres, NY • 585-933-7500


Milwaukees Best
30 pk. Prices in effect now thru December 31st



Famous Fish Fry Fridays! 585-933-7500 Ceres, NY location only!

Keystone 18 pk.



Rolling Rock


17.99 19.99 19.99 14.99



Miller High Life $


In place of our normal Christmas Eve Service, we will be experiencing Christmas as it happened 2000 years ago. Come out to the Hoffman Farm just off Route 44, on Route 244 in Coneville, PA to get a picture of the humble sacrifice that Jesus made when He came to earth to dwell with man. The way you think about Christmas should be wonderfully challenged and changed.

~Miller Lite ~Bud /Bud Light ~Miller Genuine Draft $ ~MG 64 ~Michelob 30’s

Keystone $


Bud/Bud Light $
12 Pack
~Coors Light ~ Miller ~ Yuengling ~Miller Genuine Draft ~ Labatt ~ Molson ~ MG 64 ~ Miller Lite


~Coors ~Labatt



12 Packs

Natural $

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SEVENTH DAY BAPTIST CHURCH Alfred Station, NY “A Baptist Church with a Difference” Pastor: Kenneth Chroniger 607-587-9176 Sabbath (Friday) Season of Prayer.......7:00pm Saturday: Chime Choir..............9:00am Fellowship Time........9:30am Sabbath School. . . . . . . . .9:45am (Class for all ages) (Helping Hand Bible Study Guide avail.) Sabbath Worship........11:00am (Nursery for Preschool; Learner’s Worship for ages 5-12 available) Sanctuary Choir 2nd Sabbath............12:20pm Dish to Pass Fellowship Meal......12:30pm Youth Fellowship 1st & 3rd Saturdays. 7:00pm Junior Youth Fellowship 2nd Saturday............3:00pm Tuesday Bible Study Fellowship...............10:00am


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Carhartt Christmas

DECEMBER 13, 2011

15% OFF
All Carhartt Clothing!

Specify Paper

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STAMP / POSTCARD APPRAISALS, also buying and selling. Phone R. J. A ssociates for appointment, 814-362-4471 or write PO Box 774, Bradford, PA 16701-0774. APS Certified. 4/29pb EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE AND CONVENIENCE- 97% efficient. EPA qualified. Central Boiler E-Classic Outdoor Wood Furnace. Call today. D & R Stoves Sales, 340 Main Street, Genesee, Pa. 16923. 814-228-3811. eowcb DALE’S BARBER-STYLING SHOP: 157 Main Street, Eldred, PA, 814-225-3436. Walk-ins daily. Closed Wednesday and Sunday. e.o.w.tfcb FOR AMERICAN CHILDREN, HANUKKAH HAS BECOME A FESTIVAL OF FUN Hanukkah isn’t a hugely important holiday on the Jewish calendar, but modern-day celebrations of the Festival of Lights do work to get today’s children -- and adults -- excited about Judaism, according to Professor Dianne Ashton of Rowan University. How did a minor festival considered to be fairly insignificant become so prominent in America? Ashton says that after the Civil War, two Cincinnati rabbis, both leaders of influential national Jewish newspapers, led a movement to Americanize Judaism. The movement coincided with the growth and popularity of home-based Christmas customs among German Christian immigrants in the U.S. Interest grew when one of the rabbis began writing serialized accounts of the Maccabean War, romanticized, cliff-hanging accounts of heroism and bravery -- two qualities that were extremely important to Jewish immigrants, says Ashton. Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights, is an eight-day commemoration of the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem after the successful Maccabean Revolt. The other rabbi sought to promote the idea of a fun holiday festival for Jewish children, according to Ashton, author of “The American Hanukkah” (New York University Press), which examines Hanukkah from 1860-2000. “The rabbi said Jewish children shall have a grand and glorious Hanukkah, a festival as nice any Christmas, with songs, dramatics, candle lighting, ice cream and candy,” Ashton says. “This really shifted Hanukkah from primarily an observance of Jewish adults to a festival seen as particularly important for Jewish children, a way to keep them interested in Judaism,” says Ashton. (c) 2011 King Features Synd., Inc. LEFTOVER VEGGIES? I reuse all my leftover vegetables and side dishes to make patties for veggie burgers. I mash up the leftovers, add bread crumbs, shape the patties, and shallow fry them. I freeze extras for my kids’ school lunches. -V.

December 16th through December 24th. At locations in Olean (West State St.), Salamanca & Bradford
OBI COMMUNITY CHURCH Pastor: David Cook 585-933-7205 Sunday Services: Sunday School...........9:00am Morning Worship . . .10:30am Evening Service.............6pm Wed. Eve.: Adult Prayer and Bible Study.....................7pm Jr. & Sr. High Youth. . .6-8pm SHINGLEHOUSE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Lincoln & Church Sts. Pastor: Rebecca Edwards Sunday School..............9:30am Morning Worship. . . . . . .11:00am Thurs. Choir Practice. .7:00pm An Access ramp and nursery care provided. MOMENTS IN TIME The History Channel On Dec. 28, 1895, the world’s first commercial movie screening takes place at the Grand Cafe in Paris. The film was a series of short scenes from everyday French life. Admission was charged for the first time. (c) 2011 King Features Synd., Inc.

Christmas Greeting Ads
will be published in our Dec. 20th Issue.
These ads will be placed on all color pages and surrounded by “Letters to Santa” and assorted Christmas filler. This is a great opportunity to greet your customers and thank them for their patronage throughout the year. Please contact your sales representative or call the Moneysaver at 585-928-2470.

Visit Our Web Site At WWW.MONEYSAVERADVERTISING.COM For Complete Obituaries.
PORT ALLEGANY, PA - Marilyn J. Slaugenhaupt, 63, of Route 155, passed away Friday (Dec. 2, 2011) in UPMC Hamot, Erie, PA. ROULETTE, PA - Irva M. Blauvelt, 82, of Fishing Creek Rd., passed away Sunday (Dec. 4, 2011) in Charles Cole Mem. Hosptial, Coudersport. OLEAN, NY - Marilyn R. Leichtweis, formerly of 205 S. Eighth St., and Eden Heights, passed away Thursday (Dec. 1, 2011) at Olean General Hospital after a long illness. OLEAN, NY - Sylvia J. "Beanie" Ayers of 430 Third Ave. passed away Sunday (Dec. 4, 2011) at home, surrounded by her loved ones, following a long illness. CUBA, NY - Dorothy C. Neilson, 81, of 5955 Ingalls Road passed away Friday (Dec. 2, 2011) at home after a brief battle with cancer. MILTON, WI - Gail M. Ritsema, 74, of Milton, passed away (Nov. 14, 2011) at home. FRIENDSHIP, NY - Howard L. Dieter, 87, of 4460 Route 275, Lot 2, passed away Thursday (Dec. 1, 2011) at his home following a brief illness. CUBA, NY - Carlisle S. Rix Jr., 68, of 4277 Town Line Road passed away Friday (Dec. 2, 2011) at Olean General Hospital after a lengthy illness. WELLSVILLE, NY - Frederick C. "Freddy" Bell of 2899 Field St. passed away Friday (Dec. 2, 2011) shortly after arrival at Jones Memorial Hospital, following a short illness. PORT ALLEGANY, PA- Scott E. Smith, 45, of Pine St., passed away Thursday (Dec. 8. 2011) in his home, with his family by his side.

In The Spirit Of The Season...
Dreams can come true. Hope yours do at this special time of year.

We’re se n greetings ding you to brighte your holi n day and Happy H the new year. olidays fr om family to our yours!

Merry Christmas from all of us.

Deadline Thursday, December 15th

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Saturday, December 17
12 noon to 3 p.m.
•FREE Face Painting •Refreshments •Candy •Sign Up & Win Prizes!

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Buying Used Guns & Military Items.
Over 6,000 sq. ft. packed full of items....... Come in, browse!
$$$$$$ NEED CASH FOR CHRISTMAS $$$$$$ (Please Read Entire Ad) “MOST” advertised prices are specifically vague! NOT in SMETHPORT... WE ARE paying more than any other buyer, depending on qty. and spot price. Please check spot price, for every dollar you have of coins dated 1964 & before, 10 dimes or 4 quarters or 2 half dollars, it does not matter... and... We will sort each and every coin “and” pay top dollar for all key dated coins from the assortment! GOLD & SILVER ARE AT RECORD PRICES!, some buyers pay less, some “SAY” they pay more * * * * CAUTION* * * * PLEASE remember whether you are receiving an offer of $5 for 1 Half Dollar or $25 for 1 Half Dollar, there are many Half Dollars worth $1000 or more, Silver Dollars $26 Min. for junk ones $1000s for Key Dates!! SEPT. 2011 WE PAID $1,000.00 for 2008 AMERICAN SILVER EAGLE. Many coins you may have may have a far greater value than just the silver content. BE CAUTIOUS OF OUT OF AREA BUYERS who rent a local hotel room OR other buildings and set up to buy, “claiming” to pay top dollar. CALL: 814-887-4160
HAINES TRUCK CAPS: Fiberglass & aluminum. Tonneau covers & bedliners. Route 417 and 219, Kill Buck, NY, 716-945-5359. Monday-Friday 9-5, Saturday 9-1 or by appointment. tfcb ——————————————————————————————— FRIENDLY CORE CO. Recycling automotive catalytic converters and non-ferrous metals. M-F 8:00-5:00 or by appointment or we’ll pick up your material. We pay cash or check! 814-697-6839. 1/2 mile past Dollar Store, on Rte. 44S, Shinglehouse, Pa. tfcb ——————————————————————————————— FOR SALE- Seasoned firewood. A lso, buying deer hides. 814225-3148. tfcb YOUR MONEYSAVER, YOUR COMMUNITY CONNECTION online! 4/6fb FOR SALE- $150. Toshiba combination color 40” television and video cassette recorder / DVD player and remote. Original price$900. Call 814-642-2681. fb FOR SALE- 2000 Chevy Astro van, $3,000. 1997 Jeep Cherokee, $1,000. 1990 Coachman Class A motorhome, 30’, $15,000. Call 814-642-9457, anytime. pb FIND GREAT BUYS on a wide variety of used cars and trucks by looking through the pages of the Moneysaver Shopping Guide and Moneysaver Shopping News!

APARTMENTS FOR RENT SECTION **FREE FORECLOSURE LISTINGS** Over 400,000 properties nationwide. Low down payment. Call now, 1-800-749-3041. AUTO DONATIONS SECTION DONATE A CAR - Save a child’s life! Timothy Hill Children’s Ranch: Helping abused and neglected children in NY for over 30 years. Please call 1-800-936-4326. DONATE YOUR VEHICLE United Breast Cancer Foundation. Free mammogram. Receive $1000 grocery coupon. 1-888-4685964. AUTO WANTED SECTION DONATE YOUR CAR. Free towing “Cars for Kids.” Any condition. Tax deductible. Outreach Center, 1-800-521-7566. CASH FOR CARS AND TRUCKS: Get a top dollar instant offer! Running or not! 1-888-416-2208. AUTOMOTIVE SECTION BLOWN HEAD GASKET? Any vehicle repair yourself. State of the art 2component chemical process. Specializing in Cadillac Northstar Overheating. 100% guaranteed.1-866-780-9041. BUSINESS SERVICES SECTION REACH AS MANY AS 5 MILLION potential buyers in central and western New York with your classified ad for just $350 for a 15-word ad. Call 585928-2470 for details or visit EMPLOYMENT SECTION DO YOU HAVE EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES to promote? Reach as many as 5 million potential candidates in central and western New York with a 15-word classified ad for just $350! Place your ad online at or call 585-928-2470. ROBERTS WESLEYAN COLLEGE - Nurses degree makes a difference - 15 months, 1 night/wk or online. No tests or clinical. FINANCIAL SECTION REVERSE MORTGAGES - Draw all eligible cash out of your home & eliminate mortgage payments forever! For seniors 62 and older! Government insured. No credit/income requirements. Free catalog. 1-888660-3033. All Island Mortgage, $$$ ACCESS LAWSUIT CASH NOW!!! Injury lawsuit dragging? $500$500,000++ within 48/hrs? 1-800-568-8321. LAWSUIT CASH Auto accident? Worker compensation? Get cash before case settles! Fast approval. 1-866-709-1100. GENERAL SECTION DO YOU HAVE products or services to promote? Reach as many as 4.9 million households and 12 million potential buyers quickly and inexpensively! Only $490 for a 15-word ad. Place your ad online at or call 585-928-2470.


Remember to shop our Bargain Balcony!

The Avenger 95 XL $89.

Publish Your Child’s

Your Local Headquarters For Everything Outdoors & MORE!

“Letters to Santa”
Each child will have a chance to win one of these 2 prizes....

•$50 Costa’s ACE Hardware Gift Certificate
Or A

500 Chestnut St., Bradford, PA • 814-362-7700 Holiday Hours: Mon.-Sat. 9am-7pm; Sun. 11am-4pm
HEALTH SECTION IF YOU USED THE ANTIBIOTIC DRUG Levaquin and suffered a tendon rupture, you may be entitled to compensation. Call Attorney Charles Johnson, 1-800-535-5727. ATTENTION DIABETICS with Medicare. Get a free talking meter and diabetic testing supplies at no cost, plus free home delivery! Best of all, this meter eliminates painful finger pricking! Call 1-888-314-9244. HEALTH SECTION WEIGHTLOSS MEDICATIONS Phentermine, Phendimetrazine, etc. Office visit, one-month supply for $80! 1-631-462-6161; 1-516-754-6001; IF YOU HAD HIP OR KNEE REPLACEMENT SURGERY between 2005 and present and suffered problems, you may be entitled to compensation. Attorney Charles Johnson, 1-800-535-5727. PELVIC/TRANSVAGINAL MESH? Did you undergo transvaginal placement of mesh for pelvic organ prolapse or stress urinary incontinence between 2005 and present time? If the patch required removal due to complications, you may be entitled to compensation. Call Johnson Law and speak with female staff members, 1-800-535-5727. DID YOU USE the osteoporosis drug Fosamax (Alendronate)? If you experienced a femur fracture (upper leg), you may be entitled to compensation. Contact Attorney Charles Johnson, 1-800-535-5727. HELP WANTED SECTION HELP WANTED! Make $1000 weekly mailing brochures from home! Guaranteed income! No experience required. Start immediately!

•Fluffy Bear
(Both prizes donated by Moneysaver Advertising)

It’s Easy to Enter!
Just bring your child’s (10 years old or younger, from the Moneysaver circulation area) “Letter to Santa” All lette into one of our reader ad pick-up points (see rs must schedule by reader ad form in this Moneysaver), reach the Mon or mail them to: eysav

ecembe We will p r 15th. c/o Moneysaver Advertising ublish as possible many let in the D P.O. Box I, 218 N. Main St. ters as ecember the Mon 20th issu eysaver, Bolivar, New York 14715-0009 e of an to the N orth Pole d then forward t Please include child’s Name, Address, Age, hem in time fo r Christm and Phone Number with each letter. Parents or as! grandparents may write letters for those too young to write.

“Letters to Santa”



er by

MYRTLE GOSPEL TABERNACLE 1127 Route 44 Shinglehouse, PA 814-697-7101 Pastor: Bob Hubbard Sunday School............10:00am Morning Worship. . . . . . .11:00am Sun. Eve. Service.........6:30pm Wed. Eve. Service. . . . . . . .6:30pm BELL RUN UNION CHURCH 904 Taylor Brook Road Pastor Chad Shaffer Shinglehouse•814-697-6972 Sunday School..............9:30am Morning Worship.......10:30am Sun. Eve. Service.........7:00pm Wednesday Bible Study & Prayer Meeting........7:00pm ALMA UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Pastor: Geraldine Rapino Sun. Morn. Worship .........9am FIRST SEVENTH DAY BAPTIST CHURCH OF GENESEE 8265 Main Street Little Genesee 14754 Church: 585-928-1857 Office: 607-587-8436 Pastor: Kevin Palmiter Sabbath (Saturday) Fellowship.................9:30am Sabbath School. . . . . . . . .9:45am Morning Praise & Worship. . ....................................10:45am Bible Study (Tuesday). . .7pm First Sabbath of each month: Fellowship meal after Worship. CERES UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Pastor: Rebecca Edwards Worship Service...........9:30am Sunday School............11:00am Choir, Wednesday........6:00pm Youth, Sunday..............6:00pm KAHAL ELOHIM YISRAEL 76 S. Main St., Wellsville (congregation of the God of Israel) Wednesdays: Midrash (study). . . . . . . .7:00pm Saturdays: Sabbath Meeting.....10:30am Food Pantry...................5-7pm
Donations of cash or food accepted.


Quite simply, warehouse pricing saves you time and money. Today many dealers are in the habit of cleaning up vehicles for their used car lots and simply marking them up 4 to 5 thousand dollars and hoping an uninformed customer walks in and takes the bait. Not at Paul Browns! With the power of the internet, today’s car shoppers are smarter than ever. With a few clicks, buyers can find plenty of vehicles to choose from and quickly realize what’s a good deal and what’s not. We save you the time. Before a vehicle hits our lot, we scan the market within a 300 mile radius to survey how each dealer has priced similar vehicles. Over 25,000 websites are surveyed as well as local newspapers and classifieds. With that information in hand we carefully price our vehicle to be within the top ten percent of the market for similar vehicles. Regardless of profit or loss, that’s where they are priced. Why? To save you time, and help us be assured that we are providing a good car at a good value. We are not guessing at it like other dealers, we can show you what a great deal you are getting. On every vehicle on our lot you will find a copy of the nationally recognized Kelly Blue Book retail value. Below that you will find our Paul Brown Warehouse Price (usually thousands under Kelly Blue Book). Our vehicles are re-priced weekly so keep checking back with us, sometimes the deals get even sweeter. Don’t wait long though, with warehouse pricing, over 90 percent of our inventory is sold within 30 days.


BOLIVAR UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 80 Friendship St., Bolivar 585-928-2224 Pastor: Geri Rapino 585-208-8484 Sun. School (adult). 9:30-11am Sunday Worship.........11:05am Contemporary Service 2nd & 4th Sundays.................6:00pm COME, SHARE, REJOICE! Celebrate God’s Grace, Witness For Jesus Christ.
APARTMENT FOR RENT IN ELDRED, PA- Nice, clean, 2nd floor. No pets. Security required. $350/mo. 814-225-4515. 2/15pb BILL’S CABIN TRAPPING SUPPLIES- Buying raw furs and deer hides. Deer skin gloves and mittens, $15/pair. Smethport, Pa. 814-887-2676; cell 814-558-3195. 2/6cb 2005 TRAILBLAZER EXTENDED LS- 96,000 miles, 4x4, excellent shape, well maintained, 18-21 mpg, flawless drive train. Must see. $9,950. 814-642-2250. 3/13pb FOR RENT OR SALE ON LAND CONTRACT / BOLIVAR: Nice three bedroom, one bath home on over two acres of land right across from the school. Large front porch. Spacious floor plan. $695/month. Call Cornerstone 607-936-1945. See our complete listings at c

Donny & Staff will assist you in your Christmas buying decisions!
Lots of ideas are in our sleigh!
Snow Plows & Winches Available. Large selection of:

• Jackets • Helmets & Bibs • Outerwear, Snowpants, Gloves & Hats • Choko Clothing • Gift Certificates • Layaway • 716-372-7797
Parts • Sales • Service 1469 Olean-Portville Road, Olean, NY 14760
Hrs: Mon., Wed., Fri. 9-5:30, Tues. & Thurs. 9-7; Sat. 9-2 • We accept most major credit cards.

Southern Tier Polaris

THE KITCHEN DIVA Check Holiday Lists Twice! As the holiday season approaches, many of us have holiday parties and gatherings to plan. In these tough economic times, we face the daunting task of keeping alive our family traditions without breaking our budget. The good news is that by being creative and planning carefully, and making lists, you still can make this season fun and memorable. Most of your budget may be spent on purchasing food for the holidays. The following budget-friendly tips and my easy, meatless recipe can help you save money and have fun at the same time. 1. Establish your budget and how much you can afford to spend. Design a menu around your budget and what is seasonal or on sale at the grocery store. Next, write a list of who will be invited. Your budget will guide you on the number of guests you can comfortably invite. 2. Keep a grocery list so you're less likely to make an impulse purchase. A list also should prevent you from making extra trips to the store. Stick to your list for added savings, but stay flexible if you come across a sale. 3. Use coupons! In most cases, grocery stores have great sales on holiday staples like turkeys and hams. Their goal is to get you into the store with the hope that you'll buy lots of other products that are not on sale. Use this to your advantage, but only buy items you need. Check for online coupons as well. Start with the website of the store where you shop or of products you use. Shopping on double or triple coupon days can save you a lot of money. 4. Buy in bulk. If the price is right and the larger size fits your criteria, go for it! Prices can be deceiving, so pay attention to unit prices to ensure you are getting the best deal. Bigger is not always cheaper. Make sure you will use the food before it spoils. 5. Save on store brands. Buy generic and you could save up to 40 percent a year on your grocery bill. In taste tests, most consumers cannot identify the difference between generic and store brands. 6. Shop high and low. Bargains are usually on the top or bottom shelves. The worst deals are at eye level. 7. Pay attention at the checkout. Don't lose out on a great deal because an item scans incorrectly. 8. If you're hosting a holiday gathering, ask for help with meal preparation. This will help relieve some of the financial burden. Contact everyone on your holiday guest list and see who can bring a dish to share. Guests traveling from out of town may not be able to bring perishable items, but they can grab some nonperishables on their way in. Make sure you coordinate who's bringing what to avoid overlap. 9. Include a variety of meatless dishes, like my recipe for Penne Pasta With Pumpkin Sauce. You may have some of the ingredients on hand from Thanksgiving, or they may be on sale. Meatless meals are often cheaper

and, as a bonus, generally healthier, too. 10. Help others. How about serving some homemade food or giving a grocery-store gift certificate to a family in need? This is the greatest investment you can make for your money during the holiday season. Happy holidays! (Additional info provided by Damaris Karanja, MA, nutrition and health education specialist, St. Louis County, University of Missouri Extension.) PENNE PASTA WITH PUMPKIN SAUCE If you don't have poultry seasoning on hand, you can add in a tablespoon of Italian seasoning and 1/4 teaspoon each of nutmeg and cinnamon. Salt 1 pound whole-wheat penne pasta 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil 1 small onion, finely chopped 3 to 4 cloves garlic, minced 2 cups chicken stock 1 (15-ounce) can pumpkin puree 1/2 cup cream or evaporated milk 1 tablespoon poultry seasoning 1 teaspoon hot sauce or 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 1/2 cup grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese 1. Heat water for pasta, salt it and bring to a rolling boil. Cook penne until it's tender but still firm, about 8 to 10 minutes. 2. Heat olive oil in a large saucepan over medium heat. Add onion and garlic to the pan, saute 3 minutes. Stir in chicken stock and combine with pumpkin, stir in cream or evaporated milk. Season sauce with poultry seasoning, hot sauce or cayenne pepper, and salt and pepper, stirring well. 3. Reduce heat to medium-low and simmer 5 to 6 minutes more to thicken. Drain pasta and combine with sauce. Sprinkle pasta with grated cheese. Serves 4 to 6. Angela Shelf Medearis is an award-winning children's author, culinary historian and author of seven cookbooks, including "The New AfricanAmerican Kitchen" and her new cookbook, "The Kitchen Diva Cooks!" She's the executive producer and host of "The Kitchen Diva!" cooking show on Visit her website at (c) 2011 King Features Synd., Inc.


BOLIVAR-RICHBURG CENTRAL SCHOOL LUNCH MENU December 14, 2011 - December 20, 2011 Wed. Nachos with Meat, Tossed Salad, Fruit. Thurs. Chicken Nuggets, Dipping Sauce, Dinner Roll, Mixed Vegetables, Fruit. Fri. Pizza Logs, Dipping Sauce, Vegetable Sticks, Fruit. Mon. Tacos with Meat, Lettuce and Tomato, Fruit. Tues. Chicken Patty on Bun, Corn, Fruit. Breakfast Prices: Full- $1.25. Reduced- 25¢. Lunch Prices: Full- $1.60. Reduced- 25¢. Please have your card with you and use your ID number at all times when purchasing food in the cafeteria. If you have an allergy to any food items please contact the cafeteria manager for an alternate. You must have a doctor’s excuse for these changes. Served Daily Assorted 8 oz. Milk, Assorted Fruits. Also available daily for breakfast: Cereal and Toast, Assorted Juice, Fruit, Assorted Milk. Elementary Students Pre-Order sandwich. Tossed salad will be available everyday with your meal. Served on Grab and Go Line- Salads, Subs, Fruit, Juice and Milk. Menu subject to change without notice. Breakfast available at the High School - Assorted Entrees offered daily may include: Bagel with Cream Cheese, Toast and Cereal, Breakfast Sandwiches, Breakfast Bars, Yogurt, Tastries, Cinni Minnis, Breakfast Pizza, Cinnamon Rolls (Thursdays only). Side Dishes: Fresh Fruit, Fruit Cup, Assorted Juices, Assorted Milk. *Menu subject to change due to food availability. f

Winter Tires Available
Don’t Let This Happen To you!

DECEMBER 13, 2011


All season and snow tires
Mounting and balancing included with purchase of tires. CALL US! (585) 593-4130 or (585) 593-1647

SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST 419 Trapping Brook Road Wellsville, NY 14895 585-593-1637 620 West Sullivan Street Olean, NY 14760 716-372-0693 101 Front Ave. Salamanca, NY 14779 716-945-2421 Pastor: Bill McNeil Randolph Church Washington St., 14772 Phone 716-358-3681 Pastor: Bill McNeil Saturday Morning Worship & Sabbath School Call: Pastor Bill McNeil for times.............716-372-8133

BETHEL LUTHERAN CHURCH (LCA) 79 Brooklyn St., Portville, NY Rev. Paula Roulette Sunday Worship...........9:00am Sunday School............10:30am ALLENTOWN UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Pastor Vickie Hedlund Route 417 Sunday Morn. Worship...10am Sunday School Classes, for all school-age children. . . .10:00am Nursery care avail. infants-3 During church services...10am A warm welcome is extended to all to come and worship our Risen Lord with us!

Cook’s Tire and Automotive Center
s r

3522 Andover Rd., Wellsville, NY 14895 (585) 593-4130 or 1647

Hrs: Mon.-Fri. 8am-5pm; Sat. 8am-4pm We accept most major credit cards.
HOUSE FOR SALE- Small house for sale at 119 Olean St., Bolivar. New siding, roof, heat. Ideal for single person. Serious calls only. 716-373-2352. 4/13p 2 BEDROOM MOBILE HOME FOR RENT- Private country setting, finished enclosed porch, includes garage and all utilities. Comes completely furnished or unfurnished. Very cheap living and a great place! $550 plus security. Available January 1st. 3 miles from Bolivar. 716-870-3375. 2/13p HAPPY 85TH BIRTHDAY TO CLEO BRUNDAGE! Card Shower, Box 4052, Times Square, Friendship, NY 14739. c I OWN PROPERTY IN KOSSUTH and someone decided in the last few days that it would be fun to trash everything...hope your place isn’t next. p FOR RENT- One bedroom log home, furnished, Bolivar area. Adults. References. $450 per month plus utilities, security deposit. 585-928-1040. tfc HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE - Recliners- $279. Roll top desk- $389. Queen pillow top mattress set- $388. Register to win Thomas Kincaid framed print and $100 gift certificate. No purchase necessary. Howard’s, Shinglehouse, Pa. 814-697-6241. 2/13c 24-HOUR CRISIS HOTLINE: 585-593-5706 Offers help for those having a hard time coping! Confidential telephone counseling and a resource referral information agent for mental health situations. We are here to help with suicide prevention! Call us! We care! tf ANGLICAN CATHOLIC CHURCH OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD 29 South St. at Stone St., Cuba, NY Services as announced. BELIEVERS CHAPEL 2522 West Five Mile Rd., Allegany, NY•716-397-8016 Sunday Worship ...................9:00am & 11:00am RICHBURG FIRST DAY BAPTIST CHURCH 128 Main St., Box 242 Pastor: Larry J. Allen Early Worship..............9:00am Sunday School............10:00am Morning Worship. . . . . . .11:00am Wednesday Prayer Mtg. . . .7pm Thursday LIFE Adventure Club for boys & girls in 1-6 grades. For more info. and spiritual counsel, phone 585928-2400.

FOR RENT OR SALE ON LAND CONTRACT / Friendship: Well kept three bedroom, two bath double wide in nice neighborhood. Open living and dining rooms. $675/month. Call Cornerstone 607936-1945. See our complete listings at c ——————————————————————————————— PINE GROVE COLLISION • 585-928-1308 Free estimates. Pick up and delivery. Complete paint jobs. Stateof-the-Art equipment. Quality collision repairs. tfc ——————————————————————————————— HAVE ANY OLD LAPTOPS that you’d like to get rid of? I will accept 2002 models and up. Data erasing on pickup via Magnetic Erasing. Call 585-610-2887 for info or pick up. tf FOR RENT OR SALE ON LAND CONTRACT / Friendship: Remodeled 2 bedroom, 1 bath mobile home on its own 1.4 acres of land with two-car garage. Great home for smaller families. Pets allowed. $595/month. Call Cornerstone 607-936-1945. See our complete listings at c SNOWPLOWING: Bolivar, Richburg, West Clarksville and surrounding areas. Reasonable rates. Call 716-870-3375, anytime. 4/13p FRANKLINVILLE, NY / LARGE 2 BEDROOM Apartment- Yard, drive, appliances. $450/month plus security. 716-676-3965. p

Army Warrant Officer 1 CHRISTOPHER M. RANDOLPH has graduated from the Warrant Officer Candidate School at Fort Rucker, Ala. The course is designed to certify warrant officers as technically and tactically competent to serve as warrant officers in designated career specialties. The officer must successfully complete the course prior to being appointed to the rank of warrant officer one. The primary focus of the school is military occupational specialty specific, augmented with common-core subjects as designated by a Task Site Selection Board and monitored by the Warrant Officer Career Center. The course also prepares newly appointed officers for their first duty assignments and all subsequent assignments as warrant officers and chief warrant officers in the active Army, National Guard or Reserve. Randolph is the son of James E. Randolph of Oregon Avenue, Richmond, Va., and Kimberly J. Babola of West Greene Street, Olean, N.Y. His wife, Stephanie, is the daughter of Mike and Lydia Milligan of Martin Lane, Bohannon, Va. He is a 2001 graduate of Portville Central School, N.Y. He earned a bachelor’s degree in 2009 from Alfred State College, N.Y. f

• Starting with Free Installation of Propane Tank. (Up to 30 ft. of gas line*) • We will test supply lines and appliances. • Provide 24 hour, 365 days a year Emergency Service.

We Want To Be YOUR

Fassett Lane Has Everything On Your Christmas List For The Homeowner/ Do-It-Yourselfer.
TOOLS: •Delta Planer •Drill Press •Compressor •Dremel Tool Set •Shop Vac •Nail Guns With Brand Names Like: •DeWalt •Makita •Paslode •Skil •Bostitch •Delta •Black & Decker •& More! Appliances •Programmable Crock Pot •Food Processor •Deep Fryer •Waffle Maker •CoffeeMaker •Bundt Pan Building Supplies •Windows •Kitchen Cabinetry •Mouldings •Hardware •Water Heaters •Utility Poles •Culvert Pipe •Lumber •Exterior & Interior Doors •Bath Products •Electrical •Plumbing •Heating •Cement Products •GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE•

Bolivar Free Library
This year The Holiday Tree in the lobby of the Bolivar Library is dedicated as a Memorial Tree. We ask that you bring in an ornament in memory of a loved one and we will “tag” your ornament and display it for others to “remember” your loved one too. Come in anytime during Library hours and help fill our tree with love.

Please call our local office in Wellsville, New York at: (585) 593-1280 or (800) 243-1280
*Some restrictions may apply; offer may change without notice. Call for details.

“Santa will be at the Bolivar Library on Thursday, December 15 from 6:00-7:45pm Come tell him your Christmas Wishes”

Fassett Lane
2351 Stannards Road, Wellsville, New York 14895

Building & Home Center 4295 Bolivar Rd., Wellsville, N.Y. Quality Building (585) 593-2596 • Supplies For Less Boom Truck Delivery Available.

Hrs.: Mon.-Fri. 7:30am-6pm; Sat. 8am-5pm; Sun. 9am-3pm


Bolivar Storage
Liberty St. Extension, Bolivar, NY Call Bob Ingalls: 585-928-2678

100 N. Main St. Wellsville, NY (585) 593-1877 Mon.-Thurs. 10am-7pm; Fri. & Sat. 10am-5pm Open Sundays till Christmas


Electric Guitar Packages

Hart’s Jewelry is your local buyer of • Scrap Gold & Silver • Antique Jewelry • Gold & Silver Coins • Diamonds 1/5 Carat & Up

We Sell Boxes • Variety of Sizes Available

Starting at with Guitar, Amp and Case Stocking Stuffers And So Much More!
•Guitar Strings •Drum Sticks •Guitar Picks •Effects Pedals •Harmonicas


Units Starting at


35 per mo.

Bass Guitar Packages
Starting at with Guitar, Amp and Case


DECEMBER 13, 2011

Best Prices Paid!

The PORTVILLE COMMUNITY FOOD PANTRY, located at the First Presbyterian Church, 19 N. Main St., Portville, is a volunteer organization of the Portville Community. It is a supplemental and emergency food pantry seeking to serve the residents of the Portville School district. Anyone who receives assistance (food stamps, welfare, Social Security, etc.) and resides in the Portville School District is eligible to receive food from the Portville Community Food Pantry. The food pantry is open the fourth Wednesday of each month from 10 a.m. to noon and again from 5 to 6:30 p.m. tf RICHBURG-WIRT HISTORICAL SOCIETY MUSEUM 243 Main Street, Route 275, Richburg, NY. Open by appointment November through February. Meetings are held the first Monday of every month, 7pm at the Museum March through November. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call the museum at 585-928-WIRT (9478) or Melanie at 585-928-1249. E-mail: tfc

Acoustic Guitar Packages
Starting at with Guitar, Case and Tuner


1000’s of Vinyl Records in stock!

Downtown Wellsville


FOR RENT OR SALE ON LAND CONTRACT / BOLIVAR: Nice three bedroom, one bath home on over two acres of land right across from the school. Large front porch. Spacious floor plan. $695/month. Call Cornerstone 607-936-1945. See our complete listings at c FOR SALE- 3 gas heating stoves, 75,000 BTU with blower, 45,000 BTU with blower, 30,000 BTU ventless. Also, one kerosene heater with blower, 20,000 BTU. 814-698-2192. c ——————————————————————————————— SPROUT’S DRUG STORE Christmas shopping? Gift certificates, tart burners, fragrance tarts and other primitive gift items. Plus, new primitive snowmen and handmade string scarves for Christmas gifts. 122 E. Academy Street, Shinglehouse, PA 16748. 814-697-6331. c ——————————————————————————————— GREAT FAMILY HOME FOR RENT OR SALE / BOLIVAR: Open three bedroom, one bath home right outside of Bolivar. Attached garage with spare room for tools or storage. Enclosed backyard and back deck. $695/month. Call Cornerstone 607-936-1945. See our complete listings at c FOR RENT / BOLIVAR, 181 WELLSVILLE ST.- 2 bedroom, 1 bath, 2nd floor. Heat, water and sewer included. Pay washer and dryer on site. $525 per month. Security deposit and references required. One year lease. No pets. Call 814-880-3161, after 5 p.m. 2/13p FOR RENT OR SALE ON LAND CONTRACT / Portville: Beautiful 4 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath ranch style home with attached garage on 2.1 acres of land. $975/month. Call Cornerstone 607936-1945. See our complete listings at c

IF YOU ARE A VICTIM of sexual assault or any other type of crime, help is available. You can contact the 24-hour toll free hotline at 1-888-945-3970. tf ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS If you want to drink that’s your business. If you want to stop we can help. Call AA answering service in your area at 716372-4800 or 607-276-8588 to talk to someone who cares or to find a meeting in your area. tf FRIENDSHIP FREE LIBRARY HOURS: Hrs.: Mon: 12:30-6pm; Tues. Closed; Wed. 9am-12pm, 6-9 pm; Thurs. 12:30pm-6pm, Fri. Closed, Sat. 10am-1 pm. tf GENESEE LIBRARY HOURS Summer Hrs: Mon. 12-8pm; Thurs. 9am-5pm; Sat. 12-4pm.


New Vogue
a contemporary clothing boutique with a vintage look

Fashions for


Silver & Cult of Individuality Jeans P.J. Salvage Kerisma Knits YA & more...
Fashion Handbags Unique Jewelry & Accessories Just In NEW Men’s Silver Jeans
134 N. Main St., Wellsville, NY 585-593-1030

Federal Credit Union
Investing In Our Communities

(Wellsville office ONLY)

d oo e! F iv Dr

Fo Dr od ive !
Federal Credit Union

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DECEMBER 13, 2011

Dec. 2011


Dear Community Members, With the winter holiday season in full swing, there is a lot of excitement in the air. For schools, it also is the time when we begin our budget planning process for the next academic year. As was the case this time last year, the economy has not yet recovered, and New York State continues to struggle with its finances. We expect to receive little or no increase in our state aid for next year, and the federal funding we received to help reduce the impact of the previous years’ reductions in state aid ends this year. The reduced revenue from the state, along with the new tax levy limit, combine to pose great challenges to the revenue side of our budget. The Property Tax Levy Cap is a complicated issue. Please read the article in this issue of the newsletter, prepared by our Business Administrator, Jenny Bilotta, to become familiar with some of the highlights. We will be providing more information about this legislation and our budget through our newsletter and website. We also plan to host a Community Forum in January that will be dedicated to the budget process. There is no question that we will be facing difficult decisions, and we invite the community to join us in this process. As we build a budget for 2012, we will again carefully examine what we need in order to provide an outstanding education for our children, and balance that with the economic realities we face. The budget we create will be designed to support our District goals, respect our taxpayers, and provide long term financial stability. It is important to remember that it is not only our District that faces these challenges-it is a regional issue. The letter that follows was written collectively on behalf of all the superintendents in the CattaraugusAllegany area, and calls for advocacy on behalf of our children’s education and future. We hope you will join us in standing up for the rights of our students to receive the educational opportunities to which they are entitled. An Open Letter from the School Districts of the Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES The decisions being made in Albany and Washington are more directly linked than ever to what is occurring in Western New York classrooms. Our schools are dealing with new state requirements dictated by the mandates of the federal Race to the Top funding. These requirements, coupled with the state’s ongoing fiscal crisis, are bringing about significant changes for our public schools, including reduced state support, more regulations and new mandates. We have already felt the impact of a loss in state aid to our schools, including: fewer elective classes, elimination of extracurriculars and athletic teams, larger class sizes and reductions in workforce. These cutbacks are likely to continue under the current economic conditions and state funding formulas. At the same time schools are losing aid, the state has increased its involvement in teacher evaluations and school effectiveness. Districts are required to change the way teachers are evaluated based upon test results and new teaching standards. New curricula are being introduced and new assessments will be administered to our students that will align to national standards. Districts are committing hundreds of personnel hours and tens of thousands of dollars implementing new requirements at a time when schools face unprecedented cuts in personnel and revenue. Along with increased involvement in teacher evaluations and curriculum, the state has introduced a cap on property taxes. While the prospect of a tax cap is appealing, what makes the tax cap difficult for schools to manage is that the state controls the major variable in the amount of taxes needed in any given year. That variable is the amount of state aid a district will receive. For the 2011-12 school year, the 21 school districts in Cattaraugus and Allegany counties collectively lost $24.5 million in state aid. If the 2 percent tax cap were in effect for 2011-12, it would only have allowed those schools to raise $1.85 million in new revenues. That leaves a shortfall of over $22.5 million from the loss of state aid. With the imposition of the tax cap, this amount cannot be made up by raising taxes. Budgets have to be decreased and, hence, we experience the loss of academic programs, extracurriculars and staff. Recent data compiled by the Statewide School Finance consortium reveals that this loss of state aid has disproportionately affected upstate school districts with low wealth ratios compared to downstate districts on or near Long Island. The 2011-12 state aid information for Cattaraugus and Allegany county schools and comparisons between local schools and downstate schools can be found at Look for the state-aid figures. What can you do to address these issues? Call and write your state representatives asking for real solutions. Ask for mandate relief and other legislative changes to address the issues burdening upstate schools. And, perhaps most importantly, ask for a fair distribution of state aid that does not irreparably harm our schools in Western New York. A new development in strengthening the relationship between school and community is the formation of the School Community Organization, or SCO. We look forward to working with them to promote a positive and supportive partnership that will benefit our students. They meet the first Wednesday and the third Thursday of each month in the Richburg Cafeteria at 6:45 p.m. (The next meeting will be on January 4th at 7 p..m.) When I met with two of their officers recently, the issue of bus safety was a topic of discussion, and there were questions about how to report concerns about inappropriate behavior on the bus. While most of these incidents are addressed by the driver and, when necessary, the principal, there are times when the driver might not have been made aware of a problem. If you have concerns about behavior on your child’s bus, please contact the principal of your child’s building and inform them of the problem. They will work with you and the parties involved to come to a solution. Other concerns about transportation should go directly to the Director of Transportation. We all want to

create a safe environment for our children, and communication is an essential part of making that happen. Thank you for working with us in this endeavor. On behalf of everyone at BRCS, I wish each of you and your families a peaceful and healthy holiday, and I look forward to a wonderful New Year working together to help our children succeed.

Marilyn Capawan Superintendent of Schools

Dear Community, Parents, Faculty and Students, I would like to start off by thanking all the parents and guardians who attended our parent-teacher conferences on November 8th and 9th. We feel it is very important that an open line of communication be established between our teachers and parents for the sake of helping all students to achieve academic success. If for some reason you were unable to attend this event, or you would like to continue to communicate on a regular basis with a teacher or group of teachers, please do not hesitate to contact the Main Office, so that we may help facilitate this communication for you. As a reminder to parents, please be advised that a great deal of crucial information about class activities, upcoming assignments, and student grades can be obtained by going to and accessing either the teacher pages, homework links, or parent portal. Recently our honor and high honor roll lists have been published, and we are very proud of the number of students who have achieved this level of distinction. The efforts of our students, teachers and parents, which have allowed this success to occur, is greatly appreciated. The challenge now is to continue to work as a cohesive team to help ensure that these students maintain their current level of academic success, or encourage and assist other students, so that they to may be able to achieve this distinction. Finally, our music programs, students and teachers, have been working very hard in preparation for our holiday concerts, so I encourage you all to attend and enjoy an evening of holiday cheer, while hearing many talented students perform both vocally and instrumentally. These activities always provide an excellent opportunity for us to come together as a community and spend some cheerful time with our neighbors and friends. In closing, I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and joyful holiday season. Yours in Education,


John R. Marshall Secondary Principal

Bolivar Richburg Elementary is welcoming the snowflakes of December with open arms and mitten covered hands. We are looking forward to all that the season brings, including the end of 2011 and the beginning of a new year. The new year provides us an opportunity to reflect on those things that we wish to improve upon and make resolutions to enhance our lives. Our students will have this same opportunity as we stress the importance of goal setting and achievement in the second semester. Please talk to your children about ways we can all work together to help them in their efforts. Perhaps you set a study schedule at home and provide students their own quiet study area. There are a number of things that families can do together to encourage achievement within our students. There are also many exciting things happening in these three very short weeks of December and throughout January. First, our reading department hosted a Family Literacy Night on December 1st that was a huge success! It was incredible to see so many teachers, students, and parents join together for a night of reading. I was especially happy for the help of the “big kids” from Student Council, and being able to share a special story with our younger readers. We are looking forward to having a few special groups of our most talented musicians perform at the Senior Citizens’ Christmas Dinner on December 15th. Also, we are so excited to celebrate the holiday season with a visit from Santa Claus and classroom celebrations on December 22nd. Please be watching for details from classroom teachers. Finally, the fourth and fifth grade Winter Concert will be held on January 31st. We are looking forward to the excitement of the winter holidays and wish you and your family a very happy and healthy new year! Yours in education, Michelle McDowell Elementary Principal


Bolivar-Richburg Central School News continued...

On June 24, 2011 Governor Cuomo signed into law the new Real Property Tax Cap Law. This law established thresholds which municipalities must adhere to when developing budgets, and also amended various existing provisions relating to adopting budgets. Although this new law has frequently been referred to as the “2 percent tax cap”, it does not limit how much the tax levy can actually increase under a proposed budget. Over the next several months, the Administration and the Board of Education will be developing a budget that both adheres to the new legislation and represents a fiscally responsible plan to carry out our educational goals. As a District we support property tax relief. However, we want to be clear in our explanation of what this new legislation means. Many people have understood this law to mean that their tax bill will not increase more than 2 percent. That is not true. First, the law applies to the tax levy, not the tax rate or individual tax bills. The Property Tax Cap established a threshold for the tax levy limit, not individual tax bills. Individuals’ tax bills could potentially increase more than 2 percent due to a variety of reasons. One reason someone may see their tax bill increase by more than 2 percent would be if their assessment on their property changed. Another reason someone’s tax bill may increase by more than 2 percent would be if the equalization rate for the township in which they live changes. A change to the amount of STAR exemption one receives is another reason a taxpayer may see an increase of more than 2 percent in their tax bill. Second, the law does not prohibit tax levy increases greater than 2 percent. The District must present a budget that establishes a proposed tax levy within a specific calculated limit. This limit is different for each District and is determined by a complex formula outlined in the law. If the District chooses to present a budget above a 2 percent tax levy increase, the District may do so, but will need at least 60 percent of the people voting to approve the budget. Voters will still be asked to vote on the school budget on May 15, 2012. Prior to that vote, we will be publishing the Property Tax Report Card along with several other documents detailing the composition of our budget. The District will need to identify our Tax Levy Limit by March 1st and notify several State offices of this limit. Once that limit is determined, the Administration and Board of Education will finalize our budget around that figure. As we work through this budget development process, we will keep you informed about developing details related to the new Real Property Tax Cap legislation as well as the effects it has on our District. I encourage you to browse our website for updated information under the “Budget” link on the Business Office section of the website. As always, if you have questions relating to this information, please feel free to contact me at any time. Sincerely, Jenny M. Bilotta Business Administrator

Charlie Winchell – School Bus Driver My name is Charlie Winchell. I’m a 1991 graduate of Friendship Central School, and I have resided most of my life in the Friendship area. I was a local dirt track racer from 1989-2010. I am an avid hunter and Nascar fan. I am currently raising beagles for hunting and field trials and a Joy dog food dealer. I volunteer for the Friendship ambulance squad and volunteer for the Wellsville ambulance squad as an EMT-B. Thanks to Ann Feuchter and Bolivar-Richburg Central School I received my training to obtain my CDL to drive school bus, and as of September of 2011 became employed full time driving for BRCS on route #1. I am very thankful for this opportunity and enjoy my position. Wally Dillon – School Bus Driver My name is Wally Dillon. Many of you already know me, as I am a long time resident. My children all started and finished in this district. I’m very proud to be a member of a winning team and also lucky to have GREAT students on my bus.



Sue Barrett – Food Service Helper I have lived in Little Genesee for the past 25 years with my husband Pat. We have eight grandchildren. In 2008, I retired from Olean Wholesale Grocery. After three years of being home, I became bored and welcomed the opportunity to work a few hours a day in the cafeteria.

Students in the Bolivar-Richburg Middle/High School recently held a canned food drive to help support the local food pantry. Students collected food goods by their grade level, with the winning class being treated to ice cream in the cafeteria. This year’s winning class was the sophomores. All in all, over 700 food items were donated. Pictured above are several B-R students who contributed to this worthy cause, along with Ms. Keiser, middle school guidance counselor and organizer of the event, and Mr. Merrill, local food pantry representative.

Denise Kasperski – Teacher Aide My name is Denise Kasperski and I am currently a 1:1 aide. In the past I have worked as an ABA instructor for Children’s Learning Center. I am originally from Olean, but have resided in the district for almost 20 years. I am married to Gene and have 1 child, Tyler, who is a freshman here at BRCS. I have been involved in Cub Scouts, being a den leader for three years. I enjoy reading and gardening. Kim Majot – Teacher Aide Hello, I’m Kim Majot and I’m very happy to be working here at BRCS. I was recently hired as a teacher aide in the elementary building. I am currently working with the first grade. I have lived in Little Genesee since 1989 with my husband Kevin. We have two children, Chris (17) and Haley (14). I have held a variety of positions at BRCS since the year 2000. I have been a classroom volunteer, substitute teacher aide and a cashier in the cafeteria. I am very happy to be able to work with many of the students and faculty here at BRCS. Stephanie Pierce – Elementary School Nurse Hello Bolivar-Richburg! My name is Stephanie Pierce and I was recently hired as the new Elementary School Nurse. As many of you know, I was part of the first class to graduate from BolivarRichburg in 1995. I then graduated from Jamestown Community College in 2007 with an Associates’ Degree in Applied Science for Nursing, and later that same year took my Boards to become a Register Nurse. I previously worked on the Medical-Surgical floor at Jones Memorial Hospital and went on to office nursing at the Olean Medical Group, initially being hired to work in Endocrinology and moving onto Pediatrics under Dr. Pamela Salzmann, DO. I am happily married to Timothy Pierce a graduate of Bolivar Central School. We have 3 wonderful children CJ (10th grade), Michael (8th grade) and HannaLee (7th grade). I enjoy spending quality time with my family and keeping involved in their extracurricular activities. I am very excited to have the opportunity to continue working in Pediatrics by caring for your children in the BolivarRichburg Community. Melissa Sahm – Teacher Aide My name is Melissa Sahm. I grew up in Rochester, NY and moved to Bolivar 24 years ago with my husband Greg Sahm. I have a Bachelors in Social Work but I chose to stay home and raise my 3 children. I have been a substitute teacher for quite a few years and this year I decided to work full time. I am really enjoying working with the kindergarten students and the teachers.

If you drive by or visit the Bolivar building over the next few weeks, be sure to look up and see the large wreath hanging above the main entrance. The beautiful wreath was donated by Kent Farms in Andover, New York as a “thank you” for the Junior class wreath sale fundraiser. We hope that as Seniors next year our students can continue selling wreaths—be sure to watch the Access Channel for the sale next winter!

With colder weather, school nurses start to see more colds and stomach aches, as well as bronchitis and pneumonia that medications may be prescribed for. If your child needs to take any medication during school, signed permission from the student’s parent and doctor needs to be on file in the Health Office. This includes inhalers, antibiotics, and pain relievers. In addition, medication must be kept in the Health Office. If your child needs medication during school hours, please contact Mrs. Pierce at 928-2881 or Ms. Hefner at 928-2903 to get a permission form to sign. In most cases, the nurses can get the doctor’s signature by faxing the form to the doctor’s office.

Class / Teacher Spanish 8 Mrs. Lasnick Vocabulary topics • Classroom objects • -AR verbs • Asking/answering questions • Leisure • Telling Time • shopping • numbers to a million • shopping and bargaining • Cooking and Recipes Grammar concepts • Gender with articles • -ar verb endings

Spanish I Mrs. Walker Spanish II Mrs. Lasnick Spanish III Mrs. Walker

• IR • past tense • demonstrative adjectives • Negative commands • Impersonal se


Bolivar-Richburg Central School News continued...

On Friday, December 2nd, all sophomores attended the Jamestown Community College Campus College Center in Olean for Career Horizons Day 2011. Students attended two workshops- Basic Skills for the 21st Century and Be Your Own Boss! Owning a Business in the Information Age. The third session allowed students to talk with various representatives from over 30 career areas in order to ask questions regarding careers of interest. It is never too early for our students to start zeroing in on future career paths.

Christy Crandall-Bean, High School Counselor FINANCIAL AID NIGHT SCHEDULED FOR PARENTS OF COLLEGE-BOUND STUDENTS As part of our guidance program we have always presented a Financial Aid Night where we reviewed the financial aid process as well as provide suggestions for the filing of the FAFSA financial aid form. On Monday, January 9, 2012, at 6:30 PM, Mr. Troy Martin, the Director of Financial Aid at Saint Bonaventure University, will present this workshop to parents in the high school cafeteria. We will discuss the financial aid process and review the FAFSA –the one financial aid application form that is required by all colleges. I cannot emphasize enough that it is the student’s responsibility to complete and submit this form by the required deadline date(s). Parents of all seniors and juniors are welcome to attend this workshop. I cannot express how important this workshop is for parents who are sending their first student off to college. If you are a parent of a senior who plans to attend college in the fall, please make every attempt to attend this meeting. General financial aid topics will be discussed as well as a review of the 2012 FAFSA that all students are required to complete in order to receive aid. Please mark this important date on your calendar. If you have questions, please call our guidance office at 928-2985 or 2986. PARENTS – BEWARE OF SCHOLARSHIP AND FINANCIAL AID “SCAMS” In years past several students and parents have called about information they have received in the mail or phone calls they have received regarding college scholarships and financial aid. Usually the sales pitch starts something like this, “Do you know that over two million dollars in college scholarships went unclaimed last year? We can guarantee you a scholarship for college!” Often the e-mails or envelope and the letters look like they have been sent from an official agency with words like “national,” “exclusive” and “education” in their title. I say, buyer beware! Quite often the scholarships and the financial aid assistance these companies offer as part of their service are routinely available free! right here at school or on many websites. Furthermore, no one can promise you a scholarship because a legitimate scholarship is always competitive. Lastly, most financial aid that students receive for college will be generated from the FAFSA form or directly from the student’s college. My advice to parents is to exercise caution and call me before signing on to one of these “financial aid” businesses. A call to the Better Business Bureau (703-276-0100) or the attorney general (through the Consumer Protection Board – 800-697-1220) is another way to verify a company’s reputation. More than likely, high schools and colleges can do just as much for you as one of these companies – the only difference is that we don’t charge a thing. JANUARY REGENTS EXAMS SCHEDULED January Regents exams will be given throughout the state on January 24-27, 2012. Students must see Mrs. Crandall-Bean at once to be sure that their name is placed on the test roster if they would like to retake a regents examination either to earn a passing score or to improve on already passing test scores on exams they have taken in the past. There is no charge for a student to retake a regents exam in January. Please note that New York State regulations do not allow students to be admitted to a morning exam after 10:00 AM or to an afternoon exam after 2:00 PM. Also, no student may leave an exam before those same times. This regulation is in place to prevent students from sharing information about an exam. Two excellent, and free, websites for students to use to review for regents exams are: and

DECEMBER 13, 2011


Colin Dudley, Bryce Anderson, and Josh Fletcher speaking with a local attorney about careers in law.

Isaac Pruch, Carmen Dickerson, and Jordan O’Dell participate in a quiz bowl game to learn about entrepeneurship.

Students learned about 21st century job skills while at J.C.C.

Integrated Algebra RCT in Global Studies 11:20 A.M.-2:30 P.M. Comprehensive English * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 8:00 A.M.-11:00 A.M. 8:00 A.M.-11:00 A.M.

Tuesday, January 24

Wednesday, January 25

Living Environment (Biology) RCT in US History 11:20 A.M.-2:30 P.M. Algebra 2/Trigonometry 12:20 P.M..-2:30 P.M. RCT in Mathematics * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 8:00 A.M.-11:00 A.M.

We would like to remind everyone about winter safety at the bus stop. Please have your children ready about 10 minutes before the bus arrives. Make sure they stay back from the road about 15 feet and wait for the bus to stop before moving toward the bus. Slippery road conditions and poor visibility add to the challenges of driving a school bus. Always look at the driver—they will signal when it is safe to cross. The Transportation Department at BRCS would like to thank everyone for all of your help in making the transportation of your children as efficient and as safe as possible. If the system is to function effectively, parents must assume an obligation to the program and to the people responsible for its operation.

Thursday, January 26

Geometry US History RCT in Science 11:20 A.M.-2:30 P.M. Chemistry 11:20 A.M.-2:30 P.M. Earth Science 12:20 P.M..-2:30 P.M. RCT in Reading * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 8:00 A.M. - 11:00 A.M.

Friday, January 27
Global History & Geography RCT in Writing

The holidays have finally arrived here in Bolivar and everything is musical! The concert season for BRCS kicked off on Thursday, December 8th with the 7-12 grade instrumentalists. On Tuesday, December 13th, the 7-12 vocal students will offer their preparations to the season. The season winds up with the 6th grade students on Wednesday, January 11th. All concerts are at 7 PM in the High School auditorium. Since this is the beginning of one of the most exciting seasons for attending many different performances, I feel it is necessary to share some important thoughts to help you prepare for a concert. I am proud to say that our string program is one of the strongest in the Southern Tier and part of that success is due to the parental support of our students. I am always impressed with how many people arrive at the beginning of the concert and stay through the entire performance here at BR, as we all should. It is unfair, as well as rude, to the other performing groups when parents collect their child and flee the auditorium after they are done. We have split the concerts up in order to keep the performance under an hour. With this in mind, please plan on your child staying for the entire concert. This will not only teach them proper manners but will also show support for their performing classmates. In November, four students were chosen to attend NYSSMA Zone 15 Junior High Area All State at Genesee Valley. Out of a total of 32 string players, four were from BRCS. Congratulations to Sabrina Bucher and Freddie Dannheim, viola, and Hadley Ferris and Lydia Crump, cello. These students auditioned last year at solo festival for this elite performing group and were selected out of nearly 60 applications. Great work, students! Have a safe and happy holiday season and may you benefit from the company of good friends and family! Jennifer J. Berg BRCS Director of Orchestras 4-12

Student athletes from Bolivar/Richburg, Cuba, Friendship, Scio and Wellsville have already signed up for this exciting program offered by the Bolivar/Richburg School District. It’s not too late! If you missed one of our sign-up nights, you have one last chance on January 9th, 2012 at 6 P.M. at the Richburg Rod & Gun Club. We will hold late-comer sign-ups and shooter orientation at this time. We ask that at least one parent/ guardian be in attendance to find out what we’re all about. We will introduce Mr. Andrew Bogey, advisor; Ms. Linda Seiwert, coach; Mr. Jon Reitz and Mr. Dave Myers, assistants as well as go over required firearm safety and discuss fundraising activities. Our primary focus is safety. Beyond that, we will learn trap etiquette, have fun and break some clay targets. We will compete against Ellicottville, Franklinville, Portville, Pine Valley and Randolph both at home and away. This is a lifetime learning activity much like golf or bowling. Once you learn proper techniques, they stay with you a lifetime. This is a female/male (co-ed) activity. Boys and girls compete head-to-head on the trap line. You don’t have to be a “jock” to play this game. The only requirement is that you be in grades 7-12 and 12 years of age. Questions can be addressed to Mr. Bogey at the Bolivar/Richburg Elementary School or Ms. Seiwert at 585-968-0726.


Bolivar-Richburg Central School News continued...


The BRCS SADD, Students Against Destructive Decisions, club will be selling BR Wolverine apparel. Mr. Margeson, the high school art teacher, hand drew a wonderful and unique design for the shirts this year. The shirts will be gray with red ink and are generic Bolivar Richburg Wolverine shirts; the design is not affiliated with the SADD club. T-Shirts are $15 Long-Sleeved Shirts are $18 Hooded Sweatshirts are $23 *Youth sizes are available for the T-shirts only.* The sale will run from now until December 16th. If you are interested in purchasing a shirt please see a SADD club member or contact either Julie Britt at or Leah Kirnan at * * * * * * * *


In Earth Science class, students finished units on Plate Tectonics, volcanism, earthquakes and metamorphism. We will probably complete most of our main topics regarding the dynamic Earth by holiday break. Our new material includes how Earth materials are broken down, transported and deposited and how that affects us in western NY. Upon return from break, we might begin studying sedimentology of the world’s oceans and how researchers use the sediment record to tell us about past and modern climates. Happy December to all. Heather Renyck BRCS Science

November was National Novel Writing Month, during which thousands of people across the country challenged themselves to write an entire novel in thirty days. We offered the same challenge to the students at Bolivar-Richburg Secondary, and twentytwo ambitious youngsters accepted. After a month of plots, characters, details, creativity, and fervent writing, our first NaNoWriMo came to a close. Tim Rhodes, Nakita Doxey, Janet Cetola, Allen Murphy, Josh Watts, Foster Whitcher-Ingalls, Justin Best, Colin Dudley, Sylvia Philips, Mike Pierce, Tatum Giles, and the JKK team created amazing stories. Eight students successfully met their word count goals to officially become novelists. Congratulations to Jordan O’Dell, India Charlesworth, Brittany Gordon, Josh Ingalls, Caitlin Murphy, Sarah Nellis, Ashley Rapan, and Maria Witt for their incredible accomplishment! For more information about the program, please visit

The Living Environment classes are in the midst of discovering the chemicals that run all of our bodies....primarily DNA. Our class discussions include how the information from DNA makes its way into proteins, how mutations occur, and how DNA is being utilized as a tool for our benefit. We also just finished Super-Size Me, a memorable movie that discusses fast food and health. Students will be researching biotechnological issues and presenting them to their classmates. We will also be doing our first state required lab shortly...stay tuned, and check on-line for homework! Patricia Eshelman

Congratulations to Joseph Gordon, Sidney Stein, and Destiny Memmel for being selected as the 3 finalists in the Lions Club Peace Poster Competition. Special congratulations to Joseph for being selected as the local representative to go to the next level in the competition. Well done!

If you would like to get out and walk, but you don’t want to deal with the winter weather, come to the Bolivar-Richburg high school building and walk in the halls. Just stop by the Fitness Center Monday-Thursday from 5:30 to 8 PM to sign in and to get a walking map.

On Monday November 21st, Mr. Brown’s sculpture class went on a field trip to Alfred Station, to visit the studio of renowned sculptor Glenn Zweygardt. While at Mr. Zweygardt’s 16,000 square foot facility, the students completed their resinsand mold project that they started at B-R with Mr. Brown, by casting aluminum into their molds. While the aluminum was cooling, Mr. Zweygardt gave the students a tour of his studio, explaining the various casting and fabricating processes and showing us a wide variety of finished pieces made from different rocks and metals. Our bus driver, Lynn, was very helpful answering questions when the students seemed to draw a blank. After the Zweygardt Studio tour we stopped in Andover for a unique lunch experience at The Emporium, followed by a VIP tour of The Artist Knot fine art gallery (also in Andover). At the Artist Knot Gallery, Mr. Zweygardt had a one-man show in the exhibition room, which showcased his fascinating sculptures. The main part of the Gallery also had a wide variety of artwork by many talented artists. This field trip provided a wonderful learning experience for everyone.



Bolivar-Richburg Central School News continued... Dear Freshmen Parents/Guardians, Thank you for making the freshmen fall fundraiser a great success. Over $5,000 in sales occurred which ensures that the students receive 50% profit shares from their individual sales. Niagara Chocolates are scheduled to arrive to us on Friday, December 16th. If your child has a large candy order, you might want to plan to pick up the candy after school that Friday. Mrs. Schena and Ms. Renyck plan to be here after school on Friday for the purpose of handling larger orders in lieu of having students try to handle the larger orders on their own. Thanks also to those of you who have submitted freshmen class dues and Agreement of Understanding forms to us. We continue to accept freshmen dues for those who have not yet paid ($10.00). Mary Schena and Heather Renyck

The November Pizza Hut Book It! Program was a success. We received 73 Reading Logs where students completed 300 minutes or more of reading during the month of November. Keep up the good work! Parents, if you attended the Family Literacy Night on December first, please remember to include those minutes on the December Reading Log. Congratulations to the following students who read 300 minutes or more during the month of November: Kadin Tompkins David Adobo Dakota Evingham Dustin Skinner Kira Lee Dylan Winchell Brehden Osgood Caden Giardini Nico Scarpa Molly Marshall Caden Allen Zachary Mitchell Jessica Majot Rylie Osgood Matthew Mitchell Tristan Clayson Damien Billings Bryannan Proctor Josie Nolan Trinity Allen Kaylee Middaugh Catherine Farrell Wyatt Karnuth Aliyah Cole Ryder Easton Landon Danaher Freddie Tompkins Kaylee McDowell Samuel Thornton Natasha Metz James Margeson Kayli Giardini Allison Zilker Reese Wilber Madeline Thornton Olivia Marshall Shaelyn Maples Brian Learn Gracie Zilker Claire Pangburn Donavin Morrison Kori Thomas Allyson Lippert Natalie McDowell Andrea Hint Brena Walp Gabriel Thornton Sebastian Pope Noah Martin Savannah Puccinelli Cassidy Sawyer Audrey Ginter Alex Baron Emily Zuppa Parker Worth Emma Farrell Tayler Rockefeller Braelin Bentley Maddy Sisson Elizabeth Shingler Mark Pangburn Trilee Blauvelt Hunter Walp Sydney Feldbauer Mary Carll Kelsie Donnelly Grace Zilker Zane Pangburn Evan Pinney Connor Sisson Kelsey Ward Claire Calhoun-Mullen


DECEMBER 13, 2011

The Elementary Reading Department and the BRCS Student Council held its first annual Family Literacy Night on December 1st, from 6:00-7:30 p.m. It was an evening filled with literacy themed crafts, reading, and snacks. Students who attended got to participate in a book swap and meet the wolverine, Mrs. McDowell did a read-aloud of the

Mrs. Mitchell, Miss Glover, Mrs. Rickicki, Mrs. Lovell...... Happy Holidays from the kindergarten teachers! In December, we will read the stories: A Bed for The Winter, Whose Garden Is It, Little Panda, and Little Quack. We will focus on the following comprehension skills: sequencing, compare and contrast, plot, and realism and fantasy. Our sight words for the month are: for, my, me, with, and she. In phonics, students will be working on the letters: Cc, Ii, Nn, Bb, and Rr. Students will continue to work on sounding out and blending simple words. We are so proud of how hard students are working on reading! Keep up the good work! In math, the students have been working on numbers 0-10. Students have also been working on identifying more, as many as, most, fewer, and fewest. This has been a great hands-on unit for the students to work on. We are continuing to work on writing and identifying numbers and groups of objects up to 20. This month we will be working on positional words: top, bottom, and middle, under, on, before, after, beside, left, right, and in between. We would like to congratulate the following students on being named student of the month for December: Jonathan Bennett, Jaelyn Kinnicutt, Brena Walp, Caden Allen, and Lakoda Champlin. We would all like to wish a happy birthday to the following students: Owen Pilon (Dec. 8), Anthony Donoghue (Dec. 17), and Lillie Kreamer (Dec. 31). We hope you have a safe and happy holiday!

Polar Express, and students could count the entire evening towards their Book It time! It was wonderful to see the school and the community

come together for a great cause! A special thanks to Literacy West in Belmont, New York, for donating books for us to use in our book swap, the Wellsville Skating Rink for donating free skating passes, and to all of the faculty and student council members who volunteered both their time and their resources in order to make the evening a success!

Mrs. Farwell, Mrs. Ferris, Mrs. McClellan, Mrs. Scott..... November was a fantastic month in first grade! We enjoyed many new topics and learned a lot about communities. We even joined together in our own little community to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast. In reading, we read stories about how people and animals work together in communities to survive. Some of the stores we read were A Big Fish for Max, by Rosemary Wells, The Farmer in the Hat, by Pat Cummings, Who Works Here?, by Melissa Blackwell Burke, The Big Circle, by Eric Kimmel, Life in the Forest, by Claire Daniel and Honey Bees by Jesús Cervantes. Habitats were our main focus in science in November. We learned about the arctic tundra, deserts, forests, rain forests, aquatic habitats. We learned how plants and animals learn to survive in their habitats. We enjoyed every turkey each family created for Thanksgiving. They made our classrooms and halls very festive! December students of the month are Emma Farrell, Connor Sisson, Ethan Lewis, and Haley Mascho. Along with their classmates, these students have worked very hard in first grade and always try their best! Cain Wilson is celebrating birthday this month. Happy birthday, Cain!

Recently five Bolivar-Richburg students attended the Zone 15 Area-All State conference in Bath, NY. Students are selected based on a solo audition the previous year. The first four students in the picture participated in the choirs and James in the band. The students pictured are: (l-r) Bryce Anderson (bass), Allison VanSickle (soprano), Kim Brighon, Jr. (bass), Brandy Tarby (soprano), and James Palidar (euphonium). This event is very challenging and very rewarding, as the students would tell you. Congratulations to some of our finest! Mrs. Kachermeyer and I are very proud. Also the vocal holiday concert is scheduled for tonight, December 13th at 7:00. Hope to see you there! We also look forward to seeing many of you at the annual Senior Citizen’s Banquet. Have a safe, meaningful Christmas. Chris Keir 6-12 Vocal Music

When it is necessary to delay school opening, close school, or dismiss early, the following TV and Radio Stations will be contacted. Channel 2 TV Channel 4 TV Channel 7 TV WJQZ, Wellsville WLSV, Wellsville WOEN, Olean WGRZ-TV Buffalo AM Program WIVB-TV Buffalo AM Program WKBW-TV Buffalo AM Program 103.5 FM Radio 790 AM Radio 1360 AM Radio WMXO, Olean WHDL, Olean WPIG, Olean WBEN, Buffalo 101.5 FM Radio 1450 AM Radio 95.7 FM Radio 930 AM Radio


Bolivar-Richburg Central School News continued...

Senior Citizens’ Annual Christmas Dinner
Bolivar-Richburg Central School Bolivar Cafeteria Thursday, December 15, 2011 1:00 PM Call Connie Emery at 585-928-2937 if you need a ride or are unable to attend but would like a dinner delivered.

Mr. Pruch: Our student of the month is Amber Mundorff. Amber is a very hardworking young lady who is good, kind, and respectful to all. She brightens up anyone’s day who spends time around her. We’re so glad she’s joined us from Depew. We had two pretty big Social Studies events in November. In the middle of the month, all of the fourth graders were able to visit the Seneca-Iroquois National Museum, where they got to see many Haudenosaunee artifacts, pieces of art, models, and so forth. Later in the same week, we were treated to an exceptionally fun and educational show called “There Once Was a Longhouse.” In this interactive show, boys and girls pretended to be Haudenosaunee Indians, sang and danced, heard stories, and either elected chiefs (the girls) or became the chiefs (some of the boys), and argued for peace with an actor portraying a warrior. Please ask your child to tell you about the trip and the show. Once again, thanks to all of the many chaperones who joined us on our field trip!


Social Studies and Science -- Mr. Conklin..... In social studies, we have been learning about life in the original 13 colonies. We have been busy with a variety of centers dealing with colonial trades, food, quilts, and tools. Shortly, we will begin learning about the American War for Independence. Again, we will be doing a series of centers about the causes, famous men and women, battles, Declaration of Independence and the results. In our science classes, we have been learning about plants and will begin a unit on electromagnetism before Christmas.
DECEMBER 13, 2011

Ms. Miles, Mrs. Livingston, Miss Scoville, Mr. Bogey..... In reading, we have read many stories and are learning many skills that good readers use when they read. We have worked hard on Cracking Vocabularies C.O.D.E. This is a strategy from The Thoughtful Classroom. If you see a second grader, ask them the meaning of some of the following words: partnership, solution, survival, miserable, struggle, depend, familiar, and insist. We just finished unit two of our reading series. In math, we have been working hard to learn many different concepts. We have worked on adding and subtracting with and without regrouping and problem solving using addition and subtraction. By the end of second grade, every student needs to know from memory all sums of one-digit numbers. One way to help your child practice this at home is to use flash cards. December birthday wishes go out to Austin Parker on December 8. Congratulations to our students of the month: Ms. Miles’ ~ Darien Champlin. Mr. Bogey’s ~ Andrew Crawford. Mrs. Livingston’s ~ Kayli Giardini. Ms. Scoville’s ~ Joseph Collins.

ELA -Mrs. Smith, Miss French..... ELA class has been busy with lots of reading and writing! We read three great stories: Inside Out~ a realistic fiction, Passage to Freedom~ a biography, and The Ch’ilin Purse~ a folk tale. The theme of each story is “doing the right thing.” We have been writing in our classroom and homework notebooks too. We wrote about the many acts of kindness that we have experienced. We also learned a new type of poetry ~ a diamante! This type of poem compares and contrasts two subjects. It helps us review nouns, verbs, and adjectives. The “Student of the Month” in our classroom is Hannah Clark. Hannah is always displaying “acts of kindness” to others! She also shows respect to her classmates and teachers!

Mrs. Greene..... Fractions have arrived, they are in full swing. We have made fraction posters, that have given our math room some bling. Bake some cookies, measure everything out, Fractions have arrived, we are learning what they are all about. Putting fractions aside, It is the holiday season you know, Have the best holiday ever and THINK SNOW! Happy Birthday wishes go out to Tyler Haley on December 1, Austin Pilon on December 2, Devin Perkins on December 15 and Leann Dimpfl on December 29. Hopefully, Santa will bring each 5th grader loose-leaf paper, pencils, erasers and a pencil sharpener to replenish their supply. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Beauty of Mathematics Sequential 1’s with 9 1 x 9 + 2 = 11 12 x 9 + 3 = 111 123 x 9 + 4 = 1111 1234 x 9 + 5 = 11111 123456 x 9 + 7 = 111111 1234567 x 9 + 8 = 1111111 12345678 x 9 + 9 = 11111111 123456789 x 9 + 10 = 111111111 Sequential 8’s with 9 9 x 9 + 7 = 88 98 x 9 + 6 = 888 987 x 9 + 5 = 8888 9876 x 9 + 4 = 88888 98765 x 9 + 3 = 888888 987654 x 9 + 2 = 8888888 9876543 x 9 + 1 = 88888888 98765432 x 9 + 0 = 888888888 Without 8 12345679 x 9 = 111111111 12345679 x 18 = 222222222 12345679 x 27 = 333333333 12345679 x 36 = 444444444 12345679 x 45 = 555555555 12345679 x 54 = 666666666 12345679 x 63 = 777777777 12345679 x 72 = 888888888 12345679 x 81 = 999999999
4. Which female artist released "I'm a Woman" in 1963? 5. "Operator" (1975) and "The Boy from New York City" (1981) were released by which group? 6. Who released "Devil with a Blue Dress On," and when? Answers 1. Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show, in 1976. That same year, "A Couple More Years" made it (just barely) to the U.S. country chart. 2. Dan Fogelberg, in 1980, 1983 and 1984, respectively. He died in 2007 at age 56. 3. Herman's Hermits, in 1966. Their 1965 hit, "She's a Must to Avoid," was often misheard as "She's a muscular boy." 4. Peggy Lee. Many have covered the song, including Bette Midler, and Raquel Welch/Miss Piggy in a duet. 5. Four-part-harmony vocal quartet Manhattan Transfer. Thus far the group has netted 10 Grammys, and a 40th anniversary album of neverbefore-released material is rumored to be in the works. 6. Mitch Ryder and The Detroit Wheels, in 1966. The song went to No. 4 on the charts. (c) 2011 King Features Synd., Inc.

Mr. Smith, Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Cawley..... Tasha Wedge is the student of the month in Mrs. Cawley’s room. Tasha is always kind & always does her best. Student of the month in Mrs. Hill’s room is Jessie Taylor. Jessie is a wonderful student who always tries his best. Student of the month in Mr. Smith’s room is Alex MacDonell. Alex works very hard and is great with math and reading. Buoyancy is keeping the students busy in Mr. Smith’s room. The children have designed boats and found out what designs are best for holding mass. The students enjoy working on a subject in which they can use their hands! In science, Mrs. Cawley’s class has been doing experiments. They have been trying to grow things in just water. The carrots, potatoes, and Christmas cactus all grew roots. The avocado, philodendron, and root from a weed did not grow. The magic capsule expanded when the capsule dissolved and the orbeez expanded in water but shrunk when the water dried up. The next step is to plant everything in dirt & see what happens. The students also designed “lizard tongues” to see what adaptations would be helpful for catching bugs. All third graders should be reading at home twenty to thirty minutes a night. This practice can be considered homework! The December birthdays are Isabell Pilon, Jason Greeson, & Dylan Perkins. Have a wonderful “Holiday Season” and a “Happy New Year”!

Mr. Pruch, Miss Weitzel, Mrs. Perry..... Miss Weitzel: In math class division has started. Again, I can’t stress enough the importance of your children knowing their multiplication facts. They will need them for division and for fractions which is what we will be starting next. A great stocking stuffer: multiplication flash cards. Mrs. Perry: In ELA, students read a story that took place during the late 1930s about a school in the southwestern region of the United States. Students gave their best try at speaking Spanish throughout the story as they learned some fun phrases like “ay caramba” and “andale.” Throughout the story, we read several newspaper articles that led us to create our own class newspaper. Students answered the 5 W’s throughout their writing process. We even included quotes for our articles. We typed our articles into a publishing program and included pictures to illustrate our events. As we move into a new genre, we are enjoying playing the roles of characters in a play, “Grace and the Time Machine.” Students have enjoyed acting the parts of the characters and reading their parts with great expression. Student of the month for Mrs. Perry’s homeroom is Cody Starks. Cody is a thoughtful young man who is always willing to lend a helping hand to his classmates. He takes his school work very seriously and tries his hardest even when facing a challenge. Cody is a good role model for his peers. Congratulations, Cody!
SPORTS QUIZ By Chris Richcreek 1. Who was the last pitcher before Seattle's Felix Hernandez in 2010 to have at least 30 quality starts in a season? 2. In the decade of the 1950s, a future Hall of Fame pitcher had the most losses during the 10-year span. Name the pitcher. 3. Name the last defensive lineman to be a Heisman Trophy finalist before Nebraska's Ndamukong Suh in 2009. 4. When was the last time the Hawks played in the NBA Finals? 5. Twice in the 1980s, the NHL had Stanley Cup Finals featuring two Canadian teams. Name the teams and the years. 6. Cadel Evans won the Tour de France cycling race in 2011 at the age of 34. Who is the oldest winner of the event? 7. In 2011, Rory McIlroy set a record for lowest four-round score at golf's U.S. Open with a 268. Name two of the four to hold the old record of 272. Answers 1. Arizona's Randy Johnson had 30 quality starts in 2002. 2. Philadelphia's Robin Roberts had 149 losses (and 199 wins) for the decade. 3. Warren Sapp of the University of Miami, Fla., in 1994. 4. It was 1961, when they were the St. Louis Hawks. 5. Montreal and Calgary, in 1986 and 1989. 6. Firmin Lambot was 36 when he won it in 1922. 7. Jack Nicklaus (1980), Lee Janzen ('93), Tiger Woods (2000) and Jim Furyk ('03). (c) 2011 King Features Synd., Inc. * * * FLASHBACK By Mick Harper 1. Name the group that had hits with "Only Sixteen" and "A Little Bit More," and give the year. 2. Which solo artist had No. 1 hits with "Longer," "Make Love Stay" and "Believe in Me"? 3. Name the band that had Top 10 hits with "Listen People" and "Leaning on a Lamp Post."



DECEMBER 13, 2011

Happy Holidays!
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juice cocktail. Add diet ginger ale. Mix well to combine. Pour into tall glasses filled with ice. Makes 8 (3/ 4 cup) servings. • Each serving equals: 32 calories, 0g fat, 0g protein, 8g carb., 20mg sodium, 0g fiber; Diabetic Exchanges: 1/2 Fruit. (c) 2011 King Features Synd., Inc.

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KEVIN GUEST HOUSE Located in Buffalo, NY, The Kevin Guest House was established as a memorial to Kevin Garvey, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Garvey of Sharon, Pa. Kevin lost his battle to cancer at the age of 13. The Kevin Guest House provides a temporary, safe refuge for patients and their families at a nominal fee, and extends its hospitality to families of patients who are receiving treatment at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo General Hospital, and other area hospitals. For over 35 years the Kevin Guest House has been welcoming guests, and provides an atmosphere of caring which helps families focus on their loved ones without the stress of finding temporary, affordable accomodations near local health care facilities and services. Kevin Guest House, 782 Ellicott St., Buffalo, NY 14203. Phone: 716-882-1818; Fax: 716-882-1291 or e-mail General tffb AUDITED... MAILED... EFFECTIVE... Moneysaver ads work for you! If it weren't for the fact that the TV set and the refrigerator are so Television: Chewing gum for the far apart, some of us wouldn't get eyes. -Frank Lloyd Wright any exercise at all. -Joey Adams

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Do you forgive and forget? Our school system was integrated when I was in 5th grade. Carlton had never had a white friend before me, but we became friends despite the daily bomb threats and riots. We haven’t seen each other since high school graduation, but recently Carlton and I got back together. And he told me this story. My dad gave me a really nice pen. Carlton loved that pen probably more than I did so I let him take it home one weekend. Well, his little sister found the pen and while playing with it, broke it. Carlton says he was so ashamed and hurt to have to bring it back to me that way, but he did anyway. He explained what had happened, and says that I said, “It’s okay. I forgive you.” And we went on through the next seven years together without my ever mentioning it again. Frankly, I don’t remember that happening at all and I told Carlton I’d just have to take his word for it. And he said, “Well, that means you really did forgive me. You forgot about it, too.” Tell someone “It’s okay, I forgive you” today as you Live Positive. A public service message brought to you by Proofs, cuts, negatives, art work or other copy submitted for publication is considered to be the property of the advertiser. Advertising is accepted with the understanding that all liability for copyright violations is the sole responsibility of the advertiser. The Moneysaver will make every effort to see that advertising is correctly printed. The publisher assumes no financial responsibility for typographical errors in advertisements, but will gladly reprint, without charge, that part of an advertisement in which an error may occur, provided a claim is made within 5 days of publication. The Moneysaver assumes absolutely NO responsibility whatsoever for any error in ads taken over the phone! Please write your ads so they can be read without questions.

FAITH BIBLE CHURCH Rte. 417, Little Genesee, NY Office: 585-928-1856 Pastor: Clint Pearsall Sunday School.........9:45am Children’s Church and Morning Worship........11am Sun. Eve. Worship........6:30pm Wednesday Evening Teen Groups..................6:30pm Discovery Club Children’s Program & Prayer Mtg . . . .7pm MOPS first and third Tuesday Sept.-June ..........9:30am-Noon ST MARY’S ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH 111 Wellsville St., Bolivar, NY 585-928-1024 Parish Administrator: Deacon Frank Pasquale Sacramental Priest: Fr. Sean DiMaria Sunday Mass................8:00am Weekday Eucharist Mass Tues.............................11:30am Friday Mass................12:30pm (followed by benediction) Reconciliation: First & Third Sunday..........................7:30am KOSSUTH COMMUNITY CHAPEL (Mennonite) Bolivar, NY•585-928-2380 Pastor: Marlin Miller Asst. Pastor: John Boll Morning Worship..........9:30am Sunday School............10:45am Bible Study and Prayer Wednesday.................7:00pm Eve. Serv., last Sun. of mo 7pm

Television should be the last mass communication medium to be naively designed and put into the world without a surgeon-general's warning. -Alan Kay *** Quotations will tell the full measure of meaning, if you have enough of them. -James Murray *** I am fully conscious of the fact, that aphorisms are like wandering Gypsies. They must always be published without guarantee of the authenticity. -Erkki Melartin

*** It's such a pleasure to write down splendid words-almost as though one were inventing them. -Rupert Hart-Davis *** A proverb is a short sentence based on long experience. -Miguel de Cervantes *** Television has done much for psychiatry by spreading information about it, as well as contributing to the need for it.

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After a frustrated Kurt Busch lashed out against NASCAR and ESPN's Dr. Jerry Punch during the last Cup race of the season, owner Roger Penske and the driver decided on a "mutual parting of ways." (John Clark/ NASCAR This Week photo) Kurt Busch Is Out of a Job ... For Now If he'd only been civil -- just civil -- when the cameras weren't rolling ... In the final race of the 2011 season, a frustrated Kurt Busch, eliminated from contention at Homestead-Miami Speedway, first used a well-known gesture of derision toward NASCAR officials, then lashed out at ESPN reporter Jerry Punch, who was trying to interview Busch after he climbed out of his No. 22 Dodge. To make a long story short, the No. 22 Dodge won't be his anymore. Penske Racing announced a split with the older Busch brother, who finds himself out of a ride. It's a major development. Kurt Busch has won 24 Cup races and was the winner of the first Chase, in 2004. Since leaving Roush Fenway Racing for Penske in 2006, Busch ranks eighth in driver rating and 10th in victories, topfive and top-10 finishes.

The split was officially termed "a mutual parting of ways," which isn't uncommon. Both owner Roger Penske and Busch were gracious in statements issued on Dec. 5. "I appreciate the victories that Kurt has brought Penske Racing and our sponsors over the past six years," said Penske's statement. "While I am disappointed that Kurt will not be racing for our team in the future, both Kurt and I felt that separating at this time was best for all parties, including our team and sponsors. I wish Kurt the best in his future racing endeavors." Kurt Busch had already been fined $50,000 by NASCAR officials for his Homestead antics. Busch's statement read, in part: "I am grateful to Penske Racing for six very productive years. ... I also appreciate the lasting friendships I've made while working with our great sponsors through the years, including Miller Lite, Shell and Dodge. "Coming to a mutual agreement to go our separate ways is a positive step for me. Over the Thanksgiving holiday I took time to reflect on what is most important to me and realized I need to find a way to put the fun back into racing. It's time for a fresh start. Leaving a great organization and a lucrative contract is not easy, but it allows me to take a deep breath and work on things that can make me a better driver and a better person. "I recognize the passion and emotion that have helped me succeed on the track need to be better channeled off the track. ... I want to personally thank Roger Penske for the opportunity he gave me and for his friendship, which will continue long into the future." (c) 2011 King Features Synd., Inc.


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JILL JACKSON'S HOLLYWOOD By Tony Rizzo HOLLYWOOD -- Remember "The Addams Family," the creepy, kooky sitcom that ran for 64 episodes in the mid-1960s, starring John Astin and Carolyn Jones as Gomez and Morticia Addams? It was revived for two films with Raul Julia and Anjelica Huston in the starring roles in '91 and '93. With Raul Julia's death, a '98 film reboot starred Tim Curry as Gomez and Daryl Hannah as Morticia. That year, ABC Family revived the series, again with John Astin as Gomez, which ran 65 episodes. This summer I saw "The Addams Family" (the musical) on Broadway with Brooke Shields and Roger Rees (of "Cheers") as Morticia and Gomez. Now Tim Burton plans to write, produce and possibly direct a stop-action animated film of "The Addams Family" along the lines of his "Nightmare Before Xmas" film. Another spooky sitcom, "The Munsters," also debuted 1966 and ran for 70 episodes, with Fred Gwynne as Herman Munster and Yvonne De Carlo as his wife, Lily. In l981, NBC made "The Munster's Revenge" with the same cast. In '88, "The Munsters Today" brought back the series for 72 shows. In '95 Edward Hermann and Veronica Hamel took over in "Here Come the Munsters." The following year, Fox TV gave us "The Munster's Scary Little Christmas." Now that "Once Upon a Time" and "Grimm" are grabbing viewer attention, NBC has given "Pushing Daisies" creator Bryan Fuller the green light to develop a one-hour drama series about the Munsters. So, if you're too young to have seen "The Addams Family," "The Munsters"

or even "Mr. Ed" -- it looks like you'll be seeing them again ... and again ... and again! *** While the three leads of "Twilight Saga" -- Robert Pattinson, Kristin Stewart and Taylor Lautner -haven't been able to equal their success in anything else, fellow castmember Jackson Rathbone seems to be forging ahead with several impressive projects. His band 100 Monkeys had three CDs in 2009, and a new CD, "Liquid 200," came out in June. He's got two films now shooting -"Truckstop" and "Live at the Foxes Den" -- and two films in the can -"Cowgirls 'n' Angels" and "Zombie Hamlet" with Shelley Long and John Amos. And, of course, "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2." We'll be seeing a lot of Rathbone in the coming year. *** Send letters to Tony Rizzo's Hollywood, 8306 Wilshire Blvd., No. 362, Beverly Hills, CA 90211. (c) 2011 King Features Synd., Inc.

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TIP: To make ahead, wrap; refrigerate up to 3 days. To serve, bring to room temperature. • Each serving: About 335 calories, 18g total fat (11g saturated), 110mg cholesterol, 30mg sodium, 40g carbohydrate, 1g dietary fiber, 4g protein. For thousands of triple-tested recipes, visit our website at 1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, recipefinder/. melted and cooled, plus more for (c) 2011 Hearst Communications, greasing 3/4 cup good-quality cocoa powder Inc. 1/2 cup all-purpose flour All rights reserved 4 extra-large eggs, at room temperature 2 cups sugar 1 vanilla bean, split, seeds scraped 1 tablespoon framboise liqueur (optional) Vanilla ice cream, for serving 1. Preheat oven to 325 F. Lightly butter 2-quart shallow oval baking dish. 2. Into medium bowl, sift together cocoa powder and flour. In large bowl, with mixer on medium-high speed, beat eggs and sugar 5 to 10 minutes or until very thick and light yellow. 3. Reduce speed to low; add vanilla seeds, framboise (if using) and cocoa mixture. Mix just until combined. Slowly pour in butter; mix just until combined. 4. Pour mixture into prepared dish set in larger baking pan. Add hot tap water to pan to come halfway up side of dish. 5. Bake exactly 1 hour. A toothpick inserted 2 inches from side will come out clean. Center will appear very under-baked. Cool completely. 6. Serve with ice cream. Serves 12. GOOD HOUSEKEEPING ONE Baked Chocolate Pudding This easy, yet impressive, dessert can be made in advance and heated when you’re ready to serve it, making it the perfect choice when you’re hosting a large group. The splash of framboise in the pudding adds an elegant touch.

Financing a complementary maintenance plan with roadside assistance. ***

COLLECTING By Larry Cox Q: I have a shoebox full of old postcards that date back to the 1940s. Many are from the American West, including Arizona. Do you have a suggestion of how I can determine their value? -- Jim, Goodyear, Ariz. A: One of the better groups in your region is the Tucson Post Card Exchange, 820 Via Lucitas, Tucson, AZ 85718-1046. This is an active club that meets the first Sunday of each month at the Pima County Medical Society Building, 5199 East Farness, Tucson, AZ 85712. If a holiday interferes, the meeting is rescheduled for the week following. Meetings begin at 2:30 p.m. Dues are only $15 per year and include a subscription to an excellent newsletter, “Postscript.” *** CELEBRITY EXTRA By Cindy Elavsky Q: I really miss seeing Donald Faison on “Scrubs.” Can you tell me what I can see him in now? -- Jeanette F., via e-mail A: You can see Donald, along with Wayne Knight (“Seinfeld”), Kristen Johnston (“3rd Rock from the Sun”) and David Alan Basche (“The Starter Wife”) on TV Land’s latest original comedy, “The Exes.” The show, which airs Wednesday nights, is a comedy about three divorced men (Donald, Wayne and David) sharing an apartment across the hall from their female divorce attorney (Kristen), who also is their landlord. Donald plays charming ladies’ man Phil Chase, and the first season of the show is scheduled to air 10 original episodes. The show airs directly after the TV Land hit “Hot in Cleveland.” *** Q: It seems like forever since there’s been a new “Army Wives.” When will the show be returning? -- Justine D. in Wyoming



A: While there has not been an exact date announced as of this writing, season six of “Army Wives” will return this spring with a 23-episode season. The show was scheduled for 13 episodes, but then Lifetime Television upped its order for the record-breaking drama. Because of the 10 additional episodes, season six most likely will be broken up into two parts, like many of cable’s original dramas have done in the past. Word has it that season six will probably (not definitely) be the show’s final season, so it is the PHOTO: Donald Faison general consensus that the higherups wanted to get the most out of this season -- and their contractually obligated actors -- that they could. This move is kind of crappy for the actors, however, because instead of the production of the season ending in February -- leaving them open to audition for the fall 2012 pilot season -- it looks like they won’t be available for casting calls for new shows. *** Q: Is my mind playing tricks on me, or did I see an ad that “Fear Factor” is returning to NBC? -- Mike R., West Palm Beach, Fla. A: You are of sound mind, Mike. “Fear Factor” has returned to NBC (shows began airing Dec. 12) on Monday nights. Original host, comedian Joe Rogan, also has returned, as have the strenuous -- and gross -- stunts. Back in July, Joe Rogan told “TV Guide Magazine”: “It seems like some sort of bizarro dream world, but I’m looking forward to it. The idea of sitting at home and watching someone else host it would have driven me crazy.” *** Q: I really enjoyed the last “Super Bowl Halftime Show” performance by the Black-Eyed Peas. Any word on who is performing this time? -Denise M. via e-mail A: Pop diva Madonna has been tapped to lend her superstar status to Super Bowl XLVI, which will air on Sunday, Feb. 5, on NBC. No word yet on what surprises she has in store, but I am counting her show to be a doozy! (c) 2011 King Features Synd., Inc. GOOD HOUSEKEEPING TWO Maple Pudding This easy, seasonal version of a pudding makes a festive end to a holiday meal -- especially for the kids! 2 1/2 cups whole milk 1/3 cup cornstarch 3/4 cup maple syrup 1 tablespoon butter 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 1/4 teaspoon salt 1. In medium bowl, whisk together 1 cup whole milk and cornstarch until smooth. 2. In 3-quart saucepan, heat 1 1/2 cups whole milk, maple syrup, butter, vanilla extract and salt to boiling on high, stirring occasionally. 3. Reduce heat to simmer. Whisk in cornstarch mixture; cook 2 minutes, whisking constantly. Transfer to 6 parfait glasses; cover and refrigerate until cold. Serves 6. For thousands of triple-tested recipes, visit our website at (c) 2011 Hearst Communications, Inc. All rights reserved

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DECEMBER 13, 2011



#6 12-Pc. 1%, 2% Skim $ Gallon Chicken Dinner 18.99
3 of each Piece, 8 Wedges & 4 Rolls
(Chicken Only - $16.99)


Fri., Dec. 16th "Zepher"
Sat., Dec. 31st. ."Buster Gentle"
Music 9:30pm-1:30am *ID Required



Saturday, December 17 th At 5:00pm Bolivar Country Club Christmas Party!
Bring a dish to pass.
Bring something for the Christmas Wish Tree toys, can goods, clothing etc.

“The Perfect Gift”...
Golf Membership for our 18 Hole Course, or a Gift Certificate for Driving Range!


Lunch Specials Daily 10:00am-2:00pm
LARGE Pizza $10.99 $1.00
Cheese & 1 Topping


12 pk.

Generations Bar
324 Main St., Bolivar, N.Y.

Golf Course Opening Special Memberships
*Single- $575 *Husband & Wife- $675 $50 Discount *Family- $775 if paid for by
Golf Cart $50000 Per Year
Jan. 15th.



18 pk.


50 off


The Bolivar Golf Club
Happy Holidays
Holiday Hours
Rte. 417 West, Bolivar, NY • 585-928-1266

Premiere Convenience Store of the Southern Tier Hrs: Mon.-Sat. 9am-10pm; Sun. 9am-9pm •Restrooms Inside • ATM •Diesel •Kerosene

500 Main St., Bolivar, NY 585-928-2379; Fax: 585-928-2760

& Subs
s r r

Open to the Public!

Christmas Eve
Diesel & Kerosene Open 24/7
Open on Tuesday

Closing 12 Noon

New Year's Eve Sun. & Mon. Jan. 3rd Again!
Open on Tuesday

Closing 12 Noon

Sun. & Mon. Dec. 27th



We accept Comdata, Checks, and Cards!

Chicken `n Buiscuts

*Seafood Platter *Fish Fry- Breaded,
Lemon Pepper, Cajun, or Broiled

Serving Dinners Wed-Sat. 4:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Call For Reservations 585-928-1040 Book Your Holiday Party Now Open For Snowmobilers! Call Ahead.

Chopped Steak with Grilled Onions

Plus Other Daily Specials!

•Spaghetti with Meatball or Sausage •Chicken Parmesan

Saturday & Sunday Sausage Gravy over Biscuits with homefries

Rolling Hills Cafe

Dave’s Diner
Rte. 417, Ceres, NY 585-933-6544
*Take-outs Available Mon.-Sat. 6am-8pm; *Enjoy Our Daily Specials *Your Restaurant Since 1981 Sun. 7am-7pm *Open 7 Days A Week Open Daily
s r r

Gift Certificates Available!

Hilltop Lodge
Restaurant and Motel Bolivar, NY

Main St., Bolivar • For Take-outs: 928-2125 Hours: Mon. 5am-7pm; Closed Tuesday; Wed. 6am-7pm; Thurs. 6am-7pm; Fri. 6am-8pm; Gift Certificates Available Sat. 5am-7pm; Sun. 6am-1pm (Breakfast Only)

Homemade Soups & Homemade Pies!

A: Since you are from the "Show Me" state, I will show you that neighbors aren't necessarily right. According to "Warman's Fenton Glass" by Mark F. Moran, your bird is worth about $40. Incidentally, custard satin was a matte finish introduced by Fenton in 1971 and available in several colors, including Blue, Crystal Velvet, Lime Sherbet and White. *** Q: We have a stamp collector's book from the early 1930s, filled with several hundred stamps, with and without postmarks. There also are some first day covers. How can I have this collection evaluated and appraised? -- Pat, Surprise, Ariz. A: There are several stamp dealers in your area. C & C Coin & Stamps is located at 3404 North 24th St., between Indian School and Thomas in Phoenix, and offers free appraisals. BJ's Stamps is at 6342 West Bell Road, also in Phoenix. If you want a more formal appraisal, I recommend the services of a professional who specializes in personal property. Two senior members of the American Society of Appraisers in Phoenix are Barbara June Bradbury (480) 947-2378, and Betty Goldfield (480) 502-2679. When hiring the services of an appraiser, don't hesitate to ask for credentials and references. *** Q: I have my brother's "Da Nang Vietnam" jacket from about 1967. It features a map of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia stitched in the design. This jacket is now more than 40 years old, and I need to know if it is worth keeping. -Katherine, Aurora, Colo. A: Your jacket is probably worth in the $50 to $100 range, depending on condition and desirability. *** Q: I have a baseball bat that is marked "Hillerick & Bradsby, Made in USA, Louisville, KY." It is a "Johnny Bench" bat, approved by the Little League. What is it worth? -- Albert, Evansville, Wyo. A: Your bat is worth in the $10 to $25 range. Write to Larry Cox in care of King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475, or send e-mail to Due to the large volume of mail he receives, Mr. Cox is unable to personally answer all reader questions. Do not send any materials requiring return mail. (c) 2011 King Features Synd., Inc.

Happiness Bird Q: I recently found a "Happiness Bird" in custard satin made by Fenton Glass in an antique shop in Joplin, Mo. I was told that it was made in about 1955. I paid $150 for it and was told by a neighbor that it is rare and priceless. -- Betty, Springfield, MO

Bolivar American Legion Is Asking For Your Help!!
Richard Childs Graduated from Bolivar School in 1940. He joined the Army during World War II. Only Record Available was a picture in 45-46 Gusher Yearbook Herman Lewis Attended school in Bolivar. Joined Navy after attack on Pearl Harbor. Only Record Available was his picture in 45-46 "Our Gold Stars" Merritt Pequeen - Attended school in Bolivar. Served during World War II. No Records Available Except photo in 45-46 Gusher Yearbook

We need any info on these World War II Heroes for our Plaques. Please call the legion or stop in. Or E-mail to

Legion meeting is Tues., Dec. 13th at 7:00pm Come Join Us ~The Chaplain


REFRIGERATOR- $175. RANGE- $175. Washer- $175. Dryer$165. Call 716-676-3965 or 716-373-1553. pb ——————————————————————————————— FOR SALE - 2006 YAMAHA RHINO 660 CAMO Side-by-side, many extras, excellent condition, $5,200. 814-9663272. 2/13pb ——————————————————————————————— WOW! LOTS OF COMMUNITY & SPORTS PHOTOS at 4/6fb FOR SALE- Hemlock and pine lumber, 2 inch and sheeting. Call 814-887-2717 for pricing. 3/13cb BURGUNDY ROCKER / RECLINER- $60. 814-225-6011. fb DELIVER YOUR MESSAGE with an ad in the Moneysaver Shopping Guide and/or Moneysaver Shopping News! Our display ads and reader ads are proven to work for you!

NARCONON RECOVERY TIP #49 Do Something You Enjoy (Part 1) When someone is addicted they can tend to forget about everything they enjoy and wrap themselves around the drugs. They might think about how they used to love the smell of the fresh cut grass of the football field or maybe the sound the racket made when it hit the tennis ball. In recovery you should get involved in things that you enjoy. Join a community football team or maybe just play a game of volleyball or participate in another sport or activity. It doesn’t matter what it is, if it makes you happy and helps you to stay positive then it can be the key ingredient to sobriety. If you or a loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction call us at Narconon Arrowhead at 800-468-6933 or visit our web site at fb

SANTA AT THE RICHBURG COLONIAL LIBRARY Children: Meet Santa at the Richburg Colonial Library, 160 Main St., Richburg on Thursday, December 22 at 4:00pm. Parents, bring your cameras. -Judy Johnson, 585-928-2694. f PORTVILLE BUNNIE TAILS Our float for the parade in Olean, NY was Sponge Bob & Friends. Anna as Sponge Bob, Courtney as Patrick, Traice as Sandy, Tyler as Captain, Destiny as Gary and Traver as Plankton. Wishing all friends a Merry Christmas! We are still working hard to find a location for our 2012 Rabbit Show. If you can help us, call 585-307-2430. You can check us out on Facebook, too. f BOLIVAR FREE LIBRARY Hrs.: Mon., Wed., Thurs. 6-8pm; Tues. 12:30-4:30pm; Fri. 9:30am-4:30pm; Sat. 9am-12pm. tf



Reed P. Haag, MD
is pleased to announce that he will be relocating his Medical Practice from Center Street, Cuba to the West Main Medical Center located in the Cuba Memorial Hospital. West Main Medical Center is conveniently located in the Hospital next to the Urgent Care Center. Dr. Haag studied Medicine at Hahnemann School of Medicine in Philadelphia, PA. He currently has medical practices in Wellsville and Cuba, NY. He now will bring badly needed Primary Care services to the Cuba Memorial Hospital community. The number one health concern in this country is access to Primary Care medical providers. Cuba Memorial Hospital officials are very pleased to have this developing relationship with Dr. Haag. Dr. Haag is accepting new patients at the West Main Medical Center 140 West Main Street, Cuba, New York. Appointments and all inquiries can be made by calling (585) 968-0061. He will be accepting most major insurances and Medicaid.
UPSTAIRS APARTMENT FOR RENT / FRIENDSHIP: Very nice 2 bedroom, 1 bath upper apartment with ample space. Good size kitchen and bedrooms. Washer / dryer hookups. $450/month. Call Cornerstone 607-936-1945. See our complete listings at c BOB’S AUTO BODY: Route 417, Bolivar, NY, 585-928-2554. Servicing your needs for over 44 years! Integrity, quality...A great combination. tfc ——————————————————————————————— DAN DUNBAR ~ BUYING JUNK CARS AND SCRAP METAL Free pick up and removal. 585-610-8299. tfc ——————————————————————————————— FOR RENT / BOLIVAR, NY- 3 bedroom, 2 bath mobile home, $450. 3 bedroom upper, $425. 2 bedroom lower, $400. References and security required. Call Scott, 585-307-6035. tfc NEED LARGE HOME FOR FAMILY? / FRIENDSHIP: Spacious 4 bedroom home with first floor bath and washer/dryer hookups, huge kitchen and dining room. Large bedrooms with plenty of space for storage. $695/month. Call Cornerstone 607-936-1945. See our complete listings at c LIFT CHAIRS: 6 models to choose from. Starting at $599. Mattress City Furniture, Wellsville, NY. 585-593-5507. 8/13c STAR OF THE EAST CHAPTER #109, O.E.S. Star of the East Chapter #109, Order of the Eastern Star, will meet Tuesday, Dec. 13 at 6:30pm for a tureen dinner at the Bolivar Masonic Hall, Main Street, Bolivar, NY. Meeting will follow at 7:30pm. Please bring 3 dozen cookies for cookie exchange and baskets for our shut-ins. Also, please bring a non-perishable food item for the Bolivar Food Pantry collection box. 2/6f

DECEMBER 13, 2011

Reader Advisory: the National Trade Association we belong to has purchased the above classifieds. Determining the value of their service or product is advised by this publication. In order to avoid misunderstandings, some advertisers do not offer “employment” but rather supply the readers with manuals, directories and other materials designed to help their clients establish mail order selling and other businesses at home. Under NO circumstance should you send any money in advance or give the client your checking, license ID, or credit card numbers. Also beware of ads that claim to guarantee loans regardless of credit and note that if a credit repair company does business only over the phone it’s illegal to request any money before delivering its service. All funds are based in US dollars. 800 numbers may or may not reach Canada.



PREGNANT? Considering adoption? You choose from families nationwide. Living expenses paid. Abby’s One True Gift Adoptions, 866-413-6292, 24/7 Void/Illinois WANTED Japanese motorcycles Kawasaki 1970-1980 Z1-900, KZ900, KZ 1000, H2-750, H1-500, S1-250, S2-250, S2-350, S3-400 Cash. 1-800-7721142, 1-310-721-0726. TOP CASH FOR CARS, any car/truck, running or not. Call for instant offer: 1-800-454-6951. OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL? 18-24 guys and girls needed. Travel American hot spots. Paid training, travel and lodging. 877-646-5050. PROCESS MAIL! Pay weekly! Free supplies! Bonuses! Genuine! Helping homeworkers since 1992! Call 1-888-302-1522. MYSTERY SHOPPERS! Earn up to $150 daily. Get paid to shop pt/ft. Call now 1-888-750-0193. AVOID BANKRUPTCY! Settle debts for less. Call if more than $15,000 of credit card debt. (800) 699-9740. FREE GROCERIES! Receive $2000 in grocery savings! Grocery stimulus program provides $2000 savings to participants of shopping survey. A ll major and local supermarkets! Call 877-301-1682. PHONE ACTRESSES FROM HOME Best pay-outs, busy system weekends a must! Land line/good voice 1-800-403-7772 http:// DISH NETWORK More choices, more savings! Free HD for life. Packages starting at $24.99 for 12 months w/60 channels. Call for details, 1-888-4447854. Restrictions apply. CASH FOR CARS, any make or model! Free towing. Sell it today. Instant offer: 1-800-864-5784. $$OLD GUITARS WANTED$$ Gibson, Fender, Martin, Gretsch. 1920’s to 1980’s. Top dollar paid. Toll free: 1-866-433-8277. WORK ON JET ENGINES - Train for hands on aviation career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified - job placement assistance. Call AIM (866)453-6204 or visit FREE GROCERIES! Receive $2000 in grocery savings! Grocery Stimulus Program provides $2000 savings to participants of shopping survey. A ll major and local supermarkets! Call 877-301-1682. ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE from home. *Medical, *Business, *Criminal Justice. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial aid if qualified. Call 800-494-3586. DISH NETWORK More choices, more savings! Free HD for life. Packages starting at $24.99 for 12 months w/60 channels. 1-888-444-7854. Restrictions apply. Call for details. DISH NETWORK lowest nationwide price $19.99/mo. Free HBO/Cinemax/ Starz Free Blockbuster Free HD-DVR and install. Next day install 1-800637-9067. STOP RENTING Lease option to buy, rent to own, no money down, no credit check. 1-877-395-0321. ***FREE FORECLOSURE LISTINGS*** Over 400,000 properties nationwide. Low down payment. Call now, 800-250-2043. AVAILABLE NOW!!! 2-4 bedroom homes, take over payments, no money down/no credit check. Call 1-888-269-9192. WANTS TO PURCHASE minerals and other oil and gas interests. Send details to P.O. Box 13557 Denver, Co. 80201 WANTED Diabetes test strips, any kind/brand. Unexpired up to $22.00. Shipping paid. Hablamos español, 1-800-266-0702. YEARBOOKS Up to $15 paid for high school yearbooks 1900-1988. or 972-768-1338.





Olean Gold & Silver
315 W. State St., Olean • 716-378-5784 Tuesday through Saturday 11:00am-5:00pm
ALLEGANY COUNTY OFFICE FOR THE AGING MEALS ON WHEELS AND LUNCHEON CENTER MENUS & ACTIVITIES For reservations call: 585-268-9390 by 2pm on the previous day. Toll-free: 1-866-268-9390. Bolivar- Carolyn Hackett, 585928-2672; Cuba- Linda Nelson, 585-968-2397; FriendshipVivian Howell, 585-973-2650; Wellsville- Donna Fiegl, 585-5937665. FOR THE WEEK OF: Dec. 14, 2011 - Dec. 20, 2011 Wednesday: Cinnamon Applesauce, Sloppy Joe on a Bun, Broccoli Cheese Soup, Spinach, Ginger Bread with Lemon Sauce. Bolivar- Noon, 10:30 “Growing Stronger” Exercises. Cuba- Noon, 10:30 Euchre, Cards, Dominoes, Puzzle, “Current Topics”. Wellsville- Noon, 9:30 Walking, 10:00 Games, 1:00 Euchre, 1:30 Exercise. Thursday: Christmas Special. Ambrosia Salad, Stuffed Chicken Breast, Mashed Potatoes with Gravy, Candied Carrots, Dinner Roll, Pie. Bolivar- Noon, Erica Blake, I&A. Cuba- Noon, 10:30- “Growing Stronger” Exercises, Evening Meal, “Christmas Program by Matt & Patty Havens & Family”, Erica Blake, I&A. Friendship- Noon, 10:45 “Growing Stronger” Exercises, 1:00 Crafts. Wellsville- Noon, 9:00 Stretch, 10:30 Bingo, 1:00 Bridge, 1:30 Exercise, BP Clinic. Friday: Sunshine Salad, Macaroni and Cheese, Stewed Tomatoes, Green Beans, Wheat Bread, Oatmeal Cookies. Diabetic- Pears. Wellsville- Noon, 9:30 Walking, 10:30 Bingo! 12:30 Pinochle, 1:30 Exercise. Monday: Cranberry Gelatin Salad, Roast Turkey with Gravy, Stuffing, Squash, Dinner Roll, Pumpkin Supreme. DiabeticPumpkin Pudding. Bolivar- Noon, 11:00 “Growing Stronger” Exercises. Cuba- Noon, 10:30 “Growing Stronger” Exercises, 11:00 Euchre, Cards, Dominoes, Puzzles, “Christmas Party & Gift Exchange”. Wellsville- Noon, 9:00 Stretch, 9:30 Walking, 10:30 Bingo, 1:00 Euchre, 1:30 Exercise. Tuesday: Tossed Salad with Dressing, Lasagna, Italian Mixed Vegetables, Garlic Bread, Applesauce Cake. DiabeticPears. Cuba- Noon, 10:30 Euchre, Cards, Dominoes, Puzzles, “Child’s Play”. Friendship- Noon, 10:45 “Growing Stronger” Exercises, 1:00 Cards. f YOUTH NIGHT Knights Creek Evangelical Methodist Church, 2987 County Road 9, Scio, NY 14880. Starts at 6pm on Friday nights. All ages are welcome. Message and prayer, board games and snacks. tf

CHRIST CENTERED COUNSELING. A free service covering all areas of human need including mental, emotional and physical health; alcohol, nicotine and drug addiction; eating disorders; family, marital and other relationships; careers; finances; demon activity, cults and false religions. Call 607-387-5966 or write Box 488, Trumansburg, NY 14886. tf THE BOLIVAR LIONESS CLUB IS COLLECTING used hearing aids for the Finger Lakes Region Lion’s Hearing Foundation. The FLRLHF assists financially burdened hearing impaired persons in our area (and western NY). The used hearing aids’ salvage value normally offsets the cost of repairs. Please put your old hearing aids in a sealed plastic bag to prevent loss of small parts. A drop box is located at Steuben Trust Bank, Bolivar, NY or contact Lois Lounsberry, 585-9281752 if you have a donation. tf WEST CLARKSVILLE BAPTIST CHURCH 9003 Daggott Hollow West Clarksville, NY Rev. Les Chambers 585-968-0377 Early Service........8:30-9:30am Sunday School. . .9:45-10:30am Morning Worship . . . . . .10:45am Wed. Prayer Service. . . . . . . . .7pm FAITH BAPTIST CHURCH 1108 Rte. 19 South at Yorks Corners Wellsville, NY 14895 Pastor: Vernon Dean 585-268-9826 Church: 585-593-5834 Sunday School............10:00am Classes for all ages Morning Worship. . . . . . .11:00am Nursery Available Sun. Eve. Service.........6:00pm Wed.: Adult Prayer, Bible Study & Praise.............7:00pm SHINGLEHOUSE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. Russell Horning Sunday School..............9:15am Morning Worship.......10:30am Wednesday Service: BYF (ages 9-12).......3:30pm Choir Practice.........6:15pm Bible Stdy/Prayer Mtg. 7:30pm NOTE: Wheelchair, access ramp and nursery provided.

Make Sure “Santa’s Sleigh” Is Ready for the Trip! Santa shouldn’t
take any chances Christmas Eve.... Make an appointment for service at Majot’s Auto Repair today!
• Brakes • Batteries • Drums & • Oil, Lube, Filter Rotors Turned • Exhaust System Work • Diagnostic Service • Shock & Strut Work • Tires (FREE Mounting & Balancing with Purchase)


Bill Lake Real Estate
Nancy Rathbun - Broker
Smethport, PA 814-887-5547 Port Allegany, PA 814-642-5000
email: • Fax: 814-887-5560






Nancy Rathbun-814-366-1740 • Alexis Clark-814-558-7058 • Ginger Chapin-814-887-5547 • Gary Drabert-814-544-9973 • Bill Lake-814-887-5547 • Linda Lake-814-598-0903 • Kim Nelson-814-598-0235 • Jeff Wolfe-814-558-0405


Show someone you care about their safety... Give a Gift Certificate this Christmas Season!
“We Value All Our Customers.”

Majot’s Auto Repair
391 Main St., Bolivar, NY • 585-928-1766
Hrs: Mon.-Sat. 7am-6pm; Closed Sunday.
Senior Citizens Discounts (Excludes Tires & Batteries)

M A N A G E M Ceres Township Eldred E Country ranch home on one Ranch home with two bedrooms with attached/detached garages N acre with 3 bedrooms, full basement, attached garage and barn next to Allegheny T and large storage building River. $79,000Rathbun -Broker $58,000 #7238 #3957 Nancy

M A N A G E M Shinglehouse Borough E Two story home with 3 bedrooms, N 2 baths and some updated T features. $40,000 #3952


Alterna™ Flooring Tile Collection
Made in the U.S.A. Premium groutable luxury vinyl/tile that captures nature's beauty. • Nature-inspired colors and realistic textures • Alterna offers more unique flooring patterns than any competitor • Install tiles with or without grout • More readily tolerates accidents and drops • Superior scratch, stain and wear resistance • Lifetime residential warranty & 5-year light commercial warranty

As you know, we run many reader ads for government auctions, job positions, earn money at home, cash loans, credit cards, etc. Most of these ads come through state and national ad networks. Most of them are selling directories or listings of where to APPLY FOR what is advertised. This information may be available at less cost elsewhere. While these ads are screened where possible, we have no way of verifying the authenticity of their claims or the value of their product. The buying decision must be yours. If you have problems with any of these advertisers, please let us know and we will attempt to get you a refund. Most of the companies we have checked will refund their fees to unsatisfied customers. Read the ads carefully. Some charge a fee, as noted in the ad, directly to your phone bill when you call them. Once again, we can’t verify claims for every ad. Please consider their offer and make a voluntary and reasonable buying decision. Moneysaver Advertising
check. No monthly payments. Lawyer operated. 1-877-953-8631. MYSTERY SHOPPERS needed. Earn up to $150 per day, undercover shoppers needed to judge retail & dining establishments, exp-

• Contractors Welcome Unbeatable Prices • Financing Available

611 W.State St., Olean, NY 14760 Locally Owned & Operated Phone: 716-373-5391 Fax: 716-373-5393 Hrs: Mon.-Thurs. 9am-5:30pm; Fri. 9am-8pm; Sat. 10am-3pm “The bottom line is Always less at Carpet Express!”
pick up. 800-771-9551 CARS/TRUCKS wanted! Top $$$$$ paid! Running or not, all years, makes, models. Free towing! We’re local! 7 days/week. Call toll free: 1888-416-2330. DONATE YOUR CAR, truck or SUV to Childhood Leukemia Foundation today. Tax deductible, free towing, fast, easy process. 877-754-3227 FREE BOOK AND CD reveal secret to making money in real estate without cash or credit in today's crappy economy. Supplies limited. Call 1-800-591-0848 now! NEED FAST CASH? Short term loans up to $1500 deposited into your bank account overnight! Call for quick approval. 877-290-0052. LAWSUIT MONEY NOW for injury/ accident cases. Pay us only if you win. Quick approval. No credit

NATIONAL ADVERTISING NETWORK, INC. (NANI) PREGNANT? Considering adoption? Talk with caring adoption expert. You choose from families nationwide. Living expenses paid. Call 24/7, A bby’s One True Gift Adoptions 866-413-6296. DONATE YOUR CAR to Cancer Fund of A merica to help support cancer patients. Tax deductible. Next day towing. Receive vacation voucher. Call 7 days 1-800-8359372. DONATE your car, support our veterans & U.S. troops! #1 military support charity! 100% volunteer, free same day towing. T ax deductible. Call and donate today! 1-800-471-0538. A-1 DONATE YOUR CAR! Breast Cancer Research Foundation! Most highly rated breast cancer charity in America! Tax deductible/fast free

erience not required. Call now, 888912-6028. MEMORY FOAM therapeutic NASA mattresses T-$299 F-$349 Q-$399 K-$499 A djustables - $799 Free delivery, lifetime warranty, 90 night trial. 1-800-ATSLEEP1-800-2875337. FREE GAS! Receive $300 gasoline savings! Gasoline stimulus program provides $300 gas savings to participants of driving survey. Local stations–major brands! Call now, 877-898-9029. GET TV & INTERNET for under $50/mo. for 6 mos. Plus get $300 back!-Select plans. Limited time only call now! 866-944-0906. CASH PAID for unexpired, sealed diabetic test strips- up to $17/box! Most brands. Shipping prepaid. Fast payment. Ask for Emma, 1-888-7767771. DIRECTV $29.99/mo $0 start costs! Free HBO Cinemax Showtime Starz! Free HD/DVR! Free installation! We’re “local” installers! 800-355-4203. CASH FOR CARS: A ll cars/trucks wanted. Running or not! Top dollar paid. We come to you! A ny make/ model. Call for instant offer: 1-800864-5960. **OLD GUITARS wanted!** Fender, Gibson, Martin, Gretsch, Prairie State, Euphonon, Larson, D’Angelico, Stromberg, Rickenbacker, and Mosrite. Gibson mandolins/banjos. 1930’s thru 1970’s Top cash paid! 1-800-401-0440. DIRECTV – Up to $31 off/mo.! 150+ channels & free Showtime for 3 mos - only $29.99/mo for one year. New customers call now! 866-397-2788. AIRLINES ARE HIRING – Train for hands on aviation maintenance career. FAA approved program.

Since 1883



480 per bag $24000 per ton
s r

Wood Pellets

(pellets must be picked up at the time of purchase)

142 Davis St., Bradford, PA Hrs: Mon.-Fri. 7am-5pm; Sat. 8am-4pm Toll Free (800) 556-6146 • (814) 368-6146
Financial aid if qualified – housing available. Call AIM (888) 686-1704 or visit ATTEND COLLEGE online from home. *Medical, *Business, * Paralegal, *Accounting, *Criminal Justice. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial aid if qualified. Call 800-510-0784. WORK ON JET ENGINES – Train for hands on aviation maintenance career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified - job placement assistance. Call AIM (866) 854-6156. EARN COLLEGE DEGREE online * Medical, *Business, *Criminal Justice. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial aid if qualified. SCHEV certified. Call 800510-0784. REACH OVER 20 MILLION homes nationwide with one easy buy! Only $2,395 per week for a 25 word classified! For more information go to or 585928-2470.

Visit our website at: E-mail:

DECEMBER 13, 2011

ASK YOURSELF, what is your timeshare worth? We will find a buyer/renter for ca$h, no gimmicks just results! Call 888-879-8612. AT&T U-VERSE for just $29.99/mo! Save when you bundle internet+ phone+TV and get up to $300 back! (select plans). Limited time call now! 1-866-944-0906. FAST PAYMENT for sealed, unexpired diabetic test strips-up to $17/box! Most brands. Shipping prepaid. Call today & ask for Emma 1-888-776-7771.

MONEYSAVER SUBSCRIPTIONS Know someone who lives outside our circulation area and would like to receive the Moneysaver? Just send name, address and $25 annual subscription fee to: Moneysaver Advertising, 218 North Main Street, Bolivar, NY 14715. Please specify Moneysaver Shopping Guide or Moneysaver Shopping News. tfb

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DECEMBER 13, 2011

Pawsitively All About Pets!
No matter whether your best friend walks, scampers, trots or slithers, these businesses offer friendly service, quality products, and professional advice to help you take good care of them.
“Your Pet Food & Pet Supply Store!”
EXPANDED! Quality Food Products!
Bird Food, Dog Food, and Cat Food
Peppermint Apples for Horses 1/4 c. honey 5 T. sugar 1 T. salt 3 peppermints, crushed 1/2 c. oats 1 carrot, shredded 1 large apple, cut into large chunks Combine honey, sugar, salt and peppermint. Combine oats and carrots. Coat apple chunks with honey mixture and roll in oat mixture. Place in a container and store up to two days. Birdie Manicotti 4 manicotti pasta shells 2 large eggs with shells 1/4 c. small curd cottage cheese 1/4 c. cooked broccoli pieces 1/4 c. carrots, shredded Pure vegetable oil 3 medium-sized tomatoes Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Boil manicotti shells until tender, drain and cool. Scramble eggs with shells and set aside. Combine cottage cheese, broccoli and carrots. Add egg and fill manicotti shells with mixture. Lightly grease a glass casserole dish. Place filled manicotti shells in dish and bake for 15 minutes. Wash tomatoes, removing stems and leaves. Crush into a fine pulp and spoon over cooked manicotti. Serve at room temperature and store leftovers in refrigerator for three to five days. Quick Duck Soup for Ferrets 1/4 can Heinz pureed turkey or Gerber’s Stage I turkey baby food 2 droppers full Linatone (Ferretone or similar) 1 dribble molasses Warm water (enough to fill a bowl) Mix ingredients and serve warm. Hamster Treats 1/4 t. peanut putter 1 small dog biscuit or piece of bread 1 box plain Cheerios cereal Birdseed or sunflower seeds Vegetable variety (carrots, celery, bok choy), shredded Small amount cheese, cheese Spread peanut butter on dog biscuit or bread. Coat with cereal and birdseed or sunflower seeds. Roll in vegetables and cheese.

Grooming/Boarding Needs?
Call K&A Kennels
located in Friendship. A country-side facility offering a private “suite”, outdoor exercise pen and radiant heat flooring for winter months. By appointment: 585-610-9279 Adopt-A-Pet for Christmas
What a wonderful way to bring joy to your family this holiday season...provide a loving and caring home to a homeless, abused or neglected animal. Please call of visit one of these local SPCAs today! The SPCA Serving Allegany County Route19 South, P.O. Box 381, Wellsville, NY 14895 Phone: 585-593-2200 Hrs: Mon.-Sun. 12:00-4:00pm SPCA, Cattaraugus County, NY 2944 Hinsdale Highway, Olean, NY 14760 Phone: 716-372-8492 McKean County SPCA 80 Glenwood Ave., Bradford, PA 16701 Phone: 814-362-8850 Mon.-Sat. 10:30-4:00pm, Sun. 12:30-4:00pm Wellsboro SPCA 11765 Rte. 6, Wellsboro, PA 16901 570-724-3687


• Pet Collars • Beds and Crates • Flea and Tick Collars

Food and Treats!

• Toys • Bowls, Etc.
~ Gift Certificates Available ~

10 Mill St., Cuba, N.Y. 14727 • 585-968-2222 Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8:30am-5:30pm; Sat. 9:00am-2:00pm

Cuba Feeds, LLC
Paw’s Corner

By Sam Mazzotta DEAR PAW’S CORNER: This weekend I took my dog “Marty,” a dachshund-beagle mix, out to some property, where she sniffed and sniffed and dug and sniffed and sniffed. I think she had her nose buried in the rocky soil for so long that she gave herself a rather large (maybe the size of a nickel) blister on her upper lip. It’s not puffy -- just a raw patch under her nose, and she licks at it. I saw something saying that canola oil or olive oil might help chapped lips, but this seems like a larger area. Any tips? -- Matt P., via email DEAR MATT: First, I have to caution that it’s always wise to consult your dog’s vet. With that out of the way, I’d say the best thing to do would be to treat the raw patch like you would a blister or a raw patch on your own nose. Keep the area clean, rub a bit of Neosporin over it two or three times daily and watch it closely. Marty probably will lick off the antibiotic ointment within a minute or two of application, but in such small quantities it isn’t a problem to ingest. A Band-Aid probably will cause more discomfort and trouble than it prevents. You also can ask your vet for topical medicine to reduce any discomfort and thereby reduce her licking of the area so it can heal faster. If it is indeed just a raw patch caused by friction, the area should heal up within a few days. But do keep a close eye on it: If the patch looks like its getting infected or otherwise changes for the worse, take Marty to the vet right away. (c) 2011 King Features Synd., Inc.

Small Package, Big Attitude
By Ronda Addy Exotic pets aren’t for everyone. They require specialized care that may not be readily available in your area, and in some cases, they may be illegal. Before you rush out to get one, you need to check your city, county and state laws and find a vet that deals with exotic pets. Should you be permitted to get an exotic pet, you will have to choose the right type for you. One type that you might want to consider is the Fennec fox. The smallest of the foxes, Fennec foxes are native to the deserts of Northern African and the Arabian Peninsula. They have a lush, sandy-colored coat, furrysoled feet, a plush black-tipped tail and large ears. They are similar to dogs in temperament, friendly to everyone, including family pets, and have an abundance of energy. They are nosy by nature and would rather play than cuddle on the couch. The active, agile foxes have a high-pitched yelp and weigh anywhere from two to three-and-a-half pounds at maturity. Because they are basically wild animals, Fennec foxes can be hard to housebreak. They can be litter box or outdoor trained. They can also be trained to fetch and walk on a leash. The leash needs to be secure enough they won’t get loose. Once loose, the foxes can be hard to catch. With adequate shelter, Fennec foxes can handle most types of weather. If you plan on leaving your Fennec outdoors for any length of time, be aware of the fact that they like to dig and borrow. Make sure your yard is secure. It’s best to have an outdoor pen with a mesh cover and fencing that extends several feet underground. In addition to a secure place to play, Fennec foxes also need a high-quality, high-protein diet. Dry dog or cat food supplemented with fresh vegetables, fruit, eggs, crickets, mealworms and canned dog or cat food is ideal. With proper care, Fennec foxes can live to 11 to 14 years. When cornered or threatened, Fennec foxes can get defensive and spray. They have a scent gland located at the tip of their tail, which produces a potent odor. Fortunately, the scent will wash away with soap and water.

Not everyone is able to adopt a pet, but there are still many ways you can help this holiday season. Here are some suggestions taken from SPCA Wish Lists: Cat litter, dry cat food, dry and canned kitten food, puppy food, 39 gal. trash bags, 13 gal. trash bags, large stainless steel water dishes, dog chains, leashes and collars, hamster and rabbit food, bleach, 3x5 white and colored index cards, liquid laundry and dish soap, paper towels, and pet grooming aids. Monetary gifts and volunteers are also welcomed and needed!

Now In Stock at Burleson’s True Value

Yummy By Ronda Addy People are always talking about making treats for cats and dogs, but what about treats for other pets? Don’t horses, birds, ferrets and the like deserve homemade treats, too? Of course, they do! Here are some recipes.

The Moneysaver provides a FREE
line ad to reunite pets & their owners. If you lose or find a cat or dog, just give us a call so we can print your information in the Moneysaver Shopping Guide & News. Contact us at: 585-928-2470 or P.O. Box I, Bolivar, NY 14715

Every pet deserves the best Diamond Pet Foods. All the benefits of a highly digestible super premium pet food without the premium price!

We are proud to offer Diamond Naturals to our customers who value natural diets for their pets.

*See store for details.

Benton Place, Port Allegany, PA • 814-642-7111

Hours: Mon.-Sat. 8am-5pm; Sun. 10am-2pm


There’s only one guy who should drive loaded.
When it comes to alcohol, it’s easy to be fooled by appearances. But the fact is, an “innocent” 12 oz. mug of beer or a “harmless” 5 oz. glass of wine is as guilty of causing intoxication as a standard 1 1/4 oz. shot of hard liquor. No matter what you’re drinking, one drink per hour sets the pace for responsible moderation. Eating foods that are rich in protein beforehand is another way to temper the effects of alcohol. But perhaps the most sobering fact of all, is that you really don’t have to drink to have a great time. This holiday season, be merry but wise. Use good judgment. Don’t drink and drive.

Don’t Drink and Drive

A public service message brought to you by... Richard P Cudahy, . M.D.
Bolivar, NY 585-928-1708 Bolivar, NY 585-928-1600

Federal Credit Union
Investing in our Communities

Schaffner Funeral Home, Inc.
Bolivar, NY 585-928-2840

The Hearing Aid Shop
Bolivar, NY 877-EAR-LADY

Robinson Auto Repair
Richburg, NY 585-928-2679

Wellsville, NY 585-593-4959

Klein Cutlery, LLC
Bolivar, NY 585-928-2500

Richburg Fire & Rescue & Auxiliary
Richburg, NY

Dempsey Pipe & Supply
Bolivar, NY 585-928-1310

Bolivar Vol. Fire & Ambulance Dept.
Bolivar, NY Member FDIC • 585-928-2053

Community Bank N.A.

Jerges Used Auto Parts, Inc.
Belfast, NY (585) 365-2758

Root Trucking & Logging
Bolivar, NY 585-593-2110

Top Hat Pizza & Subs
Bolivar, NY 585-928-2379

Sisson’s Chain Saws & Stoves, Inc.
Bolivar, NY 585-928-2530


Taylor & Armstrong Contracting, Inc.
Eldred, PA 814-225-3328

Since 1883 Coudersport, PA 814-274-9300

Bradford, PA • 814-368-6146 Toll Free: 800-556-6146

lose’s umber Co., Inc.
Roulette, PA • 814-544-7543 Olean, NY • 716-372-8888

Lloyd Burkhouse Auctions
Bradford, PA 814-368-5726

Moneysaver Advertising
Bolivar, NY 585-928-2470

Glenn O. Hawbaker Inc. ,
Turtlepoint, PA 814-642-2500

Little Genesee, NY 585-928-2930 800-392-2772
Olean, NY 716-372-4208


DECEMBER 13, 2011

! rry Hu

Take Advantage Of Super Low Prices!
2011 Chev. Malibu Sedan LT 2010 Chrys. Town & Country 2009 Subaru Legacy Sedan Touring Van FWD Special Edition AWD w/2LT FWD
22,346 mi. Retail: $21,225 32,312 mi. Retail $21,676


ave S

Nobo d Pays y Ret N o b oa i l , dy!

! Big

30,850 mi. Retail: $19,450

2011 Toyota Camry Sedan LE FWD
23,817 mi. Retail: $18,500

Shults Price:



Shults Price:



Shults Price:



Shults Price:


Shults Price
$ $

Retail 2009 Buick Lucerne Sedan CXL FWD- 33,854 mi. $22,326 2011 Buick Regal Sedan CXL RL4 FWD- 15,633 mi. $27,900 2004 Cadillac DeVille Sedan FWD- 35,020 mi. $14,350 2008 Chev. Cobalt Sedan LT FWD- 46,354 mi. $12,100 2005 Chev. Cobalt Sedan FWD- 101,510 mi. $6,525 2006 Chev. Colorado Truck LT w/2LT 4WD-69,508 mi. $17,500 2003 Chev. Corvette Conv. RWD- 22,287 mi. $28,300 2011 Chev. Cruze Sedan LT w/2LT FWD- 18,090 mi. $20,950 2006 Chev. Equinox SUV LT AWD- 70,204 mi. $12,775 2011 Chev. HHR SUV LS FWD- 28,338 mi. $15,725 2011 Chev. HHR SUV LT w/1LT FWD- 27,918 mi. $16,975 2011 Chev. Impala Sedan LT FWD- 28,039 mi. $19,000 2011 Chev. Impala Sedan LT FWD- 22,732 mi. $19,000 2008 Chev. Malibu Sedan LT w/1LT FWD- 3.100 mi. $16,000 2007 Chev. Silverado 1500 Truck LT w/1LT 4WD- 110,290 mi. $18,500 2011 Chev. Tahoe SUV LT 4WD- 28,000 mi. $41,125 2008 Chev. TrailBlazer SUV LT w/1LT 4WD- 53,648 mi. $15,440 2010 Chev. Traverse SUV LT w/1LT AWD- 21,200 mi. $29,025 2004 Chrys. Sebring Conv. LXi FWD- 58,582 mi. $8,260 2010 Chrys. Sebring Sedan Tour. FWD- 34,718 mi. $16,024 2009 Dodge Avenger Sedan SXT FWD- 15,700 mi. $14,950 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 Truck SLT 4WD- 48,138 mi. $24,675 2008 Ford Econoline Van RWD- 48,501 mi. $14,587 2008 Ford Escape SUV XLT 4WD- 70,115 mi. $19,475 2007 Ford Five Hundred Sedan Ltd. FWD- 34,651 mi. $15,950 2006 Ford Five Hundred Sedan SEL AWD- 84,454 mi. $11,625 2010 Ford Ranger Truck Sport 4WD- 16,905 $25,750 2004 Ford Ranger Truck XL 4WD- 101,244 mi. $10,625 2003 Ford Ranger Truck Edge 4WD- 92,580 mi. $10,900 2010 GMC Sierra 1500 Truck SLE 4WD- 25,854 mi. $29,050 2008 GMC Sierra 2500 Truck SLE1 4WD- 147,341 mi. $15,995 2008 GMC Sierra 3500 Truck DRW SLT 4WD- 53,136 mi. $23,900 2010 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited SUV Sport 4WD $27,100 2008 Mazda CX-7 SUV Gr. Tour. AWD- 44,083 mi. $19,975 2009 Pont. G6 Sedan GT w/1SB FWD- 47,791 mi. $13,995 2010 Buick Enclave CXL AWD- 7,000 mi. 2008 Pont. Torrent SUV GXP FWD- 44,859 mi. $20,755 2008 Saturn Vue SUV XE AWD- 81,694 mi. $15,200 2008 Subaru Impreza Sedan AWD- 29,932 mi. $16,325 2008 Subaru Impreza Sedan AWD- 45,820 mi. $15,125 2007 Toyota 4Runner SUV SR5 4WD- 35,308 mi. $22,333 2009 Toyota Avalon Sedan XLS FWD- 27,235 mi. $25,475 2011 Toyota Camry Sedan LE FWD- 45,601 mi. $17,250 2009 Toyota Camry Sedan FWD- 12,012 mi. $17,775 2008 Toyota Camry Sedan LE FWD- 36,042 mi. $18,625 2005 Toyota Camry Sedan LE FWD- 85,000 mi. $13,675 2006 Toyota Camry Solara Conv. SE FWD- 45,081 mi. $16,995 2010 Toyota Corolla Sedan LE FWD- 43,070 mi. $15,300 Shults Price
$ $

18,500 22,171*





10,200* $ 5,983* $ 17,032* $ 26,500* $ 18,995* $ 12,227* $ 13,995* $ 13,290* $ 14,700* $ 14,700* $ 11,470* $ 18,183* $ 32,995* $ 15,440* $ 21,380* $ 8,090* $ 11,995* $ 12,983* $ 22,034* $ 14,587* $ 19,475* $ 13,540* $ 11,260* $ 18,883* $ 8,883* $ 9,950* $ 26,883* $ 14,950* $ 19,500* $ 25,760* $ 19,383* $ 13,995* $ 34,800* $ 16,020* $ 14,900* $ 15,900* $ 14,900* $ 22,200* $ 24,995* $ 13,883* $ 16,900* $ 16,056* $ 11,846* $ 15,885* $ 12,883*

2010 Toyota Corolla Sedan LE FWD- 42,892 mi. 2005 Toyota Highlander SUV 4WD- 88,074 mi. 2004 Toyota Highlander SUV 4WD- 111,515 mi. 2010 Toyota Matrix Wagon FWD- 46,345 mi. 2008 Toyota Prius Sedan FWD- 44,549 mi. 2010 Toyota RAV4 SUV Ltd. 4WD- 37,695 mi. 2010 Toyota RAV4 SUV 4WD- 48,676 mi. 2009 Toyota RAV4 SUV Ltd. 4WD- 51,267 mi. 2008 Toyota RAV4 SUV Sport 4WD- 21,129 mi. 2010 Toyota Sienna Van LE FWD- 50,100 mi. 2007 Toyota Sienna Van XLE FWD- 26,421 mi. 2010 Toyota Tacoma Truck 4WD- 30,261 mi. 2008 Toyota Tacoma Truck 4WD- 59,551 mi. 2008 Toyota Tundra Truck SR5 4WD- 42,875 mi.d 2003 Toyota Tundra Truck SR5 4WD- 98,281 mi. 2010 Toyota Venza Wagon AWD- 19,004 mi. 2008 Buick Enclave SUV CX AWD- 43,318 mi. 2011 Chev. Aveo Sedan LT w/2LT FWD- 3,926 mi. 2007 Chev. Cobalt Coupe LS FWD- 53,243 mi. 2011 Chev. Cruze Sedan LTZ FWD- 9,321 mi. 2007 Chev. Impala Sedan LT FWD- 47,490 mi. 2011 Chev. Malibu LS w/1FL FWD- 27,006 mi. 2011 Chev. Silverado 1500 Truck LT 4WD- 16,253 mi. 2008 Chev. Silverado 2500 HD Work Truck 4WD- 20,758 mi. 2010 Chrys. Sebring Sedan Tour. FWD- 35,020 mi. 2010 Chrys. Town & Country Van Tour. FWD- 32,592 mi. 2008 Dodge Dakota Truck Bighorn/Lonestar 4WD- 47,742 mi. 2010 Dodge Gr. Caravan SXT FWD- 37,791 mi. 2010 Dodge Gr. Caravan SXT FWD- 37,444 mi. 2010 Dodge Gr. Caravan SXT FWD- 39,213 mi. 2008 Ford Escape SUV XLT 4WD- 39,560 mi. 2004 Ford F-150 Truck 4WD- 81,609 mi. 2006 Ford Mustang Coupe GT Premium RWD- 30,879 mi. 2008 GMC Canyon Truck SLT 4WD- 45,127 mi. 2009 Hyundai Accent Sedan GLS FWD- 45,424 mi. 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe SUV SE FWD- 25,363 mi. 2010 Hyundai Sonata Sedan GLS FWD- 44,814 mi. 2011 Jeep Compass SUV 4WD- 7,419 mi. 2007 Jeep Gr. Cherokee SUV Limited 4WD- 51,369 mi. 2011 Jeep Liberty SUV 4WD- 18,088 mi. 2010 Kia Forte Sedan EX FWD- 18,663 mi. 2008 Mercury Milan Sedan FWD- 42,515 mi. 2008 Pontiac G6 Sedan 1SV Value Leader FWD- 72,567 mi. 2011 Ram 1500 Truck SLT 4WD- 12,420 mi. 2009 Subaru Impreza Sedan I AWD- 49,141 mi. 2008 Subaru Impreza Sedan I AWD- 19,560 mi. 2009 Toyota Camry Sedan SE FWD- 35,197 mi. 2009 Toyota Corolla Sedan XLE FWD- 44,961 mi.

Retail $15,300 $17,775 $14,025 $15,425 $20,450 $26,125 $21,825 $25,995 $21,450 $23,000 $23,900 $29,650 $24,400 $19,760 $13,750 $32,555

12,883* 13,883* $ 12,983* $ 12,883* $ 20,450* $ 24,983* $ 21,625* $ 21,079* $ 20,583* $ 22,920* $ 18,234* $ 27,262* $ 23,443* $ 19,760* $ 10,900* $ 27,989* $ 26,995* $ 15,190* $ 10,363* $ 22,495* $ 12,995* $ 16,496* $ 29,995* $ 22,230* $ 14,995* $ 20,496* $ 20,372* $ 18,996* $ 18,995* $ 18,996* $ 19,895* $ 13,481* $ 20,101* $ 22,995* $ 11,496* $ 22,995* $ 15,240* $ 21,995* $ 19,995* $ 20,985* $ 15,695* $ 14,496* $ 11,995* $ 27,995* $ 16,990* $ 17,268* $ 15,390* $ 14,990*


EDMONDF O R D ,, PA CHEVROLET B R A D F O R D PA BRAD • 880 E. Main Street, Bradford, PA 16701 •

Order Your Used Car Here


* Not Responsible For Typographical Errors. Photos May Vary From Actual Vehicle.